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one cent.
NO. 18.
j of
& co„
Fourth and Market Sts.
Lai cs' Gauze Vests—the
greatest combination of qual
ity, cheapness ami value we
have had. They are silk
bound, ribbed arms and regu
lar 25-ceat Vests everywhere
The lot is piled up on the
■counter for a quick sale at 19
•cents each, instead of 25.
Also a lot of regular made
Ladies' Balbriggan Gauze
Vests, very fine gauze, regular j
50-cent goods with a dropped |
stitch hardly noticeable, gives |
them to you for half price—
25 cents.
Silk Mitts—a wind up lot ;
of them at a créât cut. Black, i
tan, ecrui and cream—Jersey j
,„d Lace—15, 25, m cent»
The same m fine embroidered i
backs, B0 and 02* cents
They are all pure silk from !
, I ... i 1
ano snear Wien a woven cortl
plaided in blue, blacks, car- l
i- 1 j • L, i. j. „
dînai £0(1 piQKS, aa Last) " I
thin dress as you will g6t- j
95 cents from 37*
cm. -i v, ' • i'll
ine ITuDOn oreezs IS Still l
rustling the ribbons. You
never saw such qualities for
such prices. The narrow ones
sell the fastest. We are re i
placing them with wider ones ,
at still greater reductions
You should look through
these ribbon boxes, there's
lots of beauty and value there
for very little money.
Does your house front to
ward the eun? Don't bow
your shutters and keep out
the air, but get a Window
Awning of the nice fancy
stripes so popular now. They
come in a fine assortment of
colors in the fine goods fiom
25 cents a yard up- We send
a man to measure your win-1
dows and furnish iron frames j
and material completed to
■your windows '
We have another Lice lot
of remnants of Table Linens j
in lengths from 1 i to 3 yards
You will find them iu the
basement plainly marked from
27 cents to $2 for each rem-1
Haut. i
Also a Bmail lot of 18 inch I
all pure linen Crash, nice for ;
kitchen use, are reduced from
10 o nta to 6i.
We are etirrlng up our i
White Bed Spreads with
continued c.jol weather blank
ets have been more desirable
than Spreads. We have made
several special bargains in |
White Spreads euch as this;;
Tins© at • .75 reduced to ? Of»
These at $1.00 reduced to $ .75
7 hose ct $1.25 reduced to $1 00
Those at $1.50 reduced to $1.35
These At $2 00 reduced to $1 50
Those at $.100 redu ed to $2 ^0
Those at $5.00 reduced to $J.50
In fine assortment. There's
nothing in floor coveting that
gives a restful coolness to the
appearance of a house in the
hot hummer months better
than a Matting. It is easily
kept in older and makes a
sweet and cleanly hot weather
floor covering.
In plain, white, neat figures
or damask effects they make
a well-furnished room and in
good qualities are satisfactory
in wear. W e sell thousands
of yards of Matting every
Tuck Lee, white, 1214 cents
Tuck Lee, fancy, 1214 cents
Wong Foo, fsney. It cents
Wong Foo, fancy, 16 cents
Ting Ling, fancy, 18 cent»
Chney 8un, fancy, 2i! cents
Ping Wee, fancy, 21 c-nts
Sun Flower, 'an y 81 cents
Ty L»,
A Chong,
Wong Lung, fancy, 60 cents -
The sa makes are all of the
best Chinese and Japanese
looms and made expressly for
fine retail trade. We can
recommend them as the best
Matting we know of.
Smyina Rugs—Especially
adapted and designed lor sum
mer use on matting iloors, in
all sizes.
fa icy. £5 c-nta
lancy, 40 cents
\\'M. B. SHARP & CO.
Fourth and Market streets.
Charmai Filled,
, , xt q ArcHi*
" e nave xwo 1\0. ^ JIIOl O p
Queen Refrigerators With AO!'- tor
p,-lain Water Tank of last the
' f , t
'years pattern, that we Will a
Sell for $10.00. List year's the
. , „ J
price ipld.DU.
We have three No. 4 same
nattern that we will sell for
1 . A t» " le .
afil4.UU. i l'ICe last year
$18.50. can
1 ' "
Jewett's Mrigerators

Li$ütüill$ ÎC6 Cfôd.111 Fft€Z TS.
flj] Cfftupc
Prices reduced A No. 13
Adams «fe Westlake Oil Stove
heretofore sold for $15 00 now
j being sold for §12 50, com
plete, with 4-hole top and
oven * A^est Oil Stove made,
Guaranteed to be non-explo
sive and perfectly safe.
Water Coolers irom 6oc. to
Two quart, $1 50; 8 quart.
$2 00. Price of other sizeb
in proportion. Guaranteed to
do better and quicker work
than any other freezers in th«
Gasoline Staves.

I 8 P 1(?ce *.
; A large variety of Rackets,
aDt ^ °ther Wood and VS illow
I ware at bottom prices.
i gtom, Heaters and Ranges
221 Market St.
Gentlemen S
Button, Congres?, Hook
Lace, Hand Sewed,
Plain, French toe or
latest New York tip.
Men's Extra W ide
Congress Gaiters, sizes
(> to 12. Solid comfort
for little money.
The Family Shoe House,
X«. 306 MARKET ST.,
Above Second,
General Political Newa.
C. H. H. writing from Bt. Loois to the j
Philadelphia Times says that: "It must be |
a pretty strong feeling which will take an [
assemblage each as this has been off its
feet and hold it there In one grand cyclone
of spontaneous acclaim for 28 ml mi tee."
Ex-Chief Justice Agnew i j one of the
men who, like Thurman, does no! mean to
lose hie grip on public affairs because he Is
old. He delivered an address to the Young
Men's Tariff Club of Pittsburg, on Thure
day evening, on the •'ProMctien of Amer
loan Labor and Industry.'' Ae was to be
expected from Judge Agnew'» former polit
ical affiliations, the addrrei wa» a high
tariff discourse of the most prominent type.
Stephen W. Dorsey at Denver, yesterday,
said; "1 have not ths slightest Intention of
being at the convention (Chicago), and
there is not a candidate named that I
would not be willing to support. I have
not now and never had a grievance
against anybody, and thie story about my
knifing Sherman or Gresham is pure rot.
I am a Republican from conviction, and
I'm for whoever will meet elevate freedom
It skillful leadership, the Bt. .
for everybody and everywhere
E twin 8. Stuart of Philadelphia bae a
kindly eide for Orcehara, although he is not j
committed to any of the candidates, nor ;
will be be until he roaches Chicago. He !
»aye that Gresham, ae he understand* mat- |
tern, cannot be fucoemfully attacked on -he
protect! m, end tells of a gentleman In tbia
cGv who wrote to Judge Gresham on the
subject. The answer came in effect that |
auyouM who ha« studied the iiihjecl mutt j
fully understand that while free trade m»y 1
h. a good thing for England it wonli bo
exactly the opposite for the Ualted States j
Governor Gray of Indiana received the |
news of Thurman's nomination with nom- i
piacenoy. "I have had no other expeota
Hon for two days than that Thurman
would be nominated for Vice President," i
he raid. "I have long thought that tbe ]
man whom tbe Haw York delegation eup
ported would be the nominee. I think 1
should have had no (rouble had it not been I
for Thurman', candidacy." What will be
the Thurman strength ln Indiaoal' "I
think he will carry the full strength of the !
parry in this state. He is a grand man. 1 j
want to say with regard to my candidacy [
tbat I feel prouder of the support I re .
ceived at Bt. Louie and at horte at the:
hands of tbe party than I would be of
any honor the convention could confer j
It was skillful leadership, says the Bt. .
Louie correspondent of the Philadelphia;
p iaje8> a jj t j, 0 mor e eo because tha Instiga ;
tor kept himself In the background, and
the victory is aolely William L. Booti's, It
t ai already beeu toli how Bcott given
a temporary setback hy Wattereou, when . to
the latter was elected chairman cf the!
platform committee. The whole thing
might have been very easily avoided had ;
Bcott exercised the privileges cf a bo»« to j
Believing that bis own a
position was strong he did not take the
trouble to make it entirely plein until (hr
can raitteo met. Thera were few delegatee |
who did not understand that Boott and
. _ _ ,
Watterson were together, and that Senator |
Gorman of Maryland was tbe man to be |
gat down upon.
. , .... n __I
The later return, of the Oregon election ,
eervs only to increase tho Republican pin- ;
ralltiee oo the state t'eket. Throe email Re
publican counties ,ars still to hoar from, j
The Hepnbbcrn plurality will be more :
than 7,000, which i« larger by 4,000 than dur- i
ing the war. Official figures can not m»ke '
the Republican plurality less than 6,900 J
The Republican gain on the legislative j
ticket was, if possibla, greater tkan o.i tbe ,
state ticket. The Legislature U composed of j
90 mtiabare B0 in the lower aud 3J in upper j
bouse Fifteen senators elected two years I
ago hold over, eight Republicans and i
seven Democrat». Of tbe 75 new member», j
the Republicans have elected 63, ths Demo
crate 10, and 2 are in doubt. Bo the next 1
Legislature in joint ballot will stand at ■;
least 71 Republicans to 19 Democrat».
There is not one county in the state where
the Democrats have elected their county
! The American Agricultural and Dairy
i Afsuciatior Joseph H Heal! president
i „„„„'i- Vnrolnmi unretarv have '
! «adrerai^a^er date nt Jai^8*h* r3 |'he fob
I lowing letter to James Ö. Blaine: "Peak -
1 olrty in^Gongrees^sorport »''tariff mramre
! President, in hie last meesege, praised cur
I great eg,Cultural interests, whi ch ererbe
basis of tbe count y 's wealth, onlv tout
tick them by recommending a repeal of
the duly on wool, tho principal article by
(he tariff in which farmer» are concerned.
' The Democratic National Convention,)
! bv renominatirg President Cleveland and
i adopting tbe tariff plenk of 1884. has
emphasized ths injury and left no
hcita for agriculture there, li the interest*
of the farmer- v/bü coastitute over half the
poiulaiion of the country and three .mar
ters of ihe producing aod fiuauciat interests
of the country,and ore directly interested iu
the full protection of American industry,
which means good home market* general
^ner.Taud^^^rrarad developmtnu of
the resources of the factories forests, Held
and mine» and the sacreaes of commerce
. ,. rut vos. yfbo
seoted to too coming National Republican
-f.in an i vou wiU be elected bv a
I r rnsiirira than «nv "residea* of the
0 ___ '
A nice line of Lace Bonnets at Miss)
President Cleveland'« Cabinet, should he
be so fo: tunale ae to succeed himself, will '
doubtless need coneiderablo recasting after j
tho 4th of March next, saye the New York i
Both Secretary Whitney and At
torney-General Garland mak« no secret of J
the fact that upon that date it ia their ;
intention to retire to private life. Both )
gentlemen are lawyere.and both retire to re '
game thf practlo« of their profession. 8ofdr ;
Mr. Whitney i« eo-iooroed this step is |
rendered necessary by the condition of bis 1
Mr. Whitney has never entirely !
I recovered from hl-r revere lllnese of last ;
• autumn. The blow which prostrated him

then was earned by overwork acd tbe num
berless annoyances connected with ble
office. There may be other changes in Mr.
Cleveland's Cabluet at the close of hie prte
: ent term—In f ct, It is hinted that Golonel
Lamont will also retire, but the retirement
of Meesra. Whitney and Usrland is already
I definitely determined upon.
L. Steinicken'e, 217 Maiket Bt
j -
| The Supreme master Workman la
Poled In Philadelphia.
1 Prii.adbi.priA, June 9.—The big ban
quet ball of the Bullitt building held over
ou» hundred and thirty diners last even
ing, who were assembled in a handsome re
ception to Supremo Master Workman
William H. Jordan. The banquet wa»
given by the Ancient Order of United
Workmen, who had aboat twenty promi
nent Philadelphians as their guseU
Seated at the middle of the great branch
ing board was the supreme bead, and i
about him on either side Judges Asbmaa,
Ferguson and Hanua and the toast muter
of the evening, Alfred Prank Curtir,
grand master workman »of Pennsylvania.
The table was plainly bat tastefully eet,
twining smilaz running the satire length,
end while a well filled menu was discussed
the music of au orchestra resounded
through the hall from >n adjoining room.
The committee in charge were L L
Bailey, T. W. Barlow, J. J. Broadhuret,
M P Claridge, M. B. Clark, J. B. Gir
woodand Joseph L Tull. Loot night's re
ception was tha final civility shown Bu
. gestion of the long», and the d'ffloulty In ;
breathing ba« weakened him and prevented i
; him from securing mud needed rest, j
Heretofore there bas uniformly been an 1
It Improvement after an attack of heart fall
ure, but now the patient doe« not seem able
. to rally.

j preme Marier Workman Jordan iu b!»
; Poiladelphla visit. He will leave the oily
! to-day for Wilmington, Del. Ur. Jordan, j
| heridee his high office in the order, Is .
Hpeeker of the lower bouse of the Califor- i
Legl.lature and a regent of the Bist»
He Become. Nervou. and Beatle...
j nu C'oBgl. Increasing.
| W ashihoton, June 9.-2 a. m.—-Gsn
i eral Bneridau'a condition is not changed ,
for ths better. Tke bulletin sent out by the j
doctors, aftsr consultation at 12 89 a. m.,
i say»:
"General Bheridan'e cough hat increased j
eomewhst since |the last report, and this |
1 has made him reellste and nervous. HI«
I pulse is rather qui-.ksr, but of good !
strength, aud bis respiration It rather more
fnqoent within tha lest two hour». Ho
! takes bia nourishment with regularity sod ■
1 j reliihe. it.
[ Though thera has been no very decided j
. change for the worse in Oenersl Bheridtn'-;
condition during tbe day, yet the Isit 21 :
hour« have not been encouraging for him
j Thsre bat been a continuance of tho high
. respiration which marked .'decided con
Cltf Newa In Idler.
South side Baptist Miraion at Lob lull |
and Heald St*., have Sunday school at j
a a. m,
A young man employed at the Pull 1
man 0 ar works mashed his band last i
Quigley <fc Mullen will open their
new whole ale grocery store on Tues !
Bradford, the lad accused of felon
u > ye8terJfty wa8wmt to New
Ua8l , e lhU morniusr.
^* nt ' ^f 8 - k-™*» Dr.
William W. Thomas and Mrs Thomas (
this city went to Longwoo to day. |
The check« are ready to pay off the \
election t die »rs. They can be ob- ;
tainod to day until 8 o'clock this even ;
1D K'
East fide Baptist Mission 12th and |
Htsid Si«., will hold its Sunday school ;
»V ® **■ I®, to morrow. Prayer and
prkise services are held on Thursday j
evenings. j
The Rf bmsn Library Association \
will give their third annual excursion ,
■; I- 0 B.rmtngham on July 4. Trains will (
Ica v< * D™"* and Madison Sts. at 8 a.m.
" n d 1 P' * n -
Children's Day will be observed at
the Bodney street churcj at tho even
ing strvice beginning at 7.30 o'clock
The services Will ba in charge of
Thctias McCorkle, superintendant,
' .
B. Frank McDaniel, S. Wallte Morn
' bpw Bnd Frank M. Danipmaii, of the
Wilmington Wheel Club went tu
- wh'«Y e^orcMer'Th"
«« numwous and some'of the
the three mile team race, balf tnile,
( one-legged contest, and the three-mile
race. Dampman will also b" in the
open mile race, and the half-mile race
»or tho state championship.
Wigwam, Coaclave and Gaslle.
The officers and members of Bt.
John Castle, No. 4, K.O.K., are re
quested to meet at the castle room, 5th
and French Kta., to-morrow afternoon
at 1 o'clock «harp, to attend the funeral
of Sir Knight Janus U. McCracken,
The.order in general is invited to at
£ r ' d ' ^ m qfp ' ^
»"est, C. T. Mkrtln, M. of P.
The Sir Knights of Delaware Cam
! mandery, No 3, K. O. E., will as
semble ia their armory in the Smith
! building to-morrow afternoon at 1
o'clock ( ' ful' drcea uniform, to attend
1 ._were
a ... T. I I .r r
Attention is called to Miss D.
Btcinicken's stock of ready-trimmed
j Bonnets and Hats for ladies and
children. Good work, beat material«
end low prices. No. 217 Market Bt.
Lincdn Street Baptist Chapel will |
celebrate Children'« Day exi-rci«e« at :
!' « m. to morrow, and nn address hy ;
' D°"- Charles B. Lore will he made at
j 7 43 P- m * Kev> J * Dunaway will
i P rtach * j
At tho Municipal Court this morning j
J t wo cases of drunkenness were dig
; posed of hy recommitment until to
) morrow afternoon, one on condition of j
' «« V lel1 X 0 " r ' d lhe other of
; * < - avlu K
| Ca?>t. Edmond Mitchell, when seen
1 this morning about the announcement
! vratolday afternoon of his alleged
; caftdidaey for sheriff on the Rtpuhl.
cm ticket, said that he had nothing
w f,atever to do with it and knew
nothing about it.
George 11 Graham Sente need - Sa
loon-keepers Aroused of Violating
the Sunday Liquor Law»—A Strug
gle Over a Ht. Georges A pplleatlou.
George H. Graham, the murderer of Got
tlieb Koeder.was brought into court imme
diately at the beginning of yeeterdsy'e
afternoon session, and sentenced to pay a
line of $2,000, and be tmprlioned for three
The court then resumed the hearing of
the remonstrances to t ie applications for
liquor licensee. The court room was as
full as at tha morning session, with the op
posing elements la these cases, ths liquor
dealers and their friends, and the advocates
of temperance reform. The tame repre
sentation from the whits ribbon army eat
within the bar, with prominent clt!s»ns of
the city, and ministers from several
churches. Every one was intensely inter
ested in the proceeding!
The first application beard was that of
Charles Devatiager, Front and Bearles Bt*.
This is a new application; It was refused at
the last term of court. N. W. Prickelt
»»'■»d how many times a new application
could be refund before it was final. The
William T. Lynam reproientod Mr.
Charles Dever of Hiring Fun was Iho
next name called. Remonstrance was made
against his application on the groond that
tie wae Belling tinier a hotel Ueente
land yet violated the law in bov
log no »tabling for borers. De
tective MorrU testified ae to thie charge.
| John Doordan, 9 Heald Bt., Bonth Wll
j mington. was the next application taken
up. The remonstrance wan ou tbe charge
1 of selling Ilqior to minora Mr Pticketl
i called John E Bradford, who did not put
court answered that there was no limit.
In support of James L. Dickinson'« eppll
cation of Townsend, John H. Rodney, bit
bronRht j. m . 8 u 0ardo , ,, d
Councilman Thomas Johnson to testify (hat
the place was a necessity : that there was
no disorder tber* and that tho place was at
respectable as any.
Objection wae made to the app'.iottloo
of Nell Deherty of the Helmet« n Park.
Detective John Morris swore that be went
there on Sunday, May 2, at 4 39 o'clock in
the afternoon and called for beer and tasted
what was given him to sse if It was beer,
a game of base ball was going on outside
and there w^re 290 or 390 people on tbe
prem!«ps. As many at 30 people were
Uorri»'* assietanl, WadeLiconla.corroborat
e d hie testimony In every detail. Mr. Prickelt
produced a copy of a handbill poatsj at
Doherty '» place and banded It to the court
to read, saying that it was of too obscene n
character to be read aloud in the court
drinking beer, wine and wbisxey. Mr.
I iu hie appearance, and at Ur. Pilckiitt re
! q ieet a subf uc.ia was Issued far Mm. John
H. Rodney, counsel for tbe applicant,
: called Gbarlei Newell, who saw ths appli
! cant, on one occasion, refuse to sell to
minor«. He never raw him sell to a miner
j and bflieved he kept an orderly heuse.
Mrs. Julia Peacock raid she signed
! cbe remonstrance against Doordan
( a , Uadriey Church, became she was or
| p0 g 8d ^ tbe business. Bhe did not read
\ the remonstranci before signing it and
; „ever know Doordan to tell to minors
; ui U Cora Rodney signed for the seme
reason that Mrs. Peacock did. Tue appll
| cant's counsel said that Mr. Doordan bad
; kept Ike bouse »here for ton years. At tbe
reqseat of Mr. Pricket» »he case wae laid
j t ,veF uotil the witness subrœtaed could
j l)e brought into court,
\ The application of the Excelsior Brewing
, Go. for tbe saloon at 5th and DuPont BU.
( wa, remonstrated against on the ground cl
had been an orderly place since that dato
Mr Ford told Mr. Prickelt that ho did
not frequent the saloon, that ho bad only
been there two or three times Frank Goa
g clbtch. who o«vne considerable property
in the vicinity of the brewery, e-iid that he
never saw anything wrong about the sa
loon. It was not open on Bunday. Mr.
Genglebach elated tba; ba was engaged in
no particular kind of buslnese, but was in
every kind and any bind that would make
m0 u»y, but finally admitted that he was e
cor , trac . or . Benjimtn F. Towneend. secre
tbe Excelsior Brewing Go., teetilied
that the company got possession of the
««loon property on March 25th. He gave
the plaça a general good character.
Remonstrance had been filed against the
| ,p pllo . tion of J, Massey Euo. of Chris
i ''" Da ' * TldoDC9 not Uroucht up t0
| ''The '.pp'l'ktt^'cflBarh.ra Fiecher cf 113
î'*' t * n ^ red 1 th "
| ^ 5 * the cf ">« Hd " rd l o(
bon election, by an alley and parebaeed
i liquor. On May 7th ho went in and found
men gambling for drinks. Mr. PrickaU
raid tbs plane bad k bad character. William
T. I.ynatn, who appeared for the applicant.
*» id t 11 » 1 thl * W ' B 60 oD rstablisbed houje
was kept in an orderly and quiet
Remonstrance was made to the applies
tiou of Michael Fitzgerald of 11th and
cisymont Bt» , on the ground of the
i oca ;Uy in which it was situated helog
»«<1 th9 ''• loo ° calculated to make the
locality of poor reputation Judge Uous
1 ton remarked that "the ra'ooas kept pace
with tbe growth of the city." Walter H.
; Hayes, counsel for the applicant, called
1 | WUliam McMenamin, tbe owner of the
S al°°n end cf property about it to testify
mad a. On May 5 the agent of the
1aw and Order Society obtained liquor
D. ; there Wade Laconia, the agent's ossiet
! ant corroborated this testimony. He raid
the saloon was at 2nd and Jaokson Bu.
Retold Levi Bird, tbe applicant'* counsel.
that ba counted frua 3rd St. down. Mr.
: Its being a -limrcle-ly place. The applica
! tion was for a saloon in connection with
| the brewery. Mr. Prickelt «»id It was a
: beer garden with the same general ebarao
; ter that such places bore. Many disorderly
„eenes uad token place there and it was the
p i #0 , «her» Graham murdered Koeder.
j Waltei H. Haye» counsel for tha applicant,
j sail that tho brew4ng company bought the
property some time ago, but only got poe
session on tha 25:b of March. He called
j ex BUeriff Thomas Ford to testify that It
Bird raid ha thought witness made a mis
take, that the name should be Jamre
Bernard Ferren, of Heald and Apple
Bt»., was remonstrated against. Ur. H.
H Ward, who with Mr Ha,as Is counsel
for the Liquor Dealers' Association, of
which Ur. Karren la a member, said that
there was a long petition Irf for the saloon.
Bums of Ur. Krickelt', wltnessce were wi
sest aud the court laid the application
A stubborn light wee made ever the ap
plication of James H. Osra of 8t. Georges.
Anthony Higgins, E-q , represented the
remonstrants. He said it was the tame
ease that had been refused several times.
William T. Fini there, counsel for the appli
cant, put Henry C. Clark on the stand. He
said he thought the heute very essential
and bad never beard anything against It.
Penton Belville sail be was president of
the Town Counsii of Bt. Georges. Ur.
Bmltbera told him be looked like it, which
caused a laugh in the court room Ur.
Belville considered Gam's hones a reputa
ble place. He had never heard a word
against the bouse or the mao.
Register Charles H UcWbortar said the
reputation of the bouse had always been
good. He told Ur. Prlokatt that Gelder'»
bouse, the place established by tke temper
ance people, was a subterfuge. There were
no accommodations at the place. The
house was situated 159 feet from the public
road and there was no sign on the
house. Ur. Bmithers read a written state
ment of Ur. McWhorter'«, giving the
house a garerai overhauling for Inefficiency
and usel, ssness. It stated emeag other
startling things that there was no other
house then Gam's la the town, which bad a
population of 500; that there wee no amrer
place than O le.ta to get accommodations,
and that Calder'e place habngal to the
Canal Co.
Ur. Higgins aallel John H. Gaidar, the
proprietor of the temperance honte. Mr
Gelder had lived at Bt. Georges since 1839.
His house contained 10 rooms, six of them
bed rooms, and wes accessible at an, hoar.
One of the moms was open day and night.
Ha bad stable accommodations for six
horses, aod no person had ever applied for
aocommodatattone and been refused. He
got permission from the canil company to
use the bous». There were licensed hotels
that sell liquor within three, four, seven
end 10 miles of St. Georges. On crose-ex
amination, he raid the room that was kept
open at all times, was not especially for
the accomodation of the canal company
and he hud never refused to accommodate
Justice Geo. W . Townsend told bow
Calder'e house came to be established. Me
said the people got op in arms »gainst
Gam and in order to provide accommoda
tions promised tbe court to establish this
pitas. Ur. Gelder always provided goad
victua's. Mr Bmithers then pressed the
witness to tell aboat Guider'» reputation
VVitnf.ee rail be bad known Calder 43
years. Tbey were in the church together.
At one lime Calder had some trouble In
tbe church, but be never was Impeeched,
He bft tho church voluntarily
Tbe witness caused a laugh hy faring that
be could repeat some things from a s rmon
which his minister preached, that would
bo unpleasant to many persons in the court
room. He to>d Ur. Higgins ia closing
that at Gam's bones thing! bad not been |
carried on as they ought to be.
Oeorgee, said that be knew of tbe accom- I
modelions of Calder'» house. He was
the committee thel j
eelec'ed and furnished the bouae for the !
George W. Blmp'er, a merchant at B»
member cf'
accommodation of tho public. The house
wns stdiK'ient and tbe rtabling also. He
often sent drummers there and never beard
any complaints from them. On|cro»s-examl
nation he expressed tbe opinion that there
was no need of liquor being sold eny where.
He knew of no one railing at the house and
being refused accommodations. Ur. Ulg
glue cloeed tbia esse by addressing the
court bri fly in favor of rejecting the ap
A remonstrance bad bran filed agifost
Riett OrahEtu of New Carile, but It had
afterward born withdrawn. Mr. Pricket!
stated ns the reason that the temperance
peeple were endeavoring to weed out the
wroret places. On Inquiry this place wes
found to be quiet and orderly end keeping
within the law.
George W. Griffith was objected to on
the ground of being turned down at the
last court, when it had a full hearing,
No remonstrance had been filed against
the application of Edward Hart, 509 Tat
nail Bt., but objections were made as fol
lows: Detective John Morris went there
on Sunday, the 89ch of April, aud celled
for liquor. He sampled it and purchased a
bottle full and carried it away. The bottle
wasputiuevider.es and laid on the Bible
on the wltr.ee, stand. He saw a colored
man get a siidlar bottle end carry it away
Gu being crossexamined he said this
ocoaseion was the first tim« he had been in
(he house, hut he identified Mr. Hart, who
stood close by the witnese stand as the
man who sold him the liquor. He went
there to see If tbe place was open. He wes
also there on Wednesday evening to see if
^ lüU, î''*" *^ ut th ® plB ~
counêéî, asked thT wltn^Tif he g« prid In
wltnrae replied that be got a reg
"'* r sa '* r y whether there was one 10 or
100 cases. He was paid by the week and
j hie term of service lasted until he wae dis
Wade Laconia, the »selriant detective.
- corroborated this evidence and also identi
fle ,i Hart. He accompanied Morris aod
j bad been seven weeks with him. On being
1 further questioned, be said he came from
Philadelphia to do just what be Is doing,
Ho had been in this business ia Philadel
P bia for about three years and this made
, about 700 cases ho bad spotted. The dura
, tion of hie j -b did not depend on the num
, ber of eras he brought up. There was no
; term of service; he woe pold by ths week.
This vras the last case he^d yesterday
afternoon. No remonstrances or objections
wore made to the applications of the fol
simmons, Maryland Ave. aod Front Bt;
John Kernen, 115 East Front 8r.; Samuel
Finley. 9 Eaet 3d Bt ; Thomas Fagan, 3d
and Tatnall Bta ; Foord & Roblneon, 6th
and Orange Sts. ; A. B. Gillespie & Co.,
East 3d Bt ; John J. Qilbrlde, 4th and
Orange Bta ; John O. Garwood, European
Hotel, Front} and French BtAndrew
Oro r, 101 Walnut Bt. and John E. Gra
ham, 803 Shipley Bt.
The applications of the mfmb'rsof the
L'qaor Dealers' Association
rule, remonstrated sgsiust or objected to.
They, had been found, upon inquiry, to
keep orderly and resp-ccable places and to
keep within the law. A number of well
known persons had signed many applica
tion» for license. Councilman
Ayare signed 28 applications, DtnM Mc
Cueter, 21 ; A. T. Christy, 19 ; L W. PaL
mer, 17; Phillip O. Plankett, 18; Charles
A. Windsor, II. and others have signed a
less mmffier.
At 8 o'c'ock court adjourned until 7 30,
but about 7 40 last evening Judge Houston
appeared and announced that Judge Payn
ter had been suddenly taken with an attack
of vertigo, and unless he appeared shortly
court would adjourn; about 8 10 o'clock J.
Krank Biggs, Eq., Informed the court that
Judge Paynter woul 1 be unable to appear,
and adjournment was taken until 9 o'clock
this morning. Judge Houston announced
that If Judge Paynler wa« not able to
appear at that time an adjournment would
be taken until such time as another Judge
could appear. Thie would likely ha for an
indefinite period, as the Court of Errors
and Appeals meets at Dover on Uonday,
June 18.
were not, ai a
Pointing Ont Absurdities In the
Uruiocratlc Convention.
New At.bast, Ind., June 8.— General
Waller Q Gresham arrived la this city,
his home, this morning, called here by tha
iilness of bis brother John, recently
stricken with psralyiis. He la In excellent
health and spirits. He rashes no speechea,
talks little and says nothing about poli
tic« except to Intimate friends. Bpsaklog
of the nomination of Thurman, h* »aid:
"It Is one of the beet things for Republi
can success In lu.tlana which could bava '
happened. It makes Indiana eurely Repub
lican. If Gray had been non lusted tha
chances of Rrp ibltcaa suoorsr in this state
would have been somewhat complicated. 1
am a Republican, and desire above all
things Republican luoceee I consider tha
attempt of the Democratic platform to in
dorse the tariff platform of 1881, iho Presi
dent's message and Ihn Mills bill absurd.
On a straigbt-out Republican protection
platform the party will eurely win.''
He prophesied that the Chicago Con
vention would lie harmonious and would
have no wounds to heal.
The Weather.
Delaware anil Maryland, 1pm .warmer,
cloudy, becoming fair, with eoutheesterly
Tb» New York Herald weather forccas's;
Tbu Nebraska depression now in Wisconsin
«ill probably travel eastwordly with a
"warm wave'' south of Us central path,
followed by rain I» this section and thun
der s arm» as it nears tbe North Atlantis
coast. ÏVmpi-rataro rose in the United
-Rate» yesterday. The maximum wee 40
degree« at Duluth; the chief maxima 94 al
Augusta, Ga , and Oil at Port.Bliiutt.Texas,
lu tbe Middle Blute», warmer, lair to
partly cordy weather and fresh eouth
easterly winds will prevail, followed by
rsln. On Buuday, ia this section and New
| England, pertly cloudy to fair, slightly
cooler weather end fresh to brisk south
west to northwest winds will probably pre
I veil, preceded by rain« near (he coasts
r » irth of Bandy Hook ; and on Monday fair,
j slightly cooler weather, followed by a slow
! r **" of temperature.
Baynard's thermometer: 7 a. m., 64: 10
a , 74; 1 p.m , 83.
The Pleasant Valley Wine Gom
pany'« champagne is undoubtedly the
liest American wine in ibis market,
p. Plunkett & Co., 108 and i 10 Market
no Leghorn Hat. a
w . n w w * la f ana ^f n ° rn ' . " "
»pecalty. Price, very low. Mira U
Steimcken, 217 Market St.
fol- j
i *" 5! a """ b * t r" 1, - a
and ) Groceries very cheap at G.HUb-
j derwood », N. £. oor. XStn aaa Fresco,
For your Children's Hats, trimmed
and; untrimmed, go to Miss L. Btein
icken's, 317 Market Bt.
An Offlcloua 4»niccr.
East New Msrfcit, Dorchester county,
ha« an ancient, a veritable relic, in the per
son of W. J. Alidell, who distinguished hi n
-elf oa Dec iratton Day by tolliug John
Brown Post, No. 26, O A. R.. of Cam
bridge, that they would have to quit beating
the drum on ths public streets at 9 SU, p. m.
as the noise Interfered with some people's
rest. He also threatened to arrest tbe pro
prietor of tba ball where tba Decoration
Dsy exercises were being held for allowing
tbe drum to be beaten In tbe ball.
Property Improved.
The B. W. Cor. of 10th and Market
Sts., has been recently refitted and
renovated by the well-known confec
tioner,Mr. Gilbert Barrett,
ice cream parlor has been opened up
stairs, and all flavors of tbe best cream
and soda water are constantly kept on
hand. Also a full line of choice con
A ladies'
A I nloa Suaaay School Picnic.
The combined annual picnic of tha
Friends' Firet Day School and tba Uni
tarian Bunday school is held to day at
Birmingham Park. About 390 psrsina
left this morning on tbe 9 o'clock train of
tbe W. & N. K. U. and many others ex
pect Co go later in tbe day, os ths tickets
are good (or any train.
The prices charged for prescriptions
at Belt's Pharmacy, Cor. Cth aud
Market Bis., are always adjusted on a
basis of fair dealing, which has b»«n
maintained by this house for tho past
57 years. N. W. Cor. 6th and Market]
Wilmington Clear!ng House.
: Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Whit*
and Shaded Tips, etc., in great variety.
Misa L. Stoiaicken. 317 Market St.

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