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Fashionable Wedding at New
ark Yesterday.
_ ,
_ j
Beautiful anil Impren.lve Ceremony Per
formed By Kev. A. T. Bowser at the
Unitarian Church nt
All communications Intended for Insertion I
column .lionlil be addressed to Society
Editor, care of the Evening Joürbal. Com- I
manlcatlons should lie written on one side of I
the saner onlv I
High Noon To
day-Other Pretty June Weddings.
Gae of the gayest weddings that has
taken place this season was that of Miss
Mary A Flinn, of this city, and Joseph
V Kavanaugh, of tbe New Ï ork World,
which was celebrated at 8t. Peter's Pro
Catbedral yesterday afternoon.
A reception followed at the home of
the bride, No 609 West Seventh street,
from 5 to 7 o'clock. One of the prettiest
features was the distribution of the
bride's bouquet. To one rose was tied a
gold ring, and each young woman who
drew a rose secretly hoped she had also
secured the ring. Bat of course that
was not because she wanted the pretty
superstition "married before the year is
ont," to come true to her Mias Ella
Kelley drew the prize rose.
Tbe bouse was tastefully decorated
with daisies and fetus, and thronged
with pretty girls and gallant men
Among them were: Mr and Mrs. James
Kavanaugh, Miss Maud Kavanaugh, of
Brooklyn: Mr and Mrs. Claud Mathieu,
Mr. auu Mrs. John Brady, Mrs.
Edward Nolan, Miss Mary Nolan,
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O'Neal,
Npurrier, Charles McUanuus, Miss Mc
Mtujta.l of Philadelphia; Joseph M
Kavanaugh, Mrs. Kate Brady, Mr. and
Mrs. John Barry, of Baltimore.
Revs. Neal, Flynn, Kelly, William
Michael Byrne. Mr. and Mrs F. P. Cum
merford, Mr. and Mrs. E B.
Hickey, Mr. and Mrs Owen Clark,
Mr. and Mrs James Barkley, Mrs. James
Hart, Miss Hart, Miss Clara Hart, Mr.
and Mrs. James Perry, Mr and Mrs.
John Fllnn, Mrs Margaret Crilley, Miss
Plunkett, Mrs. Richard Ke'ly, Mrs
James Kelly, Miss Ella Kel
ley, Miss Annie Kearney, Miss
Phene Carlisle. Miss Bowes, Miss
Ella Magarity, Miss Josephine Flanagan,
Misses Marian and Lizzie Bacon, Mr.
and Mrs. William Murphy, Miss Maria
Mnrpby, Miss Magee, Misses Regan,
Samuel S Adams aud others
Numbered among the many and hard
some bridal gifts were a large banquet
lamp from the clerks of the cashier de
partment of tbe New York World, aud a
set of solid sliver forks from tbe
Tabernacle Society, of wbicb the bride is
a member.
Mr. and Mrs Kavanaugh will make
their home in Brooklyn They left here
last night at 7 CO o'clock for a tonr
through New York State aud Canada.
Miss Bertha A Lambson, of this city,
t '" l m. »'irr, At v.
ul l ? 'I 1 */, ,m St-ph-n»
SÄÄrÄ""* 8 '"
The Helping Circle of King's Dzugh
ters of Asbury M.E Church,gave a straw
berry festival at tbe home of Mrs Taylor,
at Eighth and King streets last night. Tbe
rooms were decorated with (lowers, and
tbe porches hung with Japanese lanterns
and digs. Strawberries aud icecream
were served.
The Alcyon Literary Society gave a
pleasing musicale at the "esidence of
Miss Clara Buckmaster. The president,
H. B Carter, presided. The business of
the meeting was dispensed with and au
excellent program then rendered, after
which the members aud a few of their
friends partook of refreshments, which
were served in abundance.
At a late hour all returned to their
homes wishing the Alcyon future success.
Those in attendance were; MUs Lydia
Ewing, Mabel Hart, Maggie Townsend,
Miss Harris, Rosa Justb, Helen Mask,
K.ua Thompson, Pauline K«mp, Basie
Carter, Maggie Carter, Rosa Cloud, Car
rie Hollis, Anna Walters, Lillie Buck
master, Mabel Sentman, Clara BucR
master, Florencj Seward
Professor Hugh Baker, Dr. H Buck
master, Clarence Voshell, Ira Pierce,
George Cook, Fred Magau, Lester Riggs,
Irwin Riggs, Roy Hart, Frank Wilson,
A. Taylor, J Warner Reed, E. W. Back
master, William R Way, William Ham
ilton, J. Parker, Fred Heck and many
Tbe entertainment for the benefit
the poor was continued In the basement
of 8t. Paul's R. C Church, last night.
A large audience wai present and a good
program was rendered.
D MacColl MtcQregor, of the Uulon
Bible Institute, Philadelphia, la In this
city, otgan'ziDg a Monthly Afternoon
Ladles' Training Class in Bible History.
Newark, June 6.—Mias Florence Arm
strong, eldeat daughter of Mr and Mrs.
Edwin 8. Armstrong, of Baynard Hall,
Coocb's Bridge, near Newark, was mar
ried to James O. O. Doffy, the popular
dramatic writer and editor of the Phila
delphia Press, yesterday.
Tbe commodious Colonial home of the
bride's family was elaborately and taste
fully adorned with wild flowers, which
grow io profuse perfection in that local
ity. The Episcopal ceremony was per
formed by Rev. George M. Bond, rector
of 8t Thomas' Church, Newark
Tbe handsome bride, who was given
away by her father, was charmingly
gowned In white aatin, trimmed with
duchess lace, tulle veil, aud wore
diamond brooch, the gift of tbe groom.
Miss Miriam Armstrong, tbe bride's only
sister, was the bridesmaid, and John
Barnes Townsend, of Philadelphia, offi
ciated as groomsman.
Tbe guests present were: Mr.
Mrs. Talcott Williams, Mr. and Mrs.
George N. McCain. Mr. and Mrs. George
Helms, Mr and Mrs. Max Kaufmann,
Mrs J A. Levi, Mbs Sadie Levi, Mist
Ida Lsvl, Walter Mayer.Miss May Msyer,
Arthur Armstrong, all of Philadelphia;
Wash Your Face with
A pa;-» antiseptic, mcdlclns! teilet soap
for daily use. It embodies as far
as soap can the^H
soothing, heal-f joS»$SteaS 0 *
ing, preserving
elements that
cal experience
treating the Skin have proven
most beneficial. Druggists sell it.
A book oa Dermatology with every oaks.
. v
7-t. *
Woodbury's Facial Soap
Miss Blanch« Mayer, of N»w York ; Mrs.
Charles M. Ellis and Miss Btasi« F Scott,
of Elkton, M J ; Miss Eleanor Veezsy, of
Summit Bridge, Del ; Mrs E. H. Wilson,
Misses Martha, Lillie and Alle« Wilson,
Kev. and Mrs. George M. Bond, Miss
Nellie Garrett, of Newark; Miss Caroline
Cooch and Professor F. A. Weihe,
After a tour of New York and New
England the happy couple will settle
down to their new life In W'est Philadel
J. T. Cooper, who graduated liflb In a
class of fifty-one at the Naval Academy at
Annapolis, 1» the son of E W. Cooper,of
Camden, and nephew of Alexander B.
Cooper, of New Castle. He will come
i lome ol) a „hört vacation and then go on
. „
* two y oars crnise.

The wedding of Miss Gertrude C Pyle,
daughter of Frank Pyle, of th« C and
J Pyle Company,and William T. Kitchen,
of Philadelphia, was celebrated In
the Unitarian Church at 13 ."0
o'clock to-day. The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. Alexander T. Bowser,
pastor of the church.
The qnalnt, pretty building was
artistically adorned with daisies and
palms The pulpit was banked with tbe
graceful ma guéri te tl >wers, Hanked on
either side with large handsome palms.
Tbe windows were also banked with
B. B. MacAITee, J. D Kwoyer, Or. F.
Noll, of Philadelphia, and William T
Bndd, of this city, acted as ushers
Each wore a bouteniere of lilies of the
valley and tan colored gloves
Miss Amelia Pyle, sister of the bilJ",
was maid of honor. She wore a charm
ing gown of violet-colored beugallt e
with white lace. Her banquet was
Maréchal Neil roses. She also wore a
white lace bat, pinned
violet colored (lowers
wore a traveling gown
galine, of two exquisitely blending
shades of tan and green Her shade was
a combination of the two shades, trim
med with pink flowers. Her bouquet
, ._ . , , . r _,
WRH & "»gu'ßcent bunch of La France
1 roses
T. liislie t arpenter played the wedding
The church was well-filled with the
fi lends of the bride ahd groom, but
only the immediate relatives and ushers
were at the wedding breakfast which
was served at the home of the bride, at
Tenth and Fratkll t streets.
Tbe bride
of bin
D. E. Dail and wife, of Cambridge,
Md., are registered at tbe Hotel Jennings.
W. H Stevens. Jr , of Seaford, la reg
istered at tbe Clayton House.
Q. P, Jones and bride, of Selbyvllle,
are stopping at the Clayton House.
General Secretary Herbert S. Dow,
wife and daughter, left to-day for
Boston, Mr. Dow having received a
month's leave of absence from tbe
Y. M. C. A. director.!.
Misses Sarah N. Gawthrop, Mary A.
Taylor, Edna A lieary, Isabella D.
Anderson and Jos!« B Fogg are the
graduate members of tho Hass In Kinder
garten work of the Friends' School. Tbe
commencement exercises will b« held on
Thursday afternoon, June 14 Miss
Lucy Wheelock, of tbe Cbauocey Hall
School, Boston, will make au address.
Miss Nellie Cahill aud Albert A.
Croghan, both of this city, were mar
ried at St. Paul's R. C. Church this
morning at S o'clock. Before tbe cere
mony. which **» performed by Rev M
X. Fallon, assisted by Rev. J, Quigley,
nuptial mass was celebrated Miss May
Davidson, of Jamesport, Mo , was brides
maid, and William W Mooney, of this
city, acted as best man.
Toe bride wore a tasteful gown of
fawn-colored bengaline, with pearl and
chiffon trimmings She wore white roses.
Tbe bridesmaid. Miss Davidson, wore a
gown of pearl colored lansdowne and
carried La France roses.
After the ceremony a wedding break
fast was served at the home of the bride
at Third and Vau Buren streets Only
tbe immediate relatives were present.
Mr. and Mrs Crogban will go on a
wedding trip to Niagara Falls. They
will make their home in this city at No.
1300 West Third street.
Miss Edith Y. Woodcock, a former
I Salisbury girl, but, now of Minnesota,
will sing at the organ recital at St.
I Paul's M. E. Church. Other vocalisle
I will be J. Newman Davis and H B, Har
r)son wm M s Brown will be accom
pan 1st. J. W. Biscboff, the blind organist
lhe Congregational Church, Washing
•« .raCsS. oow.
I Rev. Jacob Todd, D. D , of Philadel
phia, was In this city yesterday,
I H, T. Ganse and family, of ibis city,
I sailed from New York for Paris jester
I d»y.
Frank P. Bice, supervisor of the Haiti
more and Delaware B*y railroad at Clay
ton, was la this city this moralug.

J. H Smith and Miss Martha Vande
grift, of Ceoilton, Md., are guests of
Mrs. J. L. Van Dyke
The Ladies' Aid Soc'ety of the Metho
dist Church at Elsmere will give e straw
berry festival this evening.
Special Correepondence Evening Journal.
Dovbb, June 0 —Rev. L W. Gibson
has been confined to his room ever dace
hisarrDa' hone oa Friday last The
condition of hie health on Monday was
somewhat serious, but at the present
writing be Is resting easier
Rev. J. H. Caldwell, D D, who was
quite ill on Sunday last, is steadily im
proving, be being able to be up and
around bis room, though very weak.
Thomas Wbitely Dill, of this city, aud
Miss Avon Hayes, of,Chester, were mar
tied last night. The c.remony took
place at tbe home of the bride, No 814
Upland street, Chester. The marriage
was a very quiet one because of the eud
den deal h of the groom's mother The
only Wilmington guest present was
Mablon Clark.
Ex Speaker of tbe Senate John P.
— J Donaboe was in New York yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Luke, Miss
Bessie Luke and William Luke, Jr,
sail-d for Scotland yesterday. They
will be gone three months.
Senator Charles B Houston, of Mills
boro, was in Wilmington yesterday.
To Bind the "Sights anil ; 8 ceoes of the
Arrangements have been made to bind
the "Sights and Scenes of the World,"
In half Russia and
Bring tbem to the
replace any that may have been mUlaid
or missed
g ilt edges for »1
venins Journal
All the back numbers oa baud to
Semite Adopts tlie Amended
A 40 l*cr font Ail Valorem Tax to Ho
The Pivotal Schedule In «be Tariff Bill In
itie Senate and the Passage of
dursed li
the Bill Praetloally Assured—The Vote
Against tile Free Sugar Amendment Was
Mr. Gaston, Wh«
Senator* l>lftcu»Niii£ tin* Sugar Schedule,
(«I %(**t Tmtliuony Before the Investigat
ing Com mitten.
Washington, June 0. —The compromise
amendments to the sugar schedule wore
till adopted In the senate, and the pivotal
schedule on w hich the fate of tbe tariff
measure depended went through without
On the vital amendment to place all
sugars on the free list the Democratic line
was drawn, Mr. Hill voting In favor of It
and Mr. Irby of South Carolina being
paired the same way. Hut the Republic
ans were unable to hold their own forces
intact, Messrs. Mundersim and Perkins
voting against the amendment and Mr.
Quay being paired against it, while Mr.
Sherman, who was present, did not veto
at all.
Only one of the Populists—Mr. Peffer—
voted for free sugar. Messrs. Kyle and
Allen In the final issue joined with thu
majority of Democrats against It. Had
thu Republicans, with the time Populists
and the two dissatisfied Democrats, joined
hands, sugar, raw and refined, would have
gone on the free list. On all the other
amendments offered by the Republicans
the majority against them ranged from It
to 10.
The adoption of the sugar schedule prac
tically insures the passage of the bill at an
early date, although It is Intimated that
the Republicans will make a filial stand
on the sugar schedule when the bill Is re
port«! and considered in the senate.
A 40 Per Cent Duty,
As adopted, the sugar schedule imposes
a duty of 40 per cent ad valorem on all
sugars, raw and refined, with a differen
tial of an eighth of a cent per pound on
sugars above No. Hi Dutch standard, and
an additional tenth of a cent against sug
ars imported from countries paying an
export bounty. It continues thu Hawaii
an treaty admitting sugars from the Sand
wich Islands free of duty, and it places a
duty of 8 cents per gallon on molasses test
ing above 40 degrees by the polarUcopo.
The schedule goes Into effect Jan. 1, 1K95,
and the bounty is continued until that
When Mr. Peffer offered tjio amendment
to place all sugars on the free list, Mr.
Hill asked if this would precipitate the di
rect question ns to whether sugar should
go on the free list or not, and being In
formed that It would lu- said ha hoped a
record making vote would be bad upon It.*
There was considerable excitement when
thu vote was taken.
Mr. Bill voted In favor of free sugar
and announced that he was authorized to
say that Mr. Irby, who was absent, would
have voted for free sugar had he been pres
ent. The amendment wits lost by 8U to
37, us follows;
The Vital Vote lu Detail.
Yeas—Aldrich, Allison, Cameron, Chan
dler, Culloiu, Dolpb, Dubois, Frye, (ial
Unger, Hale. Hawley, Higgins, Hill, Hoar,
Lodge, McMillan, Mitchell (Or.), Mor
rill, Patton, Peffer, Pettigrew, Power,
Platt, Shoup, Teller and Washburn; to
tal. 86.
Nays—Allen. Blackburn, Blanchard,
Butler, Caflcry, Call, Camden, Cockrell,
Coke, Daniel, Faulkner, George, Gibson,
Gordon, Gray, Harris, Hunten, Jarvis,
Jones (Ark,,) Kyle, Lindsay, MoLaurin,
Manderson, Martin, Mills, Morgan, Mur
phy, Pasco, Perkins, Pugh, Hooch, Han
som, Smith, Vest, Vilas, Vuorhees, White;
total, 87.
The pairs were ns follows—the first
namtxl would have voted yea and tho last
nay: Proctor anil Bate, Wolcott and Brice,
Carey and Mitchell (Wls.), Davis and Tur
pie, Dixon and McPherson. Jones (Nev. )
and Gorman, Hansbrough and Palmer,
Irby and Quay, Squire and Walsh, Wilson
and Berry.
Senators Sherman nml Stewart did not
vote and wit«- not paired. Two Kopubllc
uns — Manderson and Perkins — voted
against free sugar, and Quay was paired
the same way, while Sherman did not vote.
Of tbe Democrats, Hill voted for free sug
ar, while Irby was paired the same way.
Of tho Populists, Peffer voted for free sug
nr, Allen und Kyle against, and Stewart
did not vote.
Mr. Perkins asked for a separate vote
1 on the provision of tho schodule continu
ing In force the Hawaiian treaty,
Mr. Aldrich said that unless tho treaty
was abrogate«! in mlmittlng Hawaiian sug
nrs free tbo bill would virtually give the
sugar planters of the Sandwich Islands a
bounty of |5,uou,tiG0.
Some Side Remark*.
"Will you vote to abrogate the treaty?"
asked Mr. Mills.
"I will not." (Laughter.)
Thereupon Mr. Perkins withdrew his
request for a division of the schedule, and
Mr. Allison offered an amendment to make
the schedule go into effect immediately on
the passage of the bill. In addition to the
enormous benefit that would result to tho
Sugar trust from giving that corporation
six months' grace In which to Import all
free raw sugar It could buy, Mr. Allison
contended that tho finance committee prop
osition would Dike from tho treasury ev
ery dollar of revenue expected to accrue to
the treasury during the coming year. Mr.
Allison's amendment was lost—30 to 83.
Mr. Chandler said the sugar show was
about to close. The Populists had got tho
Democrats, and tho Sugar trust had got
them all. What had become of tho doc
trine of free raw material? He picked out
a number of Democrats at whom he cast
darts of sarcasm.
Mr. Dolph called attention to the sugar
stock quotations of tho day, showing
rise of several points. Mr. Aldrich, In
final word on the schedule, said that the
question would come up again In tho sen
ate, when he hoptal that the public con
science woultl cause a reversion of the ver
dict. Tho vote was then taken on tho
adoption of the Jones compromise amend
ment fixing the sugar duties, and it was
carried—85 to 28.
The Jones amendments Increasing tho
duty on sugar candy from 80 to 35 per
cent ail valorem and making the duty on
saccharine 25 per cent were agreed te.
This completed the sugar schedule, «ml
on motion of Mr. Harris the senate went
Into executive session and shortly after
word adjourned_
Mr. Canton*» Testimony.
Washington, Juno 6.— The commute«
~ ' «<>« ml tl*
Lstiimih.v of Walter Gaston, the wire
manufacturer, who occupied the room
next to Mr. Terrell nt the Arlington hotel,
und upon whose statement to u congress
man was based the article In the New
York Mailand Express whieh Is une ol
the toples considered by the committee
The article was read to Mr. Gaston, and
he said: "With the exception of the fact
that 1 was In the room—that 1 overheard
a conversation on sugar, that I told aeon
givssimui next morning from what I heard
that 1 did nut liellevu the W ilson bill
would pass, nor any other tarltl unless a
better bill—it Is absolutely manufactured
out of whole eloth. absolutely false from
beginning to end. In telling this con
gressnmn—we had confidential relations
together for some time—1 told him this In
pure confidence, without giving hlm de
tails 1 told him that no senators hud
been In the room. I mentioned nolxsly 1
simply told him that from a sugar couver
satlon the night before In an adjoining
risen 1 did not believe the Wilson bill
would pass, nor any tariff bill unless a
much more favorable bill for the various
Industries of the country were framed
That 1 will admit."
Awakened by a Sugar IMaeusslon.
He then told that upon being awakened
he learned from the conversation In the
adjoining room that the sugar men wert
not satisfied with the sugar schedule of
fered by the sulicommtttee of the finance
committee. He did nut recognize the 1
voice of any person In the room, although
It was these persons who wi re dissatisfied
with the sugar schedule. From the gen
era! course of their conversation he watt
sure they were Interested In sugar.
He denied that he arose and peeped
through thu keyhole. Thu only reason he
hod to suppose that senators were In the
room was the familiarity they displayed
with whut had been going on In the sub
committee of finance that day.
Hu bad never said to any one that be
recognized the voices of senators. It was
his understanding that the subcommittee
had offered the sugar Industry 40 per cent
ad valorem and one eighth of a cent dif
ferential for refined sugar, and this was
unsatisfactory to thu men In the room,
and from what they said ho was sure that
the Wilson bill would be defeated. He
was asked concerning many of the state
ments in the newspapers and declared most
of tliL-m absolutely false in every purtieu
Ho knew Mr. Terrell was In the room
because some one came in and said, "Good
evening, Mr. Terrell." One of thu men
seemed more familiar with the subject ol
sugar than thu others and was compli
mented by the others for his knowledge.
There was no politics In this discussion—
all sugar and some social talk.
State Bank Advocates Concede Defeat.
Washington, Juno tl.—After nn Inef
fectual attempt to have Tuesday devoted
to private bills the house continued the
discussion of the Brawley bill, the prlncl
pal speech Itelng made by Mr. llartei
(Dent., O. ). Anile providing for debate
under the five minute rule and a vott
was brought in by the coinmittuo on rule»
and adopted by thu house, but was subse
quently amended to allow two hours' gen
eral debate and a vote early tomorrow.
Tbe advocates of state banks coneedt
defeat. At the outset of the debate the
state bunk men counted on 140 votes.
Thotr ranks are thinned by absence and
pairs, however, and they now admit that
the majority against the state bunks will
be very large. _
Big (Talm on the Stanford Estate.
Washington, June 0.—Rcpresentatlvt
McGuire of California vouches for .the
statement that Attorney General Olnej
has filed In behalf of the United States n
claim against the estate of the late Hena
tor Stanford for tho sum of »16,000,001».
The claim will be presented to Mrs. Stun
ford, who Is the executrix of the estate.
The claim Is the proportionate share ol
debt of the Central Pacific railroad which
the department of justice estimates that
that estate owes the United Slates upon
the theory that personal assets of Individ
uni members of tbe origltnd Central Pa
clfic syndicate are liable for the debt ol
that corporation now due or which will
become due the government.
Frye's Array Splits Up.
PARKERSBI RG, W.Vu., June tl.—Frye'»
army split Into three sections bon-. One
part started over tho pike for Washington,
another division walked along the H. and
O. trucks, while the third division, 62 in
numlier, remained in Parkersburg and
took possession of a Baltimore and Ohio
freight train, but were arrested and lodg
ed In jail.
La*It-in Star Convention.
New York, June II.—The twenty fifth
annual convention of thu Order of tbe
Knstern Star of the state of New York,
which Is composed of the wives, daughter*
and sisters of Master Musons, begun it*
session In Scottish Kite ball here.
Caught In the I'ulp Itellera.
Saratoga, Juno 6.—Percy Pbarmcr,
employed at Waginun, Thorp & Co.'s pulp
nml piqa-r mill ut Fort Miller, was caught
in tho Iron rollers and ilraggnl through,
but it is believed that ho will survive hi*
Jerry Simpson l'p anil About,
WASHINGTON, June tl. —Representative
Pence received a telegram from Represent
ative Simpson ut Iterkeluy Springs, W.
Vn., stating that tho lutter was up and
expected to bo around In a few days.
Coal Faralnv Affect* Mill*.
Providence, June 0.—The soft coal
famine is seriously affecting Rhode Island
manufacturers, and two of the large mills
state they will have to shut down if It con
An American In Trouble.
Munich, Juno 0.—A man who claims
to 1« an American was arrested in this
city for stabbing two officine with whom
he hod quarreled in front of Nymphenburg
Drowned llernelf In « Cistern.
Middletown, n. Y., Juno 6. —Mrs. Ho
sier, aged 61, a prominently connected
resident of Howells, committed sulddc
by jumping into a cistern in tho house.
8 .ys Corbett An-epts.
London, June 6.—The Sportsman says
that Corbett baa accepted the Florida Ath
letic club's offer of »35,000 for the fight
between him and Jackson.
Rev. Dr. Edgar Dead.
CRAMltEHsnrno, Pu., Juno6.—Dr. John
Kdgnr, presilient cf Wilson Female col
lege (or the past 11 years, died suddenly
of neuralgia of tho heart.
Korea*. Capital Threatened by Rebels.
London. June 6.—A dispatch from Tien
tsin reports that the Insurgents In Korea
have achieved a considerable amount
success and arc now threatening to attack
Seoul, the capital.
Fr«»! Fr«« I Free!
Given away free, with every fifteen
dollare' worth of groceries, one baking
and roasting pan. Fairy Queen Flour
twenty cents p«r bag; three dollars per
barrel; barrel off Meredith's Cash Gro
cery, Sixth and Madison streets.
Try and k«wp cool.
Do not get excited.
Kxerthm 1« good—over exertion, Injurlm»*.
Keep the blood »tool, well circulate«! and
Do not eat fat or heavy food*.t bat those
that will nourish and not overheat.
Ik>n'i «ml nnripe frulla or other unwhole
some food.
Keep yooreelf clean, keep your home clean,
and live In a clean neighborhood.
If you feel heated, do not renort to lev «Irinka
hut take a little pure nuMllcinal whiskey in
Iced water.
Hememher t hat there In but one pur® niwltcl
nal whiskey In the market and that I« Duffy's
*ure Malt, ami that In 1 lie only kind tiiat «'an
safely be depended UpOi during hot weather.
It may la« that »oma people, pomtbly jour
druggist or uro«*er. will tell}
other whiskey a "Juat
wise yon will r.ot hadeeelve»! hut Imtlnt m»on
having that whieh Ih purest, beat, and certain
to<lo you good.
If you follow these common sense
ttons there is no reason why you are not
through (he summer, free from eoids.summer
complaint»» ami ail the « Langes whirl» nur
r»»»nd ♦»• during thU trying time «»f the sear
that there are
gond," If yon are
»: MS
W« Auiimin«*« for To-morrow
At H a ni a great bargain sale of line
Custom made Clothing at half price end
less, In the reliable store, ilO'J Market
street. See grand display In window
Tbe estoulabUig business we are dally
tiansactlng In Men's Tailor made Cloth
ing it making a demaud upon ns for room
that can only be supplied by a prompt
distribution of the present stock of fine
Clothing Tbe stock Included in this sale Is
all l ew and choice,in tbe most popular and
handsomest styles. Tbe greater portion
of tbe stock was made in our own work
rooms, which Is not only an assurance of
mo.t careful workmanship and thorough
ly reliable clothe, bnt makes practicable
a great saving to our palroua In lb« mat
1er , of ptices. Bargains will be so
hot that prlcea must melt tbem away
Nearly 1,600 garments will be sacrificed
away under prevailing prices.
Men's Fine Suits, Madn to Order, for
»12; will be sold at »II. Men's Extra
Fine Dies* Suits, Msde to Order, tor »18;
will be sold at »9. Elegant Pantaloons,
made fot »8 and »4 : will be sold at »1 50
and »2 Still Finer Ones at »2 50. worth
»5 aud »0 Call and convince yourself
of tbe facts, and you will save money by
buying here Liverpool and I.ondun
Tailors, 3t9 Market street, Wilmington,
Delaware Open from Sam. until 9 at
night. Saturday lip. m.
Are Vonr Kye. Perfect T
If your eyes need attention do not de
i»y. bnt call upon Dr. H Hoegelsberger,
occnllst. No. 8111 Market street. Sstls
fsctlno guaranteed. Examination free
To lllnil the "Sight* «rid Hennen of th«
Arrangements have been made to bind
the "Sights and Scenes of the World."
In half Russia aud gilt edges for »1.
Bring them to the Evknino Journal
office. All the back numbers on baud to
replace any that may have been mislaid
or missed.
Director«' Meeting.
A meeting of the directois of the
Queen Anne and Kent railroad was held
to day at Centrevllle
passed through this city this moruing
In a special oar.
The directors
The War is Over. A Well-known Sol
dier, Correspondent and Journal
ist Makes a Disclosure.
Indiana conlrilmlcd her thousands of brave
soldiers te liic w«r, and no stale Is-ars a la-l
Icrrecord in that res|H>«'t. than It does. In
Illorulure It is rapidly acquiring nil
enviable place. In war and literature
Solomon Ycwcll, well known ns a writer ur.
"Hoi," has won nn honorable position. Dur
ing the into war he was a im-mhcrof Co. M,
2d. N. Y. Cavalry und of the 13th Indiana In
fantry Volunteers. Regarding an Important
circumstance he writes as follows:
"Several of us old vétérans here are using
Pr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. Heurt Unie
and Nerve and Liver Pills, all of them giving
splendid satisfaction. In fact, we have never
used remedies that compare with them. Of
the 1 'llls we must say lla-y are lira heal com
blnallmi of lhe qualities required In a prep
aration of their nature wo nave ever known
\Vo have none but word» of praise for them.
They are the outgrowth of a new principle
itlrlne. and tone up the system wonder
fully. We say to nil. try these remedies."
Solomon Yc weil, Marlon. Did.. Dec. 5,184
These remedies are sold by all druggists
it positive guarantee, or sent direct by the
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart. Ind., on re
ceipt of price, fl per buttle, six bottles 85. ex
press prepaid. They positively contain neither
opiates nor dangerous drugs.
For sal« by Druggists everywhere
T: '
Subject to the decision of the Democratic
FOR 1H#4.
Subject to tbe decision of the Democre
la sffK
jroar wardrobe and
if there
are no:
me garments which,
If properly CM«aa«d and
D 7 will b« good %ß
718 BAf-XET 87
Tuesday, Juno 12, 1804,
Cut Oat Till« Advertlifinfnt and Surd It
to tU« **K veiling Journal" With Mix
Ceuta and Rerelv« On« nf tb« Following
Hook« I
THU YJCLLOW MASK. Hr Wilkie Oolllna
rpHOrfm FKTTKRH. Hy Mn». Alexander.
THK OCTOROON. By Mina M. K. liraddon.
HAU OF DIAMOND«. By George M Fern»
LADY UKAfK. By Mn». Henry' Wood.
THF BguiHK's darling.
By the author of "Dora Thorne."
K 8 H4DOW *»F A SIN. By 0. M. Hraeme.
KRVf KIR 8 of a BACHELOR. By Ik. Marvel.
THK DUCIIRMH. By 'The Ducbeet. •
By Charles Read«,
WfCKXD GIRL. Ry Mary Cecil Hay.
Child* en's tickets -
I«st train leave« W. » N. Cation, foot of
French street, at »3» a. in.
■ ■
Ureat Northern Hallway Line,
Buffalo, tbilmli and
The Paclflc Cosgl.
Exclusively l'«««enm Hteel Steamships.
Nortli West and North band, r>.5i«)tons.
Send forth« ''Illnerary'' and
full infortnatlou to
J. H,Grace, Gen. Agent,
4:i 8 Tliln l stree t. Pldl.delpMa.
By Douglas Jerrold.
CALLED BACK. By Hugh Conway.
A RuOltrri LIFE. By Wilkie Collins,
hill 1*8 THAT I*A 88 IN THK NIGHT..
By Heatrlee llsrraden.
By tlie author of "Dora Thorne."
MY bADY'S MONEY. By Wilkie Collins.
MAID. WIKEor WIDOW. By Mrs. Alexander
BACK to the ObD HOME. By Mary Cecil Bay
('mmnencInelHttunlay, March .71st, 1W4.

rut Out This Advertisement ami Ham« II
to Ilia ••Kv.iilijg Journal" With Ten
rente ami Karel*? One of Ilia Following
Honks t
DODO. By K. F. Benson.
By James Whitcomb Klley and Bill Nye.
VI A 8 IThPICIDK- By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Ry Tsllulah Maltesen Powell
BOOKING FORWARD. an nage». Illustrated.
UNCLE TOM'S t'ABIN. By 11.Beecher Stowe.
CTtSMOPOI.IS. By Paul Bourget
KJIAl, ETIÛUETTE. By Kmlly 8 . Bouton.
REVERIES iiF A HACHKI.OR.il (».Mitchell.
DKKAM IJFK. By Donald G. MltcVell.
HEALTH and BEAUTY. By Emily 8 . Bouton.
Will leave Fourth street Wharf, Wilmington,
dally, Sundays included,7.JU aud III..*», a. in.,
I ami 4.Hi |i m.
Ia<ave Philadelphia. Chestnut Street Wharf 1
Ti and 10.15 a. in.. 1.00 anil 4 p, m.
Stop liotli ways at Cheater on all tripe.
Paeaengers going on the boats can pur
chase tick .'la good to return on the B. 4k O. R.R.
Freight received all day at Philadelphia and
WilmfllftA« «m» rtrr'w» «t th« Inwaat rat««
New Castle County, Del,, April at, 1HW. t
U»h in tlie HppIlfHIion of William L. Scott,
executor of Frank 11. Pinkerton, late of New
Castle hundred. In said county, dene seed. It t s
ordered slat directed by the Kegleter that the
executor slorewld giic not li e of granting of
letters Testamentary iqion the entai* of the
deceased, with the datent' granting thereof,
by causing advertisements to lie posted
within folly dais from the date of such Letters
lu nix nr the uioel public places of the county
of New Cast le, requiring all persons having
demands against the estate to preaaut tbe
same, or abide by an act ol Assembly lu such
case maile and provided ; and also cause the
same In lie inserted within the seme period
tu (he Evening Journal, a newspaper pub
lished In Wilmington, Del., and to lie con
tinued (herein three weeks, (e. ». d.i
Given under the hand and seal
of office of the Register aforesaid
at Wllmtng'on. In New Castle
County aforesaid, the day and
J esr above written.
. WILKIN 8 COOCH, Register.
By Beatrice llsrraden.
LOVE'S EXTREMES. By Maurice Thompson.
BY RIGHT NOT LAW. By H H. Sberard.
HOSE AND NINETTE. By Alphonse Daudet.
By David Mat-lure.
L. S.
This coupon with la rents entitles the
bearer to one copy of PAKT 15, when
resented or mailed to the Evtcaimi
"ouunal Coupon Department.
Notice Is hereby given that letters testa
mentary were In due form of law grautet unto
the uuderslgm-d, outlie tw-utl-elxth day of
April, A. I)., 1SW4. and that all persons having
claims against the estate of the deceased
present the same, duly attested, to the said
executor, on or la-fore the twen'y-slxthday of
the Act of Assembly In
Address, 10U1 Washington street,
Wilmington, Del.
April, 1KV5, or abide
■m b ease made ami
Artisans' Savings Bank
New Cost le Oountv, Deb, March W, 1W4. (
I'po»» »he H|)pllrittion of Janie« H. Hrady
ilmlnlstrator of John F. Brady, •ato of N«w
I, in aatd county, de
o'clock, a. m., until 4 1 . « eased. It U ordered and directed
and Saturdays from TU by the Register that the Adminis
trator aforesaid give notice of granting of
letters of administration upon the estate of the
deceased.with the date of granting thereof, by
_ advertisements to be posted wtthlu
forty days from thedale of such letters In six
of the most public places of the county of
New Castle, requiring all persons having de
mands against the estate to present the same,
abide by an act of Assembly la such rasa
made and provided; and also cans« the sntns
to he Inserted within the same perlixl In the
EvksinuJocknal, a newspaper published la ,
Wllffilngton, Del., and to be contltined
therein three weeks, (e. o. d.)
Given under the hand and seal
of office of the Register aluraeald
st Wilmington, ui New Castle
County aforesaid, the da* and
J esr above written.
. WILKINS COOCH, Regtste..
Notice 1» hereby given that letters of admin
istration were In duo form of law granted
unto ttie undersigned on the twenty-ninth
day of March, A D. 1M»4, and that all persons
having «daims against the estate of the de
ceased mest.present the same, duly attested,
administrator, on or before tho
Wilmington, Delaware.
Lantle hundred
Open dally from »
tm, and on Tiiaadayn
Aaset«, • •
Deposit», •
■ 1*1,848.75
Interest alleweil on ilapoall* of money foi
one or more ealnmlar month« at tbe rate ol
t per cent, per annum. Money loaned or
mnrtgagea on real entate.
GEORGE W. BOSH. President.
B. T. TAYLOR, Sec' y and freon.
■ ■ï
Naewaahaf i. inea.
H. L. EVANS «& CO.,
U 8.
■ Bankers and Brokers,
Real Estate and Mortgages.
MfUltV TO LOAN on flr*t Mot tic«««.
IllUnt I Foreign I»r»if ih m,«l Money(m»«rn
sicHiuHhlp Ticket« to and from Enroue»
Huai K«lalc bongla and Hold. K«n»« and ln>
come collected. Investments Judlclotmly «e*
Ice tad.
to Uih «aid
tw »'iif y -ninth «lay of March, IHM, or abide
th« act of A—«mbly In mob ca«« made and
provided. JAMBS B. BRADY.
Ad ml n lutrator.
N. W.'Cor. Eighth and Market Streets.
A«1dr**a. N**w r?*stl«. IVIaware
of the World
To tho
and have them
in half Russia
Evening Journal oil ice
elegantly bound
with gilt edges
FOR $1.00.
Ono of thes# Special Coupon« and »2.10 will bo accepted for
Parts 1 to 21 Inclusive.
Famous Paintings ëj* World.
This coupon and $1.50 will secure the first fifteen
parts at the Evening Journal office.

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