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Spiv pjntt itmiiT cmiks
IN Kit H I'Ali i
Schools Closed, Hospitals
- Cold, Wave of Sickness
Threatened, He Says
In Heart of Gas Field, With
out Gas, He Took Drastic
Step for Sake of His City j
Oklahoma Natural Officials
to Decide on Legal Course
in Conference on Monday
By lb Ai.oclA'ed Praas Stata Wire.
W. ::. Nlcodemus. champion of
freezing Drumright. who yesterday
brought warmth to ths city for the
firm time In more than a week by
the simple expedient of tapping the
high pressure pipeline of the Okla
i Natural Has company, without
Authorization of the company, said
it he was ready' to bock up his
action to the limit.
Mayor Nlcodemus said he wss not
worried about threats of court ae-
tion from the company.
He's " Roaring to Go."
"Do you suppose that any court In
i irld would esse a town of 1,000
parsons suffering from the cold and j
pot realize that drastic steps were,
-ary'p the mayor asked heat-
"I'll rearing to go. Lei them hop to
It," he exclaimed w-tien told that of
fielais of the OklahomaNatural Gas
company would hold a conference j
Monday to determine upon a course
i f action to force the city to sever its
unauthorized connection with the
iny'e lines, a
"I did what anybody else would ,
have done under the circumstances." !
Mayor Nlcodemus said, "Schools had '
I .. closed because there was no
. Ilj
i.i' Jjh was dJYelopsag and there I
tftts iiitenve suffering in every homo
In Drumright.
None ( mild I) ythlnjr.
"I took the n. utter up with the
state corporation ommlsslon, and
the Shnfer County (iaa company, the
local distributor, applied to tne I
Oklahoma Natural company for gas.
Hut they wouldn't do anything."
A meter was Installed when the
lines of tha Oklahoma Natural com- ;
pany were tapped and the gas bring ;
Uiad by the city Is being measured
to that an adjustment caTTtie made
later, he said.
The Oklahoma Natural Oa com-I
pany, he declared, was supplying gas
to the Oklahoma las & Klcine
in Drumright. the lutK-r rompany I
generating electric light power here
for a number of surrounding towns. ;
T -re was no reason why the Okla
homa Natural could not supply other j
Drumright consumers, he continued.
The mayor dispatched letter fo
ri i .' to the state coporatlon I'ornmls-
n and the Oklahoma Natural Gas '
, any explaining his action.
i ,-i,.v, is. aiMin,i i i, v, e r t
Ihe Cushlng oil and ens field.
supplies gas to many di-'mt
'AS I irm HEAD B.
What legal s'eps will be taken by
the Oklahoma Natural Cas company
to stop the town of Drumright from
Og gas from Its lines probably
Will not be known until Monday,
When the Oklahoma Natural's at
torney will reacM an opinion Based
l II a first-hand Investigation of the
situation, R. C. Hharp vice presi
dent ami general manager of the
t-' u company, staled satuiday rfght.
At the order of Mayer W. K
N.cwdeniuji nt llmmriBht a Contioc
was made from the city l.ncs
.ft" the Oklahoma Na'ural's line
which is located about halt a mile
gas company, Natural gas for
Drumright is regularly furnished bv
he Schafer Gaa company a local
1 maern. According to Sharp, the'
, ''fNTISfKD ON pa.ik Twnvrr rivE
Honia BSSntSa are aifr-at when tit lee are
aaramred aril dala eloSSS kf Tit's
nuartnt..,! A Truat CoiA,1v"rt,asmant.
More Shopping Pars
Until Christmas
I'urkntfes MW
it Write Plillnlr
H run m....
City Turns Out,
Mexicans Honor
Sooner Governor
Robertson and His Party En
tertained by Matamoroij
Governor Fishes for Tarpon
By tha Associated rr.ua,
10. Celebrating the visit og Gov
ernor Robertson of Oklahoma
find his party to Mam morns,
.Mexico. the entire cltv today
Joined In the hospitalities extend
ed the visitors. Governor Rob
ertson ami hit party were inter
talned by Major KHzondo, nult
tary commander of the Mata
moros district, and a number of
prominent military and civil
officials of northern M"xico.
A dinner was givtsp In htfp
of the guests, after which they
were taken for a tour of tha Ht.
The military band provided mu
sic. Governor Robertson's partv In
cluded Attornev-Censral Short.
George Rltten house, Tom Mar
tin and Robert Ptuart of Okla
homa City.
When the governor decided to
try his hand at tarpon fishing
the hunting trip scheduled In
Texas for today was called off
and tha entire party went to
I'olnt Isabel where they will re
main until Sunday noon. Gov
ernor Robertson will go to Huf
llngen Sunday and leave that
night for Oklahoma.
1 l'PSPnt
Lull in Battle
for Election Machin
ery Just a Truce
, I
. I
At Right Moment, Friends
Aver, Governor-Elect Will
Jump Into Thickest of Fray
World Capital CotrMpOftflwts
Ok'i.AHHMA CiTiV Dec. 16. The
truce which appears to exist in the touch with detailed banking in Tul
imbroglio over Secretary McAllster . sikjor many years, is to act ss cash-
of the state election board Is one Oi'TT."" uul,s as muctrs, ws "':"
those political Illusions which ap- j
pear ni imcrvaia in any ubswhw
controversy. Those who may he
lulled Into a smug and comrortauio
doze by the impression that all Is
over are due for an awakening soon
er or later. It may come with a
punch over the plexus or by a shot
In the arm; but there Is a deter
mination on the part of those re
sponsible for Walton's nomination to
shako off the grip which the lieu
tenant governor holds on the elec
tion machinery, and to place that
Important political appartus In con
trol of the governor.
lour-t'ut Rattle.
On the face of things, It would
seem that Trupp has the better of
tut situation at present. Whlie sen-
atorlal noses a.e. hard to OOtin
may be raid that a nor ty of the
d s in o c v 1 1 c s. patois at this writing
favor the election of McAllster as
secretary of the austere and dignified
body which functions as the senate.
This situation ex - s largely because
,,f M. -.Mister's personal popularity,
and be, . i us,- the management of tho
Trapp campaign to retain the state
election machinery has explained
upon thn wounded dignity which
would result from an executive in
trusion Into such a plain senatorial
prerogative as the selection of a scc
retary. That, of courss, is plain per-
lflage. It is net the secretary of
the senate Unit Inter.- - tin rxeou
'ive. or those v no compriim'se his
cabinet. It Is the sc r. tary of the
State election board, who happens to
be the sltt r SCO. that interests those
LaaW adventurers Into hitherto sacred
precincts. It is tnu n coniesi in
tween M.-Aiister ami Wintersteln for
the merely clerical Job ol acting as
.o.,-r, tary - sonata, it is a eon
tagl tot the possession of the state
election m h.r-.ery, l -.ween the
lieutenant governor, who now domi
nate it, and the governur, who
wants it
In such a situation, It Is easy to
I., , eve the friends of Mr. Walton
when th. y de 'are that he will enter
the flK-ht at the proper and expedi
ent time. Either the two offices
must he divorced, they Ml
new governor will gird up Mm loins
and dash In'o the conflict. If they
are correct, Trapp Ul due for a Jolt;
f,,r the incoming governor S ruth
1, mm in a fracas, and he has a large
mil ply Of war materia! In Ihe office
of governor. Aside from the position
he will no:u as cnier onve. ana
u. w! . h i" mpai.ies it, !o- io poor homes of tne .t... 'l'l.e Tul
w iil have about 1.500 appoint- sa county humane aoclety. for whom
men's to n.i .e. A. so, and no
less In Importance, there are more
i than forty stale Institutions which
111 be demanding appropriation
Maka fmfmt rea,rvat'"ns sow for Naw
ynn fusiltiuss si Betel Tuias--Advar-,ia..n
Mayor Defies Gas Company
ni a 1 ir.a
i laiuers ami lupcnanics,
Guided by G. N. Wright,
Opens Next Month
Business Men and Bankers
With Experience Here Se
lected to Run Institution
Special Attention to Be Given
Farmers and Small Salary
Men, Organizer Says
Tulsa Is to have another bank.
Announcement came from the
state banking department in Okla
homa City yesterday to the effect
(hat G. N. Wright and associates
have been granted a charter to open
the Planters & Mechanics hank in
Tulsa, with a capital of f lOO.uuO and
a surplus of Jit'. 000.
Ready In .luniinr-.
Wright announces that the new
bank will be ready for business eurly
in January, as arrangement ha.vo al
ready been completed to secure
epace with the United Huibling
Loan Assn. in the banking
room formerly occupied by the Se
curity National bank at the rorner of
Second and Main. This is consid
ered u Very valuable corner because
Willi the near removal of the Nation
al Hank Of Commerce to Third street
the new bank will be left to fill the
financial needs of this part of the
business district.
The now bank Is fully financed
and Is to be owned by local men of
high standing In the community. A'--
cording to preliminary plans, Mr.
Wright win be president, c. c. Rob-
ens, now irtniui'fii ui ias uuueu
liuihllng A Loan Assn., will ho an
active vice president, as will Reg K.
Walker, who has been associated with
business Interests of Tulsa for the
nasi 15 years. Mr. Elton Everett.
now In chares of the discount de-1
nartinent of the Exchange National
and a man who has been In close
airecior. will oe ''"I' a
I" -' " .7;., .a... v, v iVil,
-,,, T" IC .,,nlninurv rT l,a l..t.
cnmrni l.ntnlu e rnmnunv I'loirloa V. '
ijihman, president of the Kldsllty
Investment company. Jake Lyons, In
vestor, and Mrs, ;. Wright.
Wei OO need by Other Hunks.
The new Institution Is entering the
Tulsa financial field with the full np-.
proval and welcome of the other
hanks of the city. The record
Wright enjoyed when president of
tne Men hatits I'lantere bank, lat-
the i'lantera .National and on Uie
board of directors of the Exchange complained of In ptnei states, Indl
Natlonnl bus convinced other bank- "na would show 'Its testh. A
ers of the city that there le no dan-
cor of Itnd .:.,ik:nc? alir-u ,a w
erned. Tulsa is growing rapidly
and s
bank in
ind as there ;- an Increased need for
g service this confidence In
Wright as a hanker has made him
welcome to the other banks, as well
as the business men of the i Ity
In the poijry ,,f t-he bunk. I' Is In
Sc.rr no, i in t.oth.im rust,.
16 Twenty-
five parson i were Injured and hun
dteda weie thrown Into a panh to
night when a swiftly moving train
on an elevated 'nhuttla' branch of
the Interhorough Trai.slt company's
Lexington avenua aubway, craskad
Into the rear of a stalled train.
$9W Ilea red to Dale
For Slocking Fund
While it is called The World Emp
ty Stocking fund, it is really the
Tulsa Empty Stocking fund. From
the city's big business and financial
.nstitutlona down to the email..-'
lungst.-r. all of Tulsa, is contribut
ing to II,
Cho d children think about it and
ns a result, the fund his contribu
tions from si hoolrooms in tiie grade
schools. Lodges, places of business.
clubs, fathers and molh- i's, kiddies i
Lwna isooriousiy earnea tne money
."ihry're sending- all of them arc
'aking thought for those who cannot
have hapidnees this year unless It Is
given them through Ihe kindness of
people more fortunate.
The fund U n earing the thousand
mark. Thla week the money w.li be
invested in thinks that are to fill
Christmas baskets that are going in-
The World Is raising the fund will
huck carefully with all other agen
cies, Including Ihe Elks, churches
etc , that are doing charitable work
coN'rjNnsij us PAtih; ninktekn
Maka our raaervettaos e,w ror nw
Yasr's reallvitla at Hatal Tu.a- AJtfar
Coldest Weather
Due Here Today,
Forecaster Says
! Northern Half of Slate to Ex
perienee Temperatures of
From 6 to 14 Decrees
Ity ths Asntatd Press Stam Wits.
Real winter will descend on Okla
homa Sunday.
Issuing a cold wave warning to
night the local United States
weather bureau predicted that
temperatures in the northern half
of the state would drop to bl tween
6 and 14 degrees Sunday night,
while tho southern portion of the
Mate w'ould experience tempora
tur.s ranging between 12 snd -i
This would bring the coldest
waathat of the winter In Okla
homa A light rain waa reported to
night at MoAlester and Indica
tions were the government observ
er said, that points In the eastern
half of the state Would get flurries
of enow Sunday,
CHICAGO, Doc 1 Unsettled
temperature conditions over the
middle section ojf 'he country wns
tonight marked by light snow
flurries and prediction of cold
weather tomorrow with Monday
fair and continued cold In this
Rain and snow wss reported
from various near-by centers, al
though no storm or great energy
was experienced.
Conference of Governors
Hears Kansan in As
sault on Empire
, 1
That, In Final Analysis, Allen
... .
Says, Is the Klan, Not 100
I'er Cent Americanism
WHITE sui.pm'R RPRtNOa, W.
Va, Dec. 16 Ths Ku-Klux Klan Is
doomed, Governor Allen, of Kansas.
told the governors conference In a I
discussion following an address to-
,-. Tho conference adjourned Its
fourteenth annual aesr'oft after elec-
Hon of officers.
Governor Cox
of Massachusetts.
Governor Hards, of Florida, and
Governor McCray, of Indians, were
elect' d members of the executive
Former Governor Townsond, of
Delaware, was re-elected iressurer
and MIL'S Rileg, of Madison, Wis.,
Oovernor McCray of Indiana, de
clared that if the klan in bis state
engaged In such activities as were
... '" ' . '
In ths
Course o; inu u,scussioii
of the klan were
1 am surprised, said Gov, rnor
Alb n "that tho National Boy Scoute
of St. Louis did not refuse to geoopl
$21, 00a from the klan. given to hol-
ster up the organization's cry of 100
per cent Americanism.
I "I am a Ifeth. di t. but
ashamed to say a Methodist h
1 -n,
nu d to Htiy a I
ited tS.Opo fro
III tie
klan, Iher.'
,te of char
by giving
it a oertifli
acter. -
Governor M rrison, of North Car
olina, cited Incidents showing the
klan had helped Ihe tate in Severn!
criminal rases.
"I want to mention these things In
Justice to tho klan although I am
against it." he said.
In bis address, Governor Alien
branded tin- klan as "organized out
lawry. " denounced ;t as 111- greatest
curve that has come to any civilized
people, nnd Urged tha' Btepi be tak
en to "eradicate It from America."
"Dgagrrnns to Protestants "
"The organisation Is as dangerous
to the lrote-tanl as It Is to ti Cath
olic and tb negro bsaauae it exists
only when the authority of govern
ment has le-cn hroken down and de
stroyed," he declared. "it brings
hati.d. chaos and menace to ev.-iv
law-abiding eltiaen who inav fall
victim or ins private jiirici "'
f.lXTtNiasI rM PA. IB NINKTI-r-N
The World is the only
Sunday paper in Tulsa
publishing Associated
Press news.
General Living Costs Here
Substant ally Cheaper
Than Li Years Aero
i i
House and Apartment Rentals
Fluctuate), Realtors Show;
No General Slashes
Staple Line Shows Marked
Deduction; Clothing Trices
Also Marked Lower
With the exception of tents, ttic
oat of living In Tulsa Is auhstan-
! tlully less today than It was two
aeats ngo. This tn t was revealed
by a comparison of prices adver
tised by local merchants in Decern-
Dar, limo. inn prices oil. .ted t.y tin
Same institutions In recent issues of
The W orld.
A suit of men's (lollies thai two
years ago cost $66 is today ottered
for eale by several dealers for $47.60.
But there la this differei favoi
of the purchaser, Most suits two
years ago consisted of three pieeea
prloe paid now, the buyer gets two!
pftlM m tfOUMIi inatfi.il oi ori, Ml -
run! iii;iriuf,i-Luror(i ff jd n ' cloth
ing have learned that a coat Usually
onlla.ts one pair, and frequently
oven two pulie.
A similar reduction over prices of
13-0 Is noted In overcoats. A coat
that two yeaJSyago cost $6.1 can be
purchased In tilnio-t any men's fur-
mailing store for $4.'i to $47.:.n. and
occasionally less. The reduction Is
great. .r in tin. ,..-. of eh
including both mens snd women a.
A certs:', well-known and widely
worn make of man's shoes that in
1120 cost the reluctant purchaser 1
IZ1.45, Including war tax, may be
acquired today for $1J.50 and the
dealer politely includes an extra pair ;
of shoe-strings !
do thing Is IVoviii.
1 nt rv.au. 1 1 o 1 1 in man ctoininsj
typical of that which has taken pin.
In women's ready-to-wear stores. A
woman's coat suit en el Ing $75 In
1(10 can be purchased now for $4."
to III,
Grocery prices have experienced
a pronounced drop during this two
year period. In ID20 the purchaser
exchanged 40 cents tor a pe. k of po
tatoes; today he pays only 2;t cents
The pried Ot sugar has not dOCTOagOd
ho pronouncedly only 25 per cent.
It sold for 10 cents u pound In 1920
and In December 1322, the price is Hlder a plan whereby she n ay BIO In
1 cents. i the settlement of the reparations
Btltter prices have shown no dlf- question in the Interests ol the gen
fe.ence, ,1 pound of best creamery economic situation In Europe.
pro. in, t a. Ding today for 02 cent, Nothing om hit Kodved.
compared with .",') cents two yoars t was Kind at the yuai d'Oreay
,. Rrnokfleld satisaM a standai.l
. .
prouuci miiii 10 u; .01 00 tnn-
ind now retails for .m cents. Flout
prices have changed in a manner
similar to that of potatoes. A 14-
pound s k r keel Kansas nam
Ali.at flour sold two years ngo for
$150 now brings tho grocer S2 cents
Other comnarli ma of staple table
necessities are shown as follows, the
- . ,i , .., . a ,,,,,.
1 ngujo o.-ina mm straws, wa ij-v.
I'ork sail--age, no cents, now 20
ents; compound, 17 Cents, now 12 ' j
ante; whole bams, II cents, now 'i
ante; best box bacon, r.i cents, now
45 cents; loin steal,, ':, cents, now
I 't cent.-, l.i rate pa . lg ' files I,
Be , nts, now la cents; pure giro
27 cents, now 12'4 centg) dry cult
pork, 20 cents, no v 14 t ents, best
lab bacon, 4S cents, now 4 osntSl
fr. -h country eggs, 7s cents now II
A piart of oysters sells today for
HO , ents, ft s it did la 1920; pork
chops are unchanged, lemon are 20
cuts dozen bight r and oranges in-
slightly lower.
II, aa holder-- Happy
lap' tic. average houaewlfe end
Wonting man nr.- m.ln'.y Interested
in the Maples, ami tb" comparl on
printed above show the moei sub-
Btantlal price reductions umler inoae
of tWO years ago has aff.-.ttd com
, moditlea that fill ovary kitchen pan
i try and decorate the family table el-
,,,, ,..,ny. Th
Accused Auto Thief Chief
Lodged Behind Bars Here;
Admits Stealing Fifty Cars
R. W. Pontius, Howevfr, Dealt Onlv in HigsVprfovd Cars,
According to Officers Who Find He Sold Stolen Motor
to Many Citizens, Knnging From Rank Mends to Clprk.
r. w. rontius, branded by local
authorities as the king p In of
auto thieves, was yesterday lodged
In the rounty Jn i In d.fnujt of
three DOOdl of ta.OOU each, fol
lowing siialgnutent before Justice
.1. II Quarry on charges ot auto
larceny, receiving stolen property
and obtaining money under fnlso
pretenses, ah of tho charges are
the result of I'ontlus' alleged ac
tivities locally In disposing of
stolen cars to unsuspecting buy
ers Other charges will probably be
filed Hgainsl I'ontlus nest week,
according to G. I- Collins, bend
of the police auto recovery de
partment, who arrested I'ontlus
I' i bitty morning and who signed
the three Informations filed
against bin Saturday. The alleged
auto thief chief admitted to police
officers that he had disposed of at.
least (ill stolen ruin In Tulsa but
ha refused to disclose the names
of any of the ISiyers.
Bvtdeoce on bis operations la
j ()0 f0 Tjncie Sam to Act
" ' , , - .,
In Hehalf of dermany
in Her Debt Crisis
Only Hint Relative to Foreign
Policy of America Is That
Decision Isn't Keaehed
WAaiHNOTOH, Dec II. Aston.,
wall or olllciai silence, s in surrounos
ministration purposes with regard
. American aid In the German
rftinratlona deadtoclc
The, om. ,i( allowed to escape
from tlte Hps of responsible Of Hotels
10, lay w mm negative at best, it Itu
I led that decision as me govern
ment's course still ws to bo mad"
and was OOUPlcd with a warning that
most of the published conjectures as
to that course hod gone wide of the
Ity tha gSMaaUed Prase
PAJUa DC. 1. - Premier Poln
care. lt Is understood, has reeelwd
an Informal Intlmallon iron the
state department In Washington that
friltid States la willing to rim.
,1,1. ,, rt .. r noon that no official com
i ,
ni u 11 1'.i 1 ion 11 01 .,.,eu
the Am'-ioan goveriunt tit and thatj
I frrench officials would await more
definite Information before OOm-1
meriting on pres. dent Harding's sup
posed plan.
A high official, however, unbur
dened himself to the extent of ad
mitting that th French government
was sufficiently worried over the
question to welcome anv sort of real
"The whole question." he declared,
"Is as to the nature of tne lai'P the
( lilted S'.tiN s isdiei
I lo give."
.Vol In. In.. .1 lo I .1-.' I p.
The French government i-. repre
ss ntad as not disposed to release
Germany from the pledges given to
the allies und-r the tieatv ..f Ver
sallles to guarantee tne payment of
reparations, it la regarded as possi
ble, however, by those class t Pre
mier i'oinure thai thi French point
of view m. ght ho changed if France
could b" assured 'hat the portion as
signed to her ill any new settlement
would really be pa d.
MANCHESTER, England, Dec. If,
Commenting on reports of Intended
American action m oonneotlon with
the Int. manorial financial situation.
ihe Manchester Quardian eayi
The news. If true, i the biggest
thing tha". I us happ'-nc 1 sinco the
' It means. If tine, that at last, but
far sooner thai 'ih few months
ago would have thought possible, the
wnoje morai we;gtK of to. o,.,-t
erful nation In the world will I
thrown into the acalea wnlch hav--
1 1 iMI INI go i N PAOi NtNsTI BS
77 1: WE if HER
TI'LSA. Dae. 14. stsStSSSja, mlsl
li mi,. L'7, a.eiSh wlrda. eleuily.
oKI.AH'lUA -Hu.,.lay rlourty. rata snd
an ,w in rast I '. BSM STSVS t'.miiar-
atura. t f 14 daareas In tiorth. ati-l it
la ti .IfSfa.a In south portion Sunday
slskt) MuaSsr prebabiy fair, austtsuad
KANSAS PsTtlf t'oudr and relilSr
VunOsy; Muti'tar fair and c.tjiuiul culd.
Maka 1 '.' r-ifrvatlnns
Yaar a lastiSlUsa l ilotal
asw lee Nrw
being gathered as rapidly as p-.s
slble, according to Collins, who
thinks that when routine Is
brought to trial h will be faced
with a score of accusers whom be
defiauded by selling them stolen
autoa, In all Instances found so
far i'ontlus dealt only in high
priced tars. In nil the rases now
before the officers the alleged
gUtO thief mid stolen-car merchant
disposed only of Cadillacs. He
bilked his victims on amounts
varying from $1,100 to 12.000 snd
tho unsuspecting buyers range
from heads of bunks to clerks.
Two charges of Interstate trans
portation of stolen cars are pend
ing against I'ontlus In thn fedeial
eourt nt Muskogee. Me was at
liberty under t4,0 bond pending
trial on these charges when ar
rested Friday morning by Collins.
PoStiUB was brought to Oklahoma
by federal authorities after hs
had been srrestod In t'allfnrnla.
He was In Jail here last year but
mysteriously escaped before he
was prosecuted,
i ,
Tulsa Doctor Throws His
(.1 , Bi li
oUPpOrt to htovail Ot
SllgO for Speaker
1 avenue between I fib and Sixth
Those Favoring Walton's Se iirc.-iiy in from of the federal
i building and almost In Ihe business
lection for Speaker lntimato I heart of the ny. Harris was taken
, , nt . 'to poll. heaihiuiirters nod after an
Jheyre rlaying (.inch hours quiaetloning county Attorney
W. A. Ore en said that, mo far as he
was concerned, there would be no
Deriving ths report that he wns prosecution. "It whs clearly an itu
seeking the position of speaker of j avoidable accident " Green said.
' Rutherford had been Ihe last
the lower house of the Oklahoma BpMk,.r t u, ,;, r,u,. loulght He
legislature as the candidate of tho ( und N. A Gibn.m. tb, I oast master,
Ku-Klux Klan, from which position 1 engaged In considerable bantering
he might hi, kblS to better assist In. und Ihe hanuuet closed In a gale
a move by the klan to gain control I of laughter at Rutherford's parting
of the legislature, Dr. H. G. Iong yea-1 sally. He walked nut Into the Right
tordav Withdrew from tha race, at-'and five minutes later he was dead,
tributlng his action, in a statement t nine In Mate In IHOIt
tu The World, lo "the best interests Samuel Morton Rutherford had
of ihe democratic party." been a prominent and plctureeene
With his announcement of with- future In Oklahoma since IMIH. when
drawal from the race, Doctor Ixmg he moved from Koii "i.'.'.th. Arlt..
said that he was Ibrowlng his sup- to Atoka to become (Jolted .Slot's
port to Dave Stovall of Hugo. The ; commissioner.
Hiilra Tiilsn i nuiitv del. -icstloiu i Klnco then he has served as
which was back of Ioig s candidacy
to a man, will nlsn lure up behind
Htovaii, Long aesartf rt
M by Bar's for IkhiK.
"i entered the speaks rshlp raoe,"
LAaJ said, "believing this legislature'
should bo Organlaed as a body, rep
resenting every citizen and Industry
of the Ht.ate. and not, as lias been
suggested by ihe reconstruction
league. In tin- interest of any one
class. Finding thai this would be
impossible should ell csndldsies re
in. .in in Ihe race and believing fur
ther that It is of best Interest to all
'ho people nnd the democracy of
our statu tb..' . gas pollttog be elimi
nated and that the egporiem S, abil
ity and adherence to pure d one rat
lo principles eminently qualify and
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t aajjil aad
Victim of Accident, After
County Bar'.- Banquet j
Dies in Ambulance
Prominent Stale Figure, Le
gally and Politically, Sine
Coming to State in 1893
Served in Days When "Hud"
I.edlxttcr Was Famed for
Exploits Against Crime
By tha Asa.nlalril Press State Wire
MI'HKi "IEE. Dec. ;:tl S Mor
Rutherford, state senator and for
four years a prominent figure In
Oklahoma politics, was instantly
killed here tonight when he was
struck by an automobile driven by
A. I.. Hutrls, a fellow attorney.
Together Rutherford tin. I Harris
had tti. ml el ii M n .kogeu County
Har association han.iuet. II was
shoiily before midnight that the
bfltmuet ended and the two men
' 1 ' Bd home, Harris In his car und
Rutherford afoot.
Ig, d Almost Instantly.
The accident tame with such
startling suildennes-, that Harris did
li.. he had struck Ruther-
be h Id di aggeil lilm It'l
His fi lends lifted him
io i; iite arouuii ion iiis nice wits s.
I badly mtingied that Ih. y did not
know bim. It was not until an aiu
jbulame luto which he had been
I pile o l 1 cached I he bo., pi .1 I lint he
was recognised. Rutherford was
dead and physicians declared he
Itnd lived but a moment after he fell
beneath the car.
Witnesses declared that Rulher
PTird was crossing the street In the
middle of th blu k on okmul ;ee
United States marshal, mayor
Muskogee and a member of lite
stills senate, representing Muskogee.
Mcintosh nnd Haakall oountlSa nnd
In 11107 tho year Oklahoma wua ad-
mltted t" statehood, he ran for the
democratic nomination for United
States seiia. or agnlnst his fellow
townsman, Robert L. Owen.
A southerner of the old school,
the title "f "Colonel" was naturally
given to him and Colonel Ruther
ford became one of the best-known
criminal lawyers m the state.
His political star was still bfhjhf
when he died Be was talked of
ns s candidate for speaker pro tm
porg ot the si tie. and at the st it
convention of the democratic party
held Immediately aftei the August
i! r D
riklah.uns. Soutners Kanaas. Sojthwsal
Wsatrra Arkansas,
- 9k

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