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K !
Well Timed to Fallon Eve
of Premiers' Meeting,
Englishmen Believe j
Believed to lc Interested in,
Plnn for ComminRJoii to '
Settle Difference
They Regard Hughea' Sfieoch
nnd AmoHean Plan With
Coolness; One Paper Hitler
LONpON. Dec. S.--lh speech of
Secielttry of Htul Hughe setting
forth the Amprlcnh viewpoint on
Kiirope's economic troubles anil
suggesting n remedy wai carefully
timed to conv on the eve of l h
reparation conference uf the allied
premiers In Paris, according to an
pinion prevailing In official elrcl.s
toil ay.
A pollrv of absolute silence war
Adopted ly (ho foreign office heru to
ley. It Is believed In some quarter
thai J. I. Morgan wm largely re
sponsible for th suggestion that 11
grwit International tribunal ha c
labllshed probably ki I'urli to deter
iiilnn the facta relating to Germany.
Germany's reaouri-ea will ha careful
ly eonalileml anil then a. definite
min will be mimed for Germany to
pay. it h already been MUKK"ated
the ammint ot Indemnity Ira reduced
to 60(i. 0o, Odd Germany has nl
lemly pud) Ii, 000,000.000.
Chancellor of the Hxoheqiter Stan
Icy Iluldwln, head or th llrltlali
financial mission which la on Its wily
to Waslllngtnn to negotiate for th
fnnilliiK the. Urltlsh ilobt, was vest
ed with wide powers ami It la be
lieved lii will illscusa lliu American
plan while at Washington.
I' A II I H. Uoc. 30, Secretury
Hughea epHech on (IcrniHii repara
tlona Ih viewed by the aeitil-offlolal
organ 'I'm up ua u result ot "eloi
ilon conalderatlona."
Commenting upon tho apeoch, the
pupcr bitterly declared though Gor
nmny la not paying. Franco must
jievorlhflltfiw pay Amaricu.
"So ntljui't urn Hughea' rnmnrka,"
Mild the paper, 'lint he Willi hU
jurlata' cotiaulenco cannot conalilor
them final. Why then did lie jiro
' posu It? DoubtlHNa b'cnuae election
ooiisUlorntluiiii I mend him to It." -Secretary
JIufthw' r.Bnsrtl.'.h-. In
rcguril to tlur fiilluro of tho Kuro
poun atntoamon 1!'ih fnr lp nifroe on
lepniatlona provoked great Intoroat
lu official iuarera and althouKh tho
spwioli vn not conveyed to tho
I'rcnch govoninipnt In un official
, way, tho Miggeation It conlalnt'd
s vore taken to ha directed at Kranre,
The KronoU )cIiIo:i Ik tint It i
not the falluri' of tho allien to rPuch
(in ngcurd im tlin mthJcot that 1
, caiiaing the present dlftlculllOH hut
rather Otu'inany's policy of evasion
j tihll uijiattion to all tho allied ifo
' mnnda.
I waa lrip, offlolale ndnilttod, that
certain vlewa of I'rOaliU'iit Harding
nnd Seorottiry HiiKht-a hud hoen con
veyed to Kitlncc thiough tho Frettcil
embassy In AVuahlngtim.
It also wan confirmed that tho
Kranch ofllclala liavo been made
nwaro of thrf appttrcnt intonllon of
Chancellor Cuuo. of Ucnnany, to
lH-oposo h four-power pact to ))
, alRilcd by tlrc.it Hrlttiln. Italy,
- 1'runco and (lernmny. for tho pur
i poaa of BiinnintfcliiB tlto Mecurlty of
Krnnne and tho preaent Kraiico-ljer-
. mtvn irnnuofa. ,
Chancellor t'uno's new hclieuio la
expected to bo prcMcntt'ii next Tuoa
' day or Wednesday.
i WAHlUNdTON. Dec. 30. Ocnieral
approval ot .Secret avy Ilttghca' uk-
' kcsIIoii to have a coidmlanlon ot ex
ports untanglo Iho Uermati tepaiu
liona muddle whk voiced here" today
lu nonutorial elfclcp. -
CON'rl.Nltil PROM PAOH otsi;
be proud of. I want to glva every
cltlxen a aquare ! I und evoryono
coming to the sheriff's office on of
ficial business will bo treated with
all rospect and courtesy.
"There have been many reports of
lawlessness iu the county. All of these
report will he fully investigated and
inch lawleosnesi, stopped IE any la
found. It will take aomo tlnio to
get everything fully orgnnizod but
within a few weeks I hope to have
things In such ehapo that my men will
be available at a moment's call to the
end that .thla county will bo kept
clean. I have conmilted the Incom
ing county attorney mid the police
officials and 1' think that we will co
operate to the fullest extent. If I
present plans work out the citizens of
Hits county will enjoy real service
from my office during the next two
Offlco deputies wero named yea
torday by JHpi" T. Whiteley. county
OMCHSor-clect. who also- takna office
Monday. They are: D. A. Howe,
chiit deputy; Mrs. Minnie Marklinm,
J. H. Parker. S. A. Holt, Dale Itey
noldn. IS. tile Ijiiur Ham. Parker Is
irom Broken Arrow. The others live
in Tulaa. Mrs. Markham is the only
holdover from F. F. llowllng's ad
ministration, outside deputies who
work only while aNaessmenta are be
ing made will be named later, White
ley said. The new assessor declared
that lib policy would liu to see that
i many people paid all their taxes
as poaulhlc to 1.10 end tluit all would
be required to pay aa little as pos
sible. O. O. Weaver the new county
clerk, announced that M. Braly and
Drady Brown would be his chief
deputies. Ho did not make public
his IS other appointments.
IIRMjTiY know?
Will Be Freed From Prison,
But All Will Be Deported
With Warning Not to Return
U AHHINGTh.N li.i- no - KlRpit
IIIPIIlliPl H of tin- I W . . lOIISll'K'l
1 1 r violations of tbti niitlolnil espion
age las and now nerving varying
seiilenrea In federal prison, were
extended ejiec.utlve clemency todiy
by President ilardlng on the ova of
the new year. Those receiving cle
mency ore the o-cnlled "polltlc.il
prisoners" In whoKe behalf nn un
remitting campaign haa bean con
dinted for the lust (hree ypur.
"Dig illll'a" Friends.
The men ware imrdonod outright
by President Harding. All tbear re
leased wero identified with the "His;
lull Haywood caxn." Those to b
released and Hih sentences they are
now aerving follow:
A. V. Azura. 20 yeara; O. .T.
Uourge. 10 yeara; Peter Green, 10
yearn; Churlc I.. Ijiinriprt, 20 years;
Harry l.loyd, 5 yearn, Hart IortO'i,
10 yeara; Hum Hrharlett, 20 yean;
Archie fllnclalr, 10 yenra.
Attortiey-Oenorul Daugherty, an
nouncing the pardons, said mII of the
prisoners aro subject to deportation.
The president commuted the sen
tence uf eiich one to the term al
rcndy served, upon condition thnl
thoy Im dcpoiti'il mid never I'l'luill
to the Fulled Hlule. Mr. Daugherty
U'f.i,. Itiiit-
The president tnipimril the furflior I
guard waa dtacnvrring It had
mlapliii'Pd Mr. ICrcifu again,
icour minute latar he was found
HlepplitK into hi coupe Motor
mounted cirrcHpondunta trailed
the elualVB Hwlsa Into the Loop.
Do parked and wont shopping
for two phoiinBtnph recorda,
walked about a bit and admired
the atoro window, thmi rntiirnt-.l
to hla cur, whom an Irato traffic
policeman waa waiting with a
(dtp directing Mr. Krcnii to ap
pear in court Tuoaday and expHln
u violation ot the traffla law
Next the chaae led to the ludlo
ahop. A abort wait and tho
cavaloude, Mr, Krcnn'a coupe and
a half doroii taxlcab, returned
to the hotel, when Mr. Krenri
went up to hla Ktilte.
There a much aultated Mr.
Dato. who had beon waiting In
hla cmploynr'n rooma, bural Into
volublo l-'ronch.
Homo of the newHpatier jjuuid.'
who had roinalnod to watch the
hotel unite, volunterrod cxplnn
atloiiH. 'CorrpKpondenta nokltig
a private inturvlnw had hit on
the oxpedlont of sticking notoa
under hi dclor, but watchful ri
vals promptly finned them out
Mr. Dato, waiting within, had
been vainly trying to catch one
of. thn oluslvo envelope a It
appeared and dlauppenrml.
Mrs. McCJurmlck has beon free
to marry again since Thuradiiy,
when ono year had elapsed sluco
hur divotco ot Harold Mccor
tnlok, the hnrveiitm- niai?nato. I
who lant Mimincr married tlann.i
Wulsku, opera utar. In I'afis.
but jack delays
his home coming
CONT1NUL.U lltf'M r.V'jK OMC
convoyed by Ills sen-ctaty yesier- j
day, fulled to dampen tho hopes of
either Stovnll or Hollowny. Today
Stovall'H friends claimed to have
kidnaped two of Gibbons' supporters,
while Holloway insisted Hint he hud i
ID votes sewed up in it sock. There I
was nlstl n ct linprovemen t In tho in r
ftihiiitlini th.tif an o,:c i,f ihein
iloex ii mi n tbc com in i it it I ion hIimII
therrupon becooic nlll and void nn1
of no effcit. lln would btj iiipru
hendod it fid returned to prlaon to
rve the remainder of hie aentence.
Oabaherty anld the prinonern to
bo allowed 60 daya Hi which to ar
range their paraonnl affaire tiefor
their deportation. They will bo re
duliad to give bond to tho aef-ratary
of lubor to eurronder at a glvon llm
mill place apeclflad In the order of
deportation. !
rint'AOO. Dec. JO. The men
who aemencea have been com
muted were arretted here In Decem
ber, lDlt.
Of th 40 sentenced to eerve flvi
yenra In 1 -on ven worth, more than
half have nirved their aentancox. TIih
majority of thuae aervlhg lu-year
anntuncca have aerved only tvi'o
year and many of them have aorved
only onw year. The eame la true of
thoae under 20-yenr aentencea.
Wlllliim (Itlg Itill) Jluywood and
alx othera jumped bond and fled
from the country. The other arc:
John McCutheaon, Oeorga Andryt
chine, viidlmlr Iumclff. J. II. Iley
era, Ieo Iiukko und Tred Juakkola.
Haywood la reported to be lu Uuaalu
and the other alx are aald to bo In
nlmnat ae muny countrlea.
alo at the Anglln and Uibbona' head
quarter, however, following the an
nouncement by JMakc, and each waa
cockauro tonight.
The commute ot 21, which for nix
weekn haa been working on legisla
tion In which the farmers aro Inter
rated, announced tonight through 11.
O. -Miller that ltd work .will ho end
ed Monday and the meaaurea sub
mitted to Walton In completed form
by Tuesday. It la considered signifi
cant, lu thla collection, that the com
mittee of 21 will not' adjourn, but
will remain Intact during tho Hes
xlon ot the legislature an a atuorlng
committee, for farmer-labor legisla
tion and to Initiate mich action aa
may be considered iieuc-saury In case
membera of tho leglsaturo become
obstreperous. It will maintain direct
communication with , the vnrlouH
farmer and labor organization ot the
state, prepared thus to exert pros
Mure from the ruur, and In cose of
any failure to socuro pnaaage of what
it considers Important meauures, It
will organize the state for referring
tho mutter to the people by Initiative
and referendum. Thus, the specter
of the "committee of 21" will rliu
to haunt many a member ot the legls.
laturo bofore the season ends.
Candidates Numerous
Several hundred candidates for
various positions ot employment 1m
mo legislature aro trampling over
each other In tho hotel lobbies, white
the uucHtlnn of who shull bo pngo
assumos primary Importance In prac
tically every discussion among iitem
bers. On thla coro, there la a grow
ing disposition to bring In boys from
the country districts und spoil them.
t'ONTtNUKtl rnoM paoi: ONIl
the provision was omitted from the
body of the bill, although carried in
tho caption.
In deecitblng tho Muskogee Insti
tution, the commission quotes the
report of the votoruns' bureau in
vestigation as followa:
"A hospital that for beauty of lo
catl6u, modern features nnd designs,
absoluto honesty of construction, and
a minimum rental cost to tho federal
government, has no peer within the
continental limits ot tho United
The report Is signed by the three
commissioner! Harold It. Full ot
Ardmoro; S, Grant Victor ot Afton
and Horace H. Hagnn ot Tulsa.
That 1923 may bring
,New faithj new courage,
New dreams, new opportunity.
May it be a year
Brimful of Happiness,
Health and Prosperity.
iinii..ii.ii riitiM I . i J u.m;.
yeis to "ome !-"veiol of the linger
on tn lilies nre alrcndy Increasing
their InvctiiirniK in TtiMa. and ex-j
p t to con'ilniie t.'ils improvement
program Indefinitely to keep pace '
with the demands of their cualomers.
' Heldcrh! nowadays does one hear
old question "what will Tula do
when the oil days play odtT" Outsid
ers oh well ft Tutsans have dlscov
orad Hint Tulsa Is and always will bo
the oil center of tho world, and that
oil will "play out" many, many years
lifter all of Ilium have ceased to
worey over earthly affairs. Oil
lenses that wero first oarly In the
history ot the Mltl-Contlnent field,
and which cnntlnuo to produce pe
troleum, are being drilled to deeper
sands that produce more oil than the
sands to which the original wells
were drilled.
lu tho meantime, Tulaa Is obtain
ing numerous factories both large
and small, that glva employment to
many men ond wnmn and manu
factured articles usad universally
I'y the tim there Is no mora oil,
Tulsa muy be the leading manufac
turing city of tho west.
(.. II. I'ctcrs ICuiliuslastlu.
"Tulsa has enjoyed a phenomenal
growth, but I am confident tho com
Ing years will sen Its greatest de
velopment." Charles 11. Peters, presi
dent of the Chamber of Commerce,
piedlcted yesterday. "Horo wo have
a magnificent Uy, hullt with a solid
foundation. K lias passed the specu
lative stage Its bright future la a
"Northeastern Oklahoma has mora
undeveloped mineral resources than
any district of similar size In the
world. Wo have barely scratched the
surface. W'h know what Is stored
away In mother earth, awaiting only
the magic touch of man to bring It
to the aurfaco nnd prepare It for
ninn's use. Tho whole ot northeast
ern Oklahoma all within Tulsa's
trade territory has witnessed u pro
flounced Increase, in population In re
cent yoars and nioro especially In
1921 and 122.
"Tulsa has the goods; It has the
men, and It lias an uuconquerablo
spit It. It will ovorcomo any ob
stacle!" -
Several large buildings are to bo
started Immediately after the first
of the year. Ono ot tho largest will
be the new Ctosblc building, now
home of the Central National bank,
at .Second and Boston. Another big
project to bo completed H tho Kd
wards building, purchased recently
by W. M. Smith and O. K. Eyscn
buch. britisTpatience
. taxed by france
in debt wrangle
are the outcome of three weeks con
fidential consultations ending late
Friday, between tho government nnd
IndUKtrlnl leaders. Thn Industrialists
pledged their support although ho
program Ii understood to have Im
pressed them as exceeding ' Ger
many's present economic capacity.
Tlirt r,nt flf-M u'wi-nov line linpn
observed In regard to the details for
foar tho proposals might be sabot
aged In advance, as it was put in of
ficial.quarters. Goslp In political cir
cles Is that tho program will Indicate
tho maximum of Germany's rapacity
although payment ot tho ultlmnto
Hum specified will be mndo contin
gent on a foreign loan tho intorest
payments and amortization to be
guaranteed by the Gorman Indus
trial, financial and commercial
Popular guesses as to the amount
ot Germany's offer rango from 20,
000. 000, 000 to CO. 000, 000. 000 marks
contingent upon certain rcvorvntlons
l relative to the penalties Heretofore
I lTYinnn1 InchtfHnir rfinflnimnrn nt rr
cunation or itnsne tornrory.
unatlon ot nr.ine territory. j
It Is understood tho program will
1 . niig t ie wl do prcb.em of
ili t'.lj
final hem ana is
bi I
g pu
n t on im-
1'nlted Htstes will make no definite
move In th European situation un-.
ill It can be seen whether the allied
premiers li their meeting at l'arlsj
new week can adjust the differ-em-pa
which have ke-pt ISuropu In!
economic foment for three years.
If the piemler again fall to ugrce .
upon Herman reparations and otbor
controversial problems and It France j
persists In her announced Intention
of occupying the Ituhr basin on I
January IS. then It Is entirely prob
able tho American government will
Intervene with a "plnn" to adjust
the differences nnd designed par-1
tlculiti iy to foreatull a Kionc.i mid-,
tary thrust at the Ituhr
It's llnrillng'.s Policy.
Thit It the policy of President i
Harding and Secretury ot State I
Hughes M gleaned today from the
numerous official statements and
semi-official statements and plain,
ordinary I'onjecturos with which
Washington has been deluged In
the last 2 1 hours.
No hard nd fast American pro
gram has been worked out, It Svns
tnd officially today, nor 1 ono
likely to be In advance of tho ar
rival of Col. Oeorge Harvey, Amer
ican ambassador to Great Ilrltnln,
who la due at Washington about the
snni' time the allied premiers gath
er in Parle. Colonel House haa been
ummoned home for the sole pur
pose of advising President Harding
and Secretary Hughes as to Ameri
can policy In the current crisis.
It is more than likely however
that this contemplated American
action will bo long the genera line
proposed by Secretary of Stato
Hughes In his speech lu New Hav
en last night an International com
mission of economic experts, "a
fact-finding cornmlwdon" appointed
by all the governments concerned
to survey the reparations situation
and render an impartial, nonpo
lithul report on Germany's ability
to pay.
' Franco Col( ti Proposal.
Tt is around this proposal that In
formal conversations and "feelers
have been In progress' in tho capitals
Of Hurope for some weeks.
This far tho French-government
has been distinctly cold to the pro
poal. Hut the opinion Im held by
no mo of the president' closest ad
visers that if the United States were
formally and publicly to propose
auch a solution, with the combined
backing ot Great Uritaln, Italy and
Unlgtiini herself nnd accompany It
with objections to Fronrh military
action in tho Ituhr, Premier I'oln
care would bo forced to change hla
attitude or accept tho disagreeable
alternative ot seeing Franco moral
ly Isolatod among tho leading world
It is not believed In Washington,
at any rate, that tho French go
ernment could long withstand the
combined moral and diplomatic
pressuro that could bo exerted
against It to como Into line,
to throw their whole-hearted sup
port, both moral and financial, be
hind the enemies of tho honorable
J. C, Walton, governor-elect, to tho
end that all farmer-labor orcanlza
!j nappy uay tor luvt
m F-rig 3SFR. VOU.,S5?EKD-iri. a r-iOME Ol- YOUR OftTJ 1
airj i ,',,z.i 1 1 1 ny-iai j va,YSssssv iyi .vw i
B- - ""J.'Tf,7.77'7.l 11 I I 1. ftWkII l f . I I L I r'".rfT fA I 1 1 Yr 1 I V 'rw .'V S I i,
Wk ' l"i" ' " ' 1 '( '- "-I"' r.,.:.4i- s .-,. u. . 1 .. .. rg--g-a. m
Look about you and you will find that those who
get the most happiness out of New Years day
and out of EVERY day are those who live in
their own homes. The best resolution you could
make this New Year would be that you will
spend New Years day, 1924, in a home of your
own. We wish to do our part in helping you
carry out such a resolution. Come in and dis
cuss your building problems with us and get our
Hanna Lumber
Mon may be defeated In the coming
legislature anu
Whereas t Is tlie.r nUrnOSO to
re-elec. one U C MeAWter. serre-
tary of toe s'nnte und ex-offlcio
KSiretury ot the tato election board!
In order to make safe th? defeat i
of the farmers' program both In the
Vglslnturo and before the people
through the lefervndum and
"(Jet Ilclilml Walton"
' Wherean, there were at least five
state officials whose nominations!
were stolen In the primary by the I
'short-potting' of ballots, switching
of flgureM as In the case of Pittsburg
county where fiOO votes were dollber-
ntoly stolen from the Honorably J.
C. Walton and shirtau to some one
of their machine who was running.
behind und every other crooked do
vice known to a band
of ospcrt
election tnlevca and
"Wherea. all decent and upright
cltlzenrt regardlcM of n ation In life
should get behind the Honorable J.
C. Walton, governor-elect, lils pollelcs
and program and hold up his hands
In this the greatest crista In tho his
tory of Oklahoma:
"Therefore he U resolved that we
the delegates to the Lincoln county
convention of the 'Farmers' Kduen
tlottal Co-operative union of Okla
homa go on record against slush
funds of corporate greed, election
thieves and thievery and ask
senator, thn Honorable Courtland
Fouquny to voto aKalnst these election
thieves and mipport the governor-
elect in every way possible to the
end that his administration may be
beneficial and sucrcsful and resolved
further that we ask our reprerrnn- ted," reflect upon the court of which
lives to support the Honorable Mur-jhe was an officer und upon the bar
rny Gibbons for peaker of the house i (,f which ho was a member; thit by
and resolved further that we .ask the! n-ason of said unproirssionn! con-
prese of tho state to glvo this resolu-
t!6n tho widest publicity."
While the. right to dlsladgo Lleu
tennnt Governor Trrtpp from his grip
on tho election machinery hna not
ibeen given to much vroiiimence It
has flavored the efitlro controversy
over organization of tho senate. The
matter ot whether Senator Hollowny
or Senator Antlln Is to 'bo presi
dent pro Urn of tho iienate Is of
rather small consequenco after all
Is said for tho reason that ono K 1
Trnpp wltl be on tho job an presid
ing officer every day ot the session.
The pro tern may preMdo when noth
ing Is passing but persiflage but
TrnI' W' be Willie nt tho rat hole
when bills aro being passed, there
fore the fight over president pro
tern of the senate nmounts to little
other than a cloak for tho real tussle
which Is over control ot the election
Ills .Secret Committee.
It has not been generally known
but nt the time the committee of 21
was nsked to draft farmer-labor
legislation u committee of threo was
asked by Walton to draft a new
election law. This committee Is com
posed ot Porter Newman of Durant,
I recently elected Judge of his district,
J. s. osstes anil tiarl Witt ot Okla
homa City. It has beon at work on
the draft of an election law which
Is said to be "fair" und which will
bo handed to Mayor Walton upon
his return to the capital. Judge
Newman is in the city and will re
main until after session convenes.
It has been doubted that the sen
ate, will consent to throwing McAl
lster over ns n. concession to the
now administration and there Is u
general belief that Trapp has kuc
ceedod in organizing the scnato fav
orably to the secretary's retention.
If this proves to be true then tho
fight Is to bo transferred to the
open nnd unless the proposed elec
tion law can be passpd by tho legls-
lature which would involve j ku.
"i' . ' " " ". ""
be iniMaird , ' ii n nrriu iu inn i
tdu lor a vot
co.vtinli;!) rrtou pack one.
fourth Interest In tho claim for
13,000. Judge Wright, Dill charged
accepted the proposal and told Dill
he would decide the case In his fa
vor. On the strength of this testimony
Judge Wright wa disqualified by
Mia uiinrntnii nmtrt from further ac-
I iton In the case.
A Severe Complaint.,
The htatc bar commission s com-
Plaint against Dill Is one of! thfc most
revere over embodied In proceedings
of like nature In the state,
One count in the petltlo says:
"That the action vas bribery und
that Dill openly swore that h" w-ns
guilty of Hie Bald heinous crime and
advertised to tlic world that he, an
attorney ot law, was a briber and n
corrupter of court; that ho was a
traitor to tho nurpdse for which
eul.ts exist: that he was trullty ot
I one of the basest and most atrocious
' crimes which an nttorney may com
, lnlt! that the said admissions on the
part ot deferdant show him to bo a
I depraved character wholly untrust
worthy: that eaia action.", so aumit-
duct he has brought the legnl pro
fesslon of Oklahoma Into disrepute.
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lors, department stores and barber shops.
Good results guaranteed or your money
ref unded.
Expert white operators in attendance.
Mary Abbie Beauty Parlor
J19 Robinson Bldg. Phone Osage 3885
We are making home building easy, our
plan books showing 500 house plans
will help you get ideas. Our draftsman
will make any changes you want in your
own plans furnish you with an ac
curate estimate of the cost, and we will
contract and guarantee the cost of your
home. Our plan service is free to our
- i '.i.lif' prays t ,a
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.Muruer cnarges will !,, ; ,. f
Charles A. Blklns, it was atn,
tonight by the county rl',ti,
flco following the death i,'
f-A.i, aim (-.....
"(.urini, v itifi Iier la 111
for the attorney -Rf m .
ce, who was shot this h, ,
a place hero run hi m -Walker.
Ferguson In a death ',. ,i
mont declared Klklns f f , , j ,
after exclaiming, "I Jm. . v ,
inonths for this euumr
Klklns denied the i!..i'k,
Ing tho shooting was a f,
on him. He ia held i .
1 .
1 i t
. In 11
. Judge l.ucleti 11. , , ,
).,., ,V),0 Wfts ,..it. ,. '
i Wnlker place, was quo,'?.,. .
,lf(, nffu.ors hut
i i,.,,,,, WrlDllt .tei liiio.l , ,t ,
1:1ns and Forgusop. had
ing. no hohi mat b i i
the ohot fired at Klkiii
At one time Klklns ,
man for n well-known ci in .
yor In Oklahoma city Hp 1
fleers thnl ho had been , Im
the bar In Louisiana lnr . i
lioen given a license to ,..
i , .
J '.
Funcrnl for C'n
Funeral rervlces rot- r.
son. president ot tin
Unilway company and
tho development of OK'ii
will be held MondH".
n.ititmit.t Innlf-hf fV.ua
1 1.
I his home here this inn
hkc of 61. after a brief

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