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OKHMAH. Dec ll At a, meeting of
about forty lum men and farmer .
held t Weleekt i V. clhradav lh 1'lim
ere nl Men hattt I (n-''iatlv n'"!
tton orgai.iaid Tli.' mmliriK
th rult of effmi- of i'i agrl ultnt.. ,
cnnimltle nf tin- , natn'iar f f'nn'
nit Cnunly Agent li. A. jtai. k 1 he I
purpo of lh iirgentaatl'.n u I" ' ,
away from the nm crop plan and m
bring bnu a rreater iiivcieincaiion m
riirm crop nil older!? marketing, f. N
Cllg of tli' agricultural committee pro
(. an oryanlaatlon cnmpoaed of farm
er and I. null. OK. mn In lh nature of
a" ew-nprallv marketing aeaoelatlon to
plan m) punli th work. Clffleera of the
aaolatlon elected t th initlnir are
Ifenrjr nthnny, ptealdenti O. H. Haldwln,
li prealdetu; H. N. Craig, ortary
The lar,i of dlrwUr conalat cf Henry
Anthony. Mark Keltet. W. 1 UMdlrk.
O. S. Jlaldwln, .T. H. Nunn, A. T. Doug
Ilia and W. It. I'lnoham.
Kl.VormttGIl. IIm. II -tderl nffl
ri arretted Jim Coatea at lit" horn weat
of Ilenneeaey, Okl , for operating a hoeee
Joint. The n, nfflcere attempted
rch Oate' place l"t week, hut
OHitr K"t th drop o'i them with hl
Iilgli-puwcred llfl "ml th officer were
rnmMlinl to leave. rlerdy Coatee at
tempted tho iinin gem, tut th offi
cer were trio qui1 for him And h wa
)i)nerl under nrreat without much diffi
cultly. ,IAV. Dec in County Judit J. drover
floate performed lit merrrlage of Fred
Marrow, ge IJ. of Ketehum, nd Ml
Mlnnl l Haggard, ag 1. Th groom la
th inn of J. I Morrow, who tin loal
three ami In Ilia Mat alt tnnntha hy Dan
CuMd. Th" lirlilo I th daughter of Mr.
a Hit Mra. 1'rank Haggard.
pay all axpenee hovr, alnc th guard
nlll h In active aorvlc. It pointed nut
that lli' will "in'raat with th altiiaMiiii
fmir pftfa aico whn th Ktinrd wrti
' akd to aaai inhln' t Oklahotim City fur
ih icvarnor a inatiguratton, at thir own
NOHMAN, lJo ll.-TNa Oklahoma.
rlua A Klrtrlr Co. la ntL'iitlatlnf With
I'lirmll autharlll to oitand It Mactrlr'
(tanamlaalnn lln from Norman throuicn
Nohl iu I'lirrnii. Th tut,! triatmont I
of thla projact la to h ahout III!. ()
CltlricXsilA, Utf,. II. Chlckaaha Oaa
X utr o t o. ha mi rrli th ituait
Bptlnaa lht plant from liny Itandolph
and th city council liaa eallad an if-
Urn to vol upon th rnattar aa In I
whethrr franckla will La rrntad to
th Chlckaaha company to furnlah ! I
tfiaity rnr In town orr a, nun nn.
Otr.TOM, Iif. II. th fiklahoma Oaa I
ICIwtrlc Cn. haa rc(iilly takn ovr th
Haotrlo 11a lie plant at Ollton.
I.IMDJIAT. I. I. Mndaxy haa In-
tlld a whit way on Main vnua ,
which haa tiirnad night Into ilay Aliiiii; i
tnta atrt. Th roat of th whlla way ,
waa I900
Lauahs That 1
You Live Longer
MUTT AND JEFF- This Is Something to Weep About.
I'AIItl'AX. Pn It foiinty court waa
In afaalon lit I'alrfax nil of laat wnk.
22tnvn civil ntnl 4R criminal caca wr
tild. On civil and on criminal waa
tried, halanc ctlhor ronlliuid or dla
hitaaM for want of iirohcutlntf.
OKLAHOMA riTV Dec. 1" Ahut
U l"mdrcd puMlo lillllty tnn from flv
alc. Oklahomn, Texan. Mlaalailppl,
Joulalann and Arkanaa ar expnctd to
tlnd th cunvcntlona nf th Oktahoma
lMllltl1 ataoclallon and th Houlhwcat
crn Daoirrophlr dlvlalnn of tho National
),'lcctrlr Light aaaoctatlon, to h held at
thn llurklna hotfl, o.klahnma City, Okla ,
un March IS to Id Inclualv,
HnNnVI'TT.ri7erl --Tulldita lndf
No. 501, Maaonlo order haa r-Uctrd
It. K. Mottitnah wnrahlpfill mailer; A. V
Jlrowo, acnlnr warden, II, A. Troiitinan,
:unloe wrdn: o. W. Mraoham, oretary
ivnd O, W. ItmrnuKh. treaaurer. II. A.
.Inchann, (I. w. Tturroiiirha and Ttoy Itln
ton, truateea. Tho Maaonlo lodge nwna
ono nf th moat valnablo piece of prop
erty In th cltv, and la now conildcr
Inir. whether or not to erect a commeictal
liulMlnir with lodn ronma almv, or to
acopt a hid mail for thla properly, and
purrhAaa n lot on wtlc.li tn erect an -elualve
Maannlc teniplv. A pnii met
Iiik haa bntn called to declda upon tlio
NOWATA, Dec. II i According to J M.
jenplnga, th federal engineer In charire
of'tha work of hulldlnic I In I.enapah
nelkwar gravel road, SO cara f travel
lll h received In on ahlpment and work
ef prradlng th gravrl will atari hetwen
January I and II. Cuncrat culvert hav
been completed on tho entlr atrcteh nf
road, and only a llttlo aTadlng la yet to
OKKMAH. Die. !. Th annual lec.
tton of orflcera of th Okmh loflg A.
r- A. M wua hlrt In th Maaonlo hall
Tueaday night. Tlio follnwlnit new of.
flcefa wero phoaan' I,, f. I'hllllpa. V, M.,
O. P, Durham, H. W Jcaeph Miller, .1. 1I
J. O. llarjiea. 1ieaaurr and W. W, Nlaon,
ecrotary. Appolntlvo officer nr II. M.
Peatheraton, aenlor ilaacon; P. M fltreet
inan. Junior deacon: J, A. Poglrenng,
oanlor atewart; Knox Payn, Junior Hlew.
ordt J, H, Price, chaplain and AV, II,
Carroll, tylar.
MIAMI, Deo, II. Mr." Pmlly J, Ttlan.
aat, et year old. ha filed ault In th
Ottawa county dlatrlct oourt for 1(0.000
agalnirt Mr. Kmma Hampton: alleging
that while In tho employe of Mra. Ham li
tem a a houaemald her employer' 1!
yrold aon puahnl her nff lh purch,
Infllctlna- lnjiirlea from which alio haa not
recovered, Th plaintiff contend that
th boy'a mother waa preaent and mad no
attempt to reatraln the youth from hla
Utrtmmt of her.
JOPI.IN. Mo. Deo. II, Per.on who
iaw Charlea McDonald, United Htataa
tlcpiity marahHl, carrying an Ironing tffltd
uown Hi tit yairaay wondari wnai
ho win going to do with It. Th Ironing
board waa only an Ironing hoam In an.
pnarance According to McDonald. John j
.lane. fi.i ver mil. who la rnaraetnrizca
by nfflrare a "th illnnr bucket boot
legger,' ud th Ironing board aa a hid
ing place fur Honor.
MONDTT, Mo, Tec Th call for
th annual meeting of th Oaark Prult
Orowaia' aaaocUllon wn lauI yeaterday
by Dr ' U Ileal of llcpuhllc, prealdent
and .1, M. fftroud of Jtogera. crtary
Th meeting will ba hbt January I, In
adilltlnn to th hitalnea aeinn, pro
gram la being prepared that will Include
many of th fnrnnioat fruit grower and
uuthorltle In th mhldl weat.
U'llllll (MTV. Mo., lire. II. Atotal
of 604 rabhlta waa klllad lu Jaaper county
laet week hy member nf the Hlka lorig.
who apenl the two day combing th
cnunly for rain to ba placed In Chrlatma
lioxra tor deaerving poor pereon".
I " 7 ' - . ' I v rLTr.TgrJ..lr-CF UiAt'lT 1 (6 .ftftoVThlg HoM& ForV r" 1
. - v I . ( WHAT!! NO, MOA ToH.-Boo Hot l I Bftt Wttwi BUftO MICGl A CAT GOT JT
I Lt ftNiUllStS 1 ' ,f WGLLftl VOS ''M M't e.A .T 0ol OH. HaMC? ,u LAS.r MIGIVT ftfjO
tT. Motr: 1 -nut i ir.tr W ' . ,tll s ' ' umr.r, r,F TH6 A6.. .
' S . r MLr aav ? 1 fIN ' oOa.a DOO "J" V'T BdO &S
assA.yfa i il : . 'ii . i ' gf m in
jl2 " 1 1
POLLY AND HER PALS Well, Anyhow, Ma Can Feel at Home in a Hock Shop.
CAUTIIAfli;. Mo, Dec. II An nper.
atlon to removn thn right ey of Oath
erlnn potta, 15 year-old lrl, who tnat her
oyealglit and aufrerfd ntnr lnjiirlea In a J
dynamlt tap raplnalnn which hllleil her;
father, may b neceaaary tiee.auao of In
flaininatlnn that hnn davoloped, accord- !
Ing- to attending phyalclana. Doubt aa tn '
whether th glrl'a piiyetcal condition can i
wiiiiwiMiM, in h nnainetio ror in oper
ation la oipreaaed hy phyatrliini and' U
canatiiK poatponement concerning th op-srotlon,
VINITA, Dee. IS, Th report for the
year from Decembir 1, HJ1, to December
I, ::, or fir loa In thla city, mad by
Chief O. It. AVehh. ahowe 17 rune made
and a loaa of I4T.C0O, th Inauranc car
ried amounting to J7JT5I. The artual
tlmn of aervlcn In flahtlng flrea la given
aa S3 hour and 33 vnlnutca.
IH.UKJACKKT. Dee. II A community
Sunday achoot rally waa held Hunday at
tho high achoot auditorium In thla city,
th Sunday achonla of Hliiejecket and
many adjacent dlatrlcta participating In
tho erent. Iter. It. It. Moyd. nf the Uap
tlar church, and llnverend Wilder of thn
Methndlat church, delivered addreaaea.
Tho Illuejacket orcheatra turnlahed the
IIAMONA, Dec, II Prank Portnar of
-jtiia la aupermiemient or th new rage
Met) line for thla city. Ochelata, Vera,
Avant and Ucraliliik-, th elrctilcrty for
which waa tTlrned on December I. Mr.
Partner will devl.la hla time between Oi
above mentioned tnwna.
MIAMI. Dec. Talbert Taylor haa
lienn elected worahlpful maater of the
illajnl Maaonlo lodge for the arming year.
KOWATA. Dec. II; Schoolhouae ooul
try ahowa are becoming mor and mor
aular her, flv audi ahowa having been
1 In on week In the achoolhouaea
thjauahnut the ominty, Hach wlnttr'a
Jlmwa develop better bird for th neat
eihlbltlon, Th ahowa were better thla
year than ever before. Judging I done
far the Nowata County Poultry aaaoclatlon.
Tit achoolhouae poultry ahowa are largely
xo ueveiop poultry eanae in ine sarm can
rt.AIlCMOIti:. Deo. II. In addition ta
a new white way In the hualnota part of
th town, red Interaction light have
been Inatalltd here. It la doubtful It any
town of Ilka elz In the United State la
better lighted than la Claremore Thn
light and water Plant ta owned by th
luivnlolpallty. Hert Hprangel la In charge.
. CIII:i..'U:A, Dec. II. Leon Merrltt ta
acourlng th country tor a aultable pure
bred bull for hla amall herd of polled
Hereford helfera. The halter ar run
ning on aa tin a pavture of wheat aa can
he aten anywhere In uorthcaatea OlsU.
VAN' IICltHN. Ark . Dec. II Crockett
M. Dlrileoe. aherlff and Mi rnlleclor of
t'fawford touiifv. la abort 183,111 17 In
hla acCounta, filed with Wallace Oliver,
rlnuit clerk llledaoo haa been gone from
van l Hirer, aini o Hen ember Ilia pri.
nt nddiraa la uuknonn.
IIKHUIt SI'ItlNUB, Aric., Dee. II Tho
Iforton llouan, an old landmark; hotel at
lleher Nprlnga. recently haa been remod.
eled, running water and hatha being In-
atalled on first and cond floora. JI. w.
Hooa la th owner and manager.
SBARCr. Ark.. Dec. II Th annual
Chrtattnaa baraar and chicken dinner will
tin glvn hy tho flenrcy Hchool improve
ment aaancinuon natiiniay. Tin, aaancl
atlnn la ralalng money tn furnlah addition
al enulprncnt for thn aclenco depattment
ao that the high achoot atnndard may hn
ralsod. It will reijiilr lont? than f ) to
buy the needed equipment.
EL DOltADO. Ark.. D.B. II Thn
chamber ot commerce and reatdent of
amackover am taking im th uueatlon of
a water ayatem there. Water la at a pr-
imum, many penpi witn private welle
aelHng It by th barrel. Intereat In
Hhrevepurt ar aald to b flguttlng on
tho plant.
aie?e'C Voon Poiisf.lf3- " ,
Pa''- uvu nocKh-Q f,ofc G& Blwx my
CfTwvat. ttlZ. Wv N!,, Frtw 5ey. twc. C BHtai nw wirwjj
? VJOXCHOO V r jiM'' rJI I VfcAH1. iHERtfe Go
letEeJ nccrnJ'Q yJjmBmlmmmM WMk bfcTlieJ'? ) muoh of- oor S'pjhm
"ST AjuTHieJ'! IJeSS m i u Theap..- J
? )
That mope.
CASEY THE COP-A Dawgon Insult.
TP.JfAIUCANA, Ark.. Dec. !. The
Tumi aid city democratic central coin
mllto haa ant Prlday, January Iz, aa the
date for tho city primary. The tteket will
cloaa January a at 110 p, tn. Officer
to he l,ctcd are: Chief of nolle, cltv
attorney, aaaeaaur and collector and alder,
men, Ike Lanier, preaent chief of police;
City Attorney W. V. llrown and Aaaeaaur
anu collector H. cowan ar candidate
for re-election, William lleaaloy and Jon
Heed alan ar candidate! for chief of po
lice Drown and Cowan an fnr li.iv tin
IIAXTP.lt sritlNOS, Ifan.. Dec II.
Handling dirt nt a power cvat of 10 rente
a ton la a good record claimed by Harry
llarndullar. manager of thn Heaumnnt
Mining company, nnrtheaal nf Plcher. The
lleaumont la eiiulpped with two 550 h, p.
gaa engine, and Ilia gaa bill fur laat
month waa only 1:56.
MVSKOOEE, Dec II. To encourage
and promote th development of dairy
farming In Muakcge county th chamber
ef oonimeroo of thla city nee agr!d to
pay 110 a month on the aalary ot a dairy
eipert who will become an aaslatant on
the ataff of the county agricultural agent.
The federal government will alio pay a
yart ot tho ipert'a aalary.
OALK.N'A. Kan., Dec. II. A family re
union waa held at the Prank Coe home,
120 Kim aereet, AVrdneeday. Amontf thoae
preaent wero Paul Coe of Plttaburg; Ittch
ard Coe of Newklrk. and llandal Co of
thla cltv; Mra. Vt O McClellan of Hew
klrk, Mr, Coo'a mother, Mra. Elizabeth
foe, and alater. Ml Alfretta Coe. Thla
wne the tlrat limn In five yeara that th
three Co boya, Paul, llandall and Hlch
arc), had been together.
PAItSONfl, Kan.. Doc. 11. Mra. Paulln
Peea, IS. who ram to Kanaaa tn till
finm Pennarlvania, la dead here. Hha had
been a realdeht of Labette county alnce
1171. Hh la aurUed by five children,
WICHITA. Kan.. Deo. JI. Narcotic,
valued at approximately 110,000 at
peddlere' prtcea. nuw In the poaaeealon of
the police department here, will tie turned
over to federal offlcera within the neat
low daya. Th drug, moatly morphine
nnu rocain. wern iaen ironi priaotiei,
within the pan II nionlba.
weli.inoton! Kan 7" De. 1 1. tti
llngton cltlaena are tiartlcularlr bitter he
rauaa the agitation which threatena to
rrault In ouater proceeding agalnat the
mayor, vtiief ot ponce and hla aaaletant.
waa Inatiicated tiy ''outaidera," Harry
Wnoda, editor of the Newa, and W. v
Sihwlnn, o, leading attorney, both of whom
have re ded In Uclllngton fur iroro than
tn,rty-r v year, neciar tnat th a tu-
atlon li; th town I, been exaggerated.
Northern Texas
MEMPHIS. Tefaa. Dec. II. Th Tour
County Medical aaaoclatlon waa held here
laat week. There waa a good attendance
nf Chlldreaa, Cnlllngewnrth. Donley and
Hall onuntlen. Doctor Wilder ot Claren
don waa elected president of the aaaoclatlon.
sill ai ()7r wS
y tll Zr ulvrs
BARNEY GOOGLE And the Great Tobacco Handicap Only Four Day Off.
ot co-ordinating e&orte tn deatroy the cot
ton boll weevil, John A, Whltehurat, preal
Oent of tho alnle board of agriculture,
auggeati that community meeting! b held
at which tnembera of chamber of com
merce and other bualneaa man get together
with farinrre to urge th neceaalty ot
'clean-up" work. He auggeata further
thai a man or group of nun, be appoint
ed at auch a meeting "to offer hli earv
Icea In the way of pointing ant ell plecea
of -hibernation and urging that theae
place ot refute he oleaned."
JAY, Dec. U.pncla"' Charlie tVorke,
Ch,ioke Indian, aged 71, living two mllea
nn rlh nf Hemic, died recently at hla
home after moru than a year'a Ulneae He
waa one of th group of ploneera who
ai-ttled thla aectlon Immediately after th
oltl wee. Tho who cam with him to
thla aectlon wern William Dallard. John
Miller and Itandolph liallard. William
Ilalard I the only on ot the group aur-tlvtne.
RTILLWATKIl, Dec. II. That th.
Oklahoma atate exhibit aelected from local
andatale falra and the Oklahoma Agri
cultural & Mechanical college and ahown
at th International Hay and Grain how
in Chlcaca thla month ocounled a good
poaltlon at tha expoaltlon and attracted
luucn comment, waa in repori reux is..
Wen. ot i:i lleno. mads to John A, While-
huirl. prealdent of the atate board of
agriculture. Weat waa Jn charge of the
a.t exhibit. He te th Canadian county
agricultural agant.
r. V. Darrttt haa again aaked that rail.
roada give the atate Quota ot national
suarda reduced ratea on transportation
when they come to thla city to take part
in it, Inaugural carimonu or nnv.rnnr.
Elect Walton. Ua aald thR lt at.t wUl
ROCICDALB. Texaa. Dae. II. tlavtng
finally aecured and Installed all of lie ma
chinery nd placed In the warehouae
enough raw material 1o run on tor 10 daya
tue tactory oe tn mo-jo ruier aianurac
luring company 1 making Ite trial rune
thla week, and by January 1 th plant
wl'l b In full operation and traveling
auleamen will begin covering their aalea
AUSTIN. Texaa. Dea. II. Tele -
rrama nroteatlna the chamrlnir of ailate
textbooke wera received by Governor Naff
from aalneavllle, aa a remit of resolution
adopted at a maaa meeting there. Pro
teal agalnat tha change In booka have
been' received from a number ot other
bodlea. It le underatood. It waa pointed
out her thai, nntr, fe r.C"" b"r
have been let and there t Ilttl poaatblllty
of a change In the textbook commlaelon'a
DALLAS. Teiaa. Dec II. Pulldlna car.
nilt valura for Dallaa property piaaed the
111,000.000 mark for tha yrar here today,
not Including It.t00.000 laauad In High
land park, according to a report given out
here today.
MOHAN. Texaa. Da. II. The Moran
chamber of commerce will hold Ite annual
banquet here Thureday evening. Homer
D. Wade, aaaletant manager of th Weat
Texaa chamber of commerce, with head
quarter in Port Worth, will be the
principal apeakar,
; -Minimi r.irt to Collect).
Special to The World.
ST. l.OUIH, Mo., Dee. 18. A gHt
of ono-fourtH million dollars to erect
a Koulutty building at Wanhlngton
university Ims been nmilo by Mrs.
Newton It. 'Wilson, It was announced
last tilKlit. Tho building n to bo a
memorial to Mrs. AVIUoii'm husband,
the late ltlchard "Wilson, a erailuato
ot tbo university,
m li f
c uiBt "Tfus loo.ooo)
fetjAsco tvvNotexP is
Taw a l.iniG TJme To GeT 1
"IHosg vcimks cuTTf your
T5K Te-
YOW I S Hoop Ai-.. 1 a -t V I
Ct- 1922. hy Kmc Feaatoee Syndicate, lot
CO OH. Sr5KX ,
THEM DAYS IS GONE FOREVER-Commence This on Your Coronet.
ettti eu - ; feeV " '
JOHM- iOST I Tea voupw
Time - wkcm he was oiajit or
i a
luckv - gosh - ims MAP MO
Saw-tubs the.
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