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Fi&hta at the Second and Eighth
Largo crowd« era gathered abont all the
po'ls to day and the excitement is intense.
Fird'j wtrkers are putting in heavy work.
Alim is reotiving a number of vote« and
so is Toner, ha having rucceeded in esptur
ing some of Ford's friends daring the
Lynch is sho receiving his share of the
Notwithstanding tbe earnestness of
tbe contest everything is qultt except at
tbe Second ward polls Here a number of
the old rounders ate having trouble with
tbe Inspectors who demand that every vote
shell bo legal. Considerable wrangling
has been going on all the afternoon and
sever» 1 times fights were imminent.
At 3 o'clock w rd was sent to tbe police
etatbn for officers to arrest repeaters In
tbs eastern district of the ward Daniel Cal
lahan, the Inspector, was thrown ont of tbe
window,another mao named Grant claimed
to bs intpector He bad been appointed
by the ixicntivs committee, bat hav
ing resigned lost evening Callahan
was appointed in his place,
trouble was settled by Callahan exhibiting
his certificate In tbe Eighth ward a qaar
rel ensued shortly after the polls opened
and Oil! *r Cruse attempted to quiet the
crowd and William Blackburn interfered.
Cross arrested Blackburn end took him to
Shortly aftherwards Pater
ths hall.
J. Ford and George H. Batts, E*q.,
appeared and Blackburn was taken before
Justice Monaghan and released on bail.
Blackburn claims his arrest was the result
ef the New Castle meeting.
In the Fifth Ward the inspector com
pelled Joseph L. Carpenter, Jr., and bis son
Frsnk D , to swear to support the success
ful nominee.
Saloon* and Taverns That Will
Probably be Licensed.
No remonstrance* or objections were
made to the folio a ing applications far
licenses this morning: Jacob B. Hyatt,
Stanton; Anton Haaber, 300 West 21 St. ;
Patrick H«rmey, 600 Bast 3rd St ;
David Johnson, Centrevllle; Kelly
& Brother, 2nd and Tatnall Sts.;
Colvin B Stidham, Odessa; Michael J.
Sharkey, Front and Franklin; John Me
Cafferty, 527 B ist 3tu; James McHugh,
Xlth and Lombard; John D. Kelley, 9
Market; John J Kennedy, 303 Madison;
Fergus Kelly, 937 Chestnut ; Conrad Keller,
N. W. corner 4.h and Shipley; Thomas
Lawler, Cbrisiiaua hnndted; Thomas
Lolly, 5th and Spruce; James
T. Leech, 1,100 French Bt ; John E Lewis,
Newark; Simeon Lord, Port Penn; Wm
Legg. 33 King St. ; Patrick J. Long, 404
W. Front St; Hugh Lynch, Eleventh and
Walnut; Matthew Macklem, Western
Hotel; Mrs. James Murphy, Kirkwood
House, 3ad und Shipley Bte;
Daniel Me Lark ley, Christiana; Thomas
Mulrooney, 503 Tatnall; Samuel
Moore, 9JJ East 7th: Jacob Messing, 800
West5tb; Joseph Neldermaier, 119 Ship
ley; John D. Uoroer, H.h and Tatnall;
George W. Orulp, 308 West 7ih St ; John
B. Price, Practical Parmer, Brandywine
hundred; P. P;u krtt & Co., Wilmington.
COHN I* V ( Offl.ni I TEE,
Tbe Republicans of New Castle Or
ganize lor Work.
The Republican County Committee of
New Castle county met at the headquar
ters in this city ac 8 30 o'clock this after
noon for permanent organization.
Money of Delaware
City wan called to the chair, sod B. T.
Bye, secretar) of tbe old committee, tailed
the roll. The com-uittee promptly elected
Henry C. Com ad. Esq
Edmund Muoht-li, Jr.,
Henry B. Duncan, treasurer.
Tbe metubeis of the First (delegate) dis
trict tben elcoteu Frederick E. lisch, vice
president, and the menacers of tbe second
choose George B Money for that position.
Ths commltue ordered that tba nomina
tion election (or sheriff be held on
as chairman,
secretary, and
Saturday, Augu.t 4. A
was adopted tiqieitliag the members
from tbe several Hundreds and wards to
organize clubs with u view of sending
delegates to the state league convention to
be held in this city on Thursday, June 28.
After deciuiug t> meet again on Satur
day, June 33, the committee adjourned.
chapter OF accidents.
Unfortunate ffieu 'that net With
Injurie* Requiring Surgeon..
A man employed on the B. & O. R R.
had his fingers mashed between two cars at
the round house yesterday, and Dr. J.T.V.
Blockeom dressed his injuries.
MDr. W. W. Day dressed tbe artery of
William Belt's left wrist yesterday after
noon. Holt is employed In a Front St.
restaurant, and wolle opening clams the
knife slipped and severed tbe artery,
Frank Kane, 815 Pine 8t, was badly
Injured by a large piece of iron falling
his leg at Edge Moor yesterday. Dr. E. G.
Bhortiidge attended to the injured mem
Dr. E. O. Bhorttidge dressed a mashed
big to« of Charles Orestoo, 738 Robinson
Bt,, yesterday. Creaton caught bl« foot In
• oar track and In palling it oat mashsd
his toe.
A woman named Morrison, living at 33d
and West St«., had her hand badly lacer
ated yesterdsy afternoon at the Arlington
mill*. She caught it in a eng wheel. Dr.
John Palmer dreta-.d (.bei - jurist.
Successor to Lieutenant Rboads.
Company Excursion.
There will be a meeting of tbe non-com
missioned officers of A company to mor
row afternoon in the armory.
Company A will have 40 men at the en
campment at Brandywine Sp'iags.
The officied notice of the encampment at
the Springs was received vesterday ofter
noon by Col. 8. 34 Wood. The encamp
ment to commence July 17 and ead on
July 24.
Company C will glee an excursion to
Cape May sometim* lu Seatember.
Bines thfe resign «lion of F(rei Lieutenant
K. H, Rboads,
much interested in bis aucceseor, who will
probably be chosen before the
mont in July.
the company ha. been
Tbe Three Beys' Nrs.ton of 1888
About Closed.
Longwood Meeting, near Hamorton,
Chester county, Pa., j* attracting many
Wllmingtooisu. to it. session, this week.
It began on Tbmslay and will close l> dey.
The unial Sunday meeting will be held to
morrow. A large number of th* leading
Friends and UoUauiaus of this city a*,
tooled the fessions yesterday and to-day.
The discussions of the week have Deen in
charge of the following committee: Henry
Kent, chairman, and Abbie Morton Diaz,
Eiraa Preston. Lewis Marshall, Becjimin
Kirk, Mrs Frances F. Wood of New York,
Rst. Mangaaar Manga. arma of Philadel
phia, William Lloyd Garrison, Jr., of Bos
ton, Mrs Hammer and Mrs. Mary T. Ives.
William Lloyd Jamison, Jr, of Boston,
spoke thi« morning in favor of free trade,
while J. 1 Galven of Germantown, Pa.,
supported the Protective tariff this after
neon The ssssioni to-day were of unusual
OX FOB 19 SFRIN49 t.till.
Delaware Horsts Caplnre Consid
erable Honey at the Races.
By Letter to Evksino Jolunal.
Oxford, Pa,, Juno 9 —The races here
this week were attended by large crowds
on all three days. At yesterday's races
over 8,000 persons were pressât, among
whom were a large camber from Wllmlag.
ton. Of the latter Matthew Hayden, E. J.
Mrgse, Theodore Steels, Charles Oliver,
and Frank Courtney, Robert It. Oibaoa,
George W. Quinn, Emanuel Richenbergsr,
J. Pussy Smith and Peter A. Fagan,
On Thursday tha tbree-mlaule class bad
ten entriss; Mystic of Elkton, Md , owned
b; R. J. C. Crooeb, won tbe first beat and
Bella of Middletown, DeL, driven by Harry
Strode, won tbe next three heats. Time
3 43H'. 2 46, 2.47% and 8 51. W. J. Fegan's
Blacksmith, driven by Peter A. Fagan of
Wilmington,DeL, was second to the.wioner
in each heat.
There were six entries in 3 40 class tbe
same day. Live Oak, driven by Mr.
Biggs and owned by Armstrong end
Sparks of Middletown, Del., won first
money. Dan R., owned by Harry Strode,
of Elmira, New York, won third money,
and Peach, of Middletown, Dal., driven by
L C. Scott, won fourth money. The first
heat was won by Gypsy Girl in 3.40% and
tbe next three beats by Live Oik in 3.39%,
2 40% and 3 41%.
Tbe 3.50 race to-diy was tbe most <x
citing uf tbe meeting. All tbe horses were
neck and neck each heat, and it was one
of the cleanest races ever seen on the
grounds. Tbe starters were Fsgsn's Black
smith of Wilmington, Nellie H. of Elmira,
N. Y., and Deeaprs, of Hanover, Pa. Mat
tbew Hayden of Wilmington, withdrew
May Belle.
The first beat was won by Deeapoe, In
3 48%; the second by Nellie H., in 2.50%;
tbe third by Nellie H., in 2.49%; fourth by
Blacksmith, in 8 44%, and the fifth and lost
by Nellie B., la 3 47%.
Tbe 3.34 close bad three starters, Betty
Ross, owned by J, H. Paallia of Suffolk
Park, Philadelphia: Lira Oak, by Arm
strong & Sparks of Middletown, and Belle
York, by Washington Woodruf of Phila
delphia. Tbe race was won in three straight
heats by Billy Ross, with Belle York
second and Live Oak third. Time, 3.36%,
2.34% and 3.34%,
A Bad Place Removed.
The old building known since 1873 os th*
Green House, N. W. Cor. Front and King
Sts , has been entirely renovated by tbe
owners, Charles Groom* & Co . ot New
port, Del., end will be used a* a store
hereafter. Tbe place baa been notcrioua
for years as a house ot assignation and
prostitution. Prior to tbe widening of
King St. from 3d St. to the Christiana
river, John Crnmlfsb kept for years a first
class hotel on this corner. When the
street was widened Crumlish abandoned
the hotel business and a man named
Moore look possession of the present
building and started a house of assignation,
and alnce that time, until a few weeks ego,
tbe plaça has been tbs resort ot the vilest
elements on the "coast." The last pro
prietress was a woman named White,
whose son lived with her.
Alva's Crew Leaves.
The Alva's launch brought the boat's
crew from the mouth ot the Christiana to
this city this morning, when ths men left
for New York. Tbe yacht carries a crew
of 60 men and officers. There was only
halt a crew when tbe mouth of the Chris
tiana was reached, the remainder having
been left at New York. The crew was
paid off lost evening and dismissed tor an
indefinite period. Tbe boat will lie at tbe
mouth ot tb* Christiana until the City ct
Worcester leaves Harlan's wharf.
Niigsr Hacblnery Shipped.
The Pusey and Jones Co shipped two
car loads of sugar machinery to Topeka,
Kan , to-day. Tbe firm are loading three
more cars for the same place and will ship
them to-morrow. The machine* are to be
used in making sugar out of beets. I
Ham H. Clug.oo will accompany ths ma
chinery and pises it in position.
Sheridan's Condition.
Washisgton, June 9 —At 13 30 o'clock
Dr. Uattbewr, on leaving tbe hoase, in re
sponse to an inquiry said that eo far
General Sheridan bad passed a comfort
able day, and is doing fairly well all
ffifalleloua Mischief.
Isaac Glnder was accused ot malicious
mischief before Justice Smith last evening
by Morris Freedman.. He was held in $100
ball to keep the peace and to pay the costs.
Wilmington Harbor.
Tbe Greenwich of Pennegrove, N. J.
went up to Walton & Whann Co. this
Warner'« barge Saunterer landed
thi« morning a cargo of oil from tbe
Atlantic Refining Company for Quig
ley & Mullen.
A gay yachting party came from
Philadelphia last evening and «pent
the night at the Clayton House. They
returned this morning.
The steam barge Frankie of Trenton,
N. J.,unloaded this morging at Orange
St. wharf a cargo of moulding
from Lumberton, N. J. for the U
& Hollingsworth Co.
Brought In Late.
The Fame Hose Company's engine is
again in service.
The Fame Hose Company will pre
sent the name of E. A.Robinson to City
1 ouncil for -BsUtant engineer of the
Fire Department in case James B.
Tucker is appointed on Mayor-elect
Harrington's police force.
Our Rustic Porch Rocker beats them
all for comfort and strength, Johnson
& Barnhill.
E. R. Cochran, W. F. Causey, W. H.
Stevens and W, H. C. Hardcastle,
delegates to the St. Louis convention,
have not yet returned home.
150 bbls. of L. & O. sold in six weeks.
Best flour on earth. Nichols, Otb and
Oak Suits shown at prices sure to
please tbe buyer at Johnson & Barn
hill's, 307 Market St.
The Catling Short of a Happy and
'I'aefnl Career.
The sudden and shocking death of
T. Harrison Garrett of Baltimore, by
drowning in the Patapsco river cn
Thursday evening, of which wo had
brief mention yesterday, is thus com
mented upon by the Baltimore Bun:
The news of the sad death by drown
ing of T. Harrison Garrett, son of the
late John W. Garrett, has bsen re
ceived with unfeigned sarrow by ail
classes in this community. In the
prime of life, handsome in person,
genial in manners and the in
heritor of a large fortune, Mr.
Garrett had everything that a
man could wish for, and a social
disposition and standing that always
made his presence welcome in tbe cir
cle in which he moved. Besides being,
with the other members of bis family,
the largest stockholder in the Balti
more aad Ohio Railroad Company, to
the presidency of which his brother
Robert succeeded on the death of his
father and held until recently, be was
joint heir to a very large landed estate
in the neighborhood of Baltimore and
the head of tbe old banking house of
Robert Garrett & Sons. Modest and
unassuming in bis manners, kindly in
disposition and easy of approach,
there were few persons whoso face
was more famllisr in society and
among the business men of this city.
He was liberal in bis mode of living,
and unostentatiously but freely gave
of bis means to charitable objects and
to purposes that tended to promote the
welfare of the community. He was
fond of art, and his collection of en
gravings and etchings has been very
generally recognized as the finest and
most valuable private collection ever
brought together in this country. Nor
were they gathered for his own satis
faction merely. On several occasions
a large number of the best
examples of the masters in this
blanch of art work were publicly
exhibited for tbe inspection of our citi
zens generally. He showed an Inter
est also in matters of state history,land
recently beaded a subscription list for
the purchase in England of a quantity
of important state papers belonging to
the Calvert family. His loss will be
deplored not only by tbe recipients of
his bounty, but by the wide circle of
his friends and acquaintances. To
tbe stricken widow and the children
bis sudden taken off will be irrepara
ble, and all sympathetic hearts will
fed for them in a sorrow intensified
by the nature of the catastrophe that
in the very flush of life deprived them
of his watchful care.
Base Ball >«ies.
. Ü b, " 0,thl ; Ct V7 i :'"'
l,,d il b * ,8 ^ t ** m n W t w th * ' nl , low,D *
H*thy. r 'ib ; Roar's, °3b ^Andrawo* •
Jo.Jq.uu ; Z-rUttZ'^:
HtL"* R u".
ISSU. „... u« „.a.
gams of boll between Iba Delaware Field
Club and Haverford College nine this after
noon on the hone grounds. The Delaware
battery trill be Carpenter and Palmer. An
interesting game 1« expected, provided tbe
weather keeps eltar. Gams will be called
at about 8.30 o'clock.
This morning tbe ''Rex" base bait nina of
this city oroesed bate with tba ''Boys In
Bine" and beat them with a score of 18 to 3,
Tbe Americas bate bell club whose heed
quarters are at the 8. E. Cor. 8th and Had
Ison Sie , signed its members a week «go to
day. The dab Is organized as fallows;
Clifford McCall, president; Howard J.
Thorp, eecretary, and C. Carswell, trees
nrer. Gerald P. Dougherty Is manager, and
John A. Campbell, captain. Tue players
are Gerold P Dougherty, p. ; Joseph B. Mo
Cefferty, e.; Howard J. Thorp, r f.; John
A. Campbell. 2b.; Clifford McCall, «.a;
Elmer McCall, So. ; John M Stanard, c.f. ;
Michael Foster, c. ; Edward Belford, lb;
Elmar Jones. I.f.; and William Day. p. Day
and HcCafferty are one battery, und Fos
ter and Dougherty the other. ■
Our tpriog stock is dost full and
day school will hold 9 a. tn. and 3 p.
The Wilmington and Quickstep to
Start tbe Bail.
Ths first Ltague game cf the esason will
be played this afternoon on tbe Union
street grounds. Tb* Wilmington and
Quicksteps are about evenly matched, and
a great game Is expected Tbe tlms of call
ing the game has been postponed until 3.45
p m. The teams will both appear in new
■alts and will work bard to win to day'e
game. Tickets will bs for tale for all tbe
League games In the business office of tbe
Baa* Ball Yesterday.
At Baltimore;
*01 10000 0-4
Athletic.0 00000100—1
Batterlee — Cun dnyh.m and O'B len and
Malt! note and Qua,Jag. Bow hits — Baltimore,
9; Athletic. 8 Errors— Balt more, *; Athletic ,.
At Ptilladelpbia:
Philadelphia.0 0 0 I 0 0 * 0 0- *
Pitreburg ..
Batteries - Buffington and Clemente, and Cal
vin and Ml 1er Base hlte—Pulladelpbi. 9; Pttn
burg ♦ Errors—Philadelphia 3; Plf.burg 9.
At Washington;
Indianapolis.1 0001000 0—3
Batterie«— O'Day and Mead., and Healy and
Daily B-se hlU-Waahlngten, 4; Izdtauapolii,
7. Kirore— Washington, 0: Indianapolis 4.
At New York:
N-w York
0 1 0 1 6 0 * S «19
Cdtago. ...0010001003
B tterlre—Welsh and IT wing, and Van Ha t
reu and taring Base hit«—tew York, 31;
Cfa cago4 Errors—-tew Turk, 4; Chicago 9.
At Boston:
Detroit . 1 11 0001019000000 6—11
Batteries-Clarason and K-lly, ant Oel'zen
and Ben ett. Base bits - Boston Is; Detroit i9.
Errors Boston 7; De roic 8
10910100000« 0000— 6
complete. All new goods, cut in tbe
latest styles, made and trimmen in the
best manner. Boston One-price Cloth
ing House, 313 Market 8t.
McDowellville Baptist Mission Sun
tn. services to morrow. Prayer meet
ing* arc held on Thursday evenings.
The best is the cheapest. Try L. *G.
flour, sold by Nichols, 6th and King,
The best flour in tbe city is called L.
& Q., sold by Nichols, 6th and King,
For sideboards, go to Johnson Ä
Gencrnl News of the morning.
Schedules in the assignment of P. Lenk
& Co., New York, lliled yesterday, stste
liabilities $174,th!3, nomiaal assets, $198.
198. actual ossetr, 873,483.
Tha Atlas pspir mill, at Appletin, WIs.,
owned by a s.ock company, controlled by
the Kimberly Clark Company, was totally
destroyed by Are yesterday morning. Loss,
$15,090; insurance, $>5,000.
The Secretary of the Treasury yesterday
afternoon accepted $10,000 four percent
register!d bonds at 137. $37,600 four nnd-a
half per cent registered at 107, and $3,000
four-and-a half per cent registered at 107.
Jackson & Pearison dealers In hats and
caps. Chicago, confessed judgment yeeter
terday morning aggregating $14,000. It is
estimated that ths liabilities of the firm
will be about $40,000 and the assets be
tween $15,000 and $i0,000.
Ar James Gordon Bennett was leaving
Delmonloo's last evening be was served
with papers in two suits tor libel, damages
being placed at $350,000 in each case. The
actions are brought by James H. Reall,
president of the Tortlllta Mining Company.
The Grand Trunk road bst acquired the
control of the Toledo, Bsgloaw and Mus
kegon road, and It will be operated in con
nection with the Grand Trunk on or before
August 1st nest. The road runs from
Muskegon to Ashley, a distance of ninety
six milts.
B. J. Townssnd, ths heaviest man In Mary
land, died in Baltimore yesterday morning
of Bright's disease. He weighed over 450
pounds, and was 36 ysars of age. Mr.
Townsend formerly kept a c» (Tee house un
der French's Hotel in New York, and has
been In the same business at Baltimore for
about 10 years.
In the Michigan Supreme Court yester
day morning in the case brought up to test
the constitutionality cf that section of the
liquor law of 1887 which prevented liquor
dealers, brewers, etc., from going on the
bonds of retail liquor dealers, It was de
cided that that portion of the act was un
Geo, William T. Sherman has been con
fined to bis room at the Fifth Aveoos
Hotel tor several days with a slight attack
of rheumatism and asthma. Ha was
somewhat Improved and resting comfort
ably last night. He requested It to be
made known that he was not ssrionsly ill,
and that be expected to be oat in a tew
The Geaeral Synod of the Reformed
Church in America resumed work at Cats
kill. N. Y., yesterday miming. The com
mittee OB the state reported 34 classes, 546
churches, 47,518 families and a total mam
bersbip of 86,932. Thera was contributed
for benevolent purpose« $384,903, an in
crease of $53,700 over last v ear, end for
congregational purposes $969,847, an in
crease of $56,110; making a total for both
objects a little over $1,350,000.
The resignation of Professor Q Stanley
Hall from the department of Psychology
and Pedagogics in Johns Hopkins Univer
sity in order to accept the presidency of
Clarke University, Worcester, Mass., has
greatly embarrassed the proeptets of that
department. It is left without any bead,
and the present conditions of the finances
due to tba decreased iucjme from Balti
more and Ohio stocks, has Induced the
Board, so it Is understood, to leave tbs
chair vacant.
The business failures occurring through
out ths country during the l*st seven days,
as reported to R G Dun & Co., numb<r,
for the United States 297, and for Canada
28. or a total of 3-5, as compared with a
total of *05 last week, and 235 the week
previous to the last. For the corresponding
week of 1887 the figures were 173. The
businees casualties on the Pacific coast are
exceptionally numerous still, there being
no Ices than 43 failures reported during tbe
week, which Is far above the eversge.
Wilson P. Wyllie, s young Englishman,
who for tbe past few weeks has been en
gaged as a reporter upon the Reading (Pa.)
Herald, bas been missing since last Hatur
day morning. He finished his work that
morning and left the office about half-past
8 o'clock, sines which time be has been
seen by no one. He loft all bis clothes and
personal property, and as no reason ex
isted why he should go away In a clan
destine manner, there is a great deal ct
anxiety among his friends as to his fate.
Ha was secretary of the Rsadiog Press
A thrilling accident ocenred at Brnn
dage's Whirlpool park elevator, on the
Canadian side of the Niagara river yester
day morning. Four Sooth Americans, eo
companied by an Interpreter, stepped into
the car to descend to the rapids—a descent
of 300 feet at 45 degrees—when the car sud
den ly started and rind i ad to tbe bottom of
the Incline, where it was dashed Into splin
teri ODd il * ooou P» nt » thrown ont with
oouîd escape tbs' ol^sr ' cVr reached lh^'top
with such force that it was detached and
• H*"d d . uw . n up ? n h th « " hock * d * nd b *" 11
lnl » r P r#t * r fortunately eecaped Injury, but
r * ts * the Iow * railroad oommlaeloners in
tend to promulgate The document caused
the greatest consternation among them.
T "«r ,ound 0 P°° comparing their ratee
with those the commissioners have pre
P»red that tbe Utter were on an average
at least 40 per cent, below the rate now io
» ffec * Tb » «re from 9o to 1» per
oent - below tbe preeent Illinois state rates,
which are ooneidered tbe loweat dUtanoe
ra(e in » D T western state. Tba railroad
officiait claim that the new rates if en
focoed will ruin every road in tba state,
A meeting of tbe general man agars of tbs
»«nous roede has been called. The opinion
1« that the managers will request tbe com
miaalonera to reconsider their action, and If
tbe r refuse. It is qalte certain that tbe
railroads will refuse to accept the new
tariff, and have the courts decide the mat
Two years and one half ego Father Kol
osintki, pastor of the Polish Catholic
Church of Bt Albertus, Mlch .w.s accused
of divsrs offences and deposed by Bicbop
Borges». Kotarlnski Dually went to Da
kut». He left behind him here between I
5,uüü ,ad 6 i° 00 »dh-rento, who formed a,
kind of bond and vowed no: to rest coûtant I
till their pilast .via restored to them. Last
wetk it was announced that Bishop Burgess
wonld officiate in Hi. Albertus Chmcb
June 24. This caused the Kulaiiuskisns |
intense uneasiness, and they sent for Kol
aslnsfci, who arrived on Tbur.day. He was |
given a remarkable reception. Over 6,000 !
Poles, one half of them women, fought i
arlth ** cb other to get near the priest,
felMed the hem of hi. garment., the ground
on * bicb he "»^ed, and prostrated them
selvae tel ore him. Â loi of women, sob
Lieg; a» if th»ir heurta would break, lifted
their idol upon their ahouldera, t nd bore
him to the pariah school bouae, where they
held a grand aud disorderly levee. Kola *
luaki say a be will be reinstated by Bishop
Borgeee'a successor.
Rev. Dr. James Freeman Clarke died
quietly and painlessly of Infirmities Inci
dent to old age at U o'clock last night at
bis home In Boston. Uev, Ur. James Free
man Clarke was born at Hanover, New
Hampshire, on April 4, 1810. He
Infant, when his parents removed to New
ton, Mass., and he was educated in Boston,
receiving bis preparatory éducation from
the Rev James Freeman and at the Boston
Latin School. At Hi years of age he be
came a student at Harvard. When be was
¥3 he accepted the oill to a pastorate at
Lonisvllla, Kentucky. While
in 1835, be founded and
the following three years edited
• he magazine In which appeared Ralph
Waldo Emerson's earliest poema. Oliver
Wendell Holmes and Dr. Cbanning were
also among the contributors to Ths Western
Mrseengor, which was valued among other
szorllent features, for Its pictures of con
temporary touthsrn customs. In 1889 Mr.
Clark was married. He left Lonlsvllle in
1840 and returned to Boston, which has
been the scene of his almost Incessant tolls
ovsr tines.
la 1841 he founded the Church of the
Disciples, where the principle that "pews
shall not be sold, rented or taxed,'' has
been maintained from the beginning.
was an
Personal Paragraphs.
MD» Dent goes to Capo May next
week for the season.
BJ ward Bringhuret and family will
leave on Monday to spend tbe season at
Cape May,
L. C. Vandegriff, Eeq„ of this city
and H. G. Pennington of Heaford re
turned from St, Louis this morning.
John Scott and Frank Brothers, who
have b?en at Glenn's Falls, New York,
putting up
Pusey & J(
home this morning.
Secretary of State Bayard passed
through Wilmington this morning on
his way north. A few persons met
the secretary at the station, among
whom were Station Master N. W.
Uookin and old personal friends,
Joseph Godfrey returned home this
morning from Lancaster, New York,
where be has been putting in refriger
ating engines made by the Pusey &
Jones Company for s brewery at
that place.
paper machinery for the
ones Company, returned
Henry Q. Bryan, private eecretary
to Secretary of State Bayard, will
graduate Juue 11 as Bachelor of Lawn
from the Gergetown Univereit
Randolph Tucker of Virginia
liver the addrew to the graduate«.
President of Council Farra will attend
the graduating exercises.
Wigwam, Conclave an« Castle.
The officers and members of Wash
ington Lodge, No. 1, A. F. A. M., will
attend the funeral of James Down
ward, one of the oldest members of the
order, next Monday afternoon, Bee
notice in advertising columns.
Eureka Conclave has issued window
cards advertising the moonlight ex
cursion on Tuesday, Jane 10. The
City of Chester will take a trial trip
probably on June 18, so that this ex
cursion will be the first on 'he new
boat. Music will be furnished. It
will be one of the largest moonlight
excursions ever taken out of Wil
ton. Tickets are now in the hands of
the members of the conclave.
A 22x36 inch picture CH
i « • . m.* i_j*
^1086(1 in Ä Defttgllt OÄK frame,
Only $2 each.
. A D6W and DOTfll white «d
brOBZ« frame enclosing » 12x
36 inch oil painting, $6 each.
A fine 22x3« inch oil paint
moulded frame for tbe low
price of $5. We Call JOUF
attention especially to this lot,
*l tb n y ," e , t tl " fiD ' 8t e w r
Ottered IOF 1X16 money. VV6
hare another ft little better
* ao
,or * D *
T|Ve will HOW paid OD to the
u H Artintu nt nnffi
DC tier grade. ArtlSlS OI note
are here represented by their
— nr W a __ 1 rh. r . r i fl „ H - ru
WOTM, ana ÏHO pnC6B ^6 are
Selling them ftt Commands
your attention. W6 have a
j . , • , , q 0
n®nu8Om01y p&lD WX1 ZZIOO
inch Can VAS enclosed in a
i:j 7,inph crilf. framp fnrftlfi
j ' *" LU B"* lr " y[le
and *20 each. NO doubt
you've paid higher prices for
' . ' ® . . T7
paintings not SO good. We
Cannot do them justice here,
Knt wrsnlH nslf nnn tn pall
' ,U ! W " U "zU 1 *
and inspect the line DOW
while it*8 linb/oken,
I _ __i, e_*. . _, i
I OU can t fal togtt SLlt d.
I as WË have them in ail BIZ 48
516 Tatnall St.
Pictures »re something you
need; vre have just rect-iveda
large lot of them which we
will sell at the following low
and prices from $1.60 to $20
Cash or weekly and monthly
Managers of Sunday Schools,
Societies, Lodges, Etc.,
Contemplating giving Excursion* during ta«
are invited to vis't
And see the advantages offered (here for a pleasant day in the ooMtry, before
making arrangements elsewhere. For further particulars address
R. W. CROOK, Mauatt*.
Faulklaad, IM.
Gardner's Celebrated Ice Cream.
GOR. 7lh AND SHIPLEY STS., Vililngtn, M
Is* Own supplied le I tonka. BzewreSo* aad to tho trade at tpeelal rota.
sail 4M.
Look at the Bargain Lot of Boys'
Suits, ranging in size from 10 to 17 years.
Strictly all wool. $5.00 for full suit.
See our $20 English Serge Suit made
to your order.
2528 SLdcooI;,
G80.W. Best & Sons.
Far Family as* we famish Coal ot
Broken, per ton 2240 . $6.00
Egg, per ton, 2240 . .
htove, per ton, 2240 . . 6.00
Small Stove, per ton, 2240 6.25
Chestnut, per ton, 2240 . 6.00
Opens February Xi-, anpoiot-ns t* flrst-clM«.
Una avenue,
Charles Warier
Calcined PlasUr,
Marble Diurt,
Fire Brick,
Martel St. lams
of good reliable footwear at lew*«« priem
cal and Axamln* eur stock, fall Uoee ef ladies
popular priced aaoe-t Th* St «a ta'd tho© Oo*e
$1 90 Kid shoe in *qaure coe bu tonal.round loa
with tip b Cloned, *a 1 faner tip Ja*ed, tbe beet
shoes m • he mar« et for money. (H-ui «.th**» «
fine hand aewed s^ioes |4 A «rood eobet tottal
werklng-h 'e a we l made cood
hor» *r»o* for $ i r:r»« m- diiuo high er
toe shoe seat and «trôna $1.
îû £ ah Sî., Market
oJ square

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