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zning .tournai
offers no premiums ; it circu
lates solely on its merits.
more readers than any other
paper in Delaware.
p— il
Two Unfortunates Removed
This edition prints full re
ports of everything of local
and telegraphic moment up to
5 p. m.. giving the reader later
news by two hours than any
other Wilmington paper.
to Quarantine.
t .Oue More of the Afttleted on the Kugln
mbs -A Tug I'ernUtH in Attcmpt
u Near the Stricken Ship mid
Will Have It« Li crime Uevoked for It«
I»ef,;inre Main Ling's Pent Hence*
4 f, Htxecu
o' ;
[By Telegraph to the Evening Journal.!
Quarantine, S.'pt, 0.—Two
eases of cholera developed ou HoiTmau
isiaud today and were transferred^ to
Dr. Jenkins reports
The police sergeant in charge of the I
police squad on hoard the tug »l^deu
Bod reported to the officer in chargeât
Quarautino at (i o'clock this morning that
the tug F. M Vo-sburg, owned by IV.
Moran, 12 South street. Now York, and
chartered by a New York newspaper, hod
been hoveriugaround the Normaunia, evi
dently Irving to establish conAuunication
with her*passengers. When tin- Golden
Rod attempted to overhaul the Voetarg
the latter lost no time ,n head., g for.:
telegraphed ^Collector of Port Hen
dricks, requesting him U> have ll.o tug's
licenre revoked for violation of qnarnn-|
tine regulations. If this action could not
be taken, tho doctors asked that a war
rant to sworn out for tho captain's
It was denied at quarantine this morn
ing that' Brooklyn has anything to fear
from the steamship Elbro, of the Wilson
Une. which reached her wharf yesterday
with a partial cargo of rags from Hull,
s la ilustoii. "
one of Dr. Jenkin's deputies, boarded hei
and found after Investigation that t lie
cargo was all right and hod passed the;
Boston quarantine. Tiiere is absolutely
no danger from her, said Mr. Seguine this
Tho name of the none who is sick on
_ H ., A.t«ia».le Merries „f
v.- i •
«ÏOvenueA, Now York city. It i« im«'
states! that site is Buffer.tig trom prostra
Swinburne island,
one death, probably on tho Bugia.
A Defiant To« In Trouble.
A Nurse Prostrated.
tiun and not from cholera.
Two More Vessels Arrive.
The steamship Coroan from Glasgow,
now iu quarantine, has 105 cabin and 115
steerage passengers. Tho Persian Mon
arch, from L.md.ff, ' also in quarantine,
has fifty-six cabin
steerage passengers,
allowed to go up today,
release is Indefinite.
»Vielt the Steamships I.
and twenty-three
v, . ,, , *' n M , a
'Ihe Persian Monarch may bo
lc 1 '
A representative of the French line
made some interesting remarks concern
ing the losses to the various lines. He
calculates tho French line loss to bo
«MVA tKHl tMxr month and savs it is reason
able Sinmoso that t'.u Ilimbura Amer
icn.i cnmimiv islo-.in-'' more b "
lean company islosing more.
Dr. Hamilton Not Needed.
Dr. Jenkins will decline the services of
ex Surgeon General Hamilton, as he con
his present force adequate
Kan Francisco's Quarantine.
{By Telegraph to the Evening .Tournai.]
San Francisco. Sept. 0.— Tbe City of
Panama was released from quarantine
yesterday. There is a line of German
steamers direct from Hamburg to Aspin
wall, where the Pacific Mail company's
steamers connect.
Aliflks, British Columbia or Panama di
rect wili to allowed to dock until she
has been thoroughly fumigated.
No steamer
Hamburg » I'lagne Incubator.
Hamburg, Sept. 0.—No other Euro
pean towu presents a greater contrast
between its old and new quarters than
does this. The new quarter of tho town
and suburbs are handsome and well
iBfiUt with breezy, open jspacos.
Ari old part of the town
. ... ... r :
is dirty aud stifling and its population of
'if»,000 is squeezed into the space of an |
English tonnt of 5,900 inhabitants. Tbe
narrow streets are reeking with decaying
Wiables and evil smelling liquids,
rr.% «i -«.-Kl« «i*«« .«i
The old quarter is a veritable charuel
house in case of fire and a mortal pest
tiouse in case of disease.
it is a new and terrible plague which
privation and poverty are» iucubating, j
The ravages of the cholera are most ca- |
pricious, sometimes stopping suddenly, |
where it is expected to spread iu a den^e
The real extent of the epidemic will
never to known. The statistics are mis
leading. One dav tho official returns
»ave the deaths as less than
half of the actual number. Plenty of
cases are not traced or are attributed to
other diseases. The opinion prevails
that if the official returns were doubled
they would not be far wide of the actual
n '' S
A Graphic Description of Hamburg.
B&K1.IN, .Sept. ,6.—Dr Veuz of Ham
burg' gives a graphic description of tlie
sad condition of his city. The old town,
he says, is a collection of dirty, stifling,
Tho Alster
Jnngferstng is desolate, the Alster Pa
vilion. dese.'ted. There are few tram
cars and they are almost empty, i ho
whole city is' in dreary and dishearten
iug contrast '.o what it was. The tree
lined Spielbudeiitdatz is unfrequented,
and an oppressive Jtilluess hangs over it.
Tho cafes are empty.
Ono head waiter, who serves at a
restaurant where formerly 2,000 persons
ate daily,told the physician yesterday,hat
but eighteen customers had been there
up to 6 p. in. Iu passing the titrasse he
crowded charnel houses.
ww » crowd and six pollecmeii bolding
It in check while »lx women ran scream
ling down the road after ambulances I
[which were bearing their husbands
away to the cholera hospitals Owners
of houses often run out into the streets
and beseech passing police to send ;
ambulances'to remove patients, but the |
... _ „ .
Madbiu, Sept. «.-In consequence of
the presence of cholera In (to harbor of
New York It to. to« ortered (tot «U
parsons arriving from Xew York shall to
placed under three days' observation.
Fifteen Deaths i» Varie Yesterday. |
mines m ;
as'the'aiuiiul'aure servirons '!p*ii't^'b'ade
qunte to tlie demands upon it.
At night, Dr. Veux says,the streets are
completely deserted by pedestrians al
though ambulances and wagons and
hearses can be beard passing almost con
stantly. The statistics published by the
authorities, Dr Veux savs, are utterly
worthless. One day the number of deaths
announced by tlie health officials was but
one half the number registered at the
Madrid Shut» Out New York.
Paris, Sent. (i.—There were fifteen
Tdeaths in Paris and vicinity yesterday
from cholerine.
»'ot.lv- Htgtt.
[By Telegraph to the livening Journal 1
(told SIli
Dbsvkh, Col., Sept. 0.—A syndicate of ;
Colorado capitalists has just purchased |
tiio famous Trinity river gold
southern California for iSl.öOO.t'OO.
N««» <»f (ho Snl!lvan-C«»rbott Mill,
Full deta iled returns of the Sullivan- !
Corbett light wil to displayed ut I„sii- ;
tnto Hall on Weduesdav night bv special .
wire direct from the ring In Now Orleans.
I PfinnrtC DC T1ÎC Cîi'UT
_ ,
.. . „ , . !
Thp *» »»rl.an.-MhoYo |
" ad " 1,0 ,,Uced Konoy-Increaeln»
imerrst In Tomorrow'» Battle. i
[By Telegraph to tho Evening Journal.] ,
Nl;w Oai.EAKS. Sept. 0.-There are few 1
Peoplo iu this city this morning who ore j
»»'>< talking about tie, manner in which j
pugilist Jack McAuliffe defeated Billy |
,'dyer for the lightweight championship 1
RU( j m whole lot of monev. The general
œmment is th „ t there was only ono man
. .. „ . . ,
1111 '" : ''got. Even Mjrar S eloaest frlenda
admit tl.at McAuliffe showed bis super
j jority ovor their man and thev nave no
form of an excuse to offer. McAullffe a .
friends are still in the midst of their on
- • ...
1 is now left no foeman worthy of his fists
unless it to Burge, tho Englishman.
That McAuliflee should have fought 1,1
rounds with a man of such reputation
; and backing as Myer and oomeout victor ;
I without a scratch is held tobe a thing of ;
wonder. His generalship in nxoiuii.g
Myers noted right h«nda..d theMreugtl.
with which lie whacked his man and
, floored him repeatedly are subjects that '
j R( . k v f.-u-nds love'to relate. Myer is-,
, V( ,|.y ^orc tl.is morning; besides a bad eve
bears many bruises ou-tl.e bod v and
it will to several days before be is rid
stiffness. The Btreator lad gets full credit !
for his gami'i.ess hut as a front rank
lighter his reputation is gone.
j It seems that more money changed !
I hands on this fight than «-as supposed [
y. (Julie a good pot of money
wn from Chicago, and when Mc I
, ye8terd(iy
i came down from Chicago, and when Me
AuUffl . bpcRIRe the f K ttv 'orite yesterday
morning it was unloaded. The principal '
backers of tl.o Brooklyn man, besides
Dick Koche, were Gus" Tulhlll, Frank
Stevenson, Warren Lewis, Steve Brodie
and Jack Sheehan, of Now York. !
The Now Orleans residents were gen
I' , ™ n ? «>»» the Myer side. Thev had soon
Him fight twice before and liked him.
They had never seen McAuliffe. They
, now wish that they had. McAuliffe says
he will fight no more, but he always says
that after a battle. No man was better
pleased over Jack's succès» than John L.
Sullivan. Sullivan is essentially a
' Home Unie" amibe always likes to see
success perch upon the banner of a unit.
who halls from the place nearest to his
b 0
. . in.. , ■
There is not much totting going on,a
tho Dixon-Skelly hgt.t which takes
place this evening. The Southerners do
not feel inclined to bark the colored toy,
yet they arc afraid to bet against him.
Northern and Western people, nearly all
of whom have seen Dixon, will have
nothing else tl.an the "mahogany" ol.um
pion. There is considerable interest-ill j
the match neverthcles-. The crowd will
be with Bkelly tocauso he is a white lad, ;
but Dixon wifi get fair treatment. The |
hoys are resting t>.day. They both say
they ate in the finest condition An ex
relient contest for a few rounds is the
way the people who have seen both toys
predict. — I
Corbett arrived in town this morning
.. . . ...
and s id lie was u. the best of bealtli. II»
, ((okod brown atld l]( , nrtv an ^ his oy%s
brightly, but he lois
spare. He will make bis headquarters at
the Southern Athletic club, taking light
exercise today and tomorrow.
Sullivan v* M followed bv au enormous
crowd ' wh( , u , 10 drove U„m the St.
Charles Hotel to the Young Men's Gym
noetic club. The block on North Ham
part street where this club is situated
j was packed with people all the time that
| John L. was inside. Tho big fellow
| skipped the rope C50 times and worked
j with light dumb tolls for a while. He
said he only took this exercise to keep
from getting stiff.
I Dick Koche makes the statement that
ha will Lack McAuliffe for the sum of
I |10, OOti against any man In the world, at
itttt pounds, aud adds that he knows
what he is talking about.
A United Press reporter asked Jark
Sheehan, one of McAuliffe'» trainer», if it
were possible for him to get to that
bt "I will bet that he nm jrft to
125 founds aud to strong. His flesh is
very easy to work off and if he should
ever uudertako to fight at that weight
v„n will see him enter the riug fit to
you »ill Ste Him eurer cue r.ug u.
cope with his opponent, whoever he may
j, e ■>
no flesh to
McAuliffe had another good bit of
luck yesterday. He had $50 ou Hyacinthe
at 2 to 1 in the fourth race at Glou
cester, and $1 0 at 3 to 1 on Chatham ia
thefi.lh. Sullivan remains the favorite
over Corbett at atout 2 to l. The Cor
belt part isans want to do better If they
can. but it is likely that tbe money will
go on tomorrow at about these odds.
There is not much betting today,
biuatioiis on Sullivan and Dixon figure
only 3 to 1. Corbett and Dixbu stand
at fi to 1 and Corbett and Skelly al 11) to
MIL. I Hill w I lilut Ultl
Five Thousand People Pour
. , 1
1 nrougu tile UateS.
—- |
Fakir« uihI \ inarrs-Miich Intercut |
«re.ie .1 in Horse riest. A lle.er«.
l lirr.ng, •
The threatening clouds ..f yesterday
darkened the prospects of the \Viimie«
ton fair to an alarming extent and when
Kt midnight, tin- rain began to pour
down in torrents, everybody sighed wh
the. thought of the Seodto H.
park and a fair that would to a damp
ii/./.le. Agreeable disappointment, how
ever, WHS in store for them for the mon.
lug duwmul bright and «bar, mul l • two
hours everything we. ••high,and dfy."
and [resented a remarkably fresh appear
aiiet-, while the air was as fresh as that
of anypopular seaport town. More tl.an
this tbo im Uations for rain during tl.o
great exhllntion wi re entirely w ped out
;.nd now Manager Enyl.s walks n.M.
■ he thinks of how
>, 7.,™' t \!'^ f U 1 ! l ,J"'vimat 's"raw ^drv as
bran, snta scattered over' the' exhibition
gro unds from the main ent ranee around
< i-n« .H Vtail the ».round» Fient AU I'.irls
if (lie State* Net
vanta ami Maryland An
IVmiNj 1
A rm v
briskly than ever as
,k< ' c< »rile, sheep, swine and horse depart
»*' ntv, «hefe the visitors generally walk
u l K,n entering at this gateway. 1 lie
« tr " w waa put. on to prevent visitors
Iron, taking cold from walking over l!»
damp ground, out of which a daugerou>
j ^
Tl.ou..ne» on »he Ground.
1 , , * .
visitor toga?, Thev^Z'
, v.sitors tognu to arme. Iliey rame
! fronl ," ilm ' ugt Z Z'\ lo " ° r ■ T I
| county »root (tot hour until J o e.ock
this afternoon there was almost .. « oady
i Z V * ! ÎTit o L „nl ! ? -r . ' i
, uowalld they are Injuring more of the ex !
1 bibition than they would if they had post- i
j pouto t toir vbdt until Thursday when |
j J" 1 J.» ^2.*.« « prj' 1 »!«' e.^pacted here to
| ^ £U0 u '° 11 " u -'
1 In the Cromied llt.lblng«. .
An attractive section of the grrnnds. '
>nd.-.-d, is the women's budding lUn. s
large pyramid of tropical plants, foe

largo organ on w hich John Brown will ,
give organ recitals every day. Aroun 1
. tho side of the building are hung pic
lures, tl.o most conspicuous being tin*
mount Ms bicycle. In glass cs>-» along ;
the shb.s of the bui dings .''re many
handsome pieces of nendle-worb, and
painting on bolting cloth, plaques, silks
; and satins. :
; In the main building tho William toa
and Sons company has its old mill to
sprinkled with iionr. The colored men .
who do the baking «ere busy supply in
' the hundreds who called to try n snuiple
of flour The spare devoted'to the ex
hibit of Decker's buckwheat is beautifully
decorated with different colored pack
«fingt.» containing buckwheat, self-raising
! flour. The spare occupied by tho exhibit '
of Benndorfs cor >a is decorated in I
almost the same manner. W. »'. Pl.lllps j
salt and flour,
tastefully arranged. (
j almost the same manner,
! & Co., dealers in
[ have their place
Fargo pyramids of salt, almost reaching j
I to the roof, are one of the features in j
in front of their cxbi j
the decorations.
' bit they have placed a wall built of rock i
salt. William Lawton's display of |
electrical supplies is handsome, and
when the space is light i, it lias a very
! pleasing effect. 11" also has numerous
hanging lamp, around his exhibit. '
Je-s- K. Bay I Is has two Immlsom
mantels on exh.b.tlon. which attracted
condderahie attention yesterday. Tin
New York Clothing House lias a larp
I display of their g-.-.ds. Cleaver and
Hearn, dealers in heaters and langes.
i have a large spaee devoted to a *disptay
of American tin plate.
ham. thine About Manaser llnyll«. '
A s-.i.iert of comment mnr.t. 0 - ihn vial
' to L Vèduv 'was ,l.i* remartobbf order ai.d *
concord on the ground aud tho skill
s - !10 «n in the appointments of each de
ii,.,,,, w , ,"f it were^"grease,i for the oc a
h i 011 •> wftii u i» remark Others were■!
equally full of praise to those in churgi
I)f ' th( f fai) . \ vll , „ Manager Josse K
Havlis wlln — . as everything 1»
.utempts is well known rushed out of
j office this nnernoon/a vouug woniai
w#8 h ,. aril to r( , mikr)c ..\Vhv is such a '
; liull „ t] t running a big »how
| ^ This"' ' 'v" " repli -d '
h eaa ' and ' tollev.-s in printer's ink U
Probably tho first thing that attract
t)le llttellt 'i on of th» visitor np.m enter
I ing tbe imiin gateway, is 1 bo vast mini
ber of carriages and horses on the
grounds being eared for while tbelr own
era are enjoying the sights and amuse
ments of tbe great exhibition There
arc carriages, wagons and saddle horses
there from points in Pennsylvania as well
as from all parts of New Castle eottut.
For a single horse and carriage 50 cents
is charged at the gate in addition to the
regular charge of admission for each of
the applicants. As soon as the people in
the carriage drive into the enclosure and
alight, however, they need not worry nnv
more about the team, as a co up", tent
horseman take» full charge of it,
Turfm. „ ««lore.
The great, -t inter, -t is m-mlf.-s iu
the action of the exhibit ;ou , r. ...id
« h. re turfm. ne, d lovers of ho; se-li.-sl.
congregate. Ho. .men from all over
IVniisylvHi.i«, New Jersey Maryland
and Delaware ur» there aud spend
whole time, from opening to clo-o.q:,
going »tout from Maine to stable
| There are hore.w tore from mi cs
arouud. Some of them are au uiuallv
large, with wide-spreading rumps and
powerful-looking shouldcis aud Tor.
legs Others are genuine beauties and
are qertaluly kept iu such condition that
v I r . , , , .,
they are pleasing F. look upm too
person who knows noli.ing about horses
at.d are things of beauty to those who ore
real fanciers. Strange to say, tho sec
tiou where tho, trotters aud running
horses are kept is not a center of attrac
tiou because these __ animals, although
worth each from $ »99 to $5,9!) ', are
certainly anything hut attractive Lo loel.
Too fastest trotters are long.
gaunt and unsightly and, looking ur
tin in standing iu their stalls mi (danket* d.
compelled the oft heard remark "Well,
our horse is prettier than those things.''
«eene» at the Horse-stalls.
This afternoon, just before 1 o'clock,
t!,t " hour for the preliminary spool • m
tests, nil vvns animation 'around the
horse quarters and drivers, jockeys, i
owners and fanciers jostled about. The
piooms wire giving tim exhibition hors,
their noon tide shining-up,and whore the ;
race horses are quartered men and boys j
were hurnrfng a bouts with perspiration j
and eager looks of susmuise upon their
faces. The whiskey * bottle was being
handed atout (piickly from one to
was not done to
give the horsemen ' oyo opegers " hut
itquiir ebulu bi*
rnl»laul up the largo juluts of tho »him als
which wvre to tnakftuu natural effort« to
*V'" nd , . h '' Then there were
•*bpolM mid caulk« that had to bo ad
justed, nostrils that needed rubhing.har j
that cam« in for its share of uttoii
V H'V* * 7*7' 1 'TV".
n>aju-tired milky, tue «heels of «Inch |
had to to "Hated with air by « force- ,
p ! ' rbe»» horns barnes*
t together and th. m
plete outfit was ready for business.
_ ii*„û »i-F i.,' ." B U 1
„ade to study out all the 1
« onco mwe to iiwav < ni un ui>
U"'' ™ " d - (u * 1 tcr l î
" I' 1 »' i o.- r-.gle cul f
„^oDeii a uVa, : l\Tb.!VaVn^Vbl.
' " 1
' ^
• , , JJ" 1 '» ^' n '!m,, •
, > ^ s f( , |.| llltv ö f foot is a
WllV8 )ef , to h „ ve lo w ,rk on
! ' Vl,, ' n *•» trark is found to Ke hard ! "
thin leathers will bo used under tÿo j
f ' wi ! s '
Army of I uhlrs And Yenders, I
■' -titer.
• A more l,o;-u-i,, s, hideous and .m es
i sanl chorus of \ «lee.* will not to feuud,
prohably. until the Mords hair opens
at (-i.icago, than tl.at which greeted tlie
; ears of 1 he visitors «ho walked from the
| a*U-rm»nn! ^One^h.indred'and I
venders and sleight-of-hand men thus
advertised their war»« or themselves »ud 1
- ,,r ... " <>ut *•>» rival,: in Ids
a l f(ir , n1h „
I ««»t of tho ''-step right in now, come-«
rnnnin, rur.-a eomln. con.e anmud-the- j <
,.„ rm . r now ," men could be heard "all tl.o
i ''''''''d • nM K B '« u, '' day—'.Says
! uÜwii'^IKSJkT* 1 'Do'ii u ' l jT k ' li '" '
i ,,ott U. » . Do You Km
| Mv t Pompadour Jim.' 'These Words N» I
Shakesia-are Ever Wrote.''' Bight
« » from the spectator, t-> the right
. .if bin. audio tl.o I. II of l.im.lstho
' . . ons g.eeiing; "V... .'ll to Ui •
n>'M. -• a tog an- ''1..» your forlun
um-, ion m i«r fill M I'* ' • ■
, pan», d !.. front of a tent wbiel. «>
1:111,11 '■ Judd- n from view by highly eol
•>;<-I painting advert: 4ng the 1 ■ -. in
l.i" enclosure 'Vicie tly ne.- »-. -. -
; ful, r y.-ar i-ld derby hut ti. '- • ef h
>d- e;.. -.1 fro,., the ten '"iti
baneful of licket;. II- m 1
g o .s b-.x, for he was'The lect n-er id
: i.egini. ;;.-!ling ids eyes to ward tin- • ;ty
il, ' shrieked "Hey, now. tl.ia way, the
greatest exhibition on God s gr- ■ n cart ; .
. -• ''.r.' 1 " u"«. ^ Z 'a*' t" U ' B U±" ln
. P<" AUe.y -.sriuis ...
* A»*' ex pe- talions of tin- m- 1
««ngnlun. u eesta-y of del; „-ht
'»» HsrU' ami so marvelous that even.
crowned heeds believe i' su|s:i).nuiui.
fhls gigantic < ;.! ■rtaiotnent for the
' ''' l ' t >'dln.,ly iusiguil;. ant -sum of teu
I coots, will now open and rt-mcu.tor, ,
j retueuibcr. If you do not tb. opuiiug ■
yui i » more than half of this extra
( ordinary performance-." 11. he was
♦*rru|»toil by u y«mt!i fr.'iu th»* niunlry
.ml tills
OroVor to
v Hit
J.ih.l I
it sv
j »■»•
j an
j and Hie nqKirters passed on.
| Crowds of visitors cr.fhrred around the
,. pll)cr ,,' f n, P „.„j., bull-llni' tl,<s ..ft ••
t( , v ,-.uk' 'i-i 'the' tin.-u'il
train 1 e.^ -ch- 'i' a. 1 of the loaiiual
' tr ùii»-,.-' b.-'m.m ' of the It ;
srl ,.,o! In this déport m-nt i'.n-r- m
. s „leniiid sne-im-ns of t - I-».-;
v ehanb- o.,>-. i
,h.-..mspicuo.is . ■',ibi , 1 ., is-.l»''
.. 'oi.. bV 1-• "'.-..i'- I s to „ ■
t - tin;,. - I -ft
! v hlcl. are « 1 -., K , - |,:!,p'' qi,,. | „jj
was pronnnticed a sple.-dM* •«.-.%• .d « .rk '
' 1 « exm-rts wi.o exau.imd it ,hi-- .i.orc :
ing I'l.:- Howard School de'-iral ion i
* ehôws whr .1 rcmnrksi.lc rpé. lmm.H ef
wo sl work these colored youths .-an turn
ont. :
Futur (hnlr. mill siirrliiii-i...
Direct Iv arr.es from the s i,., d depart 1
went is the long s»aeo which is 'pre
sided over by ex Marshal il H. M<
Mnlh-n and which is filled with
varieties of domestic fruit, and
cereals. Adjoining tlu-frui di-plav
ean he seen Fols who,,!, »bearded wln-at. 1
' >e«rlet clover, millet, rvo. barley, to
hacoo. and aseoro of other products of
' the eiperimenUI former's tfrrlton-.
....... .. ...
U Ex-Chief' of l'olic» Rllckl.urn ride-. '
about the grounds with the e M-eaiam
. and unlit Arv bearing ot a genera'. np,.u
1 ai spirited 'bay lior«o 21»* im u
„coro of ohcers at his beck atjJ j
| call. Most of these are t
! veterans but thev are a tritic sleepv
! »'»„ut. The New" Castle county v',i.
stands at a convenient point le -tween the
j taraud stand aud tho mam builiHnsr.OtT'Wd* i
j ; ,- s »;•» hnst.h-d into this a:.<i k- »' r ■ »
] team can to attached to the "Black |
| Maris." Tiu n tho unfortunate who |
has disobeyed the rules and violated j
the law. peace and dignity of the
. state is hustled oft to the city hall to 1
H «ait trial. Excellent order tvns main-!
1 rained on the* grounds this morning cud j
; tbe van was not once called iut
and a
•ol. red boy who
Tl.o Muunui Training Kxlilblt.
rmàntom t« the H n., -rv i
* atenng to me nnngry.
j '1 ho wo m-n mat.»/ ts of the Hon., o
pa. c Hospital have a Ktro,pi ...
, r tsurau, ... full i. ,,-t u. the nu n
-milltag, an-1 a s-.r.- of »ct.\e
and pretty utteudauts l"-"' th '' 1
ttables «nth tempting viands. Tl.o.i.p
sou s r -st aurai, t uhder the grand stand
is also litoraliy patronto d, but th»
quality of the victuals tber. can I»'
j greatly unproved upon. Ue.iv.-bment
I stands are abundant, but there ia no
j more "winking the oilier eye when a
! thirsty man ask. for a glass of "wc-.ss"
beer, as has been known before.
i .
i - •
I To Heat Nancy Hanks.
service. l
[By Teh icrapi. to tl.o Evening Journal.]
BaSOOB, Me., Sept. 6.—Charles U.
1 Nelson, of Watervllle, will leave for
Springfield,Mass., with his stallion Nelson
j (2.10, regulation track and sulky) In a
' few davs to prepare Hampden Park for a
trial of his horse against the record.
- Both the man ami horse are under sus
; pension by the the National Trotting
association, and the County Fair associa
J tion under whose management tho horse
j will trot, will resign its membership in
the National association so that the trial
lmay be made.
it! ULU JL.lt > j IliUllLl.
~' ■
The Hx-Collector Claims ThaL
. !
He Paid-Money Twice.
_ j
nriffVTR A TTri a tit t* vamtt.
Jntu Comaieml» the Five Con.u.lnGon
A- AMMuamt *„ A I
»« lier elver IMrkry A Midair- t
town KeeUir In Who««» Ky«» u rivei$4U8
,„ lllar „ Nnt w «.„. Noticing. (
The levy court met in regular session
this morning. All the members were
. Received Dickey's statement.
Reiver John T lM( . kt , v ,. r) . s „ I1( ed hi
/A,.; " , , , ,
," 4 ^ 5 " »CunUnA to* *5w 8W.HI
itomird ns follows tieorg« W. McKee!
» 3 ; eollnetors of dolimpimit taxe-, j
At OINS OU* for AulmiM Ä7D îWH 78
.'i:.. . ... ..ditun."- . ttn* ln«ûî I.
f . mt u k;i.! (Î-IOI leaving a e.'--', '
'«laitce of |(J.l'.43::.76 on luuid. TI.« 1
prineipal items of expenditure arc as fol I
frUK '"* H " f ^ »«,
"•>! ri: biti- payai,le. $1.1, to. „ad, its.
$***> po " H ■ «:i,370 •» ». and
I' 11 «'"»»hisstoner»' bills fooling up
" b " ut The report was adopted,
An indepeaUcu» Rector. j
'»'inraisslouei- Jolis presented tho fol
lowing letter, which explains itself; ^
tvcli i, u'dinl ,'tii.u'iiel. ' '
I i'ltil ii i Til up U .- pii|ii r i.
. .'.."(''d i" i 'o i l-
i.uru.Rv.U"; 1 ; ..-:;''
.. : V„
f the gofer, hum el tku :
U. '
M "
was pasiMid.
qq )0 or f il|lr re( . or j # ,,f t j, e I
„ r ,,i,a.,'« court evtverted iîilo th- »'amp
, K .| U>Ht mu by » hu a Chari -. H. Me.WlmV
,, .. |, ., , ..
'. .(.e levv court
a hill in f .'vor of McWhorter for
y '\ (| . ", '
' , ' . . . ; i .
i' . . , . . ' ' , [ ;
Ti.! \v Pricket» ... ' I
• . ... . J . . >. 'V,. ;jj,
'. .'
. r 5..'. ' . .
a wiilmu' . 1. i. i• • ■ " h ' "
Pr-.i-l,- it t
, j 1( ...b .-c-sn i ... i ", n, '! ( ,,
^'notion V-mpsuv. nsyment tor th.
, . v i ..... ..
, .... i,.. .- " » . ' ,-'
v ' S
. i . i ,, » .
,,r a odred.
, „ !
(l)l | v irt j j j tN )•<.,-nor $ '.1 a imm!h ' * '
, • '* ' • "
■ More 1 <-R«e trouble.
A resolution in relation to refunding to
. x-Ta. ,'ollm tor G<mr te W. McKee th-''
Mrn <»» «h, i. lus twioo wiw n*
furred i l n cummltUn* eutiHiatiiig of
Mi s-. Clark, .lolls »ml Hutehison, v. ho
will inquire into the validity of the
... i - i
to !.
Hl I to MU.*»)
. I tore!
I 1.
In* roll
will bu i tken lo s
lu Sunday «munis.
« :
U l
at Ion.
It !
"Alul I
st hcKd is *•
to riirh
a matt
: nu 1
II hh I
Milk«' it
I vt*»l.
ii* your« very ix'.hjm » t- i
.lOHkHl lltKMH,
• Jtcf tor of 8t. Anno*« P. 1C. C'huruii, Muullc« !
f ii is n«ii Vi
l remain, Kcruko
Ti,• omn.uuica'bin was tiled without :
The payroll for the mouth of August
Fxpt-i.sl.r Jell,
The report of So-riff Simuvms shown 1
»t.u.e-plle pri-- u«rs worked :t,2 •'•
M l :lr ' Angus» ; tî.at ninety car load..
' v '"'' ' ninety
' " K , '''■'tr.buted in the county.
1 1 " ..'port w»» rd-q.t-. 1 .
i l -'< -mu.ittee ou 1 1..- hrld.^o at Van
I'vk - sei -dl» -use r. commended tin;,
,i: " l,n ' tL "" ' " ' i' 1
•' and that it ne« $|il hihi I
ct>-d there. Tin-report was adopt.-d
' F.cnml»-loner Giles, who is very phil
: anthropic, tried to pelt 'oimnL ion. T Klin
i '° n . u "^ t ' 1 " 1 ' 1 " n ,,u Wa-xlitngtan street
committee but fail, d Ignomlni
"''"V; „ e mmiiief
: là 1 toè« . lb '' u,,l,ttce * f !
M-vea was large enough.
1 , " r Commissioner Grubt,
ne" -Megiiligan. Republican, of itooc
,was « cct.-d election Inspect..p
''*»*« Lramlwinb hundred, vice Inspector
D> nuts u. who l.as removed. 1 re.M.lent
l;'»'kiii*bani: mov.-u that Albert T. \.d-,
1 •^ n, { W!, ' # * ' l- '-t- 1 a cou
mnu.e of Mill t. raek imndr.Hl. Ho.uj
'>"«"«'d t hat he coaid uot tinjl a It.q.ul,
''can who wanted the poalthw. The
.notion wa-i adopted and the clerk east
' î1k ' vu ' l " ° f U * 1 ' c,,url for uumi "* !0 '
Tbr mil Oommendcl
i , r > " f< * w ri uinck«, recommending sd
olorifvil «id for llo/vivcr'of Taxi*»
j Wckoy. Ç'ommissiouer Jolis said :
t "Tho finances ol the ct.unty are in a
v ' r . v aatlslactorv ooiidillou ami show.
'ko practical working of the fire corn
, Htoj , '"i«Ts law. Mr. Dickey lias collect
i y ettr » fiuriofC ftud Angunt,
| - ve *, r ', 1 hey aro vety'busy at tho office
| ,U1U * ""•"lid say that thU court should
j k l ''° »ddllloual help,
, 4A»mml»«louer Hutchison moved tl.at
1 b* allowed two elerks during oeptem-|
Jj*. 1 "'** *** 001 exceeding $199
j "ismotion was adopted,
i The commit tec appointed to examine
" , , ,, rllll „.
■ ' " . 'U.lt \ 1..-1.
1 ; ' ' W . n.-'.u a .d
; (Ui . aa'-mr- '.mouutinif to
J; .. ,!. • ^
1 Presi-lcnt im-kl igl.a.n V' scuted a ri
J o,'k ..... t,»d .,x,..,v..rs
!r a .!ev, hridco ore. Motorec"
^ . . j i.-f. . i. .l toecoi..
J," !, " of Mresra " lark
lF . . ' *
''q- "''' ,1» - ^ ' » 'iio-!n,»,i"'\\n 's'e!''
i '. ii.";,., 1 ',
^Wnghan otÄnkvtÄ
it-icKingtian. opportunity to attend me
unil»unl eiican.pmeut of the Grand Army
R»t.,<l>ll» J
1 1,1 IV 1 uouc -

tl.lilgcrei.fler t
I'ay Damages.
C(HuU} Moiu*y Lxpcmlotl.
Among the bills passed were tho fol
lowing; E. A. Uobinsuu, $14,79; J. V.
Car!i-le & Co., $23.18; li. B. Briscoe,
$11.&1; liemingtun Machine Company,
: $2 | *4.77; Delaware Electric and Supply
pany, $72.91; Victor It. Pyle,
$83,51; V iimingtou Odorless Kx
avating Company,
L'.loney, $12.95; J. W. Smith.
.»33. et); Janies Lippincott, $33.50; II. L.
Peekard, $33.50; jamoaDouglass, $37.35;
Henry Purse,

j Thomas j'urse, $22.50;
i $37.00; Delaware Construction company,
•»»: Joseph Grilliger, $23.50; John I
Backus. Suit); C. It, Kelley, |
.1. t' Gibbons, $49.50. Delaware »ion |
»traction company, $157.81 : II A Don
dsoii. H-.ir: »tr.. i*«vid stewarV, ir.,"$ 97 . 50 :
John Meggison. jr,, $30.00! T. .1. Grandi. I
$33. *0 ; A. M, lleizur, $18.50; E. Challen- I
»or & Son. $.18,88: Shed wirk Boyer,
'$4.1.10; John C. Mickle, removing body of 1
drowned man from Fort Delaware, All); I
I* ,\V.& B. railroad company,$1.151);. lohn
HI.erfdnn, $1*2; John M.'Newtold, $84.00; )
Hl?*" |? l *': 4s T W ' Atw ™ d 1
\\\ oJtlln, 13; I. Stephen Lviiaut. $37; I
t | ftlRl . H |( ('.>1.80; John M. New bold.
rivei$4U8 33; Will.am E. Handy, $4.50; 1. D. 1
( * Suillvan, $30; WU- J
! Ham Ci-ohm, Samuel T. Stewart*
$ <•; A. NV. Armstrong, $30; J. Soretli,
ft«; Delaware Twilight $3 >.!»; Receiver
Dickey $3.1; Comptroller titut«, $20; 1
Kdward \\ oodward, $ s oü; \\ ilmington
1 Hoirie company. $ |, KU0 i Mil
... : rullroa company.
' ; Dr. Mwlth... » nsndler, *'■. Dr
P*'« JM»i C«« Chirk.
j Another It.ee War in tools!»..a.
m r i
l»y ...... ..1.1
' La. Sept. «.—A race war
1 P r,!VBl,i * hero which has thus far re
I suited in tlie killing ..f one white man hv
.hating and the hanging of Edward
i.a,.rant ami Uabriel Maglolre, negroes.
who bad made threat» against the
whites Rive men Implicated In the
banging have iteen arrested.
j To Klee, the Chief Ma.shal. )
Tomorrow evening tiio "Columl.us .
Day" com mit lee will elect, the cliiel
marshal for tho parade. As this is an Ini
portant matter eainest t (Torts are toll. g
ni.e'e to have all the delegates present.
Re will..,ante..'. Kreator s,.,u
;...cr .....I Ron. for the tower Branch.
Contrat lu the Third ami Fourth Ilia
m. to 7 p. m.
primariea for aberitf. raeoiver and comp j
'-l'»,-' w »' condncl thto election,
offi lal returns must to made
.. . executive committee not Ml .
,,j an 3 o'clock on the afternoon of the
Tuesday following. Ou Saturday even- .
lug. however, tho ci.mmltlee will sit ul I
Hie Sunday Star office for the purpose of -
. .
»hat the entire county will to heard from. [
One senator, seven representative« mid
five Is'vy Court commirsiouers will be
Tin enalorial nominee will come from
Wilmington bundrtd, ami Ida name will
be John i'ylo, the well-known Democrat
" r >J'«' Mr-st ward, a retired miller whois
f'l kn v. »II over the county. He
Ii**.-, ..t 4' 5 .-cat Fifth street.
1 h re are uv. candid.,!, s in tho Held
fiurepr • e:;l atlve from Wilmington hun
Thev are J. Harvey 8pniui.ee, the
Third word pharmacist and an active
| Democrat, and William M Kurtz, th*
well known voting uewspap, r man,
: muid-iyed at present on the Sunday Star.
: Mr. Sprunnce bas oue great advantage
u ml that 1« that he has toon in the field
t^r so«ne time, aii'l has tuadu u thorough
* canv»as.
j J. Harvey Whiteman will he the Mill
) Creek hundred nominee for »be lower
branch of the General Assembly. He
I*» lr l<
.»dis TuUeApmHYonUa
The officer s who held tho !
Tho Democratic primaries will he held i
in Wilmington ami the i y. al hundreds ,
of Ni-iv »'aule conut y ou Saturday ai
U-moou Tho
'1 he :
to the '
p pr.»enloil li.o hundred in the some
branch s.-veral years ago.
William Cooi-h. brother of Register of
Will, Cooc.li, is the only man iu the field
; i n Pw.cador huodred since Dr. Skinner
Coliin.l: ^ W.itkins i* th -rtuted i-andl
date for legislative h mors tu St. G ,.rgis
In Bed Lion hundred tile fight is ae
!:rowledged to to hqtween fl. Bayard
Reise! aud James U. S. Gam. Both ranu
arc making an active canvass,
I There me three men in tho field in
Appoquinimluk hundred. They are J.
l,irrv 1 a ? d
! • »seph Whitlock. The friends of ito'
latter claim he will win hv a small,
, iu Brandywine hundred, where there I
|j as u-ei. some dlsi ut--, Levy Court Com
-»loner Isaac N. Grubb, is spoken of
, aB a compromise candidate,
The candidates for Levy Court are ns
r„nows ; First distrlet-Lewls B. Der
Second—No one selected, and no candi
Third—John J. Mealey, Michael Kswoil,
James Murray, and Dr. En.ll Hertel.
...urlh-I .
Mlason. >\illlara L. W.cr, Mr. Wise and
I>t»U|jlaiii MçCoy.
Fifth—George^ andegrlft, A. P. Carn
agy. Abram Hayden, \1 .Ilium Kvans aud
' illiam . cott
I Tho fight in the three lower districts
l I« very spirited, hut conducted in such
j hii upright inan tier ♦oat uo lib feeling is
j "Pi'^'touded.
1 withdrew.
I, j
rt Sutton, Audrew a
New lli.nipshli-e Men Nominate John H.
smith Tor Governor.
Illy Telegraph to Evening Jour»»).!
C-ikoord, N. H., Kept. 0.—The llepub
lican Stale convention met this morning.
Tlie eflicersVnd committees selected by
the state convention last evening were
Hon. John H Smith, of Hillsboro, wa»
nominated by acclamation for governor.
He accepted tbe nomination iu a brief
speech. A committee was then ap
pointed to present tl.e names of four
candidates for presidential electors.
"Tl.o Mil
ndngU.u City Passenger Hallway com
pauy has teen giving fine concert» In the
parks near the city, qnd on several occa
sions lias carried as many as 8.000 people
to tho grove. Tln-re »us $88) iu revenue
for the round trip for the railway com
pauy, and an evening pleasure for the
pcople. Would not this be a good way
for our company lo boom their new line
of electric varsY
Chester Whig» Concerts Ton,
The Chester Times says:
The Siuatr-Mvt om 1 ) Nuptials.
J. Danfort*, Bush and Mias Martha
McComb, daugbier of Mrs. Henry S.
MeCumb, were married at the home of
the bride's mother, Eleventh aud Market
streets, at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The
ceremony was performed by Hev. Mr.
Delaware Construction Com
Tlic Washington street bridge
m ltteo of' (he Levy Court met at tho
Curt House at 4 o'clock this afternoon
Rtl d opened the bids for erecting the
Muirture. The members present
President Buckingham Chairman D P
l|„„-!, il. D Hickman. I. O IW«
Robert Simpler, John W. Jolis and
Samuel Kill gore. A number of the
"«« *• the room.
1 her«» w«f® «Ightaeti bd«, ns fo low»:
King llridge ... of »'U-.eland?o".
fcff.oi UH.lge
Wilmington. **1,0»«;
Bridee company,
«W* . .. _ k
Lrle. Pa., $8T.0«0; 1 IIIsbnrgh Bridge
-'tothany 1 ittaburg. Pa. $H.10.g); Ber
T * er l' n - 9S**b
^A.OOJf. Deane & Westbnatke.New York,
) delphla.' $87,-10'; U. T.
. Inm works. Springfield, Moss., $00.000;
llobert R. Morrison, New Csstle, (10,000;
Klmira Bridge company, Kltnira, N. Y.,
$00,01.1, superstructure. $00,730; A. S.
: Jteed & Co.. Wilmington, according to
t 0 *-« 13 - ««•»»■«ng «.d
Wallace Iron Works, Jersey City, N. J.,
$81,000; John B. Rollloy Si Co., Phil
»delphla, Pa.,, f03,000; Southern
Bridge com]iany, Massillon, O.,
I $-0,000; Wniught Iron Bridge
New York, $8;{,«)0: Delaware
i C(»ii*trucMoo fo.nraiv, Wilninffton.
(MIO; H. O. Dure Si U»., Philadelphia,
according to plans of their own, $83,000»
party Will Build the Bridge.
Washington Street Itridge Will fuit
W7D.OOO There W ere light, -en Bidder«
Hut n W ilmington Firm W'a* the Low
«•k( .IoIIh und llueklnghtim Vote -VguitiNt
il Five Heut Tw»
livery Time.
Johnson &
M aloney , Phila
. _ ,,,,,,,, ,
I I resident llurslnguatn remuked that
- y «,
' : 1 ' • - 1 ■ i ii- I. v
[ 11 resiprc.» do not exceed
amount. »hu law prevents us
r " , J' creating I» floating debt ex
curding $|»»,(SMI ami for violation
°U *'*' . ttW - le ., ,n Ç ,,, l» cr *
' ® . it aro liable forths debt so
rontraeled. \-oar«. $J0.000 short. If
Y«« „can bridge over that 1 am with
> .... ... , ... „
D could to built very easily.
> f «•' let It go over now we may
i-°* that $17, StO offer again. 'Ihe people
demanded It. 1 l.ave no doubt you can
''ontract with the contractor,
J»IIh—' it will to a vote juat the
S "ÎL 1 ,'*' .
the yea and nay vote was then taken
on the award of the question. It was as
Yea—Hutchison, Simpler,
Hickman. Killjjorc—5. Niy*»
President Buckingham and John W.
'Ul!?' . ,, , .
, The bond for $30,000 was prepared and
"'f."; 1 b >' the contracting parti« after
which Ihe committee adjourned. The
bridge must bo completed by December
IS. 1892,
Huck itiubam und Joli« * ArIii** It.
Mr. Hickman moved that the contract
1 m* A'w&idnd to tho Delaware Connlructlon
I cum pan y .
M, x Jolis said that the cast, was much
! k'f "tor than supposed and he said It
was a question as to whether the com
mit tee should go on and build it at that
: ,.
Mr. Grabt, said that he did not see any
reason why It conld not as $17,50J was
, assured.
Reports of Extensive Iro in Mrt'orn.lrk
Ray a Rail sign for i'eary and the Kite
IBy Telegraph to the Evening Journal.]
Puli.ADiil.rii a, Sent. 0.—Secretary T.
J. Nolan, of the Academy of Natural Scl
cnccs, said Inst night: "If the repor 1 s of
icc ("itending hundred» of miles south of
McCoru.lrk Bay are true, tlod help Peary
j and the Kite relief party."
Considerable fear is felt In this city as
to tho fate of tiio Arctic explorers, owing
to ti.» delayed arrival of the Cryolite
bark Ivigtul from the Greenland port of
tl.at name.
It is thought that the Kite has never
reached McCormick bay but is stuck In
the ice. As she took no extra supplies
it is believed she will be forced
spend the winter in the ice. and that her
provisions will become exhausted befuro
January 1.
Tin; Fnfortunale K,i.-culat.»r With Peter's
Pence Forgiven by the P«|t«.
[By Telegraph to the Evening Journal.]
U 'Ms, Sept 0,—In Vatican circle» U, is
reported that Monsignor Folchi «'111 soon
be fully restored to his former position,
! »'lilcli lie lost by reason of ids nnfortu
nate speculations with St. Peter'» pence.
I The friends of Monsiguor Folchi have
always claimed that he had the written
authority of tho pope for engaging in the
»peculation» and that the Vatican
treasury shared in them so long a» they
were successful. They also claimed that
sooner or later he would to restored to
ids former position.
Passenger and Freight Trains Collide.
[Ii> Telegraph to the Evening Journal.]
Avon, N. V'., Sept. 6.—A rear-end col
lision bet ween a passenger and freight
train occurred shortly after 6 o'clock last
veiling on the Western New York and.
Pennsylvania railroad near this station.
Engineer Thomson,of the freight was bad
ly squeezed totweeutl.e tank and boiler.
I Fireman Gordon sustained a fractured
bip and Conductor Savage a broken
ankle. Mail Agent Cheney was thrown
against a hook which penetrated his
' head making a probably fatal wound,
One lady, name unknown, was severely
hurt. There were many excundoub-ts
on the train, but none were hurt serious
ly. Tho track was cleared in a few
Munlere«l Ity DeHtllu-aJA.
IBy Telegraph to tho Evening. tournai. 1
DvaRSBURO, Tenu., Sept. 0,— W. H.
Lloyd, a policeman, was shot and killed
by two tramps here Sunday night. They
were stealing a ride on a fre.ght train
aud when Lloyd attempted to get them
he was riddled with bullets. The
[ derer» escaped but a posse to iu pursuit*

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