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1 Evening Journal.
contains all the local news,
and full telegraphic reports
live advertiser's medium, cir
culates among the masses.
A Riot Ends a Christening
Celebration at St. Louis.
Some One Wanted to Take a Newly
Christened Infant From the Room In the
Wbleh the Ceremony Was Performed Fair
and a Serious Fight Rssulted—Sis of |
ths Rioters May Die.
S". Louis, Feb. 13.—At 2632 Chouteau
avenue last night there was celebrated a
christening. At about 10.80 all preseut
became involved in a riot.
Men, women and children participated
and every conceivable weapon was used.
In a few minutes the place looked like a
slaughter house, the walls, floor and
even the ceiling being covered with
, , . «
A wagon load of police finally succeeded W
in quelling the disturbance, six of those I
Involved were carried to the dispensary I
and their injuries may prove fatal. Four | ^
of them are; Tom O'Rourke, Pat Murphy.
" * , _ v
Pat and David McGilligan. The names
of the others are unknown. No further
particulars are yet obtainable.
The trouble started because some one 1
wanted to take the newly-christ- ned in- I
faut out doors. The father Tom O'Rouke 8
objected and the row immediately en- |
sued. Beside the four fatally injured I
twelve others are seriously cut or sus- 1
taiued fractured cranlums and have I
bruises about the face. is
Hawaii's ex-Queen Want, to Be BesUreJ,
Not Paid for Her Claims, Says Iler I
Knvoy. I
San Francisco, Feb. 13.—Paul Neu- I
man lately the attorney general of
TT .. / Al i . a it, of
Hawaii and the special envoy to this I
country of the deposed Queen has left I
here with Prince Lomi Lomi for Wash- | It.
Before starting he said : ' 'Though I
have never taken the trouble to deny it
before the story that 1 am going on with
agreements In duplicate and agreements
In triplicate to sell the throne of Hawaii
to the United States is all bosh. I d «>
carry any such documents. Queen
LUnokalanl has not given me any euch
authority, writteu or verbal and I assure
you I am not going to make any over- I
tures to the American government for .
money, not it any shape. I
"The Queen is merely demanding her |
rights to be reinstated Queen and she is
not asking for money, is not bartering
her rightful crown and merely asks of
the great government of tbe United
States that justice be done here."
•avav a. ww* 1 a ■
play with the New York team also de
posed Pat Powers from the management.
The basis on which Ward signed the
contract was that he should h.T. com
plete control of the team on and off the
field and such an arrangement would ent 1
Powers position down to that of financial
Ward was yesterday asked what he
thought of the situation in New York
and he eald; "First of all, let me say
that I am mightily pleased to get back
to New York club. I have more friends
here than anywhere else and I believe I
cfn Pi*, better ball at the Polo grounds
than anywhere else. I am confident
that we can get a good team together
and that the interest In the game will
revive. I favor a southern trip and be
Hevelt could be made to pay. The
southern leage is very prosperous and
games arranged with some of the ersek
teams down there would prove profit
_ I
With Either Mitchell or Jackson Next 1
The Champion I'oata >10,000 Fora Battle
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 13.—James J. |
Corbett wrote his personal check for
$ 10,000 here last evening for a fight I
check to day and make an effort to get I
on a fight with Mitchell in December. I
If be should fail In this, terms will be I
made with Peter Jackson for a fight for
$l0,0mi u side. Corbett offers to bet from
$ 0,000 to $50,000 on the side that be
whips the Englishman or the colored
- I
The Clever Short-Stop Again a Member |
either with Mitchell or Jackson. Mr.
Brady will leave for New York with this
of the New York Club—Promising Pros
New York, Feb. 13. —The deal by
which John M. Ward was secured to
r To« Axait i;« Gai Feb IS —Plan« I
have been matured " for one^*' of"the
greatest irrigation schemes ever under
taken in the United States, the result of
which will be the reclamation of a large I
portion of the Mojave desert. Repre
eentatlves of Minnesota capitalists have
obtained from the Hesperia Land gn d
Water Company, an option on the
water right and dam site at Victoria
Narrows, on the Southern Call
fornla railway about fifty miles north of
San Bernardino. Here, where high
granite precipices approach each
other, a great dam will ne built, i $0
feet high and 75 to 150 feet long, block
ing the cttrrenl of the Mojave river and
forming a groat lake which it is esti
mated will Irrigate 250,000 acres of gov
eminent land open to settlers In the
usual way. The cost of the enterprise is
_ . 1Q TV ,_.
Boston, Feb. 18. Three unknown
persons, supposed to be two young men
and a boy were drowned yesterday in the
Mystic river near the foot of Baldwin
street Charlestown. They were skating
and had been seen to venture out on the
thin ice over the channel of the river
and went under.
A Camden, N. J-, Murderer Sentenced.
Camden, N. J., Feb 18.— John Hill,
the colored boy convicted on Friday last
of the murder of Joseph Dodson, was
sentenced this morning by Judge Qarrl
To Hake the Mojave Desert Fertile.
Drowned While Skating.
son to be banged on April 11.
Complaints From the Kmplre State That
It I« Being Slighted By the World*« Fair
Manager« Denied in Chicago.
Chicago, Feb. 18. —Tbe Tribune this
morning devotes a page to tbe refutation
of tbe stories printed In New York to tbe
effect that New York and other Eastern
exhibltors have been unfairly treated in
the allotment of space by the World's
Fair management. The trend of the
| articles has been that tbe discrimination
have resulted in the withdrawal of many
of tbe exhibitors and that others are to
It is denied by the Tribune that the
director general of the exposition and
his chiefs have as alleged, studiously
discriminated against New York exhibi
tors in allotting space in the various
buildings at Jackson Park and the asser
tion U made that every exhibitor who
has accepted space from New York state
« and city is satisfied that he has been as
W ell provided for as was possible. Every
I commissioner from that state has
I assured Director General Davis that New
| ^ ork bas received all it was entited to
And not a 8 '?* le com P lalnt or
intimation of any unfairness has come
from the goTernor of the Empire State or
any executive of that state,
The article continues: "Tbe number
1 exhibits credited to New York city
I and 8 t »t® U P to date, is 8,000. That is,
8 P aee has been »Hotted to that number
| applicants. In some of these exhibits
I there may be two, three or half a dozen
1 displays. The number of square feet
I assigned to these exhibitors and accepted
is 818,348,
"Director General Davis said when
his attention was called to the charges :
T realized at the start of the exposition
, and it has grown upon me daily, that
New York is the one great big state in
I t,liis union that is great in everything.
I New York city is the great metropolis of
I this country and of tbe western
ba «"i*phere, and without the assistance
of both in the exhibits to he made they
I wou | ( j no t ^ complete. 1 said so to all
I my chiefs and they will bear me out in
| It. I said so to tbe national commission
and its members will bear me out in it.
There has not been a single instaure in
which a New York man who has been
... . ... , . ., . ,
»«bed to assist in making the fair a sue
ce , 8 " b » 8 d ®® b °® d - There have been some
wltMr^ls I ^m.t but in near y every
8U .' b case * he exh ' b ' t °r " ak '"ff 8 "® b
withdrawal has assured the management
'hat It was on personal grounds and not
becau8e the space assigned that the
I loca ti®" w » 8 " ot »»tisfactory.
I - -
| a Foiled States Ship Returns with a
■ _
A c „ T , llln( | Inv „ tor .. B .hem. for an
Blectrloal Elevated Boad.
the Clkvblanu, O., Feb. 13.—If the ex
tatlong of ^ Cleveland inventor are
the F ,, . .. , » . . , .
ent 1 re»liz«d the mode of travel and trans
portatlon from place to place may be
changed in the near future.
he I In the second floor of the
building at th* foot of Water street 1«
say the modo i 0 f an electric motor ear, which
back i( 9 „ CC essfal will revolutionize the
electrical world and aid another step In
I the forward march of Improvement in
^ 19th century.
It | R the work of a Cleveland Inventor
A . Gate*, and is designed for an elevated
will rallroad ^ rnn from Philadelphia to
be New York to be built and controlled by
The e a. te rn capitalists. The model represent,
and a car suspended from an overtrack pro
ersek pe n ed by electricity. It hangs about
twenty feet above the earth and Is held
1 to wheel, by wrought and malleable iron
fittings. ,
Cargo of Art Exhibits for the World's
Fortress Monroe, Va., Feb. 13.— The
United States ship Constellation arrived
at Hampton Roads yesterday, after an
I interesting cruise in the interests of the
I Columbian exposition. The Constella
tion left Norfolk early in October for the
1 purpose of transporting to the United
States from Frauee aud Italy various
works of art designed for the World's
J. | Fa i r _
Tbe voyage has been a successful one
I both to the excellent time made in the
passage and to the works collected. She
sailed 12,800 miles in ninety four days.
The cargo taken at Naples consisted
I 0 f marble statuary and paiatings prln
I cipally tbe work of American artists iu
be I Italy while that taken on board at Havre
for consists of plaster casts of the statuary
In the Trocadero, works of French
be exhibits from tbe French colonies, tbe
whole amounting to 6U0 tons bulk and
taxing tho ship to her utmost capacity.
Tbe Constellation put into Hampton
I Roads owing to stress of weather and
I will probably proceed in a few days to
| New York to discharge her cargo after
»hieb she will again return to the
Naval Academy for service at that in
fittings. ,
Time and distance it is claimed are to
U 8 eat8n "P 1 'Vf^Vlh^î .itu a^ca^U
fro " ^ e T r J,° rk t0 P bll ^®'P b ' a ® 8 " b *
mad * lu , li " le "°7* tban ha, . f an , bou , r . b /
^ 8 8 " i " K ' D ?'
Mr ; ® at " bad hl8 ,
P» ®nted and It Is expected to bu^d
tbi8 ea8ter ° ll °* and 8end tbe f " 1 ^
° ver tb * air track within the year
T° re8 8t tbe C^b^lt" arrow shaùl
f ar , i8 tb
ia front an d wtU cnt the air '
Excitement Over an Attempted Mnrder
Fo(yutB Ind ( Feb . Ig,—Excitement
, .
continues to grow here over tbe at
tempted murder of Druggist James W.
Payne, Saturday morning. A search of
I p a yne's home yesterday disclosed evl
1 dence strongly indicating the culpability
| 0 f b j g w jf e and she was arrested. Others
implieated with the wife but no
motive for the crime has been discovered.
» There Is no hope of Payne'e recovery.]
j -——
To Refond Cspltation Tax.
I The finance committee of the old juris
I diction of the A O. Ü. W., and acorn
mittee composed of the members of th*
Qen jurisdiction have come to an arnica
b ) e conclusion as regards the refunding
1 of capitation tax. The last pa, ment of
capitation tax paid to that order In this
1 gt £ te amounting to $16 000 must be re
funded It will give the new Grand
Lodge ample funds with which to begin
business The members of the A. 0. U.
W. are highly pleased over this decision
of the Supreme Lodge.
Two Men on Trial for Spiriting
Away a Witness.
They are Charged With "Obstructing
Justice" by Preventing Jeremiah Nul- I
When the county courts reconvened I
this morning at the Court House some I
11 van From Testifying Against James
W. Horner Who Sold Liquor to a
Minor—Another License Case.
time was spent in finishing the revision
of the new trial list and two cases were
in the case of John Wesley Pollock vs.
Charles E Benson and his wife. Frank
D. Carpenter, applied for the case to be I
brought to trial A mechanic's a
lieu is standing against the property of ,
the defendant as long as the suit is pend- I
lug and they now demand immediate
prosecution. On motion of Lllburne
Chandler, representing the plaintiff, a
peremptory rule fortrial at the May term I *
was granted, counsel having shown that
important witnesses are out of the state
Chief Justice Robinson arrived soon |
after 11 o'clock aud the criminal busi
ness was resumed.
For Spiriting Away a Witness.
After a long delay on account of the
absence of witnesses for th© defense, the , t
case of the state vs. John J. Horner
and John T. Spring was taken up with .
Attorney-General Nicholson for the state I
and U. H.
Obstruction of Justtce. I
• i « t n I
A. 0&r"s Thi at2r.r
general stated this eu. wm a very
? n °?t J
struct the administrai ion of public jus
tice by preventing a witness from a p
peanng n court. The witness was Jere
miah Sullivan, a minor, to whom one
James W. Horner had sold intoxicating
liquor and said Sullivan was spirite!
away to New look. I
, Court Record, Admitted. J
When Clerk of the I eace W. P- I
Biggs, the first witness, was called,
ii.niit. n|-.|. i.Tiviai. u„ I
was sworn by Deputy Cle. k Janvier. He
identified the subpoenas offered in evi-I
dence as ones issued by him for the ap I
arance in court of Jeremiah Sullivan.
Ward for the defense.
Mr, Ward objected to the subpoenas for |
severel reasons, the principal one of I
which was that it waa not necessary to I
bring out a fact that was not mentioned I
in the indictment. The subpoenas and I
court recotris, however, were finally I
admitted. I
William T. Hamilton, a deputy sheriff, |
swore that he served the subpeenas on I
the state s witnesses, among them being
Jeremiah Sullivan. He served the sub- I
poenas for the September term of court. 1
Court adjourned until 2 30 o'clock with I
this witness on the stand. I
John T. Spring is now holding a I
public office, that of fireman at the Court I
House, to which position be was ap- 1
pointed by the late Levy Court, |
__ ,,. .
Governor Brown Will Interview the Four I
uni Murderer. Who Now Li»«.
„ , ,, , .
Governor Frank Brown before man»
days may b* within the walls of he
Mainland Penitentiary 1 ® 8 K°- 8
there to court an interview with Charles I
Emory. Lew.* Benson Henry Burn and I
Joshua Bayuard, the four colored boys
whose sentences he coi»mated to,.mprU
oument for life after they hadI Wn
doomed to the gallowe for complicity in
the murder of Dr Hill of Kent counts
Since the hanging
men the governor h»s had a desire to
yS " MTe ° m
death by the rope.
This d -«ire is prompted somewhat by
the remarkable coincidence ° f ^ a ' h ."M
the four condemned men being ""t'"l®
eternity without a word of confe.sum
from either. A statement from at east
one of the men at the last JM
was thought, would be made but a. all
four weutto death with sealedlips he
an governor Is anxiou. to talk to the "»'uf
participants in the crime.
ex- boveVndwetand the^debl of obligation
are Ze him as th.Tr savior and te
w A TTi. »a.*
impress them with the fact that the law
be h " ,aaen ' ta ®® u , t ? a "* th ._
wil1 , Bbo . , T tbl "".h* 11
the ®°"| d S " e a * C ofj" d °bem ""
1« Governor Brown will then press them
( or a confession, and in this he hopes to
the .acc^d The governor is anxious to get
In a itory of t h* crime from the boys (or
in hi, .»nSatisfaction
b Wh7e he do" not' think there is any
doubt of lhe guilt of the men hang, nor
those doomed to spend the rest of their
to Uve ®in toil for the state. It will be a
by gource of satisfaction for him to know
the exact'part played by each In the
pro- tragedv
The boys when first taken to the penl
tentlary were In good spirits over »heir L
esC ape/but they.I.ke tb P * rest of the
victs, find little to b ® tb » nkf "' ^ or l "
their present surroundings. They do
to, hut do not T ew their tasks w th the
8ame j J ? e 7" ^ dl l* h . '
they entered the ,a8,it " t '" n '. ^" lory
th ® ""ttoent of all however,
when he says he d ntherbe 8 Un
ylct than 8 d f ad murderer.-Baltimore
Morning H erald. _
Gathered ap HU Children end E»r. P ed.
Pocomokk City Md Feb 13 —A house
owne d by Mrs. Cordelia Long in Pooomoke
City caught fire at 3 o'clock Saturday I
morning and waa almost destroyed. The
fir© raucht from the loside and when
tbp kltcben wg3 enyeloped in
flanie ^ Abe Whittington, colored who
0CC upved tbe house was awakened in
time to snatch up his children and a bed
and escape with his life. The house was
at the foot of a row of small tenement
bouses and situated on the east side of
"Hotel Square," opposite the Ford House
andTwilley's stable* aud a ehort distance
from the Grand Central Hotel and some
other fine residences. Prompt work and
(.he falling tain prevented another
gérions conflagration.
Warren Club sien to Compete.
The Warren Athletic Club will select
members this evening at a meeting to at
tend and compete lit the annual cham-j
pionshlp games of the Atlantic division
m Philadelphia. The games will take
place on February 84 and 25 Athletes
of all the eitle* which comprise this dlvl
I sion will be present to compete foi
I honors.
North Carolina Officer« of the Law Shoot
Down a Man and 111« Wife Wh«
fn««d to Surrender.
Asie ville, N. 0., Feb. IS.—Some time
ago Mrs Thomas Johnston, who lives in
Tennessee near tbe North Carolina line.
wa, put in jail at Marshall, Madtsoi
county, N. C., for non payment of costs.
*3he was released last week.
' Her husband came to Madison county
to a "house raising" ami met Alexander
Ur«;fly, a negro who laughed at him be
cause his wife had been iu jal 1 . John
ston jumped at Qrofty gave him « terri
ble beating and then went home.
Sat urday (irofty swore out a warrant
for Johnston and with two officers and
two colored men went toJohnston's house
to execute the warrant. The posse was
... . .
b y Johnson as it approached and
calling his wife and eon. each presented
a FJ»" »" d warned the party to leave
, lhe posse advanced and fired, killing
I Johnston and wife, and then fled back
nto the North Carolina mountains. The
late8t "* W8 ,ro ® scene of trouble is
that no attempt had been made to arrest
I * be m8n who dld tbe kulin 8 -
| Thames R. Mllllkln Arraigned In City
Court on a Charge Which Is the Sequel
of Attempted Seduction.
, t . . . . . . ....
larc «>7 of » trunk containing $94.25
woitb of clothing, the property of Lizzie
Thomas E. Millikin was arraigned in
tbe Municipal Court this morning for the
I Uu L l i»P;
Millikin was not ready for trial and
I asked * be S 1 *« opportunity to
I secure couneel. Mr. Lynam was his
" d Vvn'.m
tbeu he'would beroady
for trial on Wednesday morning,
While the charge was being read to
k, b h j k th court * Mmiklll
gmiled y a „ d geeIued mucb „„concerned
.. .
' .„j hiol. roil.r
w f, h liKbt BU f t of clothes,
I Millikin arrived in this city on] Monday
J and | nger t e d the following adver
I tisement in the Evening Journal:
W theatrical company to travel; ex
uerience nol necesHaryjglve age and address
I THEATRE, Journal OtSce.
He is of the dude
A number of replies wore received.
| Among them were two from Annie
I Brower, aged 16 years, of No. 927 Spruce
I street, and Maggie McCafferty.
I HUin at once appointed a meeting
I place, it being at the hotel where
I he'and his supposed wife were stopping
I He made flattering offers to them if they
| would join "The Latest hensaiioual
I Company" of Cincinnati, Ohio, of which
he said he was agent. The two girls
I decided to join the company aud were to
1 meet him Thursday night to close the
I contract.
I They were at the appointed place on
a I that evening Millikin then said ti at
I he could not afford to pay their railroad
1 fares and buy tbem clothing «lai», where
| upon Annie offered him her father's gold
. watch, that she had brought with her.
sbg t j d Millikin that that would pay
I whatever he might need for h er.,
Millikin took the watch aud told Annie
aud Maggie to meet him Friday night
he ß timore and () hlo railroad sta
t|#n aQd thgy w0 „ ld go to 8 pri „gfi«ld and
8 j 0 |„ the company there The u«xt even
I f tb ^ weal * the station and
I f t ,g uega , midni ht but the
man did not 7 con)e .
7 » „ gQt to a l(><1 lllg house and
/ „ ni bt Bot car B lllR „ bome
in j 8aturday b ight Captain Evans found
A i t ( fa ? b but Maggie
had gone home. She told them about
to j Millikin aud Sergeant Wlgglesworth
m 8 t»i-t® d to look for him. He found
tbat he bad taken a train for Balti
by and had h , g baggaf * a trnnk
checked to there also While the chief
and tbe offlcerg were talkin g »bout the
woman came and reported
b at her husband had stolen her trunk
JM an d ,eft the city. She said her name was
DunUp 0 J f Philadelphia. She saw
he » n adv ® rtiae ^« ut » ud '„«„«red It. Mil
I ukm inducea hpr toaccept the terms. Af
ter she had reported the matter. Chief of
Poll °* ^»"f ' 8 and Detective Hatton
te Baltim "rnV!n 'J.S* ?b. ùroenv
rant charging Mlllikln with the larceny
I, a trunk He was arrested and the
._ officers brought him back yesterday and
locked him up in the City Hall.
. Cble L of Polic * P a anci8 rp . C0T8re d
^°'*° rowe . r
to P awn B £ opat . J k_ Mimken that
get u Z L
(or n * " ad P aw "*" 'Î *?' r T*. ..»„„..b«« him
. Mtlliken says that what astonishes him
nor 8 ** alu ** _ k ' c Ttv and eev 'ral other
"f nl / r J "! ri r rr ^ l y i WhU./rtt ll.
a remarked that the trunk wm not of
J. hnt wo.iiThlve naid
the ? 0 " C 0 h ne ^äTb^*t^tiBB^i
f n ek 8 b ar " * 1 "
. . tb , tbat
" ™ « »SST aJd Ud
ta Tto
a W9ek and expenses to travel with
». . . . Company" at
tracted her, thinking she could'better
hprgelf Bh , and MiUlkln registered in
a well known hotel in this city, where
she remained until Saturday, when she
wall induced to go to the City Hall by
s nt Wigg leeworth.
Manager Williamson of theOpere House
gayg tbere ig no guch comp any as
"The Latest Sensation Company" and
that the man. Gamble, who was said to
b ® manager of the company was unknown
in New York._
Faclkland. Feb.
McBlwee of Wilmington, returned home
last evening from anextended visil to
her brother John T. McElwee.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine Guest were enter
telned at the bome of John Btewart here
The Klamensl Gun club will gives
ball at Marshallton, on Friday evening
Miss Maggie Lowther was a visitor of
I Wilmington friends yesteroay.
C H. Palmer will sell his farm impie
| ments and stock to-day at public sale,
safe BurxIarCaucht
AUrg.d H.f. Burglar Caught.
Easton, Md., Feb. 13.—Hezekiah
Scott was arrested Saturday on the
ci arge of breaklug open a safe in tne
Etston depot of tb * Ba li "°" a " d
Bestem Shore railroad last Tuesday
night. He is on ball and will have a
I hearing to-day.
Gun Club Ball at Marshallton.
•pestai Correspondence Evening Journal,
13. —Miss Mary
Moody and Sankey End Their
Mission at the Rink.
, 1
, I
I ho
Urgular Mervlees—The Two Rink M.et- |
riie Inquiry Room Crowded to Ik. Hour,
at the Conclusion of the Evangelista 1
lugs Crowded »ml Two Overflow Ser
vices Held.
Three weeks after their initial service» I
... . «ki. I tar
c uded last night, their mission in this Th
city with a men s mee ing, 1 he attend- I
aure, as usual, taxed the rink's Mating
capacity, and, though it did not equal
that of Thursday evening, the reverence |
and earnestness of the auditors was
more marked than at any other service.
The inquiry room was so crowded at the
conclusion of tbe evening service that
one of the poets which supported it I
crashed through the lower floor, al l O
though, beyond sagging the flooring
about It and creating a little momentary
alarm, no damage was done. Prom be
seventy-five to a hundred men arose for
prayers during the regular service
The afternoon meeting, for women, se
was also largely attended. Many
persons arose to signify that they de
sired the prayers of the congregation.
Mr. Moody bade the people a verv
tender adieu u an introductory speech
lust night. He spoke of the .cordial co
operation of the local clergymen, the
work of the ushers aud the assistance of |
At the song service "which opened the | f
afternoon meeting Mr. Sankey sang
"Let tbe Savior In." and a Scottish
hymn, "Still There Is Room," Mrs. F, T.
Pierson sung "Come Unto Me," and a
mule quartette composed of Messrs,
King. Cline, Tatnall aud Taylor sung
"Ashamed of Jesus."
Taking for his text Luke, 11, 10; "Ami
the evangelists, Moody aud Saukey con
the local press.
A Rcrmon on the Coldness and Ingrntltuda
With Which People Regard Christ.
the angel said unto them, fear not ; (or
bshold 1 bring you good tiding, of great
M r 'M b !d h 8l Td l be art U '° P ~ pl# '"
Mr Moody said in part ;
"I want to show if I can that the
human heart is very much like the inn at
Bethlehem In which there was no room I
for the mother of the Saviour of men ou I
the day of His nativity. For 4,000 years
the world had been looking for tho
saviour of the world. The prophets of
Israel had fortold His coming and had
named the place of His birth. Now the
angels tell the wise men where to find I
Him—a babe wrappcl In swaddling
clothes and lying in a mang er. 1
"Probably you are thinking that if the I
people had known who He was they!
would bave opened their doors to Him,
I think you are mistaken. When the
wise men went to Bethlehem they were
asked about this baby who was born
King of the Jews,and Herod sent down to
Bethlehem and slew all tbe male children
under « years of age, In order to be sure
that tbe Infant Saviour had been put out
of tbe way. You will remember that
wheu he returned to Nazareth. Hie
neighbors and townspeople drove Him out
of the synagogue. When he went to I
Jerusalem the people detested Him. The I
Gospel has been preacln-d to tbe werld
for 180 ' years, and yet people are reject I
ing Christ. There are churches In which I
Ho could not go. There are women who
r ject Christ. This is hard to under
stand. Why should a woman shut her
heart against Christ? He has raised
woman from a placeof dishonor to one of
honor, and yet 1 was told by a woman, I
in this house, that she could get along
very well without Christ. This world Is
not ready to receive Christ. If you were
to put it to a popular vote He would be
rejected I don't believe He would carry
a ward In this city. Ho came to His own
and they rejected Him. There Is on*
passage in the Bible which tells ns how
and when all the people went to their
homes. Jesus went to Olivet, while the
»copie were asleep in their houses: fihls
Prince of Peace was wandering about the
mountain side, asleep under its trees or
beside Its cold, gray rock*.
"One day He cam* to the home of Mary
and Martha. Martha heard Him ln
the temple, and It is said that she loved
Him. She invited Him to go to her home,
It Is probable that her neigh
bors bated her (or this, but sh*
was richly repaid when at the grave He
brought her dead brother back to life.
"She was the first person to hear the
sweetest words that ever fell from His
lips: "I am the resurrection and the
life." This is the good news—the glad
tidings of great joy which Jesus brought
to men and women, and yet their homes
are closed against Him, and they still re
ject His gift of eternal life."
__ i. S
The last song service was an excellent I
one. Mr. Haukey. Mrs. F. T. Pierson I
< . 1 U5 r T*. t . t |^e/!n 8 <r* r8 ' K UB '
Cllue, Tatnall and Taylor «ang. I
Mr. Moody chose for his theme tb#
parable of the rich man who tore down
hisbarn* in ordertobuildnewunes
This parable Illustrated the erll or
getting spiritual things In the race
for worldly wealth. The nob man was do
" wned 1 f.rtilc'fl P 1 r d < ; S Te a ;to.. \ r n 7 r an"eU
owned fertile field?, fine sto< k and tn eie
pant mansion. he thought that he had
won the esteem and admiration of hi.
neighbors by hi, sucees. »A
prompt and liberal payment for service*
rendered him. He thought they were
ready to write eloquent obituaries about
him and put a fine epitaph on hi. tomb
after he had been burled witn greet
honors. The Lord celled him e fool. He
^ C T t0 Z m,LQ ' ndG ° d W8 * BOtl "
all his thoughts.
The preacher warned his hearers of the
certainty of death, of their inability to
take material wealth with them ont of
this world, and of the necessity of laying
up treasures in Heaven wbleh would
alone give them life eternal.
The Dire Kesalt* of Forgetting Spiritual
Things in Order to Secure Wealth.
A Meeting To-Night.
A jubilee meeting to night will con
clnde the rink meetings. Rev. John T.
Dobbins will have charge.
Two overflow meetings *t Delaware
avenue Church for men were conducted
by Evangelist Pierson ot Baltimore yes
terday afternoon aud evening.
They Departed This Morning for Haiti
mor.- Mr. Moody D»«. Not Think Th.y
Will Kv.r Krturu.
Ur Moody left Wilmington this morn
ing for Baltiaore on tbe 11 o'clock P.,
W. & B. express.
To an Kvh.ni no Journal reporter,
when asked if be would give some ex
pression of bis views on the work hero,
ho refused to give any answer beyond
that he was very much pleased.
"Do you think you will ever return to
Wilmington?" asked the reporter.
"No," he replied, decidedly; "I don't
think I ever will."
Mr. Sankey and the evangelists' secre
tar yt A. P. Flu, left on the same train.
Th « begin evangelist!, services at the
Cycloramo buildlug In Baltimore to-mor
row evening.
K.lwar .1 Donohoe. Supposed to Belong Ini
cu »' Arr * ,t * d ,or Mur,UT *" C,er -
, * no ' .
A man ba8 been arrested In Cleveland,
O . for the murder of Mamie Wilson. In a
"porting resort of that city. 1 e gave hie
name as Edward Douohoe and . olal " ed , to
be from this city. While
fluence of liquor, it is said, that Douohoe
threw a lighted lamp at the woman,
se ting fire to her clothes, »he was
fatally burned and died In a Cleveland
hospital. Donoboe was also burned, but
wh en he recovered he was arrested,
charged with the murder'of the woman.
A man by the name of Edward Dono
ho, kept an eating saloon at Third and
Market streeUi until last 8 «ptemb«r,
| when he left for parts unknown. When
he departed from tbla city a woman
named Mamie Wilson went with him.
Relative« of Donohoe «ay that when he
left here he said that he was going to
Philadelphia, but would return before
long. The Wilson women is (romWilkes
. barre, Pa., but lived here some time be
| f ore „he left with Douohoe
Rultlaus In Cliurgs of u Depot.
WdT Chested, Feb 18 —Two rough
characters who took posaesslon of Beaver
station on the Wilmington and Northern
Railroad on Saturday night held It by
force of anna ys.terdiy »"ruing against
» I.srtv Of milkmen and «action hands
„ * ra i tbl . farmers and rail
foSght foki.trance, but the outlaws held
the building aud defended themselves
... , • T k w .i ker
, , ' , . ,. -
I . . ? d _
I . , L in P |lis lircaai
but a Uri" wtketCk
Itahtair *e«Lt Aftar
"_„ n retreated and irava th e rowdi as ti
^ " m ^e to a^borinV woôdi »ta
I . i n .r tn t
Jn? b * long 10 th#
1 010 ar * a »
Reloon-Keepsrs to Make a Move. I
It la said that a number of German I
saloon keepers will hold a meeting this i
week to decide upon some legislation 1
from the state for the protection of that l
das» of business men. The Water De
partneat has placed water meter* In the
saloons and this has made the keepers
Indignant AsserMons are made by the
Water Department that the department I
|, metering all places of business where
water is used In large quantities as fast
as possible. The expense connected with
(he meters Is so great that the depart- I
men» cannot afford to meter all the.
places of business la tbe city at one I
tim*. I
--- I
Bealh of «H» Widow of an ex-Shorlir.
Mrs. Mary Cannon, widow of the late I
[Abraham Cannon, died at her home 806 I
West Sixth street, last evening, bhe
was born in Christiana 79 years ago, and I
has been a resident In this city (or some
time. She waa the mother-in-law of
Charles H. Grooves of tho Health Depart
ment, whose wife le on* of the seven
daughters of the deceased. The other sur
vlvora are two grown sons. Abraham
Cannon, husband of the deceased, was
sheriff of this county about thirty four
years ago aud died only a few years ago.
Minor City Court Ctm,
James Boyer, colored, was arrested last
light by Sergeant Marr for drunkenness,
I and was fined |3 and costs in the Munici
pal Court this morning. George Jonee,
I colored, drew a razor on Officer Lucas
I last night when he attempted to arrest
I him as a suspicious character. Jones
j W as held in bail for the upper court.
I James Collins, for assault on tbe public
I highway wa* held In $1,000 for a further
hearing to morrow morning.
A Peach Crop for sa.
I Samuel O. Fisher, president of the
I Sussex Levy Court, has sold next year's
product of his peach orchard of 800 tree«
to George H. Hall for $8 A fair crop
I would bring about $1,600 and the sale
I shows that the fruit growers anticipate
g bad season.
... , , .. t ^ .
A supper will be given in the basement
of St. Michael's Church to morrow night |
for tho benefit of the church. Several
musical selections will be rendered.
To Give a Church Supper.
rirv nfw/r in BRIEF I
B * I
-The Ladies Aid Society of the Flr-t Pres
byterian Church has placed a now carpel on I
the floor of the church.
t .-Tb»^t U»«t^M Cl^h ^Ueeleteate
flr© In the house of a Jew. on Second I
street between Lombard and Poplar, this
JonUn« «wd box 114 to be struck. Th.
-Nethan .lohnen, colored was arrested
tbl§ aflernoon bjr p ark «uard Naudain, for I
haring committed an assault on Amelia I
Ualdwell. on January *8
bj'.hSpîîmSff'FfroT'onTpïî?' Ä R^tç.
Ascoolatlon of Reading last week,]
where it will be chanced off at a fair.
-An Appeal for m an» to build an annex»
West street«, which they n\y ia neceesery for I
the health e nd comfort of the chil dren.
_ _ _ a . I
Mr«. I). W. EUason ot tbl« city U oa a two I
» n <i rund at with friends in tLis city. 1
Mr (nrt y rg Alexander Megary of Uoylea- I
town are in this city on a visit to Mr.and Mia |
J Ho"n j'ohn W C«u.ey, who ha. been Irk In
Washington for several week«. I« beginning to
recover. The fever, lhe typhoid, has been
Colonel F,. T. Martin was summoned home
last night
account of t
Hr. Martin of Scafort.
by trlrvrapb from Washington on
iho -eriou« illm-sf» of hi» brother.
WUmlngtonians reeiatered at New York
hotels are: J. tK Knowles, St. Denis; U. I .
SodL Piaza-' WteïïèlirHourfifÂ'; p;
H. Mevllle, Hoffman House.
its Bridge Has Withstood the
Awful Ice Gorges.
To Cherry Island Flats Including the
Deepening and Widening of the Chan
nel-Foreign aad Local Peoplo Negoti
ating for Wharf Properties and Manu
facturing 81te«About a Recent Letter.
The United States Engineer in charge
I 0 f the Philadelphia District, which In
eludes the Delaware river and its tribu
I taries, will have during the coming sea
son tbe direction of a number of minor
river and larb.r imprjvement projects
| which have a hearing ou the commerce
I „»
dJLidnir and widening of the
channel through Cherry island fiats Is
the most extensive. These shoals are
I j t above lhe mouth of the Christiana,
P The cbannp , to improved was deep
I gned about feet at low water over a
width of 47Ö feet sud for a distance of
about 4,M0 yards, tbe work being com
pleted i n 1834 8inoe tba t tim e it bus
; hoaled considerably. The work to be
Joue ,, d n thls cbannel to 26 feet
t low waUt aud iucre ase tb , widt u
^ feet
Thw cont r* 0 t for the work was awarded
)agt 8eptember to the American Dredging
company, at 9 7-10 cent, a cubic yard. A
tuta , of about 78 5,0U) cubic yards was to
^ reraoved About half of that quantity
wa> taken out tbe cloge ot tbe laat
I tfK%n
iprlng and fln , gh#d before n „ t winter.
I r "
I ,c * ° on '' th * Bridge Still There.
Work will be resumed lu the
The Cherry Island Marsh Company Is
proud of the' (act that Its new bridge, at
Fourth street, baa withstood all
vagaries of the Ice and, like the Star
Spangled Banner, still stands, and is
doing more public good every day. Di
rector C. W. Talley, who Is also con
nected with tbe Delaware Construction
; U
. _ ,. ...
U 1 »"!'»"?;, Baid m . orul, '« : .... , aQa .
Sometime about Jml the 28th 1898 1
no cad a letur ,ï our P*P* r . " b '® b * aa
written In a semi funny mood, about Ice
! < ' akoa on El«»en l h street bridge bolding
a meeting and organizing for the pur
P° 8 " of »»»«ngtlown stream In a body
and «weeping Fourth street bridge with
them. The writer made a gness that the
. I movement of these cakes In an organized
1 body would be successful In carrying
1 aW8 y 8aid bridge They moved, puahed
by a K°° d fl " w of wa,er ' b " 1 the
I bridge la «U 11 there, but where are the
h* a » d the guesserT
el "It ® 11 7 ou Fourth street bridge is
lbere 8 ta y' Tb( ' ~ ld and
),« I sympathetic aa It is, bad more considéra
tion for the efforts of tax payers, who at
I their own expense and cost, built a
I bridge and presented It to the county,
I than the (cake) that wrote that letter,
i wharf Fronts au a Factory Rites.
1 8lnce t b # cherry Island bridge was
l opened f or traffic there have been nego
De- dations dally between tbe Individual*
the ow „i ug the land, principally tbe Messrs.
-palley IiaacS Elliott and tbe National
the t, red »i n g Company, aiid syndicates rep
I regeut ing both local and foreign capital
u , g ggtd Upun good authority that al
ready Mg otl»tlona are pending for wharf
fronts Wilmington business men being
I tbe gtJ ^, kfrg
Nut Fiabtlaa But Defend loir.
_ , ,
These land owners ere not fighting bat
defending their rights. They want a
bridge there for the benefit of the entire
c 'ty »* well a8 themselves and for the
I development of the'l»n d directly In front
M H>® ® lt y, of Wilmington. They are
I still defending proceeding* against them
I ' n the Court of Chancery. One theory
I their opponent*,—that the bridge
I Mould not last mure than a year—has
1 »'ready been blasted because the strnc
I tur ® remains Intact after resisting one of
I tb ® terrific lee gorge* ever known,
The Cherry Island people Intend to show,
1 J U8t * b * 8 ^»7* "P* 1 " P u
n ® 88 and tbat wbat tb ®7 »»7 wl11 h® done,
1 may be set down as a fact.
I Although three charters had been
granted to companies to build this bridge
I notons ever did anything, and nothing
I would have been done had not the Cherry
I Island people been recognized by l^gls
1 lature enactment. The act authorized
I the building of this bridge provided
I that the directors should be a com
mission, and now each director votes ao
I cording to his acreage in the land. The
I company is a progressive one and if all
I c f it 8 claims stand as nobly as its bridge
I has, It will soon own anew Wilmington
| on the other side of the Brandywine,
After All Others Failed.
Olofr Hansen, n Norwegian, Must Stand
Trial for Stealing S30.
Oloff Hansen, a Norwegian sailor, 18
years of age, waa charged with stealing
$80 from Jacob Ostrand, a Swede, In the
clty eonrt thlg morn i ng .
stated tbat be and Hansen
boarded together for six or seven weeks
at Eleventh and Heald streets and that
on Saturday afternoon Hansen broke his
trunk open, took the money and went to
Edge Moor. There be boarded a train
for Philadelphia.
Ostrand went after him yesterday and
induced him r , tnrn thig eity ln
the meantime giving him $15 of'the
stolen money and acknowledging the
theft. Hanse, also had In his posses
gloQ a 22 ^bre revolver and a box of
cartridges, evidently Intending to go
Judge Ball held him in %200 bail for
th* upper court, remarking that the
Prisoner must be in Jail until May.
Beniamin F Hooklps. Dog
Wlrt'i sssi.tant, was before tl
I pal Court this morning for asseoit on
Melissa Richardson at the letter's home
ou Church street Satuiday evening.
I Hopkins was drank end acted In a dis
I or j e j.jy manner, concluding by breaklntr
a pan.^f glass.' Samuel ÄmWs testf
1 fied that ao much dis tor ban ce has been
I going on at this bouse that he could not
| g j eep a t his home next door Tb*
M 8 »»« Wa8 ^® d H© »nd co.la for hU
1 rrellC.
An Ex-Assistant Dog Catcher Fined,
e Mould
Italian vs. Italian,
Froderico Trarabbra no was charged by
a watch.
I _ V .7 , .
1 Uomlco Lourello with stealing i
I in the Municipal Court this morning. The
evidence showed that tho matter
l onl 7 8 b ~® b ot trust and that there wm
1 no intention of larceny.

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