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Did the Confiscated Boats Fish
in American Waters?
Craiser »ream Has Carried Their Ves
telegram has been sent to Secretary Fos
ter at Washington by Congressman Bon
The deputy collertor of customs at Eastport, j
he , sends me the following telegram in re
Whether the Yankee Fishermen Were on
Not the
Dominion Fishing Territory
•als Off to 8t. Andrews. N. B.
Bangor, Me., July 18.—The following
Spouse to my inquiry:
"Eastport. Me.. July IT, 1891.
"Hon, C. A. Bontelle. Bangor, Me. :
"DunUmon Ashing cruiser Dream Mixed seven
Amencan fishing boats Thursday forenoon in
this harbor Crews were landed bore Boats
wore towed to St. Andrews, N B Occupants
of the boats nlaim they were fishing in Ameri
can waters and ask the protection of our govern
T. E. Nutt, Deputy Collector."
To Annoy American*.
Will you pleime advise the state department
and take such measures as may be deemed re
quisite for official ascertainment of the facts
and the protection of the rights of our pooplöf
It look* like an attempt to annoy and harass
Americans at a time when the Maine coast is
most thronged with pleasure seekers from aU
parts of the country
lt. A. Boutem.e. M C.
The President Reticent.
Cape Mat, July 18 —The president wae
seen by the United Press representative
Id relation to the reported seizure of
American fishing vessels at East Point.
He has received no definite information in
reference to the matter, however, and re
fused to talk on tbe subject.
Two Little Girls ami Their Mother
Hurtled at Krie.
Erik, Pa., July 18 — Lena, the six-year
old daughter of a baker named Charles
Schwartz, while making a bonfire in tbe
alley at; the roar of her home last evening,
spilled some coal oil over her clothing and
was soon ablaze. The clothing of her baby
sister, aged six months, also caught fire,
and their mother, startled by the chil
dren's screams, rushed to the rescue.
When neighbors discovered the situation
all three were clinging to each other
wrapped in flames
They were speedily stripped of their
clothes and everything doue to relieve
their suffering, but despite prompt medi
cal assist aju-e Lena died a few hours later
In horrible agony and the baby is dying.
The mot her may survive. Several persons
who assisted in the rescue received serious
With the President.
Cainc Mat, July 18—A delegation of
Grand Army men from Darby, Fa., called
at the cottage lost evening to pay their
respects to the president. The ureaklent
aigued the commissions of the following
postmasters; William K. Wilson, Mechan
icsville, Pa.; Oliver P. Brown, Camden,
O.; George B. Gordon, Ashland, N. II.
Hereafter all executive appointments will
lie given out at Cape May. Judge Allison
baa gone. He had more Important busi
ness with the president here tiiau that of
the appointment of consul to Liberia, bat
did not state what it was.
Religions Ednontton of Indians.
Washington, July 1A—The official rela
tioue between the Bureau of Catholic In
dian missions in this city and the Indian
offioe have been severed. Hereafter con
tracts with Indian schools conducted by
the Catholics will be made directly with
tbe schools instead of through the mis
sion, Commissioner Morgan reiterates lit»
belief that the old system of contracting
with religious bodies for the éducation of
the Indian youth is wrong and strongly
favors their education in public schools.
Nancy Hank'a Kcc«rd Lowered.
Pittsburg, July 18.—The last day of the
grand circuit races at tbe Homewood Driv
ing park was the most successful ever held
In this city. In the 2:35 class trot Kedmunt
captured the race. In the free for all trot
UcDoel took the last three heats without
much trouble. The third event on the card
was Nancy Hank's attempt to beat. â;10>^.
She made the mile with a running male in
1:14, lowering her recoud a half second.
Lady Sheridan, the favorite, won the 2:2U
class pacing race.
Editor* Choose CbprpolUr Proaldout.
ST. PAUL, July 1&—The last day of the
National Editorial association was
fined to the reports of committees and tbe
election of tbe following officers; Preei
dent, W, 8. Capepellar, of Ohio; first vice
president, B. B. Price, of Wisconsin; sec
ond vice president, T. Sam bo I a Jonen, of
Louisiana; corresponding secretary, J. M.
Page, of Illinois; secretary, William Ken
nedy, of Pennsylvania; treasurer, A. H.
Low he.
Hi« Priest Insulted the Kaiser,
London, July 18.—In WolUtehi, Hesse,
the parish priest of the Roman Catholic
church of that place was sentenced to 1m
prisonineuAat hard labor for four months
for using Insulting langnag« Toward the
emperor in his sermon last Sunday. His
remarks hod especial reference to the kal
ser s visit to England.
The Queen Was Snappish.
I>)NqpN, July 18.—The queen 'c refusai
to attend the volunteer's shooting meet
ing, near Aldershot, has caused indigna
tion among the marksmen. In reply to
the invitation the queen snappishly re
fused to visit Bisley, or even to send a re
gretful declination of tim request for the
honor of her attendance.
Gladys Kvelyn So Lecture.
London, July 18.—William Henry Hurl
bert has cabled to his friends here request
ing them to restrain Miss Gladys Evelyn
from «Lrryiog out her announced inten
tion of delivering a lecture in the Aquarium
next Wednesday treating of her recent
legal action against Mr. Hurlbert.
Interest In the Big Fight.
Bt. PAUL, July 18,— Boxes for the Hall
I'itzsimmons fight next Wednesday even
ing have been sold to parties from nearly
all the principal cities. There is quite a
demand for single seats, but as there are
over 4,000 in tbe pavilion there will be
plenty left for late visitors.
A Receiver for Bonneil A Co.
New York. July 1ft.—Mr. Herman Kid
der has been appointed receiver of J. H.
Bonne 11 & Go. (limited), manufacturers of
printers' ink, by Judge Truant. The lia
bilities are estimated at «600,000 and the
assets at *400,000. These wlU be no Inter
ruption of the business.
To Visit Their Comrade*.
A delegation from Troop B, and Com
■any A, N G D , will go to Camp Wil
liam T Sherman, P H. O., at Devon
Inn, Pa., to-morrow. The start will b.
made In hacks at 10 o'clock to-night, and
tbe boys expect to arrive et Camp 8ber
man early to morrow morning. The
visiting soldiers will start for home
early on Sunday evening
The "Equitable Life" will give yon in
carence for nothing and a 7 per cent iu
Arson a
vuecmeai on yonr money
Mahbr. No. 803 Market street
T °
Several of Thom .Shot.
Louisville, July 18.—An attempt was
made to assassinate the entire Middlea
borough police force in the mountains of
southeast Kentucky by the disreputable
stationed fifteen of the gang In ambush
along the Louisville and Nashville rail-1
road, and two of their number wont inside
the city line and began firing their Win
cheaters. They were Qillis Johnson and
Frank Kossimus.
Chief of Police Maples with several ,
members of his force went in pursuit of
the outlaws and were led into ambush.
More than 100 shots were exchanged.
Special 1'ollceman Dorsey Williams was I
shot through both thighs and Patrolman I
Tucker was shot through one leg. Five I
bullets passed through his coat.
The police were forced to retire, but the
fight was not yet given up, A possee of
100, armed with rifles, was soon in pursuit
of tbe men. One »quad came upon John
son and Hossinius at a sharp bend in tbe
road. The two roughs opened fire. The
squad returned it and Johnson and Boa
simas took to the bush,
Roasimns was caught a few minutes
later. About 8 o'clock Johnson sent word
that bo would surrender if he would be 1
taken immediately to the county Jail at (
Plnoville. He was smuggled away on the
9 o'clock train. About 4 a. m. a crowd of
masked men entered Jailer I'olliU'ssleep
log apartments at the city jail and de
manded the keys. He gave them up, and
the crowd went into the jail, took Hossi
mus out. and led him to the big bridge
over the canal on Twentieth street, where
he was shot several times in the heild.
A rope was then fastened around his
neck and he was swung over the side of
the bridge ami left there. A placard was
tacked on the bridge rail, just above the
body, bearing this inscription: "Warning,
This is the fate of all would be murder
That Is One Explanation
Harrison Argu
Bridokpoht, Conn., July 18.—Stiles Jud
sou, of this city, member of the house
committee on canvass of votes in the last
legislature, is the first of that committee
to reply to the charges of Lyude Harrison
in his letter to John A. Porter that the
committee was unduly influenced. He
tells what the committee did.
Of the 1,389 ballots rejected they found
that 458 were thrown out as being double.
Under the present law one of such ballots
shall l>e counted. When the question arose
as to whether the moderators bad acted
In accordance with this interpretation W.
C. Case, Charles J. Cole, Lyude Harrison
and John K. Buck, four Republican law
yers, were called in as advisers.
The committee had agreed that there
had been no election of governor and treas
urer and finally that Staub was elected
controller. To avoid technical complica
tions Harrison advised withholding the
declaration as to lieutenant governor and
acuretiiry until the matter of the double
ballots bad been Investigated.
Three resolutions dictated by Harrison
were (ben adopted—that no governor
treasurer had been elected, that Staub was
elected controller and that there
question as to lieutenant governor and
secretary to I» settled only by an inv«4i
gatlou of double ballots. The much dis
cussed report was drawn up ou tluse Hues.
The only change made was iu grouping
in a class, on evidence at hand, of governor,
lieutenant governor, secretary and treas
It was not Mr. Judson's understanding
that the report whs Intended to be
elusive os to lieutenant governor or secre
tary in its altered form auy more Mian
under the form approved by Mr. Harrison.
U an examination showed these officers
elected they should I» so declared at once.
The report was not intended us conclusive.
This statement is of great value. It
shows that Porter and Harrison have mis
understood each other and the commit
tee's meaning as well, while the public had
been led to believe that the committee's
report was final.
of the Porter
was a
■ "U
lliul for Sir Hector Laager In.
Ottawa, July 18.-There is intense ex
citement here over the revelations before
the boodle committee. The evidence signs
the political death warrant of Sir Hector
Latigevin. The government will have to
promptly discard him. The evidence given
by P. B. Valin, formerly chairman of the
Quel««; harbor commissioners, showed tbat
Sir Hoctor was cognizant of all crooked
doings iu connection with the harbor con
New Jersey Publishers Meet.
Asbury Park, N, J., July ia— Tim New
Jersey State Publishers' union met at
Avon-by-the-Sea. T. W. Morrison, of Phil
adelphia, presided. Considerable dissatis
faction exists over the present law regard
ing the awarding of the state law printing,
and a committee was appointed at the
meeting to await upon Governor Abbett
and state the grievances of tbe publishers.
Captured by Pirates.
San Francisco, July 18.—While a junk
was on its way from Plnghoi to Hong
Kong recently it was attacked by a band
of pirates In small boats. Seven of the
crew of the jnuk were killed and the
malning nine jumped into the sea and
were pieked up by a fishing boat and put
ashore. The pirates sailed away with the
A Chinese Leper at New York.
New York, July 18.—A Chineae leper
named Chin Hop Sing has been discovered
in a laundry at 403 Fifth street, whore he
hau been washing linen for east aiders for
the past seven months. As no one hue
caught the disease the board of health be
lieves that leprosy cannot arise from con
Military Telegraphers to Sleet.
Washington, July 18.—The telegraph
fraternity Is making extensive prepara
tions for the joint reunion of the Old
Timers' association and the Society of
Uhited States Military corps ou Aug. 19.
Several hundred men who worked the
military wires during the war are ex
pected to be present.
Half Dead, but Httll Alive.
Oil City, Pa, July 18.-,Tohn Lynd, a
well known railroad man of Siverlyville,
was last week run over by a handcar and
his back broken. He will live, says his
physicians. Except for the circulation of
bit blood his body is dead from the waist
down, and will so remain.
An Alleged Bigamist Arrested.
Buffalo, July 18.—Detectives have ar
rested John W. Lyman for bigamy. Eva
Waring avers that Lyman was married to
her on September 39, 1890, in this city. He
then went to Boston, met Emma Chis
holm and after a brief courtship married
her on May A
Large Goal Elevator.
A coal elevator, with a capacity of
5,000 tone, is being built by the George
W, Bush and Sons Company in tbe coal
yard on Water street, between King and
French It is 30x150 feet on tbe ground
plan ; 47 feet high ; the walls are 8 inches
thick. It contains between forty and
fifty bins for storage purposes
Tbe "Equitable Life" holds a larger
tarplus, writes a larger annual business,
aas a larger amount of insurance 'n force
and pays a Urgar dividend than any
other company In tbe world.
TWIïm irrm '' STA,{ "i
in..,. __ _
f™" 0 • ,0 '"** L '
NBW Oabtlb, July 18 Yonr corree
I**«" 4 is hardi ly abla to write this
"I 0 . 11 * He has been made the subject
°[ f' tr0 " R P*" 0 "* 1 a "ae.k by the editor
, ta *. jiT Vi it. ? t " was t * le
l * n f e,t editorial thst has appeared In
Naw Castle s paper for two years. Your
correspondent has been trying to decide
»B this morning whether the at t ele is
Jron> the ''ferille"brain of yonng Wagner
Mcanit, the boy editor, the learned ex
mayor or Foreman Wheatley. Qe has
fome to the conclusion that it must have
J 5 ** 0 done by all of them, assisted by a
ThB editorial charges yonr correspond
eot with being the author of a story of
Ibe day, which appeared in the Evening
JOURHAL last Saturday. After descrlb
tn ï correspondent as a generally
bad and worthless person, it censures
him for the criticisms that have occa
tionally appeared In the Evening Jour
HAt'i New Castle letter, on the news
paper work of the Star. The criticisms
were not ■•*tt«cka" by any means, and
would not be considered as such by any
Impartial newspaper man The Star has
not only bee# an uncouth and bad look
lug sheet for some lime past, and utterly
devoid of bright news, but It has
been full of errors. As no effort was
ever made to correct these your corree
pondent took the liberty to correct the
errors If any effort was made t 0 make
the Star, which Is New Castle's repre
sentatlve and only newspaper, a readable
ôoîre; X« d of 0 fh! fef"? r dlt r
poster, a peer °f the Wilmington Be
publican, your correspondent would do
ail In his power to help It along When
your correspondent was Interei-tsd in a
similar enterprise and It was found that
the local advertising and subscription
lists would not - meet the other end" it
was promptly stopped, that is what New
Castle people have long been waiting
for the Star to do. Simply stop.
RMItorlNi *nd
Knddffr less* If*w
OABtlA Blur fttrlk«* a ?dmk -Th«y Kend
the "Kvenlng; Journal*'-George Hue
•el'» Brave Act Beieinander*
Ware-Iiuereetlag News and Persona)
Saved From Drowning.
Gsirge Russell a well known colored
man, saved the life of a little white boy
yesterday afternoon. Little Joseph
Jobnsot, 11 years old, had gone into the
river to bathe and the rolls from a pass
ing steamboat washed him out beyond his
depth. He struggled with the waves
desperately, but finally began to sink,
and when Russel) first saw him nothing
was visible except hit hair. Russell was
passing In a boat, and letting craft and
everything else go he plunged into tbe
aater with his clothes on and lifted the
drowning boy to the shore.
ibey All Read It.
As last evening was too warm to re
mein in the house nearly all the Delà
ware street merchants »at outside their
doors during the Intervals between the
visits of one customer sud another. Here
they enjoyed the invigorating Delaware
river bietzr-s. To glance down the long
column of business men from the unper
end of the street, tbe sight was an inter
eating one Nearly every
rev ding a newspaper. A tour of inspec
tion developed the fact that all but two
wore readtug the Kvbning Journal.
man was
Vlsttsd II» -al«m !■ xcnrslonlsts.
Over 500 excursionists came to New
Cssl.le yesterday morning They were the
members and friends of tbe Yonng Men's
Ohris'Un Association of Salem, N. J.,
and they w>te brought to this city on the
steamer Mu jor Hey bold tv be transferred
to the Tuomas Clyde. The party spent
a* hour on the wharf of tbe Philadelphia
and Salem Navig&ti n Company, or
walking through this city. In the even
lug the transfer was made at Delaware
Tent Ferrite« to Begin.
Rev, W J. Oambreu, pastor of the
First Baptist Church, announces t^»t
the gospel services in the tent on Bat
tery Park, will begin at 4 o'clock to
morrow afternoon. He has Issued invita
tions to prominent people- in the other
churches to unite with hia congregation
In this evangelistic work and tbe ser
vices will doubtless be largely attended
Personal and Other Matters.
The infant Child of James Foster of
Msrket stre»t, which died on Weduet
day, was burled yeaurday afternoon in
8t. Peter's cemetery.
The Philadelphia and Salem Naviga
tion Company Is handling great qusuti
tles of freight, which is shipped from
Philadelphia to all points on the Dela
▲ number of yonng folks, some of
whom are visitors here, took a short
cruise (down the river Isst evening in
Captain Deakyite's open yacht Stella
Mrs, M W. Irons of Wilmington has
been visiting Mrs. Robert Dillon of
Water street.
Miss Annie Miller of West Chester.
Pa . is on a visit to frieads and relatives
Mrs, C. C. Whitnack, son and daughter,
• tamed from Collins' Beach, where they
have been ou a long v'slt, last evening.
O. Allan Mmith, and not Barney Bmitb,
as erroneously ststsd, has accepted the
position in tbe New Castle Woolen Mills,
made vacaut by the promotion of Muses
B. Fleming to time-keeper
Edward and William Hudson and
Joseph L. Pennell have gone Co Atlantic
Company H, N. Q D , will drill no
more during the warm mouths.
Dr. Tybont is attending Peter
Hkovosky, a Hungarian, who was badly
Injured by falling pipe at tbe Delaware
Iron Works on Wednesday evening.
Miss Emlty Gray bss been tbe guest of
her eonsln, Miss Greta Cooper of Water
B. 8 Rogers has accepted an excellent
position wiih the firm of Moore, Son &
Co.. Philadelphia loe manufacturers.
Rev, Kensey J. Hammond of the High
lands Episcopal Church, visited the rec
tory at Immanuel Church lost evening.
Rev. Fred. E. McKinaey of Pott Penn,
etopned at this city yesterday on his way
to Philadelphia.
WlilUm C. Elliott, son of George
W Elliott of Philadelphie, is on a vis.t
to h'.s old home here.
The First Military Band's second open
air concert will be given this evening
should tbe rsin cease and the weather
become fair before 6 o'clock.
•'he steamer Thomas Clyde carried
I 800 excareionlsts to Woodland Beach
The bate ball club bas purchased new
uniforms and tbe members will make a
fine appearance on Battery Park at the
next game
Officer Wlllism L Heal, who will here
after bring tbe Wilmington prisoners to
the eoanty jail, mads bis first trip yes
terdsy with nine charges
George White,
contractor for hauling by the day or
hour ; safes and piano» moved and set
with care; furniture cars at short notice;
hoisting and rigging done. Office, No
133 French street.
Bbthany—E lm and Jackson streets,
Bey. O. Q. Buddington, pastor.
Dblawakk Avbnok— Delaware avenue
and West street, Rev. W. F. Bain bridge,
D. D., pastor.
North Mission ok Bkthant—L incoln
street, below Delaware avenue.
Cookman — Thirteenth and Scott
streets, Bev. William L. White, paster.
Te ?. th a " d Ben,ieU
«reels, Bev. Isaac Jewell, pastor.
Franklin Strebt— N o. 800 Franklin
street. Rev. Louis E. Barrett, pastor,
Preaching at 7 30 p. m.
Graoh—N inth and West street« c„
John Y. Dobbins D. D nastor '
' ' * ' "
Kings wood— Fourteenth and Olay
mont streets, H. S. Dnlany. pastor.
Mt. Salem Church _Near Rising Sun
Rev, Walts r E. Avery, pastor * '
^ nth and S P ruce streets,
John Prance, pastor,
Silvbrbrook— Bev. Mark E.
man, B, U., pastor,
s T Paiti 's— M.rk.t
snth Rsv i1|7e B.t 1 'n..!
. ' Ii0U,s E ' Barn,tt ' P a,tor '
Union—F ifth and Washington streets,
Rev ' Hubbard, Ph. D .pastor,
CKNTRAL-Klng street, below Eighth
Rev. William P. Swartz pastor
„ ' *
First— Market street, above Ninth,
R * v ' ° eor R® M Hickman, pastor.
Hanover—S ixth and King streets,
Rev. Lafayette Marks, D. D., pastor
Olivet —Adams and Chestnut streets,
Rev. George M Thompson, pastor
e H ^
Rooney Street —Rodney street and
Pennsylvania avenue, Rev, William L,
McEwan, pastor.
West— EighthandWashington streets
Rev. A. N'Kelgwin. pastor,
?OLY Tr,niiv (°W Swedes)—Seventh
and Church streets, Rev. Martin B.
Dunlap, rector.
Trinity—D elaware avenue and Adams
street, Rev. H. Ashton Henry, rector,
St. Andrew's— Eighth and Shipley
streets, Rev. Charles E. Murray, rector,
10 80 a m and 6 45 p m
St. John's —Market street and Vande
ver avenue, Rev. T Gardner Llttell,
rector, 10.30 a. m. and 7 p m.
Calvary — Third and Washington
streets, Rev. David Howard, rector.
Immanuel— Highlands, Rev. K. J.
Hammond, rector.
St. Michael's—F ront and Madison
streets. Rev, A. I. DuPont Coleman,
priest in charge.
St Matthew's. Mission, (colored.)—
Twelfth street between Market and
Orange, service at 9 30 a. m. and 4 pm.
H. D. Speakman, lay reader.
Second Advent Church— Messlck'a
Hall, Second street below Washington,
Rev. F. H. Burbank, pastor. Preaching
IX a. m. and 8 p. m.
Reformed Episcopal Church ok the
Covenant —Third and West Streets,
Rev. C F. Hendricks, pastor.
Reformed Episcopal Church ok the
Redeemer—8. W corner Eighth and
Monroe streets, Rev. J. Simpson Trotter,
rector, 10,30 a m. and 7 45 p, m.
St. Stephen's English Lutheran
—Tatnall street near Eighth, Bev. L. J.
Bickel, pastor. Evening service 6 30.
Second —Fourth and French streets,
Rev. Richard B. Cook. D. l».. pastor,
Asbury —Third and Walnut streets,
Rev. John D. 0. Hanna, pastor.
Brandywine- Twenty - second and
Market streets. Rev. Charles A. Grise,
CHIBM—KIIiK.~At the residence of James
Sawdon, No. H04 Adams street, on July 15, bv
Rev. Louis E. Ha*rett, Joseph T. Uhls o of
Baltimore, end Mary H. Kirk of Wilmington.
ADAMS —In this city, on July 14, Alva A.,
daughter of George A. and VI ginia F. Adams.
BR1NTON.—On July 14. at Colorado Springs
Col., George M. Brinton, aged 8B years.
COLLINS.—In this city, on July 14, Mrs.
Collins, wife of leven Henry Collins.
FREESTON.-On July 15. 1891. Ellen V„
wife of Henry Fr eston, aged 59 years
GEISENDEOHFER.-ln this city, on July
17, George A , son of George A and Emma
E. l-eisendeorfer.aiced 9 months and 9 weeks.
LE CARPENTIER.— On the 16th instant.
Edward lecarpei.ller. aged SH years.
FINLEY.—On the 15th instant, Mary A.,
w Ife of Edgar A. Finley, aged 4ti years.
FRf ESTON.-On Jnly 15. 1091, Ellen V„
wife of Henry Freeston, sged 5» years.
MrBRlDE.—In this cltv,on the 16thinstant,
William McBride, aged about.04 years.
PIT I'ARI).—In this city, en July 1«, Mary
A., wife of Alfred R. PUtard.
PI'GH.-Iit this city, on July IS, Lydia
Pned. aged 49 years.
WILSON.—In this city, on the J3tb Instant,
Mark T. Wilson, aged bb years.
WHITE,—In this city, on the 17th Instant.
Julia, Infant daughter of George S. and
Esther B. White, aged 10 months.
JOHNSON.—In Philadelphia, on Jnly 17,
Harry A., Infant son of Harry F. and Lillian
R. Johnson.
Makes many lives miserable, and often leads to
sail destruction. Distress alter eating, sick head
ache, heartburn, sour stomach, mental depres
sion, etc.. Are caused by this very common and
Increasing disease. Hood's Sarsaparilla tones the
stomach, creates an appetite, promotes healthy
digestion, relieves sick headache, clears the
mind, and cures the most obstinate cases of dys
pepsia. Reed the following:
■' I have been troubled with dyspepsia. I had
but little appetite, and what 1 did eat dletressed
me. or did me little good. In an hoor after eating
I would experience a faintness or tired, all-gone
feeling, as though I had not eaten anything.
Hood's Sarsaparilla did me an Immense amount
of good. It gave me an appetite, and my food
relished and satisfied the craving 1 had previously
experienced. It relieved me of that faint, tired,
all-gone feeling. I have felt so mach better suteo
I took Hood'e Sarsaparilla, that 1 « happy to
recommend It." O. A. Taos. Watertown, Mass.
N.B. Be
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by *11 druggists. £l;*Lsfor£A. Prep*r«donlf
by C. 1. HOOD A CO.. ApotheoAri««, Lowell, Mm*
IOO Doses One Dollar
to get only
Oouv-Mut Cloth*
■1 er ville ax,
Mon'« Veiling,
Drop d* A Aina,
OourUuld Crap«*,)
Batin 4'L|W|
Undine Cloth,
Satin Luxor,
;oroe Grain Bhadsamlr.
Tbe Best Black Goods to boy.
Tbe Best Black Goods to leaf.
Tbe Best Assortment here.
Fourth and Market Sts.
Dentistry Made Painless
Great Bargains
By the ose of Nitrone Oxide Gas and Cocaine.
703 Market St.
Wilmington, Del.
Teeth Extracted for
With Gas or Vap.-r,
Teeth Pilled with t'ilver,
With Amalgum.
With Gold,
Set of Teeth,
Beet Set, Warranted, -
All work guaranteed os)repreeented.
Teeth pnt In without
Crown System, and
From 1314 cents to SO cent» per pair. All
splendid value. v
"»*« a specialty of GENTLEMEN'*
Unbleached black cotton, .silk
- II upwards
îsioo Children's Sun Hats.
Flat«« by the Tooth '
405 Market Street,
open till a p
Having concluded to quit the Clothin 0
business I öfter m j entire stock of over
Men's, Boys' and Children's
Our Merchant TailoringDepartm't
We will make you a SUIT TO
ORDELl low as you can get one ready
Fixtures for sale.
819 and 821 Market Street.
Aixierican M Enropeaxi
The house has been renovated and newly furnished throughout.
The bedrooms are elegantly furnished and well ventilated.
THE RESTAURANT is kept well supplied with the best to be had
in onr Markets. We have the beat help therefore we give tbe best
service in the city.
OUR LUNCH BAR is also kept fully supplied with all the deli
cacies of the season, and yon can get a substantial lunch at any hour.
We ate trying to give the best dinner in Wilmington for 50 cents,
and we believe that we are doing it.
, Buy a Commutation Book and save 20 per cent.
Give us a trial and we will make every effort to please you.
<T. Xj. "WXIjXjXS
«J ohn Solomon
Agent for the Keystone Press Brick Company;
Lime. - Sand,
Coal, - Wood,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Calcined Plaster, Plastering Hair,
Portland and Rosendale Cements.
Telephone« Hi and 201.
We are just
getting down
in earnest to
work. a,o t u h p
ing for our
Ready-made Department;
this serves us two
poses : it gives you better
clothing and keeps
hands busy, and we
all the more anxious to
reduce our summer stock
to get the room. The
prices with the 10 per
cent discount will surprise,
the goods please, and we
guarantee every garment
to satisfy you. More thin
clothing for hot weather
than you ever saw before
at Sixth and Market, and
it has all been carefully
selected, and heir g bought
for cash is sold Right. Cut
prices on Clothing to
Order, and a splendid
selection for the lime of
J. T. Mullin & Son,
6tb & Market,
Mannfac tarera of
Window Guards and Wire Work
ot every deecrlptlon
Ely Screens for i>.„—
and pnt np in any style.
Wire Clotbee Linen pnt np.
Electric Light Guards and Win Not«u^
and Windows mad
N. W. Cor. Fifth and French Sts
Only tbe best quality, Haxi
nd Free Burning. Carefully
repared and screened. Ne
clinkers. Also
So*tli Side Market St. Bridie.
Lumber, Lim«, Sand. C*
ment, etc
Lager Beer
Mont Healthful
Purent and
On the market, and la guaranteed to
be unadulterated, and contain« only
malt, hops and water.
On tap at all Saloons.
tkucphonk *ts
Choice Cologne Spirit«.
103 Mirk«» and 102 Shipley St,;

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