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DAILY 40,107
SUNDAY 45,107
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, 22 PAGES
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Britain, France and Tur
key Maneuvering to
Gain Rich Spoils
Secret Turk-English Pact Is
Hinted on Disposition of
Mosul Field
Oil District Not in Turkey
Proper, so Comes Under
British Mandate
Tat '.!, AsocltUJ Tresi.
LAI s.VNNK. Dec. 13. The rich
JI'i-ui oil fields In Mesopotamia
suddenly Jumped to tho fore tonight
as a 1 1 g i.-suo In tho near east peace
lonfo.mte. It Is reported tho en
tente nations have 'Informed the
Turks that tho vilayet of Mosul
canivt bo considered as detached
trcm the Arab realm In Irak.
This would mean that tho allies
l.avo declined to admit the Turkish
contention that Mosul Is within the
(i.nflncs of Turkey proper and con
sequently that Turkey nlono has a
right to dispose of tho Mosul oil
en csslon1).
Field Not In Turkey.
IV Insisting; that Mosul lies within
"Irak which Is part of Mesopotamia,
t in allies, u Is asserted, will declare
ih.it it Comes under tho Urltlsh
mandate, sinco Mesopotamia Is as
signed to Great Britain under for
mal mandate. It is further reported
that Groat Drltaln and Franco hfivo
rea-hrd an agreement over the
Mosul oil question. A prominent
official from Irak arrived in Iius
anne a few days ago and announced
that his country would insist . on
lovereignty over Mosul."
According to another version of
the situation current tonight. Great
lhitaln and Turkey have leached
nn agreement outsldo tho peace con
fercn o regarding! Mosul, whereby
Turkey is to have), sovereignty over
the ngion and England the oil con
Ci sl ins.
Makes Known Secret Part.
Count Ma&slgll, French delegate
find s ..rotary-general of the con
ference, left Huddcnly for Paris to
night. It is rumored that ono of tho
ol.jMts of his mission la to lay the
ilcg. d Ilritish-Turkish accord before
'!,' l'ron.-h envornmont. The French
tlcbgat.nn, however, tonight doni"d
lihs They said that Count .Mas&i
gli'a visit to tho French capltul was
' receive 25 per cent of tho Mosul
oi! output.
It has been learned from a re
l.nKo source that Great Hrltaln
and Turkey recently navo been ne
gotiating In Lusanne In nn en
deavor to reach an amicable fetUe
metit of tho Mosul situation. A Turk
ish spokesman tonight denied that
any solution of tho proUlom had
been reached.
Ismct Pasha, head of the Turkish
delegation to the near cast confor
n n had a long conversation tonight
v.th Marquis Curzon of Kedleston.
the chief Urltlsh representative
Lord Curzon reiterated tho state
ment made during tho day in a noto
sent to the Turkish delegation by -the
lnwtlng powero that the Vilayet of
Mo'ul containing the city of Mosul
and the much-dlscuesed oil fields.
ould not be conceded to Turkey as
X a majority of the population Is Arab
'i and the district belongs naturally to
tho Arab kingdom of Irak.
Th Turkish delegation insists on
Its claim of Mosul for Turkey and
In tho refusal of tho Angora govern.
Went to errant terrltnrv for n. national
home for tho Armenians. Tho dolo-.
, Kat.on declares theo are two points
on which it has no authority to
nuke concessions.
Dividend Declared.
NKV OniC, Doc. 1C E. L.
p"hcny, president ot tho Jan-Amor-lcan
retroloum and Transport com
pany, announced today a 20 per
cent i,toik dividend payable In class
iock to noiacra ot tno commun
k. Doheny said that the surplus
jf the company after acquiring 30
per ront of tho Mexican Petroleum
company was more than $30,000,000
"nd that $12,000,000 of the surplus
w.mld be capitalized by tho In
crease In stock.
TVLKA. I)c, IS Mnjlmunv l!l mini
mum, 19, north wind, clanr--
OKLAHOMA SMurdajr partlr cloudr.
rmr Sunday part cloudr, colder in
"( ntd nurth portion!.
XAV4A8 Know or rln Siturdars Bun
gr ' oudy antt colder.
O More Shopping Days
H Until Christmas
t1i.il -i, vnio
P Securely Write VliUuty
Rumored Klan Is
Seeking Control (
Of Legislature',
Indorsement of Tulsan for
House Speakership Be
lieved Ku-Klux Move
Announcement of tho inaugura
tion of an nctlvo campaign to se
cure absolute control of the state
legislature by the Ku-Klux Klan
was mndo Friday by certain of
ficials of the Tulsa realm coupled
with tho statement that indorse
ment of tho candidacy of Dr. (1.
S. Long for speakership of the
lower houso was made hero Friday
afternoon at a meeting Bald to
havo been attended by 25 klans
men representing about 1G locals
oveTlhe state.
Kupportcrs of Doctor Long con
tend that this indorsement makes
him tho tho strongest candidate
for tho speaker's chair. The klan
claims to havo elected 79 out of a
total ot 107 members, 22 of whom
were previously pledged to Long,
tho Tulsa backer contend. Tulsa
klansmen say that V. U. Disney,
Muskogee candidate, does not bo
long to thorn and has no reason
to expect support from tho hooded
Humors havo been circulated for
the past week that Doctor Long
would bo Tclan candidate, but no
open statement to that effect was
mado until Friday. It seems that
klan members will" havo the alter
native ot standing by tho order
that claims to own them or ad
hering to tho platform principles
mioii which many of them wero
Prohibition Agents and
Hooch Makers Battle
in Kentucky Hills
Smashing of "Ballard Gang"
Is Object of Dry
Men ,
LEXINGTON, Ky Doc. lo. A
week of skirmishes between moon
shiners and fcdoral agents In the
hills ot Menlfeo county which re
sulted In the Wiling of three agents
and ono moonshiner and tho wound
ing of another outlaw, was ended
,,nus of 50 nircnts were return
ing rum tho lull country tonight
wltli 5 prlsonors. ltobert Ballard,
rnniiie.t lender of tho outlaws, was
shot to death this morning. Guy
Cole, tho third government man
killed, fell in todav"s battle. Charles
Uallard, b rother of the slain leader
was wounded, but escaped,
Members ot tho outlaw band cap
tured by tho posse wero: Jeff Ual
lard, fathor, and Albert Ballard,
brother ot the slain loader; William
Korguson. Joseph Clem and Kl
wood Itlffee.
Tho smashing of the "Ballard
gang" by the federal men followed
a week of hill country campaign
ing, marked .by throe spectacular
Tho drawn-out warfare waa In
augurated last .Saturday when Agent
$. H. Duff was shot to death while
lending a party of raiders against
a cavo used by the outlaws as a
still site.
Tho following day a largo posso
ot federal agents and deputy
sherllfs went Into the hills but re
turned after David Treadway, dep
utized by the federal authorities,
was slain by o, bullet fired by a
hidden rifleman.
Tho large posse was disbanded,
following Trcadway's death and tho
federal operatives adopted "under
cover" methods to locato their men.
This morning a picked forco of JO
agents moved upon a cabin whoiy
the Ballard's had taken up head
quarters. Tho ensuing flKht at tho
cabin was the last stand of the out
laws. A gent uoie leu Deiore me
fire of tho defenders, but bullets
from high-powered rifles In the
hands of the attacking party ripped
killing tho outlaw lenretaoihrdluj
thrnuirh the wulls of the cabin, kill
ing tho outlaw leader and wounding
Ills brother.
Covering his retreat with his rifle.
Chut lea Ballard was successful in
eluding puruslt. Whether his
wound was sufficiently serious to
retard his flight from Immediate
viclntty of the fight, was not de
termined Crew of Steamer Tulsa
Fighting Fire in Hold
CHAOLKSTO.V. S. C , Dec? 15.
Tho shipping board steamer Tulsa
Is fighting a fire In her cargo of cot
ton waste and bagging, according to
radio messages received hore tonight.
The flames are believed to be under
control, the latest message sain,
adding that tho vessel was proceed
ing to Savannah, whero It Is ex
pected she will arrive tomorrow.
I Ituynl Arch Mnona, Attention.
aii t? v-i A i h Mmm In tMa or inu
oi ,,t j I 1 1 ' l " etnc'.y requested
t 1, .t t i M r i- ' s-'urJay v
rung lift' her J', t 7 "0 tit purpoi. ot
, nj cirgan.nti n rf a ikw d-p'er Open
1 meeting urJer ot the (rand inch pried.-
Keller's Desertion Won't
-Result in Dropping of
Impeachment Charge
Representatives Woodruff and
Johnson, Republicans, Will
Be Asked to Testify
Indications Are Ho Will Re
New Charge Before Com
mittee of Next Congress
WASHINGTON. Doc. 15. Unwil
lingness of Representative Keller,
republican, of Mlnnosota, to appear
beforo tho house Judiciary commit
tee, in support of hlo lmpoachment
charges against Attorney-General
Daugherty will not bring tho pro
ceedings to nn end, but will result
In a more determined Investigation
of the various "high crlmca and
misdemeanors" charged against the
attorney-general, Representative Vol
stead, renubllran. of Minnesota, tho
commltteo chairman, nnnouncod this
Tho More Solona Wanted.
Congressman Itoy O. Woodruff,
republican, ot Michigan, and Hoyal
C. Johnson, republican, of South
Dakota, will bo requested by the.
committee, Volstead said, to testify
conternlng all alleged dolay by
Dauchertv In nrosecutlng war fraud
cases, which was ono ot Keller')
charges. Woodruff ana Johnson
wore understood to havo been re
sponsible for Ipcluslon of this charge
among Kollor's 14 counts against tho
Neither Woodruff nor Johnson
would say this afternoon If thoy
would agree to appear beforo the
committee, It apparently being their
Intention to wait until it had been
determined if tho committee had the
power to compel Keller to testify
under oath, desplto his objections.
Keller mid ItaNlon Absent.
Neither Ileprosentatlve Oscar Kol
lor, republican, of Minnesota, nor
Jackson Italston, his attorney, the
chief jirosecutors of the attorney
general, were presont at tho hearing
today. They charged tho committee
with conducting a "whitewash" of
Daugherty and refuged to take any
further part In the proceedings.
Keller ia.s subpoenaed to appear
before the commltteo this morning
but ho Ignored tho subpoena. At
torney James Vahoy of Boston, Iden
tified with tho move to oust Daugh
erty, read tho committee a letter
from Jackson Ralston In which ho
said ho had to go out of town today
and that Representative Kellor
would appear at a later time to
renew anj press his charges that
Daugherty Is "unftT to iie attorney
general. '
Mny Walt for Neat CongrcM.
It appears that Keller, Ralston
and others who are seeking the Im
peachment of Attorney - General
Daugherty would not continue to
press tho charge of untltnoen and
malfeasance at this time, but proba
bly await tho organization of a new
Judiciary committee In tho noxt con
gress to reopen the hearing.
Keller charged that tho commit
tee under tho chairmanship of Rep
resentative Vobstoad, republican, of
Minnesota, was "packed" against
him, decided every controversial
point In favor of tho attorney-general
and that he was unablo to oil
tain -a "fair consideration" of his
Tho committee consists ot 14 re
publicans and 6 democrats.
Led by District Judge;
Defy Orders of Of
ficials of City
MADILL, Dec. 15. Nearly ono
hundred Ku-Klux Klansmen In full
regalia and several hundred un
hooded men In motor cars paraded
through the main street ot Madlll
tonight led by District Judge Georgo
li. Marsh.
. A crowd estimated at 6,000 wit
nessed tho parade. No disturbances
marked the demonstration. About
a dozen special officers and deputy
sheriffs, under Sheriff John Glenn,
were on duty for the occasion.
- ghorlff Glenn soveral days ago re
quested Acting Governor Trapp to
retain a national guard detachment
hero to prevent possible trouble
during the parade.
The klan parade followed on the
heels of an Investigation of tho Bale
In Madlll and Marshall county of
more than thirty alleged stolen mo
tor cars, one ot which stato Investi
gators charge vs in the v isw-Mun
c-f tJtienrf fjlmn
Ham buyrre re f st when tltlee re
cuirenteed and dee.li closed by Tit'
Guaranteed & Truit Co, AdvtrtliemtaU
Oklahoma Delegate Tells
: Why Progressives Refused
To Consider a Third Party
j New Movemont lo Capture One of Old Parties, as Was Done 1
In Oklahoma, ao Successfully No Chances Will Be Taken .
of Setback by New Organization
SpcclKl to Tho World.
OKLAHOMA C'lTV. Ver. 15 tlo-
llef that the launching of the third
party might Intrrfeio with the legis
lative programs In tho vaiious stairs
whore tho farmer-labor forces were
Buccesnful In tho recent election, was
tho chief reason for the derleltm of
tho Clevelnnd conference to defer ac
tion regarding a now political party,
according to the Oklahoma delega
tion which returned today. George
Wilson, ono of the delegate, said:
"In most of tho states where, the
new movement was successful at the
lato election by a pollcv of Control
ling nominations In tho dominant
party, a full legislative program, em
bracing tho campaign pledges, is to
bo placed before tho legislatures by
tho clocted officials who were in
dorsed by the farmer-labor elinent.
It was felt by tho delegates to the
Cleveland convention that to initiate
Witnesses at Trial of
Miners Depict Attack
' on "Strip" Pit
Wounded Prisoners Refused
Drink Newspaper Man
Saya on Stand
Dy the Auoclateil Prom.
MARION, 111., Doc. 1C The
attack on tho llorrln "atrip" mine
nnd the death march through the
town with tho captives nnd tho hunt
ing down of a few fugitives, was
described today by witnesses at tho
trial of five men In connection with
the killings.
All but ono ot tho defendants j
wero identified as having beon seen j
In possession ot a gun during the
progress of the rioting but ull the
witnesses so far heart! have de
clared they could not Identify any
portions they had seon In the act
of shooting at tho victims.
In an argument between oppos
ing council regarding tho exclusion
of a portion of tho testimony to
which the defenko objectod, Judge
D. T. Hartwell declared that the
conspiracy charges in the Indictment
warranted the widost latitude in the
Introduction of evidence.
"1 want tho whole thing to come
out and I do not want to exclude
any testimony on a more techni
cally,' the court doclarod In ruling
In favor of the' prosecution.
The defendants who havo been
pointed out by witnesses us having
been seen with guns during tho
rioting ore Otis Clarke, Bert Grace,
Joseph Caranagh and Lava Mann.
Tho name ot l'oter HUlcr, the fifth
defendant has not yet appeared In
any of the testimony.
Donald M. Kwlng, a Chicago
newspaper man who wrote the first
account ot tho killings tor the As
sociated I'ross, picked out Grace
from amongst the defendants as a
'man who had threatened him with
a gun when he attempted to bring
a drink ot water to two Injured men
who wero lyini; on a nun-baked
road surrounded by a crowd of
armed man Just outsldo of Herrln.
The witness said there wero six
doad or wounded men lying In the
road, all ot them bound together
by a blnglo rope tied about their
"Grace put his foot on ono of
tho woundednen aml'pusliod," the
witness declared and quoted tho do
tendant as buying with a curse:
"You'll get no water here."
Another witness, Henry Graves,
a mine pumpman, said he had seen
a group of armed men chasing
two fugitives through the fields near
his house.
"I heard the sound of shots," lie
testified, "and could see tho bullets
kicking tip tha dust behind the
fleeing men."
Shortly afterward, he said, a
wounded man had taken refuge on
his rear porch, but two men who
said they were "officers" camo and
took him away.
"Fred Harrison, a student at the
University ot Illinois, testified that
ho had seen Bert Grace near his
father's farm on the outskirts, of
Uerfln on the morning of the riots.
Young Harrison said that ho had
th8n taken a walk to a near-by
clump oKvoods where he found four
bodies, one ot them hanging from
a treo.
William Goodman, a farmer, testi
fied that ha had been near the
"strip" mine where the riot
started and had seen several men
coming from the mine with 10 or
40 prisoners. He estimated the
crowd about the mine at 1,500
Under cross examination Rwlng
explained that some variation be
tween his printed news articles and
hU testimony today were due to
slight typographical and telegraph
leal errors such as the (hanging
of the word rr.r. d" to ' sw-rrt '
and ' aftrti ' to tf n
At the i lose of tho a"rri,r,.,n
session, Judge Hartwell announced
adjournment ot court over Saturday
and Sunday.
a new party under such a nondilinn
would ho very foolloh. and pmbnldv
defeat the program In evn-y stute
where wo have been mireeH'.fiil The
convention, therefore ejected nn exe
cutive committed of 21 whIWi li to
have charge of further action upon
national scale, and furtherance of
co-ordination among the various
"Two years hence It Is oonsldered
probable that tho force's now In union
will control tho elections In soveral
more Btates.nnil that we will hold
thtwi we have, Including Oklahoma,
and largely increase tiie bloc, In con
greB "
Wilson does not think that (he new
political factor can control the next
presidential nomination In either
partv, but suys that It Henry Ford Ih
nominated by the democrats, ho will
be pnlll'ni'tory to a innorltv
Envoy to Britain Called
Back for Discussion of
Foreign Crisis
Other Government Officials
Likewise Refuse to Talk of
Purpose of Visit
LONDON, Doc. 1 5, Secretary of
Stato llughus has summoned George
llarvoy, American njnbaswidor to
England, homo to discuss Uuropeati
affairs, It wa announced at the
United Statew embassy today.
Ambassador Harvey will sail De-
comber 23.
May Menu Iutenentlou,
British newspapers expresn tho be
lief that the American visit of Am-
basifwdor Harvey 1 the forerunner
of American intervention In repara
tions discussions In Kurope.
Previous to the announcement by
tho embassy today tl wa reported
that the umbussudor was taking Mrs.
Harvey to the United Wales on ac
count of her health. She has been
HI for rievoral weeks.
I'roocde Debt ('(iniinl-loii.
"Ambassador Harvey will discuss
all L'urupenn affnliH Including i''p
aratlons," said tho American em
bassy statement.
Ambassador Harvey will nail Just
four duy before tho British dht
commission, headed by Stanley Bald
win, chancellor of tho exchequer. It
was understood this afternoon that
Mrs. Harvey would go to tho Island
of Mndelra on aucount ot throat
Ify the Aeioelated Preee.
though state department officials
fnnfirrtiAil tnAav (tin I.nmlnri nil-
nouncemont that Ambassador Harvey
nan noen caueu noma lor eonnuiiu
tlon" they declined to mako any
explanation as to the specific quw
tlons, Secretary Hughes desired to
discuss with him. In tho absence
ot an official explanation, the re
port gained curiency that Mr. Har
vey had been called to Washington
In connection with the situation to
Gorman reparations threatening n
rupture between Ureat Britain and
German Confers Willi lliigliei.
Dr. Otto Wit-dfeldt, the German
ambassador, ronferred at length to
day with Secretin y Hughen but no
Information ai at tillable) as to
u.fiatt,t.t tliu i.nninrnllnn fnilrllA1 On
reparation m- took cognisance of
t. -IliiBtlnn In
Germany reflected by report which
have been received through official
American trade channel.
The call of the tinman envoy at
the state departmfnt. however, com
Hurled Under Traction hi-. WheeU
Slmt nn Inch I'l'om Mltle Hotly.
Christmas cutm- within a fraction
ot an inch of being a drab affair in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gnrdie L
Gose, SIC South YoiXtown, when
their -wear-old daughter, Lorene
was knocked down and thrown 1)8'
neath an Oklahoma Union railway
car at Fourth and Main shortly after
4 o clock Friday afternoon, but e
caped without injury.
Mrs. Gose and her little daughter
were doing borne Christina shop,
ping. They were going south on
Mjhi Mrs. Gose with her arras full
of bundles. The little girl danoed
ahead of her mother and was
knocked down and thrown under the
car. William Harrow, J13 1-2
South Lawton. who ha been work
ing with tho Oklahoma Union Itail
way company for nearly two years,
tltrow thf mr Into rrvertiA and
brought the ar to a strip, with the
fen' vhi-rls I nnhinir tlie body of
the litt e Mln wo not til ul. d
or lnjuit-d in arv wai and iawle l
I out from under the car without a'd
and did not even cry until she was
In her mother's arms.
Eager to Co-operate With
Allies, but May Move
Threatening European Status
Discussed for Two Hours
by Harding Cabinet
There la No Indication After
Meeting, However, That U.
S. Will Approve Big Deal
l'AIUS, Deo. IB. independent
French action against Oerma.iy,
wltli occupation of part of the
Ruhr basin, a threatened by
l'leinler l'olncara In his declara
tion of policy In the chamber of
doputles tllrt afternoon.
"Franco wishes to proceed Willi
tho allies, in fullest co-operation,"
said Premier I'olncnre. "Hut, If
neeetwary, Franco will net alone.
She will Install her own engineers
(mluliiK) and customs officials,
but will reserve places for tho
Mrltlsh engineers and officials It
thoy will Join later,"
dent Harding and his cabinet dis
cussed for two hours nnd a halt
today tha critical International situa
tion nffectlng German reparations,
France'n threat to Invade tho Ruhr
and what romcdla! measures the
United IBalos can ndnpt with regard
to thu untlro JOuropeiui sltuatltin.
Won Iing Meeting.
It was the longost cabinet meet
ing since tho coal strike Inst Bum
mer. It Is understood a good deal of the
discusiilon concornod tho proposed
flotation of a gigantic International
loan ot J 1,600,000,000 by private
bankers to Germany. There was no
Indication following tho rablnel
meeting that nny decision had been
reached regnidlng the practicability
of such a loan under present condi
Uefore tho American government
would annrovo of American banker
participating In such a venture tho
exact purposed to tvhicn mis loan
would be put nnd also the rinturo
of the security to bo offered would
luive to be ilbx-losed. It is doubt
ful li fiich a loan would be looked
upon with favor by thin govor intent
unless It would constitute a literal
flrst-mortgHgo on Gorman assets, n
position now occupied by tho repara
tions provision ot tho Versailles
Hankers; Would Dictate.
No internal bankers. It Is believed,
would undertako to float a loan of
this islzo nnd havo It take second
placo to reparations In Gorman re
payment. Should this loan ultimately
Wu floated, It Is understood the dis
position ot Oermany would ho dic
tated by nn Interallied committee of
bankers and that Franco and Bel
gium would bo treated "liberally"
Or Just Swap; Here Is a
Chance to Give and Make
Someone Happy
It Is more blessed to swap than
to gltH outright has beiomo mod
ern slogan, replacing tha old "more
blessed to givu than to receive," a
speaker at Central high sohool yes
terday afternoon mid.
If.... tm it f Hum vniii ..tan fnt
ChrlstuiRH been ono of swapping, or I
have you given thought lo iIium who !
could not and will not gtvs material
return for your gift? While you
are perfecting your swapping nhop
ping, do you recall that you have
not yet done that outright giving '
that you have inennt to do aver since
The World Kmpty Stocking fund
"This Is to help the little poor
boys and girls. This I money I
Thin little note was elgnsd In the
laborious and ;taInUklng handwrit
ing of a little boy, Roy Patterson.
me uonar earned snii nvti ox
Utile noy is li nn oi money, wiu una
dollar earned and sated and given
by that earns little boy I a wonder
ful gift.
The contributions to dats.
Am previously rprtrt l7fl.1T
K. C. Waftlej 1IOUMS
Nog. i, 3, 4 J1M0
n,liu Tolirt Ttantnl.... S.flM
Cash 10.00
Friend of the Poor
Virginia Calvin....
J. II. Ahlstrom. . . .
Itoy Patterson....
No Name
fnltv Class of Tulna
'X . ! It I! IMO' 'I Will
en H t'ln'i
J L, Par.iy
I 00
10 00
To'al to date
Drum rig hi Taps
Gas Lines When
I Fuel Gives Out
Shivering Citizens Take Draw
lie Action After Relief Is I
Rofiiswd by Company i
DRUMRIGHT, Deo. 16. Drum
right no longer shlvera In the I
midst of plenty and thereby
Mayor W. H. Nlcodemun becomes
the local hero.
Lilng In the heart of tho famous
Canliing oil and gas field, this city
baa been practically without gas
Klnre winter closed down on Okla
homa. ltut tonight housewives cooked
supper and averc.oatM wero laid
aside In the clty'it parlors.
Tired of efforts to forco tha
Shaffer County Gas company, the
local distributor, to supply u cut.
flclent quantity of gas, Mayor
Nlendornuft took matters Into hla
invli hands today, lmltod n procla
mation declaring an emsrgoney,
deputized helpeis and wen out
and tapped the high prossuro pipe
line of the Oklahoma Natural (Ins
company, which runs by the city.
A flood ot gin wrtH Immediately
released to every consumer In
What will be the aftermath ot
tho mayor's drastic action? Dnim
rlght should worry; Drumrlght Is
new bonus plans
Will Attempt to Engineer
One of Two New Plans
'Through Congress
Would Issuo Equal of Bonus
to Each Veteran in Tax
Free Bond' or Insurance
WASHINGTON. Doc. 15. Two
plans for paying a federal bonus to
America's 4,000,000 veterans ot tho
great war will ho submitted to Presi
dent Harding wlfrtln tho next few
days for exenutivo approval, Repre
sentative Joseph Fordnoy, republic
an, of Minnesota, "daddy of tho bon
us," Informed tho International
Nowo Service today. Thoso will bis:
1. Issuance to each veteran of n
tax-frco bond, equal to his bonus,
bearing 3 per cent Interest, matur
ing within 20 years and subject to
retirement by the government with
in Hvo years.
2. A paid-up insurance policy hav
ing tho same conditions of maturity.
Wprtli l'nru Value.
lloth securities" could bo cashed
at practically faco value with fed
oral banks.
lloth plans probably would Involve
the use ot Interest payments on
America's foreign war debts) to guar
antee tho bomw obligations. For
the present, hotvover, the only ap
propriation nocosjtary under Ford
ney'a propoRaln would bn to meat
cash payments on the SS0 bonus
against which there has beon Uttlo
Tho use of foreign debt IntereM
payments for this purpose ha boon
dlsctisfled between Kordncy and Sec
retary of the Treasury Mellon.
Fordney said Mellon would not op
pose utilizing debt money "after we
get It" to meet maturing bonus ob
ligations. The secretary'! approval
did not extend to mortgaging these
payments "beforo we got them,"
Fordney added.
ItH Future Uncertain.
Fordney dei lared tax-free bonds
would be acceptable to the soldiers,
roNTiNi'ici) (in v.nn kiktkf.n
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J'tr MAlt. F .be tiiti in (" , -in
.Viae ,rj and
Wanted as Witness to Al
leged McAlister Order
to Registrar
Federal Officials Relieve Hol
land Will Corroborate
Kciny Statement
Oklahoma Leader, Leaguo
Spokesman, Says McAlis
ter Will Lose Ilia Job
Wollil Capital Correeponitent.
freeh drive against y. c. .McAlister,
seerotary of tho senate and election
board, wns evident today following
tho arrest ot Frank Holland try fed
eral authorities In Kansas. Holland
was Indicted with Holny nnd others
by the recent federal grand Jury, but
waa not apprehended until last night,
at Topoku.
it is believed that Holland was a
witnrws to un alleged conversation
which Is naUI to havo occurred bo
twoon Heiny, county registrar, and
MeAUMor, stale Mocrotary, in which
Holny received his instructions.
Holland wns Ilelny'a asHlotnnt, and
devoted his tlnia to tho operation ot
tho Oklahoma county election ma
chinery. When tho enmity Investi
gation was being made, llelny wita
quoted an declaring that ho had re
ceived Instructions frotA McAlister
not to regihtor any negroes, other;
witnessed are said to have stated that
only negroes who woro for Walton
worn registered.
McAlister denied having given
Helny any instructions other than tha
regulation form. Holland Is under-,
stood. to havo been present when the
Instructions woro given, and ho H
charged with having conspired lo do
privo legal voters of tholr constltu
tlonnl right of franchise.
That tho arrest of Holland wilt bu
taken advantage of In the campaign
which Is being made by thu farmer
labor leaguo to unhorse. MoAllstor la
Indicated by tho Oklahoma leader
tonight, which declared that "Hol
land Is expected to corroborate,
llelny's statement that thoy worked
under orders from McAlister."
Tho Leader, which Is recognized no
the spokesman for the new stutu
administration, further uaye In dis
ctUing the Holland arrest, that "tho
state can cxpotl revelations which
will not only Implicate oevoral men
of a very high official standing, but
which will expose manipulation of
election machinery of the most flag
rant character."
It Is understood that fresh evi
dence has been secured by federal
authorities since adjournment ot tho
lato grand Jury, and flvo matters of
conspiracy will bo reopened by tho
next grand Jury which is to meet
soon at another point In tho district,
probably Guthrie.
C1iIiio.no Ibimllm Well Paid.
TOKIO, Dec. 15. Tho Japaneso
consul at Hankow, China, report
that tho army of brigands In Honau
province has released all captive for
eigners except i French englntjer.
Information from Chinese source
says that the outlaws received 2,&0U
for the liberation ot each foreigner.
(.'lirlMiiiiiH Amnc.My in Italy.
noMK, Dec. 15 The Italian cnb
lnot today approved a proposal for
far-reaching amnesty. The terms of
the proposal will be announced of
ficially prior tu Christinas.
Maine ,,,,... ..v...
R. F. D. .........Box.
iklah-,tia. s.mtlif.n Kaneae, "ojtVweJt
Wea'e - n AiAur-e

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