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tvtlsa r World
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W6c Thought (or Totlau
Odoli.-r 2.1.
flOD'l OICNTLKNKIMI: God U my Mrength
and pawer; and he mikrih my way perfect.
'thou hast also given m the shield of thy salva
lion: and Ihy gentUnewi hath mads Me great.
S Samuel tJ.JI, If).
What Ik necesanry before we ran lend others
Into the paths of righteousness? l'mlm
c'ONi'Hs.Hio.v or AiTitoACiu.vn iu:iiir.
The experienced political observer doe not
have to seek diligently In order to rtlicover evl
dnnce that the recnriatruolton onmp In fully cog
nizant of the fact that defeat ! approaching,
nml certain unless some of the old Irlctcn prove
efficacious In thwarting It, The confessions nro
apparent nnit numerous,
For Instance, the charge that "a stream of
gold J pouring into republican hsadquarte re;"
that big "Interests kIvo to elrct FJelda;" that
"an Immnniin slush fund la being raised to buy
the election of Fields," that "Walton la making
hla campaign largely without fundi," are out
of point.
Thli In all vory peculiar Indeed when on"
reida In the same. Inspired parngrapha that the
bulletin board at reonnitruotlon headquarters
In Oklahoma City proclaim offers of Jmmenao
sumn of money that Walton vlll win.
Money follows money. Everybody known that. If
"a stream of gold Is pouring Into republican hoad
iiuartora" to "purchaaa the election of Flelda"
then the bcttliik oOiln would favor KioliU, for
the atreain, of gold would necemarlly aprlng
from the aanie source that large bols eprlng
from. Ergo, If Walton headquarters tiaa nil of
tills money to bet Walton headquarter) cannot
be very hard up. Where does the money como
from campaign funda eocured from the gull.
IhU puhllo, firm;r organlrstlona an-i labcr
unions diverted to the private accounts of the
Walton gang 7
The whole thing Is aburd and calculated to
confute a public which the reconntructlnn hench
men have never been able to consider Intelli
gent, Claiming that Fields Is being subsidized
In one breath, that Walton Is running without
funds In the next, and In the next asserting that
Walton Ja so far In the lead that tho big money
of the big gamblers Is all placed on him, or
offorcd, Is a device designed to convince cer
tain interests that Wnlton will win and they
wlionld get with him for protection.
That Is nit there Is to such clap-trap,
Aa a matter of cold turkey Walton stands to
lose today anil the drift agalnsi him contltmea
'jnahated, This la as well known to the Walton
henchmen ns to others. Hence all of this sud
den talk about bets and money and majorities
for tho piirpoio of keeping such a disturbing
state of affairs from impressing the public.
And the reconstruction candidate has money,
plenty of It; whether It Is being expended In
"the o.i nno of the poe-pul" la something also.
The reconstruction candidate is relably re
ported to liavo como into thta city within the
past week, arriving after sundown and depart
ing beforn nil mi p, in the Interim holding h
couforenco with a certain very wealthy oil man
Known to have stinntorlal ambitions, Thu put
poku whs money, ostensibly to enable htm to i;et
out hugu Issues of the "ltoconstructlnnlst," the
Walton-Naglo propaganda sheet, between now
and election dny. And the story, ncccpted ns
truo, la that tho reconstruction candidate took
with him tho tidy sum of 18,(00, Not a bad
night's workl
Money? Wnlton and his confederates, Be
man, Hood and Ilyiuim, have proven themselves
ihe best money getters Oklahoma politics lias
known. There Is no question about tho amount
of money that has been secured for the reconstruction-socialist
coalition; It has be on an
Immense sum. 1'onca City, Marlnud nml n cer
tain duet of Tulsa oil millionaires havo served
the exchequer nobly. In addition to tho
sources of tituponJo'js wealth the unions and the
farmer organisations, not only In Oklahoma, but
"throughout tho United States xml Canada"
havo oentrlbuted until It hurt. No question but
that Immense sums have gone Into the hands
of the reeontructlon-soclallat crew, partly from
men who ore sincere about desiring the social
revolution and partly from men who am eminent
ly practical and know precisely what It In they
want from the hands of the reconstruction crew
should It win, but there Is n wldo and growing
uncertainty a to Just how much of this money
has been used In campaign expensos ami how
much has been salted away In building and
loan Investment channels and prlvntn bank
ntuH mi:n, stand aij:ut.
Nothing so clearly, demonstrates that the re-oonatruetlon-soclallst
ticket recognize that it
has made its appeal to tho reason of the elec
torate in vain, that the fight Is indeed loot, us
the actions of the leading characters In thla
fiasco during the past few days. Alt efforts are
now centering on n desperate attempt to win by
uitrlgua ami criminality that which ho been
lost In debate,
Tho election machinery Is to be relied on to
distort tho verdict so that victory may bs
snatched from the Jaws ot defeat. In this in
trigue, belly deep, stands Jtobertson, govtrnor
ot the state and rapahle ot exerting a trsm'n
dons ltiflufi' o and promising Immunl'y to those
apprehended In the sit, and th administrative
machinery of the capital rlty, pr'slded over by
the reconstruction candidate; and Mllard and
MoAlceter, secretary of tho atato election board.
In addition fo Oklahoma county, where one
of the Isrgfst Fields votes is forecast, other
large voting centers especially strong for Fields
are to be slmllirly attnrked. Thus Hob David
son, a very Important part of the Itobertsm
regime, working hand and glove with It durliif
the legislature, in tils pardoning rgy and at
all times, has taken on himself the duty to force
a last-minute switch In the election machinery
of this county, and to bring about the retire
ment of every preoliiet election official not
openly pledged to the reconstruction andldatn.
Bvery orooked manipulator of the Ilobertson-Walton-Nagls
gang hat been called Into Okla
hnmi City for Instructions as to how this work
shall be put on and where. Let no one believe
these reports are exaggerated, or that the pic
ture is overdrawn. AND M:t NO MAN CON
What other counties may do we cannot say,
hut thn manipulations of Hob Davidson have to
do with Tulsa county and Tulsa citizens. They
will nut he permitted. Once before this same
man brought about the dlamtssal of au honest
election official on tho evo of an Important elec
tion, elmply becatiae the man sun honest and
refused to become n catspaw In the hands of
the ward heelers.
The World In advance warns Davidson to de
sist. It he can win the verdict from tho elec
torate of this county by appeals to reason and
an honest counting of the votes, well and good,
hut If he persists In his preeent purpose to dis
tort the verdict through foul means, not
thirty days will pass until honest men will re
fuse to associate with him. The tlmo has passed
for such tactics In Tule.t county.
nenders of The World have been permitted
to read a good deal of the distorted views and
revolutionary philosophy of ono, John Henry
Hole-. The World haa felt that Mr. Holea"
utterances were so far from betnp; dangerous
that they were n positive benefit to every voter
not himself seeking tho destruction of constitu
tional society. In addition to this, ho has a right
to be heard for whatever cause he wlshen to
Truth, reason, sound economics, need never
fear nssajilts from any source. The extreme
view causes people to think deeply. Holes Is a
typical Walton supporter; that Is typical of
thos who nre empporllng the reconstruction
candidate from conscientious moth fa. He and
his compatriots do not hesltato to declare their
purpose. It Is to precipitate a social revolution
in the lnter"t of a proletariat government,
whatever that may mean, And he and his kind
do manags to drnw clearly thn' line between
Wnlton-Naglo-HubtTtsnntsm and goiiulno demo
cracy. John Henry Holes Is a resident of Oklahoma
City, but a man with a "record." He in ono of
tho many firebrands of the state who have dis
turbed the status quo frequently and seriously
during the past few years. He Is probably
honest In his views, but he clearly forecasts
what will occur If he and Ills pitiful kind ever
succeed in gaining control ot our governmental
Oompers telling the veterans nt Now Or
leans that labor stood squarely by thn govern
ment during the war and upheld tho hands of
those fighting tho nation's enemies, compares
strangely with tho lecord ot tlompors and his
associates during thu trying moments of the
war when some sixteen hundred strikes, big and
little, were precipitated by the political leaders
of labor, and the Infamous Adameon act forced
on a country too sorely beset by enemies abroad
to have time or opportunity to tight those nt
Delegates to the doughboyn' reunion at New
Orleans complain bitterly at tjio action ot local
authorities in oluslng up the drink emporiums
for the period of the convention. It was a dirty
trick! Hut thank Christmas the order was not
Issued until nftrr tha Dixie baseball "serious"
was over!
Copyright, 1923, by Edgar A. Quest.
I'd rather fancied It would come, a healthy
boy who's ton years old
Forecasts the things he'll want to do without
his necrete being told;
And o last night when I got home and found
Ills mother strangely still,
t guesst'd somehow iliut mother love had
battled with it youngster's will.
"You'll hnvii to stiltlo It." said ho; "thore'w
nothing mole that I can sny,
The gumn of football's culling hint and he
insists ho wants to play."
Wo've talked It over many a tlmo; we've
hoped ho wouldn't choose tho gumo,
And I suppose there's not a boy whose
parents do not feel the same;
They dread, an we, the rugged oport; they
wonder, too. Just what they'll eay
When son of tholr's comos home, us ours,
and begs to bo allowed to play.
And now tha question's up to me, a question
that T can't evade.
Hut football Is n manly game and I am glad
I id's not afraid.
He wants to play, he s.iys to me; he known
tho game Is rough and grim,
Hut worse than hurt and broken bones is
, w't his friends will think of him;
"they'd call inn yellow.'' ho explained, "If I
stay out ' Of all things horo
Thore s nothing quite so hard to bear as Is
the nenrtlvMi ji)0 or Jrer,
And though I cannot spare hlni pain or hurt
ii.i ., '""t1" Knock mm llur,'
'"is "is miner, I've said "s
choose to spare him that.
u iiur,
"yes,'Niiecause I
Oklahoma Outbursts
hr Oil MllllON,
"Lloyd George does Into Wilderness," says a
streamer headline. In other words, Lloyd
Oaorge took to the brush.
Don't gst Ihe Idea from the success ot the
bench show that we are sll dogs In Tulsa, or
that our bark is worse than our bite.
The Immense crowd at th turning of the
first dirt for bringing Bpavlnaw water to Tulea
merely shows that TuUa citizenship prsfers the
best water obtainable to take the place or tne
beverages now available.
The feet that no mora cases have been filed
against Lieutenant Oonernor Tr.ipp leads Us to
believe that he restricted his dealing In bonds
to Just two or three nuntl. In other words,
he was wise enough to pick the eanlsst places to
Over In parts of Creek county they load the
gambling and liquor Joints with nit ro glycerine.
Itepnrt does not say whit the price per drink
of nltro Is, but anyhow that would make Il'tle
difference tn a rreek county man when he goes
out hunting for something with n real kick.
One of the funny things nbout these Walton
democratic spell-binders Is that whon they got
up In Ottawa iounty they never mention tho
tariff proposition, while In other rountles they
nttomp' to make It appear that the Issue Is not
state, but liatlonst, and that the national tariff
law just enacted Is the source of all tha trouble
for tho past few years.
One of the democratic speakers at the Me
Alester nntl-Walton meeting wanted to know
If Mr. Walton In the competont engineer he says
lie Is, why hn did not offer his services to his
country during tho World war. I'entlnsnt in
quiry 1" vaw of tho fact that Mr. Walton
Initiated the bonus bill expense to be paid by
class Industries tor rewarding those who did go
Barometer of Public Opinion
Tho Adjutant (rui-riil.
Editor World. No doubt the present political
campaign has brought to your attention tho
dlro need for rubber type, especially with ret
crenco to tho presenting of various ylewn and
literary efforts In your space davotod to "l:a
rometer of I'ubllo Opinion," nevertheless, I
have found soma good logic, some evldenco
ot thn deslro to reason, and It Is to stimulate
thin desire that I present the following, due to
tho nnuzliiK story I recently read iti wjiich It
was mated that Charles (Htogln) Daley was to
be our next adjutant genorul under Jack Walton.
Tito fact that such n. thing Is impossible does
not ollmlnnto from the article thn news value,
for It Is thn morn suggestion that such Is tho
desire of Walton which Indlcsten tho promises
ne would ana is maKing to gain any otngio eie
mailt tor eupporl
I am not what you would term a "military
man," having dona no moro than my share, nor
any more or as muon as minions ot otnerr.
(This millions nlso refers to those who Ilka
yourself worn tho uniform on nrovious occa
slon.) Hut threo days In a uniform and thoea
thrca days of association with the major from
luisa win convinca anyone ot the uttor imnos
Ability of ouch u. thing ns ' Stogie" being tho
head of moro than four thousand trained men.
In tho first placo he cannot, nor do I bellevo ha
would attempt to pass t ho nhys cal exam nn
tlon. I do not believe that he would be accept-
nuie ip tun miiiuu department or tne war de
partment In preference to a real military man.
mid 1 will not suggest that then too, there ora
the mental examinations which all oftlccrn aro
rrquireu to pass.
Hut as I stated, it is not enough to know that
Charles could never bo adjutant general of Okla-
noma nccatisa or exlstlnu condltlomi and rules
Tho fact that such n condition as ho would ere
ato in the offlca is tha aim of Walt on 1m but in.
other Indication that should he be olected we
might uwake to find other state dupartmouls,
mil iiruieciim ny strict rules unu regulations.
placed in equally weAk hands, directed by
equally inexperienced heads, and disturbed to
tho extent wo are sure to see the guard dis
turbed wore It not for tho regulations of tho
imiiiia ntireuii,
1 want to reiterate Hint I nm not nvnrlv nl In
things military, nor um I blessed with any moro
knowlodgn of "Htoglcs" military nbillty than
any other of tho hundrcdn of offlcern of tho
Oklahoma .National Uunrd. but observation Is
tho best medium of knowledge and It can be
sain to tne credit of tho militia bureau that
Charlen Da lev has been filisi-rveri nml burnt,.
No, Charles Dnley win not be the next adjutunt
general. Ho would Ilko to bo, Walton no doubt
would llko to have him there, and there nro
some officers who would like to "get by" under
him. but It's a dream. Ho will probably get the
iiviui us nuriiun m icAiesior, ana tnero, nnd
only there will he keep Iris organization to
gether. The high concrete wall will help him
do t hut.
If a Sain Hrown bolt madn n major, and a
pair of ftold boots made a lieutenant colonel. It
In only a matter of mathematics to find tho
answer to tho question "What Is Daley's rank7"
Hut belt nnd boots can bo purchased from any
army and navy store. The war department
knows that, so do the most of the officers of
tho Oklahoma National Uunrd. So does Charles.
Ills only chanco to be a Claw A officer, nbovo
his prenont rank Is to give him n horso that was
born lu the service, and then pray that the
major Ids tho horso do ns It has been taught
to do. That's his only chance to got by. It
takes even more than horso sonso to be an ad
jutant general,
TuUa, Act, II, 110HRP.T ItOllU.
(olden Memories."
In far nff Flanders flnldi, they say.
"The blood red popploa grow,"
Fpon tho crosnes white and stark
Ihe gentle breezed blow.
Thorn sleep the dead from every clime,
Tho bravest of the braye;
Fourteen hundred seventy-one
That Oklahoma GAVK.
They give their all for homo and land,
No Kuld or silver nought;
Tholr principles eschcloned on High,
Are things their red blood bought.
They did not fight nor dlo for gold,
Then shall It now be said 7
That we will take the dirty pelf,
In memory of our dead?
If w do cross our palms with gold,
As recompense for fame,
Xno JVm,lM o'er In Flanders field,
Should bow their heads In shame
Tulsa, Oct. 15,
(CoprUbt! t02Ji lit Tos Cklcus Trlbane.l
Alttr fcruitlng Marly SSOflOO roofsj swWtri smJ uorhr to Eanpa In 1A Crtat Wa
M i 1 1 J. I II. . I
. I m 1 I I 3 V . W-ia m I ' i V ... 1 . Si I
and ItaclJnt I htm hour to ass firearms and Jutotk otrf the whit champion of Eur op
Timely Views on World Topics
"American Movies Popular In OhthV Saj
Altm lio There.
The popularity of American motion pictures
In Chile la shown in a recent roport by Hollo S.
Smith, secretary to tho United States Commer
clal nttacho at Santiago. Ho says, however, that
importer in Santiago feol that it American pro.
duccrs wish to hold thin market tholr prices
mint bo lowered to compete with European of.
"The moving picture business In Santiago l
well established, and the theaters are well pat
ronized." says Smith. There arc 23 motion pic
ture houses In tho city, and prlcin rangu from
tho equivalent of 13 to 33 rents for seats In the
pit A now theater In now being constructed In
a thickly populated residential section which
will cost 800,000 peson ( $80,000). and wilt seat
2,500 persons. It will havo rooms adjoining the
foyer for promenading, dancing and refresh
montn during tho long Intermissions between
reels exacted by the. Chilean public.
and making a black Smraattf thm Idol ot tha Pari tabarml
will It ba any wonder if Africa ctcthca with dreamt of equality and military atpirationeT
ny Jano I'bclpn.
Nellie Dines With Sir. lloblnson.
Mr. liobiUHOii ordered everything
Nellie wanted, and more A Jellied
consomme; tho broiled chicken, new
peas, salad, lco cream nnd cakes.
"Oh; " Nell o breathed in antic 1-
patlon. Then when the consomme
camel "I'd llko Miss Carter to seo
this soup. They freeze It, don't they?
I nuvcr heard of noun botnir froze.
and I don't beliova sho has."
"Who In Miss Carter?" Mr. Hob n-
son asked, nmused.
"hho's tho woman who kent the
boarding house at Hudson Corners
worked for her. Sho madn good
enough soup sometimes, but. kco!
Wouldn't she opon thoso little.
stingy eyes of horn if sho could see
There was nothing wrong with
Nellie's uppetlte. and her cmnlovor
smiled mora than once ns hn re
plenished her Plate. Ho scarcely ato
anything, himself, but Nelllu was too
uusy to notice. Ho led her on to
talk, nmused at her nalvo nlensura
in cverythlngi ns well us her appetite.
'This Is tho best dinner I ever had
In my life!" shu exclaimed us sho
finished her lm cream. Just then
she caught Klght of tha clock.
I must go now. If I don't Cora
will have tho police hunting me.
She's awful particular. She's a min
uter h dntiKhter. Her father died.
and she mipportn her mother, Shu's
awful afraid I'll get pinched nr
something 'rauso I fool so much.
She knows I don't mean anything,
but she saj'n other pcoplo won't
know It."
"It scorns to me you nro In a nasi-
tlon to lo ns you plonsc," her em
ployer returned carelessly. "You
take earn of yourself."
Hut I never could havo if It
hadn't been for her. Sho taught me,
helped mo In every way; oven
bought inn this dress so I would look
nil right to work In an offlco." When
she began to talk of Cora, Nelllo for
got everything but her kindness, her
lovo for her, "I must go! 1 wouldu t
av liar uoiild fur unything."
Abe Martin
"Well, I'll stay n wh.Ho and smokn
a cigar. Goodnight, and thank you
for keeping me from n lonely din
ner," Mr. lloblnson was nothing If
not tactful.
"Oeo! Think of thanking me for
eatlni tho dinner!" Nellie said to
herself ns Hho hurried away. "I
never would ba lonely with All that
food In front of mel Ho might talk
of lonely dinners It he'd seen some
of thoso I had at Miss Carter's
they were so lonely sometln-ea you
couldn't hardly see them."
So busy was she with hor
thoughts, her anxiety to get home,
that sho noticed nobody In the
street. Had she. sho might havo
seen Smith, tho bookkeeper behind
her, noticed that he watched until
shu took the subwuy train up-town.
"Where in tho world havo you
been?" Coru asked as Nellie burst
Into thn room In her Impetuous wny.
I have been worried about you,"
"Never wory about little Nollle.
Sho can look after herself," sho
klssei Cora. "Frozen Houp, broiled
chicken, peas, salad, ice crenm nnd
cake! How's that for a dinner?"
"Stop your foslir.s and toll us
what happened to keep you so late,"
the Inqulsltlvo Gladys broke In,
"Didn't I Just toll you? Even It
i no eat too fast to be polite, as Cora
soys, I couldn't cat all that In n min
ute. I almost knocked people down
I hurried so and see! I don't get
no thanks."
"Quiet down, dear, and toll us all
about it that Is it you wish us to
know," Cora said, a slightly worried
look on her face.
"Well, Just ns I wns making my
self handsome to como home, the
boss said his wife wiih out for din
ner, and ho wns going to cat In a
restuurant, that ho hated to -nt
alone, and would I be kind and k ep
him company would I? I salt I
would but that I mu't lie litu do
rauso you would worry. Ho lold me
I could go Just as soon as we fin
ished, and I did, but he stayed to
smoke. And I had nil Du.m mine
1 told you every onol How 1 wished '
i couiu nring somo tiotno to you,
but I didn't dnro ask him to let
Cora still looked a little anxious.
"What did you talk nbout, denr7"
she asked,
"Mostly about the eats and you.
I told him I'd like Miss Carter to
havo some of that aoup you frcczs
like Ice cream; and I told him you'd
worry because you were a mlnlsier'n
daughter I guess I didn't say much
eisu. i was loo nusy eating.
I uinuys nna i ora
aquarian with 2 gold fishes in it
'and Inst nlto aftlr aunplr me and
pop and ma and the gold flshea was
in the setting room nnd maeed. Now
tho only question Is, Wlllyum, wat
to name them.
O. do they haff to havo names?
pop sed, and ma ned, Certonv, how
would you llko to bo without a
name? nnd pop sed, Well If I was a
gold fish I guess it wouldcnt bllte
my life cny.
Now wat I wunt is appropriate
names, something to suggest fishes,
If you know wat I mecn, ma sed.
How nhout Wig and Wag? pop
sed. You know tho wigwag motions
nro something llko fish motions,
That would bo appropriate,
wouldent It? he sod.
Woll they mite bo appropriate but
theyro not prltty enuff for such
sweet little fishes, nm sed, and I sed,
Well I tell you wnt, ma wy donl you
call them Shimmy the ferst and
Shimmy tho 2nd. That would be
appropriate enuff. look at them. I
Do you think I'd call those Inno
cent little ilcera sutch vulgar names,
I guess not, ma sed, and I ned, Well
thou why do they move like that?
The boys rite pop sed,
I know what III call them, Im go
ing to call them Walter and Donald,
they allways were mv 2 tavorlt
The Horoscope
Trie stars inriln tut do ti
Cpt till br llccaur. N?wV.S!FE
Mondnr. Ortntmr i .
Alllinmrh Itmnn. ... '
the morning, today 1ku, i u ,11
forttmnte. according tj taij.l
Hnturn nnd Vonun have i - ,.''
flo power after the car y 1'
It Is a srvay under l ti vL
should tnaka tho most of V- fn
play. Tho rule is tci,
stlmillnte the executive f I tV ,
to removo obstacles in t ,...2
attaining tho heart d' V'
The planetary govern! , ....
dally favorable for wor in il'T
ne.s or professional li'o r affi
bring them profit.
This should bo a happy Mil.,
day, since long life in
mony reigns Is prognnM i
all who light tholr tratlu r ik
direction of tho stars,
Theaters, especially tj t ,.
which clnstlcal plays are j f ,rm,.
should profit greatly whl'i nm ,
flgurntlon prevails.
A woman leader in labr r Hnia
lion is loresnauowou and s nllli-
in, li ii-siaiuuvo iiuniTB, 11 1 p'OZiDf.
Tne aged and an past y, , ,h0.j;
vuiion. u'uftj ivjisii ' .1 l lane
tary government mnkci r vjtl.
and experience as Import.i in c".
rent affairs
Thoro Is n lucky sign f - ' ntn
and all who draw their i-i stti
from tho earth. Miners sn , t.
tako of t'lls day's boncflts.
Tho aspects ot tho morr.c, of tt(
solar Ingress into Libra. r.arVIti
the beginning of tho autumn quit,
ter, were favorable to egrcemn'j
between capital and lat r, Tho
Indicated, also, the Incrense In tti
number ot friends on Industry In Ir,
Islatlvo halls.
Hallways are to have n, proapsroti
tlmo during tho next few monthi, t
the stars nro read aright.
Increase of wages among ceiUh
elates of workers 1 foretold.
Much suffering from poverty dm,
Ing tho coming winter la forenhu.
owed by the stars. Illness will p,
vail among tho poor Is certntn titles.
Tcrsons whoso blrthdate It Is km
the augury of much personal r-vr-nltlon.
Both men nnd women show
bo fortunate In business. Make r.i
Children born on thtt day prnbi.
bly will be exceedingly vigoroua, la.
dustrlous and successful. Olrh hut
the forecast of happy marrlora.
names nnd ths.t Jest wat lit csl
them, Walter and Donald, ma tet
Well you dont call those. na.m
appropriate, I hope, do you pc;
Certeny I do, ma sed. anl po:
sd, Well in wat way, if I may ask1
and ma ned, In every tray.
Ixcuse mo for a. hour or so. rci
sed. And he got in back ot h'j
newspaper and the I gold tlh
keep on acting llko Shimmy the frr.
and Shimmy thn 2nd no matter r
their names was.
As Oklahoma
Editors See It!
Tho man who dubbed on ef ot
western railways the "Delay, Unto
and Walt," shoud bo nblo to flnil I
name for tno community hail bun
lug nnd convention hall, nuggtt'j
the UartlesTHIo BxAmlner.
Do you think, inquire tt
Reaver Horald, that for a rnlr. '1
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Ja"kca
or Jim cox would run for prcsilr
on the Shawnee platform?
A pessimist Is a man looking u
his last year's overcoat, dei lirtt
the Hartleavlllo ICnterprlso.
A Uartleavllle woman digs up
much grnsd whIU playing golf thi:
tho men players ou the course u;
she rearranged the old slogan 1:
read; "Make sun while the hi k
flics.' According to th& rawhuii
A rush of legal work is ktepbt
tho linotype operator on t
Watoiiga Republican so burr t!
editor apologizes, saying he V"
compelled to leave out news matt!'
and "a lot of political stuff."
According to thn Oklahamtr
aome men aro llk rlvero: "A rht
may have a very small head ot'
it has a groat flow at the mouth.
Practical Housekeevina
Laundry Kqiilpmciit.
We nre beginning to realize that
separate room for laundry -pur
poses is an
essential tn
11 well
equ i p p e d
home. Tho
cleansing of
and house
hold linens
Is a part
o f "goo d
keep! ng"
una tho
0 q ulpmont
should bo
ir. L
Practically all th' flshln's done
by folks that don't need 'em. 'Uout
th' only genuine article we have
left any more is a little child.
chosen with a view to making tho
work as light and pleasant as pos
Even though n groat deal at
laundry work is sent to a com
mcrcial laundry (and there aro
many commercial laundries today
doing oxcollent work) thoro are a row
pieces thnt some housewives prefer
doing or having done in tho home.
1.' . 1. . .....! 1 f .... I
both laticheil v,,ui,,,,ii
nnd Cora said! "Don't co often 1 siauonary uius, a wringer,
Ho. ItT.n't win Tfonr a" working gl 1 w!'h ,len,tr othot, ter pliable
to bu seen In publlo with her em-! !v," ITvlUo all of the equipment
Fortunately many women nro
learning that the washing machine,
properly used, Is a great economy
of fabrics, time and strength. Many
machines are on tho market and wo
need to discriminate to select tho
machine constructed to force tha
water through the fabric without
Injury to the fabric and with tha
smallest amount of 'muscular energy
of course If machlno Dower Is uvatl
ablo the problem is easy These
many washers may be classed In
four groups. Ono Is a rovolvltm
arrangement, sotne times consisting
of two corrugated hoards sot In the
center of a tub of clothes nnd an
ouier one tor tne snap and water
nun a tiiiru rocKs the clothes In
soap nnd wnter. A fourth type
makes use of tho suction.
The wringer Is of great assistance
to good work. It should bo a good
machine having hard rubber rollers,
ball bearlns action and good springs
at aid. It must be oleaned after
"No danger his nsklug mo! These
kind of dinners don't como but onco
In a lifetime, Gcel Hut It was good!"
uie gin smacgea ner hps.
Tomorrow Inn Goodrich's Story.
tn fe
Yestldday aftlrnoon ma went to a
yewker party anil won a llttlo
using, dried nnd tho prestun
loosened and tho whole kept cov
ered. Many of the electric wash
ing machines have wringer alts'!!
ment, swinging to three posltloni.
These are truly tlmo and Ufccr
Hut a short time ago the electric
Iron wns considered quite a luxury
but today It In so universally uM
that nn Iron hcat,ed by any oth'r
means than electricity Is very nuio
"out ot date."
Small mangles nre now mtJ f"
family use nnd nro great tnuer
savers, not only in doing flat wirk,
hut In doing many other pieces
The Ironing board should be f'rin,
well padded nnd covered wltl
clean cloth. The cover may bo r.aJa
to tie on so that It can ba rally
changed. Ironing boards shouJ
pjlaced in a good light. Tho 'rol
Ing board placed In a wall ca" net
Is very convenient, especially wier
tho room Is small or storage tinci
In limited.
In purchasing equipment for h
laundry care should be eser is"
to select such labor-iuvlni d' r"l
ns will best meet tho needi of 'h
household. A washing machine r '
too largo, nor yet too small fc th
number of nieces in tho av- ai
washing a larire mancla wb n
smaller one might do tho work
ter, etc. The construction of
equipment nnd the material of
It Is made Is also Important To
often wo tblnk of the first cost in
stead of considering the length ot
time It will give good service wits
the least amount of energy and rort
of repairs. Wo must also rememb'f
that Just because n ploco of gooi
(of any kind) Is high priced t I'
not a guarantee that it is tho bt
of Its particular kind. So rraty
women think they cannot under
stand anything of mechanical na'ur
nnd that they must rely upon s mi
one else'n ludcmnni in unWHni? me
chanical equipment. The fact of 'he
matter is, the mechanical Insr
saving devices for the home nre
simply constructed that nny woman
of average intelligence can, with
a very little study, discriminate and
select the device thtt will bast
ner own particular needs,
11 n ;
rlt bi'

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