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PivJjyterian Synod Ex
ft nds Activities in
p.i-.lution Adopted for Is
- i. nro of Textbooks In
Public Schools
'pliilmma synod will not hold
, .iimual meetlnjr In October
, days, as usual, liut In-
, , ' v, l meet curly In June for
. , e week nf leisurely elnn.
, , i with social feature. Th's
, .1 ,.Inl nt the Wednesday aft
, - anion In College Hill l're.
v iii . nun h. Setting of tho ilnte
1 1 fit hit of the place, together
, ii .t uniJntlon of a program, were
i a i ommltU'o of five.
i r detailed illncUMfon, the rec-
1 ,i i'iti of the synodlrnl home
"i onimltlee for solf-support
l tit if-admlnlstrntlon in the work
..atc wag adopted. Thl pro
'. - It tho organization early In
.if in Oklahoma synodlcal
o ioliiin nrirnn r.nllnn. tn cm.
- . .-
He' f tlie rroniiytorinn chairman
of h. tip mlJ?lon nnj ono layman
i . ,t f-oin each pmhytvry, to
r with the ynoillcnl prenldent
of (,. woman's orcnnlintlon. The
,!:.- uml rpanonsltillltlp.a nf lliU i
).,vi will Include! "Thn dovi lnn. I
m' of a common program of m it
,n work for tho eiynod; tho prep
era'l m of a budget of nenls on the
b.uis of a ntudy of Itn entire field;
the distribution among tho l'resby
terlana and floldg of the budget an
nual'y appropriated for thu work
within the aynod; tho administra
tion In co-opcratlon with tho board
of home mission of work within
the aynod; a pledge to tho board of
,iome mlsalone to ralro all money
atceary for tho support of white
work within our hounds; a rcqucat
that the board of home mission fl
nan. e tho statu executive for a
period of two years, and tho Indian
work for ii period of flvo yearn; n
requost that each church during
li'il contribute one dollar per mem
ber for homo mission work."
Mn Man to Coiifrri-iicc
Joieph Ilozarth of Alva, ntato Sun
day f hool missionary, was author
lied to repretcnt tho Oklahoma
synod of tho coming national dally
vacation Illblo ncliool conference.
Klghtron school of this kind were
' onilucted lat summer within the
synod, according to n report by
Hev Cleorgo S. Watson of Tahlo
ouah. Tho dally vacation Illblc
fc.-bool Is not a theory. It Is a huc
een. a practical method nf Increas
ing and Intensifying religious edu
cation,'' ho said.
A resolution, setting forth that
tho stututes of the stato make man
datory on tho teacher In tho public
uhutiln tho trnchlng of moral but
nuki s no pec fie provision for such
u-fli hlng, wa adojitcd, provlitlug:
"Thui ii comtnlsMinn of tlve appoint
ed for thu purpose by tho synod ro
lucat the faculty of tho University
of Tulsa to prepare, or causa to be
I-rct ired, im outllno of a textbook,
or textbooks, on morals, suitable to
ho tauijht In the publlo school af
tho slate, in thu third or fourth
Kr,ides, covering nil nges from the
rr.mnry to tha high school, the text
to t ku all thu varied relat nnshlps
vt i.;u from tho moral standpoint,
tins ti'inmlsslon to cail n. conference
t .ne TOllgloUH bodlc of the stale
mi I try to obtain a unified petition
tooi.i In the state curriculum."
lr. Charle U Ovtrstreet of Ht
I.uis, New lra necrctnry, propho
a i'il that church budget will never
dcrcaio In amount und that moro
and moro church member will
tithe iCmphusl on stewardship Is
a part of tho national church pro
gram th! year, ho reminded. Dr.
Bth 11. Gordon, reportlnfj for the
cori.mittco on board of publlcullim
and Sabbath Bchool work, conclud
ed. 'There ut'o millions of chil
dren In the Sunday schools that are
not receiving suff.clent religious ed-
li .ition, and thcro lire million ot
ihiidren In this country who aro not
receiving any rellglou Instruction
stall. The salvation of Amerlcn d
pcids on tho icllglou education of
the youth."
Iiicrt'iiMS L'nhcrnlty Hoard.
At the morning sesloii the In
Citave of the University ot Tulsa
outiI from 27 to 10 members, as
ft. "mmended by the board, was
Kranied. Members re-elected were
i. v. italph Iimb, W. M. Uaker,
f nk Uarnc. H. J", ilrcwer, C. B.
i. liner of this city and Itev. II, C.
Sl'.iler. Now members elected for a
tirrn lasting to 1925 were Itev. I'hh
Halrd of Oklahoma City. llcv.
Jii 'Oias Murray of llrlstow, wlio Is
Proe.dent of tho alumni nsnucbitlon,
"e. George C. Kulchcr of Okmu)
K" Alva J. Mies, J, A. Hull and
tliur.es O'Connor of Tdlsn. Hev. K.
Aszman of Norman. Those re
. ' r ng are Itev. Frank A. Stone of
,i'or,n city, Sam McHlrney, Cyrus S.
Av ty, I.. K. Abbott, V. A. Vun
an.r t'yru Sweet, all of Tulsa,
wiuie thoso retiring in 1923 will be
jlev. It. von Thum of Anadarko,
'!" It. W. Kstea of Ilobart. C. K.
jl i.uert of Hand Springs, K. V. Hur
'y nf Tulsa. Dr. Jame K. Clarke.
"' 'o general board of education,
t'r Loula Ilolden, jircsidcnt of
Jaiim Mllliken university at Po
'"ui, and Itovercnd llalrd of Okla
i"ma city were among the speak
"s at the morning sess.on.
r 'ilowlng a dinner In the College
J1 church Wednesday evening, Or
vlti C. liny of Johnstown, I'a.,
tii Jorator of tho general assembly
save an address In the university
jud'torlum. Doctor Hay arrived
nora car)y the eVenlng. II, T
'"'iihbaum of tho state Antl-3a-ioi
n league gpoko during tho dinner
T o eynod will hold its closing
- un at 8i30 Thursdoy morning
prosiani Include addresses by
v. J. Herron Miller on "Men'
rk- tiy Oenrge C. Abernnthy on
t.Ncw Era," by V. S. Schaul on
' .iig i-iuplo' Work," by T. S.
"'jrhanan on "Church nrectlon,"
"id report by special committees
" v Reorga S. Watson will conduct
caapel service at the unlvernlty,
The Tulsa, Muskpgeo and Clmar
run presbyteries havo each held
'"r annual meeting nt odd hours
curing the meeting. Klght Ind.an
Pastor are In attendance.
- tho first step toward a super
power oyatem for the entlro nation
no trench parliament ha paned a
11 I requiring electric rompanic to
''rgt. their Interest when so direct
10 by thu minister of imbUo works.
im, ng .
VlTH l.
i 1
i hi las.
- I g' 'Mill 111 l,
' i'1 l'rrr'ltf, i,tl
i' Illitg. Ilnft jir
runs f ,r , . r n
P 1 he, n i. '
Plenllce II) K.nn.
' ,i ',!"' " Th" World.. Tul.a
Ohl.hom. October M, I! U. n. Ii",?
1 ' ' " ' World cub
llehlne? company, publisher )
t.. "f'.J". ''"'by lrn that on Ih, 21.1
ly ,.f uctober. iisj. m i. i,r of ,
"dock, tn . nr as soon thereafter in n
-..i-nrio ioey n nsd. the .1 ho.l d'.tliril
oi.i..pflslng Ih- Town ,,( p,rry, Oklahoma !
nn.i inn t-rritnty the-. In attach.d ,,t
school purposes, being Tim Hoard of IMi,
'J l'!.."- ,h" Tr" "I""!'. tit tli'f
of Oklahoma, by It pr.per offlr-r. mil
proceed before the DlalC'l Court of Tu sa
I nnniy. Oklahoma, at Tula. Ih. cnurli
1",in,. 'o niake a shown,.
ml if fr proof anil ask said court u hu
nil determine in esletenrc cherarter ant
amount of outstanding legal warrant an.!
Judgment Indebtedneaa. and to aim, th
bond to he Laucd In paymtnt of same.
All person- Interested may bo pre., nt
nt the time said proof la made to rem n
etrate against the Issuance of said bnn.l.
U""4 lh" "h 0,"br'' A- '
rrralilent, Hon1 of duration of tna Town
of "prrrjr, at tho male of Oklahoma.
(PuMlehad In Tula Dally World, Ori,.h
I. II, 19. 1121 World Pul.liahlnt; ron.
pany, vublleher).
In th- ounty Court of Muakog-a t'o.ir
ty, Rtate of Oklahoma. In R Ktnl ol
Theodora Onrfleld Travll. Minor, H"a
Drakn HavMron, fluardlan l'rubata No
Nolle i heratiy Klern that tn purnu
ane of an order of th County Court of
Mliakovea ( ountv. etata of Oklah..mu
on the llh iy of Auauat, l!:. Hi
,,r,i--ir-rf llti.MI.- n. , kA
unitaralar.ert fluarttlan of iha ....l
f heoilora Uarfleld travla. Minor, win a., i
at private aala to the hiiihi.it t.t.i.lr at
County Court Hoom, Muakoa-e. Oh .1. .ma
on or aft-r 21 or day of Ortm.er, I"'. a'
Ten o'clock A M , aubject to the rout 'to
Hon of aald Court, all Hi- tint iu..
and Interest of eald The nlor.. i;
Tr"vl" ! "' " the fnlluwinif .1. t t,
real eatat altunta In Tula C.iintv, Mat.
of Oklahoma, t lt.
Irfit Three tl) and t.ot Pour fi.
and rtniitliwaat ijuarier (M f N'ortit
eaat Quarter (i,l nit of Hn'llm Tfi)
(5). Townihlp Nineteen tl) Nur'h,
liana Hltven (it) I'.aat.
Sal.l real ettata to be aotd on the fl
Inalnr term and eondltlona. to wit
1'aih on ronflrmntlnn of anln and delin'ry
of irood and aufftclent flutrdlnna Urr-d.
Illda therefor mut tie In wrltlnit nnd
rnuat be deponited with the County Judae
of MufKorea County Oklahoma, or wltti
the (luardtan nr with the underclffti.'d
attorney fur the Omirdlan nt lile office
Hulte 601 Ilirn Iiulldlnc in tb- City of
Mtiakoaee, oklnhotun, and milt be ac
companied by a certified check for at
1ea ten ptr cent of the amoupt of tb
bld. Dated October , l:l.
Una rdi in
Attorney for fluardlan.
Muakotfcw. Oklahoma.
(Published In Tulaa Dally World. Octo
ber 12. 13. 1923. World Publishing
company, publlabar )
In the County Court of Okfuskee county
Oklahoma. In th mattir of the l:tate of
I.ois Henderson, a minor. annali Hm
ilerson, iruardlan. Prubnte No. 417. I
kotici: ok kai.k or ar..i. khtatr !
Public notice la beraby Klven that r"' I
auant to an oripr and decree of sale ti de
by tha County Court In and for Okfuak..
County, Oklahoma, on the aoih day ..f
AURtist. 112:. the unilerslxne.l, Savannah
llrtidrrson, as the truurdmn nf the s
fata nf I.ola Hsndvreon. a minor, will, at
11 o'clock A. 1!., on the SUh day rf
October, 1922, at the front door of the
county court houa nt Tulaa, Tulaa county,
Oklahoma, sell, at publlo sole, to the high
est and beat bidder or bidders nnd sub
ject to the confirmation of said sale by
aald County Court, nil ol the rlahl, title,
claim, Interest ami estate of tha "'Id '-"I"
Henderson, n minor. In nnd to all of thn
follnnlnif described real estate and prem.
tin. lying and situate In Tuts County.
Oklahoma, tn witi
Th Ksst Half nf lb Northeast Quar
ter, and the North Half of the
Southwest quarter of Section Twenty
five (21), Township Nineteen (IV)
North. Han" Ten (10) r.t
Raid sale win ba on th following terma
and conditions, to wit: Cash upon con.
flrmatlcn nf sale by County Court of Ok
fuskee County, Oklahoma, and execution
of drcd by Rtianllan.
This th Jrd ilav nf October, I9SS.
.SAVANNAH ltn.NpnithON.
X Her Thumb Mark.
Ouardlsn of tha rslate of
l,OIH linNDKItKON, a minor
Maker's name, slantd by tn ut her le
nuest and In br presence,
Witnesses to mark:
S. D. l.OKTT.
Business Cards
"Keep SiiiIIIiib"
Dr. lidilh Chappie
tin Ihiiilrl III. Is
Office OuiBf HI2I
Itilileiicu Osngc "iao
Vnur Health Itestnml
Until I'irliir
108 K. 13lli St. I'lione Ceilnr 201.1
Man and I.ady attendants. Day and
night service. Indorsed by lenrtlea
doctors aa the best system ol ellml
nation tn auto Intoilcatlon, oulda,
rheumatism, kidney and liver dla
nrdrra. high blood pressure, Insomnls.
nervousness, obesity and allied con
dltlons. Phon fur app Intment.
Drs. Lnymnn & iff
ClilniiriifHir nnd
Tttch'f Vi'nrs Scrtlce
In Tiilii
Office O ".IIM Itff
ItiihlM-iin llMz
Chlldren Cartel Km During
Working oi Stmpp'iie ll(iar
I or Alen "liypnuu initici
rhnata Stricture Illadil'i
Trnublea. Ilydroctlea and
ct) prtvHia dt"M
I'nr U' i m e n Dltpiaee
menta painful and lrru
Imr menclratlnn unnaturH
dlicharitfa kidney htaddei
nil all ehronle dlaeaaea
M Feruma and Varrfnu
r.lffht Vrnra In One letHtttlon
Hen i nd and Alain turret a
818 SrcnrKy Uldc. (Unit 4Wt
210 Richard Rldg;.
Third Street and Boston
Avenue, Tulsa, Okla.
Formerly of
Hot Springs, Ark.
HIimkI, Skill, liniltd t'rltinn
anil Venn ciil HlecitM- uml
(ienernl Odin- I'rtiillce
Scrum. Vairliuu. Ivlectrlenl
TreHtfiit'iiln. IIIikmI Teet
! Lodge nnd Societies
TI 1 ' t.M IB NO. It
A V 9t A. il
m tt eierjr Tim-ita, fiiat
IlluriJay f V econil Ttiuit
i, fijktnpaa. thlnl Tliurailay
M M , fourth Thuir.lir. H X
Nrnt nieetini (ictobrr l. llml
n-aa at 7 10 p. m
Km nwotlQT. Hf-ratary
l."lOK 411. Will meet In
r-Kttiar t ommuntcatton, Tuaa
lav. Oetniitr 17. Woih In M
M. Itarrea. commenotn at
a. tn. t'andlilatea plaaaa do
ooi noma Hniraa noiiiiaii.
mi Tin n li AMvll. warretary.
I'HTIIIil.lil'.M LOIMIIS NO. 411. A F Jk
.. h. nati inratini; rrl.lar.
tictoliar 2e l.-aliinlnat at 1 p
ni. Work anil aaainlnatlnn in
K A. rtrijia. All !oaoni In
H. II. II NNA trtrlr
tlAHO.VH III cm i rim. an. I
thlnl Monday at AtnaoMlc
hall Nt inUna Monday
nlylit. o. Inter I Mnat Ki
reliant Maeter In full furm
All Itoial Arch Maanna In
vtie.1. ,
l. A B.VTKIJM. Itar'y
Meeta lei'ohd and foiirtli Mnn
day uf earh month at Maannli'
Hall. Nrt mertina Oct. lh
finler of Ilia Tempi All tn
..urnlnir Knlarhla lordltily In
i ltd, Iti frrahitirnla Kill ba
ten td.
rrxi r-Kuiar meetlua p
tembei I ll I n nt Hatch
thl column fur any apcctal
ItOtimtT II. .IANNA,
C. I. IIUONKUIl llKoin.i
Home Comln Ceretnon
.Mnannk nan cictn
with full annw
aoinethftitf illffrt.
ent (let pnlltlona In
early Maba Paliol
dnnca Tllka inlll, Octo
ber 11
P. O MAIIIl llnnatrh
Li. N. MLI.I. Kretetary
Tl'IJlA CIIAPTUH, O. U. H.. lU, meH at
Jilaaonle llnll tna urm mo
thlfd VVednraday nf each
month, at 1 JO p. m. first
meeting, huelnrea, eceond
rnerlltieT. Initiation and auilal
Mlt. Ni:t.I.li: f. fmnUN, Worthy Matron
MUM. B.MSIA I A l . rccmary.
Jt'M A STAIt C'l.UH. Neil ineetln ate
on.l Veilncady In Octotrfr.
Atlia. J. U itosn. I'rei.
Oaaaa 111 It
TUilMA ClIAPTim II. D. () hi B. will
meet at llaaunll Hall s.-c
ond and fo'ltth rlatutda
evenllias 1 ID Kltst meet
In tmslnessi aecorid meet
Ink for Inltlstlnn and aoclal
Mrs. l.ucls K. inmeiu
Worthy Mslrou
Mils l.lli I'auabry Heel
Osaae 224 II
Mas..nlc Hall
meet at
lb fourth Wednsda
f each inniith at 7 30 p
n Ceremonlala on an
..itincrinent Mia O, T
lansnn Htsb I'rtestsss
'Issue 2721 Mis ll
Walter llecorrtsr Ossar
nil. Neil rsaulai
tnee'lna Sept. 27.
filet Wedneeilat sftertiiKir. at t In al ta
onle hall Mast regular meeting October 4
Paige 7191 President
I, () II r
Odd Fellows Hall
HIS Boulb Iloulfl.i
AUHOItA LOl.'IK. NO. II. I, O. O. f
Meet every Wednesday evening. 7:10 D
"l W. T. OADDT. N. O.
U I. rot NDHTONI., Secretary
TDlA UIDI1U NI). K I. O. O. F mss Ii
very Tuesday evening 7-10.
J I' Ml il HI Ii Secretary,
TULSA IfiNCA M I'M KN1 Mi II. I u. O. f
Mcela on second and fourth Friday nf each
month at I p. n
J. U HllHIH.Kn, C, I'.
lb II. Kll.l.Kll. Snlb.
Ilegulat misting Orel and Ibtrd Prlda)
of ancb ii.oiith b p m
MliH kllll.l.li; l.l I wig N (1.
Oasae 421 It.
Patriarch, Militant First Ssiurdsy each
month. p. m
W. 1. li.Jl.TIIN CapL
It II ri'l.l.KIl I'l.rk
onti:n or lutai ion imi. fihsii.
No 2 second and fourth Saturday sarh
month I p. m.
HATH'iNl, KHllr:it t W.
II II lll'OHt.KTT W fl.
very thltd laturdsy a p. in.
I. J WHIIIIIT t'lar.
W M. ItlCIIAItllS.
Minister of neoords
wmr abb
AM. CIIAI-fli; WANT ADK ar due
and payable the a ma day flrat Inier
llou cf ad pear (Alt .out-of town
wanted uda nml all Wanted to Kent,
Hltuatlr.na Wantid WtarlnK Apparel
atd HouneholU Ooodn aija are poal
tlvely raah In advance.)
charxed at the fttn .udt aa raali ada
nnd clle th na will to inadt at your
Jinmu or office a ao.m afltr ftrat In
aarth'ti Aa povvlblc Thla la in ac-oin
modMlnn ecrvK' und payment ahonld
be tiuda promi tl y whra Mil I ut
aentvdi Alw-ifa nU our telephona ad
to be repeated ba- U id u hv the tela
Phone ad takor to maka pure tht It
ha a been corre'ily taken The Uorld
cannot atdumt ri.,n ni'MIlt fur enora
of any Kind (-ccurrtntc In telephone ad
Under no lro,tt'ti.ii,eei ar wa re
aponxlbla for urrora In any advert
tn ent unleia reported Immwllaiely afivr
flret tnarton. No rdii lion In cat
cf an Ad will h mad unlcia -rror dt
troya value of d
Phono Osngc 0000
Open Dally, la m. to p. m.
Open Sunday, a p m. to 0 p. tn,
Ads received during thesa hours will
appear In Th World the following
Bhhller Hranch Office
1. L Cole
Oklahoma ;iy Hranch Office
Slsivnson Dally News Agency
104. N. llrodwuy.
Nawklrk Ilranch Office
Th Pioneer Drug Store J T. Starr
Okmulgee Ilroach Offlca
II. H K'eaiiy petroleum llulldlng
I'lione 23(1
ftapulpa Ilranch Office
Copeltnd Hroa, 21 Sou-h Park
Pbon 411
West lulu liriinili liesall lirug Slot
cify HiiANcu'orpirK
fiayr Drug Slur. 1JI Ii Seco id
Walt Drug nioie, liii H Clin nnstl
ANNOt-'NCKMLNl' -'sag (III, Quality
ana cni'.e. Tulsa InJtrtsking Co, can
say you r-ie-hair,
r.owT ami im. sir j
ATTKNTIOS spi rismen wtra(ed 01
stolen, one bic-n lil.n wa spanle
No. 101 tat --il In right ear, reward
for Information I bona Oiag I70. W.
O, Uoiintftid, owner,
I.I U l-r.ll I
i I 2Vi d ' " i
i U tii2l V end
"i.oir au hm sn
V i h Nil I iti ail wi
i. r ' lal I In in r r , , ' "
ir rt t
I 11 I '.I
Ki 'I .M A p.a. .- to g.. iiiet. a suns
i leaned and preaso.t tight f..r tl, at
Terry Millars, Cleaners. 1 day service
Ceilar It.
l.oT-haslern mar pin, reward I'lione
ca.iar lll Ii
I'.l wT TueaJay rrenlng. black sealskin
bail I reward (Hays ITU
CoeTr-(irlnd'i bull pup whiia breast.
I' enro lag No Hli reward. Call Oasge
l7i inf-- Hi India femal doif7 w iih llina
.-so. sai: rewarn. tnirs sirs
tortf Seller dog, whTl. tan spots on
f at) tan tlcki en tody; anawsts to
am Pat. Ileturn Hal , Cheyenn
and lecene taw aril
1ilfT Marlen fr oh iVlgln. between
Ninth and nrth or between lllgln
and llnalon. nh Fifth . rewaid I,ena
camulMtl, HIS a. Trenton Call Cdar
4i Jt
CiiHT. STilAVKD nr stolen, blsrk ami
whit Irtah Better puppy, three months
old, reward. Phon Osage 14l. 141 K.
lAii iiH fnf.KN-rtlaels nd"isn housj.
eared idace on hlpi roward, ratnrH to
mi n. nun ni.
I.4HST- n:u Canton rrepe belt, with blue
hand-painted lopaa elon bucfci earveil
with blu anil pink ruaaa, t.iat hatwn
Third and Main and Ninth and Chsy
aim. Oaaye ISI3-.I after sp m.
ffmT-" Pointer femal" bud dog. II
months old, liver, whit and ticked
runnel liver spot on left hip. very alen
lor: liberal reward. Call fdar 104
Trsas oil Ce. ararehous. on Nvrlh
l.i 1ST, WTIl.WlSD OK HTlll.KN-Colll
dog, anawera to nani "Chummy," sear
ami lump on nose, wnite parity arnnnn
neck. Liberal reward for return. Hart
Drown, oakhurat, seven miles south uf
1'mT- line f. maia black and lau Atte
dale don. Call Osaga 451
i'i lifl.'i 'piiiimTnai.
nu. K 41 nfffKrirTiiropfiittV hTi n
urrto In PfltHfiiiMitti rmjft, 9II N
Chfyrnne Miph.rt lUr tOOf for the
KrRfml i-Mi'tt, of ntinptilhv, ntira ih
llnitnofiU ntnl trca(Mitnt ut nUitwrn hv
tho Abr.ifni mtlhotl. Inrtnr Iltihtrh hm
utftt r'Uint tutm Pun I'rai.tUrti, Cl..
where Im utii. 111 thf Uleelrotite lie
nrttom of Abrmnn iimler the (uunrter.
!r .Mb-rt Al-rem. nr (hat rtly Ilv H
the Mouct 10 practlct thn II. IU A. In
KA'lhM-ii'NT mMerntty hoeplut lor citi
rirtiMiit nt. May work ror irt nr it
(eneri. lUhlei tr ntlnp(l(Hi. Write far
l.ooklet. Mm T. II. I.onr. 4 9 1 1 K
Twentv-ae.cinth Ht , KnnH tty. Mn,
HAl,t ()UTi;N coetuniei inmle to order.
Ill H. OIrnplH, Omtiti -90IJ.
1)31 tnftved tn 1124 H Cnrnn. Tor Appoint-
rrunt r I on ft Jtue ff .Jjj-
WlLI. IaV fr l'rMr 4.'niiil.eii prent
mttlreMii. link 40 N. car Wot lit.
VT.f Mti MAfiTlisffV JMNITAUll'tf
A home for the C4re ni protteiiori fi
youiiK wtinien. rate rennnalrl; habtei
S'lopted. Mr IX II Newman, medical
illrpcli r UU W MHn Dk ahoma Pity
. . it.mo
I V JBTTnoIIu i HI, radio like ne w,
for eale at n fcood tllecount. Oaaco 11(0.
1470 M t'ltinnnHt!
M'i;CI l. NOTin.h
CO.MK and Ki'l all th free tint yuu want.
Ilea N it. emn
MAntjCr'UADK roeiumcs for rent: rntiin
aai mwa mug. Meconn ani iir.amn
Phono scrtlc afler 4 p. in., Osug
ni:w ci.assi:s ktaiit monday,
- 3 USJA 33
Dili H. MAIN
OSAdi: 3081
A 6-PASiSi;N()K"lt llierlsnd "all, will trade)
Anthony, Osace l. ' '
A cliiOl' Ford tuuilriK tuna Ilka n-'w.
f 3CS. terma tn rviponalblo parly. Cnll
l'rnc e r, Vr A a r
A iUHI i-tiupi. lota nf eitraa, and
In perfect runnlnic condition, n tnUhty
fine bargain. w Kiiaratiten our iiei
cara. ('all tia for demonatratlona. Mur-
1IU1 Hi,, n?l Jnvi.lv). HtiMf baker, $tt,
La ance ternie. vr n trade for good
lot or ani il'er 'nr t4twr 1758.
lJUU'Ti roudTter IV-44; KOml condition" "ailt
at a baritaln or trade, Avery, Third
and Detroit.
COMPLIITi: line of tuf.l ran, pnred
rlKbl, terma to f eaponalbfe pAr(l Uaeo
Car .Market Third and Djtrolt.
ycim HKIfAN late rnodel, rood paint,
new tlrea motor ttnt irood. (tun it 41 S,
1'ohdh roKDM roiti.H
We have ni.r than one hundred Torda.
priced from Ht up. VP ell on caay
roui) caii jixcjiancu;
Aithtiriied ued Kord deal era.
Ill 1. Hecond DaRKa 100,
l'Olt Tit ADK -660 paid-up aharea In aod
mlnlnc company fur a good car 0ae
KUK HAM Pord apeedatrr. In KOOd con
dlllon rail at lot I B, Trnton.
I otl KKIiAN. lata IIM model. In ei
t client mechanical condlilon, good paint
and rubber, bargain, 411 K. Thirteenth
1 Ult SAI.K T'ord se.lan, repainted an.l
rebuilt 1420 term-, or 1209 cash. Osage
KIJHIl I.lfllft TlKLiVfillV
Wn liava several Torit delivery cars,
priced very chrup,
I U K g-cond. Osage 1001
POIl SALB o"ivrlanit roadster. In good
running condition, starter and lights,
In good shape. Call for Hurgess at 1701
N. Detroit.
Full SAI.i:- on 1121 moilel 1'vrd touring,
mag tlai.
POIt BALIt 1522 o.udel N.ah sis toad
ater priced for quick sale. Call Ossge
blliv. Mis ."num.
IT HI XAI.K-I'rsnkllii touting car. like
new will lake Fni'l Osage .107.
Knhll rlKllAN
Wa have s.versl Fpnl sedarl thst have
been rebuilt and rsflnlshetl tn run etitl
look like new They are prlce.1 low and
will be sold nn libera) terms
. Illj- Second. Oaaga ItiOl
IF your car is gl.lng you troubla an.l
nihirs hnv failed to itrslghtsn It out,
call Osage 1097. We specialise on auto
repairing 'toy and iitgnt service.
MAHMON rni.dst.r perfett condition, for
sale or will tiads. Downtown Garaga.
1 1 8 lloulder
fTAHH TdbltlNll. lii 1-io.UI. newly
Painted: win salt on terms or trad for
Tulsa county farm land. C II Ossge
Drive It yourself.
Coups, roadstere, tourings.
Oaaga Ilent s ford Co.
207 8. Detroit.
SKVKHAI. used rats In A-l eundUlnn. at
a great bargain. Call at Oil City garage,
IIP N. Main Osugs QUI.
1171 FOHD roadster, tvil Ford touring
two 19.0 Ford tourings, gooil Ford speed
ster. 1-ton Poid trunk, A-l Cadillac
touring. Ilulck touriua and 90 other
ears, priced to s.n l'.-J Car Michange,
419 S Main Our. "HI
Authorlted Ford bervlra.
l f Frankfort Ar
Phons Cedar lilt.
Wa mak driving your Ford pleasuro,
A psraonsi service ol supeiloi quality
llsasonabla oosi and courisous att-nttrn
VVANTKIe-All TiTntIs nf Used car 10 sell
on small commission, for private owners
Used Car Hirliangs, 119 N. Main
Usage 4IUI.
U9KI)CAn!i bought "and sold orTcommls.
Ion. Used Car Mstket. Third and De
troit fII FOl'fD ardan, f'jllyn'ulpiic'il,"ricwly
piintad first class shape, tail Oeage
" MODiri.r "i"l i7ter w. i ssrrUlcs,
llll cashf rno'or In gncd condition
good tires and drum lights, flse owner,
'les Co. tilling iluliun, Plfteinlh and
At iiiMoiui ii ion HAl.r. :o
Ii i .-inii t.Mt at great bifgalnir " Cab
oil ciry garage, z: N Main. Ossge
'7a 'fiAaTar.'iriTs'ii tic"
If Interested In a bus thst will ! vou
I -si service sea mis nns 111 sell on
lerms or -ira.ie. Avsry. Third and lie
I'lVe) huaae. three) nrlnar-1, two
(pen, sentt in, tiaeiri nine intuitu In
Kniisn t'lty. Bell fnr one-lhlril cot.
eitnh, let in or trade.
Hevnn-rMenger Tom lug
Kntirth nil rrnnkforl Os ge 4 s 1 e
Hudson Hpeedater (Inle model)
Hudson, 7-pnaae iiki'I'
Overland Coupo
I'rleed to ell; wn need the inoni,
llSt H. Mil I 11 Osage 3118
Have you ever sloipet In onnaldnr
tnnt now I tne upportliue time In
buy it used cr worth tho money7
Tho new low record prices on now
enr nnd the contlniiiiiis Incrennlng
di'innnil for Studtibnkern tiro making
It pnsnlbtn for us to get some un
usual vnluen.
Studebnker 20, Special Touring,
Sttidehfikcr 10, Special Touring,
llulrk :i-1. Touring.
Nash 19, Touring, 7-pncnger.
Dodge 21 Touring.
Mllliiirn light electric, good n new.
Stephen 19, 4-pasaengrr.
Term to responsible parties.
Call Cedar f.B or 161
C17-23 South lloillder
? O.GO
30x3 ij
32x4 '(i
35x4 Yi
37x5 . .
215 E. Second St.
I'uy 2K Down on Our New
"Floor I'lan"
llnlanco i;y l'aymentn
Ilulck Touring
Hudson ffupcr Hlx
ritudebnker Touring
1D21 Kurd Touring
1921 Kuril Itondhter
1920 Cole Klght
Hup Touring
Hup Roadster
Ileo rdan
And 20 Other fiplendld Car.
Kelect nny car pay !2fi down, on
our new "Floor Plan," bnliincii eaay
payment to reliable buyers only,
103-5 "West Second Kt.
T ItlCliK III. A
I'iltD TltCCK for nl. or lisde, II. D
lllatl llioken Airuw
lw-ton (ruck, onsu.
nisllo tires, larg stake body; a first
ola, Job, sell on terma and tska In good
ear. Avery, Third and DetrnIL
At'll) M'l'I'I.M'.S AMI H:i'AIHH II
A't'TO OWNl;lTH-ri;,"o"d tubes II trent
ml.sbin cases 110 whirls any also s
stsrtrra arid ren.rstiira 110, rsdlstors
any car 110 used flywheels U Kent
etsel sturter gears ii 1-1 discount, for
October nnl. Allen Auto Parts Co., lit
K. Heoond. Usage 17t9.
AUTO IlHr'AIIUNfl by espsrls Pangsl sV
Dacklaman. Cnlon gsraga, HI W. Kecond
Ht. (In alley) Qag 9118,
Tlmkln. Hyatt, Nsw Drpsrtursi Fjtd
parts. We carry the latg.st stork of
auto supplies In Tulss: ms ornrrs
shlppe.1 aama day a received,
"We've Ont the floods
:ul K. titcoDd fib Phon Cedar III.
ANY MAKli ol car i.palred at your home
garage, gauranleed aatlsfsctlon, rellsbla
raechsnlr. Call Osaga (lll-ll. 1401 IS
Fourth 8t.
FOH HAt.K-Nsw port. Lis gaTsgs, lliIS.
('II Osg 7U or Ossga 1741.
tlAllAai; for rent, lit S. Victor fit., Ossgs
OAllAai:' foVrrnl. lit 8, llouldsr. Os'sge
FOH Til A IH;- COO paid up liarea nf coi.
mm stock to traqe ror car, cisgg ,13
i,i I Alt-" im ugnt "and sold cn sine
cuminlsslop no storage Prsmocsi
kbit . i Co tr.j tv Deci.nd Ce -.i 'sir
VVA"i.llD l.ala m rll lrfil c p, up
bolster -g aud body must b gjod. C.
dar 190C.
Kooini nnd Uonrd
ilOfKI jl
Main IS.
s i.g a
.i... I.le .sag, l. II l
PKI I KVI'l. UliTKL. lo" S " i henen'ne
e'eaantlv furnished rooms, slasm he,.i
hm and cold tunning water tub am
snnwrr nam, signal weekly rales, ai.
ft." kkNTTT04rnrTnTrJ Ta - a W .M7.st
reawinabl rales In ally newly furnished
new manaytsietit
1'CS"N IIOTKt-Biwm. v7rraaonaW.
r.--.T .nti r.igin .'aaga S71.
it--"-- u reL r-a r. .--.,-
niin-. .i.ei 1-riH.iu a pari ineni, ,ur
nlsbril e.implelji is W Klahth si
rTr"re!r -one" upaia'ira hoiiaebeep"
leg room, fnr rem iiaae tna I.
I.-., ...S'.t.b. . - -. .
I'illAllY." V. 124 Hlevptitf t hum, enllahle
i-or iwo, veniremen pretetreii. alto two
lurnieneji imimi r.r Hunt nn,,rheepintt
IttWloN. N , lit! I i. fiuniahe.l lictit
hauaekeepliiK ro.ima. I'ltona 1'e.Ur
a"IJ J
OIKIKNNK. N M4--lm Urr l!ht
nniipeKfei -nir irnini, ettn iar. rineet
evcrvlhlni ftirnlilied ttaaai ifcll-.t
ir icni, iwiR-e imiw,
CHKTMNNE. If., 147-Twn connect In a
houaskseplnt room. a, arnumt floor, fur
nlahetl, modern, tery plsaaant. front
ntt Men ntranei aiao on lata boils,
bssplng rsomi cloee In, taaaonabl. lenl
CArtTIIAOi,. . liU-Two modernTTgh"!
housekeeping ioohi., rnmplsuiy fur
nlahn, IKf'alWtni" et iT a-Twii ni'i;"'fu7
nlsheel light bonsskeeplug rmin, with
al.ai.tng porcb. Call Usage 17.
tTRTIIOlT', "if, iojllWms"'Jor"Tigfa
fTCSvkH. , t I Two rnntn.," rnrnlaheo
fnr housekeeping modern, tn enuple
mXttof Ci . Hi- NIc". "okaapTa-g
rooms for rnl
ftlWoT$rT'"rTie--'reTi lama' rooms. In
prlvatt hem. rompUlsl furnished, far
IlKht Jiniiaekee.ng oaj JaiT.
bTIIN. V," 1 1l two front rooms for
llaht hnnaekernln Osas till.
RT.'OIN, H.'llii 'rwo' 'light honsMplng
mums, an ground floor
eST.U f "An"." N , III" Tw0 "1irnisns7fiTairi
iiuuaeaeeping loom lor tnt
PhlsVi'i, . '"isi "PiinlaKeM roonia-" Fit
light housekeeping linage SHI,
ro'it I.T:nt"t;"'o iiMTirs,'"iileeTi"fuinlslieil,
HI i: Tbllteanlh SI
rtiiTnifiT-fi . iTi Light houarkfteplnc
riKihiii, modern iv.tur HHI-tt,
ilA"'l.V7.VrV'N. H". "J- T.Tr lent, one fur"
hlDhed II c ht houaekeeplna; rnom, private
entrance. adMnlta' bath. Hfl.
IKH'MfoN fl, fcio lUaement partly fur
nlahed, bath, telephone; large rnotn; for
white iteftfile Oaiire tit,
(ZWJl'nS. jT.JTfT.Two riMfii apartmenr.
lowttnaire, ainH in Hitciten, newly
MAIN, N , 1U iMt. Itirite well ftimtahad
houakeeplnit timm. private entr-inre
ndjotrilnw balh, laiso cloiet, walklnn
dlalanee fdarMT
hVAStfr baaKC i'hone'" Oaage" t1f
llaht hoiifflieepliir movhtir a arnialt
elean aouthcaat itronia f r rent.
vveryiti nit for iinueaheeMntf. Onae Jlia.
iTTiltTITK. H',"?ln fw lane, plcaa'a'nt
lltflit liMUavltrriill'K looina, rloit t( gum.
well, aduita onW DaairA 173H
O.NH iltiDiatTTMiibT hotiafltevplnx riM-m
ror ienr4i n nomnn.
FTftTiriA, Tia-llTe' hMiiekeeplrig
rnntn, grniini iinnr. near nam, per
werk, aduita (taaee 174ft
Tw' llgl.T".TMiiH"eepintf imima. fin ti.
Main run ii- nini BI4P.
T"i light hnuseirerlng'io'.itii 1 (fc1.loek
ironi reina reunery 2 an n. "i- mpn
lltlHD, 13., 1 442-Twu-iuom aparttntnt,
lurnlabed Cedar 1IIB
WIIH'P TXI.KA--'I hree hhiiiii, new do
lei, fiirntrhM or utuurnlaned, 1332
w. Twenl y-aeond.
Jtr-Ti-I.' N . Ill--'I wit light honkeplng
r.na fnr rent Uare 674-J
mioMri 1 tilt kiim" "i-Cit "ST h 1 in'i
ATTIt At'TIVH front bedroonn
bsthi living rnom Ptlvllsgca. 711 Vt
Tenth. Call Cedar 1114-J;
A lli:AP riFLI. loom In reflne.1 eolith
side lioma to kenllatnen or emliloye.l
ooiit.ls, garac., If deslrrd. Csdar 1711 .1.
AITH'TcTivTl'fVont loom foV genllelnsn
or couple I'snge am. sio i pevctnii,
A LAIII1F. fiont I.,. I room, nicely liir
tilsiied, cunnscnng pain, pnvate en
trance north slile. Osage tflll-J.
AN Il'illAL alrenlrig roorii""and gsraar.
rem rsnsonable. (.'all Osng 1079, after
o p. in
A tfLKHPINll rnom and private ""llvlng
room adto nlng ruilb. far two itrslitiM
hunio comrorts' rrntrally lacatedi 111
per month. Phon after 0 p, in, Osag-
A 1 1 iflltAL. II. 1117 Wril-tuililehed. flont
rnom, adjoining bath, good board across
Ilia street.
ATTIlAC'I'IVII iiIom-Iii ateeplng loom, ad
joining l.alh. Ill
W. riscotid. Cedar
IIAl.TIMOIlK. rl. HOI Attractive lower
front rnoln. laily preferred! ptlvate
tmliie. iia,iea sspvji.
lUillLHlilt. S.. "alt Ulesplng roi H.
Osare 77.
HUSTON. M , D29 Klrrantly 'furnished
room: gsntlemen. la. Cedar 711
llOUI.IiiTTl, 8., Ill Slesplng rooms. Osage
IlAl.T I Miilti:, K. I S Attractive i rout
mom for gentlemeni also garag
Osage 1711-1.
IIOSTON. H, lOHPlsaealit loom, adjoin-
Ing bath, private home, titlvat en
trniice. I'hona Ossga 1191-11.
nOj.IHll."" . 1101 two aeoond-rlory
nedrooma tor rrni. i'au ii.aaa mm.
nAl.TIMOIlrl. . 1101 Very desirable
sleeping room, aouin oipwsure, warning
instance. Oeage 1707.
IIO'6n, illl-Coiy, sauth sleeping
room with twin beds, private home. Ca
dar llio.lt.
l'olT6H; , iij'l-)!,. glsssedVln" s'leeT
ing porcn and drnasing room, suuanis
for two. Osage 171.
CLOSK-IN elseplng room In brick apart
ment, private family; references ei
rhstigail: fur genliemsn only. Phone
Ossga 1101,
et.6.K.i.v udioo,,,; .ajoii.iiia i.i!,. pit'.
vata noma, gsnnaman only. in iv.
CINCINNATI, iTt III. --Nice sleeping
room adjoining batb. reasenabla.
CIlTiTniJNK. N.. Ill ftTrely furnished
rront sleeping room, living roorn anu
l.un.lrv nrlvlleaea Oassa 7191-lt.
SJUi-iJUiTfCiC 51T--rsTa a I epf ni: room
aniolning nam, icaeonaol
iJINCINNaTI. ill Pion: bedroom,
convenient tn bath Ca1ar III.
CINi INNATI. M. to- Mletpliig loom. ad
Joining bath, ladles only. Osage lift!
cTnoINNa"?!. , 4l1--Nlcaly-furnlahd
sleeping looms; use or piano; isunury
nrh lieges
iTlNI ' I N "sTaT'I. H . lilt-Nicely fllinlstie.1
fiont room adjoining bath, gentlsiiien
pleferrcd Phona Ossga 1115
liriNVi'.ii"1 HI --Nicety furnished front
sleeping room Osaga 19(1
DKT HoViTlN . 019 - Nicety furnlslird loom
for r.'nt l eilar al 1
' lOtfHalKa front alaeplng
room, reasonable, waiKing uisiance, it.
i asaa I7.(. .
fin N V KU, l JU--Pront, soutl.esst slrtp-
llKMItAfil.i; betlloom, board mnvanlent,
also gsrage 401 Ii Flftaenlll. Ossga 311
flKrVVKIt. H. 674 Nicely furiils'treil room
close in lor geniieinen
T:'I1IA III.M rooni In pilvale Mime, fur
refined yolleinen. Cilr Itft.
DI'MVIVIt .""ll I -Ol.aaed"porch and room .
a'cuiiimiMlsie two or fouri furmcv
healed. Oaage llll.
KLHIN. M. 410 (4 aHoeiiliiK room, south-
ern esposure, gentlemen preferred.
prices raasotialile.
y.lAin, d . 101 -Dl.rplng rooms for tent,
also two light housekeeping rooms; no
chlldlen. Ossge lllt-lt, ().. Irs 1041.
U LOIS', H , I9 Sleeping room, It per
week, alo garage. Ossga 9011
C.I.WOOD, W. Ills--iiurly furnished
s'lutheast front room (or lady, couple
or two ladles. Ossge 30.
UJIIN. H , 111, APT. C Nlecly fuinl.ll.il
sleeping room for geiitlsinen, meal
served Osig I14I
r-Lw"(oiD." H " C-O.' l!iTi"..Tsi'surii1slj. d
belr'Oln refer, r.'ea rs'iulred.
I.MIITII W t I tjentieman rooininate
to sbare arga r ulh stesplnr pgrrh.
wllh tf'vate i ving in m.
j' I vVuuu. i: .l Ni-e y"1tiirii snel
steeping roof. , n&il 13 ballii rtaaonabla.
linnint nl MnrsfiJ I
tiiiiiiis i nn in i 1 1 it v i hi i i ii'
l Li ' ' I ,. i . i . .
I l h I 1 i ' ' , i, . tit ,, loi nl-li. ,1
Ii n.he .i..m I ...i i.
Ilr'lll. H. ill nu.,liig i... ... lame
cioaei, an.'inri- nstli. walking ilia
tance ntltate fsmlli ilaaae 1441 M
ITSPci, N., ttif front aTeeping mom".
I'.iT.i. rmisnrr .raage s.-.i
pTiFrflfTI. V?. lie -M.ot.ri. a"ar."ia7ro-nT
cl.,sa In, under new niansgsmsnt. Oaaga
s. w.
iTTll TWt'l young men. si. suing nuarlara
without bath. Ill K Flgh'renth. Phona
naiige sars
tfllTllHlIlT . "4ri- Nlc.""fronTromor
rami ai young man wants roommate
Call Cedar nil
Wit-nfoX K i"-'ir"ewo1iV'rSin
nens; alio siagie t..oiii moiUr eon
veMenee. Oaaea :
11 1 iV MliN. n.." "9l-'"Si"Sfi flafov
leepln room, eliaie to cat line, suitable
ror on or two una. is par weak.
mill lisi-jj
fR PlTl'v Al K lli'MHl Front bdro.,m
rnnneciing hsth. nsw horn. 190 N
II. .st. in ii. a- afai
jflTI'fc' I.Anila; ro.".m, connscTlng balli. fi
ingia is noumai arnts only. I'tdsi
tl7-li la m lo I o m
RoTAXri,'lT. TsV'Ksce'ptlonally "Jell
furnished rn'nen
bath, nn
NICKi.v furnlhad front beitmom. fantf
man nr ennpl working i reaaonahle: rf
areneea reiiuiredi ara. cdar 1117 .1
iTTcfcl.f Turnlhe.rriK.m. in 'pHeat lioma,
garage and board. If deslrsd; nn other
roomers Cedar llll
CiT'AriKH. "C ial-.on nicely furnlahsd
bdioom. nioifrn, In prlval horn, eloaa
to two car Unas and on hue llti. oag
irri'iSifnr rani or ens or Iwn gentle
men Phon oaan Afaf-h.
loTTf If "slsepTng" room, prlvVTa" noma, fa-
rnge ('sdar lall.J.
front mom,
breakfast If dealtfil, veiy teaionaMe.
Oeaao llll.
r.VNMTII, W. Il-Nlc.ly fninlshed
leaping room, nest tn bath, cine In
TACiiklA. M , tii "Itedroom a'n'T'siltln"'
room connecting Ooaaa sua
ffl'lllD. W "ll7".'A' Po'r renT,-?urhf.Tia.!
sleeping room, with lllvsla family; rent
fill III. "W.. 4n--le.plnr'toVm for ie"iTt.
in. i an i eiisr aai
Vrninnnit " loomeif." """aiea'm
heateil apartment, adjtlttlng hath, gan
tlcmcn only t'edar 1 f 10.
:ilDINo" ?T lft"tw,rVft sleeping
room a ror genttemrn; refereneaa glvrn
a tut t efpitreit Ottwm J 1(0.
w r.Ht i7a n rTi) o'rui.
-flKU VI. rhtr.1 ri.-- 19At
Xfoderti room a: attain heali at raonabi1
iii if im ru. i 'Vf r it m Hiti'ii1"-"""in
I'OH HP: NT--f w o n i 1 1-1 1 1 "r iii ip fnr'llghl
nouatHerpir'g; gaa, light and water,
dar 611.
HOfiMn i I'll iiii.aitri" mXJija
IliU'l-DKltrV "fT:a "lwn rfinina.''conni-c"t.
Ing bath, ttrvakfaat aud ft n'clnvk dinner,
walhing dlalNiire. young man pttferrtd.
ttinae fpol.
tifNiTAtfr H4--HMna for rent,
wiin or wunoui noaiu
B13- Two pUaaant aleep
Ing rot' ma breakrait and fl o'clock dln
ner. prlvnlo home, eptendld location
atiltabie for nuiple preferred ( rfftrtnrva
eiehatiired ffaaae IlltT
iTT-OTtTlT fl . lf4- hTmiim and boaid In
prlvAle family for two I'ednr 3439 J.
rootii. also home cooked
meals 13:) Denver. Osage r.lll
fiT'HiN MrH man wants stealii-lieste.1 rimin.
in atrttiiy private npartment; no oth
er roomers; walking itlslsnce, Csll
Osage I I'M.
iTrFHsTiTTl-) oung lady, eliipl oyod, desires
sieiping room, private family. r.S'i-ri,
csta World
mfio"olriMl7d"elTea TouiTi a'nd'boanl In
privnle home, clot to whittlsr school,
Usage Infill -.1,
WA NTl.le 'ft"om and balb, or piartlcally
eiiiusiv use ut liatn, In ptlvala rmni.
s.iuthesslein pelt of illy, for single
man, will also tent garag, vparo If
BMitlai.ie act) II. Woiin.
Yoi'Ml grntTetiieri iiealrrs roommate. es
eeilent room, close In, reasonable. Pliune
lissgn ICS
liiisliit'sn Service
iii'hinunn m:iuici;m iii i r.ni ii n
A LI. kin. Is of lomr-le a'ut I'l.len, work
guaranteed. Call Prase, Osaga Ifll
ALL MAKICH of roof, and leaky flura
rcpatreti work gtlsratil"e.l. isouiiiwcsl-i-iri
roofing Co.. rooffny and waterproof-
inr r spans, irsana Tim!
t'AI.I Oraa1 lll' It vat yoi mattn-aarr
rennvaft-fi rrinrnkd borne aame na
T'iIm Itaititae Cn
fr'llA'rili.llrt leituv a'dH Ztul ntTHe TriTr
ntanrea new pi Ho ire for !, Oaagr
VOH etpert aewlnir rnarhlne repairing.
rail iaire ia 11 iioiiyinan
llol-fl" ft'l'KrT'i.ir'aurgl'i a "c(t"artaan(
hi(ioininai delta ror men Qnl women
Alio dteta cnraelN and glrdlea for ladlfa
(.all Mra. Mabel M- IJryan, tdar 3111
1311 H iloatnn.
(1a It A VTR fl.lt V1CK 4'g r a etch nicTi .
Iioughl and aold uu roinml-plorj i-nraea
and BfCMkiirlis contra al p. lot remover
and hliti-arade enamel; cara pollahnt
a no greaai-ii , nrat eiaaa rnecnanic aerv
Ice. fouthwntein (laraie. Ill N Main
.TJ, hv.aSk F;DKt'tTtl7T"io" 'wiring
inotore, ifpaira, 71. (i. iiouMtr uaagr
Cuitalna and wool blanketa launJrredi
nrapra and curtain made 10 order M't
1. Wilaoti 4)ang JITLJ.
O (are curtain claanera , w
clean ladlea and men a (cartnotita la IS,
Eleventh, Totaa. OkU . rfaar tHA
MIMi;u(MtAl'rHlN(. 7iTlreaalng. typTrig,
mailing; prom pi trvirr, reaaoname
rata Taylor Phine Cedar 131.
matTiiiThkh rsnovaled and re.coverrd,
rrturii.il norne me lam nayi all work
guaranteed, Tulsa Maltirss Cn.
Ossga 1410
if ATTitn".tJM renovateil and rs-envr'sd
we re fell obi mattfisses: all work
gilatanteed Portvr Mallttsses Co.
Phone i..ss llll
LAWN MOW KIT alitrpeneil nn ibe lalrsi
Ulotnalli machine ealleil foi slid de
llve'ed tl'J tl -ul-lrr 'l-asr !!!J
NLW JIliul'S. a. 1, lull and graval. palrri
inr ami repairing, all ktiida or toors.
lau roif t.ilnis nf all kinds on hand.
I'l years of eiperlr-nce II llcss 619
H Ilelrillt Phone edai Irr.O.
IMI CO Windows cleaned, woodwork
washed, floors wsicd and poliahed Ce
dar 1110.
Y'ol'ii 'leaky roof rvpatreii or replaced
prumpiiy, snsciai anetiiiou to iius
leaks Call Porliry. Oaaga I91S-J. All
work gtlaranleed
SS1T r-;.--r tr .-4Ul. -u. III i' , 7iasna
A WAY to eionomta.-, have your hnm i
paired or r.-rnoneieu nay or oonueri
uuinn c cdsr La&o
AfKI'lHf ".il'"-s, cTirpsnler workl "ilay or
conilaLi. 1'iiona lour warn. iagt
llll II
ALL klfik of carpenirr work""al.d "r-
pair, aireen work anil roor repalrl.lg s
eoeila.tv Call Memtenhall. Oeag 717
ALL rTlNDI1 ear.enisr woik slid" rp-iir'
Ifla reasonable Ossg. 1100
ALL "TlN I S rarpenler'aml repair Wiirli
Cdr llll J.
Itof "pltYF.- Cement contractor, I've.
ways s sperlalty Osage IIO.lt.
lTr"rLfi'rNO "epalrlng, also hardwoTTd
flooring All wurk riossiy rigure'l. us.
III. Call llaage t11-J-Rl,F(TlirC'IAN---LrVf
Met WIKIt"""
Your bouse (our rooms III, five 111.
flstufa. iiuiek. Tnor electric vocuuro
Cleaner, 10 per cent off, hot trone
triiitoie, llienaed Osage 111 II
F('nWIn" "isper "and paper roonn for It
nnd up itang paper ior is cents per
roll lingers, paper hanger. Cedar 19II--I.
OH FlriNT-cLAHM rainent work ali""A
W Miller Ceilar lilt
FOIt CAflPgNTKrl woTS and p. llll log
and ralrlminlpg,
rail Price. Ossge
I dl.il.
P'( l li ni'll'lTlNfl cnntraolor. brick or
wood, call Osage llll-., beat city ref
erences ir 'YOII need cement work. Phon O
dsr III! .1
JCHIN It'll IC1NH. hrl.-k contractor, avrv
riusl.li pine Ce Inr sell n
I I. A. Ml-II Ml i , i- 111. l.w.rK si c la.
a I work nrii.y and pfMptiy den,
Os g 1.1,
ci I K K HLItv li'i Hi' ar i 'n ng
pap ,ng. pi s-T iig i t c it ng rt- p
if .ng, furna--ra w v r sinpp d us tii
nttMnra.it Scpvice
HI If IllSt. AMI (UMIItt S,-j1
' ' 1 i e isaga
V. II l.l l V - .l Mi'lli
lor J4 i;ieenWto.,
llener. rurliislii il.
oilck r lil'Se
eilsi If- . rrf.
117?"" """""' ca'd'tiesg
tiTf iTi ft f . iittn ii k ft ti
.KV coiaellr. alan iireip.r'TT,.-
aeta and cm-aleia, Mra, W. h Moor.
lWlNirto, Wntk to II "H. KoiilofTl
raiog of a. I kinds, -rilng slid Mr.e
perlea a apeclally Phone Oaaga lJ.
eifiTT'llLS t I.TlflfKM r ".feTfiTly-,
inneklng and embroidery Phon Cadsr
Dui'lfA"rlvrrhtf.irn an.l
waltrsiasea uulfurma a penaltr; work
guaranteed fall image 49l.
tiTO"TR rn.M'hVliajrriirr;: wic-ots1.'
in -,'ein rnir Bit it
DrIKSSMAklviT at liom.'ar l.y day;
Meienisdi prlce.1 reasenebl, 401.,
Mrs Lsnsfi rd
l"TTe!i4lilfA K I NO and alteration. CenrS
tiiarant-id ill I. Iloalon oaaga till.
'r. Miict,eil.
fllkKkVllAKiNil, alletsll,,,,.", terimnri
Ither men's nr ladles' eoata, work guar,
anleed Oaaae IH
iJoTt'TTXR iXrtVrtVciriri; AlR"TTTOTici
If yon are In need of a propar Is.lls.'
tailoring, for work, r. mod. liar, affer
ing. plaailng, hemstitching, button raver,
ing, button hoiaa you will tabs mi risk
to have Mr Devlna dentil do your
work, 10 years' espetieiioa, li rests in
Tulsa. Nrmm 171 llol.ln.oo III, la
rfM'KinKNcMirtfre'samsk'ltir of all""kln5ls".
Call iteage
PtJci fa ncy "ffr esm a"n Ing. cleslgntrg, ladles'
.a,. srioa. iionons, nemstitcning, snenrd.
Ion plea'ln era Mrs. I'alleiaon, lot H.
Main oag- llll
PaKiIIoNa lit.- ilreasmsVIn and altera-
llona rallnlng a spei laity, 1101 K.
cond st oases Isu
imllf llJjrTfn" dretTaklng ' Affl. Uren-
nan. Ill s l.l -non, lenST IIIIH.
llfCM-flTrlT I reTtriirmmakin'griltars'ilons.
teiining, by yvnatlan. ed dressmaker.
Cellar III J. Ill H. Flen.
nemsiltelilnv and Pecotic,"g, io per yard.
Ill l: Third
rorseta, buiTTtii your Ini'Uld'usl
ieiuirrmrnt. Mis. McMullsn. Call Ossg
dune by ilia dayi aattsfacttoii
Hii-raiiiea.i, .ira, iitia llama, osag
1 1
Hi:WINli don by day: satisfaction, guar
anleed Oasae aili.lt.
Hl'lllHLI.A cotscts, tSr tbelr comfort.
1414 "uiauiniy, t,, llalfd. Ossga
lltj-itlKi. Kiinmivi
Itss npsnsd with a complete tins af mil
linery an'i mhiiiia suns, !sa trim
mtnga; Art department Hemstitching
don, w rrmndsl, 101 H. Main.
r.Aliri5rT"'SPlT n'T'roa"; rellns.1 II
ill ssiistsriinn guatantssd. o.sg
'.Mill IMI .MrNIIIU.("lr,
CllonTrouNfltV hauling prices' hsv'a
":r,.'.Ml .,u rowns wnnin a r4diua
of 110 miles nf Tulsa i w ar the beat
equipped i be aura and get our price.
I'hnne Osage ill. Nichols Transfer Ar
Storage Cn
(tit ('OI'NTHY hauls, transf.r an J bag.
gag C (Irsvsr Vern H.
tViNrr"7rTraTi'sf 'r ' Btorsge. day 'and
niaiii. inu nre neii. Trmk with two
men II per hour. Cedar tail
""aIp)T VliltV NU!iTY and 1 alril
vary near, pur i m piano mover and
I can't ba beat. II. I Moyar, Oaaga
Mi Ai'flaaBateajtta' " '.'f.M3 ."- J- ! 1 ' mi t
l.STlSli AMI I.KrmtATiVri
A IMt A Rr'l C A ia I n I r and paperhangr!
fall tJeaga 1944,
. 'iiyhiVmiUniint ami palot":
"'"""" iioaeuaie,
call i- r. i;iii'iiv
Paperhanger and painter, wntk guarari
i.e.i. inrea r-asonaoie. I edar lllj.lt
P. II. ItllDDINll. paper and n.lnt cm.
tr-ctr.r, ii.. b.ei waii paper for 10
and lip. Peng g9 lit) , h,,.
HOtlHli Arfl'rVH'f-r' lAlriTlN(l
l'or thesa who dt. criminal
IIATKrl HIIIN Hlllll' I'l'n.n nas
ITAiTlTl "iTT'N'i-Painting, pan.lli.ng.
ing and caicimintfg ii..,. iin-j.
Carpenter, palmer and dacoratori wofk
dun pmmplly I.sl ma figure your
house, nan save you money and give
yuu first-claaa wntk Phona Oiar. 1149,
Call at III Noiilh Kil.ro. C. 1.'. Ilsfins.
PAIMTIfJtl, paperlinnging. i.aperhangln(
a ..ei.lly J. c ye Call ('SSgaalii.
fAIN'flNfl and PapnliaiigfrTg guaralltrad.
prlcsa reasonable, rooms pspered II up. -Harris.
Oaaga 9IIS, "
I'ATfTTt'rJll and pap.r banglnT CUT X
Flllhtlgh. Oaoga 41.
ril'Kc'lAI. prlca on palming and paper- '
nenaing, eUTs UIICOUM OU pSpsf. OsSg
On i palnl good housu paint In whit and
ooiura at ii vo per gallon, noma
Decorating Co 111 Itoston.
I'lilSltMi" 'AS iTNTATiilsJ I'll v1 ii
(TiTT on tfi oilier end "if "our teirphnn
and wa'll d-iiter your printing to your
back door In 21 hours, Cedar all,
v. Ariher Ml.
3vitSf LI l-llrtlN'rWTrtimfeijlo
IWNTIND and paparlianglng "g'uaraniesii
1.,,v" leaeoiiaine; room paperoo II I'P.
larrla, Osag 9(11 '
lA IrtflNll o'rkmiishiii' end materls'l
Ilia heel, prices Ilia cheapest. Csll
ii.iinei. ins iisinter cedar Zlll.J.
Xl.l. AMKIIIi'AN' leaner,,' draia ami
hattera, Isdlsa' work a aparlaltyl on
day servlc by rrrues, Osag III, III
N. Main.
FAsillKiN tailor refllt, r. southeast ror.
"r rrconu anil aialu, upstairs. Osaga
0010, now showing new fall pallefliai
- -"Ton. iriuiing
jili.p ii,imi:ii-)iii.i:
.7.1.-1, niovaii uhick su canla and UP
Oeage H97 Murphy Messapger A
llaggnga Co , Jl, i; Fifth.
A (loot) position la easily" Mure"l"""rf
you ran do sairelailal work. Iriqulr
about our rimrsia In business tralnlngl
w i h n b-li y.oi to a worthwbila posi
tion DraUalioO'a lliialneee nll.ee tin
fr.. Aiaio irsagn SbSl
AN l.NTKI, 1. 1 'J ISN'T I
may earn lion to !00 monthly oorr
apnndlng fur newspapers. III to It!
akly In spar lime, riperlenee un-nai-aaaary.
no canvssalng; subjects sug
gested, send for particulars, National
I 'res, ilur.au. Buffalo N. Y
fffjf'rKrt a'TTETnD an ucereilTSi""alioI
man m wish you nail attandsii one.
Learn nf advantage at thu Tula Dusl
ness Coll-,.
haT'Ti ioMiiis A'rTK:NTirt.J
Hulls rellned, shirt elre.ee stiolensd work
auaraiiteeu ms, w llaln Qsaae llll j.
-fisi'.ll nt opportu-
run g... n pa l-.v.,l Write C T,
I.udwlg ill wtover Illdg , Kansas
Cl'v, Mo
CAln.s"KTMAKR -N'oitneiit cortter i't
Twenlyfliat and Peoria.
c"MlHic'D" bof wj'h wheal to do work
arouiiu aiora anu deliver. Deiionsy , II c.
W Fourth.
1-jlKM l-i -a eertk-e rnen; Ine'reas 'your
earning power, study shorthand and
aal. ainanshlp, other oourses offertit
and lour aervlcea will alwaya be reodad.
K. of t evening a hool. Call 1 to 9
p ni . llll Mayo III.!.. Cedar 1417.
fX'MIU "n""TA" I .OH ItLFlTtini. aonlhea.t
curner necona and Main, upstairs,
Osag 1010. Now showing new fall
pattarna: cleaning altering, rsflltlna.
FIRCMKN. brakeimsn beginners llU' l.t-
er i. -a, no sink,, itnnway. 391-it est
IHTli"1 U'AKTRrV-rilvitars. help.,..
imulker. auady work. Apply (lravvr
Corporation, Klildlsr, Okla., or 101
Haver Illdg.. Tulsa. Okla
WA NTWD Young man who can drlr
Ford, io start at in potior wllh .
large corporation. Wilt P, O. boa 111,
giving ugs, rsfetsnrse, and all particu
lars. MrSii-D 'ten b is io distritiut clrcu
'is ti b-nir.n 7 and a a, rn.,
s.1.. im , n og Ki H. Mslti.
WA .ill I; is v. Mi Thesl, to delivse
g ti s. Ail y tn p-rson at til B,
1. ).

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