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Personal and Social News of
the Peninsula.
Personal Note., New. of Receptions,
Parties, Wedding., and Other Social
Event, for the Society Department are
The Jacksou Reception.
Senator-elect Higgins was given an
other home reception last night by Job
H. Jackson, president of the Jackson and
Sharp Company, at his residence, Dela
ware avenue and Eleventh street. Over
400 vests were invited, 300 accepted and
about 240 were present.
Mr. Jackson's commodious and hand
some residence was elaborately decorated
with growing tropical plants, and fra
grant and beautiful cut flowers, together
with those and smilax. Selected musi
cians from the Germania orchestra of
Philadelphia, screened behind a group of
palms in the library, furnished mnsic
during the evening, under the leadership
of Henry Fabling. Refreshments were
» 0 * red ia the dining-room by Caterer
Robert Craves.
The guests were received in tbe parlor
by Mr. Jackson, assisted by bus son, Ell
wood C. Jackson, and presented bv them
to Senator-elect Higgins.
About twenty five of the persons in
vited from other places sent regrets,
many more accepted, and at a late hour
also sent regrets. With few exceptions
ail those invited from this city attended'
only about twelve or fifteen sending re
grets. The guests from Philadelphia
returned home on a speoicl train, leaving
this city at 11.30 o clock. The full list of
those present is as follows ;
Rev. J. Richards Boyle, Hon. E. B.
Hinsdale of New York.
Arthur M, Burton, George F. Bodine,
John W. Brown, Rev. Marcus Brownson,
®- K Comegys, Andrew C. Carey, Daniel
J- Cressweii, L. Clark Davis, 8. N. Duer,
'Bishop Cyrus Foss, C. C, Febiger, John
Field, Nathaniel C. Jenny, John T.
Keene, Dr. Benjamin Lee, Alter McGear,
I. Kingston McKay, Robert D. Maxwell,
Robert Porter, Henry C. Patterson, C. E.
Pugh, Dr. John Rommell, E. H. Remseu,
Edward F. Slotesbury, John Sellers, Jr.,
LindleyJC. Smith, Howard Sellers, J. W.
Torroy, Henry Tatnall, Joseph E,
Tbropp, Charles Thackara, Benjamin
Thackara, William Uuderdown, Virgil
Walters al! of Philadelphia.
Joseph N. Collins. William S. Scull,
Camden, N. J, : George H. Sellers, Ridley
Park, Pa, ; Job H. Jackson, West Grove,
Pa. ; Rev. N, M. Browne, Newark; John
C. Corbit, Daniel W. Corbit, Odessa; S.
Minot Curtis, Newark: John C. Higgins.
Delaware City ; J. W. H. Watson, D. J.
Murphy Newport.
Those present from Wilmington were
Edward Andrews, Edward Betts, George
H. Bates, Dr. L. P. Bush, William Bush,
Edward T. Bellah, Alfred Betts, Thomas
S. Bellah, Lewis P. Bush. Jr., Edward
Bringhurst, Jr., Attorney General John
Biggs, W. Betts, E. T. Betts, G.W. Bush.
Frederick E. Bach, W. H. Billany, Z, J.
Belt, L. A, Bower, J. Paul Brown Joseph
A. Bond, John G. Baker, N. K. Benson,
James L. Burnette. Jacob S. Beetem,
James Baily, George 8. Capelle, William
M. Canby, Charles M. Curtis, Heywood
Conant, Dr. J. M. Curtis, J. B. Clarkson,
Frank D. Carpenter, H. D, Cranor, Henry
C. Conrad, W. H. Connell, Andred Carey,
Dr. Peter Cooper, W. K. Crosby, Mark
M. Cleaver, Joseph L. Carpenter, Jr., H.
H. Curtis, Dr. James A. Draper, John H,
Damby. Thomas Darlington, 8. N. Dan
'fortb.John I. Davis, J. L. DeVou, Geor
A. Elliott, Francis Easby, Charles
Fritz, William M. Field, J. Taylor Ganse,
Horace W. Ganse, Edwin H Ga
Henry Garrett. Harlan Gause,
pin, J. Newlin Gawthrop, Harry T.
Gause, Alfred Gawthrop A. C. Griggs,
Rev. O. M. Hickman, E. M. Hoopes, Hol
stein Harvey, S. A. Hodgeman," W, E,
Hawkins, Prank W. Heisler, W. S.
Hilles, B. W. HeaJd, Emlen Hewes,Frank
H. Hoffecker, Charles S.
land, T. Allen Hilles, E. A. Harvey, J.
H. Hoffecker, Jr., Charles W. Howland,
Rev. H. Ashton Henry, Charles R. Jones,
William G. Jones, Monteith Jackson,
Isaac T. Johnson, Henry C. Jones,
Washington Jones, William M. Kennard,
A. M. King, Dr. L. A. Kittenger, "L. C,
Kent. Horace G. Knowles, William W.
Lobdell, Dr. J. Paul Lukens, Alfred Lee,
Col. Milo W. Locke, George A.
Maistre, George G. Lobdell.
The Rev. Lafayette Marks,John P .Mc
Lear, J.Robinson Moore,Henry C.McLear,
theRev.W.L McEwan, Thos. McCorkle,
Dr, D. W. Maull, Joseph M. Mather,
Samuel McCaulley, Henry O. Morse, A.
G. McCauslauu, oenjamin Nieids, Otho
Nnwland, Henry F. Pickels, Frank Pyle,
William M. Pyle, Charles W, Pusey,
J. E, Pierce, Joshua L. Pusev, Willard
Hall Porter, Willard S. Pyle William G.
Pennypacker, Frederick Pyle, John
Peoples, William Prickett, A. O. Robin
son, Henry P. Uumford, C, F. Rudolph,
Charles S. Robb, Joseph A. Richardson,
Henry C, Robinson, A. E. Reed, Frederic
H. Robinson, W. A. Reynolds, Harold
W. Smith, J. E. Smith, George W, Stone,
C. Spruance, Clement
Smyth, Watson R. Sperry, William H.
Swift, Albert W. Smith, S. Rodmond
Smith, J. D. Sisler, J. Jackson Shaw,
William F. Sellers, Allen Speakman,
John S. Spruance, Harry R. Triggs, A.
H. Tinges, Charles P, Thomas, Lewis
Thompson, the Rev. W. P. Tilden, the
Rev. Jacob Todd, D. D., E. T. Taylor,
George W. Todd, D. W. Taylor, L. C.
Vandegrift, L. VanKleek, Judge L. E.
Wales, Frank Webb, Granville Worrell,
Francis M. Walker, E. Tatnall Warner,
Alfred D. Warner, Stansbury J. Willev,
General J. H. Wilson, William Whiteley,
Dr. John P. Wales, C. W. Weldin, An
drew G. Wilson, E. T, Walton,
Postiea 1 Rifle* Annual Rail.
Postles' Rifles, F Company, First Regi
ment National Guard of Delaware, gave
their eighth annual reception and full
dress drill last evening. At 8 o'clock the
full dress drill was begun with thirty
eight men in line under Captain William
Condon, First Lieutenant William P.
Harkness and Second Lieutenant Thomas
Brown. In the competing drill for the
company medal Private John Vansant
won. General Theodore F. Armstrong of
Newark, Del,, made the presentation
speech. He made a few remarks on
the appropriation bill and said it would
be a good thing for Wilmington to have
an armory for all the companies here,
He though that the merchants of the
city would contribute for such project
and cited as an example St. Paul, Minn.,
where the merchants built an armory for
the militia. He complimented the com
pauy on its improvement in drill.
At 9 o'clock the grand march was led
by Sergeant John F. Brennan and Miss
Hannah Newlin, followed by about sixty
couples. The invited guests were each
presented with a button and ribbon with
was furnished by Albert's orchestra,
Shortly after midnight the Invited guests
were escorted to the armory, where re
freshments were served. Two handsome
pound cakes adorned the table. One of
them was more ornamental than diges
title, as several w io attempted to cut it
discovered. It was made of wood.
Among tbo» present were General
tyley, Dr.
F. U Gil
the company's name and colors.
Theodore F. Armstrong, Colonel John M.
Newell and Sergeant Major George W.
Quinn of the governor's staff. Lieutenant
Sharpies» of Company H of New Castle,
Senator John P. Donahoe, Councilman
Philip R. Shea of the Second ward. Cap
Wlckersham of C Company, Mitchell
A Company ; Bice, Troop B ; Lieutenants
Evans and Stevenson of B Company,
Weller and Stevens, C Company ; Floyd
and Hanna, A Company ; Captain William
Condon and staff of Company
Floor Manager I Sergent E. Cox and
Miss Cunnigham, Private J. Brown and
Marne C. Rooney, Corporal James E. Hill
and Annie Johnson, Corporal John Cun
ningham snd Annie Deveauy, Lieutenant
William Harkness and Anna M. Dunn
Sergeant McNeal and Kate Hall. Private
J. Campbell and Mrs. McNeal, Sergeant
M. Brennan and Miss Conly, Private P.
Muldoon and Kate Hughes. Private D
Dongherty and Aggie Morrow, Private B.
J. Sweeney and Anna McBrearityof Phil
adelphia, Sergeant P. Brennan and Mrs.
Brennan, Private Martin H. Dolan and
Ella Shaughnessy,Private James Brennam
and Miss Caruther, Private Charles
Michem and Miss Mlchem, Misses Anna
McCloskey, Anna Walmslev Maggie Mur
phy, Annie Newell, Celia Conner, Mary
Haunigan, Annie Brennan, Mrs. M. J.
Sharkey, Miss Connelly, Miss McNeal,
Mary Conner, Miss Gilbride, John Oil
bride, Harry McCloskey, Frank Hasson,
John Canning and Hugh Dunn.
A large dance was given in Siam's
Hall, Chestertown, Md., last Wednesday
night. Over 200 persons were present.
The floor committee were Dr. T. H.
Cooper, Dr. C. P. Gilpin, D. P. Davis and
H. W. Beck. Among those present were:
From Centreville, Misses Fannie Rawin,
Ada Roberts, Bessie Keating, Laura
Emory; from Baltimore, Misses Nina
Quinlan, Lillie Hines, Katie and Jennie
Hines, Miss Bertie Lambson of Wilming
ton; Messrs. Scott Roberts, Fillmore
Kasin, Clinton Roberts and Samuel
Emory of Centreville; Messrs. Charles
Burgess, William Hines and Fred. Dner
of Baltimore; Misses Nellie Walker,
Mary and Hallie Beck, Sue Wilkins,
Blanche Constable, Belle Aldridge, Anna
Price, Grace Camp, GraceGarvill, Nannie
Hines, Nannie Brice and Alice Platt of
Chestertown; Mr. and Mrs, Samuel Beck,
William S. Walkt« and wife, Joseph
Kasin and wife, Frank Hines and wife,
and others.
Neptune Sociable.
The Fifth Grand reception of the Nep
tune Social Club was given in Institute
Hall last evening and was one of the
most pleasant social events of the season.
A number of the ladles wore in full
evening dress, some of which were very
handsome. The grand march stalled at
10 o'clock and was lead by Floor Manager
W. H. Brierley and Miss Lidie Beeson,
followed by about flfty couples. Mnsic
was furnished by Ritchie's Orchestra.
Supper was served at Gardner's restaur
ant about 13.30 o'clock. Dancing
tinned until 3 o'clock this morning,
Among those present were the Misses
Lida Beeson. Kate Holland, Lillie Dun
can Jennie Babcock,
Kate Ward, i
Cloud, Eva Johnson, Lillie Grotz, Florrie
Cloud, Lizzie Kane, Emma Fullerton,
Lizzie Corson ; Sadie Green, Annie
Leonard, Kate Carney, William Brieley,
J. D. Cummins, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander
Cloud, R. S. Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. 8. J.
Mulshenock, Harry A. Alsentzer, Mr,
and Mrs. Frank Stnber, J. T. Hudson,
Emmet Thomas, Harry Jacobs, John
Collins, R. E. Thomas. J. Paul Brown,
George Hogue, Robert Mills, William
Elliott, Harry Worth and Samuel Green.
Misses Ella O'Day, Annie Davidson, Marne
Haley, Jennie Latimer, Agnes Grace,
Miss Newell, Misses Sadie Wooley, Clara
McCarter, Lizzie Carney, Lizzie Messick,
Nellie McCarter, Clara Worth, Lillie
Curran, Annie Wilhelm,
Brierley,'Mrs. Jefferls, Mrs. Hendrickson,
Lizzie Hendrickson, Kate Higgins,
Frank Pine, James Kyle, George Beeson,
Joseph Bickta, Harry Day, Bert Van
Trump, Lieut. W. Floyd, and Lient. W.
Hanna, Company A ; Lieut. Stevenson.
Company C; Corporal O. Carmichael,
Company A ; W. Taylor. H.
Horry Ashenbach, Benjamin
J. Biakley, John McGarvey,
H. A. J. Stuber, A. P. Rossiter, W. Zim
merman, A. Kersey, George W. Butz.John
E. Furry, E. B. Abbott, H. P. Giilmore,
D. N. Parry. I. D. Scott, W. J. Elliott,
W. E. Reese, R. W. Gillespie. G. W.
Moser, H. G. Brown, Samuel Hamann,
Frank Sevier, Harry Bucher, Robert
Francis, J. and E. Kane,Harry Hasson,Ed
ward Hasson, James Hasson, Edward
Perry, Andrew Selak, George Pyle, Ed
ward Foujk, Herman Grier, John Turner,
Harry Turner, Robert Jefferies,P. Landy.
Reception at Mount Vernon.
A reception was given at the mansion
Jacob Oszier, Mount Vernon place,
Pencader hundred, on Thursday evening.
Over 100 guests were present, among
whom were visitors from this city, Bal
timore and neighboring towns. The
house was beautifully decorated, and at
midnight an elegant repast, furnished by
D. B. Jones, was served. The guests
enjoyed the themselves until nearly 1
o'clock when they retired. Among those
present were: Governor B. T, Biggs and
Mrs. Biggs. Colonel Milo W. Locke and
Mrs. Locke, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Jones,
Samuel L. Cleaver, Miss McCullough,
Henry Clayton and Mrs, Clayton, Thomas
and Harry Clayton of Middletown, Dr.
J. S. Vallandigham and wife, Mr. and Mrs.
James Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. William
C. Strickland, Mr. and Mrs. James P.
Ford, Mr. and Mrs. John Strickland, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Ferris, Mr. and Mrs,
William Ford, Mr. and Mrs. David Ford,
Miss Fannie Eliason, the Misses Mc
Whorter, the Rev. Mr. Walker and Clay
ton Reilley of St Georges; William
Locke and wife of Baltimore; Dr. and
Mrs. Carsner of Chesapeake City, Md. ;
John Le Fevre, the Misses Janvier and
M. Reeves of Delaware City; Dr. and
Mrs. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. O'Neale, the
Misses Gaunt, Mrs. Caun and the Misses
Brown of Elkton.
Emma Babcock,
Aunie O'Day. Sallie
Samuel Roods,
Alexander B. Holliday of Delaware
City and Miss Maggie A. Gerard of
Chester, Pa., were united in marriage
Wednesday,afternoon at St. Michael's
Catholic Church, Chester,
bridal party reached the church at 4
o'clock, a large number of the friends of
the bride and groom were awaiting them.
While the organ played by Miss Mary
Boylen, sent forth the strains of the wed
ding march from Tannehanser, the party
moved up the aisle toward the altar, with
the ushers, Messrs. Arthui Ilg and Dan
iel McDevitt, as escorts; the bridesmaid,
Miss Jennie Gerard, on the groom's arm
and the bride leaning on the arm of the
best man, John Schutz. The bride was
dressed in a traveling suit of gray, with
the bridesmaid in cream colored alba
tross. Tbe nuptial ceremony was perform
ed by Rev. James Timmins. The bridal
party then proceeded down the aisle while
a march from Lohengrin was played on
the organ. As they reached the foot of
the aisle the members of the choir show
ered. a quantity of rice upon the party.
After a reception at the home of the
bride Mr. and Mrs. Holliday left for their
home in Delaware City. The bride, a
well-known and very estimable young
lady, received many warm tokens of es
teem from her many friends in Chester.—
Chester Times.
When the
Dante at Chestertown*
The Fame Hose Company Ceiahratee IU
The Fame Hose Steam Fire Engine
Company, No. 1, celebrated its fiftieth
anniversary last evening. After the
regular meeting of the company they ad
journed to the third floor, where a sub
stantial supper was served. A letter of
regret was read from John O. Patterson,
ox president and the oldest member of
the company.
A vote of thanks was tendered to
Joseph Stoeckle, Senator John P, Dona
hoe and Joseph Donnelly, for contribut
ing to the banquet. Words of praise
in behalf of the Fame Hose Company
were spoken by Messrs. Christy, Hyde,
W. H. Robinson, Grier, Harris, Martin.
Grubb, Woolman, Grimes, Councilman
Qnlnn, Steockle, Blake, Crosby. Frank
Maguire and H. Zimmerman. The toast,
"The Press," was responded to by Leon
ard Johnson of the Daily Republican.
"The Ladies," was responded to by Anton
Hauber, The company Glee Club com
prising W. H. Higgins, Joseph Dugan,
John Braunstein, L. Scheu and J. Craw
ford rendered pleasing musical selections.
Among those present were : Hugo F.
Bourdon, president; Lewis Peeky, vice
president : Thomas Donaho, sec retary :
Thomas Johnson of City Council, treas
urer; William H. Robinson, John V.
Christy, James Hyde, Jacob Kupp, Rob
ert Gamble, Samuel Harris, Harry Feld
meir, Aivuzo F, Christy, George Brickie,
William Higgins, Frank Brandt, William
Dugan, William H, Quinn, Anton Hauber,
Nathauiel Henderson, David Woolman,
Alfred Barr, William Whitcraft, Penrose
Houston, G. H. Crawford, H. Neidermeir,
Mr, Wagner, George Wlgglesworth, Mr.
Hoopes, William Smith, Griffin Smith.
Frank Maguire, John Maguire, Harry
Aryen, Edward Robinson. J. Clayton
Hoffeckcr, George Kupp, Michael Riley,
George Lutz, John McCafferty, Thomas
Mortelle, L. Scheu of the Freie Presse,
William Carpenter, John Smith, William
McSorley, Messrs. Darey, Blaken, Joseph
Stoeckle, Robert Brian, Jr., Anton Han
her. Harry Zimmerman, James Crosby,
James Percival Samuel Shady, John
Grier, Mr. Monchion, Henry Krupp,
Samuel Bauber, A. T. Christy,*
Hop at Klkton.
Special Correspondence Evening Journal.
El.KTON.Md,, Feb. 38.—A social hop was
given last evening by the young gentle
men of our town in the spacious and well
lighted ball room of the Felton Hotel.
Excellent music was rendered by Profes
sor Ritchie's Orchestra of Wilmington,
Del. Many were invited to attend but
owing to the two inches of snow that fell
during the day, turning into rain in the
evening, making it very disagreeable,
the attendance was not as large as it
would have been had it been clear. The
ladies were all attired in tasty costumes,
the diversity of which made a pretty pic
ture, and. combinded with their beautiful
faces, did much to make tfca
heart of the Elktonian proud.
Many gentlemen were in full
dress and beauty was not alone confined
to the ladies. Dancing began at about 9
o'clock and lasted till after midnight.
Everyone was enthusiastic over the de
lightful evening spent and was desirous
that it should be repeated in the near
future. Those present were: Misses
Mary Strickland, Alice Bonlden, Maud
Price Bessie Manly, Carrie Hall, Flora
Ash, Bessie Scott, Estelle Haines, Edith
Dunbar, Lottie Ash, Bertie Wilson,
Mamie Haines, Laurine Wilson, and Sal
lie Manly of Elkton, Josephine Evans of
BelAir, Md,, Ella Todd of Newark, Del. ;
Messrs. C. C. Crethers, H. Hess, Charles
Massey and Henry M. McCullough of the
Elkton bar. Captain George B. Ash of
Third Battalion, M. N. Q., Richard
Reese, C. C. Strickland, George A. Steele
and Othie Johnson, Ex-State Attorney
Daniel Bratton, of the Cecil county bar.
Winter L, Wilson, Miss Ollie Gilpin, and
Mrs. Frank R. Scott of Elkton.
Reception and Dance.
Mrs. Charles B. Lore and Miss Lore
gave a delightful reception and dance to
the Misses Cnthbort of Washington, D.
C., and Miss Latt of Stamford, Conn.,
on Monday evening lost. Among
those present were: Misses Jackson,
Davis, Cook, Walton, Pusey, Belle Wales,
Marion James, Nellie Clarkson, Sophia
Cnthbert, Jessie Cuthbert, and Messrs.
Frank D. Carpenter, Arthur Garrett, J
Ferris Belt, Francis H. Hoffecker. N. W.
Davis, Frank Bainbridge, J. Latimer Tat
nail, George A, Elliott and Mr. Zebley of
Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Last Reception ot the Season.
Mrs. Governor Jackson gave her last
reception of the season Thursday after
noon at the governor s mansion in An
napolis, Md. After the reception a
luncheon was served. The receiving
party included Mrs. A. M. Barber of
Ohio, Mrs. LeCompte. Miss Parrott of
New York, Miss Chapman, Miss Randall,
and the Misses Claude.
Personal and Society Votes.
rharle«W. Jones of Blackbird is visiting
relatives in Homesburg, Pa.
Miss Annie Anderson of Woodside, Del., Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Buck mast er.
Carde are out for tbe marriage of John Haw
ley to Miss .Sallie Draper, both of Frederica.
Mies Lena Needermaier led tbe grand march
at tbe Delaware Saengerbund ball on Monday
Mrs. W. P. Mifflin is expected home on
Thursday from Arkansas, where she has Lc?n
spending the winter.
Mrs. Uutchin, the wife of Rev. William H.
Hutehin. who one year ago, was pastor of
Greensborougb M. E. Church, but now is in
Tilton, N. H., has been visiting friends on the
Peninsula, and was warmly welcomed by her
many friends. She was accompanied by her
Utile son, Harry.
Isaac Smalley .f New Jersey is visiting
George Allen.
Delaware Wright of Cooch's Bridge is visit
ing William Lynam.
There will be a Lyceum at the Baiera M. E.
Church, March 14, and they always have a
good one.
A number of young folks gave a social party
I a large number of friends last night at tbe
residence of James Lynam, who lives near
this place. Music was furnished by Webb's
Orchestra. The committee in charge was
Thomas Appleby and Calvin Mc.Callister.
The guests danced till 11.80 o'clock, when sup
per was served. After supper dancing con
tinued till the small hour*. The following
versons were present: H. S. Webber, Calvin
McCallistcr, Thomas Appleby. George Lynam,
H. Lynam, Misses Ida aud Eva Currinder,
Nonie Morrison, Mary Lynam. the Misses
Kachel, Bailie and Jennie Appleby, A liiert
Stroud, James Stafford, El wood Wollaston.
Walter Modii and many others.
New Cattle.
Miss Ida White spent yesterday in Wil
A hop will be given tbl^ evenlni in the K. of
P. Half by the Magnolia Social.
The Young People's Christian I*eague will
meet in their room In the M. E. Church to
night. An interesting program ha* been pre
pared. ______
Delaware City.
P. J. Mulligan is visiting Chesapeake City.
Mrs. George F. Shuster is in town this week.
William Hines of Phœulxville, Pa., is visit
Del aware City.
Mr«. Mary Dunlap is visiting her son. Rev.
Martin B. Dunlap, at Wilmington.
Miss Emma Hall.who has been paying a short
visit here.returned to Baltimore on Thursday.
Samuel Cunningham.formerly of this city,and
Miss Emma Ash of Philadelphia,were married
at Philadelphia last week.
A reception will be giv*n to Bishop Coleman
by the Rev. William C. Starr, at the Episcopal
rectory at Delaware City, this evening.
J. (X Stüter of the Pennsylvania Dental Col
lege has returned home.
T A. P. Bord ley of Middletown is
friends in Cmtteld, Md., this week.
Walter Uechran, at present employed by
Messrs. Spurr and Perkins, at tLt> Eagle
Creamery has left Middletown for Mifflio
t®*?' Juniata reonty. Pa., to accept a position
in that vicinity.
• nd Mis* Bessie Rey
Sj» ' Mlddletownaare «pending a few
da>M with Mrs A. M. Browuof North Twen
tieth street, Philadelphia.
towtuhfc'wi.î 0 ** 11 0t Pwlluifl Phla, WM in
Hotwn Pearson of Chester
friend, in Dover.
w ^**» LUzip and Caddie Penningtsn are in
Mills of Philadelphia has been visit
ing friends In town.
Gove B, Harrington of Odessa has been visit
ing his parents here.
Miss Sallie Kirk has left to make Philadel
phia her future hume.
Mrs J. W. Clark and daughter Lily
visiting la Washington.
' Miss Fannie Rockwell of Brooklyn is visit
ing Miss Annie Collison.
Mrs. Gertrude Stevenson will visit her
daughter in Vienna, Md.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Johnson of Camden, N.
J., are visiting Mrs. Blizzard.
Mis. Sallie Hailey of Kenton is the guest of
Miss Maud Wharton, near town.
Olin 1. Hough of Philadelphia ha» been visit
ing his sister, Mr«. C. W. Fisher.
Miss Elsie Thomas of Camden, N. J,, is
visiting her father on Loockermnn street.
Howard Green of Philadelphia has been
visiting his sister, Mrs. E. B. Louderbougb,
Mrs. Joseph E. Carter of Smyrna and Mrs.
Frank L. Howard of Wilmington have been
visiting relative, in town.
Mr*. P. U. Babylon of Westminster. Md..
Mrs. C, D. Cahuuu of Brooklyn, and
Mary Walls of Wilmington are visiting
Ads Walls on Governors avenue.
Mrs. Ida Pleasanton, whose husband was
killed by the boiler explosion near Port Penn
in April bin. has returned to the home of her
father, 1). 0. Montgomery, 8r., near Little
is visiting
M in
Miss Florence Beck is visiting Church Hill,
Miss Clara Downes of Denton is the guest of
the Misses Hough.
Rev. M. S. Thompson and wife of Lewe«, have
been in Smyrna .hi. week.
Mis* Anna Lester of Wh'te Pleins, N. V., is
visitlog the Misses Dwight.
Mr*. M. W. Culbreth and daughter of Phil
adelphia are visiting Smyrna.
M Iss Annie Stewart of Chestertown has been
visiting the family of David Stewart.
Mrs. George H. Raymond has been spending
a week nr two in Chester visiting relatives.
Mr». Henry D. Uoyer left last week for
Omaha, Neb., to visit her brother, Gove Tay
MIhs Nettie Tec hud y lias returned home
from the Bordentown school, which was tro
ken up lost wwk.
Mins Elva Wilson left on Monday for Salem,
N. J., to enter upon her duties there at*
Miss Tillie Forman attended the marriage of
her cousin. Miss Ella H. Gooding, to Harry I«.
Jump, oh Thursday evening, February 2b, ut
the M. E. Church at Hillsboro, Md.
.Tame*» Martin of Lewes was In town Wed
Marne Waples of Frank ford is vliitlng
her cousin, Mrs. Annie Balfour.
Miss Anaie Steward has returned tuber
home in Milford, after a p'eaaunt visit to
friends and relatives here.
The Loyal Legion have their regular meet
ing on Saturday evening, and they have a full
and very into rent mg program.
A novel event took place In town cm Wed
nesday night, something that never happened
before. It w* s a colored wedding in church.
The contracting parties were *Aunt" Harriet
Mitchell, and Mr. Miller of Baltimore hun
dred. The bride was dressed in an clenhutil's
I real h ( lut It lires»*, wit h Iront to male b.
the six ushers were decorated with button
hole bouquets. The bride had thirteen wed
ding cakes and also other presents.
Col. Immott«« o f Wilmington, Del., visited
friends in Elkton on Friday.
Cecil McDowall, once a clerk here for R. C.
Lewis, visited friends in Elkton this week.
IHatfTLiiiif) Hughes of this town is visiting
Mrs. John McCleary near Fair Hill, Cecil
county, Md.
Mr. bamuel H. Miller and wife near Elkton
suent last Sunday with their daughter, Mrs.
Thomas Bhallcross of Centreville.
Mrs. l<ena Perkins and children of Wil
Joseph Hin
ngtou, Dei., are visiting Mrs.
tfe, corner High anil How streets.
West Ihr.t.r.
Mrs. W. 8. Hayes is visiting Washington,
Miss Emma Templen of Reading Is visiting
Mrs. Pierce Hoope*.
Mis. Bessie N. Travilia has gone to spent! ■
month with friends.
A. J. Campbell of Kansas is visiting hi* old
home in Eusttown township.
Judge William Butler and wife are soj.urs
ine at Old Point Comfort, Va.
Mr. Denny of the Denny
torned from a visit to Che
Miss Marne Manning of Morton, Delaware
county, PA, has been visiting West Chester.
Mis* Katie McElhone of Whitford is visiting
her cousins. Misses Lizzie and Belle Calhoun.
Miss Edith Morgan of Mortonville, who
recently went to Philadelphia to study medi
cine, has returned home and given up medical
■ : f
tag factory has re
Miss Susie Kersou of Pittsburg, Pa., is
visiting friends in this city.
Tbe Diamond State Social Club gave
their annual hop last evening.
The tug Wistar has broken up the iee
in the Chesapeake and Delaware canal.
Estimates and plans are being prepared
for the proposed addition to the Odd Fel
lows' Hail.
The Wilmington Wheel Club will give
another dance in Webster's on Friday
evening, March 22.
The fair of the Five Little Maids at
No. 815 West Ninth street will bo con
tinued this evening.
A team belonging to a huckster ran
away yesterday afternoon at Fourth and
King street and broke a wheel.
Business of importance will be trans
acted at the regular meeting of Mechanics
Lodge. I. O. O. F., next Tuesday night.
One of the gray horses belonging to the
Wilmington City Passenger Railway
Company was again seized with a spasm
last evening, at the corner of Fourth and
Market streets.
The schooner Genevieve sailed from the
Walton and Whann Company's factory
yesterday with a cargo of phosphate for
the Elkton Phosphate Company of
Charleston, 8, C.
It is said that Vicar-General John A.
Lyons of this city refused through mod
esty to accept the degree of D. D., which
was offered him at tbe centennial of
Georgetown University.
Bishop Leighton Coleman and the Revs.
T. Gardner Litteil, D. D., H. Ashton
Henry, David Howard and D. T. Smith of
this city attended the funeral of Mrs.
Edward Owen, at Marcus Hook yesterday.
General T. F. Armstrong, inspector
general; of the First Regiment, D.N. G.,
Quartermaster Chaytor, Lieutenant
Sharpless of H Company, New Castle,
and Sergeant Quinn visited C Company
last evening, and were well received by
the boys. General Armstrong made a
short address to the members.
Missionary Meeting.
The Christian Endeavor Societ
Rodney Street Presbyterian Church held
a missionary meeting last evening. Miss
Lizzie Jones was chairman of the coraj
mittee of arrangements. Mission papers
were read by Rev. William L. McEwan,
Robert Keltie aud Henry Eves. Mission
ary musical selections were read. A
Ilectioa for missions was taken up.
New Justice of the Peace.
Governor Biggs yesterday issued a
commission to Herbert Yates of Newport
as Justice of the Peace to serve for seven
years in place of Joseph L. KUIg
ceased. Killgore has been dead f
ore de
or over
two years past and the place has re
mained vacant ever since.
WIlmlDgroD Clearing HoiM.
The exchanges of the Wilmington banks
at the clearing house to-day were: Clear
ings, 1169,388 75: balances, i23.851.94. j
Baymrd's thermometer, 7 a. m., 44; 9
». m,. 47: lia m,, 48; 1 p. m., 51.
have just received
and elegant line of foreign
domestic Pantaloonings.
These goods are all in new
terns and from the best mills in
the World.
We are now engaged in mak
ing them and Avili have them
our shelves in a day or so.
Before ordering elsewhere come
and take a look at them.
No. 108 West Seventh Street.
Closing out sale of my entire stock of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
As I am about retiring from the business, now is the time
to get bargains.
(And a choice lot ofj
108 West Seventh Street.
» «
Choice Cologne Spirits*
103 Market &nd 102 Stanley Sta.
John P. Donahoe
Ale, Porter, Brown Stool
and Lager Beer
Cider and Mineral Waters.
517 and 519 Orange Street
Sole Agent and Depot for Delaware of tlx
Bartholomay Brewing Co. 's Rochester L*n,
Beet. Sole agent forMaseey i Co.'s Phlladet
phi* Breweries, Massey's Brown stout. X
XX, XXX Ales and Porter*.
Orders by moil will receive prompt attea
Uon. Good* shipped to any port. Ire. on boat«
25 dozen Damask Linen
Towels, knotted fringe, colored
borders, only 20c each.
10 dozen Ladies' Three-But
ton Kid Gloves, sizes from 6
to 6^ only, price 31c. Just
about one-half value.
5 pieces very fine Cream
Loom Double Damask Table
Linen, only 56c a yard. A
great bargain.
15 dozen Men's Unlaundried
Shirts, good muslin, linen
bosoms, only 41c each.
20 dozen Men's Unlandried
Shirts, made of Wamusutta
muslin, extra heavy linen
bosoms, only 47c each. The
best and cheapest Shirt ever
offered in this market.
15 dozen extra heavy pure
Linen Towels, only izj^c
each. Just two-thirds of regu
lar price.
io dozen Ladies' Pure Liner»
Handkerchiefs, slightly dam
aged, only 5C each. They are
splendid value at i2j^c.
io pieces of New York Mills
Muslin, ice a yard. Regular
retail price is i2%c.
Special Bargains in odd lots of

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