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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 17, 1922, FINAL EDITION, COMIC AND MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 67

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'I J ' , ; 1 i '
It's Called "Camouflaging the
Vaccination" and Here
Are Some of the Very Novel
namwx vpw,
mmr -r -w Twig m -a w
Jy ff safe
IF you have a little vaccination mark on
your arm, then you really must have
a little bracelet there, loi, ot I little
Huff of ribbon, or a little nan of paint,
or a flower, or a brnuty spot, Ot sonv t liiui'
equally spilTy to rover up the ICar tin
notor left.
For fashion --ays vaccination mark.- an
not to be shown this year. Th( y an j lit
as hail form as ears Mm year .'
last. And -that goes, too, for moll .-.
birthmarks BCTatchet or skin bli tnilhea 01
any kind, even thouijli you ma consider
your particular mole is a VOf charming
mob-- anil no blemish at all.
('over them up! The command il im
perative. For camouflage purposes the beams
specialists have invented some novel
schemes. Most of them originated in
I'aris, but they have found their Way to
New York via the stage, and now jnu
couldn't discover a vaccination mark In a
New York ballroom with a telescope.
Since vaccinations generally are per
formed on the fleshy biceps of tin- uppej
arm, it would seem impossible to I ld
them with long cloves or ordinary brace
lets or anything at all when a woman
wears evening clothes. And for years and
years no attempt was made to hide' them.
Where a lady . as squeamish about a sear
she had herself vaccinated on the calf of
the leg.
But now lieaut; spcriali.-l.- do not care
where you are vaccinated. They have the
wherewithal to "cover up." There , for
example, the serpentine braci let. It is
made of three or four coils that clasp the
fleih closely. Fastened around the bio pi,
the colli either rover the vaccination mark
entirely or blind it so effectually it is
practically iu isible.
Or there are the painted bracelet aim
the painted ribbon. A skilful maid with
The black adhesive plaster is cut into droll
designs, itar.eing doll may cavort at
tract!' I over a back where a red birth
mailt has been the bane of its owrer's
lite. One of the pn tu'lar designs is a
monkey In a. cage. Birdl of paradise,
stars, eroscents, 'daisies, ovoH sailoi- do
iiiK a hornpij.e or a Scot; mini in th wl it I
of a Highland Sing are offered In the
beauty shells.
Oln Parltian actress startled the Mu
.Ways in
It Is
The Dcauty of
ShouldWTt Being
Enhanced by
Fantastic Designs
Painted Or
Pasted On the
i.l n llotp.
Adjacent to
Knees Are
Jovered By
Spots" By
Dancers Who
Appear Barc-Leggcd.
1 '
A Ribbon Painted On the Arm
Serves to Hide a Disfiguring
Vaccination Mark
a regulation artist's paint brash Wul ul
them on deftlv in exactly the riht plate.
There ia no intent to dec ive anyotll into
thinking the painted article i.-. the real
Ihinn- The paint is part of the bizarre
note. Painted bracelets and painted rib
bons are ar; swagger as jewelry if thu-y
are done cleverly.
Some women wear (lower-. QVM ti e ac
cination mark. A Singh blossom iH-th'
correct thing. It may be aj) artitu-ia! FOX .
SJMtad on 10 that the stem falls into tin
crook of the elbow. Or it may be a ganUj
inc Mtaflowar bald Uchtly around the bt-
leps by a black nbbon cane.!.' with a ma
mond pin.
Where it is desired to ronreal mob
beauty spots generally are employee;
dually they are ".-ipots" only In nann .
i, " - ,. ir. a' the Four
4Kflf( all by o-
"r li " ith a Bg
' !- af m the middle
ff" i,r her forahoad.
No! i vtstl h r inti
mates knew that, this beauty sinre
childhood had worn bei hair
dreaied low ko as to conceal a mole
that grow an inch above, her DTOWI.
There v.iu! some comment on the
new style of coiffure mad ante had
.adopted; the hair war b d high on
ip if her head. But the beauty
pot H accepted merely as I fas
l cil itiiifT new trick in facial adnrn-
moat liMload of what it actually
w.i a means by which n. a lame was
enable. to wear her hair as she did.
Women of the New York stape, like
those of the Continental stafre, have
Ink; n the lead in introducing the fad
into popular use. So meticulous aro
i roe of the Broadway ehorinei about
vaccination marks that those who arc
vacillated on the calf of the lea; have
I ,j t! "rover 'em up" slogan like
the rest.
That is why. if one attend a popu
lar musical .-how In N'e York this
Winter, he will see beauty spots on the
limbs of barefoot danccri. Bo intritru
in'r is the idea that many dancers who
are acciratcl on the amis wear hi auty
pot (jMrt the same anywhere from
ankle to knee, and
ladies in tight! fol-
Ult just as
rh the i ilk was
Such a Huge Flower-Ribbon Decoration as This
Is Too Large to Merely Cover a Vaccination
Mark, but Miss Jcanettc MacDonald,' Who
Wears It,
to appreciate the practical value of
beauty spots, braceletl ami painted
Camouflage. Many housewives welcome
the fail not as a butterfly flourish, but be
CaUM it. sol . i I what is often u n al prob
lem for them.
Sine it i, I rai mparts an unknown
thiag fir the modern wife to rook thn
family suppi r and then dash off for the
danre, arid since even the rich unman is
not immune to burn-i from curling Irons
in the hands of a clumsy maid, more than
one woman bewail hot late when she
ilkKCOVfrn, as she dr .. I for the evening,
that her low-cut gown will reveal glar
ingly the scars eVokory and housework
I I VI left on her aril'-.
There was a tin hen she had to make
Says It Is
the Newest
Wrinkle in
not th
1 1 at. no on.
ft by an ov
ie a
l owi vi r,
g( tting into le
Inat Ion
,'itv foi
e , 'I
' .ir-ninati.
Mil loVod One
ol the Most
W.joien In
Italy, Has
Introduced a Fig
Leaf Ornament.
the best (,f till;
notice tlii- red v
or elsi tie it up 1
k rchiof and ipi i
ing to In r paj i "
fell w hen :
But the ban against voce
hi liovi d hi r -f the nect
karchlefi and Bbbing, Ovi i i
the M rpontlM bracelet or the
bun or tin sunflower. And
more than one brand tin re no fouo
on earth why there shouldn't be mor
thai one bracelet or ribbon or blOMOn
In far', the mor.- she trickl her .kii
the more fashionable aho is.
Thus it would appe ar that bouuty'l ni
"skin gam'i" has come to fta; , a- , tnt
the doctors ran VOCCil it' whenever the
please on m'liily'h biceps without callin
forth cries of pro' ', "!t will ipoll rn
arms!" Unless, of course, the fashio
tide shouhl turn, ai it turned in II- i
of ears, and another : snouhi ;..
forth in a season or so. "Sim. iur
cination marks! It's riot only a
goo'i health; it's a symbol of iraa
tven Snake
Designs Are Beins
Introduced to
Cover the
Blemishes Due to
tin: l tf.'"'' ' '"

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