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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 12, 1922, FINAL EDITION, Image 19

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Real Estate for Rent
nrnrr.H ,ni ifr.iK miiDi"
. r 11 to 15 larje rooms, tacinir
n ifth until firn.r er noutti
,f. ,mi floori nil rooms con
. fm heali Janitor service
n ' errate or In ault. Bee 0
,- . ri'Qin I'liona nr lit
RTrfn tar., eiceptionalir llaht of
f?r 'th tpoaufe, phone .ml ta-
lunrti" option!, or would ahere
f, Mayo til.lg.. fdar mi.
,tf,, ., room it 1 H. Main Ht., for
ttr month eachi Inrjulre 1
'"" " T'Tgyy- H Illl
ar-inii' n v,n;iioij'E. vj
KTh i s r -Small etoteronm,
1 V . In o .
new anl
ftiif "ill N I fltnra billMlne: In pustotflc
I ' Tul, t'" HI.
tun HPN'I t'ierart 4inu, sroooj euretir'-.
i.n ligation Trader' Kchn;, til
,v. ''M loin.
fireproof ware
Transfer, Call
V"i. Jo llodKea
,1(r am.
r.ruimi for rent. 2(1x44. at lilt.
u.'n Ht.. A. J Jenkins A Hon. Osage
vaki.hoI KB on Kalr railroail for rent
, hol HaMwar en, rutn 1K0
tffl.i, hk-NT lartta room In Faek of
." -n Main street: between Hftn
.n.1 is'h. entrancn on alley; suitable
ior Mi'n, nr storeroom; reaaonabl.
rH.i neilulely private. 114 S. Main,
n,.,- .; lk'nnle Hoot Mho
.. .mi ,', i l1
" tl..NTi:l TO Kl-.M t
WAS"i-t-- A & or 7-room unfurnished
n.m.. with modern convenlencea and In
a c a nrlf hborhood. Address llt-ll
w '
, r, ' To rent Karaite In nelrhhor-
i i if Fourteenth
ana rtorin uiwooii.
AM'f .t.f. II " eng.
1'U HKNT fervanta' quarters.
Ma n ran cedar soij-j.
'tfAS' I I' 'J
'm HUNT A clear atand. In
i'aii ne.rre toi?
"hi llKNTurifurnlericI I
iniraltiw ur avartment, on south
, i i nil room Sin, Corona hotel or
II. SC Mil T
Va.- I' "i'"- HUNT Firm where cwner
)ii,4 rei or would furnleh eame on
Cfrv-"f'y haeta. John Huaeelli Itoute
2, 'i Okla.
VANAi.i'--Four or live-room umlihe1
hr.-- by younff married couple tor op-rui.-''
November l; rent tnuet be
r iMe. 473-N. World.
TJX.sf to Itr.NT Servauta'
rear ftrnteenth and Ml.
Ixjula. Oiane
1)11 K
WANV TO rtBNT A e or S-room apart
irn: with garage, Couth fide. Cedar
Real Estate for Sale
A( iikack nut HAI.K
Al'hl's 1. T inllea eomhoaat Tuta4, all
iliitrr roveredi 1100. Kmall caili
firmen tieaM 4819.
fOKftF.NT- Six. room li'incalow o'l llrok
en Arrow paved rima; aouth of Hunt
bom to rmponalbla people. 110 per
muntn. w D. McCoy, (10 Mayo Hide
Cdar i?llL
rpil HAI.v:- Klvo acre aoutlleaet ot town,
terma Oiana 4045
Tot R cliiitce b-acre tract on Ilroken
Ariow paved road, cloie In. eaay term.
nr t19.
I'OR SALK On and one-quarter acre
en one of the main drlvtwaya with
rtj im. modern dwelllnir and a tore
bu. dlnir, only 1S,:10 nlth 11.009 down
bn ni monthly. Thl U u real home
It anmeone. iollo Hrooka Co., real
tor Oie2MS. m
Two""AtrKKSI. 100-tfee orchard, on and
Hprlnga toad, ft-eent fare.Oege
ttN-Al'KIl nrchaid. KOod Knee, tree,
eight ear nlds will trade for aood
Foil car. or will trad so.acro tract of
taod timbered land In Cherokee coun
t. Okla., tor car and little muney; t
tween 9 and 15 noon Dllbeck Itealty Co.
M Al llKH to trade for rle.ir City property
that I well located. Thl tract of land
la on the. aouth aide, done In, a beauti
ful building alio and cloaa tn achooli
now a the tlmo far you tn dlpoe of
your fc'jcss'on s scrcrue i: hsr.J to
Kit on a trade. 1'hono Cedar 211, W. 1.
M.roy. tan Mayo. HldK,
1 1 "rSis rririiorTitTY m
i'OH HAM! Th.
bet little warehouae
lriroattlnn In Tulaa: SOxllO foot lot
with corrunatrd Iron bulldlnir 4d10)i
wel located; for 19,000 Icllo tlrooka
ro. realtors. oas 5SJS.
KACTOnY siti:
Large manufarturln: enterprise t looklnir
fir l'.catlon In tr ner Tul. atmul thteo
urej. Addrri ITt-.V, caro World,
L'll bALi! Drug; atorc. In modern town,
heart of lead ajid sine mlnlntt fields,
Knc lh wall case, irood fountain, car
bonatort Involcn 37.000; will make quick
a. a for cash, Aildre II. II. II., Com
were OS
IIOI nr. Hill MA I K M
A UAIKIA1N HliTcre!, best lilgh loci
tii.i nearly new c-room brv-akfait room.
O..S- n ent, giraga. drive, full lot; must
be i i t 17,000, eay term. Call Mr.
""'" Cedar ml.
A I'.AIIUAIN llillcreat. best high lica
t.'.ii nearly new 6-room, breakfast
r i. buietiient. garage, drive, full lot:
w j' bo sold. $7,000. easy terms. Call
'Sir Irfiltinvllle. Cedar 1151.
A I A1UIK new duplex,' ' five room,
ri ned porch and bath to each aide:
liar garage, rtruch door, oak flour
' built-in fealurn, on full-alsa corner
1' ' walking dletance and cloie to achool.
If J ju want real homa with an In-
r si. added, call Cedar I'll.
A HlViilVlCi: HA1.B for Immediate cash:
mast hava monry to aave buainesv; fine
cimer, tOxlCO fairly close In. l-rooin
tkierni plenty room for duplex on rear;
Ik-tO. present loan 15,000; make me an
orr; It rnuat be aold quick; thta pr. p.
eny on pavement. Call William I-sttln-
'y on i
e, Ceil
tar 2SII.
A ItfTAL high 1st, In Terrace Drive for
li siii), wnh tJOO rash; two Iota In
Thllilers Heights, high and sightly:
Price t:,K. each; lut wllh free puvlng,
on eait side, price l0: two lots on
r Mi side sewer paid out and cheap
P'w.nc on of there lota a corner, cor
b'P IJ.OOO, Inside lot $l.00i four real
arirtmcnt sites, on south aide, C.JJS
w. v. mccoy
-0 Myo J) Id. CMir :U.
S AN 110NR8T 110MR
ijhew well built claiuereit tin.l nilntrJ 3
. f(i ifli hntiBMi Vinn a riwu1 frunf nnrrh and
kitchen porch t built on a uplcndlil lilvh,
ritrirtj jut; rol wntrr, good air.
ruuil ilralnatja anj nool view; ai lltltt
l'$u down; nu brctima a home own-
aril quit pajlcif rnt. ThU li an un
'; anap and will not lait. Oiaca
ill.-i buy in auuthtait aide, new -roqm
t-: Kaluw brraltfaat main, oak floor ,
'''ti, built-in feature, baaement, K
fsf, 17 000 on Winm; thta wont last
nuey fit n.-n., rennr iotj.
' Ilt'V in Tulaa. brlrk, 6 room. Itrgr
ly nw, -car Karate, aervant quariera
' by 1(0-foot corner lot. on pavement.
"(t loratlun, S7.600, trnn. Oaase
1 'A.:f Kour-riMim, aleeplna" porch
tern earHRc. cloe In. on Mvrment,
' location. 13.700, eaay terma.
"ki :i7('7-n
lit At TiKL'L. t-ilury homa In U0O Mock,
--n tjwinoi run tile bathroom, J
1 1 " Ktriati at nil mti(ttrn aiarvantH' i-iutr
ri 14,000 caih, balance eaiy terma.
( avr JuOO.
y AV'NUH Klca l-rooin cottaxe, two
' well, barn and fine Karden apot.
-1, ' fenced: price ft M0, 1110 caali. bal
ri jm fnnthly paymenta. Oaase
11 A NHON'H I.AIUII-; lAM-lrmtt rant.
at Waahlnictiin for Hi-foat dam:
erce lake already here. Get In on thli
w!tr me Doom, write w.iuna neaity
nranaon, iio.
MIAIN lluit be aold tnta week, 1.00
ur,r valuet (tee roomi and bath, hard
wood floor, tar closet, beautiful
ocoretlon, at front pavement and
dewalka all tn, aouthvaet part of
" cioia to iranaportaiion. Oil city
.'"'iy pnnn Lfnnr mil.
ST Hll)U Ooo7 t-rooni buncalow,
wr. ctitern. fruit, eaat front, flna lot
' H 8ALC Nice I rcom hue, to be
vn rr lot itaarr
, Al.K The ftneat -rnm bungalow
ia Tulaa, b'tllt for home, never moved
t wll U at anrririre to quick fail,
uy,r Addraa J I CO I rare Weir Id
H J VtveVm inntfrrp tUf.g-fuw
For Sale Real Estate
not t km
Kill Ml
as i
" .Hi n aarate I, r
t.'th'i " M,n
two car-
I'heTan. .
iZ T. "I w" l'uatd.
S? J, ""'..l K' Thlnl, nh-e homa
or koo1 rental propoeltien, II.MD. easy
p'S'JS.'-JIHTJLJL" Ceel.r inti: r
tJli -.i't'l'''. iriuth hoi.
" '"'" up tu-tha minute b
jalow thereon, a ttood buy for ll(,0
folTt-liuOJI b.ir,.!ow, brand new"'!!,
i. J ' .Wlba. maka your payment to.
It. !?;' m, In lomorrow. llco down
and i;t par tnon'h. price Is rletit: ceti
yinct. yourself by l.tllna u show you
t-t21.l..?A ''.S Kls-areitie. a-rooit. bur... low,
f.u..lik."1' ."".V" M,nn ill'trlct. thli
la r ht up to the minute; enouah loom
on lot for another house or apaiiment,
no use to is Into details In this adver
tliementi ask usi only 11(0 down snt
balance monthly l.e.lls Htooks Co
.. realtota. () nit. '
F1i5S I.AV.,ivor,'Lv,",?m'. w"J".
only H.8I0. hardwood floor, built-in
features, breakfast room. rornr lot,
tararr. Two laree porehra, eitra
amnunt of fin brick work, finest of
enerythlnrt. This Is a reduced rne and
a Kuarantee It l be th, ou ln
Tiil.a. Warren lii.nl, Tulia Lives!
AKency Cadar JHt.
i'oll RAI.K Mual ralae ll.0 neit few
days; will sell e-rnnm modern bungs
low, finest thrnuahnut. trir aaraie:
will sell at qulta a los tn quick buyer
for esah 4D H, cafe World
rOK lUICK FAI.R-1'lre-room bunnalow,
modern In every way, newly decntated.
located on corner lot, on paving, with
all prupetty mi In first class sharx. This
Is priced $710 under market as owner
tnuet I'll at once 1'rlre f I HO with
terms Call 1 . A. Trusty, realtor. 10SI
Mayu Illdg. usage !(!, uaaga till.
rtill 3AI.R Suburban tiitma, two arrre
wnn spirnum a-rrxim. i-story dwelling-,
nil fenced, and soma rood ehleken varri
fenced chlriien home and other out-
uiKiings; ii.bvu wnn ii.ano caen. t,ea
lie llrook Co., realtora Usage ;7I.
I'OH NAMl Beautiful brick homa,
new; center hall living room, dln
Iok room, breakfart rooin, pass
pantry: rear hall tullrt room and
lavatory, l'ull-slta basement,
steam heat, laundry, four sleep
ing rooms, two beautiful tlla
taiha and sleeping porch con
nectlng from master's bedroom
All decorating canvassed and
painted In oil; tapeitry wall.
Two-car garage ind aervanla'
quarters. If Inrerreted tn a real
homa at th right price, see us
at once. Hlalr brothers, owners,
Cadar itt.
foil SAJ.rt Splendid a-room. strictly
modern. :-sinrv. living room, ilitilng
roorn, kitchen, pullman breakfast twmi
and sun parlor downstairs; two bed
rooms, steeping porch and sewing room
upstairs, large basement; garage; only
n.evv; win cuneifirr ioi aa lirii pay
ment. I,so llrouka Co., realtors,
Osage :7.
1'IVK rooms, not modern, on nnrlh side,
gas and elertrltlty; lirlca SS.IdO; term
of 1100 rash, balance 190 per month
and Interest.
New four rooms, not modern, on north
aide; Immediate posiesslon, price 12,900,
terms of IS00 tali( balant $10 per
inontn ami interest.
Sl.ruum bungalow on North Penver, i
fine location and a. well-built home
fewer paid out and four paymenta on
paving; price $0,710, rash (too, balance
inn mortn ami interest.
lit Ma lo llldg. Cedar .'til
r'ulttwCMiHCUH sale. bungalow all
rooms, located 11S H. Archer, to tie
sold at II n'ciocK. October Zl, west
ironr floor court nunse.
It Is very attractive arid Is In a hlah-class
UKutlon. This ulaca Is all newly den.5t.
ed. has dsndy gon.1 basement and a
garage. It Is n complete home, read tu
tnnva Into and priced right, at tl.SSU.
with terms to suit. Don't pass this ono
up put, can usage Qnt.1.
Central National Hank llulljlng.
HAS'U soma choice lota and housa with
In walking distance of town, Csl! Mr,
Whitney, Utsgn 41)1 or Cedar 1671, alt
er S p. in.
IIUIIH Is a good buy) honestly; 11.100;
rnur rooms and bathroom on Houth
Xanthu: 1:50 cash and Kl per month,
Nothing clso like It In town, (lot em
all beat. Pee It this morning. Warren
A Inard, Tulaa'a I.lvest Agency. Ccdnr
ll.'.Vn tion.tt flol.lir.l acvuriln
to ynur deetrc, wi bavn under con
etructton ecven modern firoom
Iiutmalowa, on the caat aide; will
t ready for occupancy In about
four wr-cka; let ui ahow them to
)ou today: pick your decoration
nnd flxtureai make a mall cash
payment and will rnaka your
monthly payment like rr.t.
t:i Mayo DldK.
Osnki 9U7. Cedar 777
HOls'B A NO JaOT for !; aiu vacant
lot, can owner, tjtugq
l&tMKfiiATn rossKsaioN
It 3t0, ISOO CAH1I
Four-room, modern, new buncalow, aleep-
inc porch, built-in reaiurea. narnwooti
floor throughout, nicely decorated and
rood U Bht fliture. We have aeveral of
theee bungalowa, each with a different
floor plan; cloao to achool and itreet
oar line, on sculheait aide; paymenta
tti per month, including Intereat,
w. i). Mccoy
520 Mayo Hide Cedar mil.
lutir lHi.NKt Uttw tntMl price, for
KOod frame cottaee, tww coay room,
yard et with Kraea, lot U level, hind
and dry; brtme $43ft and move In: pay
the reet to ult ourelf. Ak for agent
at Lucas etore. N O. subdlvlalon, on
Hand HtirlncK car line.
Mu. K 'n right away, Hi lars rodme
ana &reaKii room, oa noora inrounii.
out, room all 1artr, threo vleepln;
room, tile floor, baa, tub. large ctoieta,
good Krad of oak floor throughout,
very attractive fireplace, kitchen cab
inet. Inclojied refrigerator mom. decora,
lluna and light future of icood taite,
basement rlDed for furnace, if a rare and
drive. Jn 4 location on the eoutheaat
aertion that wUl Improve, Trice 17.760,
11, coo caah wm handle, ;enar zitB
&IK. AND MHH. UOM 15 I1UYK11 Mere I
a real paricain. r ive-room, wen puui,
hnnMattlv rur.iriiitxl bunaalow. an a
pretty reeldentlal atreet, front and rear
torrnea, kooh wen wBir, cincnrn
Hml vurdm. tuit a really nice, complet
ed home at a price Vu enn afford to
pay. or is.eoe, wnn oniy mvw lint pay
ment. bulanra Ilka rent. We hltfhly rep
o nun end tn: one. Warren & Ixtard,
Tulea'a Uveal Anency. cedar .m
NnTiiiNd lKiWN ISl monthly, buya
coxy little 4 room plaitered houee, one
block weat. i4 diock aouin ern
tlnn. nr wit) trade equity for tacant
property, air. iiianKenanip. uhib
N'onni HinR
Heal hornet lroin airplane bungalow
Mit front . haiement. Icar aarare,
aervanta' quarter; well. Adjoining
Country club. Owner leaving town; muit
a.icrince. caen or aoma lcrina
OSAOi; 667
NoitTH UKNVnil nATtGAlN Jive room
with vtrv bullt-ln feat urn and con
venience! Krage and driveway, priced
at only 17.710; term arranged, Oaage
NKW bungalow fir aale, by owner; juat
completed; five room, hardwood rlir
throughout; large clceet. breakfait
room and mantel, bullt-ln featurea. full,
alsed lot; eaat fron; located at UZ0 N-
ONLY ISOO lown and mo In a good 4
room noma jo nice eait front lot. barn
garage un back, total prlr 11. HO; S10
ir month Ineludlnr Intereat. buy from
tb owner Inquire Lucaa' atore. Joe
ubdlvlalon. Hand Kprlnga llnej
0V.Mr-!ll Uivinr ettvt mujt tell home.
cona'atlng of one acre, all fenred amall
houe. nt-'-e bearlns orcnara ann vine
yard, good welt; two block off pave
ment. Call Cedar 1011
ON KBbF.MA! drive, JOOiHO-foot lot
wh k large r room home; will eM or
iraae equity price 11 000 k. ux
retU 212 tlli Utdg., 0t( 13 or H.
When a Feller
- i .i s a.
i "MafettLlH y
II I Jvl AV I Ilk
Jl -
' twr-vei mi. H. T. tiiv.-l . n
Real Estate tor Sale
II 1 1 1: h K.N "Villi HA I.I f
UINLV 11,000 down takra aouth aide, fc
rtKi.11 dwelling, clout hi, hoa living room
arroiv tba trout. library, dlntnic runin,
lien, kitchen, pantry, Imth downatalra;
four bvdrooma and bath upnUln. tlnt 1
decoratlona, all roomn vitra tartte, extra
handnoma mant! fn1 flrrplare, Urxa
tvairment, itaratta and aervunta' root 11,
0 only 110, BQ0, will tako lot In eood ill--trlft
a part payment, or rnnaldcr mall
rr houtve; tcraan continually Krowa under
iim peopla'a feet ) how about youra 7
Ije b 1 1 H r 1 k a realtora. Omu- 5H71.
gCKlfN A.NNi; l'Iironit(t buniiiHtw with
all 1it-t f-aiurrs, full frcct lUli.a imuim,
dlnlntr room, breakfast room bet em
dlnlna; room nnd kitchen, fiber drain
boatd, twn food bedrnmn. larie cloaeta,
clolhea chute, kitchen cabinet, cove
planter pari mouldtnir In ltvlna; and
dlnfnar room. tlU bath, butlt-ln tub.
pedeetal Uvatory, koi.1 high t, ccn
rreto porch, cedar lined cloaeta, hollow
tile and brick foundation! irood baae-
ment, crecneci-in back poroli, Karaite
ani nnvr, on 1 no pMinpi ima 1 n
baautlfol bunmlow, prlc 1 1.16V, terma.
Clar tlfC.
Hi:.STHl(TKI ADUITIO.N ItOft rath and
balance 165 per month Including all In-
tereit buya thl brand-new t-room
bungalow; rtrlctty molern and up tu
date; five room J heavy oak floor
throufhoutt nicely decorated; attractive
eieciricai iiviurea; wen cuniirucieu
throutrhout; located on a full-ntz, J e4t
front lot. ctoau to mhool nnd tranoorta
tlnn; barsnln at 1 1,1-0 v. Cat) 0K
.SKVKN-IIOOM S-atory home, ln 160(1
block, on South Cheenne; 3-car garage
ami tniaern ervanta quarter; 11 4,000,
with aome- term.
mx-llou.M dHelllni: in lloracr .Mann
achool tllitrlct, to trnd on larger place,
well located; aak u. Leelle Mrooka Co..
realtora. Op tiro 3871.
SOUTH UTK'A I.arKe 4room house, rn-
rare. eaat front lot, hade, 13,710, term.
OMk-t 3677.
RPnCIAT $K,J60, well licated, new,
the largo room, living room
acroe entire front of house; oak
floors throuKhout, bullt-ln fea
ture, beautiful mantel and deco
rations, a real home; can aoll on
amall caah payment and balunc
cheaper than rent. Must aell to
day. Osage 7151-8011.
::t. Kennedy litdg.
HMALL caah payment win handln (-rooin
bungalow, close lo transportation ami
acnoni; aierj win taue car in on this,
me terrna appllra to J-room house,
thla I really worth your while, Tatter
aon Itealty Co., 210 Jtoblnion Illdg,
OMr HOf-6.1 1 10.
HTL'CCli DL'I'l.llX
1300 block, e.tit aide, alt room, modern,
oniy 61 ieet oir ptinK. u.o'.ui term
S tOO cash. iir er.ouk'li bargain, the rent
will paiy for the noue. H. II. Hooker,
realtor ( Miir iof.9
SOUTH him; In Hunralovr court; new
modern, e-ioom houa-t; elegantly Ilu-
Ishedi with cove moulding; hardwood
throughout; basement; garage and
driveway: a real home for tha dl
criminating! priced at only 11,510. with
terma. cn Cedar 777.
SACJtmCU-Naar Kendall college; fti.e
bungalow; alao nupiei, Owner. Anna
lleniieraon. Z&12 K. Hevrnth
fllX room, modern, east front,
large room, well located, on
beautiful corner lot; north end
east expoiurei price haa hen re
duced for quick ale; 1S.2I0, gool
term. Don't wait, call now, must
aelt Immediately at thla price,
Onega 7US-10U
676 Kennedy Illdg,
atorv nouse. el ant room. nardwaMhi
floor, mantel, garage, corner lot. fine
location, $1,000 cash, balance on month
I y term, cedar gt.
V nav rentt V4o"Dernmim!li',wth attiall
cash payment puta you In povsrstlon of
a new, monern. a-room bungatow, naru
wotwl floor throughout, bullt-ln fea
ture, on the paving and priced at only
14 t00. Ovire 9147.
WILL HACUU'K'l-: 22-room hotel. In cen
ter of city, eicellent order, good furnl
ture; cheap for quick tale, on account
01 geiiing sick uiciiuer to uoioreiio,
Phone 4111, Ofcar.
WHY lA Y rent, when you can buy
beautiful, new ft. room bungalow nn the
a et aide j paving) do to aehou' and
transportation; offered by owner, with
oniy lion cam ami small rnoathi) pay
ment. Call Mr. Kerrvll. Osaga W4 47.
uflaD sacrifice nice home; eoutheast lo
cation; on pavement; six Urge room
brakfat room; til bath; basement
high lot; garage; had and fruit tree
must aell thl week, make offer; will
conehier lot a pari payment. Call Ce
uar id u.
WE ri.EAt) WITH YOU TO llt'Y
Only U0O down and 1 46.; 6 per month
'nrludlng all Inlereftt no paving and
eewer taxeet and you own a new 5
room hunealow hatdwoM flo?rf; fcul't
In fe ur- , i:araae. full biern-nt 1
real l iila, Osage 4IC1 1210-J; CUt,
Needs a Friend
Real Estate for Sale
not MKH
I (lit HA I K
wi: iiAvr
New S-ro'iin im uk alow; bard wood floor;
hunt $n feature In irvlna; place, dti u
full, eat front lot; only 1 4 0 per mimth
Oaaira 401 4210-J; Oawna CU, evenlnc"
.UVH Ui;sr HCV A dandy 4-rmim bun-
iraiow, nn iuuaiiei 101. pavement, (arc
creenedln back porcii, modern; thta
It priced to make n vood Inveitment;
will rent for HO; terma can be ai
r an tiM and 13.600 U thv Vtico; owner
miint well. Call (Hnif. lfil.
B00 CAIf. balance earn aa rent.
Imnirdl.il yr.ufMlon of nnw, C
room, modern bungalow , well
built, on full-aired lot. In fine, lo
latlun, prlr tt.tou. Any proper
ty, well located, and aold on to
day'a market Mill inaka you inun
ry In 'lulaa.
Dure 7U8-60SI.
f2& Kennedy Uldg,
11,600 llCVH h twu-large.riM,tit houtu, on
ruil-etxe, beauttrui lot, covered with
fruit treea and well fenced; very email
payment down, and bal.ii.cn lee than
rent. 1'attere'in Itealty Co, 210 Itobln
aon 111.1 ir OsHire t0t0.77JO.
$1 55(TwiTH 1150 iluwn. for h brand-new.
.Won in hungalnw, I'efieral Drive tltatrlct,
acnnt nnw. ready for aome happy home
owner. lHml little liuiiw buy In
Till", Wwrre.n A J ward, Tulii'i
Agency. OiUr aim.
U.7B0 JlUYR you a real home, well
located, on paved atreet. Just fcff
car line; house- ulmoet new; five
nice largo room, large IIvIiik
room, nice mantel and electrical
fixture, a splendid buy. Can e4t
un o oil terma,
in Kennedy Hid if.
Oaaga 713-tll.
rivo' rooms, titodetn, with garage
and aervanta' quarter, mi a full
alxed lot, on th paving, cloee t
achodl and transportation, email
aash payment and balance l0
Mr month. Including Intereat,
431 Mayo Itldff.
Oeage UI47. Cedar 777.
17S0 CASH Klva roorn. bath, man
tel, bullt-ln featutea, price 11,000
located south aide.
11,000 CAftlttlg room. 2-car ga
rage, servant ' quarters, located
aouth side, price 17, KO.
1 100 CA8H rive rm. modern,
hardwovd flors, eouth ide; prleo
W. D. MfCOY,
Cedar :cil.
M0 Mayo lllJrr,
llto CASH five rooms am) l.ieakf.il
room, baaaniant ami araraae, trtMi.t wot.
and pump, some fruit tree, full. aimed
lut, hleh and alithll)'. on iMvlnir, clue
to car and arhool; hardwoml floors
bullt-ln featuree, r.leely doooratod
south-side location; prlc M.IIO, Cal
O.aae Mil.
It.it CASH
lseptnir porch, rarafe.
North Choyenne.
prlca I7.U1)
Msyn lllilK.
W. I). McCoy, MO
Cedar tell.
Five rooms and breakfast room t thla la
only flv bloeke from TukM hlh
sclnt, haa oak floors and iraratre,
owner ha II.OsO equity, balance lea.
than Igo per month. K. II. Hooker, real
tor. Cedar 10(9.
Iltt CAitll. till monthly, buy new mod
rrn bun,low, fuur rnouis, aleeping
I,oren, oak floors, east front, pnvei
ureet Owner. Osaye ITI4.
tlOO CAMII. 110 roonthly, iuya Hood I
room house, with Karaite, I0140.fool
lot. P'lce M.ioa. K. K. Il.ri.lt. ill
lilies llldr. (is.Ke i
liltyi ni. Uiula lt.uttful brick bunas
low, nn hlKh terraced lot. IHxlH. for
sale at great sacrifice, for cash. Oe.,e
it.'ivo, ll.uoo DOWN lleautlful i-ronn
bunitalow and breakfast room, base
incut and servants quarters. 2-car aa
ra, and drlteway; locatel In one of
the best resldsnce district. In Tulsa
11)1 M. I'eorn. Cedar UOM
ISOO CaTIi und 140 per month for a nTre
t-roum moilern home on pavlnc. aa
ra,e two chicken houses, locate! in
Sand1 Hprlnns. price II, HO (lei.ritr I'
Prlrkel, owner 101 ilayo Illdg, l-Ur
IMI. -r
k I h;u ilu. Vl'l I IniluiiTnn" li lete.t. wi,
bui vl ytu a n .mo 'n a t of your s
lection, lliitrr ca.i Mr- IlarrUon, (
dsr 777
I'll. I' p.r , f' nw
rjint house 1 rest rr frt pa e-nen
one nuitt-r acre i-f K un! " y l00
Call Oiaa-. 2141 11 of 0"l 1111 IU
- By Briggs
Real Estate for Snto
1210 CASH and I n. ill mi-miily paymenta
bua one of the very chohe new t-tmuu
tuiigalowr, on tho eaat aide, oti the
IMvJiiK, vth garaKo and driveway, close
to at hool und traiiaporlatlon; prim
ls.2fct. Oaaaw H447.
I40o' IH'm K" Denver, irood bunglow, five
luoina and ale-ping porch, aarane nl
inu'lern aervanta quarlera, 19 lou, with
It, tOU caah, bulanca easy term. Oaage
!& Vim MONTH, includtnar Intereatr ea-
ieet your lot ani w win tiu.i'i yrni a
liom A4.totltor tu your Ideaa. Mr. Hat
ttson. Cellar 777.
T2to ''Ami ilrid only Mo'iM-r month, new
modern 6-room tungaiow, ctosa in un
the eaat eld, on thn pnvltit?, rloae to
t-rhnol and tranaportatloii, bet tar !
tine tipe ''iye ftir.i'errei'. usaga vif.
iftou I'ANll buy. iirartbally new 7-rouni
buniralow. oak tluora ihroUR-hmtt, man
lei, bultt'ln featuri. mieiern in every
respect, full-alied lat, good looatlon.
balance Ilka rent. I'rlro 1 1, too. Call
oeea-e si'..
1.000 cXSl'l buya new ti-rmim nit'
fa,t room bungalow, tarw tlvlu, room,
mantel ullli side IKIiiaj thrr bed'
rooms with lara cloaets: tlla bath,
linen cltwela: plenty ii f bullt-ln ten
turea hi kltohrti; baaemeiit; Kar(t and
tithe; loialerl In one uf Tuta' best
raalilentlal illatrlria un southern side.
Oeaye V701-J.
17.180, Kuitril niiiM. iu;trritirTnn
II 100 cash hanille. this attractive r.rimm
bnnyalow and breakfast room, huh lot
all lalt rnoilerii qonveiilences, nak
floor, all 1am looma, I'raneh dour,
three bedroom, ilacarallons, barmeiit,
furr.see, vaiaea and itrlve. A aacr,
0a,a 1i0ii 3t7(. ttl llayo Ilnlir.
Atirsetlve modern, r.-room buncalow, on
lavement, Houth Quaker stre.t, near
Iiruadmoor addltlnn, larire llvlnar room,
flraplece. deeorallona, convenlenttv ar
rantred, tarna built-in cabinet In kltahen
ciasrllent olMtrlaal futures, rarsita and
aervant quarter; full-alao hit,
osAiii: ime-iTTi, mi mato huhi.
H10 CAHII, 110 per month: pile. Il.trlO
far a t-roorn, modern on jvemenii ns.
tit. .hade.
IMO cash. Ml psr month buys l-reom
mofiern. wtin uak noora, on, pavement,
Wire 1 1, M0. '
Its; 110 caah. 110 per month; price 1130
up; ear una aolriK wail. ue ins.
MUM Hill hAl i:
i;A'T IMinfPr'lo"r lii Tood'"ell; oltv
wster: ras and aawer connections) one
block from pavsment; rrapes and
peach traea oti tot; term to eult, mtMhl
trade for farm. Osage I47-J.
Port flA
Choice residence lots on Kasl
I'oiirrh and rifih place. 1700 and up
fall l'ic iioi or ii. aye un it
I'OH BaI.K II ooa buya lrn lot jut et
nf l.ewl on Fifteenth atiael. make own
term. K. II llunllinger, It I'arkland
place ft, Iiula.
LOT IN fisftiVXt'i; drive, on paving, pa v.
Ing paid out, price li.7t. Call Cedar
l.OT OK Nt)HTH KI.WOOIl. eacrlflca fur
quick aula to ri rah; maka ru an
l7rfVWATW:t-'-Wlfipay' rafi for wail
locateil lot In or pear Terrace llrtve
adrtlil.in. Call Oaaga 4171. Ask for Mr
We hav modern vacant lota, 1100 block
north aide, tanning In price from Isao
to MOoa, can give you as many aa like
X f Hooker, realtor I'ertsr Mat.
57U'rilKArii'" corner rloae In." fine' real
drntlal dlalrlct. bargain It '.do: this
lot la on pavement. William I-otlln-
vllle, I'.itar gttl,
MM. U5 rAtlir"and 110 a month huys
beautiful, nigh suliurban lot in strsel
car line Hleckburn Ilrooka Ma Lynch
Illdg. fedar IISI
.."tTitsMli'AiPi1-'"! HtH li Krn;
I'oH HAI.K - S1.I0I sf re raiuh, tn on.
body fenred. with Improvements, weat
em New Mexico Ihree tnllcs frnm rail
road, good grass ami wiir, improve
menta and part farm land ll.'.'t pei
acre, good terms II. M. Watte, 70 W
male Ay., AlbuguerilUe, N M.
t1KI4ll.t.A 'VaI.I.BV cotton Krowir mak
teie hale an acre, nn boll w.evll. Iril
gated district: ideal clitnaie. for fact.
write rami tiui-u t.ae rrucee, N. M
i itAlti opp'inur, t lo sreura a besutl
ful I.'1 aci. f i. i and p'U.try fan, ..
rated tw j li .lea f.'ith nf t'lceland
Okla 'in main hlgliway line it. w tu
Mim hui'sa wi'h corii'e'e bascm.ni
brn g'anary and ' thcr sutslamiat
. i lb" 'ry. ,.0 DTI r ' S il la
uffi ia ft e irr during we Is, t si,r v.1
i ' f ee tu rem lnitn4att c i, Os.ge
iv u.
Real Estate for Sale
"ttNIIH AMI t'AHMH I (lit Mil' 7
f-'r'ir'MAirf-'Twn' secll.-ns in e.,.t tarl i.f
Miarkelfnrd cnuntv. tw.. IMils tillable
so acres In cultivation 7 ti'.'tn hi-uS'
with bath, shipping point ell u"l'S. 170
are. ranch across th load ".d t,.r
141 three years ago. Hni 471, Albany
t'A.vtlT-lllTl Ut " ao
HaVk imr. with iT.Oto to $1 aoa'casli.
wants la buy from I lo I room houiee.
.rlredrleht. iTaa 7at H
lie Foil aiiiWiTo V horii" 7a"ll tyle
Inveslment Co., lit luwa Illdg Cedar
ri''Oll IIAVF a good lot In Tairaia addl
tlnn. phone ma; I have a buyer for II
maa H1.
IH OUIt hejiise for ealet tm you know
if anyone wanting to sail Wa have
buyers ready, walling and willing In
bur. Ilv easr term Imyera. raah buy
at all Itli4a ,sfo bloseputa on our aale
feifce: every salesmen going good, we
da not IraiM, we only sell th house
yoa Hat wnh . tlat with ua (. uuick,
aula and ejtlafarlory reauits. Warrtn
fi laaard, Tvlaa's l.lveal Agency, IM
llls-i niig. Cedar 1114.
I,IHT rnur nrnperiv with I. II TMt.rtr
III r-al Illdg Oaage lilt. reeldsMs
MirtreMr proper I r Wllh tha llveet real
atale man In Tulea. Call Mm at rrder
jtll. itr51HanNTlYI5ct Ton wiiTi;f
prlard what we ran do for yon in way
of bargain, that will pleaa you. mm
and see ua ami we) will do our beat for
you, In elty realitenret and farma lo
trad, rattarnpti tlealtv ( , lit Robin
son Wldf , ;.. 'J ,
W.Vpif To buY V Worn on "eaaVTertn. Call
Cedar am,
iTrT'WANT'pro'partr In aeiT Kilh vacant
and Imprnted, If yarn have aumeihlng
call . rl, II. Hooker, realtor, Cedar
Jon 9
v' NTfff) four or five-room "hone, east
aide, near car line, lloeo raah, balance
p.iymMa, f'"age 404J
Real Estate
Nnw S-imim luiiiiinliiw. 011U flonrn,
liiimt jinlnli'il wnllri, luiMdncnt, mi
inp, acrviun'H iiiiu li-rn, III') Imlli,
room" hto lnrn ml wull iirrniiKi'il;
inlrn 11,000, 11,000 rnr.li, Inrnm a tit
Clan H 3
Tiirriii'o ilrlvn, nix rnoiii. now lirwik
fiut room, iwk (loiirH, lllo Imlli, h
rHHO, I'ninent imrcli; iiwiht Uwi Iiiix;
only J7.U0, (SU0 chiIi. I lit. luen la
ynur itnlii.
OaaMi! SIS2 lie., Oilnr 11I0.J
With I- H- Wltwur. 213 Cole lllilK.
11,000 lintlcr viilllf, IiU1t Im "til'l
thin' woi'li, Iwivliu: rlly. Nx nri;v
rotiniri mul lircuiUfiint room, 1uik
liiinninont roiiKhcil III for furnnco,
tlln Imlll, Imllt-ln tuh, pcilcitril hvn
tory. nil luillt-ln f'.mtiiri'. hiinlwooil
flooiH, whlto miiuncl flnlnh, kooiI kh
rnK. AliMoliilrly llm In'nt liny In
Teruiru ililvn; Ififiil niah, lialniifo
llkn ti'tit. Hiio title toilny. Call
Cedar ID 14.
It 0.800 liiivn IhtH new 8 -room rorl
ilnnt'i', rliolco Houtlionitt. ii'Hlrlctctl
Ini'iitlnn. t'onvvnlvntly urrntiKoil lift
oul floor throuh'lioilt, nxci'lli'lil floe
oriititniH, latest Inillt In lontniOK, two
limit oinnH ilowimtiiliv, two nliiciiini;
liorclitxi iipntiilrn, with tollul mil
litvittoiy. Innio tlvliiki room, larfcn
nn parlor, minor il'i'ir.t, .icveral
clfctrlc liliiKf. bri-olsfatt room, two
roil III H III liaHOIiient. unrimu nun
aervant itmrtr, niiim tonni.
Oaaso 42t)6.,17''i
tith Mayo lli'H:
I'rnrtlcnlly nrw, flvo tootnn nnil
liri'nltfuat inom; linnvy oak floorH
tliroiiKhoitt; rrnnth iloorif, maanlvc
inanti'l: trust lly ilororanni; nun iinic
trlcul rixtiiriiH. Thin homo Ih c.-tro-fully
plu ii tir-il mul liiid nil tho now
fo.'iUiti; luineinont, iouhIipiI In for
ftirnitcii; 2-rnr Har"!:"; iini wull of
wnter; full-aleil lot; within walking
illMlnnco. 1'rlrn 17.2S0 with 7D0
320 Kenni'ily DlilK.
I'lioiiCH OaHRi) 1300; Cellar 900
110,600; nltrni' Ivn 7-room liunKa
low, tnrluillnK lirnnkfnat room, ex
tra Inrioi HvlriK room, eonvnnlent nr
rniiKvtnont thrmiKlioul, excellnM
rjocorntlonn, rlrt oak flourn
thiouKliont, three luiilromng, many
rloiet, at ttMlu inanlnl, two pet
I'rnneh iloorn. rh'il'n oloetilc fix
tnroN, ,i tt Imlli-ln fimtiiren, Ivory
llitiirlur, tll liftth, peilisatitl lavtiloiy.
iiriirtleiil furniture npiieo all rooniH.
larRD liaetimnnt. notnhlnntlon fur
imrii, Burnwii anil niirvaiitn' ninyterMj
12.00b iMmh hnnillew.
OnHKH 4304. 377i 528 Mnyo ItlilK.
Ovornlge rorner lot, pnvlna nml fi'iw.
or palil out, Mix Knoil rooriMi nnil
lirenkfaat room, o)k floorn tliroimh
out. tlln Imth, haye tub. hwiiIdkh
liNitra uml ilriien K" wllh properly
hlillt-ln kitchen ruliifiiit, I'liHinuii
hrewkMat room, Krench cloorta. Iwitn
mnrit, fttrimeo heut. Inntnntiilieonii
hot water lieulei, junl f em el In,
iloulili) cur KmiiKo nnil nervatit riiar.
tern. Owner lonviiiK city ami In ivio
rlfletfiK for nunk n.tle. I'(ii4Miliin
Novemlier 1.
Cxelualvn Agent
nr. Kemneily llullihiiet Out en 40)
.$400 CASH
Jul coniplatoil on it hluli aat-fionl
lot. In a realilclMil atlilltton, u-room
hung low; glrlelly moilurn; heavy
oak floorn lliroiitilioui: Imllt-ln
kltehun rul.lnit; nlrn iloeorHtlona
anil Unlit tlxtuiea; eonvtuiloiil floor
plan A Iiiiiiiq you win he prriuil
lo own. I'rl'U 11 f.lHI, Imlanco iii
per n n h. Iiii'IipIiiik all payment
anil inrercei.
3:0 Ken "'y Wilir
I'honca Oct!,"" 1300, CcJur 900
Rent Estnto
Now 6-rooiii liiinariilov. imk floom
tiinnlol. nil lt. lit -In fentim-e, Kri-mli
ilmira, flno ilerornllonn, mat front,
tlilii la ii kriiii Immii nnil thn iirlco Is
15,360. 7M) ilmvn.
ltonm 1. 102 H a Mnlu
VIhto monny lum lirein no olijecl. A
run I liemiitlful Immn whvrn iiiki run
hnv nil the) lintir'.e nf ll(o. Mvmi
larH" rooiiiK, two l.nt tin. lirrHVtfnnt
iooiii, living riintn, tipilriinm iirniw
front. Inlrrlnr tlnlali iwk, fnll-iilu.il
Imaiininnt, l-rnr KHinun, nrrvnnln'
(liinrtrrx, nornel nt, I. pal liiraliMl ilia
trlct In city. Km- iipimliitinvnt,
((Ur ion
live) xtrn Inrajo innm, Htul lirrnk
fnt iooiii. Tlln 1ml li, Imlll-lii tub.
hlajh-t'liiaa .e- 1 1 1- flttirin nnil
nhnilna). JlnruMiiftit, furtinro nnil H
laiii", Inrnti-il In thin moat ililrnlln
I ralilenco illalilrt nn piivenl atierl
A liiuunln Hi JH.nnil: rli iiuyinanl
nnil I ortun nrmnc'it to milt rwiion
Hlhln liiiyor.
UK Klincily Illilsr. Oaign 1 30n
$K00 CASH ?
Jnat liclnit rnmiiloti'il In thin (iniitilnr
il till 1 1 Ion. iiiiiili'in IniMKnlnw of flvn
roniiiHl hunlniioil floorHj liulK-lii
f cnturt-'s; nawiMt ilororntlons mul
nloclrlrnl flxtliipn. I'rlro 1 1,600;
imymi'iilK mil lin hnnillnil Just IIUo
320 Ivi'lilimly Itlilir.
1'lioni Ohiiifo 1300; Cvilar 000
Owmr in offurlnir llila lioinn nt n rt-nl
ntory t'olonlal hoiim tocolml on n
ins in, iiiiuiiK iiniin, in I'uiiiiiri rooin, milium, iniiii-in rciriKonitor, toilet
nnil lavatory on flrnt floor, rcroml floor linn tliren lurita lii'rtniiiiiiH Hint
nlrninif porch, two Imtlirnoinn of lirnt luith flxttirrn, onlc floqin throii;;li
nlit, verv ejtponalvn IlKht flxllirnH, runrrito port'h, wvnthnr-iitripticil nntl
ntortii.nhi'otvil, liiruro liimninnnt, fnrnnm linnt, liuiiiilry trityrt, cistern, tlnnliln
cur t;iinii;ii nnil moilrrn riiuirte'rri. Thin In n Rcniilnu lnirh'iilii, Homa term.
nc tlnn onej mini.
Sill Kennctly Iliilltlln.
Comfott, eleiiancn anil convenlenro nro frnttireii of thin hcautlftil, new,
center hall plan home; ilownatalru him flvo rnnmn, Ini'ltulliii: aunrooin una
brenkfant room; iipntiiltn linn riiur uitue.Mii lly liimo lierlroornn unit henutlful
tile hath with liullt'ln fentiii'iui. Thn wiilla uro liaml ilneortiletl 011 canvun,
tho Interior finish In of llm very bent. Uiiwinlulm toilet Htul livntory;
IntKo linnnment, with lieallnfr plant, itarnKo nml modern nervunln' iiinrtrrM.
Thn eoiiulriKllon In of tliu very hunt throiiKhoiil, luixi il nml ntorm nliceluil;
CnrtlinKii nlono fiiuniliitlnii; tionullful tlln I'oncrcta front nml nlilo porchcit;
extra ilopth lot, Uu-fnot frontline; In 0110 of thn heat, hlKlily realrlvloil lorn
tlnns) Id the rioulli part of tho city. Trrirw can tin nriiiimcil, Vou rhoulil
Heu till. toJuy. Call or roine In and sen un.
Hiiltn 320 Kcnneily III1I1;.
?25,000 Henutlful new two
trict; two-car Karajjc; servant ciunrtcra; finely located lot;
shown by appointment.
$ 18, 500 Now two-story brick, on Terraco drive; juat com
pleted and one of the fluent
SIG.nOO North Denver, brnnd-new two-story homo: in
terior handsomely decorated;
garage; solid tlrlve; on lull-sizcu lot.
$5,250 South side, five rooma; two-car garage; full-sized
lot; $ 1,000 cash and monthly payments.
$5,000 Kant side; on the pnving; close (o school and trans
portation; S.'i50 cash and if 40 per month. This in tho beat
buy in the city.
121 Mayo Hldg.
I 7,000 Now hlMKnlnw, nix rooin, Imitement, furnace nml gitrrig, In
Hitcreil Ileum church illalrlct; 11,100 raah.
1 7,500 "Bliss lot, north Denver; eholo location; t-room liimgnlow;
lutfiiiunt nml afarHMe; lermti.
1 8,310 I'art lorma; ilamly fl-ronm huiiimlow, Imanmoiit and tmrucn;
latMO (ornur lot; Boiitlienut netloii.
111.500 Two-tory, 7-room nj lilanrn In llroailmoor ailtlltlon; utuomciit,
futnnco hunt, 2-ciir curnwn nml nervunta' iii.irlirH,
113,(00 Rtonohraker hnlRhtn illatrlet: elxht rooinn, !.iro living room,
illnltiK loom. In enltfiisl room nml ilen, threo nlettplni; rooma, Imth
nml leiliiai porch. linHomont, Areola Han furnaca, liautlful
aliailsil lot ii ml ono of the heat locution. In thin ilislrlct.
1 1 5.000 Hhiht rooma In Mornlngahlo dUtrlrt, east front, four aWnlm;
room). hamjinQHt, lic-n II ok plant, ultnictlvo tleuo rutin, i-mr
.arrive anil ervant' iiuarli'in.
115,000 New 2-itory, 7 -room renlilonro In Hunact park, wull-hullt i.na
HttiHcllve In every tletnll; 2-chi cnriiRo nml rfurvn ills' nuurtera.
.18,(00 New Inlck ruelilence, canter hnll, living roam, tllnlnK room,
dri'iikfnal room, kltehun, three Nleeplni; loomn, tlln Imth. In
torlor wiiIIh eanviiHioil; lionutlful lot, 75x110; 2-atr K'iriiso ami
nervanta' nunrlem,
21,000-i:iBht-rt)Om rolnnlnl home In Mnplo rlilen, lOOnlRO. Imncment,
furnitPo, private water nyilctn, two liiitlm, 2-cnr ki.... and mod
ern ervaiit' iiuarterH,
311 VaU-.o J3UlldlIlr
Rcnl Ettnto
If your lirlin In rlrht we Iinvn foil
liiivorn for wi-ll lornteii reaidonf
Hint run Im IioiikIiI for a tow rnalt
pnymrnt Mown.
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A Few Spcclnln in the Hcst
HiKli-Grmlo Real Estuto
Twn .lore, aaat-frnnt re.l.lenia, Inealfit
an North tietnei. In lilfhi'si c!sa real
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llvlnic rmmi aernsa frnnt, illnln, room,
klmheri, breakra.t inom. fnur bMroomn
ami Uthi nak flaora, fail elis tiassmentj
n,l welll aaraaa arid aervant i)uarler,
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all-room ino-lsrn linnaalose, ItwjatM on Inn
amilh M ami siiriunilit by It) beet
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Ilylnc rnrnn, eolonlal mantel, llnli.ar loom,
nilrhen, hreakfasl rmrni ami Ihrea lie.i.
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few left Mnir amul home Koine: up In
i his miular aitillllnn al Ilia ireaent llm
than any other ulilltlnn tn Tulaa. Ilur
where your lnye.tmnla ain proleete.1.
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Ihey am lit-lnar aolil for.
(na eorner Kiaventlt an1 1'enrla atreeta.
(H 1 10. II 1(19 InsMa It.Jlo. In. 1.1. tola
nn iiwaaao lietween eleventh anil Twelfth,
alreela, l!,f rnrner Nurtolk and TMr
leenili alrral, (nil 10 feet, 11,140. InaM
II 18.
lililanwniHl ail.llllnn eleven .morn hrlelc
tninest. low, lmaleil in una of tha Mrthest
rlaaa rratrltletl a1illtlona nf lha eolith
elite, i .1 . lei at nmra. Oiniaiv rimnt, ktlctien.
hrrakflael romn, f tire), iwilrnnnis, ballu
varaae ami rvniit tiuertera: several
sltaila Ire,. lot HOiITT fl, lielt nfron
ettuelluli anil built for a, home One nf
tha U.I 1,0 vs iii Tulta I'llif. Ill.idn.
lenna nn halt
Twn story east frnnt residence. MapU
Itlilse. well Imlll. el lil rooma, nak flnora
ttirniiiiltioiti ahada traea am! tui)Lliryi
ervanl iiuartera and Karaite A aplendld
tiiitnn with refined eiirrmimtlnire Anrtmo
delr1nit n roud linrna will dn well tn In.
veetlaata this nne Immediate itnsse.alon.
On easy term. I'rlre, Ill.irtO,
Trackaite irn,eriy, istdii squire reel t I0O
feet nn tha track tunning frnm Clwiwnl In
IWiii.r nvenuei ynelin nil llenvert BOxHO
on lllwno.1, iiui.iio iii I'arliersliura; lllar
and Heel factory. Have ..Ulna nnler ot
III HO. This i roli.nr Is wnrtll 10,009.
Varatil Iota In all lilali ilasa s J.lltli.ns,
Marie I'ark. Jlanle llldje, Hunsel I'irK,
Mlonrlirnker Itelnhts, ele , from II. 000 up.
id Mayn IIMu
rimnu (). em
eiiniflrn for lliln wcnlr mil". Tivn.
lipantlfnl 100-foot lot. linn InrKo llvlnR
Okiki) 401
& Kedclin
Cctlnr 000; Oanco 1300
- Htory home, Mnplo RltUco dia-
homca on the south side. Somo
basement; furnnco; two-car
Phones -Osage 94-17, Ccdnr 777
Oua 1271

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