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3, par y. it. t.nif fcndm 1 .011 'ompnnv 1
Office: 6241
Residence 2442
! 1 Hi' 'ijlii ii iriniiiiA fun liroiiplrt
lei hhii''h 11 mi r j"r'''i, fori
VV"ith,T'XiH )J'" ' inlii'i J'l I .,'rili
InMiiM urn i,f inu: than p'lfKlng tm-I'driDii'-.'
fifini three iinrtli c nlriil
Vox. is ild tl tnln, iwo uf vhl u am llarnsdall (liighenrt), niul tho Men
'l it ft trorgnnlzation has been
about whereby th plant
v,ll rrsumo opoiatton In tho near
future. Tho Itamsdall company lias
a 3,000-lnrrel ranaclty nlant at
rtelow S gravity ...I
H to In univiijp .
" to a 1.(1 gravity ..
It to II 0 Rmvlty . ,
III to !!. gravity ..
IT 10 H. gravity
Itriivlty and ebnvo,
11 gratlty Mil above
tHaier Creefc. Ilimlil.
tefl, Walter.
I 110
I 40
1 '
9 00
North Tern.
(Intliidlng Rurkhurnatt,
RwiMr filectra. Stephens
1 OS
1 111
gravity and above till
Ilrlnw 11 mill. ..
II 10 t,l gravity .
0 in II S gravity .
III lo II gravity .
o H. gravity ,
n.o gravity
31 la
, CotaUan, I last
Coralcm. liMvk
Mila :
tf coast lei Plarce
.luncllon. Hull ' and
II! ua Rids
.Herce June, grdi A
Marco June., grade tl
Hull. grade A
Hull. grade II
Ulna Ul.laro
It. 0
1 n
riitlnw gmvlly ,. 1
M In 2H I gtavtly . . I
i lo t a gravity . . 1
II In l gravity , . 1
IK to una gravity .. 1
7 lu I" 9 giavllr . . 1
l gravity and abova 1
II gravity anil abeve t
IT lo II ) gravity ., 1
ll to ll.a gravity .. 1
11 lo II. I cravltv .. I
10 to IS.B gravity .. 1
III gravity and abova t
1 lo II grartly .. 1
II lo HI gravity ., 1
II lo 14 I gravity , . 1
10 lo It I gravity .. 1
t ...iii,
II gravity and aliovo I
ST toJ't.l gravity
e in ys.w gravity
II to II gravity
10 lo I'll gravity
huh uayoii-
II gravity an. I above 1.
It to I? gravity .. 1
33 to I, gravity.. 1
l Rita crude 1.
I'rlelit'jti rruda 1.
iieltrvua i llnaalar par
iah) Jennlnga ciude I
Vinton 1.
ICrtgprly rrlj'ta ...... t.
Kl Dmaitn -SI
gravity anil abova 1 80
IT In II I gravity , . I 10
II to . gravity .. t in
II to lit gravity ..IK
Smael.ovr la
,ii Montague county ana tne thud ,n
Mll'hrll lounly.
The Montague county well nro the
Wursham well of the Oulf l'rodtie
tlon i omp&ny, fotirtnitn inllM north-
wcgfrrf tlowin, whirh onrotinternrl Hn 1
illan 1'etrolotim company tins a plant
at Hominy.
Th Mariana company, of I'oncn
Pity, own a mnnll plant nt Coving
ton, whlpli l liinlcr leage, however,
to tho I'ipr-rg (naolliin t'ompany.
Y W 9FPRFTAPY 'Judge Who Married
oil bfgrlnu nrt nt ,3fi4 feet; and I Tim plant hag a dalfy eupacltvf 1,
)Vilrrn Hlittra
I'annaylvanU .
North Um
IteuUi Uma
Wooatar i l-ll) ..,
itnmara!, hagvy , , ,
flnmafxat, light ....
tlllnolg ,
t'lymouth ,
1'rlnaaton ,
Klk Waalii
Oraaa f'rar k
Rock Croak
ljinoa croak .,
Mult Crook .........
nig Mudijr
Halt Crook
fat Oraak iMant.) ..
kavln-Huflkarat (14-
.tl a
I It
I. ft
. l.Ml
lianlern Oil Up Twcnli-Fivc
Cents ; Mid-Continent Next
The price of Pennsylvania wkh ml
Cood Well in Ifcmuctta '
Ohlo-Okliihuina oil onmnanv and
yalicutl 25 rentfl to ,S.25 pf r harral, "onniw wo. j inoya Kleldg, In the
IV tho principal punning ..-. Rffl V.iu'j 1'
, vit. to take offeot Saturday morn-; t,,Uch'd tho -and at 2.r,ir, feot. and
i JHB, Tlilg put l'rntiaylvanla made at tho hole han filled tin l.KOO feet with
H.26, Cahsll nt t21I. Bomerget
il.'JO, Komerai-t light Jil.IS, Oornlim
j.:d aim itagiana fi.ou, tiio two
'hitter remain iinohniiKd.
Tho first day of January, 1028
would he u mighty kooiI time to pout
un Inereago in thu prlco of crude
horo. nt tho amn tlmo ndvnuclng
nil rettticil product This advitncn
has boeti anticipated hy well poHted
oil mon for Homo time, and will
(Slime n Blent deal of dlnnntlifaotlon
If It falls to mnterlallro.
See the Propcrity Edition of
Today's World
Don't forget to read the I'ronperlty
Kdltlon, portalnlng entirely to the
611 Industry, In today's World.
oil. Well him heen shut down for
In the Srnackover District
The Irfiney A-l of th Kniplre
companies, In the Hmackover field,
which cut off Its connections on the
evening of December 20 mid blow
wild, wan brought under control on
tho following tiny and Is npnln ruak.
inir 12,000 barrels dally.
Trio Umpire In drilling In four
wells In Bnmekpver: llradloy oim
and two, section 30-15.15; Ijiney
two, section 31-15-15; I.lnnhan two,
section 3C-15-1C.
Shack ford County, Texas
The Kmplre well, Ilnu.zoll No. 1
In tha Ibex pool, In 8huekleford
rounly, Texas, has flowed In cxcc
of fifty tliouwum barrels tho last 30
days. This well Is now flowing in
oxcphi of ono thousand barrels dully.
Uni7.geli Nos. 3 and 3 are drilling.
At Schullis Dead
AI Hohultls of ludopendouce, Kan.,
ono of tho best known bankers and
oil men in tho entire southwest, died
Friday afternoon, as a result of n
acutJomindMoCn.urfl0 tnltt nUnck otMuch Ihilliny Equipment
Mr. echultls furnished the money
to develop ninny of tho first oil lirop
nrtios, thnt woro drilled up in the
vicinity of Tulsa niitt Jlartlesvlllo,
nnd was always an exceedingly wise
monoy lonatjr, tioing buninesa with
good neoplo, who pnld their dobtw
and with whom it was a pleasure to
do business.
Ho had n. fomlncj fur inrnPN nnrl
dogs, and bred many flno speclinvnn
Arriving in Panhandle
IfpacUl In Tlio World.
l'ANHANDLTJ, Toxas, Dec. 30.
Tho many car lots of well drilling
equipment arriving In Panhandle, Is
tho cnuso of much speculation nmong
tho oil fraternity. Much of this
equipment Is caning, consigned to
tho major operating companies. One
company receiving foitr oar loads
of both. Ho hnd a beautiful homo , of 10-Inch pipe 8,000 feot, this
nnd his family was among tha mutt
cultlvatod and hospitable lu tho en
tire country. II o. leaves besides his
wife, two daughters, Mrs, Clyde
Klowm-t .and Mrs, Murlal Noonnn.
His friends are counted by thousands
mid h! loss will bo mourned univer
sally MifuUKhuiit thu southwest.
Mr, Schultls operated in the dish
ing field, on nit extensive, ecalo, be
ing at tho head of tho t5rels Oil
company, tho Continental, the Koy
otono and the Southwestern Gas &
Oil Co. A later report, giving more
particulars aa to his death is looked
lor, and funerul announcements will
also be made as noon as they havo
been nrarnged.
! Charles F. Noble and Loues
Friedman Put Over million
j , Dollar Deal
One of tho biggest deals to be put
(. over recently In thu Ilurbanlc was
tho consummation yesterday of n
' doal in which Charles V. Noblo nnd
r Iibues Friedman sold to tho Lor
' -ralno Fetroloum leontpnny, tho
southeast tlimrter of C-20-6 In the
Iturbank field, for 1.1C0.000.
There nro 11 producing wolls on
this nuartor. tho production umount
lng to about wight hundred barrels
dally and five good locations yet to
be drilled.
' This means a handsome profit for
Mr. Noblo and Mr. Friedman, nnd ,1s
also considered nn excellent i pur
cliQso for tho Lorraine company,
'i Mr. George "W. Sneddon li general
5 manager for the new cotnpuny.
f Tho Lorraine Petroleum company
; was Incorporated under tho laws of
I Dolaware on December 11, nnd so-
cured Its license to operate in Oklu
5 lioimi on December 20. and tdnca
mat time na acquired
week. According to the amount of
this hIzh pipo used In wells havo
been completed, It Is ostlmated that
this shipment Is sufficient for 0
wells. Drilling has been renumed In
all wells following tho Christmas
In Hutchinson county, Wilming
ton No. 1 Snnford, is entering tho
gns llmo nt 2,200 feot, this test con
tlnuoM to resemble tho produolng
wolls 10 miles east and In holding
much attention. Plains Oil company,
No, 1, Wejitherly near the Carson
and Hutchinson producers. Is drilling
at 200 feet. In Carson. Gulf .and
Silk nro drilling In tho IJutWt
pasture on proven land. Silk Js dril
ling around 200 feot and tho Gulf is
entering the gas llqio at 2,200 feet.
Tipton No. 1. McConnoll, at Whlto
Door In the east sldo of tho countv
has 20,000,000 foot of gaa and a good
oil showing at 2,550 foet. In tho
south part of Carson and near Con
way, Temple No. 1, Harral, In rig
ged tip and preparing to spud Janu
ary 1. JIany- Panhandle lots nro
changing hands, tho purchaaora are
principally the employee of the
largo operating companies and nro
no goubt purchased for speculation.
In the Kansas Fields
Despite the winter season, the
Kmplre activities are Increasing in
Kansas. The Umplro Is drilling 10
wells in Greenwood county, the
majority of which nro offoottlng production.
the Turner No. 1 of lha Montogomery
drilling company 20 miles north of
Howie which haa encounters a
hiivy flow of gas at 1,160 feet. Tho
latter is believed to haVo picked up
the gas mmlrt that are found In the
Lemmong, wells 'of the Texas com
pany. fJnsacr Cinches rim
;rh Worsham well Is reported to
be standing several hundred feet In
oil both will be tested out Im
mediately. Dr. Joitftph F. Gaume, petroleum
engineer and geologist, accompanied
by Minn M. clrsen Maxwell, also a
geologist, of Hot Spring-, Is In the
city. They are both interested In a
well drilling at Z.ftOO feet In 33-1-1?,
Garland connty, near Hot Springs.
It Is an Important test, and Is sntd
to be located very nicely according to
the gi-nlogy.
Northern Oklahoma' Refining
Plants Use 68J00 llarrcls of
Crude Oil Dally
PONCA CITV, Dec. 30. A total of
68,300 barrels of crude oil dally Is
the capacity of the various oil refin
ing plants, locatetl strictly within
tlw northern Oklahoma territory
nnd including, naturally, the trio of
plants located just across tho line nt
Arkansas City, Iton. Tho list In
cludes a total of 17 plants,
75 per cent of which are In
active operation. All draw' their oil
supply from the various producing
l,fl.l- 4 .... . ....
no ern O lZ.' 2, K,., ' I W. H. Hoe.er Is hero from Kort
la now producing around 1 30, 00U I Worth, accompanied by his geologist,
barrels dally. Adam Wroblowskl. and Is now fih-
'JGG eot tt'- 11,0 lP ot 11,0
Woodbine sand, In his test on tho
Montnlba dome In Anderson county,
Texas. Mr. lloeser Is going from
hero to Kansas City td spend Now
V'ears with his daughter, Mrs. Ruth
Anderson, and Mr. Wroblewskl will
remain In Tulsa until Mr, Itocser's
rotnrn from Knnn City.
Mr. Itoeser Is still very confident
in getting n nice well as soon as he
succeeda in getting tho tools out of
the hole. The fishing Job Is not ser
ious, and they oxpect to resume dril
ling' In u few days.
000 barrels. There is n. small nlant
at Dll.lngs, nover operated, which
was purchased at auction during the
past year by a Denver corporation,
which, however, has not operated
Nt:v Plains Considered
In addition to Its plant nt Onrber,
the Onrber Iieflnlng company has
secured a site recently for n second
plant at Perry, according to the
manager, 13. A. Hutchoson, and tho
material Is now being assembled at
Perry also for tho erection of n
plant by Olen ItfUdon of Tulsa and
his associate. Tho construction of
Ihe llrmlen plant Is certain, with In
itiations good also for the Curlier
Tho Jocntion ot a 2,000-barrol
plant nt Tonkawa Is also being con
sidered nt the present time, through
the efforts of J. J. Kerlns of Tulsa,
who has entered Into un ngreemout
with the Tonkawa chamber of ooin
inerco as to a elte and other prelim
inary conditions.
There were 303 oil refining plants
In the United States on January 1, a
year ngo, with a total capacity of
1,730,725 barrels dally. This was
an Increase ot 75 plants during
1921 with an Increased capacity of
22,330 barrels. Oil men my that the
Increagu for 12U win noi ne su
Miss EUn HilJ Serving
Through Generosity of
Tulsa Woman
Without tho nsslstnneo of a TuIsiCl '91"- y"" Police gald Ham
woman, tho national Young Women's
Christian association would have
been compelled to disregard .the ap
peals from China for American sec
retarial leadership. Tho Tulsa
woman, memlier of tho aoointlnii
here but whose name, at her request,
has been withhold, volunteered to
give ,500 each year for five years
for tho malnlcnnnco of a secretary
In China, nnd accordingly Mls KUa
Hill has recently set foot on Chinese
soli as tho only American secretary
to be sent out for the year 1U23.
In lrcr first lettor, Miss Hilt wrote
that shn mot nt Hangchow Miss
Ethel Joy Williams, former secre
tary with tho local association, and
now Us representative In China for a
five years' term. Miss Hill has been
assigned to student work at Tlenstln.
Hho gives a gllmpMu of her duties as
"Tho girls In tho government -iiirrl
..... - tr . .. . i '"
ni iujuiD, wu l. v . t., 4. peupio leei, i
aro especially tho ones whom wo
F00TRAI I STARS I denies forgery charge
FAIP.MONT. Minn.. Dec. 80.
Held in Jdil hero charged with
tho murder of his wife, nt Cey
lon, MJnn., Inst October, CInrenco
Hamblen todnj faced the proba
bility of appearing In court be
foro Judze K. C. Dean, who per
formed hid wedding ceremony
blou had signed n confession In
which ho admitted administering
poison to h wife.
The esse will be given to the
L grand.Jury In January and will
unuoubtetiiy do reterred to Judge
Dean. Tha Hamblen nuptials
woro the first performed by the
Judge after ho nrcended tl.j
Hamblen, who In held in tho
Martin county Jail under heavy
guard because ot the strong feel
ing against him, hag announced
Ills willingness to plead guilty to
the chc.rges. Ho Is also alleged
to havo set fire to the house In
which his wife's body was found.
He o also under indictment on a
charge of arson.
should, roach, bocuuso often ours Is i prospects for 1023 iiro most favor'-
iiiu uiny uiivvl iuiiniiuu jiiuuuiivu i ntie they are mueii
With the Oil Men
The Kmplre has resumed oper
ation of tho Wilson loaso In tho Kl
Dorado, Kan., field and by drilling
deeper has materially Inerenami thn
production of two wells and havo
reallxed a production from 600 to
1,000 barrols on three ottier wells
nfrengo In tho Dcpow, llrlstow and , recently drilled
uiumiia uisiricis ami is now urni-
'""Tire" oncers ot tho company mmtafe BtUehett
as follows: Hubert S. Hhrlver, Counties, Texas
prosldent; T O. Tinsloy, vlco prosl-, (o TJ w .
oem.; m r. on river, secroxnry-troaB- ltmviK 'rn. r no
ma operators nro eomlmr tn Mn.
n ,',t 111"1?1.'0 co""tl' from HI tho Oklalicinin
f" u I "c I's and iiiw buying heavily in this
.iiu j. wi uio wens contracted
utor; I, H, Patton, assistant eecre-tary-tronsurer;
John W. Gilllland
and Ij. Norton, dn-eetnrB
Ueorgo AV. Sncdden, general mnnn
er: for nt least flvn win i,. .i.im.j v...
,Vi.V V li,r'iJ" u"'n'ia cnpitair .Several eminent
geniogisis in the employ of OklAlio-
Phrlver aro of llaltimoro. being af--"llliated
with tho Atlantic Trust com-
aAjmny or mat city, and are won
O'Jknown In tho Mid-Continent field,
4and havo been prominent in tho de
f -.velopment of the various fields.
l.rnara napllea I'rmliirtlon, Etn.
For sale -Interest lu well now
grilling in Dristow field. Surround
ed by big production. Well now 1,
'.600 feet deep. This Is a Dutcher
f"1, '.500 ,or 64th iuterost, 733
'vjl. Tulsa W'oi Id.--Advertisement.
....... ... J. !.- Il-l-lllill,l' ,
We will give 600 acres lesoj ad
acont well now 2.500 feet deoo.
fi 1-4-inoh hole. SC. 600 nucuurv tn
Igj'ay for C 5-8-lnch casing, freight
Shaullng, labor to drill well S.2S0
Sj'feot. which should teat Trinity Ulos.
ffisoin nnd Woodbluo sands. Phone or
ipvrlte Gaumo and Maxwell, Tulsa
S.aiotel. Advertisement,
.i , ,
j5- Tank cars wanted. Will purchase
Mlrom 60 to 100 Stnnard tank cars.
SiCharles F. Noble, 644 Kennedy build
ing. Cedar SO'JO. Advertisement.
Vb Twonty-tive-tKirrel production for
KSrale by owner fpr less than nrlce nt
Sfequlpment to quick cash buyer. Ad
fdrest! 399-N, euro ANtirld Advertise.
ma corporations havo been work
ing over tho county during the pant
Hixty days.
The Montgomery Drilling company
Biilen and Diinoan. havo oncountorod
un oil sand nt l,166.foet In their test
20 miieg north of here.' a strong
flow cf gas was mudded oft nnd 10
lncn casing is helm? et ti,. .n .
t0,'.)e drlllp'1 1" within a few days.
The Pansey Oil company of Dun-
S"rn?.I,Iftnnll";r t0 "I,Ul 1" In soctlon
20. Tltllfl countv schnr.1 Ia.i
by Jan"rV l-"Tho company owns!
V V. ,""u"l "crea in leases and
vlcmity 0Jtten,lve lll'H"Bi in this
Oklahoma City and Hartlosvllle
operators havo checkerboard th
county and have contrneUt pending
fnn.ihreV4ry llkely l00klnT "locks
In tho eastern part of the county,
several operators from Ar.i.v,n
aro here and have holdings near the
yells to he drilled by tho Texas com-
duced In this district. Is pined elth
or to tho refining plants nt Tulsa,
dishing, Vale nnd other Oklahoma
points or to tho Atlantic and Gulf
seaboards. This Is tho contort In
fact, ot the groatnst light oil (that
which contains tho most gasoline
contont) district lu America, each
and Hvery barrel bringing the high
est market prlco being paid for
ctiiiio on tho gravity nculo recently
adopted. .Sovetity-three iter cent of
this oil has a gravity of 37 degrees
Uaume, nnd 75 per cent , of
all tho oil of tliln gravity pro
duced In Oklahoma comeo from this
The two actlvo rofinlng plants at
Ponca City tho Marlnnd and the
Kmplro havo a total dully copatlty
of 23,000 barrols of crude. Tho Mar
laud capacity Is 15,000 barrolM and
tho I'JmpIro 8,000 bnrrels. The Mar
land plant represents nn Investment
of over $5,000,000 and owns enough
oil producing reserves to contlnuo
this dally supply for tho next 12
years, Tho Kmplro company, which
rwontly merged Its Independence,
(Kan.) plant with tho Ponca City re
finery, "lias an livustiuont ot over
S3, 000,000, and nn additional $1,500,
000 In additions and improvements
In on tho program for 1023. The
Kmplro has nn S-1nch pipeline to
tho Kldorado-Augusta field ot south
ern Kansas and a 4-lnch to tho west
ern Osage. Marland bus pipelines
to tho eastern mid western Osage,
Tonkawa, Covington, Gnrber, Hil
lings, Jennings. Quay, Yalo and Mcr
vlne fields. Mnrlaud Is also consid
qWng an enlargement of his plant
irurlng 1023.
Tho Champlln Rofinlng company
nt Hnld has a dally capacity of 10,
000 barrels of crude and Is planning
oxtonslons during 1923 that will
bring tho totiu up to 16,000 barrels.
The liolvno company has 1,500 bar
rols capacity nnd Is also contempla
ting an Increase, It Is understood, na
only rccontly u capital stock ln
crenso was voted 'from J200.000 to
$1,000,000. Tho other Knld plant,
tho Oil State roflnery, has a capacity
ot 1,800 barrels dally.
Tlireu Plants nt lllnckwtll
Tho Globo Oil a. Gas, the mod
ern nnd tho Producers & Hoflncrs
cnustltuto th throe plants nt Ulnck
well. with dally capacities respec
tively 2,000, 1,000 and 2.000 barrels.
Tholr supply pomes principally from
Tonkawa, Deer Creek nnd north
western Kay county fields. Includ
ing tho threo plants nt Blaoltwcll,
the three nt Ponca City nnd ono nt
Newlilrk, Kay county lias seven ru
nning plants. Tho third plant hero
Is that ot tho Meridian Petroleum
company (Lake Park), with 601)
barrols capacity, now shut dawn,
whlltf tho Plrtlo-PIttmnn plant at
Nowklrk has a capacity ot 2,000
barrols. There Is also a small plant
nt Dtlworth that has novcr been op
erated to any extent.
Tho Moore refining plant (former
ly the Mid-Co) nt Arkansas City. Is ,
active, with a dally capacity of 4, I
500 barrels, whllo the Kan-O-Te
Impaclty Is 3,000 and the 1-osh 2,000. I
Tho Moore company was organized ,
during the past year to tako over ;
and operate tho Mid-Co plant, fol
lowing the appointment of a recolver
for tho Mid-Co system. Tho head ot '
this concern Is Georeo N. .Moore,
formerly 'with tho C. H. Shaffer in
threats In Chicago. Tho Intention Is, ,
according to announced plans, to In
crcaio to 8,000 barrels capacity.
Taken Oxer by Prix-ess
The Plrtlo-Plttman plant at New
kirk was taken over In Januitry, a
year ago, by tho Process Heflning
company of Oklahoma City anil i
Dallas, with U C. Ubboy, ot Dallas,
as president. The Intention has boen I
to operate tho plant under a now ro- 1
fining process known ns the Thlele.
The Osage Mutual Oil & Heflning
company has a plant at Pawhuska,
with 1,000 barrels capacity, and n
recent announcement was to the of-
71 Years Old, California Woman
Hides in Trolley for First Time. . i
ALAMKDA, Cal., Dec. 30. Thrilled
by tho excitement of her first rail- j
road ride taken at age of 71, Mrs.
Mary Ellen ' Urnden ot Qulncy, j
Pluma county, Cal., today sought I
further excitement by riding on a
streut car and a ferry boat.
IJut nn airplane never.. Nearly 71
years ngo, Mrs. Uraden camo across
thn continent In an ox cart. Her
father wus n gold miner. She has
lived her entlro Ilfo at Qulncy until
persuaded to tnko her first train rldo
to visit relatives hern.
Mr. Uraden does not approve of
flappers, bobbed hair, rolled hose
nnd short skirts.
Ex - Pennsylvania Men
SacrificekLives for Com
panions in Wreck
WOODBURY. N. J., Dec. 30.
Alexander Wrny, center of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania football
team of 1918 niid William Bruncft
another former Pennsylvania star,
were killed last night nt North
Woodbury when a motor car In
which they wcro riding was struck
by nn oleetrlo train of the West
Jersey & Heashoro railroad.
1 Miss Catherine Johnson, 18, of
Philadelphia, and Miss KUbth'
Price, 18, of Washington. D. C. nnr
rowly escaped death Mfrough . tho
heroism of tho two nthloteff who
sacrificed their own lives to open
the rear doors of the car to enablo
tho girls to urnp out.
Miss Johnson was partially out
of tho mnlnr rhnn the trAln trttelf
BETTER BUSINESS AHEAD u.flmi was cllar ot th8 wreckage.
m tiy it ii it iiiiui vvciu flint utiiiti
" 7T i when picked up by passing auto-
Pucker, liiH-lnrcH Viwpf.'CtM ! ,ki.J, v... ,iu.t c i"."
Miicu n tT Vii n 1110 Underwood hosp tal hero.
OHIt-AGO, Dec. 30. RiiMineFs , ,,,, .,--.,,, i,ii.
most favor-1 ..4iir
.i ' inu viiiiio iiaiiy wuii) in ovcniiff
which gotn Into tho school. In. the for savcrnl vears. Kdwanl Mnrrls. I !cs', wll?n t,ie twgedy occurred,
government normal school there Is n president of Morris & Co.. puckers. ! beng on-tner way to tno Woodbury
small group of Christians with whom .averted Iti utateiiient Issued today. Co,u,n.tr,,c,"b to a i"nsr.
our secretaries have .been working, He pointed out theie two factors. ' Ilots Bruner nnd Alex Wray
lor somo umo. since i nave come j. The improvcti buying power of "'"""" hm-
horo they havo organized, with the farmer. collegate nthletics, the former hnv-
very definite purpose. Three of us. 2. The lack of unemployment. ,lng achieved distinction during the
Miss Vance, Miss Huang (our Chi-1 . "Kvorybody should have faith in ' P8V two lcason!' ns hackfleld man
neso ntudont secretary), and myself I 1923," he said. "I believe It wl (joiat Itifnyctto college. He was prom
havo been going out to tho nchnol ' " year ot Improved prosperity." Unently mentioned for all-Amoriean
twlco a week to tench English. Thel c I ! Position honors this season and last
aro over seventy girls in our Classen i Toy Wliktlo Almost Fntal. ! nml m 19-- led all eastern players
so, you see, our opportunity to reach i SAN ANTONI(. Toxas, Dec, 30. ! 111 PQ'nt scoring.
tho non-Chrlstlan girls In the pchool Three-year-old Nelffon Jlahan, negro! inrn,. . . , -
Is very good. -boy will recover from an oporatlon 1 AUTO WRECK FATAL TO ONE
On the afternoon of one of the ' performed onrlv today to save his
Chinese holidays, wo took tho- nor- 1 11 fo after nwnllbwlng a toy whistle Knnsas City Mnto May l)o ns HckiiH
mat school girls on a picnic. Judg-. aurlng nlas' lato yesterday afternoon. ! "TnU,TZ HcMiTd Near st " nS
lng from tho way they acted, I think ' The whlstlo lodged In h!sTn0mach , sn. jwYx"n.
It was quite a success. "onlUerotR" McoVdInSk I N'e' " theatrical
For four (lays, from the 12th tn 1 1 nl "ip acLordin, to P"- i man, Is In a serious condition hero
tho 15th of October, Dr. Sherwood ' ' today, and not expected to live, as a
Kddy nnd somo others hold a series Delated ClirMjims Gift. result of Injuries sustained early this
of meetings In Tientsin. Wo were i SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 30. As n ' morning when nn automobile in
kept busy from early morning until .belated Christmas gift to the 31.189 ! vvhtch he nnd 13. F. Allen, also of
lolo at night attending theso meet- women employed In the mercnntllo Kansas City, wero riding, turned
lugs. On SaturUny nnd Sunday j Industry In California, the industrial over.
afternoons In ono ot tho large chl- welfare commission today announced Newman was pinned beneath the
neso guild hulls, mass meetings wero j there would be' no reduction In .car,, his bend being smashed nnd his
hold In which thero were sixteen wages this y ar. Tho minimum wngo throat cut. Ho Is not expected to
hundred to two thousand present, 1 was fixed nt S10 a week. live. Allen was not seriously hurt.
men and women. At tho last meet- i
ing over four hundred signed cards jiiteia!;iinVfjf"'B!S
signifying tholr desire to ester Illmc
study clnsfos and to Inquire further
Into Christianity. Besides, there wero !
200, . many of whom wore in
in mission schools and had already
studied much about Christianity,
who definitely decided to accept ,
Christ. Wo nro specially rejolc-1
lng because of those in tho govern
ment normal school for girls who,
nsked for a Blblo clas-j. Thero nro t
about 12 ot them who have' not 1
studied tho Bible before. Two of the I
government school girls also decided
to become Christians."- , ,
' '
William Dawson, Negro, Fnlcra m
of Not Guilty to Mtrlc ijSliMvVa
. T'l 1 1 1 . . . "HUll
iTiiiiiiiii juwson, negro, c
piea ot noi giuny when a--"
yestordny beforo Jusil e A ,
5on on a charge of forge- f
placed undor a $3,000 boi , ,
preliminary trial whlrh w is -January
Tho negro, a former pnrtr ri
Palace building, is chargfl w
Ing the namo of A; I!.
nger or tno I'nfnee building ,
Ion several electrical cntni .
electrical euppllea valued ,it ,
,of dollars. Among the (, ,
i which Dawson Is altered
i obtained supplies by me . t
'orders are tho Dodge Kl
pany, Davison Kleetri. , ., ....
iTuIki Electric "Kqulpment
McCnllum company nnd tli" l ,,
I Electric company.
Former Umpire Acotiscd of 1ii
, f-nld Traffle In Stolen Automobile,
I ino inrco state cnarKis n
It. W. Pontius, former base r
Inlre and eharireil wlfli Kainn ..
sale trafficker in stolen c i t v ,
yesterday trnnnterred fror.i -.,r
Justice J. II. Querrv to Jua", ,
Watson at tho request of j . j
Goldesberry. county attorne t
Watson set the cases down f : ,T ,r ..
nry 4.
In asking for the transfer, r:,;-,,
berry explained that Quer ,
from' office January 1 ni,.i im r
preliminary hearing coii; l ,'.
held until after that date ,. ,,
important state witnesses i i , hi ' .
bo summoned, however, the ri i
attorney explained, nil of tli. - .
ses will be hero i January 4 , ,
dato the preliminary hearltit,- i,
held. Goldcsberry Intends f. . -r.
Ronally direct the state's c-"-e !n'',,
preliminary trial.
13-Trar-OM Youth lrobably IVnllr
Injured by "Unloaded" Gun
ST. JOSEPH, Mo Dec. 3u Vt
man Anderson, 13, Is probably fa
tally wounded today ns a resuP ot .
wild west play staged at h's !v--"
near Dearborn lato yesterdi- b.
himself and another 13-year-old bv.
Anderson was shot througH n
head by a gun which th bovs
thought contained blank cnrtrHi;'
Unlisted Sreurltlra
Air.pclcm Oil te ru-llnlnc.
flifstmit ft Smith common,
fhrstnet A Hmlth preferrrd
nlntlya llelln commnn
aiadya Hello preferred ....
Imlf pendent Oil ft Qua....
invader OH Corpn.
Klngwond Oil common ....
Lynns Petrnlrum
Meridian I'etroleum ......
T ,
3.00 ffil
1 to It) I
.1 I
1.15 H
1.15 Ul
.to Bt
wn OITEK j
Noble Oil ft Gaa common..
Noble Oil ft (laa preferred.
Noco Petroleum common
Noco Petroleum preferred t
Owenwood Oil Corpn,
Ilcrt Ilnnk Oil Co
Itoyalty ft Producers
TurmAn Oil Co
Wilcox Oil ft Oas .i
T Oil ft Ga
Objection Sustained.
Ifo "If my husband trica to
kiss yon, I want you to scream.
New Maid "Have a heart, lady!
That's what your last maid did, and
you flrej her."
r.. i,
Cedar SIS
, TAI.MAN, Mnnagrr "
211 Central National Bank nalliting'
Given Away
Wast to raise cosh on quick
turn. Material on lease nt pres
ent list price, for material onlw,
amounts to 441i000. 24 wells,
fully equipped. Two para,
twenty barrels production,
$25,000. You pay about 60'
of tho present cost of material
on leases. We give you the
production and lenses.
Address 21-1,
Cure World
High School Student
Cuts Lunch to Buy
Present for' Mother
Few peoplo In Tulsa made the
sacrlflco to purchaao a Christmas
gift that 13-ycar-old Harold Jones
did in order to glvo a remem
brance to hla mother, a widow.
Harold is a freshman lu high
school. Xiato In November jhla
mother, Mrs. Sadlo Janes, bognn
to worry about his health and
every evening asked what he had
eaten at the high school cafeteria
that noon. Ho answered somewhat
vaguely, somotlmes specifying
enndy. Fearful of tho ctffoet of
too many sweets. Mrs. Jones de
cided to administer a chill tonic
nnd Harold uncomplaining" togk
it down to the last drop.
Then on Christmas morning
Mrs. Jones found a gift of thrift
stamps, with tho best wishes of
Harold. And by Judicious ques
tioning sho ascertained that Har
old hnd heen cutting hla luncheons
In half during November and De
cember and buying thrift stamps
for her.
Harold caddies at the Country
club on Saturday.' He is a diligent
Royalties Wanted
.Small Intereila In roaltlea whtre
there la already eoma big produc
Hon or direct offaet to big pro
duciion. Tonkawa field preferred.
Addreas 1UJ-J
Care Tama "Tor Id
Wanted; Experienced oil
auDtily salesman, permanent noaitinn
Filling Stations
Have client In market for one or
more filling stations. Prlco must
bo right. In answering this ad
vertisement glvo prlco, location
and dally gasoline nnd oil gnl
.lonago. Also advise whether
station is on loused or owned
ground and If leased tho terms
of same. In replaying address
Filling Station Buyer, care Tulsa
I-Uraraa tiiannria Anilfi 1'lutre
llrlnfurrlng Hare
Corapletr Hteel llutldlngo
Office, Hhopa unit Wsrehoners .
Xanthue and l'rlero II. U.
Tola drag 1113
F. W. Freeborn
Engineering Corporation
Knglnecrs, Appraisers, Construe
tors, Managers
Oil and Indnstrlal properties
lldllni. Tenia
Mnuihtrr llldg.'
New Vork Cltv
fi: Wall Street
lloeton, Msai.
t t'ongrraa Mreei
Oil and gas leases! also two
Mocks for drilling contract In
south Pottawatomio county.
Wnnettc, Okla.
225 Cole Bldg.
OSAGD 4895
Tarty heading growing royalty
company wante to meet man now
employed, aa acout or reporter by
ono of tha blir companlea. Must
ba clean, reliable and honeat; well
recommended. tiervlcea daelrrd
will not conflict with your duty
to your preaent employere. Want
royalty Intereata In properties
where there la blc production,
alao on land dtruetlr offaettlng
big production, ileal future tor
eoma reliable, well-recommended
oil acout. Addreai, atatlng experi
ence and present employere. Don't
reply unices now employed by one
ot the big companlea and In good
Care l"uln World
-An Inexhaustible Supply of the
"Life Blood of Industry"
, Makcs.Slick,Oklaljoma, on the 0. S. W.Ry.
an Ideal Location for Gasoline Plants and
Use Oklahoma Southwestern Ry. Service to Secure
Favorable Factory, 'Gasoline Plant and
Refinery Sites .
More than a railroad service that's what the
Oklahoma Southwestern railroad offers industry.
- It aims to not only provide a 100 per cent fetch-and-carry
medium between its points of supply
and demand, but to promote industrial growth
' by putting business interests in touch with loca
tions suitable for almost every branch of industry.
The Oklahoma Southwestern railroad operates
complete service Passenger, LCL, Carload and
Daily Package Car Freight connecting with the
Frisco terminus at Bristow and serving the indus- .
trial and oil developments in the Slfck and Nuyaka.
districts. ,
On this line are many choice industrial, gasoline'
plant, carbon plant and refinery sites. Especially N
at Slick are these close to abundant raw materials;
supplied with the facilities and environs of a mod
' era city; with abundant power, water and labor;
with first-class outlet to the great centers of distri
bution. For Prompt Attention, Address Communications to (,
R. E. BROOKE, Superintendent of Transportation.
Oklahoma Southwestern Railroad
407 First National Bank Bldg. Cedar 3218 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Miami Mineral
Belt Railroad
The Line That Servos the District'
We are striving to render the
type of service that will appeal to
mine operators and Industries as
tho satisfactory solution to thtlr
transportation problems.
We will apreclate an opportuni
ty to promote your best interests in
the districts tributary to our lines.
For Industrial Locations. Re
consigning Orders, Tracing, etc.,
call any M. M. B. Agent. We are
here to gervo you.
We Specialize In
Cnrloatf Freight.
-Tho Kansas - Oklahoma - Plcher
district and extensions which in
clude more than 250 mines.
Direct connections aro main
tained at Baxter, Kansas, with
Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf nrW the
Frisco Hy. Also direct connection
at Quapaw, Oklahoma, with the '
Frisco Hy.
Branch lines extend to ll the
principal developments, ballast
tramways and all other possible
facilities are provided nt loading
For "Service First"
Call Any M. M. B. Agent
Picher, Oklahoma
407 First National Ilanlc Bldg.
Tuba, Okla.
41S Colcord Bldg.
Oklahoma City
flor worthy applicant.---243-J
jpJVorld. Advertisement,

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