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Be Talk« on Afrloa-Testerday'e Aral
rivals—Over 192 Tent« Occupied.
Special Correspondence Evesuio JorssAt.
Bramdtwinb Summit, August 5 —
Camp was formally opened last evening
•with a sermon from Bishop Taylor of
the African mission field. The ,bishop
and his son, Rev. Boss Taylor arrived
the evening a few minutes before
o'clock and at once proceeded to the
tabernacle. He took as his subject
"Africa," and in an hour and a half gave
a very Interesting account of hia work
Among yesterday's arrivals were Revs.
C. A. Grise, Vaughn S. Collins, A. Ston
gle, T. N. Given, Julius Dodd. T. O.
Smoot, J. D. C. Banna, L. E. Barrett,
W. O. Eoons and wife, T. Snowden
Thomas, editor of Peninsula Methodist,
of Wilmington, and Bishop Taylor and
»on. Rev. Roes Taylor of Africa.
A large number of hacks came here
loaded down with visitors from Wil
mington to hear Bishop Taylor preach.
Some of Abel MeCrea's women friends
went fishing yesterday and left him
very fine flab on their return. He will
have it for breakfast.
There are 192 occupied tents on the
grounds not Including the sterea, etc.
A large card containing the rules of
.ramp were lacked up early in the day.
Following Is the order of the day as is
»ned by R-sv. L. B. Barrett chairman of
the Board of Managers ; Rise at 6 a. m
family prayer at the tabernacle at 6.30
Am.; breakfast at 7 a. m. ; prayer meet
ing at 8.80 a. m. ; preaching at 10 a. m.
dinner at 13 m.; social meeting at 1.30
u m ■ Dreacblnir at 3 n m. ; supper at
" i it • « to „ -,
p. m. ; ladles meeting at o. oil p, m.
preaching at 7.45 p. m.
Friday, August 8 will be Christian
Endeavor day at camp. The speakers
for the occasion will be Rev. J. T. Karr
of Elizabeth, N. J„ and Dr Green of
Boston, Mass., also the Revs. L. K. Bar
rett, J. D. C. Hanna, W. E. Avery and
F. R Benson. J. B. King, secretary of
the Y. U. C. A,, assisted by a chorus of
thirty voices, will have charge of the
dnrin» '
Sheriff Allen'« l eod Hill Passed-Report
of the Committee Adopted.
The Levy Court sat at 10 o'clock this
morning with all the members except Mr.
Hickman present. John R. Miller, sec
retary of the Wilmington City Railway
Company, presented a petition for the re
duction of tax levied on buildings belong
ing to that company on Delaware avenue.
He said that the assessment was $500
more In 1889 than in 1888, and there
was nothing to justify so large an in
crease. The court decided to defer the
consideration of the matter until
next March, the usual time for Its con
Satisfaction was ordered to be entered
on the official bond of George W. McKee,
county collector for the Northern dis
trict, he having faithfully discharged bis
duties for the year.
Mr. Weir presented a petition from
John Me&ley. (who had a mortgage ou
Ils real estate to the amount of $6,000.
He desired to pay off the mortgage and
contract a new one, and asked that the
property be released during the financial
The committee on the Sheriff's feed
bill then adjourned for consultation. In
about an hour they returned, and Mr.
Roberts read the report which isf s fol
lows :
"To the member of the Levy Court :
"The undersigned, members of the
committee appointed to audit Hie ac
counts of Alvan Allen, Esq , sheriff of
New Castle connty, hereby report that
we have attended to said duty aud
found Sheriff Allen entitled to an addi
tional allowance of $4,860.81 for board of
prisoners for the year ending March
15. 1890.
"We recommend this additional al
lowance to Sheriff Alien, be having
commitments for all persons whose
names now appear on the board sheet.
Said commitments have been carefully
examined by committee, and so far as
we can ascertain are correct".
"Joseph Roberts,
"A. 8 Eliason,
"H. H. Jordan,
"Isaac Grubb,
"W. L. Weir."
Mr. Roberta made a statement in
which he said, that when the original
sheet was presented, a claim wva made
for board for 187 prisioners on an aver
age per day daring the year.
Mr. Alien, he said had, discovered an
error afterwards and reduced his claim
to 175 prisoners per day for the year.
This be considered was still an unusually
large amount, but Sheriff Allen
explained that since prisoners who
are convicted at the Municipal
Court are sent to New Castle fn default
of paying a fine, the number of prisoners
in the connty jail had Increased. He
added that the press of the eity had
attacked the committee, while it htd by
its work * reduced the city tax by
Mr. Wier thought the practice of
sending prisoners convicted of drunk
enness at the Municipal Coart to New
Castle should be discontinued, and they
should be confined in the City Hall
instead. He believed forty eight hours
on bread and water would have a more
natatory effect on them than sixty days
in prison.
Mr. Bntton said that was done In
Philadelphia. The prisoner* coming
from the Municipal Court and charged
with drunkenness alone, 17,253 days
were charged.
The motion to adopt the report of the
committee was passed.
Mr. Roberts called attention to jtbe
condition of a bridge at Fennemore's
banks and a committee was appointed
investigate the matter.
The court adjourned till Tuesday,
September 2.
Another Kiefer on Trial.
At Municipal Coart this morning
Michael Witting was fined $1 for drunk
enness Samuel Jones, colored, $3 and
costs for fighting, and William Borire.fl
and costs for drunkenness. The case of
Robert Boulden, one of tbe National
Hail rioters, was called, bnt as the
prisoner was not ready for trial, tho case
was continued until Thursday morning.
Boulden, who is au intelligent looking
boy, was shot in the left arm by Officer
Updyke during the riot, and has just re
covered. His father and mother drove to
the Ci .y Hail in a carriage and at the
close of court )the woman was so pros
trate st seeing her boy in the dock that
ehe bad to be carried to the carriage.
Inquest ou the Inf .nt's Body.
The inquest on the body of the child,
found In the cess pool at the rear of 111
Justison street, on Saturday July 19,
was resumed last evening In tbe coroner's
office Investigation had been made,
with a view to discover the child's
metber, bnt to no avail, snd last even
ing the jury rendered the follow!''« ver
diet. "That this unknown e -i<
t> its death through cause? v
ike jutv, they beviug msde
|j ftsctiUifl the viwjt e] üvii.h.^
School Superintendent of Kent—Chris
tiana Democrats.
Very little Interest is as yet evinced
in regard to the appointment of a sue
cussorto L. Irving Handy as superinten
dent of free schorls for Kent county, tho
judgship contest engrossing tho ntten
tien'ef the politicians, who generally con
cede that A. P Robinson. Esq . has the
inside track ill the bench show. Still
there is some quiet work being done by
Hawkins of Camden, and ho serins to
load at the start because he is the only
starter. How it will be when the others
enter the raes is left to conjecture, hut
as he is a Biggs supporter aad staunch
Democrat, ho evidently has a good show.
A largely-attended aud enthusiastic
meeting of Christiana hundred Demo
crats was held in the Odd Fellows' lall.
Highlands, .last' evening. John Coady
was elected chairman and William J.
McMahon secretary,
unauimcaisly elected Samuel Bancroft;
Jr.. and Thomas H. Dougherty ss dele
gates, and Michael Dorman and Jvbn W.
Macklem as alternates, to represent
North Christiana hundred in tho state
convention which meets in Dovor,
August 13.
There seems to ho a spirit of compro
mise within the ranks of tho Domociacy
of Duck Creek hundred in Kent county.
A prominent Democrat, and a knowing
one, informed an Evening Journal re
porter that he aud guvernl of his friouds
had canvassed the hundred and couid not
find wore than two or threu Democrats
who would bolt the ticket nuder auy ci r
eumstaacos. He said that the Democracy
of the hundred knows that it has
gubernatorial timber in Kent county and
will see that the Kent couaty man going
into the convention with tho majority of
the delegatee of the connty and the sup
po-t of the county caucus, shall be the
the choice of the convention as in years
gone by. no matter whether he be Rey
nolds, Williams or Pounewlll.
The Republican papers continue to
harp upon the fact that Brown Cnlver
eity has conferred the degree of LL D,
upon Czar Reed of the Honse If we era
not mistaken the Democrats of the Honse,
in consideration of hie arbitrary rulings,
conferred a certain degree of h—1, h—1
d—upon Czar Reed long before Breen
University took the metier into oonsid
Beautiful fewales are smuggling con
traband goods into this cenntry on their
bustles, aad the Senators are being pes
tered to death by bald head* who want
to be Cnstom Bouse Inspectors,
Senator Anthony Higgins saya he had
lets tronble in tbs appointment of
Thomas Jefferson to the Smyrna post
mastership than any appointment he has
Ocean City, Md., Is a great resort for
Maryland politicians.
Despite the fact that St. Georges and
Mill Creek hundreds will mot have direct
representatives in the General Assembly,
there is e growing inclination among
Democrats ln thés» hundreds to fal
and make the Democratic majority tn
New Castle county larger than ever
Kent eonnty Democrats and Republi
cans alike "took to the woods" on Sun
day last. _
A Passenger on the Thoesee Clyde In
LA'rldey'n Storm Cannot Speak,
A telegram from Chester, says. Miss
Kate Beslan, who lives on Morton
avenue, has been nnable to utter a word
since last Friday night. On that even
ing she was a passenger on the steamer
Thomas Clyde, which was caught in the
severe wind sterm off Roedy Island, The
boat careened so far that one paddle
wheel was entlre'y above the water for
some time. Chairs were blown off the
deck and the passengers became terror
stricken. Mias Has! au was so fright
ened that she was deprived ef the power
of speech.
"She moves about and attends to her
work as usual, but she cannot talk, and
converses with her parents and friends
by signs. The physicians assert that she
can only recover her speech by means of
a shock to her nervous system similar to
the one that deprived her of it."
The storm which the steamer enconn
tered on Friday evening, a description of
which has already been published,
created sod havoc for a short time on the
boat, which was crowded with excursion
ista. The awnings were torn off
and the glass shattered from
the cabin windows. A desperate
rush was made for the life preservers
and many were adjusted on the fainting
aud praying women and children. Many
New Castle people were aboard the boat,
and when it stopped there to pat them
ashore, over 100 people from Pbiladel
phia left the steamer and took the train
for their homes.
Assistant Postmaster Btilpu
David H.Coyle whom Postmaster Stew
art appointed to the position of assistant
postmaster resigned his office yesterday
afternoon. The duties of the position
were much more confining than he had
anticipated. He resigned at ono* to
avoid putting Mr. Rtewart to the tronble
of having another man learn the duties
of the office later on. Since July 1,
there has bean a vacancy at the gan
eral delivery office
been temporarily filled
Joseph Duffy.
art yesterday promoted Night Clerk J. P,
Edwards to the vacancy and Ezra
Lakens to succeed Mr. Edwards as clerk.
A fov ai oo
I* remarkably cheap, bet the P., W. & B. R.
R » whole day's recreation at Tolchee
ter via Baltimore and «tea in er down the bay
tor It. .Special train leave« Wilmington at
LG a. m„ Sunday, August 10.
CITY NEWft in mmp
Th«». i-«Li- —
There are five Sundays In this month .
The colored barbers of the eltv gave a
parade last night
The Georgia watermelon ntlll holds Its
place in the markets, *
T . . .
Hyatt s Military Band gives an excur
sion to Angnstlne Pier to-night.
Edge Moor will have three weddings
this week; two to-morrow and
Garfield Camp, No. 8, Sons of Veterans,
will visit Camp No. 891 of Chester on the
29th Instant.
A boy named John Stewart had his
arm badly cut at the Raymond bath
honse recently.
Routine business only was transacted
at the meeting of the Grand Lodge, S. of
H., last evening.
The Pusey and Jones Company shipped
one carload of paper machinery to The
Harper's Ferry Paper Company of Har
per's Ferry, Va.
Third street is being torn up between
Madison and Monroe streets so that
sewers pipe may be laid.
The libel against the sloop Mattie I.,
which United States Marshal Mahaffy
libeled yesterday at the wharf ef the
Kennebec lee Company, will be return
able August 22.
The Street »and Sewer Department rej
«tved the check for their annual appro
i'lon this morning and haa started to
j p* -he bills which bave been accumula -
^Urg tot the p«t year,
l lu
which has
by Carrier
Postmaster Stew
one on
Manie From a Phonograph In New York
CUtj Heard al the Clayton lionne.
Th« America Long Distance Tele
phone Company last evening gar«
exhibition of its apparatus, to the city
press and invited guests, at the Clayton
The agents of the company hero are
George B. Venbanschoten and Alfred
Wolf. They were polite and courteous
and explained the full details to the
interested spectators.
The telephone instrument is placed
the parlor of the hotel. It consista
soutially of the same apparatus as the
regular telephone. The mechanism, how
ever, is concealed In a desk or cabinet
before which the operator aits. The
mouth piece is affixed to a long metallic
arm, aad the arm brings it to the
height of the speaker's month, so that
no trouble whatever Is 'experienced
using It. The other Important difference
between this system and the regular
system Is that the long dlstasce c impany
uses two copper wires instead of one Iron
wire In the old system, and this plan
having two wires give* a better service
than if the return current Is sent through
the earth as it is in tho old system. This
company uses only the heat materials
their system, having the wires strung
only on very high polos that range from
45 to 60 feet. During the great blizzard
this company's lines were not injured
all by the storm, when ail the other
telegbone and telegraph wires were
down. The company's subscribers
talked over their telephones as if nothing
bad happened.
The agents, last evening, had the
telephones connected with a number
ear-reeeivers, and each person heard the
same thing. There w*ro about thirty
revolvers and each one was held by
interested listener. Music was given
a band and an «rchestra of five pieces,
at the company's central office at No.
Cortlaudt street. The New York opera
tor read a number of pieces from
the New York Kvenlng World,
scribing the preparation for the
electrocution of Kemmler. He also gave
an interesting five minute lecture on the
subject of the telephone. He gave
interesting history of the long distance
telephone. He said that the first was
started between Philadelphia and New
York In 1884. His voice could he heard
very plainly.
A phonograph was placed In front
th« Instrument in th« New York office
aud its sweet strains as played
Cappas renowned baud eonld be plainly
beard here.
à The ageat bad| a large speaking télé
phoné in the room, and intended to have
a lecture heard without the use of the
ear receivers, but it was Impossible
account of a heavy storm, with l hander
and lightning, which was between Phila
delphia and New York, The lightning
made a report like that of a pistol Inlthe
ear receivers. Lawyer F. H. Hoffecker
talked to Beading, Pa., and bad no diffi
culty. Ou motion of Biahop Coleman
vote of thanka was given te the oom
The notes of n cornet are particularly
plain over the telephone. The City
Connell vieited the Clayton Honse and
triad the Instrument. The
have the telephone open nil dey to-day
and persons can talk from hero to New
York free. The company particularly
wishes business men to try it.
Barebo's WuyptwuM.
Charles U. Rambo, who is alleged
have disappeared from here on July
with $100.19 belonging to the.Prudential
Insurance Cempaay, was a resident
Norristown, Pa.,living at No. 706 Moore
street. Ha was for some time employed
as collector for the Singer Sewing
Machine Agency In Norristown. Abont
three weeks ag
eity and secured employment at
Prudential Company's office. He
last Thursday without saying where
was going. HI* employers communicated
with his wife and she visited Wilming
ten to find out where her husband had
gone, but she did net obtain any informa
tion. Rambo is a middle-aged man.
has fenr children, ranging In nge from
two to tan years.
company will
o he eame to
»Series ef the May.
A man In this city who is very sensitive
has had his nerves highly rattled of
by a congregation of cats which would
collect in his yard, and send forth
meat unearthly yells at all boars of
sight and aioraing. Each night
would have to leave his bed to frighten
off the oats, before he coaid go to sleep.
At last he bethought himself of a plan.
He secured several large iron traps,
set them in different parts of the yard.
That Bight ef course, the oats
there, screaming and yelling as usual.
He ceald eadure it no longer.
jumped np, secured a stick and rushed
out to belabor the offending animals.
One of them, a large ''Thomas''
towards a corner where a trap was set,
with the man in hot pursuit. In his ex
citement he forgot about the trap, until
he planted his toes on the table, the trap
snapped and he sent forth a series
yells which mad* the neighbors jump
from their beds with unpleasant recol
lections of ghosts, a yell sufficient
cause the dead of Wilmington to start
in their graves, and prevent any cat that
beard him, from ever coming within
squares ef tbe place again. The doctor
dressed his wounds, bat he la now more
sensitive than ever. No one dare make
meation of a certain fox caught in
own trap. __
A correspondent asks how to get on
the world. The best kaowa way is
get elected to the Wilmington City Conn
oil, take all the money offered yon
say nothing.
The man who marries a widow shonld
give up smoking. The widow puts away
her weeds for him and he should do
same for her.
Jones (to bar-tender)—"Hew many
horns are there to a dilemma?
tender—"Well, I don't know exactly,
bat there are ten to a quart of whiskey."
First Citizen,—"Mr. Mahaffy is
Second Citizen—
monarchist I believe.
"He, no; why do you say eo?'
Citizen—"Why ke believes in family
rule, you see?'_
First citizen—"And so Marshal
Mahaffy has mad* his sen deputy
Second citizen—"Tee."
First citizen—"Has he a grand son
Second citizen—"He way have. Why?"
First citizen—"Why. he should make
him janitor, that's all"
Councilman (abont to sue a man
libel)—"I will sne for $20,000 if
colonel does not retract the statement
that I took $200." Colonel (wbo hears
the suit)—"I retract the statement.
only took $187.50."
If you would quickly and permanent ly
roar beds of bags, put* small Iwx of HU
ON RATS Id a oint bottle of benziau, »hi
well when using. L-ouchv t i: ■ irei^M
tbe cracks, crevico*. bolee and ore
tho bedsteads. It will tr-a ltd
rapidly Then mix anr her small box
ROUGH ON RATS tboraagbly with a quar
ter pound of lard, with this mixture flit
boles, openings, cracks and crevice* In
bed. These two methods are warranted
never fall; to be effective and lasting. Cut
A tills «Ut loi AUf. Uoßs,
to«'« Q
Fourteen Appllenuts Endeavor to [Oet
Government (Positions.
An examining board consisting of Gov
ernment Civil Service Examiner Frank
M. Higgins. Postmaster D. T. Stewart
and Acting Assistant Postmaster Robin
son are busy examining applicants for
civil service positions at the court room
of the Federal building to-day.
The applicants are for throe positions,
mail clerks, copyists and medical ex
aminer. There are eight male applicants
for the position of mail clerk ; three fe
male applicants for copyists; aad one
male for medical examiner.
The applicants for copyists are ex
amined In orthography, penmanship,
copying, letter writing,elements of book
keeping, geography, hlstoiy.government,
arithmetic. The mall clerks will be
examined In nearly all of those
branches and besides will have to read
the addresses on fifty postal cards. This
latter Is ono of the hardest parts of the
test.The applicant for medical
will bo examined in medicine with
other branches. The mini
mum percentage, at which appli
cents pass is 70, and the examinât loss
range from that to 05 per cent., seldom
reaching more than that figure. These
civil service examinations are held once
in six months, and the usnal percentage
of applicants who pass is ons half.
Mr. Becker Is at Pennegrove.
8. O'Brien of Lebanon, P*., is In the
George Bishop spent a weak at Wye
Miss Beulah Cooke Is tenting at Cam
den camp.
William Miller is visiting in Provi
dence, R. I.
James J. Wyatt and family are at
Atlantic City.
Sewell Workman In visiting friends at
Parkslsy, Va. •
Wilbur McUvalne and wife are at
Camden camp.
8 K. Baugh Winsport came to tk*
city yesterday.
Mrs. Rate A. King la at Brandywine
Smamitt camp.
Miss Emms MoCalliater Is in the city
on a flying visit.
8. D. Diibert of Reading, Pa, la on a
visit to this city.
H. 8. Kent, Cleveland, O. Is a gnest at
the Clayton House.
George W. Wsyor. Jr., Waahlagton,
D. 0., Is In'theolty.
George W. Moore, Philadelphia, la
stopping la the city.
George H. Moore, New Bedford, Is
stopping in this city.
H. W. Zimmerman and wife will go to
Cape May for a week.
Mrs. James Stafford is spending some
time in Providence, R. 1.
Mias Rlla Jones has gone on n visit to
friend* in Darlington, Pa.
MIrs Jennie MoCalliater has returned
from Brandywine Springs.
Misses Cora and Ella Overdear are at
Brandywine Summltt camp.
Miss LilMe Harland, Philadelphia, ia
visiting friends In this city.
Jamas McRoogh will sail fer Europe
from New York to-morrow.
G. N. Fitch ef Hong, Kong, China,
came to this eity yesterday.
George Helmau is spending a three
weeks' vacation at Atlantic City.
H. H. Campbell of Edge Moor ia vlslt
iug tn the Kattakill mountains.
F. W. Kiggins, Washington, D. 0,, Is
spending a few day* in this city.
Moggie and Mane Weyl are spending
a vacation at Delaware Water Gap.
Rev. David Howard left yesterday for
a month's vacation at Spring Lake.
Miss Laura Hall of this eity la the
gnest of Miss Lizzie Hall at Smyrna.
Biwood Griffenberg of Odessa la visit
Ing relatives and friends in this city.
Miss Cora Wivel of Baltimore is visit
ing her uncle, A. 0. Wivel of this city.
John Clarken and John Reynolds have
been on a yachting tiip on the Delaware.
Miss Maggie Reed went to Delaware
Water Gap on Saturday on her vacation.
Mrs. A. P. Wilhelm is visiting her
father, Edward Gebhard, at Lebanon,
Mrs. Helen James and danghter Edith
of Brooklyn, N. Y., are visiting friends
Miss Laura Montgomery of Philadel
phia Is visiting Bvaa Davis at Edge
H. Morse, superintendent of the Edge
Moor Bridge Works, Is at White Bulpkur
Master Herbert Wivel ef this city is
«pending two weeks with his ancle at
Misa Ira Philips has returned from
Baltimore county, Md., wh«re she has
been visiting.
Mrs. Martha Parvis and danghter of
this city are stopping at Leed s Hotel,
Atlantic Otty.
Charles Banks and Edward Meiehoir
are spending their vacation at Delaware
Water Gap.
Charles B. Palmer, of the Evkribo
Journal staff. Is spending a week's va
cation at Cape May.
Miss Maade Phillips and her brother
Frank have returned home from a visit
to friends in Odessa.
Rev, William Taylor, D. D., missionary
bishop to Africa, is the gnest of W. F.
Robinson of this city.
Miss Emma Watson left for Brandy
wine Rommlk camp yesterday, where
she will remain until its close.
Letter-carriers Thomas H. Barden.
John W. Simonson and E. E. McDaniel
start on a fifteen days' holiday to-day,
J. Barlow, of the firm of Barlow A
Thatcher, started to-day for a two
weeks' sejonra in the White monatains.
Miss Minnie 8t.eel and Mrs. Lottie Day
of this city will be guests of James Steel
and family ot Georgetown during the
camp at Tyndall's.
Hsrry Brown, of No. 118 Monroe
Htrcet, formerly employed at the P., W.
& B. shops as a machinist, has accepted
a position in the Altoona shops, and will
remove his family to that place in a fort
Bishop Coleman is an ardent supporter
of the Australian system of voting. He
believes it would be effective in putting
an end to corruptions » f ■ '»»tion times,
He has also a thorough k >g» 0 f the
provisions the Ecglj- »
tioes h J, ohi- 1 ' t*.
Dul l Fail to Co
Sunday, Augn*l 1», to Tolcbetter Beach vl*
P.W.iB railroad to Baltimore and steam«
to the beach. Hpeclal train leaves Wilming
ton at 7.44 a. m and round trip rate 1* only
fl 9#. VitMlng, kV«*"« »4d S/WPgt.
A id V» KM K. NTH.
Ono night only,
Tub Would Famous
Mammoth Minstrels.
(treater time ever; better tbau the best.
Our own record broken: novelty npoa novelty:
the on« grand minstrel event of tu« «essen.
Walt lor nothing, bat see the Wu.y Big
Hat office open at Academy for sale of eoals
on Tuesday, «neust », *1 II a. m.
Prices. 25, (io, 76u aad $1.
ÏW Rentals or other
• business, address, D. F,
Wells, Manager ol tlao
Aeademy oi Music.
l * Third ward arc requited to meet at Dll
Ion's carpenter «hop, en Thursday evening.
August 7. at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of elect
ing delegate* tothe MtateConvention
_ MAMt E L Ml ■ KNICY. ( halrman.
.... . A. ef llumucrallc
voters will be held an Thunder night, Aug
ust 7, at 8*o'clock, to make arrangement* for
delegate election. Meeting I« be held at No.
IU0 Madison elroet.
UBOKQK W McKRF. cholrm
B On Thursday evening next, August Tth,
at «o'clock, a mooting will bo held by the
Democrat* of the Hxth ward, at the Young
Mon'e Democratic Club, for ih« purpose or
elortleg or «electing a delegate to repreeoat
the ward In the Democratic btatoConvention,
to be hold at Dover, AuguvtlSth.
THOM AM M, DOLE. Chairman.
N otice- democrat* of the
Seventh want ate rrau**t«il to meet at
the Iowan Honse on Thursday evening.
Aua-«»t 7. at 7.80 o'clock, to arrange fer th«
delegate elect Ion.
crate of tho NInto ward will be held al
the |01d_ Academy on Thursday evening.
August 7, at 8 o'clock, to make arraiuements
for the delegate* to the State Convention.
__JOHN EVANS. Chairm an.
1* erat* —A meeting of Tenth Ward Demo
crat* will be held atSo'clock, Thursday sight.
In the Wecoaeoe Engles lieuse, to nomi
nal« a candidal« for the State Convention,
By order of the chairman.
cratanf tb« Eleventh ward, will be held
at Patrick Haney's, Seventh avenu* and Dun
can street, on W«J»c»<)«y craning, August ft.
at 7.to o'clock, to make arrangement« for the
delegatee to the State Convention.
R. T. CUTTING HAM, Chairman.
Ibiranaat to a call by the Democratic State
Central Committee, notice 1« hereby given
that In accordance with the rnl«« governing
the Democratic party, an election will lie held
In the e«v«ral ward* aad voting precincts of
of the city of Wilmlngt«n, ned al each of the
voting place« la the different hundred* in the
between the hour* ef 12 m., and 7 p. m„ for
tho purpeae of electing twelve delegatee
from I he city of Wilmington, and üv« dele
kmL«h from e««h of th« other hundred« of the
connty. to r«prt*«nl Hie county In the Demo
cratic State Convention, to be held at Dover,
oa Teesday. the 12tli dey of Augnnt, 1HW).
for the purpose of selecting a candidate fer
Î WVcruor, and also for ttie purpose ef select
ug a candidal« fer the office of representa
tive to the Fifty-second Congress ot the
United Slate*
The officer* holding the primary elections
la the several hundred* and election districts,
are requested to prepare two certificates of
elesttoa of delegate«, one to be forwarded to
SV. H Steves«, chairmaa 'of the Stale Cen
trai Committee at Dover, Immediately after
« he election, the other to be given totnvBUo
ceRsful delegate or delegatee The voter* of
each ward in Wilmington and the respective
hundred* may deUTinlns at any time prior to
theeald Saturday, August 9,1800, wilder it I*
necessary to hold an election by ballot on the
said Saturday, August 9; provided the
meeting* In the differed wards ot Wllmln
ton are property advertised by
lulling notice* of the same In _
Democratic neaspapersof Wilmington, for at
least three days prior to the eald meetings,
aud the *ald aieeMngs In tho respective hun
dreds are advertised by posting at least five
notices of the »aid meeting tn at least live of
the most public plaças of the e«ld hundreds
for at least three days prior to th* eald meet
ings; aud provided furthev, that where there
are two or mure candidates, auy one of the
candidate* or anyone representing euch can
dldate may demand
shall be by ballot, and it shall lie so held.
Tho jndgesappolnted to hold the nomina
tion election for sheriff and coroner will hold
this election.
Hy order of the Connty Executive Com
I hi
Hy order of the Democratic RxecmtlveOem
nllteeof »elaware, a State Oouventlon com.
po*ml of stxty-one ilnli^iatee from «euh oac ity
will be held at Dover,
At U o'clock M..
15* the purpose of selecting a candidate for
■ tovurnor, and also for tbe purpose of sclvrtlng
a candidate for tbe office of Reprontattvo to
the Flfly-eecond Congress of the UniledStates,
and tbe Democratic Central Committees of
the several counties are requeeted to Issue
call* dlrectisg the Democratic voters ef eHcb
hundred and election district. In the roeiiec.
five counties, to assemble at tue usual place
of holding such meetings, for the purpose of
selecting the delegates to tbe Democratic
«•täte Convention, to wbloh they ase respec
tively entitled.
Tbe officer* holding the primary election«
In the several hundred* and election districts,
are requested to prepare two oertUIcnle* ot
election of delegatee, one to be forwarded to
the chairman of the State ( iettral Committee
Immediately after the election at Dover, the
other to be given the successful delegs
delegate*. W. U. STEVENS,
toes U. Kkwm.uSec'v.
Off WHl BBCOfflD IM1M«
M. J. Gallagher,
lbt|i(fl te Demoerafte enfina
I ( ROOT ffeER!
i HBMätojä—e—ä
Ti. .IPERANCK DRINK tn too world.
■■m rr.
MX fan Druggist or Groora tor M.
Delle.«.*»* and Sparkling.
C. C. HIRES Philadelphia.

Dentistry Made Painless
By (too ase of Go* and Local Amirethetlr*.
f reell ever)' day. and Is perfect!, F
If) Uh Gas t u ,, . ex
. £6 cent« IA Set of
WffWVflBWt *r.
Boots and Shoes
By limitation the Co-part
nership of
419 Market Street,
Is to be dissolved, and in order
to close out our immense stock
vve will make a Special Offer
ing of 271 pairs Ladies' Fine
Kid Shoes, regular price, $3.00,
they will be sold for $2.00.
This is less than cost, but they
must be sold. They bear the
maker's name.They arc square,
opera and common sense toe.
In widths they arc B, C, D
and E.
72 pairs Ladies' Lasting Kid
Fox Buttoned, regular price
$2.50, now $1.50. Made by
James Colter, Philadelphia.
49 pairs same sort, regub
price $1.75, now $1.25.
28 pairs Ladies' French Kid
Button Shoes, regular priée
$5.00, now $3.50.
31 pairs Ladies' French Kid
Shoes, regular price $4.00,
now $2,00.
Our regular lines of
Are complete in every depart
ment, and will be sold at Re
duced prices« We have all
grades from $1.50 to $6.oa
In the Men's Department
we have the most complete
stock we have ever offered to
the public. They will be
sold at
For Cash Only,
Custom Work in all its
branches goes on as usual.
419 Market Street
By the mte at
Which, like the air we
breath«, 1* perfectly
harmless ami can
taken by young or old
and Is given for 50a.
Teeth Extracted by
narnblng the gnms.ZV.
A Set ot Teeth $5.U0.
B«*» FtsL F W Teeth Filled, 50o, np, at 815
Market Street, over A A P. Tea Store.
ön ftU» Baltiaoro Collect ot Dental Hnnc'y
WWffow Geardii
OSsevery (isesrl.pt los»
Fly Orms for Doors sail Window« made
and put np In any style.
Wire Clothes Lines pal up.
Electric Light Guards and WtraW V « vd l ffea.
id Wire W<
Cloanio» thoHfç
Nasal Pungefl.Hff(
Allsys Pain andnV
1 d fl animation. mWI
Heals the Sores,
Restore» t fa > B»
Sen»«« of TaMtoHw
and SnifdL ! ;4
\ v >^
Try the Cure HAV-FEVER
A particle Is applied into each nostril and
agreeable. Price 59 cents at Draggists:
mall, registered, flU («tala. ELY BROTHERS.
51 Warn* street. Now York.
A Aslima, Cough*, Colds, Consumption
Dyspepnto, Liver, Kidney and all skin disease«,
relief In 1 to 8 days. Advice free. Dr.
MONTG UMKRY. flflfl fc. Bth Bt.. PMIed.Inht«.
MflitfV mhI AtwBjm rwltahl«. * g4|f
M rWiM«iet 1er I Hmmw md Brand,
la rrd. wotaUiff haw«, mmM vith
i-ie« , wriaGs. Take no All
K. lirÇ, for «. UiUr,
■—.«»*« m«U. .V«— « /-.M-..
taioksow tora'i o«. Bas*» ««. niia, ra
i BbfiHOODl
fw« a*ni and KKtYOüi '-)i-3ILirY|
J W fràkuedo of B<r!jr(*r.dÄir.d, Effect*
ili»fKrroracr Ex ora«» In Olior Tou«*,
Robaei, UpM» IlklOOB Mr iNisrrd. Now (« «tilt rn iSi
eirvafflfa«« WKA K, VNmcmXkPBSOHFlA^n AI'ARTkOF ftODT.
JlrHt l(c«trrvd. Hew futnltrw* and
o »ru ** * r a kt« o» Août.
A'^oUieiy uafalltav MUII TKKATMK.M-H— «C la • dar.
Von u»tlfy fr«.« «V Utwa aad farwtffa ioaatt In. Writ« (he«.
IXurliiU'« linw't «.tir« 'M.lsd «I«
The Fatal Button Will Be?
Pressed Wednesday. «*,
All lu.IWtioiM Point to Wednesday ftorn-i
log a» tlio Time When Mu niera* WUL
Lull Iv. mini Body Will lie Ttutllod
by file Iieuth Current at A aha
Asburh, N. Y,, Aug. G —From present!
indications William Kcn.mler will be
ocuUxl between midnight and daybreak on 1
tho morning of Wednesday, Aug, A War
den Dur* ton said last night that he liadl
sent invitations to tho out-of-town wit-,
nimsee on Friday afternoon before he took'
his harried trip to Now York, and that'
these witnesses were to bo at the prison
at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening. Following
i* a copy of tho Invitation:
The Invitation.
Wabbïx'b Ornez, Atme
Avmms, N. Y., Ang. L 1800. f
t>XAa 8iu la pumuanoe of section BUT, «dwpser
489 «g Um Laws of I MSS of the State of New York
} >u are hereby In tiled to be present.
Iba seven a-vUtant* selected by me) to attend
the cxecntlnn uf Wtltlul
well commencing An,;. 4, Is»), and 1er IhU
purpose report to mo ul 7 o'clock I». œ. «I Aug,
.'> at my olflou in Auburn prison. Your» Uf9y,
C. t In idTt.w, Agent and a oaten.
Tbc I .ut of Witnesses.
Despite the fact that the vnlnesam um
to assemble at tho prison this cvwiing it
doc* not follow necessarily that the execu
tion will occur Wednesday morning. IB
may ho deferred for another twenty-four
hours. But Mr. Dursten hits stated several
time, since sentence was passed upon
Ke un 1er that it won his intention to fix
the hour of the execution ns early tn the
week i<r could bo done in decency. Eo It is
more than likely that Wednesday morning
will see the end of Kemmler. Warden
Dure ton has given out tho following list
of those who are to bo present at the prison
to witness tho execution:
Dr. C. F. McDonald, of Now York, for
merly physician in charge of the State In
sane asylum; Dr. Samuel D. Ward, of AV
ixuiy; Dr. A. P. Southwlck, of Buffalo;
Dr. E. Ci Spitzka, of New York; Dv. George
K. Fell, of Buffalo; Dr. C. M. Daniels, of
Buffalo; Dr. Charles Fowler, of Buffalo;
Dr, W. P. Jenkins, of New York; Louis
Haleb, of Albany, secretary of the state
board of health; I)r. W. J. Nelli«, of Al
bany; Dr, Argus, of Corning; ex-Heuator
11. 1L McMillan, of Buffalo, the father of
the clectricido bill; Hon. John B. Ktans
fleld, of Elmira; Tracey B. Becker, of Buf
falo, referee in the Kemmler trial; Robert
Dunlap, of New York, export electrician;
C. it Huntley, ot Buffalo, expert okuotri
K. inmltfir, flT«d for the
Servant* o« the Law Must Ses».
Tho following persons have ahn boon
notified according to law to be promut ta
their uffiolul capacity; George U. CJuimby,
district attorney of Erie county; Oliver A.
Jenkins, sheriff of Erie county-, Judge
Honry A. Childs, of the supremo coast, who
sentenced Kemmler.
Electrician Harnes Interviewest.
Tho foot that the name of Kieatrkclan
Barnes, of itoohaetor, doe* not ap|«tar in
Worden DursUm'e official list excited eonm
comment last night. The warden ia thought
to he much annoyed by the publication of
the interview with Mr. Harnes which ap
jieurud in Tim Rochester 1'oet- Exprès«.
There are three electricians to h* appoint
ed, however, and it is probable Mt Barnes
will lie named a« the third whoa the final
arruugemeuU ore mode. Mr. Barnee did
not have charge of the early teete of the
dynamo, a* is claimed, hut he was preecnt
and la Ultimately acquainted with Um- ma
chinery, und )>ia presence is therefore
dvsirabla. In the course of tho interview
referred to the nqwrter asked Mr. Barnes:
"Do you expect that tho appaMhus will
wo«k cffectu.'Jlyl"
rt Will Kill Him.
"A* mi electrician I have no doabt that
H will No eioctriuiau who umkretanda
the suhjoot and know* what the separat na
b can doubt that it will kill him."
"Du yon think that he will suffer any
from the shock/"
"No. The electrode will bo applied to
hie skull and spinal column in such'a way
flint the current will paralyze the bruin
instantly and destroy nil sensation. In
order to fuel any |«in the sensartton musk
ht* carried to the l>ruin by ttie nerve».**
•'Do yon think there will be any break of
the skluf"
' Wo hope not. If there shogtkl, the
jgijK*rs would make suoli a fusa. UV think
we have that provided against Keeper
McNaughtou and Mrs. Hurston hope be
wiU not lie executed."
Wbo Will Ttmrh the IlnttonT
*1 Ruppoae yon and Durstou aue live
only once who know the time of the exe
cution V*
"We gr« tho atfiy ones,"
"What time off day will the twoution
take plocrf"
"it won't toko pdnee between .7 in the
morning and d at night. It n-lh be hi the
fore part of tho week. The man who wiU
finally tonoh tho bntton lives in Auburn."
Return 1er Ready for I>w(|h.
It non be stated on the most nffiaDle au
thority that the störte* of KemmUr's physi
cal and mental weakness, roaeuriy pub
lished, are unfounded. He U oe naiet a a
usual, amuses himself, as he tiffb aorte for
mouth* past, hy practicing his riceMtly ac
quired aocbmplishmeat, uritUq* eats
heartily and sleep« well.
He [tasse* tpoch off his time urtniniiycardH,
reading from his Bible and talking with
Ills keeper*. His spiritual ad
He», Ds. ITonghtou, and the i
tit« prison, D». Vateo, visited him during
the day and spent more than on hoar talk
ing to him abont the hereaften He wag
calm and repeated his professions of faith
without apparent emotion. He hae bean]
nothing of the remora in circulation with«
out, and while he realizes that this is hkr
last week oa earth he does not souui at all
fearful of death.
r, the
luh» of
Frightful Fixpluslun of ChcuUonls.
Dekvkh, Aug. 5.— As the rtenjl of an
explosion of chemicals in the office of the
Denver Fire Brick and Chemical Supply
house the entire front of the building woe
blown out, and men passing the store at
the time were hurled across the street and
badly bruised. The building immediately
took fire, and when partly extinguished a
body supposed to be that of the president
of the company, J. O. Bosworth. burned to
a crisp, was taken out of the ruin».
Lightning »truck Above Her Heart.
Chicago, Ang. 5.—Mrs. Anna Seuron,
a German woman aged 30 years, was
struck by lightning and instantly killed
about 8 o'clock in the afternoon vbiic sit
ting at tbe window of her bouse, No. 3,145
1-anin et wet. An examination of the body
disclosed a blue mark iust above the heart.
WllmlugtoB Wearing House.
Tke exchanges of the Wilmington beaks
at the clearing house to-day were: Total
146,960.81; balance. 839,965.98.
Th« Great Ko*Uah CompUiiou SOAP.
i Of al! IVoeei*?», hoi kmr» of m iuiwB.
'i i

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