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. 1 .
WKkt Second St.,
~ No. 109
[est Second Si,
bst Second Si, L
. Shipley and Orange Sts.,
ic 5*lafc to Buy
mp Dry Goods
We have opened the old
established Dry Goods House
with a full line of new and
desirable Dry Goods and
Trimmings. All of our stock
£ Sjfcm bought at the re
, » ,
me OU! stock, and be con
I led that the reputation for
Dry Goods will be
up as it has aone yearf»
É atho- of the WM
■ tua i.«nu oi inepres
■ opnetor, who estab- ;
^and • i*ucce,.--.fally C-Jtt I
,1 «ho llw Good« Tvnai I
d the D.J Goods bU81
2 thw c,t y a9 far bauk as !
IT 1836. !
. - ...
_ the bargain line, aua |
bav<5 on baud a great !
^^■irgain'', too numerous
q**- n ' D nf • .
HraeuHOD. r> "" P" 6 ; I
■VC bed and Unbleached 1
|o piece?, for 1, 2 and 8
Winch Bleached and Un i
■ J TH 1 c V
W ued Muslin, S cents.
^»,000 yards of Calico, 4
L t , v orth C cents 1
'Ginchame all the best
a kes. '
Patent Lining, 8 cents,
Lrth l' ) '' w
Ctek for boys' suite,
f'.d Mourning Calicoes
Hio, worth « aucl So.
WT-i Vi hfte Duck, suite
^aeloï stone cutters' aprm-s,
pockets, etc., 10c., worth 20c.
Satines as low as 7c.
Hi : - • m 1 ■ s being light
confident that we can
Wpjte with any firm in the
B vhethf r you want to buy
rnot. We respectfully in
fte all former and as many
;w friends to call and es -
W '
[Hills, Bargains.
r e hbve made arrange !
be supplied with any- j
, „
,a S .rs «„ii «c, wen to
■»«retoot, as we are
hatines aa low as 10c. !
French solid Satines, 15c. !
Bed ticking 7, 8 and 10c, i
HM2èc. 1
of Beiticking a.
wovth 25c.
G3ût'a«White Rûd Calico
Ms' and Gluts' Dinar.
Shirts as low as 37ic. Stock
W? fr-m 5c.including ai! J
of ihe best celebrated makes, |
^warranted fast colors—in
h rfd ^.nd in fact we wil!
ußjk/tB hand most every! .
sg^ ng to the business.
and gents' Celluloid
and Cuffs, Necktie?,
A splendid opportunity to 1
buy dry goods at the lowest i
prices yet. On account of ;
the lateness of the season and i
the precarious weather we are
having from day to day, bu*i- J
L ne8B 18 not , a ? g ° od 3 r ir I
ly IS at this season of the ;
year. Complaints are heard
from all parts of the country ,
that business is dull. Every ;
truthful merchant will admit i
that, trade is not as active as !
ifc should be for the month of
May. As we are caught with I
a very large stock of new,
fresh and desirable goods on 1
hand and as as we need a
_ -7 .i_.i of monov about
fht tim« L b «
this time, we have decidt a to ,
make things hum by making ;
n-oods so verv cheap that peo
goods so very cneap mat peo
pie cannot help buying It they
are in need' at all. It will pay
every shrewd cash buyer of
drv goods to visit our store i
eariy „d oft™, as we are di»
Seersuckers, all cieam, at
, j
cenus a yara. .
lease of elegant Crinkle,
Seersuckers. Fancy styles,
v . i; 'V t .
atu.c ivc c !
ceâtfi a yard.
j Jot half wool Orded
Dress Gootn to be cloud] out '
at 8 cents a vard • worth 9ft
s 7 '
; l Jot Stevens single v i lfh
I PhmbWrKd- SbftisgX J Ö G&Tiia
I _ _ ,c, or ^ *
a yard, wortü 25 cents. ,
! At our Dress Goods Goun- '
! t8r IB*iy be found lots of bar
gains which we have not space
? * ti v. , ,r 1 ,
to tell you about, kc must,
however, mention a lot of
Ro'hllliflli FHulllcc*
BBaUUTUI LtldilicS,
| ™ f tr^rv
! resigns V. O CDOlceîl
8 , m ° 9t «tractive and
'stylish dress material at 10
I cents a varti
1 * - '
Ulinua UiHIilJ,
i «r « , , :
Wonderful values at 50, 75,
. an A rtn I r ,
' > i . '* '
Jock at them and when you
aro counter ask to see
our Bl ac k Rhadame.s at 7.5
J"?*, f? th '.\ nch
beautiful (to. den Brown
'S"!"" ft" .^f 0 ^
, euadCw, special drive at 86
J.Toki. d °l! S;
t01 * •«!«¥»• *»« PoypdIO
" y a ' a &r the ™ ue
i playing grand bargain, every
day. GROSBT dr Hill. |
1 case of beautiful Crinkle |
Be sure and visit these de
! . J , ,,
j artmeuts and see for yourself
, what macnifieent SJOCMIS you
j , )U 7 or ver H( j, e
fit 1 F 1 *? 7
Lace Curtains
A large assortment of styles,
! from 75 cents to !jp6.50.a pair,
! special value. Compare with
i anything offered within aj
1 Lhourand miles of this city,
Special Gffdiing of Quilts
! at 87 ic, Sl-00, $1.25, $1501
;ami $1.75. To sec these goods
13 *? buy at_ eight, as the,
; quality and prices are all that
! oau be desired.
| Immense BSargains in
Hosiery, (Staves, Ilndcp
irear and II4m burg
Lichtenstein & Hart,
We have had extraordinary j
good luck in disposing of our
Spring Dress Goods despite the
unfavorable weather, and the way
we account for it is that we are
giving splendid value.
Shrewd buyers will find some
ains in our estab
8ple ndid bargai
Hshment. Wo give the consumer
what we advertise. We guaran
tee everything we sell,
handle no questionable goods,
Lc ** at our . 1,aT > rama thl8 week
Dress Goods aU reduced in
p r j cfti Some exceptionally fine
bargains offered in broken aasort
meats. Ask for the 46-inch Hen
rietta for 89 cents a yard,
worth #1.25.
¥"f 1,n Underwear a large and
varied assortment. Ask for the
Muslin Skirts with three inch
embroidery 'ruffle,* price 60 cents.
Embroidered yoke Chemise only
50 cents ; a great bargain. j
Oar Silk Department is filled
»Ith all the novelties of the
season. See the good black Silk
11; f no » .
fiffü " '
Men 9 peporall Jean Drawers
m 4b different sizes, regular
pantaloon shape, price 48 cents a [
pair. Men's Baibriggan Shirts !
f° r 25 and 50 cents each. ;
White Goods in endless variety
3|and at prices that speak for
It wonld'reouire several
it WOUIU requite setuai pages
.?• enume * a e y many go
things and bargains offered bv
! us. We must be content with I
asking you to call and Convince
yourself. We will promise you ;
' lowest prices, polite treatment j
mid splendid value. iTamaius in
all ouï different departmSiU.
j innl'ÛTIQ'l'uln A/ Ijouf
uilill ll PH pUUÜl ÖU lld'l Uf
, a«|0 Harket Street. .
' --
B I TU ti R IHn
K A Ixytr A i (VI N
DilIUîniKlJ I
[ Q Sprioe ClotblDir We've
,, a „ j „u«'
J a I gain» today, reader, who- ;
ever you may bt—they're j
genuine and must be if we say i
: SO— trade is not slothful , for j
pl 1(1 nn hlifi unlse beat« rei?u.
P u 1)116 P 018 ® V e . le 5 U '
'any and appreciatingiy. 4 bus j
jj^ve we touched the key to 1
popu l Hr f avor w hen prices can I
j found suited to the con
|dition of every pockelbook
And still the weary wheels of
We go r.,u n d.
j G. A. K. Suits a specialty.
We «o»M gioeyouprioeo,bat
| rest n8 , uml that
f Q staniped Sp ,„ 5ll „,_ Tidi „,
| Scarfs, dtc., at prices surprisingly
i of K oo<i .-«uabie footw.* r «t m« iow«t prv«»
cail»ud«»».j.in-^ur rha-W. full Hneeof iKhe*
( 1
! with tip b wwd, on! »»nor tiptac«d, the b»t '
i isaanaia i
10 E 4th 61, between Market and Kb«.
- ;
short Bookkeeping Cour«.
The special discount for the above
* .. . . . , .
for the remaining six weeks >• «till
open. Enter any day. Wilmington :
Commercial College, 8th and Market j
: Sts, ;
1 ---establishment.
our guaran
tee of 30 per ceut saviug on
j every dollar you spend with
us is a fact. All we ask is that
j } r °« tr 7 ua aT1< * P rov « what we
have been telling you.
: fog P. Y. ClOitllSg fdinuf. Cfl.,
;et Street.
.310 J
Crayon Portrait and Fram« with the
dozen Cabinets at Cummings's Gallery,
j 302 Markst 8L
naUm al/.a , s iwi «1
niliirn» Sn» TI»I 111' Vf>iV
IS, Stolid. V
Tho coroner'« jury in the Mnlafl
case met at the coroner'« office »'
« 1 ; . Tiinrriin«.
ru«r »• ■ I • ' s him in r.
inR it. Tiu (its* thim< Ge «I» *«« <•;•<
the man ovtr the
with a 1 i\. i ' n m-m Mala«c«l/.a piek'fl
up a Huh nrd liil another man. The !
man fell into a ditch and a* be got up
he picked up a etone which he throw j
at Malaecaizt. The latter then drew a i
pistol, fired a shot, staggered and :
wheeled around, and fired again. ;
Some man passing in a wagon call' d j
to him to atop firing or he would re- '
Swgeant McVey then came |
up and searched one of the Italians
He next found Carmen Malascalz'i
turn it.
lying down, but discovered no revolver
on him. Some man kicked over a »tone
and found a pistol under it. Witner»
m, I ,.r,,;!;ua paid that he could net
identify any c;f the partie*. He fur- |
tber aaid that hn would have the man
that found the revolver before ths jury |
on Wednesday next. I
William Ft«her was next examined.
He eaid he was at the circus in com
psay with a friend and saw Mal»"c*lz-.
hit with a »tone. When the Italian
waastruck heran around his stand and I
fired a revolver. Two men started i
after him and one of them threw a
«tone end hit him again in the email of
the back. Mala«»!* » turned, upon be
in , truck thl) „cond time, fired an
ot £ er ihot> WPUt tho Iot 8n( , M ,
down A* the men were running after
Malaf-cal/a they exclaimed :
we ain't no countrymen,
thi« ounalve«."
definit» result will tie reached
Funny Trii t-. » for ihn run«tarr«iion j
»f tu, tu 1 ..iud B r«t»f. ,
It is a generally-accepted fact tba.
«hen :i num go-»outside of the proper |
w.y 0 f doing business to «ttnet cm«- •
tom bis trade is falling off, simply be- i
caU8P hi8 goods are no good, snd he ,
I has to rectofe to filthy trlcki In order to !
exist. The reverse is the c«. when» 1
; merchant hx« confidence in bis goods ;
j and know« that ho is dlsposlog of
5j MSm on ^ ir merits for a small profit,
Then heflo.^ re ;
the tricks of «lioddy concerns who try
tomnUe » -te i .*.*lto believe that ti c.»
are doing bmrfnewu
, • ■. the people 1
. beguile t;..-unthinking, but every sen
Zle person is aware tut the easterner
|h*Hlo pay for them, becauw Bucli
j tbin « , 4 "• not «} ver ! BW " y ' but an
1 extra high pnee is charged to cowr
! the value of that uaelees souvenir,
Hence BIr. Ixmi* Fallheimer pride«
himehlf upon effering to buyer* only
good, hornet clothing, at a profit of
I vS* cent., which 1; pomtlvely far
lotr (hin my otter HMMHiBmt la
' Wilmington.
It will, therefore,bear repeating that
Mr - Ivl:b,,,ir <l008 not approve <r
'h««* qu.Htionable basin«« methods.
; p re f ergto put hia money not
j chromes, picture cards, etc., but
i where it will beet serve the interest* ut
j Ms customer«, and save them at le««
38ppr ' ' r,; - their purchs*«. )
' psu. ni ' ellhsieMt'« Economy
j Halt, *cc Market st., when in need
1 «fgood, v^n made clothing you win
I onc « M tb8t y«" bave bM *" '' u
"Come on.
We can do
lightened by reading the columns of
j tho Eves iso Jouosal, the peoplo','
I paper.
A Card
Wo désire to call the attention of the
reader* of the Journal to the fact that
the " Delaware Printing Company."
234 Marl
James i
it., are eucoeayors to the
ebb Company, and are
Printers, Stationers, Book Hinder», snd
makers of Blank Books. That they
have greatly enlarged and increased
the laciltUcs of tho old bouse, and nro
prepared to fill nil order* with prompt
r v
Uraiulyulne ISuclac<.
James E Morrison ha* opened a
meat store at 19ih and Market 8'a
.. , , ....
Two building« have been started nt
20th and Washington Sts. m East Lake
P. D. Du ley, bous- and sign painter,
has opened an office at 23J and
Market Sts.
New gearing has been put id the
electric street car», and they run much
easier sod with less noise.
I The Ore »ton Lend and Improvement
j Company has planted its properiv in
j the V'Cinity of tho IX-laware Field
; Club's grounds with a large number vf
; shade tree*.
1 The oropfpy belonging to Joseph
Tatnnil at Eiliott Ave. *md
West St. is rich with sand.
! Large quantities are now being
taken out along the line of tho Phikt
del ^ hm p:k9 '
The Street» through Brandywine vil
1 >»K e «re in . rough, unsatisfactory
' condition. Great baste was made in
read is rough and impassable,
! , „ . , . .
JamM N - I « wI " & »Wither are the
; proprietors of the Fair view aursery, at
24th and Washington bis. The nursery
cover» a epare o. feet front by V"'.
. feet de^p, ana it will be further in-'
by U,e addition of 125x125 feet,
: The three greenheuaes are covered
j with 8,000 »quare feet of glass. Harry
; Potter is the efficient manager of the
Hall Stands, new and cheap designs,
d Johnson A Barnhill's, 20" Market Bt.
1 # >
-iSffi! r ! ÎH
rect '
for one %
execute iSHB
there are n^H
who were <jd®
collector'» du|
few over 7,000
tration cflloer*
work well and
nearly every diH
commendation upol
Another fact 11 :at
Gon n number of persona 1 * W M &
«worn and left without . ™
trred. but they returned ci v
to conform with the low.
P<'MOt« appeared for regmlmi«
were not qualified, and tin nn^B
worthy citizens of foreign blrtW
had either lost their naturalize
Saturday wa« that the U
in favor. On the first did
papers or never had any.
<* **•law worked •i hardehipinleveH
ca«*. In th. F.fih ward a gentle
«»". 81 year* of age. who ban been a
™tef for 55years, waa unable to reg
«ter, having lost hi« papers,
Ex-Sheriff Thomas Ford, eoncorning
whom there have boon a numbT of
Th ! s brain
malicious rumor* since May 13, which
effected bis ciliz nsbip. recently * x
hibited hia certificate of natural zatlon
to a reporter of Ihn Eybnixo JotiaXAl.,
and be «aid that he voted upon it j
iu 1S68 on age. lie registered on Bat
urday, May 13, in ths Firs; district of 1
tho Twcl'tb ward, and he soya tha> j
tho report alioul hia inability toquai j
ify waa a malicious falsehood and told j
Mr dy to injure hi* brother. Mr -•
Ford'n lar^e real estate transactionH :
Hhould have ^ sufflcieat ta eUmp
t he report as an uotr nn,
Col. Ford was naturalized October 9, I
igcc, U. Hsrmtm, clerk of the United
.Satta oouit. P«ttick Twr /art vouched
for })i m. Robert Bhswîlmmas J I
James und William H. UcCuliough j
register* and iaspectors of ths firs' i
district Twelfth ward, taadu the stole- i
^ t in tho Morning
that Mr. Ford wps prop, rly regiitero-d
en M y 12as staud « 1 » in •
The roçond day's work was lest tl
tlvsee-fourths that of tho first and
; P»., -dur more smoothly. I.'«»
! ber of windows on Saturday chalUmg- !
' er* were etatloned, m^ho conterjt<*<l '
! lbPmiwlTe# [° "y klB K »• Licck books ;
(he supposed politics of those register-,
j ing
: One of the registration books is now j
, baiag delivered to the department of
elections; another is rtqulred to be
hungup at .he place of r. gyration
wUbia 48 ho«(i(iliir the do« ol reg
. Istratioo on Saturday. Alt! 1-1 «f
that time ihe latter are to be taken ;
down and used by the eh. . <-l ill
. Ivjardof inspectors at the June elec
motion». The other two list« are to be
; held by the two inspector*,but the min
I nHty inspector is to ret^^ ia t.ij in hia
; Pw«'*ion. Th« book* left in the de
.re all to be oou.parad and
! the atttec found on mote than one
j "«•«»« ^ stricken - ff, and when
j book I« returned to the
ficcr8 lhe ,atter - SM to,n ' ketbfcir huuks
;iou of
No vole is to Ik- received
l correspond,
that dor* not appear oa two hooka in
the aame bedrid.
The following is the registration in
May V
j Tbir \j^rt*w« ri ).
| First .»ow-tcr...
j K mt» ote'rlct
1 ■ >ê.h rtlstikr... ..
TMrd Ward
«ÎMtrlct. .....
i Ferons rtlutrict.
( r l £nifdl£' H .
| Fifth -iletrlnt
I Fourth Word
First uwi-tc-.
, » <• «d <»i- riet
I Thlr ' dls'rk-t.
j Foudh it-olft-c...
^ t Fifth Ward:
j JT" U d dhuioV.V."
Thirl dbtrlct.fi.'!
Fourth 'iUuict
| Fifth dhtrtct.fi!'
I sixth dtstr:-»».
1 F!rst di i *, b 0 J Var4
i serond «i«r t
| h,v l ' tric '.
1 Fifth dtattlct.
! siwh digtd.-t.
j t'evrutu Utetitst ;
| p|_, AifititS*..
I ikirt ui^to^ .fi.
■ | lrt h ...
' ■
I Fourth 04*»..!!
j Ti-'th Wsid
( r(rst
I <iî«mct. ...
»!(ih .u.«iric :
»venth Ward:
j Fir*t d'strifit
j Second district
FLst Ward:
d • IwtIo
• ■ ;
m aj ja
13 J
' •
l 2
2i) SJ
u i
... m

: ;
. Li)
13 41

.. M
11 41

m m

1 « a
8») PI
'■ >
1 !
V -1

11 5j
a ■
a ..J
i •
ifth rfl'trtat.
Seventh Ward;
First dtMftot..
t Mgrmd di*»rict
. 74
. . w

10 i
JO 4
; *

1 '
18 9%
27 tr,
IT 37
23 «r
1 •
• •
2 '3
h a
.. fti
.... 4i
7 4)
... W
* -■
. '.'ft
« Ä1
11 4 a
.. M
' •
■ *
S7 81
Si 33
! •
.. at
17 so
t 41

The best is tbecheapest. Tr ü L. & (}.
i Total registered.. . »41 001 3170 SUS
! Hour, sold by Nichol *, 6th and King.
' D
K: HYienthB
Twelfth w«|
^ w ^— m
T he vot * V *î
l '^* n ^ or president (^Ê
* 8 follows: Fir«t
ea8t ' west, 79; Thh
F ' nk * 280;
89P» Seventh,
Eighth, 313; Ni.ub, têM, _
1M; Tenth, 81 E eoth,
®°rth, R2: «onth. (Wj total, 3,0
The councilmamc candidat.^
wioAwardi amtiuw a« foUowâ
The Ibpul.Iin.u« of i;.e Third
w i lthol<1 • ®S
,,IÎK ^ «.a <*fTng for ihe nom- ;
Sïtendan" if oaUfS^ Ex- !
„ Rl |' na ">^' ooti ipatea. l.x t
.Councilman Thoraaa Johnson 1
undoubtedly be run» d. and it is not,
improbibie that he will accept. They (
«ay that he can bo t letted if he stands, i
John U.. En.w will very like.*_be the ,
Dwmvcralic candid to for Council frdm
the With wnr.l .. 1.1» Cooley let»- ;
ing urged to take the Republican nom !
mi. lion in the Twelfth wail.
>(«1 ,otr, g,7S(
egstf 4>S0
2--' Jtj qnin„
Aï: 1 .
■Wm n.nm
<• liiUF
" T !
s*r«*niti .. . N
WM * , v i
Ntuth .liAnfrl 4r i
* \lv

4 n.
It i* indeed wonderful to witne«a
the crowds who daily throng M.
Meyer's Clothing House, purchasing
Men'». Bov'a and Children'» Clothing
Men'« Suita nra »elling at l>0, |T. fH 50
and 110. Three ,uits at the prices here !
quoted are the greatest bargains ever :
seen in America, People of Wilming I
ton and surrounding country, »houldi
avail themselves of this great sale at
ItxtraordtnHry Kxrlirinrnl.
id. Meyer*'* One Price Clothing Depot, j
N. W. oor. 5:h and Marke: Sts., WU- !
mington, Del,
Krtutiynlnc ICoata.
Tho owners of hont» along the Bran- ;
j dywlne are stirring into active life |
; with their crafts, and juiating and re- 1
I pairing are being conducted in a busi
ness-like manner.
j Nanon owned by Edward Bloselev, 1
' James Morris, J.ihu Patterson and ;
'■ h>' »loop yacht I
Harry H. Palmer, bi.» been put over >
board und will be rigged the early par!
j ton. owned by Thomas B Turner, «re
; ready for u«e. Th« »kiff Columbia,
) formerly owned by Jame» N. Conwol).
I of this werk.
The fikiffa Dr.
ywine ao(î Wilmlnp
• i l ' « ..h ci tiKsdcred one of
the fastest boat» around, has been
bought by John Davis. The skiff Flo
, , , , _ . ...
j Poinsett, owned by John Poinsett, is
tied up at "The Kecks," below Lea'd
mills. The yacht War Kagle, owned
by M. ELiioit und William Buck, is
now riggtd, ready for »ailing. This is
tho boat that upset several times last
Th« Tom and J ,« » beiqg put into
condition for racing. Both boats will
j 1» at ths match company's wharf.
The yacht Ariel, formerly owned by
James N. Can well, has been gold, and
is lieiug painted and generally repaired,
Several gunning skiffs owned by
i Elmer Pie-co and John Ferrel are be-1
i man, ran the only shad boat from the
j iug puc into condition foi service .
! John Martin, the popular fish-bait
Brandywine this season.
Children's 'White Drosses made to
nrdpr; t«aro Cu;>« nt a bargain; also a
complete line of Notions. Hukill A
To tho Bodies.
Foist, 8. E. Cor. 21 and Tafcnall,
Fft*C Time by a hhlp.
The steam freightship William K.
McCabe recently made the trip from
Philadelphia to North Carolina and j
| back in seven days and three-quarter* j
j of an hour. This is ths fastest time in ;
' '' JuUtlstr; * ***
•" • •ari»*
wiih,.« Wnii.m rt,».
f r j,. llds j a t hin ciiv ^ ^
. '
tu f r ^ from their honeymoon
0 u »SiJiurdav,
M. A. Graham of RoJla
bury, ' Md.', is visiting Krs.* 0. A.
!• II. ■■ uy.
Lhut. E, II. Khoads and wif<> of
Philadelphia »pent Sunday hem. He
will return on Decoration Day and
turn uu£ with his company here.
Mis« Fannie IVr.newill of Dover re ■
turned from Wmhingiuu on Friday
■»"'1 attend' d a l»*m pary ar Miaa
871a üuriu K .«•> ph iade1 '
: ^ 1
Hr«. Charlas A. Gtice
been atlending tho
session Of the M. E. General Confer
ence in New York city, returned homo
j on Saturday afternoon.
Kev. aid
ho have
W. Pierce Biggs, a brother of tho
I governor, residing at Middletown is
etng groomed for the office of clerk of
►ho peeca of New Castle county, now
! filled by Edwin Ii. Cochrm of Mid
! die town.
1 Iiemocratio NationalConveuti,
; Eoui*.
Col. J. Thom a» Scharf of Bahimore,
4tor of ihn history of Delaware,
1 through Wilmington on Friday
I with tho Baltimore delegates to die
at St.
he €
; p
y, county »up<* r ln
> Herma
dent of the puuliô «chool ls*t
! »-tsitrd schooW In Penrader. \
j C'lny Creek and Mill Creek hundreds,
i The annual exmuiuxlions of teachers
will bo held duriog tho latter part of
■ Juno.
Adiosk Delawareans wh 7 visited
I Philadelphia theatres last werk wero
! Mias Lizzio Willis of Milford; James
j £- .'7 olcut L aD< L N '
Smither». Mrs \V. T. Smithers and
j Brad(ord Murphy of Dover and John
j Townsend of Frederica,
CJviL John M. Newell has been <'
d by tho Adjutant-Geneml to
ten horses for the uee of the
r and bis stall on Decoration
I mu'sioE
| prucurt
I D»r. Col. Newell accompanioti
Adjutant General and Col. C
| a to Brandywine bprirg
j the
! for
! selves rendiiy.
exec lient advantage« of t
eocampzubQv presenc
The Wllu:lsmloa Ilsrfto
f ! enwlck Inland Lightahip IT
Enoch Moore'a shipyard.
Tho Bchooucr L. ß. Chandler from
Milton is lying at tho city wharf, foot
of IhiidSt. A load of Hour will ba
j taken from The William Lea and Sons
i Conipiny's wharf to-morrow. '
The new P., W. & B. H- R. bridge
. Hero»» the Christiana will be ready to
i turn on iq a few days. t
The ne^lCity of Chester will Ire very
* popular for moonlight excursions,
the first being ihat of Eureka Caste
of H. or S. W. on June 19.
T*y Kansas City Hams, 10c. lb, Pow
dermaker Bros., T03 W. 5fc. ; 507
King Bt.
; derwood's, N. & cor, 1 .8lk md FfcOMftb
Groceries very cheap at Ö, B. Un-

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