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W. M. McCulIough, Pres
ent Sheriff, Is Named
to Position
AW M. McCuIIoukIi, prosunt nher
Itf, was yostorday appolntml head of
tho county farm, to toko offlco Jan
uary 1, w lion his term as sheriff
rxplrc.a. Tho appointment wan made
by tho board of county commission
ers. Ira Short, republican: Wank
Wooden, democrat, voted In favor
of tho appointment and George B.
rillmore, republican, was opposed to
tho appointment.
MrCulIough will bo In complete
ehnrco of tho county Institution.
Whon tho county board n month ago
requested tho resignations of Mrs.
Kllrabeth Hundley, matron and M.
A. Watklns, superintendent, the ap
pointment of McCulIough to take
over tho farm management as ru
mored but could never bo verified.
"Watklns and Mrs. Hundley were
dismissed bv tho commissioners bo
causo of friction and strife In the
farm management, the commission
ers said. The county board has for
Borne time considered placing the
management of the farm under one
head and tho first definite step In
that dlroctlon was tho requesting of
tho resignations of Watklns and
Mrs. Hundley.
When notified of his appointment
to tho Job yesterday, McCulIough
t,ald that ho would accept tho posi
tion. "I thnk I can handle it very
handily," he eald. "I was born on
a farm and have spent n, great part
of my Ufo In tilling tho soil. 1
think It Is ono of tho grandest oc
rtipatlons known and tho manage
ment of tho county farm Just suits
formally approached the state de
partment with a suggestion that with
the reparations situation as at pres
ent, a catastrophe Is certain In
Kuropo not later than next spring.
This view Is shared to some extent
by officials of thjs government based
on reports from American diplo-matl-
and commercial acents from
Tho German ambasoador suggested
America take tho lead In propofing
to tho allied governments the for
mation of an International confer
encejto make a thorough survey of
Germany's financial and economic
nltuatlon and then agree upon the
maximum figure of reparations that
Germany can pay and (.till keep hor
head abovo water.
Sounding Out Kuropo.
Without making any cojnmltt
ments one way or tho other, the
Amerlcuu goveriime.lt deemed it
wise to tako some informal sound
ings in tho allied capitals aa to how
such a proposal coming from Amer
ica, h disinterested ialty, might be
received abroad.
In this connection the administra
tion desires the views of J. 1'. Mor
gan a. id Ambassador Harvey of
London, tho two Americans, who
through their association with the
allied premiers and European con
ferences, have beon closest In touch
with the reparations controversy.
This explains, it was eald today,
Morgan's u lhoralded visit to Secre
tary of States Hughes laat week and
also the summoning of Ambassadot
Harvey for personal conferences
with President Harding and Mr.
Premiers Moot In January.
The allied premiers aro due to
meet again In January but before
that time Ambassador Harvey will
have conferred with officials here
and tho results of tho "soundings"
In European capitals will bo avail
able. If the tlmo then seems ripe
for tho American government to
make some euch proposition to tho
allied premiers, it may be done,
otherwise not. The whole thing can
bo dropped so far as America la con
cerned, without tho loss of any pres
tige and without this government
becoming Involved In any way.
The procedure followed is the
samo as that which led up to the
calling of the arms conference.
lleforo sending any invitations, the
United States first ascertained that
the reaction would be favorable.
LONDON, Dec. 18. British op
timism over tho possibility of an
American loan to assist European
Htahllity began to dncllno today.
Newspapers warned tho people
against confidence of American par
ticipation in the reparations negotia
tion next month, much less a loan,
It was declared at tho foreign of
flco that the "I'nlted States has not
yet put out any feelers." It 1 1 be
lieved Oreat Britain would bo the
first natibn approached If tho United
States decided to could out Euro
pean sentiment, preliminary to defi
nite action.
and cities. If Dmrnnsht has any
right to take our gas. so have those
other towns and our regular cus
tomers have no rights at all.
"Tho last tap made at Mayor Nleo
demus' order cutM Into our line to
Ollton nnd ivo could not close the
gate valvo without depriving Ollton
or gas, Our future course In pro
tecting our lines and our customers
against such depredations will be de
termined at our conference In Okla
homa City."
Ily tha Asroclatcd Press Stata Wire.
OKLAHOMA City, Dec. 18. R. C.
Sharp of Tulsa, vice president of the
Oklahoma Natural Gas company,
notified the state corporation com
mission today that he would be here
late today or tomorrow to confer
with the commission concerning the
nctlon of Mayor . Nicodemus of
Hrumrlght in confiscating gas from
'ha company s lines at Druniright
The commission, It Is said, wilt take
no action In the matter until it has
been formally presen'ed
t'liono O.'ugG T8-7U
BM You Ses Today?
Write It for The World
Tulsa is full of potential reporters
and thu Tulsa World wants to liu-
i-uum ui quuuiii'u wan mem, una
offer them an opportunity to dis
play inoir taient at reporting nows.
Keep your eyes open and If you wit
ness on accident or sen an tmumial
Incident, sit down and writo the
Tulsa World a story of not more
than one hundred words, about it.
Address your contribution to the
What Did You Sea Editor, Tulsa
Last Friday night at 9:25 o'clock
I was crossing Fourth and Main
streets, I heard a femalo voice call
ing the mime of tho Tulsa World.
As I drew a little closer, I found to
my surprise, a woman standing up
against ono corner of tho First Na
tional Bank building, waving a news
paper and trying to sell her night
editions of tho Tulsa World. This Is
tin unusual Incident to mo, for a
woman to be selling newspapors on
tho streets, instead of men and
boys. i
I wonder what tho women will do
1418 East Hodgo 8treet.
In answer to what I saw today
permit me to say: In the Payne
county court on last Thursday morn
ing, I saw some "wise huns" trying
to hijack a red-blooded American.
Without delay they got notice to va
cate ('don't trend on me") or tako
out nationality papers. They surely
signed the peacu treaty and came
Very sincerely,
Cushlng, Okla.
! Its only chanco of victory Is In tho
tecnntcai rule keeping retiring mem
bers hero until March 4. Its sure
defeat Is in tho technical rule of un
limited debato.
"Whon the republican leadership
places Itself beyond and abovo tho
voico of' tho common people. It Is
not only Inviting defeat in this con
gress, but abdicating Ita right to or-1
ganlzo the next and pulling down ,
upon Itself dire dlsastor In tho elec-1
tlon that follows." ,
Passage of tho shipping bill could i
be Justified as an act of national
defonso If on no other grounds, Son-
ator Hmadell declared In his speech
In which ho detailed tho commercial i
need of a strong merchant marine
and attacked British opposition to
the measure as expressed In tho
Hrltlsh press "as an attempt to dic
tate American legislation."
Business Men's Bible
Class Elects Officers
Prececdlng a social hour atx their
classroom Monday evening the
Business Men's IJIble class of the
First Baptist church elected the fol
lowing officers to servo during 1923:
President, Joo Musgrave; first vice
president, ti. J. Upp; second vice
president, I. G. Long; third vice
president, lj. 8. McLcod; secrotary,
G. D, Lyons; treasurer, S. New; li
brarian, H. C. Jopllng; reporter, E.
N niloy; special representative, O.
M. Harper. These officers will be
Installed at tho annual class banquet
early In January.
Barker Funeral service, for Mrs. It
M. Uarker, 1010 South Cincinnati, who
Sled lata Monday from a stroke of op
poplexy, will bo held from the Mowbray
Undertaking chapel at 3 o'clock Tuciday
afternoon. Tho body will be taken to
Falrland. Okla., Wednesday for burial.
; Mra. Barker, wluise husband has boen
cunnecieu nun ui. iu;sa jiaraware com
pany for several years, had been a rest
dent of Tulsa for 26 years. Sho was
born In Marshfleld, Mo. Beside her hus
band she Is survived by a son, Itobert M.
and a sister. Mrs. Ilex Walker of
nenver Funeral services for Mrs, Jere
miah C Beaver, who died at her home,
3305 Kast Seventh, Halurdny morning
was held from the Mitchell-Fleming
chapel Monday afternoon, by tha ftsv. '
J. W. Abel. Interment waa made In
llosa Hill cemetery.
i Too Much of Nothing,
I "Don't vou understand, Mandy, 1
)that prohibition will add 10 years to
your husband's life?"
"Don't I understand! An' don't I
know dat ho ain't no use as hit Js,
lot alone what he'd be If yo' gwlne
make him 10 years olderl" Lite. !
Do You Know
You Can Have
The Matchless
New Edison
Budget Terms
Come In
and Talk It Over
519 South Main Street
Osage 595
o. v. iii-xncn. m. i.
r.uour.r u. mim.kii. m. d.
M. n. UIIAISE, M. D.
Announce the removal ot their
offlco. to
214 Atlas UMga
lose, It is said, lira men of modest
From tho miwi authorities comes
the further opinion that Houston,
Klblo & Co. failed when the New
V'o: k stock exchange found the
margins posted by tho company
wero Insufficient anil Insisted that
they bo Increased to cover their
holdings. This opinion Is partially
voriried by n report that tho failure
was announced when the stock ex
change demanded that Houston,
Flblo & Co. raise $800,000 Immedi
ately. Ono of the current strret rumors
In connection with the fnlluro Is
that tho company was overloaded
with low-prieej oil stock. Among
tho ftocpiiTltlra held wetn 5,400
shares of Texai company, 16,000
shams of Phillips Petroleum, 1,100
shares of Invincible, and a large
amount of Sinclair, Skolly and Mar
land stocks.
Skelly Gikw to K. ft
W. G. Skolly and J. H. Foster,
prominent oil men, left nt 1 o'clock
Monday afternoon for Kansas I'lty,
taking the first train north after
the failure was announced, to obtain
moro Information about tho falluro.
Charles D. Crotchctt, manager of
tho Tulsa branch, professed entire
Ignorance of Impending failure. The
local office was opened as usual
Monday morning and transacted the
usual volume of business until ad
vised by wire to closo Its doors.
Crotchett established the office here
about five years ago.
It was learned Monday evening
that a number of Tulsans have re
cently purchased stocks through the
local office and that these stocks
have not been delivered nor have
they been transferred on the books
of companies In which they were
acquired. Their legal recourse re
mains undetermined.
A confidential telegram received
by a Tulsa man late Monday after
noon from a member of tho New
York exchange road as follows: "All
financial news and gnslp Indicates
Houston. Flblo & Col will pay 85 to
90 cents on tho dollar."
hamlet of perhaps 12 houccs a hair
willo west of the big cut of the Lester
mine. McDowell, known to tho
miners as a professional strike break
er, was tho special target of their re
sentment. They handle) him rough
ly according to witnesses, oven
though ho was crippled. It has al
ready been shown in tho trial that
ho was hobbling along on his wooden
leg as best ho could with tho other
nonunion miners being hustled by
tho mob to Cienshaw crossing. Hero
McDowell, exhausted, stopped. He
is reported to have paid:
"If you aro going to kill me, do it
now. I can't go nny further."
McDowell's faco was covered with
blood as he reached Nelson's place,
according to Mrs. Nelson, who took
tho stand first.
She declared Mrs. Otis Clark, wife
of ono of ie defendants, wns present
In the mob and said:
"They've got old 'Pcgleg.' "
One man punched McDowell In the
back with a big gun. Mrs. Nelson
testified, and later two men took
him away into the woods.
"After I went Intlo the house, I
heard flvo or six t-hots," she nald.
No witness has yet testified to seeing
a nonunion miner actually killed.
Mrs. Nelson failed to identify any of
tho five defendants us being mem
bors of tho mob.
George Nelson, who followed his
wlfo on the stand, said 20 or 25 pcr
sonsln tho mob had guns.
are soon "nipped In tho hud"
taritiiouD "dosing" by use of
V A PO Rub
Oetr 1 7 Million Jan Uttd Yearly
fiee ttli.it i oil j
Lincoln Chassis
Shows nil tho pcrfpo
tlon of RxnctiiiR iiianu
f a c t u r i n u principles
now on (hihli
Ryan Motor Co.
2-.fi.B South Mnln
OMigo 8110
Most men come here for their caps; it's
a safe guess that you can please him
with one from here
$2.00 to $3.
Clothing Co.
204 South Main 1
NUAHI,T t.00 was Klvan to tha titar
Mitt rollf by tho Firm 1'inbylfrliin
church in cffcrirtfro tnaila at riunriay
clmrch arttt lllble schonl Sftrtlcss. Humlay
achool cMlilran cnnlilbutnit l-I&O of th i
nmuunt, swh tiny tain m thoss In tha
in Imnry ttrpartmsnt aivlnit 130, while tha
Juniors gno H3 ami Intprmfritlatca $70
Tha t,o In Kilo Junior ilppmtment olaM
marts i n a H ronn ibutlon through their
own efforts.
TOt'NU HOYS will b tha rraachsra at
tho first I'hHsttan church aaivlcaa nit
Hunday morning, tor l'arcy Sterling, Tail
Gattlneer. Jay Toava am Itotntn (Hone
will hava chargo and will ictvo a
rMrt of lha older bo' confer
pnri held at Oklahoma rity recantly.
Hubert A. llueaMI, high ar-bofl aearemry
of tho "V" will heod the leatn. A boya
team from tha Flrnt Methodist rhurch
will lime charge ot wutu In their own
church the evening of December Hi lloye
lmi made iltnllar rep.'ita at the lhmu n
Avenue, Trinity JSt'lecopM anil Second
X'reabyterlau ohurtTi Hunday.
JUnciU AT.LYN blliTH, president ot tin
American Aetroloplcal eoclety, will give, a
public Uctuie on "Tho Slffna of the Tlniae"
Tueedav evening at II n'clocli at the head
quarter of tha Tuls;ikYheonrhteal society, I
701 l'nn-American building, Filth and
TWO niniaTMAs'iioitlea aro acheduled
for the Flrit Christian rhurch this week.
Ilables from one month of aao up to flvn
)eara and their mothers will attend that
of the crnrils roll and beglnnern depart
ment Tueaday afternoon al 3 o'clock In tha
church. Primary department puplln win
hava a tree, a Paltfa dsns and a gift
Christmas party ihilitrday afternoon.
MArtltlACJB I.KK.Nsns Issued jester
day: Wesley Dye. V. and Jewell llogue,
IS. of Kklatook! Andrew A. Jackson, 40,
of Ilrlstow, anil Inns A. Van Alstine, 20,
of Hallman, Minn,; Don I.lndtey. 2S, and
Owendolyn Duncan, IS, of Haputpai Dd
ward t". Hmlth, SO, and Tlielma Bamrycr,
18, of Tulsa.
DIt. JOHN A. lliclfof tha Ilotton Ave
nue M, H. church will address teachers
and officers of tho first Presbyterian
church at their regular d!nnerniettng
Tuesday evening at t, 16 o'clock.
ELECTION OF TUB 1923 eiecutlvo
board for tha Tulsa county Hed Cross
chapter la set for Tuesday attention at
4 o'clock In tha Itrd Cross headquarters
at fourth and Cincinnati. Fifteen mem
bers aro to be named to the club. Every
one who becomes a member of the Hod
Cross during tho last annual roll call
Is entitled to vole. w. V. Stahl. chair
man of tho etccutlve board, will preside
at tha meeting.
RKCKNTLT nUUCTKD officers of the
Altar society of Holy Family Cathollo
church wilt be Installed Into offhi at a
meeting January 4 In the Unlghta of Co
lumbus home. Mrs. r. J. Andereon is
tho new president. Mrs R. U Doling
vice president, Mrs, C. D. Adama secre
tary. Mis. A. Orenberg treasurer. l'ast
officers will be hostesses at a social
following tho installation service,
THE AKNUAU nl)SINEWS meeting of
tha First Haptlet church Is set for Wednes
day night, December 27. Church officers nnd
officials to bo eleotedfaro a Sunday school
superintendent, two treasurers, a clerk,
deasona and cominltteo heads.
A nt'DOKT FOIt the work of the
Yountr Womm'a Christian association dur
tng 1823 will ho adopted by tha board
if directors at a meeting Tuesday morn
1 " at to o clock In the association bulld
Ing. Naming of a secretary for tho Miysl-
Oiiicura Soap
The Velvet Touch
For the Skin
Last Times Today
Miller Bros. 101 Ranch
iTnio Mory of 1MI3, ivhfti Indlnn
Territory vuis kuouii n.i tho land of
tlio Tumbltnit'U,
I Admission:
Fower Floor 20c. llnlcony 10c
I lUddlcs a Illmu
Don't fall to sea tho live elk (II
rtxt from Iho 101 Ilnncii on dis
play III I;Jllf tlll'llUT loliliy.
All (lift I'ttrchies
WriipiK-d in
Holly I Unci
- s
X1 l T"t 1
11(111 I
ral rilu,'(l"H iliisKnent to surfaul Mra.
It.in Jolicv riiaitiiii, retittttly mar
i will la ronit,lprd nriil plans tttatlt
fir ths anmint nisettpa" of tha aasoola
tl'.ji In .Jsnusiy. Two nrr nwmbni will
Ix elrcttcl io lha board to till vacantia
ty rcigi)ilon,
News of Sapulpa
fuy llere Dunlap, Thonei UlU.O K
.MtrniMd t Mnwt Offlrrr.
Kpcr-la! to Th Wnrld.
SAPlI.r. Ore. n In an nttmpt
IM tunUy niirlit, to nrrMt Ioc WH
m. nllvKid pf.ii4j nhurttottr, uffietr
Icivptanil bursty iprp(l ..A4th vhti
I'oliu lUnk nt )ovft!nnil w lin ha Jr'W
tiei.r tu mkp the arrt'Bt
Ijveinn.l And ChtrC ot l'o licit H1Mi
Mnry haJ bmn (ollowing Wlion upon
rnmplAtnt U h:XiUirtr thM thn lut
ttr hail bfn cnnvailne th rrldne
rfttnn try Inn to .. i nw NuvAjn ru.
Ily iutrk nctlon ljaveUnd wn nlilt
to utrlK Wilson' Imml tipwnr.t In ttm
to dlvptt the bdHet unit wan fore, to
rluh Ytlon with lilt nun before h n-an
!" to rtiRhc the nrrl. Tha hoollnR
took iIc on a prominent downlwn
11 iM.(t c tid for Sarletr.
At () linmtxT o' fdimncrcn luncheon
(OtUy jilflrtger! totnllnK 1 2.0lB rern tnarto
toward th annual hii'nane n lt dlc
Kollowtnir the luncheon 100 workem
ntirted out In the retdnc eetlrm rniH
11 tenma In the builneAa aertlon RoUoUlnit
p!ertnta (or the dtlt Hlihli U to end
Wednesday nlRht. The drive ! tot $6,000.
Injuml In Auto Crimli,
C. K. MerMpcry, who rrnldpa nr Hd
pulfn, wan tnUeii tn the Hapulpa hoapltal
last night for trentmrnt After an auto
mo hi In ecchUnt on hta way tn church.
.McC). ery at a ted tliat a rrrklrn driver
In another cur r truck his marhtue And
then proceeded without atnpplnc to In
qulrrt ronrernlnir hU Injuflei. McCleary
auffered eaver hruUea about hla ace and
William Curry, 26, died yesterday morn
lni? nt hla home nn 6outh Him atrart
Ilia death u aa tllrved by rolatlves I
hav hfpti the reault of privtlon and
hnrdahtpft autffred ivJiH held a prlmnar
in 1 1 Ufa I u. Curry was with the Amwrluan
army In Siberia for two yeara where
the Amrrlran eoldlera euffared from th
terrible cold. He waa captured by tho
bolahevlflta, white out on n aoutliiK trli
nnd midi prl"ncr. with other A merle ah
aohllera who ware confined and forced
to llv on brMd and wati
According to hla family, Curry wna
apparently In good hoalth when lie re
lurnd tinTt.A but begin t drrllns ahortky
f terward.
Puneral rervlcre were held thU after
noon. The Itoacoe l'rye I'ust of th
American lRlon conducted military aer
The children of th local c hlMreti'i
home will arlve thre presentation of the
playlet "Chrtatmae Kvn," for the benefit
f other children of the city who may
not other le have a happy Chrlatmna
One ahowlnjt will ba Klven before the
Horary club, another before the Klwnnla
club and the third At a community ii
to hf Riven In the Y W C A ronma bv
the Women'a council In co-operation with
other women club.
Jim x.LAaKY fCLttMTl A
Tho f, d hy
I.lla lt .Iiiiui's Kir. mixkI, Itay
moml llntlon, (aenrsn I'ihutII,
Noah Heir), liicriui'llnn l.oKaii,
Mnjcjilo Orchfhtrn nml Other
Now Playing
Miss Ferguson wear
ing dazzling new
Paris gown in the
greatest role of her
screen career.
"V r j j
Today mid rn- HcroeiiTlma ! I
Wdncday W l,,32: '?' g
I L4a3 ''' I
m 1 1
W farUJjWaWiWlwlMni 1 - " - '"ii fun fpy
iuuh uxaa pantaTi
Screen Time
11, 12:30, 2, 3:30, C, 0:30, 8, 0:30
West Tulsa News
Calvin I- Tlnney,
tr. ('lock llpmilnl t.'P"".
Mr V c. Cloch who was taken l
Kansas City amnetlnia ago, ttndervrrnt ah
nparttlon thero Monday afternoon. Th,
operation Is sold to bavo beoti successful.
Her husband, It W. r. Clock, pastor
of fhe M k ihuicli In Wet TuW w.i
wllh h it I tl.-
Have ItlrthdnT 1'nrtr,
A parly In honor ot W. ft. Oanady'a
31t birthday of West Tulsa, was held
Monday evening at 7 31 o'clock at hla
how names ware played, fnllened bv
refreshment At tha end of the rvanttiK
Cansdy was presented with a birthday
cake prepared by his ttiother-ln.taw, Mrs
1). II. Matlger. Thirty-five people at
t.ndsd. Hoys Creeont llorter.
A committee of four West Tulsa bay,
representing the newly otganltod Hoy
rkioot troop which met last Friday nlglit
at the M U church, went to the home
of Carl llnl.hua, tn Coaden addition, 8'
urtlny evening, and presentad hint with
a bouo.net of floweie
Hotehue has bicc I'' for some time.
nolo tli-nor lUmat,
A rlaes , f voting people at the Plrat
Christian church vtant on a wlaner roast
Monday afternoon to Turkey mountain.
The party was olnperonad by Mrs, J.
IvAwrehca Moaro,
Held INiurnil Hrr- l,c-,.
Funeral services for Mrs Welch, 104
West Vrancle atomic. ho died KrlttaS
ovonltftr, were Monday afternoon at th
I'lrst Methodist Hplscnpal rhurch In Tul
sa, Ilov H r Crttm, pastor of the
church, officiated. Tha burial wss In
llosa Hill cemetery
Tha T. W A of the Hrat llaptl.t
churehwtlt meet In regular session this
cvehlnr In tho homo of Opal Ick of Ho
West Twenty eecnnd street The rntn
pany will bo entertained with a I n f t
mas program, fnloued by gamea and ra.
I"srl Chambers, who lives on rtouth
Itosedale, on stricken flunday evening
with appendicitis
Tha Cosdett company's annual Christ
mas trc fur tho employes of the rc
flncrv, and their fsml'les, will be given
Thitrsdsv evening at Die company's cafe
"The Strength
of the Pines"
A Virile Story of tho
Great Outdoors
Educational Comedy
Adult 20c Children 10c
Convention Hail
Monday, Dcronilit'r 25
( liiNtnim Day)
Jot. M. ClalteH proaentu orlclnnl
New York and Chicago Company
An excellent hill, headed hy the
Orpheiini Ii(villiner
Cissie and Gcorgie Scwell
AHL!txl hy
In n fnntnMy,
"The Throne of
ny Albert Von Tller und Neville
In thre soenns.
Eddie Kane nnd Jay
"Tlio MidnlBltt Sons"
Tlie Lime Trio
"Tim fJollnoB"
Maxfield and Golson
Tlint's it Good rden"
a Jim Slh)l
Diamond and Brennan
"Something for Sale"
On thn screen, flint-mn photo
Play Max Linder in
"Be My Wife"
Picture nt 2, 0:30 nml 0 i. in.
Vaudeville 3, 7:30, Oils
Coming ThtirMli.yl
Another Ticellent Shotr
heatleil hy
DIM t Mtl'S
JL (Sjf" K Buddie McMillan Present
wmo, r myWm Musical Comedy Revues
?,,rf 1 f V NEW SHOW TODAY
. tVE9 Pi'jlll M T.u-sdtiy mid Wotlncsdny
XliiiX67" 0 U'h it Piinuiioiiiit IMcturo
Mall orders recelvod when ac- 1 3N
! "ZZrTTZ 1 THEATER All Week
Uelohel. Box 321, Tulsa, Okla, fci,
terl. An entertainment will comprise
the first part of th evening, and then
i her.- win i,s th distribution of tha
tree's to every hoy and girl vrh attends.
Tha l-A elass of fu Clinton schawl
was cntettalnml by Mia. Ruby May Jonas,
teacher, at har homo In Ttllea, Iat
aturdsv afternoon frasenta ware ax
changed Mis Jones wa praaanl! with
a large bus. of ean4y.
Mtsa tnh Dnvle Tulaa dlatrlc)
doaconeaa of tha M R, chunliee, whs
has been In West Tulsa for nmi tlma,
wss called in hei limn In W.stburo, lo
Jlnnday evanlng
Mrs Joa Ion!, and T. It. Wllhlto, haca
been visiting their patents, Mr and Mra
.!. l. Ulbnnna of 3I.M K nth I'lio-nla for
tha osi twn ivcclts left Mnnd'iv evening
for thalr homo In Oklahoma. Clt.
Tha slrk list In West I'u'sa Is vinlng
Mr. It 11 l(c, tip, v,.i iwenn
thlrd h h-is been 1,1 f'r eotn'i time, la
Tho ttlfa ,'f Mr It. If ft, lu.nHiiiJ nl
the Ohl i lion,,, iI.hiiim ift nt, M,.,i
Price $50, Including
cnrrylnc case and ipec
Ul Cliriatmsi tlft box.
as Ichabod Crane
adapted From lOcukinytoK
Irvms's "CcyenJ ar
Sleepy HoLLoiu"
m Glve
TW this
day morning for Carnegie. Io apend fha
i hrlstmnn hn'tUaya wllh relatives, Mrs.
Hthooiin will remain in t atincglo fur a
Mr. I.ea Uvana of 1310 Potlth I'hoen r
" i iced hla entrance to tho mlnlelrv
Ttte.,1 evcring. and preaohed hi-
"'nmn inri ri'n,tav evening In tho
West Tulsa I'lrst Ilapttst thurch, wllh
it,,., ,. hg(,,. v ii i i. r
attending tha ateta university at nrmnn, fi
,a rai,,, d to jii.io , May I' apeid m. ji
i nrtinmss notoiaya win c, nrm itrs
M, lluchonan. ot 1301 West Meventcentn
(tenrge Clock, ann uf Itev W C Ctoek.
Hit Aonth Olymtila, arrived hom a few
dsya ago from wlnfleld, Kan whe.'f ha
lias heon attendttig the Hotitliwra't.rn tin
tcrslty ror tha lait two yesra and will
spend tha Chrretmaa hullduia wllh hla
Krnnce In an(lln(l ft inllltnry mlH
hIuii of live) ofllcern to tho I'nltetl
stated for tho iiitrpoina of advancing:!
Knort lll Imtvvt'fii tlia two countries.;
aA 'dfA. WAJLU
ia l
'VHERE'S Gomeone you
X know who's been vyish
Ing and wishing for one.
This ia the Christmas to
give a Corona because a
new model has ju3t been
perfected, embodying the
experience and advice of
half a million users.
Let U3 show you this new
Corona today. Come early,
and be sure of getting one
of the special Christmas
gift boxes.
Tulsa Typewriter Co.
Comer Second nnd lloon
Vhono Ojnee J7B9
lain Street
ytttsst Mwm
Irving Cummings
Eva Nov.ak
Extra Features A News
Weekly and a New
Lower Floor , 20c
Balcony , , , ,10c
808 North Maui St.

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