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Speeches of Republican of
New York Often Spoken
1 6f as Lincolnesque
World's We.hlnjtnn Lorre emnint
WAHIIINOTON. do, it. Tohiivs
on of Ills adilrwHwi rnllel Mnln
siio Is llio ilielif"t amlittlon lit a
lawmaker. ,
To ll.ivn liad nn of 111" SteK!lis
rallml l.lnoolti-llkf, not otico, liul
dozens of llmra Is, Indeed, n proud
itntilnveniont anil I" whHt
lialipnnnd to CuiwrNMinitil Walter
yv. Magcr, rep'lldlcan of Npw York.
MiWftO In Jilim of taut yemr mada
tlio Mortem upeecli ever made In the
home of r"prtentatlvea. It at
the clone of n lon day when Hm
Iiquso liad hcen dleruealnu the riM
nOfje. for the entry of trm United
Htki Into the world war. MaW
BfAta.anil in.vln a 3 1 word apeeeh.
iMMrv Hpenker, lot in lwnr te
riTmlS.r. and let tia not permit futttto
Relit r.Tilone tfi forget, that we
rtitcrtil the World war In defeneo of
out Inuleliiniilo rlKhte upon the I1M1
ten "
fcTlmt wan the sliortnst svsocli ovnr
t;ie',ii cmigrHaa, An It gntmrHlly
kliowri the lonKwt ajifWih ever made
wetrthiit of Heniilor Ivi KolleltM of
VU'Connln on Ihe AMrlrh-Vreeliind
1,111. Ill which Iim milded hundred
of I h(iiis.inila of worila.
MflKri'H'n ii h i heen print-
rd in nvery newepaprr In the Untied
Millie, ami linn heen reprinted inniiy
times. Mirny imifons hnvn written
lilnt letters. One of tho rerelvcd
,1ut a few dnya ago from a W. II.
Holiln'eon, u physician In Mount
ltlvad, Ohio, who rend llio nirech
IS month" after lla delivery, t '
"Your epei'ch Ima Just come to my
attention." Doctor Itolilnson wioto.
"The first tlilnx that flushed IhroiiKh
my mind when 1' read It wim Lin
coln's (leltyelinru nddrene. You told
the whole etory In tliten line nnd I
predict thai futiiro smmtorit and rep
iWentatlvea will iiuolo your upeeeh
In tllxctisslfiff the wnr. I I'liiiRrnMiIntei
jou most licurtlly on your nlilllty to
put so much In no fow worde."
Two of tho hlttnreet enemlfii Hi
WnihlnKtnn on political matterK are
tho closest pereonitl frlenda. They
are Conurrssiiinn NIi-IioIhs Limn
worth of Ohio, repiihllcuu nnd Con
Krraatnan John N, tinnier, demo
crat, of Tex no.
If tho ilumocrnla ahoilld control
the next houwi (tamer will hn
upcahtr or majority lender. If tho
republicans retain control l,nnK
worth la expected to lui floor lender.
Httcil attalnst LoiiKivurtli thn other
day (lamer pulled the IiIbkcsI pnr
llainentaiy coupu of political Ills
tory. At tho head of tho mntilirst
JUlnorlty the democrate ever had,
tlerner hroUKht up tho ro-cninnilt-mcnt
of thu rordney-McCuilihor
tariff hill, In order to end the dyo
cfrthrtrgo nnd wlpo off tho potash
The victory of firmer eoinowhat
crippled I,oiiRWorth In thn house,
nnd mndn It linrelv nossllilo that
summon other than the eoii-lu-lnw
of the redouhtnlilfl T. It. will sne
ered Frank V. Mundcll n floor
v tint
.Muitn lii an AfliTiioon.
It tun he truly eald that never
lisfote haa a dree hren to desljneil
that eomhlnea sltnpllrll? with at
trartlveiieea so effectively an thl
alyle. In fact It la ao almpla to
make that you could buy the ma
terial In thn tiioriilnn, cut It nut
and flnleh your frock that after
noon. If yii decl'led on rrepe He
chine at 1 1 10, e medium from
which tn fashion It, lha total out
would he al'Oiil i 1 10.
The pattern No. I, MB In euee
U yeare, ID, 31, 41) and 42 lm lien
Ijiiel rneamire. mm 36 re'pili'a
yards SA-tn- h material. rrlfo ID
rent, elamiia or m'Io, (coin pre
Transf'r iiiMhm No ri in m
low uni l ., ' nts mr.i
Practical Housekeeping
Remarkable Reptiles
Found Imbedded Deep
In Colorado Shales
I'ears with cream.
, Ilrolled deviled oyelere.
Toaated Kndlsh muffins.
Celery broth.
Hpniileli rice
Coffee Mpotiee.
Puree ot bcntie.
Ilrolled mlt mat keret.
rnirtlo balln I'"rlel apples.
I,i'ttii o and IKK aalad.
I 'm Ilia p iddliiK eoufflc.
w III kv"""
Our full nnd winter Vnshlon .Mac-
azlno Is irndy. Contalna over three
hundred style In addition to four
ii.ikch of etulunldery deeU;ne. three
unurn of etvlfe worn by "movie'
stare, nud a elx-lemiuu roursu In
Uroaemiilclntr, rrico 10 rente per
cony. .
Honil yolir order to Knshlon D-
paitment, TiiUn worm, Z30 hoiiiii
Wella street, Chloniio, 111.
lolidell n'tlrea an house leader to
hedom'o a candidate for senator from
WvinnlnK. Hut lonurls from Wyiilii-
IngViave It that Mondoll threWnwnjr
n certainty for a vory uncurtain un
certainty. Tho betttiiKT I" Wyomlnir U all tu
the effect that Him.. John II. Ken
drlck. democrat, will he re-elected.
Kumlrlclc U lunch etroimer than his
nartv in Wyomlnit Ho drove a herd
of rnttlo up tho old Texas) trull when,
a mere youth, stayed In vvyn Hit;,
beenme wealthy, Kot ncnualntcd with
almost everyone In the state and Is
yrell liked by tho tepubllcntia a
well aa democrate.
n two slates the dominant po
litical parties Just now aro In mortal
interna) combat. In Indiana the Old
Utta.nl republicans, are not nt II
pleased with the possllillltlra ot the
candidacy of Albert J. lloverldgo nnd
threaten revolt and In Texns two
democratic tickets are In the field.
' Senator Now la not oxpectod to do
anything to help the nomination of
Benator Ueverldgo, In fact ha had
said so much. In Texas Senator Oil.
ticrsop Is not expected to uld I'arln
It. Mayfleld, tho democratic Ku-Klux
Tho Texan situation for the demo
crats Is llkuly to have more far-
reacliliifr effecta than tho Indian,
fight. The democrntlo vole In tho
north Is larirelv Cathallo nnd the
ascendency of Khe Ku-Klux In tho
democrntlo (llbrnlter would Just
about destroy all hope of th"
tlonnl democracy evor regaining
How Benator New feeln about the
rndlana sltuattoii w.i mada known
Clurence It. Martin, who managed
HevreldKO'a cnmimlgn, beforo the
primary and who Is now head of tbo
republican headquarters bureau In
IndlanapollA. Innulro.l of ftenator
Now about his Itinerary during the
column campaign. Tho lattor re
"Ay Itinerary wilt ne easy to ar
raneo, since I will follow the same
routn oi that of llevorldite In 1916."
This cnuetlc statement referred to
IlcvcrldKo's refusal to tnakn any
speeches for New when he wna a
candidate hIx yearn ngn-
Finds Cure
II r o 1 1 e d
II e V 1 1 n d
II y 1 r h
W a h
t h oroughly
a n d wipe
dry on clean
towel, 2 4
1 n r k o
'i y a t n rsx;
h n a a o n
with n
a p r I n k
llng of salt
and pepper,
liKhtly roll
In two lablesnoxna billtct. one-halt
teaspoon dry mustard, one teaspoon
whllo Mnegnr. omi teaspoon Worci
trrhlro sauce, one-eighth teaspoon
salt, a few gralna ut i-nyeuun anil
the yolk of onn egg. which havo
been thoroughly mlstit together; roll
In bread rruinbe, plnro on imtierea
broiler nod broil for flvn minutes
on I'H' li side. Itemove to hot dish
nnd nerve hot.
Hnalilsh Itco--llent two table-
spooiiM butter In frying pan, ndd mm
tablespoon finely chopped onion, one
small green pepper, finely chnppHl,
itnd elx olives rhoppcdi cook five
minutes, stirring constantly; men
add three-fourths clipn stewed to
mntnei nnd cook until molsturo has
neatly ovnpornted. Add ono-hnlf
teaspoon enlt. one iniuespoon capers
and a few gratni of cnyenne pepper.
I'our over hot boiled rlco nnd serve,
(loffen Hponge Honk two table
spoons gelatine In tour tablespoons
enld water nnd ndd two cups strong
hot coffee; then add one cup sugar
mid attain Into bowl, set In larger
imul ot Ico water, cool slightly,
then bent, using n wire whlsh until
MUltn stiff. Add the whites of three
'gs, beaten until stiff, nnd continue
thn bentlug until the mixture win
hold lis shape. Turn Into n mold,
(list illppeii tu coin wnior. mil
thoroughly, remove from mold and
servo with sugar nnd cream.
I'urrn' ot llcnna--Honk two cups
of diy benns over night In cold water
to cover, uraiii, nun inreo iiunris
of cold water, hrlm: to thu boiling
point and let simmer until soft; then
forco through u puree strainer. Put
one nnd iine-hiilf tablespoons butter
In frying pan, ndd otio onion, sliced,
one alien of carrot, one sllco of
turnip, n bit of bay lent nnd onn
hiprlg of parsley and simmer flvo
mluutcHi ndd one nnu nne-unii tea
spoon eaR and u few b'ralns ot
cayenne, Kervo hot.
Piled ApplcM Peel nnd core three
InrK", I'.ood, emiml tipples, Hiiro
them Into slices nuo-halt Inch thick.
Dip them In cold milk, then roll
them In flour. Molt two tablespoons
butter In frying pnn. Placo tho
apples In the pan nud fry until u
nlco golden brown on both sides, or
two minute for each side. Itemove
them with n skimmer nud place
them on hot plate. Hprlnkle with
a little powdered sugar and serve,
Parlna Pudding Houfflo1 Place
two cups milk In saucepan with one
tablaapoon sugar and one-half ten
spoon tnnllla extracts, then, n soon
as It comes to a boll, ndd one-lhird
up of farina, constantly stirring
while adding It, let boll flvo minutes;
lemove from fire and let cool slight
ly; (hen udd the yolks of four eggs
ami stir them In woll. llent the
whiten of four (ggn until stiff nnd
cut nnd fold Hum Into preparation.
Pour Into buttered dish nnd place
the dish Iti n large dish, pour hot
water 111 the dish Up to half the
height of dish containing pudding,
wt In the oven nnd slowly cook for
ililrty-flvo minutes, Hcrvo with any
preferred sain e.
(OpyrKht. Crunk flrn.!1rt. Hit)
O. A. ,Ilrrwcr Issue Itinerary for
iicmocriiui' .-iiiiiiiici', miicii nny
nml May Not I to Correct "I)out."
Special (e Ths U'orM.
thn face of the claim by J. Horry
King that he In tho man whom It
wo agreed should arrange .Mnyor
Walton's speaking dates In the east
ern half of the state, and that O.
A. Itrewer would tlx the dates for
the western se Hon, Mr. llrewor has
Issued tho following Itinerary of the
mayor in Iho eastern portion. In
tho light of (last experience, the
date cannot hn guaranteed, hut
they aro the last wonl from Mr
llrewer'a speaker bureau:
Tuesday, October 17 -Pawnee, 2
p. in.; Htlllwnter, R p. m, t
Wednesday, October IK Paw
hllska, 2 p. m.; Ilartlrsvllle, X p, tn.
Thursday, October 13 Nowata, 2
p. in.; Vlnlta, p. m.
Friday, October 20 Miami, 2 p.
m.; Jay, J p. m.
Haturday, October 21 Pryor, 2
p, in.; Clarcmore, x p, m.
Tuesday, October 24 Okmulgee,
2 p. m.; Tulsa, S p. m,
Wednesday, October 2S Wagoner,
2 p. in.; Tnlenuah, 8 p. in.
Thursday, October 26 Muskogee,
all dnv.
Friday, October 27 Halllsaw, 2 p.
Saturday. October 2J Chandler.
2 p. m.; Oklahoma City, S p, in.
Call u for the New lllench Treat
ments. Vogue Mnrlnelln fihop, K21
Houth Main. Osage 6226. Advertisement
Chew a Few Pleasant Tablets
Indigestion Gone!
While the clays that formed
what geologists tall the Morrison
sha-lo were being laid down In
water In southern Colorado, there
lived In that region mnny remark
able reptiles of huge size and
great variety. According to the
United iltatc geological survey,
department ot the Interior, mnny
of these nnlinnl wcra tnlrcil In
tho soft clay ot which the Mor
rison formation largely consists,
nnd their bones, which ore In
place abundant, nro now collect
ed nnd studied by geologists.
Home of these rrcnture-n such as
onn known a the ilroutotmtirus,
wvtn CO feet long. Mnny of them
had remarkably small head, not
ably tho Htcgosatirua whoita di
minutive brain suggest that It
must have been very stupid. This
animal wa undoubtedly very
clumsy also, but Its huge size nnd
It protective nrmgr nlded In
it preservation.
Texn Woman Ho Horn l1o t'hll-
ilrcn In Past Ten .Months.
HAIKU, Texan., Oct. 12. What If
believed th record for births Is held
by Mm. .M. N. Young, of Clyde, In
Cntahan county, who has given birth
tu five healthy children within Ihe
past ten months.
On December 21, 1321, Mrs.
Young gave birth to triplets. A few
lay ago twins, n boy nnu ft gin
were horn. I'revloui y alio linn
given birth to twlnn and fivo single
children. .
Tho entire family of u children
nro wild to be perfectly normal nnd
healthy. N litter the father nor
mother hive yet reached their
35tti mrtnnny.
A Missouri man I the tnvenlor
of a tractor that hauls an air com-
presior on a truck lo building opcr
atlnns, then mount thn truck frame
nnd Is Ifltcd to tho compunsor to
supply power
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n.l llli Orcheatts.
Ksilr In Th Hornier Hints
loi Trot Tin VltilnUni.
l!tT Suet-Vot -Trot Cljrns rorr
lis nl Ilia Orcliaalrs,
I Wlah I Knaw rot-Trot
Clyila Doarr and Ilia Or.
11110 I'll llulM Rtatrwtr (a
Tie l'ritli Whltaman and lit
toti Ilsmlnit Ma et Mr
Molhar Wtdttman and II I
Other Dnnco lilts
Aftrr fiolng; tn Chlcngo and Hlc
whero for Treatment, (Jluw In-tcr-Stuto
Clinic tho c'mllt.
The following from Mr. "Woold'
ridge, who write this letter ntter
one month's treatment by tho Inter
fitate Doctors, should bo of intcrostt
J "Oklntioma City, Okla.
"Oetolier 20. 1920
had been treated for ft year
and'ono-hnlf by n number of phy
hlrlalia of Chicago, South llend, 1ml.,
ml elsewhore for liastrie ricor .nu
cocoltls, etc. Homo thought I hail
tuberculosis. I could not obtain
tiolp from anyoiio until I placed my
eelt In the hands of tho Intcr-Kt&to
Doctors on Scptumber 13, 1U20, I
begun treatment with them. In one
month's time 1 had gained greatly
V In. flesh and my health I prnctlcnlly
restored. I nm grateful for what has
been done for no ami will be glad
iito recommend any ailing person to
7 "A. Woodrlde.
"117 Kast Third Ht."
i t Perhaps the greutest progress In
a medicine linn been tliroiieh tint dls
a fecovery of lntruvenou medication.
Ml hat Is, Introducing treatment direct
in the blood etream. Thin method
ijEof treatment Is naturally more ef-
rsrA.U.M nm thn I rnt tn.,n t tines not
3inve to ha taken Into tho stomach
T uto undergo tho various chemical
3 Mham.-eM. but by being taken directly
S elnto the blood, more direct and
1 frapld results aro obtained. A groat
I tmany cases of lunir trouble, Ilrlght'a
(Disease, etc., have been cured In
"this wuy. , ,
t They lire prepared to administer
-ytto genuine French 914 to a limited
ttiiumber of cases.
i Tho Tulsa offices aro at 218-219
r inecurlty building.
5 Offlco hours are 9 to 6. Wednes
" 'day nnd fintnrday evenings, 7 to 8;
riiundaya .10 to 13 only, Advertise
UtlO-Thrfa e'Cleeh In tt Mernlris.
Ito Orlanlal Koa-Trot White,
man's Orrheatra.
Hill Mr Ilnmblar note White
7to luan'a Ori'hralra.
llanclllK Fool Club rtojral Or.
lUlt The Hnaali Cluh Moral Or.
Ho Are Yon I'laylnc Kalrt Con-
(rrr's Orchraira.
llllt Rwanaa llluablntr-Ilanaon Or.
l(o Jnat llroauaa You're You All
star Orrhtatr.
KIIO Hot Mre Whllaman's Oreh.
Tto Rani Hark &ly llonayman
The Vlrslnlana,
HianMrt.ticiui lioyat Oreh,
He Who'll Take Mr Place!
1HIJ Nobodr l.lta The Vlrslnlana.
lo The Yankee Doodle llluea
'the Ylralnlana.
ltl tionn Hlver Welti Oraan
Ifto liroa. Orrheatra.
Love ttentla a. I.tttlo nltt et
lioeaa Hark at -Hers e.
lllle Ki.uihlns All-Riar.
Tie Matit-Cliih ltoyal.
lllll lit Up to Ton Whlteman'a
1(0 Orrl-eatra.
'Neath the Routh Whlteman'a
llllt No Vaa Crylns All-Star Orch.
1(0 Teaaln' AllUtar Orrhaaire,
ItlOt -Rlara and
11.16 Rouia'a Hani).
lold,'n Htar Rnitee'e Hand.
11114 I'orpella llallat Victor Con
It. II rert Orehralra.
MalaKuaim Victor Concert Or
1IIU Woodland nchota Naapolltan
lla Trio.
liventni Chtmca Neapolitan
lllll I'oet and Vaaaant Otailura,
Part I Victor Orehaatra.
71a Chlnira ot Normandy Selection,
l'ryor'e Hand.
Illt William Tell Overture, Part 1
("At l4n") I'rror'a Hand.
11.11 William Tell Overture, part t
("The Htorm") 1'ijror's Hand,
llllt William Tell Overture. Part I
("The Calm") l'ryor'e Hand.
II. SI William Tell Overiure, Part 4
("t'lnale") l'ror'e Hand.
Instrumental ltix-onl
Rlrlpea Vorever Tim -Indian lament (violin)
II 71 Kreltler.
lllll - nukoeir Hungarian March
11.11 Tocoaiilnl-t, Milt Orcheatra.
7ITI4 Alter, Where Art Thou Ki
ll 71 man.
tltil l'olka de VT.
II. K llachmanlnotr.
It. (plano)-
TITJS mil. Kill (violin) Klmaa,
II 75
1 17 Jl Nocturne (Hordln) non-
II 71 aeley Quartet.
77:iSalome'o Dance, rart t
II II l'htladelrhla Orchaitra.
T47SO Salome'a Dance. Tart 1
II tl Philadelphia Orrheatra.
ion Tiirklah March (violin)
11.11 Llman.
-lleautlful lata ot tiomewtiere-
l'norl(o SniTctl Selection
Chrlat Aroae Harden Qt.
lllll Yield Jist Tjs-.;Ui!iS.
Nearer, Mr Clod, to Thee
Whitney Hroa. Qt.
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,. j. CHIl'I'K, Mir.
417 B. Main HI. (lense SU3-SIS1
lHmnn.Miirtlnrlt .Rummrre.
Mn.UeUonnles t
lleaut Oream e fl
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OK.MI LOBi:, Oct. 12. Charles
K. LiourUs, candidate for represen
tative, has withdrawn his name
from the ballots and the name of
II. C. Wright, editor of the UogB
Independent will replace It,
UoukUs took tho Inltlntlvo In hav
InK Ills namo 'trmoved from the
hallott ni he satil that ho decided
that nonio other town In the county
should be represented.
lllstrlliutor AiMiroics t9'S5 Is
HIKht rrlci ror .Yiitiiraiiic.
maximum fair price of 0.:5 per ton
for nnthra'lto coal f. o. h. at the
mines was tentatively npproved to
day liv I'Vdernl I'liel D.strll.lltoi-
Spens, for Independent operate s
who proiiuce approximately io per
cent of the total hard col uutp ,
Independent operators have b'.cn
chorglna from $9. GO to HO. 50 per
A maximum fair price of 18.50 per
ton wa fixed some time nuo for the
regular opemtora whoso output ap
proxlmates 71 per cent of tho p -ai
Allen Tnkr tho Stump,
rtr International Nea 8arvlc.
TO I 'UK A, Han., Oct. 12 W
speeches ut Cimarron, Garden C
and fcott City, October ID, Gover
nor 11. J. A en will start campaign
Inc for thu ieiiubll hii tle ticket
Nix i ity, (,rta licnil, Hlllnwood
and I.yons w,'l follow. Other d ea
mill pMint-t havo not been definite y
winked i t
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into its firmj juicy, mel
low dcliciousness.
You'll admit that it is
a perfect apple.
Wenatchce 'Apples are
grown in the famous
Wenatchce District.
They have everything to
make them fine apples
rich soil, abundant sun.
shine, cold 'nights, con
trolled water.
Compare th'em with'
others. Then you'll al
ways ask for Wenatchce
From the Wtnatctitt Dittrict la thiSlatt of trajhittftw
are itmw
loung vjiris ,
FROM the age of twelve a girl needs all the care the thought
ful mother can trivc. Manv a woman has sufferer! ware.
of pain and misery the victim of thoughtlessness or igriorancc
of the mother who should have guided her during thTs time.
If she complains of headaches, pains in the back and lower
limbs, or if you notice a slowness of thought, nervousness or
irritability on the part of your daughter make life easier for her.
, LydiaE.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound isespecially adapted
for such conditions. It can be taken in saf.cty.by any woman,
young or old.
Read How These Mother Helped Their Daughters
rrccnvillc, Del. "I was under tho
J impression that my eldest daugh
ter had some internal trouble, as ever
. eince the iirst time hot sickness ap
peared she had to go,to bed nnd even
liad to quit school once for a week.
1 alwavr take Lydia E. I'inkham's
iVeKotnble Compound myself so I
pari it tc hci nnd sh has received
rrwit benefit from it. You can use this
letter foi a testimonial if you wish,
n I can not -kit too much about what
yout medicine hat don? for us."
iMrs. Wit. S. lIuaiiEs, Grecnvillo, Del.
Tho Sensible Thing is to Try
"yTfauseon, 0. "My daughter al
Yr ways liad backache and leg
ncho nt certain periods and could nofi
bo on her foot. 'Wo read about Lydia;
E. I'inkham's Vegetable Compound
doing girls so much good so she be
gan to take it. That is two years ago
nnd eho is a different girl since then,
nblo to do any work site wants to do
and so well and strong. Wo
recommend the Vegetable Compound,
to mothers with ailing daughters."
Mrs. A. M. HunKiioi.nnit, Itouto No.'
a, uox 1, auscon, Ohio.
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Afedetable Compound.
- umw c.mrxriMri ncuicircEClNH. MASS.

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