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Over Five Hundred Pupils in
the Public Schools.
Detective*, on the Lookout for lUcgal
Registering, Arrest a Negro and Suspect
Him of Knowing Something of the
Assault on Farmer Keynolds-vlther
Hatter* of Interest,
Special Correspondence Evening Jonm« L
New Casti.k, Oct. 31.—There was
much routine business before the Board
of Education at its monthly meeting last
night. All the bills contracted in the
rebuilding of the old academy have been
paid and this bsd a draining effect ou the
treasury so that bills had to be allowed
last night "In the following order, to bs
paid as the funds com« in." A question
as to whether substitute teachers should
be employed who had not qualified for
teachers was raised but It was finally
decided to leave all such ma ;bers with
the principal.
Mr , Stewart withdrew from the visit
lug committee of school No. 3, aud Mr
Maulove was appointed Iu his place.
The various visiting committees reported
all the schools to be iu good ruuulng
order "and that No. 3 school is as bright
new pin since its recent remodel
ing." A question being raised as to the
acceptance of the Finance Committee's
report In the brief manner in which it is
usually submitted, President Ferris an
nounced that hereafter h« would furnish
the secretary with explicit statements of
the funds as received from the tax
Principal Knapp's interesting report of
school work was adopted as follows;
Number enrolled during the month
Total attendance ..
Average attendance.
Healing capacity of schools .
Different classes in school.
Number pre-ent every half day... . 2c3
Number not tardy.
Number regularly dismissed
Number forfeited seats.
Number applicants for admission. 14
Number corporal punishments ............
N umber promoted.. 7
The name of Jonn Brough of school
No 3 was the only one submitted under
the bead of those deserving special
censure. The following deseave special
mention ;
No. 1—Walter W. Bacon, Walter J.
Cofield, Kate Duffy, Israel Ridings,
George Brown, Greta Hainan, Nellie
No 8—Sadie Vautine, Hetty McOaughu
No 3—Harry Davis. George Mayhems,
Geurge Caution, David Miller, Eddie
No 4—Belle Meggiusou, Mary Cooper
Mary Campbell.
No. 5—Hiram Borie.John Willis, Harry
Hanes, John Carrick, Harry Truax,Harry
No 7—Laura Williams, Bessie Cofield,
Jennie Coffman, Daisy Hatton, A unie
Carlin, Alice Cooper.
No. 8—Harry Williams, Archie Rennie,
George Duffy.
. -tas
6 bl)
11—Robert MoFarliu, Mollie
Threatening Winds Delay Them.
The river-tug George W. Pride put in
here last evening for a stock of extra
provisions for a ILet of vessels which she
reported is anchored in the bay awaiting
a change In the treacherous southeast
winds. Among the fleet are the Reading
steamers Panther, Lancaster, Pottsville
and Raiding, and for these vessels the
Pride purchased a targe quantity of meat
aud sundry provisions
now behind time nearly four days.
Carl Browne Leaves (or New Jersey.
All men who acquire fame or notoriety
are bound to visit New Castle sooner or
later. Carl Browne, the Coxeyite fakir
and Populist, arrived here yesterday aud
awaited the arrival of the steamer Major
lUybold for Salem. He attracted much
attention in bis long fur overcoat, broad
brimmed hat and flowing locks Browne's
tramp gang Is now encamped near Salem
Ths vessels ate
New Car
the New C»Ntle Train.
"I see there'll be a new car on this
train after next week," said a passenger
on the New Uaatle accommodation yester
"What car Is that?" was asked.
"Why, Çar— miohael."
It is the general opinion in this neigh
borhood that- Mr. Carmichael will have
enough votes and to spare to Insure his
breaming a regular passenger on the
New Castle accommodation train after
next week. He and Col. Boyd are sure
of a big pile of Republican voles in this
State Detectives Take a Negro.
Detectives McVey and Witsil, primped
up until they looked like Messrs. Bayard
aud Gray tbemseives, drove over yester
day afternoon In a handsome open
carriage. The people on Delaware street,
who thought the state officers were only
pleasure'.trip, were surprised to see
Officer Harrington brim; them old
Augustus Henry, a well known negro
about town, wuo was placed on a rear
seat in the carriage. A wan ant for him
which they bad. stated that he was
wanted for attempting to Illegally
register last Saturday iu Christiana aud
't is thought he knew something about
the Frank Reynolds asaault, a full ac
ount of which appeared ia the Evknimi)
m *
Mpworth Les{Q$r5 Spend a Pleasant
The social department of the Epworth
league of the M. E Church held a
meting at the home of Mrs. J. B. Man
; >ve last evening. Games of various
■>ind9 were indulged in aud greatly eu
■yed by the young people present.
> pples and nuts
- bund an ce aud
were served in
much amuse
listless in the Stomach
"1 had trouble with my stomach lor a long
. .me and could not got anything that would do
me any good. Last
February 1 had
of tho stomach, and
was so bad for a
week, that even light
food would cause
. \
Great Distress
and vomiting. The
, doctor's medicine did
me no good and so I
3 thought I would try
' Hood's Sarsaparilla,
When I had taken
Sbo. E. Champlin
* -vo bottles I could eat anything without hav
ig the least bit of distress. I have ouiy token
ve bottles and my general health is much brt
er." Ed. Champlix, Grotou City, New York.
Hood's Cures
Hood's Pills should be iu every household.
I ment was created bv the nse of them in
many ways. The Bible game, under the
direction of Rev V. S. Collins, caused
great interest and was much enjoyed by
the participants, especially the members
of the Berean class, lately organized
This is the second of these socials, and
they are proving very enjoyable.
Incidents of the Day.
Mstthew Blair, who', attended the
colored meeting at Christiana a few
nights ago, is now being treated by Dr.
Fisher for a "plugged" hand, where
another negro's Smith & Wesson ballet
pierced at the close of the meeting.
Mr. Bancroft's paper, (the Every
Evening, is being tossed around the city
promiscuously as a boomerang to his
candidacy. First, he reduced its price
to-oue cent, then to nothing, then two
for each hous , and now he will probably
offer a light fee to the people for ac
cepting It,
Yesterday was one of the busiest days
of the year on the Delaware river, owing
to the large number of foreign arrivals
with cargoes of all kinds.
The only special Halloween attraction
to-night is a masked ball in the K. of P.
Hall, to be given by a large party of
young people
Young people of the First Baptist
Church are making active preparations
for a musicale, the first of the season, to
be given in the church auditorium next
Saturday evening.
At 13 30 yesterday afternoon the steam
ship Siberian passed up the river lu dis
tress, having collided with the wreck of
the Allegheny in Delaware ijsy, below
Ship John
The indications are that next Saturday
night will be a general stirring up time
for New Castle, as the Democrats will
have sn Imposing street parade, headed
by the City Cornet Band and a fireworks
Another big show is coming next
Monday night, when Bates Brothers'
Improved Humpty Damply Company with
a clown band of twenty pieces, and carry
ing nearly thirty performers, will appear
at the Opera House. This will be the
biggest attraction of the year.
To-night the Finns Point, Cherry
Island, Port Penn and the Lower Range
light houses, all In this neighborhood,
will become twinkle lights instead of
fixed white, as they have always been.
Personal Event*.
W Marvin Truss will leave for Phil
adelphia next week to accept a position
In a large wholesale paint store theto.
Messrs. Hauf and Boulden have
returned home from Glasgow, where
they have been attending an annual
Rsv. F M Munson, the new rector of
Imnisnuel Church, has arrived and will
remove into the rectory at once
Mrs Mary Smith, of near State Road,
is visiting relatives here.
Miss Nellie Wise is at Pennsgrove,
attending the wedding of a relative, and
Miss Nan Mahoney la substituting for
her in school No 3
Mrs. Thomas Frazer will entertain a
number of her friends at a sewing bee,
at her home on Delaware street, to
morrow afternoon.
The New Castle county Trustees of the
Poor met at the almshouse to-day in
quarterly session and transacted much
business relative to a more economical
expenditure of the county's money this
The members present were Messrs.
Cnlbert, Salmon, Kellar, Lawson, Cros
sau, Garman aud Dr. Springer 1 The
report of Superintendent David McCoy
for the past mouth was read aud ac
cepted. It showed the following popu
lation of the county institution.
Number of white men, 124; colored
men, 17; white women, 53; colored
women, 19; white children, 3; colored
children, 8; making the total number of
inmates, 334 This is an increase over
1803 of 31—18 white and 13 colored
The following deaths occurred during
the month : Ellen Howard, 68, of New
Castle; Margaret Lay in, 60, Wilmington;
Judith Archer, 86 Delaware City.
Messrs Michael Newtll,Harvey Walker
and Dr. Thomas A. Enos, the committee
on hospital, spent most of the afternoon
inspecting the institution, while Chair
man Crossan aud his committee went over
the farm and through the outbuildings.
The pay-roll for the mouth amontned
to $389 50, which was $17.30 less than
a year ago, notwithstanding the increase
io U.« population The pay roll as
recommended from: the committee on
accounts was allowed
But the outside relief showed about
the same total of expenditures as last
year, several of the hundreds being ex
ceptionally large. Here are the items of
outside relief:
Brandywine, $53 15; W llmingtou
$437 70; Christiana, $19 50; New Castle,
$452 90; Mill Creek, $117; White Olay
Creek. $10 50; Red L'ou, $60; gt.
Georges. $184 93; Pencader, $04; Ap
poqulnimiuk, $160 39; Blaokdlrd, $60,75;
miscellaneous, $430
Strtks Commlnslnnor*' Deport.
Washington', Oct. 31.—Labor Commis
sioner Wright and his colleagues on the
national strike Commission have com
pleted Wiulr report on tho Dobs strike, and
It will soon he in tho hands of the printer.
The expectation is that it will be present
ed to tho president within the next two
Deer. a»o In the K i prims. lu the F ees of
Marked Increase* la the Papulation and
tho Demand* for Outside Belief—The
Quarterly Contracts.
The superintendent's account for the
quarter amounted to $3 228 81, making
tne total disbursements $5,499 77. The
report was recommended for adoption by
Mr. Hal mon and the board concurred.
In the reports of expenditures the coal
and ice for the entire year was included
in this quarter. The trustees are
continually cutting down expenses tils
year aud with the increased popnla
tion of Die institution aud the
extraordinary demands for outside
relief, they have saved much. Another
item that increased the pay-roll w as the
attorney's salary, which is paid ev try
The (Juaiterly Contract*.
This afternoon the trustees awarded
contracts for supplying tbe almshouse
fer the tusuing quarter as follows;
Tobacco—George Steiulkeu, 34 ceuts a
Gasoline Atlantic Refining Company,
13 ceuts a gallon.
Shoes— Daniel McCloskey, men's, 85
ceuts ; women's shoes, 85; men's slippers,
28; women's slippers, 33.
Bread—John B. Taylor, 2Jr cents a
Dry Goods— W, B. Sharp & Co. ~
Beef—Welle Brothers,
CoatesviUe Y.M.C.Ä. vg. Y.M.C.A,, Thursday
University of Pennsylvania to
Play Football Here
Uw tor If ant Ina and Killing Babbit* mid
Faitildge* Goes Out of Effect at Mid
night- Gunners Getting Ready for a
Great Day's bhoot—Other Events,
There will be a good game cf football
at Union street park to-morrow after
noon when the Warren team of this city
will lluq. up against the celebrated
University of Pennsylvania footbal
team The 'Vsrslty team was secured
to day by Manager Layton, of the
home club, who hurried to Philadelphia
when he[heard that there was a possibil
ity of getting the famous players to visit
Wilmington. All the old favorites will
be In line and the following is the tine
U. of P.
Rosengarten .right, end..
Minds.right tackle
Wharton .right guard
Woodruff.left guard .
Upton.left tackle.Hanley
flhert. left end.Buckley
Osgood.right half-back
Knlpe.left half-hack..
., .Yell« click
.Roth well
.Him ms
. ..Freutln«
.Mean «
A Small Army Went Down the State To
dnv aud Many Hare Will Go To-morrow
After Rabbits and Partridge*
Every Delaware railroad train, south
bound, that pulled out of Wilmington
to-day had Pa smoking car loaded with
gunners and their dogs on their way to
sequestered hunting grounds there to
usher iu the November morn to-morrow
when the Delaware laws permit the
bunting and shooting of rabbits aud
partridges. The law against their capture
expires at midnight, or with thej^mouth
of October aud they cau then be 'banted
down at will aud brought home by the
successful lovers of this fine sport to
grace many well filled tables.
This morning's downpour of rain did
not at ail retard the gunners nor their
dogs. All seemed eager to get down in
the sands of Sussex or around Bohemia
Manor to test their fowling-pieces. The
long Hue of.sportsmnn who left to day,
however, will be little when compared to
the gunners who will go down the state
to morrow, the first day of the gunner's
festival season.
Event* of Interest to Focal Sportsmen.
Unless the rain continues after noon
to-morrow the Warren-Coatesville foot
ball game will positively be played at
Union Street Park.
Wilmington sports by the soore will go
to Chester to morrow evening to see Me
Connell attempt to bast the plucky and
chunky Indian, Frank Waugo, before
Company B, of that place.
Already two Thanksgiving Day fox
hunts are being arranged in this county
and a general resumption of this one
time famous sport for that day Is ex
It has been suggested that a special
train for Wllmlugtonians bo run to
Trenton on November 10. the date of the
Princeton U of P. football game.as over
300 local college men aud football enthu
siasts will want to seethe game.
Y M C A will meet aud attempt to
vanquish the strong Eddy stone fouttall
team In this city next Saturday at River
view. The local team will be the strong
est that has played this year and a des
perate effort will be made to administer
to Eddystone its first defeat of the
The Y. M. C, A. football team will
meet thi strong Coatesvllie eleven at
Kiverviow to-morrow afternoon. The
local "Christians" met and defeated the
Ciatesvllle twice last season, aud
anticipate a victory to morrow.
To my friends and fellow
The rumor that I have with
drawn from the Congressional
contest is false. 1 am a can
didate for election as the Rep
resentative in Congress from
Delaware and will be a candi
date until the polls close on
November 6th, all reports to
the contrary notwithstanding.
In the interest of true|De
mocracy, good government
and against rings and bossism,
I respectfully solicit your suf
Wilmington, October 29, 1894
Hats, caps and gent's furnishing goods.
Pierce and Butler. No. 6 East Fourth St.
The Mum Club Entertained.
The members cf the Mum Club were
entertained last evening by Miss Belle
McAllister at the residence of Coionel
Samuel A. McAllister, at No 900 Adams
street The gathering aseumed
the character of a dance and card
parly, and a very 'pleasant evening
was spent Piano aud violin music and
also singing was rendered by several
of the guests. During tho evening
refreshments were served Those present
were; Mrs. Samuel A. McAllister, Miss
May Hyde, Mias Elsie Connell, Miss
Bille Moalllster, Miss Bradford, Miss
Gillespie, .the Misses Hem, Miss
Gertie Connell, the Misses Mc
Allister aud Miss Lydia Downey,
Colonel A. McAllister. Austin Har
rington, Esq., Leslie Christy. William
Robinson, Charles Marouey, Jr,, Harry
Hilligas. George Jones, Samuel Isen
schmid, William Taylor,Harry Bailey aud
Jobn Raudall.
! i e, i§ n ora v t of ou rselves,
Oft j purchase our vivu injuries.
i*. .'.wwis*!
the Active Principle,
Ân Odorless Chew.
P Fragrant Smoke.
A Modern Ruler Who Will Recognize Fo
Laws But Those of Rature.
Something of Interest to AIL
Were one to venture the assertion that
within the borders of the United States
are over sixty million despotic rulers,
they would be thought insane, and yet
figuratively spaakiug it is true.
We will take one of them for example,
the one lu which you are most Interested.
This ruler does not sit ou a gilded throne,
resplendent In the jewels of office He is
modest, and bis name is "Stomach."
King Stomach is a very quiet, Inoffen
sive sort of a ruler, so long as wo treat
him well and observe the laws of health.
But let us once Insult his dignity, or
oppose hls"rules and regulations," and we
are put into the torture chamber, and
made to feel the wrath of his rebuke.
Let us drop metaphor, and talk in
plain, simple English. If we violate
nature's laws In any way, she at once pro
ceeds to administer punishment by
suspending wholly or in part the digest
ive function. Every dyspeptic stands
self accused of some Indiscretion. Ig
norance may be his excuse, but neither
nature nor state recognize this piea.
The stomach is a powerful organ,
whose work it is to disintegrate and dis
solve the food which we eat, and thus fit It
for absorption. Whenever it is taxed be
yond its powers, or disturbed from some
Indirect cause, It Is iu exactly the same
condition that one's limbs are after a ten
mile walk.
We say they are tired, they need rest;
so dees the stomach, but yon can't en
tirely suspend the stomach's work with
out starving yourself, any more than
you cau undertake to rest the tired
liea-1 by causing It to stop.
Were it practical for a dyspeptic to
give up eating and digesting food, his
misery would disappear, but such a thing
we know has not been practical, at least
up to the present time, Recently, how
ever, processes have been perfected
whereby foods may be artificially digested
outside of the stomach; In other words,
that organ cau be spared the work of
disintegrating and dissolving our food.
Baskola Is the now artificially pro
digested food. Its success thus far has
been phenomenal, as is amply attested
by the following quotations from a few
of the letters received from those who
have experienced relief in its use Not
only does Baskola rest the stomach by
providing the body with nourishment iu
the manner indicated, but it aids the
digestion of other foods, hence it is that
the people who so willingly ofisr their
testimonials, have found taemaelves
able to eat food which has heretofore
caused them the most frightful dis
Under date of SLptetnoar 10th, Mrs. L
P. Oreeuhaus, of Myrtle Springs, Texas,
says that she has been troubled more or
leas with Indigestion for six years, and
for the last year has scarcely been able
to bo about. About a year ago she
accidentally got hold of one of our little
pamphlets aud began taking Baskola.
She adds, "it his been more beneficial to
me than all the doctors I have ever con
sulted. 1 had given up ail hope of being
cured until 1 commenced your food "
John Fleck, of Wilmore, Penn , tells us
under date of September 11th, that be,
too, has been a victim of dyspepsia for
four or five years. He had no appetite,
and it was only with difficulty that he
could eat anything. For three weeks he
had lived on four or five glasses of sweet
milk each day, when ho happened to
notice one of our advertisements in the
daily press. He resolved to give Baskola
atrial, bought a atcall bottle and used it
according to directions. He concludes,
"after the very first dite I felt
a decided improvement, and my appatite
began to return. I can now eat almost
anything without distress la my stomach,
and am able to walk around, feeling
batter each day. I firmly believe that
had It nut been for Patkola, I should be
numbered with the great majority that
rest beneath the sod. I therefore un
hesitatingly recommend It to all who are
affiicted with indigestion iu any of its
forms. "
If you would know more of this interest
lug preparation, send your name to the
Pee Digested Food Company, No. 30
Reade street, New York, whea they will
be glad to send you their free pamphlet
on the subject of food and digestion.
Decision In the Mandamus Case Not
inspected Until To-morrow Night.
Special Correspondence Evening Journal.
Dover, Oct. 31 —The application for a
mandamus to compel registrars in Kent
and Sussex counties to replace names on
tho lists from which they had beeu
stricken was taken up at 3 o'clock yes
terday afternoon. The courtroom was
crowded. Tho time was consumed in
reading the law ou the subject, argument
beginning to day.
In addition to Senator Higgins and Mr.
Nlelda tbe Republican counsel present
were James Pennewlll, N. B Smitbers
and Beuiah Watson The Democratic
counsel were General R. R Kenney,
Robert H. Vandyke, James H. Hughes
and Henry Ridgely, Jr.
The case will bo continued to-morrow,
and it la expected the decision will be
rendered In the evening.
Special Correspondence Evening Journal,
Middletown, Oct. 31— the Tunnell
and Bancroft Democratic Club held a
large meeting here last night at which
Branch Giles, T. Bayard Heisel and W.
; pierce Biggs delivered addresses. They
The Situation in Rflddletowu.
were frequently applauded The Demo
crats of St Georges hundred are lively
and enthusiastic and are confident of
The Middletown Republicans held a
large meeting in the club room last night,
at which matters of importance relative
to the campaign were thoroughly dis
» I
< 5 * 99
The pROOTcn a gamble co.. cum
Paints, Oils, Varnish, etc
Is often much more essential than in some other things because of the ex
posure to which these articles are subjected. It has always been our aim
conducting this paint store to place quality of goods first.
lucas' Paints Have a National Reputation.
Fure White Lead, Lewes' and Wetherill's.
Glass, All Kinds, Plain and Ornamental
All kinds of Glazing, and Estimates Given for Painting.
107 West Eighth Street, Wilmington, Del.
Walter H. Podesta & Co., Optical Specialists, Phils
Will be In WILMINGTON, DEL., as usual, every FRIDAY, In
the office of MR. WM. J. FISHER, No. «00 MARKET
STREET, ee long occupied by him. Appreciating the kindly
/ favors of patronage ho has received from the best citizens of
/ Wilmington, be respectfully invites all those troubled with
__ dache, or whoso eyes are causing discomfort In any way to
lall on him and receive FREE the advice his knowledge and
xperlence warrant him In glv'ng. REMEMBER, NO
Satisfaction Invariably guaranteed.

r /
ong e
HARDE tor examining youreyes.
A man may think he adores a woman. But
his love is put to a terrible strain when she
asks him to button her shoes with n'hairpin.—
New York Herald.
If yen need a good medicine to purify your
blood, give nerve strength and bnlld up your
entire system, take Hood's Sarsaparilla. It
prevents elckne*s by making pure blood
Hood's Pills cure nausea, sich headache,
indigestion and biliousness. 25o.
Woman is not hrntat, in spite of the fact
that site seldom tries to convince iter fellow
women except by means of a club.—New York
."A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed."
A filend advbed me to try Ely's Cream
Balm and after using it six weeks I believe
myself cured of catarrh. It w a most valuable
remedy.—Joseph Stewart, 6-*4 Grand avenue,
Brooklyn, N. Ÿ. ,
My son was afflicted with catarrh, I induced
him to try Ely's Cream Baba aud the dis
agreeable catarrhal smell all ieft him. He
appears as well as any one.—J. C. Glmstead,
Areola, 111.
Price of Cream Balm is flf-y cents
Maud. "Have you a collection of spoons,
Mabel. "Yes, you will find their pictures In
the album on the table ''—Truth.
Davldow &Co., pawnbrokers and jewelers
Oopf of» Survey Made Orer Two Him
Ajjo and Marriage Certificate
dred Ye
Attested By Early fjuaker«.
Thagreat-great grandfather of Jesse K.
Baylls was his wife's great great grand
father,but they didn't know it at the time
they wore married. This morning when
an Evening Journal reporter was In
Mr. Bavlis's place of business on Market
street Mrs Baylls showed him a number
of antiques including two samplers, oue
worked bv an ancestress In 1784 and the
other in 1796, She has a survey of the
D Morgan Oruett Irret along the
Delaware in Brandywine hundred.
It was made in 1673, and the accompany
ing deed thereto is dated 1634 A parch
ment certificate of the marriage of Jesse
Kendal and Mary Marshal, daughter of
William Marshal, In 1763, aud another of
the marriage of Mary Kendal and Henry
Reynolds, in 1791, figure in her collection.
They are attested by many of the early
Q lakers.
The oldest newspaper she has is the
Pennsylvania Mercury and Universal
Advertiser, dated May 5, 1789, and con
tains an account of the Inauguration of
George Woshlugton.
Grand Royal Cabinet 10 cent cigar.
Durstein, No 5 East Second street.
Local C. E. Rally.
The Christian Endeavor Local Union
held an Interesting meeting last night in
the First Presbyterian Church. Rev, J
R. Milligan, pastor of the church,
welcomed the visitors in his usual happy
vein. The devotions were conducted by
Rev C F. Hendricks. The song service
was led by J . R King "The J. R King
Prohibition Singers'' sung two fine
selections. The rest of the session was
devoted to the reading and adoption of
the new constitution. Tie last half of
the program, which consisted of reports
of the Milford State Convention, and
papers on special subjects was deferred
to an adjourned meeting to be held in
the same place next Monday evening.
That Jojfnl Feeling
With the exhilarating sense of renewed
health aud strength and internal clean
liness, which follows the use of Syrup of
Figs, is unknown to the few who have
not progressed beyond the old time
medicines and the cheap substitutes
sometimes offered but never accepted by
the well informed.
TwoSIlRlit- Fites.
The bucket brigade had two small fires
on its hands during the past twelve
hours. One was of a chimney at No
626 East Seventh street at 12 30 p. m ,
put out by Officer Shields aud tbe brigade.
The other was at 10 p m , in the house
of James Riley, No. 413 West Third
street caused by the burning of some
clothes. The brigade put It out without
New Citizen* Recorded.
In the United States District Court
this morning five applicants for uaturall
zation papers were refused. The follow
ing got theirs 1 Jobu Faragher, James
Conley, Patrick Dougherty, WlllUm
Graham, William Gordon, James Wilkie,
Patiick Magee, Nemaiu Baird, Thomas
Short, Isaac Chambers, Ireland; Frank
Podbtaskzy, Austria; Olaf S. Roth,
Sweden ; Joseph Bouafacino, Italy, and
Casper Bakerp, Germany.
i CoatesviUe vs. Y-M.C.A. Thursday, at 3.30.
Great Meeting at Union,
Last night was a time of Intense in
terest at Union M E Caurch. The people
were melted by the Divine influence, the
church rejoiced aloud, men came to the
altar and two were converted. Th«
meetings are widening in influence, and
the prospect was never brighter for a
great work. Rev. L, W. Layfield preaches
to night.
j-m l
ADAMS.—On October 25, Effle E. Adams,
daughter of Jacob and Maggie Adams, aged
11 years aud 4 months.
BUCK.—On October 27, Morris Buck, aged
38 years.
CRAWFORD—In this city, on October £8th,
A. H. Crawford, aged 53 years.
HUBBARD.—In this city, on October 28,
Mrs. Addle Miller Hubbard, eideat daughter
of Hamuel and Margaret Miller, No. 904 Jack
son street,
McCAtiL,—In this city, on October 29th, 1881,
George W McCall.
MARIS.—In this city, on October 28, John
Marls, aged 85 years.
SHIELDS.—In Camden, on Sunday, October
28, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of William and
Clara Shields.
STAATS.— In this city, on October 27, Mary
Ella, daughter of Howard E. and Lillie
Staats, aged 8 months and 15 days.
single and double-breasted styles,
$ 7 . 50 .
Worth $10 and $13.
rough and smooth,
$ 7 . 50 .
Worth $10 and $13.
$10. $13 and $13
Blue, Black, Browns, Grays,
$ 7 . 50 .
Hundreds of
sizes 4 to IS years.
Latest styles, All-Wool Cheviots.
Cassimeres, &c
Blue and Black Diagonal Cheviots, &c
Regular $4.50, $5 00 and $6 00 Suits.
$ 3 . 45 .
230 and
Market Street.
Cell and examine it—get circulars
of testimonials, &i.
Philadelphia Passenger Steamboats,
Chester and PhiladelfAiia.
bo*- steamers;
Leave Fourth street wharf as follows: a.m., 1.00, 4.15, p. m
Leave Philadelphia as follows: a. m„ L30, 4.00 p. m.
The public and my friend* are invited to
SUITS- If you want the
new things, if you
want the
things, if you want
full value for
dollar you have to
spend for clothing
for men, boys
little boys, you may
make a mistake in
buying before look
ing through Sixth
and Marker. Es
pecial care taken
in this season's se
lections, not to get
a great big stock, but to get
the beat assortment one could
find among the best and most
reliable makers in the trade.
All sizes from the little, little
boys to the big, big men will
find plenty of styles at various
prices to suit any taste and any
them. Whether you're ready
to buy or not, you'll know bet
tor where to come when
are ready.

Come and see
6th à Marke..
Painless Extracting Remedy.
No Gas, no Ether or Cocaine.
Wide awake; no pain.
7,000 badly decayed teeth extracted In Wil
mington in ten m-nths.
We wish to call your attention to the fact
that with new assistants we will make special
ties of the regulating of Malposed teeth.
Crown and Bridge work.
Give us a call.
S. E. Corner Tenth and Market Sts.
Office hours, 8 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Kina ani Martel Streets,
This handaomo office building
I« practically fire-proof
Lighted by Electricity,
Heated by Steam,
Supplied with elevator.
I« cared for by the company's janitor
Is completely equipped,
Has the best location In the city;
Possession given at once.
Apply at the Office cl tbs Company,
Gold Medal Flour,
At $4.25 Per Barrel,
- AT
Place your Fire lusuranee in the
You got what you lose.
903 Market Street.
Equitable Building.
L. P. BUCK, Manager.

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