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1 ivENi NC . tourna l.
more readers than any other
paper in Delaware.
Advertise for anything in
you'll get it.
1892 JUNE. 1892
27 28
tr Third -i 7
If Quarter J. /
•fis 24
a. m.
> First o
00 a
10 I:
.n, :u.
lxMigth of To-day.
Sun Rises... 4.^1 a.m. I
Moon Rises.. p.m. !
Hun Hots...
Moon Sets... 4.14 u. in.
7.27 p. ra.
High Water To-day. a.m. p.m.
.. 0H0 7.03
8.21) H.43
t).:ir> 9.r»8
10.20 10.43
11.30 ItJBI
12.10 12.33
Hitt's Hammock ....
Bombay Hook.
Port Penn.
Mouth of Christiana
The Weather.
Indications for tho Middle States to-day
Partly cloudy to fair weather will prevail,
.»receded by rain on the coast«, with nearly
si at ionary, followed by rising temperature,
light to fresh and variable winds. On Satur
day in both sections, warmer, fair weather
will probably prevail, with southerly winds,
followed In this section by a "warm wave,
and on Sunday warmer, fair weather.
. York Herald. Forecasts. The "warm
_In the southwest extended yesterday
w itli maximum temperature« of or exceeding
IO» degree» fahernheit as far north as Dodge
Cltv, Kan., and maximum of W degrees at
Memphis. This wave w ill probably advance
slowly eastward, and be felt considerably in
t ids section from to-morrow* until Monday
night. ___
ClearhiK Ho»*©.
Tho exchange* «f the Wilmington banka at
llie clearing house to-day were: Total, $14«,
848.UÔ; balance, $Ci,8Hf>.32.
DENNIS-DYE.—At No. Tit Bennett street,
on the stli Instant, by ltev. John France,
I reorgo 11. Dennis of thi« city, and Victoria M,
l)ye of Cecil county, Md,
DENNIH-DYE. -In this city, on tlie Hth in
stant. by ltev. John France, tieorge B. Dennis,
of ibis rity and Victoria M. Dye of Cecil
county, Maryland.
BARNES—In till, city,on r.th Inst ant,Bertha
of Mordeoai and A.Louisa Barnes.
aged B vears and Î months.
ERNEST.—In this city, on the 4tli instant.
Ella Mneklcm, wife of Henry Ernest, in her
STtb year.
FORREST.—In this city, on the tith instant,
51 art lia Forrest, iu the 41th year of her age.
HASTINGS.—In this city, on the Btli in
stant, Abide Aim Ila„tiug„, aged 73 years.
JEWELL.—In this city, on the Ttli instant,
Joseph Jewell, aged U3 years.
KELLY.—On Tuesday morn!ng,June T.Mary
Frances Howe, wife of Franc is K. Kelly.
Relatives and friends are invited to attend
tlie funeral from t he residence of her husband,
No. |:acf Van Buren si reel, on Friday, June 10,
ni Hu. in. Solciau High Mass at Sacred Heart
Heart Church. Interment at Cathedral Ceme
LYNCH.—On June », Daniel, infant sun of
Humphrey mid Bridget Lynch, aged a months.
Relatives and friends OI tlie family are re
speetfullv invited to attend the funeral on
Saturday afternoon at 2.:ri o'clock. Inter
ment at New Cathedral Cemetery,
SCHNEIDER. -On June a, at 8.30 o'clock
John Schneider, aged 15 years, 6 months.
TONER.—At Now Castle, Del., on .time»,
1NP2, Msrv, daughter of Jolm and Mary Toner,
In her 13tn year. A .......
Relatives and friends ure invited to attend
the funeral frtiui lier late home on Saturday
morning, June 11. Services at Kt. Peters
Church at 9 o'clock.
WELDIN'.—On Saturday, June 4. Deborah
JUG. Weld In, wife of the late C. C. \\ cldln.
YOCCM,—In tills city, on the 70» instant,
Rlrliurd Yocum, in tile iMtli year.
Votr for Clewell for Coroner.
If thr voter* of New CaHtje county want a
younic and active man to till the poaition of
coroner, who will diocharim the trust with
t are anil tie a credit to those who vote for bun,
they must help to nominate Clewell Tor
berry Festival
By the Shield» Library Associât ion at tlie nort ),
wlist corner of Seventh ami Shipley street,,.
Dancing every evening. Doors open at •.<**.
Ht ram Yacht i* open for engagements for
•xeundons for the hcmsoh. _
»pular work,
arket street.
._> w anted to take order* for a p
HighestcommlMion iwiid. M
wanted for a leading Beneficial Order.
Liberal cMimmissioub to g«H>d parties, 1005 Mar
ket wtreet. ___
I J Kqoitable Life of New York, only repre
sontaiivc women need apply. Excellent lev 11 *»
to soUcitow. ANSON A. MAHER, ti.ncral
Agent, Equitable Luildiii^. _ _
>4 wrights. JAMES MILLS, Fourth and
Railroad avenue. __
Must have g<x>d references. Apply WR
Market *treet.
or country. Edict name anil description
" f 'T" H A^v'kINS * CO., 712 Market street.
at-law,removed tooIRce» No. 93U* Equi
able Building. 0th and Mark et atrecU. _I
and kino
*2 K CORNER limiBllWW
C, si reels. Saturday, June It, will be a gala
dai. Our new tea oireiitng. On that day will
Is-given free alt you can use of mir famous
nsit tx-er. 1 jolies be on hand, bring your
friends and vou will hose a grand treat, l ea
all sides hue rakes andtroot tM-erfornotli
iag aiT >j. "nV.R>. Hh and King streets.
Saturday, all day.
.N llnrry 13-tor. election officer. Western
district. Fourth want, liavtng beentenaerett
to mid ai-eeptcst by the County r.xecutnc
Comnilttee, t tie eommittee has appointed Jolm
Kane to till the vacancy.
N otice to county taxpayers.
Office of Delinquent Tax Collector.
HI .Vi) Stärket street.
All county taxes for year ls»l, not paid by
July 1st, will be collected by Levy with costs.
GEORGE J. FlM'K. < ollertor.
I amination for »croud nml third ^rude
(cachera will b*> held a» follow»;
M Iddletown, J une IM.
Newark, shine 24. , ...... VT
\Vilmington,June25,in»chool building No.
corner Fifth and French ^'.''inUFKIN.
Countv Superintendent of SrhooL.
S t'KlVED at the Board of lhtblic Educa
tion room until Mouday evening. ' »Ji mstant.
at S o'clock, for the erect ton of an addition amt
alteration to »rhool Iniildt.iK No 14 tans and
Mmcifh aikm» <»n bew^B at the ottli ©or rraiiK
t{ ( 'arswelL No.tut West Sixth street. A bond
will he required for the faitliful performance
of the work. Tire committee reserve the rntht
to reject any or all bids.
Uv order of the Building Committee.
' HEHNAHD IIONDIIGE. t lislrinan.
Equitable Building. Ninth and Market Streets,
Hours, » a. m. to 1 p. m. Take the elevator.
Wilmington, Friday, June 10, line.
Meetings For This Evening.
mini inn Loan Association.
Delta Chapter, R. A. M.
Fairfax Ixalge. I. O. O. F.
Columbia Lodge, I. O. O. F.
Cauton Delaware, No. 1 P. M.
Excelsior Lodge, K. of P.
Delaware Tribe, 1. Ü. R. M.
George's Castle, K. G. K.
Wilmington Castle, K. G. E.
Brandywine Castle. K. G. E.
Humboldt Castle, K. G. E.
Washington Council, O. U. A. M.
John A. Logan Camp, H. of V.
Liberty Ixnlge, A. O. U. W.
Iaaurel Council, U. F. of A.
Friendship Conclave, 8 . W . M.
Hrandywino Ixalge, 8 . of H.
Temple Council, L. of R. C.
Local Brauch HIT, Iron Hall.
Camp îi. 1*. O. 8 . of A.
Journeymen 8 ton© Masons' Assindatlon.
Why? It's a short story. |
Buyers have found -the place
to buy proper Clothing at low
prices—popular prices, lower
in some instances than whole
sale prices. Yes, proper Clo
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rents the up-town stores pay.
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hy Mall Will! R«*»ïv© Prompt Attention *
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i^.» V e Your Order* at W. H. HartloTC*.
1 i.h .1 ..ml I. .m.i. «i.c.-t
R. W. Wolters
S. W. Cor. 2ii and Market Sts.
The Cheer ie* Are Rotting,
New Castle county cherrjes are rot
j l j, 1 g The continued wet weather is the
iir I n Tlir rilllOII 0,9
Harrison Men Win Threo Yic- wl
_ ]
It Favors Bimetallism ami l'ralset
the President 1
j my
Followers of tin, Administration Sue 1
tories at Minneapolis.
No Mention Made of Mr. Blaine—Th«
_, . , . „ .... 1
ceeu In Their Kffurts to Have the Ma .
Jority Report of tlia Credential, Coin-]
niittee Adopted—The Minority Report I
I- avored by tho Rlalue Sien Rejected 1 8W
i iu
by Uio Convention—AI a Caucus oi
Harrison Men 520 D*!«ffi*t** ricdgvd
TheniBelve* to Support the President.
At Washington Mr. HarrDon Soeiu* to
Be ATorrylng Vcgy Little About the
Outcome of the Convention.
Minnkapoi.is, June 10.—The Republican
national convention which adjourned at |
11:45 a. m. Thursday until 8 p. tn. to give !
the credentials committee time to report,
reassembled at tf:50. When Chairman Mc
Kinley rapped for order tliore was au air ol
suppressed excitement among tbo delegates
all ot whom be
lloved that the lute
of President Har
rison and ex Sec
retary Blaine's
presidential aspira
lions was soon tc
Iw decided. Dur.
ing recess the story !
was passed from !
mouth to mouth ]
that the Blaine !
movement hail col
lapsed, that bis I
name would not
even be p*e«ented to tho convention and j
that a hundred majority for (lommcl Harri |
son was assured oi the first ballot. j
This story was ridiculed bv the Blaine !
meu. Ex-Scmator Platt said: "There is not (
u word of truth in the atory, if there Was 1
would be the first to admit it. The fact is j
that the Blaine column ia stronger than'
©vor. Do you know bow that story startedt
There are over 300 office holders here who.«
furloughs expire on Saturday. They don't !
want to go home and leave tho n.minatios
nmlecidiMi. Yoû can say that Mr. Bknne't
name will lie presented aa provided for iu
tho original programme, and that we con j
sider him the strongest man in the oace." |
Colou.l Dielt Thompson Remembered
The moment Chairman McKintay brought
down h» gavel, Chaancoy M. Depew was
on his feet to annonnee the eightv-thiro ;
birthday of Colonel Dick Thompson, of In
diana. He «aid:
We have present hero among our number b
delegate to euery national convention of the
Repulilican party »ince Ha ia»u*urativ>n. wbc i
ha.*» voted for every preaident of the Knited j
States for the laut aixty years apd who ha* |
served with <Mstinet4ou hi the cabinet, who i.
today eighty-lhre»* years ef age, in fml phynca
vigor. WUilo Bnglatid claiina so much for Mr
Gladstone becanse he is eignty-two, Amuri«*»
claim, that for Colenel Dick Thompssn of In
diana. We heyp he will ronnd hU ccnsury am!
attend durkiK the intervening period every :
conventien of the Republican party. i
The convention congrutulatea Colone
Thompson and he was escorted to the chair
Mr. Thorajison said it made him yonnx ;
again to look about the convention. H« j
waa not half eighty-three, for he was stipm
lated by an undaunted Republican »pint
and by tho belief that that paçÇy was t<
the country for years and years t<
•® had passed through fifteen preside«
tial campaigns. Hi« first veto fur a presi
dent was cast for Henry Clay, that greai
protectionist, and hoped that the time
would come when tho country would vindi
cate the bij} which (turning to Mr. McKin J
ley) "bears your honored name, sir."
At this point the electric lights went out
leaving the speaker's figure hardly dp.tin
guishable in the blackness. Ttio lighti
blazed up again in a miniU©, and Mr
Thompacu finished hi» remarßs briefly with
an eulogy of the McKinley bill. A reaolu
V '

I tion was then adopted admitting Grano
t Army veterans to the hall and vacant seats,
; A communication from Titusville, Pa..
stating that the convention hud over
! shadowed its disaster aud asking that ths
e pr-oplu of the country be notified through
■ public announcement in the convention ol
the terrible loss of life and suffering from
fl (KK j anil lire at Oil City and Titusville, wat
The Contested Cases.
. The convention then agreed to hoar n ver
1 bal report from the credentials committee,
Chairnnm Coggswell representing the ma
a , j orit y o{ tbo committee. The report re©
, («amended that the national eommittee lx
I Bus tained as to 2 « votea and not sustained
I as to 17 votqp, thus unseating seventeen
I delegates given seats temporarily. The net
i result politically was a gain of about 12 vote«
to Harrison as compared with the tempo
5 rary roll Wallace, of New Y'ork, made a
i minority report as to Alabama, Mississippi
! an d Louisiana, keeping 10 Harrison votes
I outof the convention. Mr. Coggswell moved
! that the majority report be accepted as
whole. Cbaunccv L Kiiley, of St. Louis,
asked that tho minority nqiort be adopted.
He entered into a Iona statement of the
Mr Masser, of Delaware, sustained th.
majority rei»rt. Mr. Knight, of California,
ml »aid it waa notorious that a collector ©f im
ternal revenue and two or three United
states raaralutln thwarted the will of the]
people of Alabama. "Let this Federal
; brigade keep their hands off," he shouted,
j and the hall re-echoed with applause.
Mr. Bethea, of Illinois, next gave the
luujority view of the case, lu the courue
% '

•JP Until'
rPraa, ks, he said: "I Hurt vou can prove
This remark was greeted with a storm ot i
ntssea from the galleries, and Mr. Bethea J
. lhdr !r i . hl8 ren !" k " Mr cannon, of Illi
nois, said he would give notice to have the
galleries cleared if the hissing was resumed
••We'll vote it down," cried several of the
the convention gave him a warm wel
come. He brought up a feature of the 1
presidential light in a way that caught the
convention by storm. ■ He said: "1 hold iu
hands a list of 1 M 0 office-bolding Repub
licatis. Nine-tenths of them live in stntes
where there is a hopeless Democratic ma- j
jority." The couveutiou and tbo galleries |
gave a yell.
Powell Clayton, of Arkunma, rosa to ro
ply to Senator Wolcott. "I respectfully
Continuing In th« discussion of federal in
. , . , .,_ ... .
terferenoein the Kentucky ciwe Mr V\ol
cottsaid: "The trouble in this convention
Comes not nlono from these men, but from
tho two or throe thousand officeholders who
arm in tho corridor of the hotel and
lnuint tho dolegates when they ought to bo
Washington attending to their business. "
Another storm of applause greeted this
remark, which was interrupted by a cry of j
•'Sit down.
"I won't sit down," replied the silvet ! ,
tongnod orator from Colorado.
James o. BLAINE.
' ' '
««bmlt," ho aaid, "that when officeholder!
^avo this hall tho gentleman from (Joluxadc
must go with flicin. ' [Oboers.]
^ r - Wolcott retorted: "I desire to^ve
miml the gentleman from Arkawsa« that
while I hold my office 1 da uot hold it from
the President of the t tilted Stnt-s, but
tr "' n P 1 "'!'' 0 "J stote, aud 1 am her*
«f 1 am when in \\ ashington, to represent*
Republican constituency,
Ii.pew ami Miller Talk,
Mr. Depew was then recoguietul. He said
he knew nqihjng of the merits of the quee
^n- After listening to the speeches ht
ku " w >«" tUan , [I/»uglit«r.l. Th,
eommittee appointed by t he con vention had
given conscientious consideration to tut
cases and reported on them. The gentle
man from Missouri lilmself a constituted
r *«
/ V
V cv
i im
v B
committee of on© had spoktsi for tuo minor
ity. Tho gontlmnan from Colorado
H|*tlarm for a |>«rt of it, and hna incidentall>
expressed the terror in which be wslkec
tUu 8treofs of Minneapolis fm fear of offlo*
. - T , , , . .
belders. He thgaght that na more *ha»
tw#-til mis of tn© committoo nml ret'om
mended tho report it shouki be adopted
Rx Senator Miller, of Now York, etferec
fl ie majority re pork He said it waa tlw
first time iuhis experience that a eommirie»
on rwlo ] u trniiR hml reported without givlay
one rBaROU for iu rP1>ort . represented i
ma j ority how great, 34 to 231 The natimia
comptée had decided-28 to 21- that Mu
rests should be given to the four delegatei
a{ lar „ n in Alabama. Mr. Miller at the enc
®f hia time demanded a division of the casei
and asked first for a vote.
Mr. Ceggswi'U was recogsised to reply
Mr j*q er- He t h?t the commit
i 1(U i waited the pleasure of the ronvsatloi
whether the committee had psesented I
y e rbal or written report. The gentlemat
f rom New York sat in
ghl)U j d ^ dum v, now.
Coggswell moved the previous question. A
colored South Carolinn delegate tried to gel
the floor, but there were cries of "questi/m,'
j and Mr roggswell said that aa the delegnt.
WflJ , ^ jjj s side he would not withdraw fh*
demand. Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland

hi* »©at then. H«
In conclusion Mr
West Virginia and New Jeraey secondec
tho demaud for the previous question.
Quay Takes th. Floor.
Mr. Quay was recognized and was pro.toe
with applause. In his thin voice vrhicl
»rarer reached tho platform, he asked th«
chair to define the effect of adopting th«
j previous question ia this case. The chair
j man explained that the demand would ap
; ply to the majority and the two minority
I reports. On the demand of the gentlemat
from New York the question would b«
Mr. Quay insisted on knowing what th,
effect would be ou the other portion of th«
report. There were some portions on which
the minority had made a written report ot
I which they wished to move some changes
; The chairman again explained,
j 'Miio chair then called for the vote on th«
j previous question. There was a chorus ol
j "ayes" and a few- faint "noes," and amiii
applause the chair announced the Tote car
I ried.
The chair then announced that the first
question was on tha substitution report««
j the Alabama rase. On request of Mr. Jtjs
; cock unanimous consent was given to tais«
a vote first on seatiug the uucontested delo
j gates. The question of seating them wai
j Then the vote was taken on the minority
report. The viva voce voti left the chan
; and the convention indoubt, but on a di
vtoioo there mwit so largo a majority it
| favor of the minority report that the»
| were cheers from the gallery. Thero wer*
1 many cries of "Call the roll, ' and C bris Ma
gee, of Pennsylvania, rushed down tire aislt
With a motion bon Pennsylvania for a roll
call. New York seconded the motiou aac,
; the chairman announced that th* roll woul<^]
be ealled.
j Meantime the Blaine men wore smiliiq,
! broadly, while Hon. John C. New was ex
j plaining to a group on the platform that
this could not lie considered a test vote.
l The roll call was begun, but ns soon ai
j Alabama voted 15 votes for the minority re
j port and 5 against it a spirited debate aros«
a as to whether the contested seats in Ala
bama were voting, and as to whether tto
.Alabama delegates should lie allowed U
vote when they were so much interested it
the subject.
The chairman said he believed every dele
gate seated by the national committee wat
entitled to enjoy the prinlflfM of this coo
veution until unseated by a majont>
votes. These gentlemen had not been un
seated. [Applause.] Buta question sen
i eu», perhapa, the chairman continued, vat
i whether a delegate should vote in his own
| case. Mr. McKinley then quoted from Rult
ol b of the Fifty-first conereHs wL'.. h urovidec
1 Continued on Third rage.
Trying to Make It Coutlilllfttioil
on Major McKinley«
I and
• j
Ballot Expected to Ho
. Taken To-day.
I hi*
«Uu,, and they claim that a combination
haa been effected that will defeat Harri
. while Harris..« men are confident
nomiimted to dav It Is !
„ , , . , , : , .
stud that the fight ou contested delegates
„•ill ..lulled t Ids mnrnhiir but it" is :
will imcontlntuai ms morning, nut U is ,
generally thought that a ballot will be
reached to day. »
An important surprise Is predicted for ,
it is „„id that Blaine will not I'he
Tim intimation ^
in« luumauou
la i'eady to east its vote solid for him.
11.20 a. m.—The convention is slowly I
assemlblng. It will he some time yet be ,
fore the convention will liocalled to order.
waft announced a* t-lie national eouitnit
teemanTrnm Pennsvlvaala vice Uunv I
tu man from i eiinsi ivuai.. W'iny.
11 .I<a. m '—1 bo question «ame up on I
the remnudery majority report of the
Credentials Committee. Quay, In order
in tbéé bfillntinir nt «ne« announced
P . , . j
that they would oppose Us adoption. j
11.53 a. m.—Tho Blaine men daclded
not to delay mat tors hut push fora vote and
expect a ballot at this session. The result,
i, S said, lies between Harrison and Me
, '. ... . , . . . .
Ktnlejr. The Ohio delegates aro ready to
vote for him later.
It Is reliably slated I hat Idaho and some
other of the fax Western states will turn
Th«- llurriMin MniKei'in to Have the Dele
gation Well In Hand Mr». Foster I»
spfaltiiig to Attentive l.Dte
MLIiluiui Wire W'(»rker« A
With Scheme* Not Comprehensible to
Other* Foraker Will Not Nominate
er* Tin*
spi-cl.l Despatch to the Evening Journal.
likely t hat. a ballot
day. Blaine's managers are now lu aes
■ („«•y
Itlaiuc Tho Convention I* Expecting ai
Important Mcniurb Fit
Minneapolis, Juno 10, 10.55 a. m.— 1
Blaine's managers say that It Is not |
rill he reached to
that he will 1
be formally presented,
t hat a combinat ion will be effected ou
Several New England State« are now in
aoHslon with a view of effecting a combi -1
nation on Reed. It la said that ths mass
11.35 a. m.—Tho convention has just
been called to order.
11.48 a. m. — After prayer David Mart in
to Harrisan if they «hould drop Blaine.
It la also staled that Blaine's name
will not bo formally presented. His sup
porteva, however, will vote for him in
order to hold their force» together tn
to tnrn to some
case it ie naceSNBjy
compromise conditions.
12.00 p. m.—Alger's name will not bo
McKinley will get, 'JO or 22
votes from Michigan. Ohio will also go
for McKinley.
It is fairly eertnln that Harrison or
McKinley will l»' nominated to-day with
the indications In favor of Harrison,
12.08 p. hi. —Mrs. Helen Foster of the
W. C. T» U. is now addressing the cou
vent ion,, which is paying great atten
tion to her speech aud applauding her
A probable explanation of the fact that
Foraker will not prescut Blaine's name is
the statement, just made by an Ohio
delegate, that the delegation will vote
ilidly for McKinley on tho first ballot.
It is stated that Duffield's purpose iu
takiug the Michigan delegation out is to
swing it solidly against Harrison,
12.17 p. m.—The roll call of state* for
presentation of candidates has begun.
Wolcott of Colorado takes the platform.
12.19 p. m.—Wolcott mentions Blaine
amid great cheering,
victorv in November for the great un
"will Iw*.
Wolcott predict*
rivaled leader of tlie Republican party,
James G. Blaine. |Renewed cheering.]
He said that Blaine lias never been Presi
dent of eur eouiltry, but he
[Enthusiastic applause anil waving
Wolcott said lie was proud to cast hi«
vote for a man who always sought every
tiling for his country and nothing for
newed cheering, many delegates being on
their feet and crying "Blaine," "Blaine.''
Indiana called Colonsl
^au that for Blaine.]
j \tousaelmsetts Connecticut
, . , . rrmsined .natsii
and Michigan delegatee remained mM.
Whan Michigan was called no candidate
W ns presented.
y r Fastis of Minnesota
... ... - A ... , . nomination
i meuthmed McKinlev as the great
leader and disciple of protection. [Great
cheering. ] ,
12.48 p. in—Eustiss mention of
J Blaine's name aroused a storm of up
. Cheering ami demonstrations
! f,,r Blame continued, ladies waving their
| j )ara sols, ftuis and handkerchief*.
\ 12.53 p. ni.—Cheering for Blaine is in
] c-oasing all over the hall. Reed of Maine is
j on hi « f.s-t waving a Hag andenthuriasm
j u increasing. A crowd lias gathered be
i j^nd Hoed and is cheering at the top of
lh( , ir vokw *
| l7.Vt p m.-Manv of the delegate* are
„„ th.'ir chairs waving their hats and
shoutinf{ The cheering lias completely
drowned tin* band. T Ii« ftinli©n< « baa
ol ( 4 U g^ U p tli« ndrnin "Blaine! Blaine!
< j Rim , s ^ Blaiuc." And arc crying it
u)lUu ,
1.05—Cheering for Blaine eoiitinu«»
aJ1 j ( «>ases only to be renewed with
iucreaeed vigor.'
. ,. H _
1 *-vo p. m
He finished streaking amid rc
12.34 p. m.
Dick Thompson to take the platform to
present Harrison amid great cheering.
Thompson said he proposed to present
a man who docs not seek snccess liy de
traction of any ether great Republican.
for President General
Harrison. [Great cheering, cheering for
Harrison" more general aud prolonged
"I nominate
t»K>k the
.—The demonstration for
Blaine 1 »egan twenty live minutes ago
seejns as vigorous as at first. Tp
women are taking a most conspicuous
in It.
1.14 p. m.—Mat t is of'Mississippi tnkeH
platform to second Blaine's nomination
the'cheering for Blaine was
1.18 p. m.—Chauneey M. Depew of
New York took the platform to second
lioininatloti of Harrison amid great
cheering all over the hall.
[Mr. l>epew's spe
hin full,as delivered
appears on the third page of tills issue. |
1.88 p. in.—When Mr. Depew asked,
"who will be give» credit for the great
nets of the administration," some oije In
audience called out "Blaine," [Great
t .
"'TicDe,lew finished amid great cheer
ingut 1.48 p. in.
A banner with Harrison * portrait was
brought outlie platform and there was a
tfrriit demonstration all over tin* hall.
A Maine banner wan then brought on
ho floor amid grout excitement an» l clioor
ing. The* Harrison ami Maine tmnneraarc
Is'Tng curried around the hall with
4 - * - r . \ «1 ... .
monstration» for both so niingud aa to
impossible to aec t ho portrait. *
Portraits of McKinley are being carried 1 »
, , ,,
around ball, tfreat confusion,
'J.07 p. m.— Order lias been reatored.
Warner Miller has taken the platform to
second the name of Maine. VVlion Miller
nwntiotred 111 » »tune of Blaine there was
cheering in all parts of the hall.
_, - .
Two New Delegate«.
Culled Press Despatch to Evening Journal.
. . ..... „ _
Ml* »«A POLI», June 1U, 1 .(W a m. I
Two K iv,m delegate« from
»"' l ,m " UM Territory each, for
firBt tim « iu " National Convention. I
of the i*oll for nominating «puerilen
was postponed for fifteen minutes tu
enable Michigan people to coiisiilt.
Mr. Kick will N.n withdraw.
Joseph H Kirk, the candidate for the
Democratic nomination for coroner called
at the Evknino Joiumal ..fflee this
,„„ r nll»g und stated that some of ht»
,,nemlea hail circulated the rejsirt that lie
lmd withdrawn from the content. Mr.
Kirk stoutly d.mlcd that he had ever
thought of withdrawing, and thaï he la
the race until the window* go down
to morrow evening.
Two years ago, when Mr. Kirk ran for
tho first time, he received one of the
largest voles ever polled by «
». f coroner having over 500
n luralltv ' I
' ' ■ — -—
hiel t .jw.neu.tg Abse.t,
Ther« are uo d#\«lopm«nts in
St roud-Mackbum ease to day. The chief
has bawi confined to his >>ntaa I
at intervals for tho past two days |
from nervous excitement or some other j
cause as be is not at his .dace In the
H '« 5 "'''J 0 "., J le tâltoï ami sals
HUlat <»a tu« matter mu H !
t j mt ) 1M has beou misquoted end I
many atorles have Iwsm put before the j
public which are false. He still declares
his Innocence of the charge.
thu Chief Reslgued?
There was a rumor current this after
noon (hat Chief Blai klmrn had realgned
aa the the outcome of theStroful matter,
'but theofficonaround tho station house
1md honrd ntithlng of the niatlsr. An the
ohief cotild not lie found and Mayor
Willey is oilI. of town the rumor could
not be verified.
Tu Wear Hudges.
The Board of Health
ordered two badge« to be
hy the officer« for the house to
houno inspection, from Sherwiu At Sou.
The budge will lie In the shape of a
shield wdth the words: "Health Officer,
hk ',,1
City <»f Wilminiftnu, Delaware ' inscrib<*d
upon them The badges will la- ready
and will Im, given to the officers on Mon
,| 1IV
was a
I injuries
Die. After a l-mig IHiii-ns.
Arthur Thomas, colored, who lias been
nick for al mut »ix months with the dropsy
died this morning,
member of the Knights Templar
and this organ Kation will attend his fun
oral iu a body. Tlie deceased was 38
old and leaves a wife and several
•John llagaerty Injured.
John llAggerty was struck by a train
and seriously Injured la»t night. He whh
crossing th« P., W. ft B. railroad tracks at
Sevent h atreet when struck. A g«u*U was
cut on the side of hi* head and he w as
>th«r parta of th© body,
dressed by Dr. H. 11. Frist.
Iti . .
Fright«n**d nt » iiic>«ie.
Besalc McKlrov.a daughter of Milton H.
f tire firm of W. B. Clerk & Co.,
, - , , , ._, '
I wa s thrown from her carnage y«-st.rilii\
The accirtcut result ni from
becoming frightened at a
blcvcio. " Dr. Draper was cjilled and sen
| McElroy o
] that she was not seriously hurt, lie
| m ,t,t her home,
I the ponv
i*iiiiaiiei|iltta visitor».
Fame Castle, Kniglits of Mvstie Chain,
of this eit v, was visited by Mlspah CaMle
_ _ ' The
„11 the PennsyFvanla rail
they num
The William Reed
Market street,
v \tJL|.„d avenue
Car No. 8 » of the ' *9 "' 1 * ",
line ran into a wagon ta-long g to the
Wmnond Ire Company at Fifth aud,
Market streets this morning. No damage
"»» done to attirer v»-l»irle.
No. 50 of Philadelphia last night,
visitors came
road's yacht W. J. I.atta, and they num
bered seventy-four
Fife and Drum Corps furnished tlie
XVvils n XVilniliigtoii «llrl.
Robert Bradbury of Philadelphia and
Miss Annie Searles of this eity were
| mar ried by Rev. O. G. Buddingtou last
night at No. (107 West Fourth street.
Aftér the ceremony the people took
train for Philadelphia where they will
... ,, ..
James B. Harne, assessor of New Castle
hundred, lias returned to the Lev> ( ourt
$61.02, the amount, overpaid him on June
7 , on account of t he assessors allowance.
They drew him an order on Tuesday for
while the amount duo was only
Ilam« K«-lii ml >.
Wilmington Gratin at
Daniel M. Bat ms, C. T. Miller RWin ford
and Henry T. Penuypiicker graduated
from the Penn Charter School
dress on the Columbian Exposition in
Mr. Bates delivertsl an ad
The officers of the Board of Health are
st ill on their tour of inspection. They
have found twenty live nuisances ai
readv, and have ordered them abated.
If vou would been the «'tuning -ide to-urei
j row vote for Clewell for Coroner.
To Ahnt» Hie Nuisance*.
Found Nearly Dead at the
Brunswick, Philadelphia.
I.»Kill l.inl of tlift Mind SrtiMitn Iliiny
111.. Suita in. il LI 01 \ I
lx»in -New Mitvonlr Officer»-Griff .In
Flfthf rillfl
n Sliawti
Special Correspondence Evening Journal.
New I AS'ri.H. June 10.—A despatch
fmm Pliiladolphift tills morning, says.
alnrp May 81. wkh found in hi» room at tKè
Brunswick Hotel. Broad street above Filbert.,
Wolfe,who In addicted to the chloroform habit
»'«*>»«; TucwUy of laut week ami
juet whrm he ha» barn rinc© cannot b©
Wmcd, but »everal day» ago he weal to th«
Brunswick Hotel, where he waa found yester
iluv afternoon In an uiiconwioua condition. Ho
wns taken to the Hahnemann Hospital, when»
after eoimhierahle difficulty, hew
' »»nnchmanew, and «ave lit» name *a Hugh
Hteeta of VN tin hing ton, D. C, On being closely
pre»»ed by a *iH»c?al imlicctnanof the tfftettitti
and Kl lbert Htfoets Htatlon House, he ack
edged timt hl» name
th cM—
He atateu that he did not drink the drug,
Mï',«" th 1 !. 1 ' bÄ
by til* chloroform. He piireliased it. In small
uimntltles at different drug stores, stating
wanted It for toothache, and when bo
lmd secured a sufficient ipiantlty he would
|,wk himself In Ids room mid give himself up
, umya t«rioUsIntluenee.
Xlit* above fully explains the where
alMiuts of that well-known
for the past two weeks.
«nid, has ne» vice nave the one that ha*
now wrecked him, the chloroform habit.
|{a|a| brl ^ t 8 nd popular young man
anil probably the best, church organist In
the city. Wolfe contracted the chloroform
habit when only a boy. Hé was a
groat sufferer with toothache and this
waa recommended to him andthe only
relief from Ilia awful pain. Ho tried it
ttn, l r » 11, ' f » ml .h»**" to , ua J j * 1
whenever he lmd any pain. Thun he fell
into a habit which he cannot overcome.
.... .. ..
. f l.l.ermei, Have Is,.t Heavily,
At 1 o clock this morning the shad
tisUin K season on the Delaware waa closed
bylaw. Only one outfit waa on t lie river
.veatarday and this boat brought Ilf only
three shad. Nearly every man who
staked any money In this Industry this
year is now about (llOtl out, beside all his
{»bor. The scarcity of shad throughout
the antlr« aeaaon, cannot 1)« accounted
f or On« thing la aanured, however, and
that U that t here will be fewer fishermen
f rom c aK tl f . llo xt year,
§ ...
Toner the 13-year old daughter
of John and Mary Toner, living la Shaw
town, died at her homo yesterday,
morrow morning funeral services will be
b eld in HI Peter's Church at 0 o'closk.
The M. B. Sunday school excursionists,
after returning from Cape May to Wil
! uiingtim last night, had to wait at the
station there until the 10 o'clock tralu
left for New Castle.
At tho
John's Ijodg«, tfo. I A. F. A M.,
Wednesday, officers were elected for thn
ensuing year aa follows: W. M., (ieorge
W. Vaut lue; S. W , Wilmer Hanson;
, 1 . W., .lames Glover; secretary, A. H.
Padhorg; treasurer, S. At wood Stewart.
For county commiaslonar» la this dla
w Castle
his home
1 -
.* Wolfe, ami staled
young man
Wolfe, it is
Im lilnilb «f lb* I»ny.
till v communication of S'
. ...... . .
the three first named. \V hite receiving
the vote of the farmer», Hutton the city
, , , ,
trlct there are four candidates, a» fol
lows: William L. Wier, Rotiert Sutton,
Henry M. White and Charles V. Wise.
The contest will he practically between
, , ... . . - .
vote.while W ter will get a share of each
these, running away up in his own
A number of New Castle people were
in Wilmington last evening attending
the commencement exercises of Goldey
Wilmington Commercial College where
Miss Estella L. Deakyne of this city,
An Aik-Moii To-nlfcht.
J. T. Htnops will have an auction of ireneral
mrrrlmiuliric at his old store on Delaware
.•street above Union to-night at 7.30o'clock. AH
kinds household good», lamu*. hnrnesH and
hatraek*. The^tt things will inmitivcly be
TIilugN Worth Knowing.
Fresh butter, 10,1&and 2tH-, at Thompson*».
See the teas.cnfTeenml pure spice»at Boyle'».
Try Sea Gull linking I*owdurJk:,Thoinpeon'».
Go 14 ) Shaw« for Camel shoes. We after you
the Intest, and the first Camel skin shoe in the
market. It fits the foot and around Ute ankle
1 like a glove. It !(..■ 4 1 ' 1 man's shoe for
oomfort and the young man's for the latest
; uvlc. Call and see them.
I Mackerel, r.ry nh» •llslses, Thompirm'..
New crop fancy N. O. Molasse», J. I. Boyle s.
Root Beer at Tboropeou's. two huttlc.Me.
Hns.v Women «live Flower«.
S|«*i i,il ('orreipondrnoe Evening Jmiriml.
Dover. June 10—Yesterday being
Flower Mission Day, the ladies of the
W. C. T. I' accompanied by the several
I ministers of the town proceeded to the
jail witli flowers aud refreshments and
I distributed them among the prisoners.
! After leaving here, thoy took hacks and
j carriages to the almshouse, with the
satire gifts as to tlie jail. Here special
services were held, participated in by
all present. A large number were also
present from Camden and Wyoming.
i (ri.mdsfora few day.
trioi.d* tor a rewoay*.
T« Play Tw« (imiiPM.
The Ris'kfonl Base Ball Clnb has two
games scheduled for to-morrow. At 3
o'clock it will play the War
Atliletic Club at Front and
Union streets and at 4 o'clock
I will play the Columbias at Scheutxeu
Park. At tire first game 1 .angston and
I Hinkle will be the battery and later.
' Manuel and Donohoe will nein the points.
; Th(> norkf(U . ds ,,ave not loet a gam*
: ,| nr )„g the season mid expect to win to
morrow and keep up their good record.
Senator George Gray i» in this eity to-day.
W. M. Truitt of Milford
A. B. Bigg» of Middletown wa» in Wilming
ton yvatoraay.
Miss Lillie Steele of Newark is the guent of
Mrs. E. T. Dilworth.
Mrs. K. C. Hardesty and daughter will go to
Railway, N. J., to-morrow*.
Miases Fannie Lapier atul Mary Steptoof
Wilmington are visiting friend» In C'ainden
for a wwk.
. MIhh Lidie Latimer and Mian Jennie I«ati
imt have tronc to Frank ford. Pa., to vieit their
in this city
A mofting of tin* Gartirld Monument Asto*
( iatiiHi was held last night. Nothing definite
wus done.
Laat night H. C\ Neinuuui was elected first
' lieutenant and Quartermaster Serm-ant B.
FradkHunby emxmd lieatenant of ^ nrep B.
John <i, Gnllagber and William Foulk left
] this city this morning for Helena, Mont.,
j where thev will attend a meeting of the
- 1 e. A. G. C. W., whtah u*UH-ut.
i next Tuesday.

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