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Hugo Man Now Believed
i Untm P.loov Snilinnr
' Over Gibbons
Muskogeean Has No Fears
Stovall Will Betray Party
Into Hands of Cliques
Withdrawal of Dr. Long Will
Throw Heavy Backing to
Choice of Candidates'
The withdrawal of Dr. G. S. Long
c? Tulsa o-i ft candidate for speaker
of tho lower house of the legislature
Ea-.urday, which started things In
Hate political affairs was followed
by the withdrawal of W. K. Disney
of Muskogee, and tho support of
both of these men Is to bo thrown
to far as they aro able to control It
to L A. Stovall of,,Hugo, and some
Insule stuff Is now being told for tho
I ..t-t tttrw.
This agreement was reached at tho
elimination conference hold In Tulsa
Wednesday, and It Is claimed by tho
tupportora of Long and Disney that
Stovall has now moro than enough
utfs to put him over.
Tallowing Is tho statement mado
b- Disney at Muskogee last night, of
ficially withdrawing from tho con
ten and voicing tho high -regard
with which he holds tho ability of
(Stovall. his choice for tho place.
Will Servo AU Iho State.
"I have decided not to continue as
candidate for speaker of tho house
of representatives. 1 shall support
3. A. Stovall of Choctaw county for
that oltlce. I havo served through
two legislature's with Mr. Stovall and
know him Intimately. His election
will servo all tho purposes which
wtuated mo In becoming a candi
date. Ho Is able, experienced,
honest and a noun'', democrat who
can be relied upo.i i tho present
emergency not to betray his party
or tho stato into tho hands of any
irroiin or urtran Izatlon. Ho Is like-
Wise a friend of Governor Walton,!
v.ho will not permit any struggle
which may nrlso In preventing the
democratic party in this state from
being swept from its ancient moor
ings to lead to friction between the ,
domocrnttc legislature and tho dem
ocratic governor.
Means Co-opcratlon.
Ills election will mean real co-op-ration
in the administration for real
democratic purposes. Those mem
bers alike who beliovo that tho rep
resentatives should organize tho
houso themselves without coercion
or domination by outside nondemo
rrattc organizations, and who want
ft (.residing officer sufficiently ex
perienced and competent to conduct
the business of tho houso under the
. present difficult conditions, should
J'U'i in making Stovall speaker."
I It haa been persistently reported
that W. K. Disney sought tho sup
port of Governor Walton. This is
emphatically denied by friends of
lljny, who come back and stato as
a f ict that tha meeting between
l)iny and Walton was upon tho in
vitation of WalCon that tho new
g'n i rnor offered Disney his sup
port and even went so far as to ask
members of the Tulsa delega
tion!.', m. Iloycr nnd W. W. For
rill to get behind Dlsnejr. At this
conference the govornnr-olect Is
Quoted as having referred to Murray
Oil.bons, who now wears tho badge
ct favorite, bs a "weak slater."
Disney Turned Down.
When the mutton was checked up
I to the farmer-labofl committee, it is
tai i that the approval of Disney
S'as given upon tho condition and
terms that he permit that organiza
tion to namo all tho members of
the house committees. U'his Disney
"fused to concede, and then the
committee picked 'Glggons. Among
ether things. It is said that Gib
bons has promised every placo on
every committee, and Is now try
ing to figure out how lie can make a
More Shopping Days
Until Christmas
Buy ,
. "' l'ku NOW
"rl ""utflT Write Tlelnlr
Wild Time When j
Two Bandits Run j
Amuck in Utah
Girl Seriously Wounded, Cars
Filled With Bullet Holes;
Bandits Make Escape
17. One 19-year-old girl was
shot nnd perhaps fatally wound
ed, two automobiles were filled
with bullets, four others stolen
nnd ft mad four-mile race ensued
here this morning as the result of
tho operations of two youthful
bandits, who are still at lance.
The girl, Miss Itoylanco Fitz
gerald, was driving with Hodney
Cushlng, a friend, when they wero
ordered to halt by tho bandits.
Cushlnff put on speed; & dozen
bullets were pumped Into the back
of tho machine.
Acquit Kay County Dep
uty of Slaying Two
Women in Auto
One of Men in Party Search
ing for Liquor Car Killed
Women, Ho Testifies
SpelI to Th. Worl.
rONCA CITY, Deo. 17. A ver
dict of acquittal wan returnod at
midnight last night by a Kay county
district court jury In tho caso of J.
W. Finney, former city marshal
and deputy sheriff at Kaw City, this
county, charged with the murder of
Mrs. Ross Bousman and Mrs, Dick
Skinner, who were killed on January
11, last, when the automobile In
which they were riding from New
kirk to Kaw City was fired upon
near the old Washunga, Indian
Finney waa in charge of several
men, looking out for a booza run
ning car, when tho shooting oc
curred. Finney denied firing tha
shots, stating they wore fired by a
boy who was accompanying him.
nusiNESs suuvivks cmsts.
llurenn Chief Declares IT. S. Jlogalns
(i round IKVl to iiiiiik-iihjih.
w lenTvr.Tn" n a r 17 Ampr.
lean business has just gone through
one o. mo mast cruciui penuua m
.1... t.to.,...r f Ua nntinn'rt fnrplirn
trade," and has gained somo ground
against uio inruaus ui n. iluhjhiis
European competition," Dr. Julius
!.'lAln Atrnftnr- nf ttln hllr..nil nf for
eign and domestic commerce de
clared in ino annual report ui niu
Ki.rA.ti. mmla nuhHn ti.tlav. The
American exporter, ho said, has firm
ly grouped tno opportunities pre
sented and is lntrenohed In tho
world markets In a. better fashion
than over before.
Aged Haelielor Ilnd Gun In Hand hut
Hud .Not Mint Himself.
MIAMI, Dee. IT. Mack Walker,
bachelor farmer, 70 yeaia old. was
found dead in bed at his home, mar
Wyandotte, late yesterday. Altliougn
his hand clutched a revolver, offi
cers who investigated t-ald the man
had not been slu.t sml had appar-'
ently died i f n.ituia! causes.
Services to Be Held if Son
Arrives in Muskogee
, From Home in N. Y.
MUSKOGKR, Dee. 17. The
funeral for S. Morton Tlutherf rd,
who was slated to become president
pro torn of the state enato. which
opens In January, hut wan killed In
a motor ear accident here Saturday
night, will be held Tuesday, If his
son, John Dlllard ltutherfor.1, ar
rives from New York by then, It wan
announced tonlisht.
Authorities today were Investigat
ing the accident at which .Senator
Huthcrford was struck by an auto
mobile driven by A. I.. Harriu, but
said charges probably would not be
filed. , , ,
It has been Indicated a special
election must be held to choose Sen
ator llutherford's successor, but
Mint nendlng arrange ments, his seat
will probably tcrnaln vacant for
tho c arly part rf the . rrmrg p gUla
Mv t 'i r r " f - -Nc
y-mn f ifi it ' ' tl " A'vr
lu-..-; ui
Seven Known Survivors
Believe Companions
Frozen to Death
Battles Wind and Snow Until
Wrecked ; Passengers Take
to Lifo Boats
Another Storm Forces Res
cuers to Put Back for the
Night; After Start Is Made
SAUI..T STH MAUIB, Mich., Dec.
17. Twenty-seven persons aro mlss
inir and aro believed to havo
drowned or died from oxposuro fol
lowing tho disaster which overtook
tho tug Ilellanco when it hit the
rocks off Mzzhrd Island four days
ago. ,
Th a was tne roar eipressou ny
officials of the Superior Papor com
pany, owners of tho tug who tonight
for tho first time, admitted that in
addition to the crew of 14 tho Re
liance carried 12 passengers.
A snow storm, driven by a 40-mlle.
an-hour wind, has caused postpone
ment of tho rescue o: any survivors.
Tho tugs Gray and Fnvorlto havo
been forced to tako shelter for Uio
Seven survivors of the wreck
reached hero last night. Two others,
Mr. and Mrs. John Harten, cooks,
wero suffering so from cold and ex
posure that they, were left at a sta
tion on the Aignma Central railroad
for medlCAl attention by tho other
Lust Seen Hnttling Storm.
The last seen of tho missing 27
persons was Wednesday when the
Iteliancp, battling through a blinding
snow storm, went on the rocks off
I.izzard Island, stripped her wheel
nml s:ink almost Immediately.
Capt. D. A. Williams and 36 others
who were forward, took one mo ooat,
while nine others. Including Mr. nnd
Mr?. Harten, took the other. The
second boat drifted several hours In
tho storm and was blown ashore on
tho Canadian mainland, S5 miles
north of hre.
Mrs. Harten was so exhausted that
the party was held up 30 houm In
an Indian shnck before it was able
to start inland toward tho railroad.
which was reached Saturday. Tho
survivors express little hope that tho
others survived the storm.
The announcement by the com
pany tonight, said that in addition to
the crow of 14, tho Kollanco carried
20 lumber Jacks, an official of the
company's forestry department, and
a flflh'erles company agent, who had
been picked up by the Itellance on
Its last tr.Ip to the lumber camp.
The missing men. It Is raid by sur.
vivoru, left the wrecked tug in a
launch which was carried by the Ho
Kance in addition to its two life
.Men Without JVm1.
It is pointed out that If the miss
ing men reached I.izzard Island in
tho Hterm, they were without food.
If thev reached an Island where
there were huts, their problem of
fightlnx tho cold would not be i,q
great, but without weapons, their
chances of obtaining food wero de
clared to bo blender.
The Llszard Wlands are a few
miles off the Northern Ontario main
land. i'5 miles north of Point Aux
P. us, at the western entrance to the
St. Mary's river.
The eastern end of the I-ake Su
perior is uparsel settled from
Hatchewana Hay to Mlrhiplcoten
h.irbor. a distance of more than fif
ty mlleg, and the nearest railroad is
10 or 15 miles Inland from the point
wh're pnrt of the crew of the tug
Itellance waa reported today to have
walked ashore ovr the tee.
AU the eastern end of the lake,
from White Flh bay to Mlchlplcoten
Island haa hen fiwept by Msvere
storms for several day and la re
ported filled with drifting ice. The
only government rescue boats sta
tioned in the vicinity are small ves
sels at Sault Ste Maile, and the con
verted ub-chaer Cook, of the coaat
service at Grand Muralri icfuge har
bor. Indiana l'llllamliropl-t Demi.
KOKT WAYNE. Ind., Dec 17.
John II. Has, 87 yearn old, million
aire manufacturer and philanthrop
ist, died ;wr hi home here late today
after a lingering illness.
TUI.8A, ter IT. Minimum, t. ralnl
tium 2! D'lith .'I clmjdy.
iKIA!l iMA V- r.lay fair, mrmir tn
northwi. ii,ri'ju T iftday robaMy fair
"iie ha w tit' r
1.1 M.-' i r , M rbt r'T
'fjf. ta r -t . t .' f .m I hj 'I .Ifi
1 i e
'cut. I
Harding's Dry Conference
With Governors Will Open
Today at pie White House
President Wants to Get Idcns of Law Enforcement from Men
Who Have Had Experience With Volstead Actj
May Call, Now Governors for Second Conference.
WASHINGTON', Doc. 17. Presi
dent Harding's conference with gov
ernors on prohibition enforcement
will tako place tomorrow at tho
Whito Upline. Slxteon stnto execu
tives havo signified their intention of
attondlng, several nlre.ady having
arrived here from White Sulphur
Springs, W. Va , where .tho four
teenth nrmual governors' conference
was hold last week.
Tho original plan of tho president
contemplated a meeting of governors
hero In January for a discussion of
prohibition problems but tho prox
imity of a large group of them. In
nttenflance nt the White Sulphur
Springs conference was ono of tho
fartors which cauifeil- the date to bo
In administration circles It la be
lieved that anotljer conference will
bo called after Jariua'-y 1, as many
of the covemfrrs will go out of of
But Pasha Still Maintains
They Will Give Up
No Territory
Wrangling Over Matters of
Petty Nature Delaying Solu
tion of Problems
liy tha AflfofUtea Prms.
LAUSANNE. Dec. 17. Tltrlcoy
demands primarily absolute Integrity
of territory where the Turks nrd in
overwhelming majority, and on thla
question will make no sacrifices,
Ismet Pasha declared tonight In on
address before tho Swiss Society of
the Friends of Turkey.
DAU19ANNK, Dec. 17. Tho labors
of the Lausanne conference have
advanced o far that alroady tho
official scribes have begun their
task of writing out tho preliminary
drafts of the treaty. This document
will enumerate the broad lino of the
pact and Is being prepared so as to
havo in concrete form these prob
lems which have alroady been
solved, and also have tho prelimi
nary signature of thj agreement
from all parties.
Too .Much Time Wasted.
There Is a feeling that too much
time is being wasted on secondary
questions in the sub-cotnmlsslons,
and that tho big aim of tho confer
ence Is in dnnger of being lost sight
of fluting the Interminable discus
sions, often petty in nature. Speed
is now the watchword of Ijiusanne.
The straits problem practically
has been settled, great progress has
been made on the question of mi
norities, nd the geneial economic
and financial subjects have found
ihelr essential solutions. The prea-
Contributors Must Work
Fast or Kiddies Will'
Have no Christmas
Unless business picks up, and
those who Want to help, and have
made up their minda to contribute,
do not get their checks in soon,
there will be many empty stockings
on Christmas morning. The funds
asked for by the county humane so
ciety through The World Is growing
too alowly. Mr. Welch, county hu
mane ag-nt, knows approximately
how many stockings he has to fill.
He knows that he must have the
funds to fill these stocking by n
certain day, that If he doe not get
the money by that day many deserv
ing stockings will only be half filled.
Don't wait another day if you want
to help or Intend to help, following
is tha report of contributions to
Shadrlck Duke Me
morial t t oo
Friend 1.00
F. A. Havan 14.08
Friend 100
H. P. MoKallp S.08
Frank H. Ileed R 00
Dr. Howena Kennedy 2 5')
A. U Walters. . . "J
- J 3.'. 60
T'j ti
1 It .w
j Atvn
r rer t' ri
t il '1
; ' " " " -" ' j
fice nfter tho first of the year and
a now group vlll bo charged with co
operating lu the enforcement of the
prohibition law.
President Harding In reaching a
decision regarding tomorrow's con
form! n. was ennfroutcd Willi this
pioblem, but It was thoUKht desir
able to obtain tho vljuvs of those
who havo had exporifflco in dealing
with the prohibition question during
tho past few (years, so art to mako it
available for tho new state execu
tives if another conference Is held.
Those who have Indicated they will
attend tho conference nre: Governors
Kproul. Pennsylvania; Allen, Kansas;
Denny, Delaware; Itltchlc, Mary
land; Kilby. Alabama; Hyde, Mis
souri; Davis, Idaho; Campbell, Ari
zona; McKelvIe, Nebraska; Trlnkle,
Virginia; McCray, Indiana; Cox,
Massachusetts; oleott, Oregon,
Hartncan, Vermont; Haxter, Maine;
, Pious. Minnesota.
Would 0. K. Bill if Suit
able Means Is Named
to Finance Measure
Forbes Tells Veternns That
President in Harmony
With Service Men
CINCINNATI, Dec. 17 Assuranco
that President Harding would sup
port a bonus for ex-servlco men pro
vided n feasible means of financing
tho bonus can bo found, was given
ox-scrvlco men by Col. ,C. 11. Forbes,
director of tho veterans bureau ut
Washington before a Joint confer
ence of nntlotial and state executives
of the Veterans nf Foreign Wars
hero today.
Immediately following Colonel
Forbes' nddress and a discussion
which resulted In strong approval
of a sales tax, tho executives unan
imously adopted a resolution Indors
ing a sales tax with foodstuffs
exempted iib n meant) of raising the
necessary revenue to finance the
C. Hamilton Cook, Huffalo, N. Y.,
national commander of tho disabled
American veterans of the AVorld
war, who was attending tho confer
ence by Invitation, said that his or
ganization would take Immediate
action to support tho resolution.
Legion .Men Not There.
The American Legion, which Is
the largest of the "veterans' organ
izations was not ropresontfd at the
"This means that tho bonus hill
li liable to be iKissud, at tho com
ing (.esHlon of congress," Col. T. I
Huston. New York City, national
commander of the Veterans of For-,
rlmi Wars saitl after the meeting.
Colonel Forbes called President
Hardline by long distance telephone
shortly before going Into the confer
ence, nnd in the course of his address
referred to his conversation with the
"I culled him because it was
suggested that the bonus might be
touched upon," he said. "I wish
you knew tha pulae of Harding. I
wish you knew his Innermost
thoughts. I wish you knevr how he
loves the former service men.
"Harding Is not opposed to n bon
us bill. He will never be opposed
to a bonua. If they will provide a
means for financing it. AU sorts of
legislation have been sought; nil
sorts of means have been mentioned
and the simple means of all those
that have been brought to my at
tention is the sales tax to meet thla
"If congress had brought to the
president tha Holution of the finan
cial problem of this additional fin
ancial responsibility he would have
signed the bill. I believe the sales
tax Is the means whereby this obli
gatnn may be paid and the sales tax
is the answer to the problem of pay
ing the bill."
Sticniii Nenrlng Flood Stage lu Clint
liinnogii Haiti Came. Lifting.
CHATTANOOGA. Tenn.. Dee. 17
The Tennessee river had reached
stage of 23.7 feat here at 7 o'clock
tonight, having risen nearly two feet
nince 7 o'clock this morning The
'pre Ipitaiton fur the past 'i hours
' w.n tw int'br
Obxinerl M Plnde!' lid t, ii,e 'it
tlid' v ,1, b" bat! i'' .icl iti'tr'
fr'li 1 , U, - -r r s ' . - i
li'wj ' t Afie "hit it c r.vcr wy I
i"ei i u3 feet, flood s'lgo In C ia"i
Sore Because Clcmenceau
Did Not Get Backing
in Ruhr Affair
United States Should First
Annul All Claims Held
Against Allies
Ask That Franco Be Allowed
to Seize all German Capital
in U. S. to Pay Debt
n th Ai.oiKUti l'rtM.
PAIHS, Dec. 17. Tho rnportntd
plans of tho United States fdr tho
rehabilitation of Klirf?po. "sflimi
conserved exclusively In thn Inter
est of Germany," says tho Tomps In
an editorial today thnt reflects the
viewpoint of a majority of the
French newspapers. Skepticism
predominate! in these second day
t of lections on thn situation hut
thero at o a fow words of welcome
tor tho proposition as In the case of
tho opposition newspaper L'Oouvre,
vhloh expresses pleasure over tlm
interest of tho United States "oven
If It has no Immediate results."
The Tomps says thn plan looks as
if it Had beon drafted by tho Ger
man rather than tho Americans
nnd suggestn that the Germans after
celobrntlng an agreement with
American bankers make a proposi
tion to tho allien for tho payment
of reparations nnd then the allies
will soo if thoy can mako the con
cessions that are ashed,
Kciero Critic of Hulled States.
M. rtalnvlllo. In La Llbcrto, n tho
most severo critic of tho reported
project. "If tho United States seri
ously wished to savo Kuropo from
flnuticlal chaos," he says, "tholr
first care should bo to annul tho
claim thpy have against the allies,"
Ho sees In what ho calls Washing
ton's move simply an effort to pro
vent occupation of tho Ituhr by
French and asks, "Is this the only
reMiilt of Clemiincenu's tour?"
Tho writer adds that thn money
the Americans would (ind "will be
asked for some day, Just as they
already demand tho billions they
advanced tho allies for n. common
Pertlnaz, In tho Rcho do Par!,
says the conditions made by Amorlea
"aro exactly tho reverse of what U
necessary to prevent Gurm.nny from
employing the new strength she
would get to avoid paying repara
tions." He suggests that the Amer
icans could render great aid by al
lowing France to solze German cap
ital In America, which, he declares
Is sufficient to pay reparations for
two years, thereby avoiding a mora
HHUSSIOLS, Deo. 17. Itcports of
contemplated artlnn in tho United
States looklna to tho reconstruction
of Kurope have been received Willi
much adverse critlclnm by tho Ilel-
glan newspapers. The Nntlon Ilelge 1
says It would be llelgium and Fiance
who would bear the burden as they
would havo to abandon th"ir llenh
on Germany. The Vlngtl-Ktne Sleclo
considers the plan ns a feeler ur.-l
expresses avtoninhmcnt that Amcr
lea should show confidence in Gei
many's intentions to pny repar.it lii
Lcsolr regards the plan ns evident
SiK'iiUer of lloiuo Order Nivt Cab
inet General Is i CatnllilHic.
WAIIHAW, Dec. 17 M. lutaj.
speaker of the house, who In c.,t.
formlty with the Polish rousiitu
tion, became president of tho rr
public ad interim, has called r.n
Geneml Sikorskl to for ma now.
cabinet. This was const itut-"l
The new national assembly win
convene at Warsaw December 20
for the elections of n new presi
dent and there Is a persistent
rumor that general Pilsudskl will
take an active! part.
General Sikorskl, chief of staff,
has issued a proclamation to the
army exhorting discipline and calm.
Will Aid ?.lonUt Movement.
KANSAS CITY. Mo, Dee. 17.
The South western Keren Ilaycsoti, (it
a conference here todav. decided to
i.ilM.- 3MiQ0U tn tln-i dlttilft to aid
the y.t'in.t in't i ini nt The dlHtrii: i
I 01 1 pi i-
K tii- i.-
lll." ".S
Mi'Hi'mi I'.na Nclnii'ika,
ttlt lati't'n.t .in 1 SoLMlTll
it- f r V w
'1 t 11
British Transfer
Last Army Post
To Free Staters
Irish Tri-Color Flies Over
Every Barrack nn New
Troops Tako Charge
DUIILIN, Dec. 17. The last
ll! posts 'occupied by llrltlsh
troops wero transferred today to
the Irish national army. Tho
evacuation of (he Urltlsh was ef
fected nmld scenes of remarkable
enthusiasm and good will, both
Mdes o!nclns a desire to forget
All the ovncualcd posts nro In
thn Dublin area.
Uoforo they depnrted the Urlt
lsh troops hauled down the Union
Jack nnd the Incoming 1'roo State
troops Immediately hoisted the
Irish tr-color, which now floats
from nil the barracks and govern
ment buildings In Dublin. f
Administration Leaders
Face Opposition to
Democrats nnd Progressives
Insist Agriculture in
Greatest Need
WASHINGTON, Don. 17. -Ad
ministration leaders In thy senate
tomorrow face a battle to keep the
shipping bill before that body.
Pending before the annate when
It eonvones after an over-Sunday
reccw will be the motion made Sat
urday by Chairman Norrls of tho
agriculture committee to lay aside
the shipping measure and to take
up lib bill designed to relieve ag
ricultural distress through crea
tion of a government-capitalized
corporation to buy and sell farm
products. .
Tho motion will be opposed by
Chairman Jones of tho commerce
committee. In charge of tho ship
ping bill, and others who havo
been most earnest In the support of
that measure and will be expremed
foes of tho shipping bill Including
the almost solid democratic mem
bership, by the progressive repub
lican group, and by others who be
lieve that action should be taken
without delay lu tho matter of ag
ricultural relief.
lloth sides In the Impending bat
tle nald today that they wero con
fident of succew. Those support
ing the move to lay aside the ship
ping bill and. begin consideration
of the Norrls measure said they I
would havo at least half a dozen
moro than u majority. Those op
posing the move snld they had mnd
no poll but were certain of enough
votei to prevent substitution of nny
agricultural relief not having a
considerable unanimity of support,
which they asserted tho Morris bill
doe not have.
Meanwhile, tho senate bankln.ir
committee will continue with Us
hearings ami study of the various
rural ei edits bills Its members
hope id conclude tlie hearings
Wedtl"H'l'i v
j I'ally Worl.l, Tul. Okla.
i i a..i rinti (fhfrk) (Monty Order) for wales send tn lb Tulsa WorU
I) i .il lot ,.!, rar per u(fr cheeked below.
5.85 Daily and Sunday
llegiilar Unto $0.00
4.85 Daily Only
Hegulnr Hate $7.00
?1.05 Sunday Only
Iti'Uiilnr Hale $3.00
j rcr MAIL Hjbf rlptWni Only - In
MtMourl and
Heroic Work of Young
Attorney Saves the
Lives of Three
Lawyers Sleeping in Cottage,
Truckmen, Caught Before
They Could Be Aroused
Center of Hot Fight for Past
Several Months Found in
JUiiiiB of Houso
AKIION. Dec. 17. Trapped in a
eollngo, three Mnsslllon men. ono of
them center of a political tight which
has been raging there rtr several
months, perished nnd four others,
llirotj of them attorneys In that city,
wero Injured, ono seriously, when tho
cottage in which tho seven wero sleep
Ins-was. destroyed by flr t J,tttl
Waaswoith, near here, early todny.
Only tho heroic work of Walter
Holt, 30, ono of the surviving attor
neys, prevented a groatcr loss of life,
The dead nre:
Harold llowald, 53, city engineer
of Mnsslllon.
Frank Wagner, 50, machinist
Lercy Hodgson, 28, truck driver.
Ono llndly Injured.
Oeorgb W. Williams, 33, promi
nent Mnsslllon attorney and former
city solicitor for two terms, was tho
most seriously Injured. Ho Is In a
lbirbertou hospital, suffering burntt
about the face and body, but physl
(jlaiia sny his chancesfor recovery
are good.
The fire was discovered by Wftl
tor Holt, 30, Manalllon attorney, who
suffered minor burns, Othets who
suffered slight burns were Bison
Wefler, 30, Massillon attornoy nnd
owner of tho cottago in which tho
men were sleeping, und ttamul
'ankovlcli, 30, Massillon truck
Tried to Arousu hleciwrs.
Holt and Kankovloh tried to arouse
the other occupants. Howald, Wug
nur, and Hodgson wero sleoplng In a
flames. Finding Williams hanglhg
room which was surrounded by
unconscious from a second story
window, Holt rushed back into tho
building mid threw him to tho
ground, 20 feet below.
Woflor and Williams had been
living In tho cottage which stood on
the bank of the West Ilescrvolr with
Jesse Hammersmith, another Massil
lon attorney, since hummer. Ham
mersmith was prevented by buslneiet
from spending tho week-end with his
friends last night.
brought a load of furniture and othe
Hodgson and Zanknvlch hud
supplies to tho cottage and had
beon prevailed upon to spend the
(light there,
On Way to iviiltciitlnry When lluml.
cuffed, DUes Through Window,
OKLAHOMA CITY. Dec. 17.--Handcuffed,
on his way to serv a
term In the state jienitentlary nt Mc
Alenter for the murder of his wife
Slg HlggiliK, negro, leaped head-firs
through the window of a moving
train nwu here tonight and e -caped
Illgglns was cuiivk'ted at Kl II' no
In ChiihiIihii county, lie fought off.
cers at the time of his arrest und v.-w
serlouily wounded. llfrfcviiH described
as about 31 yeait old.
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