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the largest bona fide circula
tion in the state.
live advertiser's medium, olr
calâtes amonsr the masses.
Stanley Claims to Have Been
Discovered By Captain Lee.
Emissaries of the Republican County
Committee Lay In Ambuih for an
Alleged Tai Receipt Deal—The Case
Still on in the Municipal Court.
Another of the cates arising out of the
election was tried this morning before
Judge Ball, in Municipal Court, William
H. Lee being the defendant and Samuel
J. Stanley, Jr , colored, was the accuser,
the charge being the buying of a tax
receipt and paying |5 for it.
Samuel J. Stanley, Jr,, who lives at
No. 600 East Fifth street, Fourth ward,
aged 27 years, was sworn. He had
known Lee for eighteen years,
passing through the Eighth Street Park
when Lee called him and said, "You
have got considerable influence in the
Fourth ward," and added, "I want you
to get me twenty to thirty five receipts "
Lee offered him $3 for each, then $5 or
$6 each, and promised that If he got Into
any trouble the Democratic party would
see him out ; that all he had to do would
be to advertise for a lost pocket book
with papers in it. Lee agresd to write a
postal card signed L H. W., to call and
see him. The sale was perfected on
Sunday night, October 21, at Stanley's
house, when fifteen receipts changed
hands for $75, Stanley's being the third
sold Witness said he bad been helping
Hltchins on the registration and had
taken the receipts to check them. There
several persons present. He had
given information relative to the sale.
James B. Tucker was one of those in
the house when the trap was sprung
He bad been instructed to go there to
the transaction by the secretary of the
county committee,
James Hltchins was there on three
occasions, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
nights. Heard Stanley and Lee make
the deal, whereby fifteen receipts and $75
changed hands. Heard Stanley
say that one of them was his own receipt
and beard Lee advise him to get out of
town till after the election,
rustle of money. When L»e got down
stairs Tncker demanded receipts and Lee
turned them over to Stanley and in turn
to witness.
In answer to E. R Cochran, who was
counsel for Lee, he said that he had been
informed by Stanley that he was going
to sell some receipts, and was there to
hear the conversation The receipts had
been collected by Stanley and three
other men
Amos Hahn was another of the
who were at the house. He went with
Tucker to see the deal. Didn't know
whether Stanley's receipt was there
- •
Heard the
James F. Hershock was also at Stan
ley's house, but was down stairs and
didn't hear anything about Stanley's
Thomas Gormley, registration officer
in the district of the Fourth ward when
Stanley was registered, was called, but
elated that he was unable to get nis
books owing to the office of the Election
Board being closed. A recess was taken
until the books could be obtained.
After half an hoar's delay Mr Gormley
returned with the information that Clerk
McCloskey bad refused to let him have
the book as it was the properly of the
board. A subpceoa was then Issued for
Mr. McCloskey and the book, and anoth
er delay ensued for half an hour, when
Officer Ralston, to whom the subpoena
had been given, returned sayiug Mr. Me
Closkey couldn't be foand.
Cooper, Jr., was telephoned and expressed
his willingness to allow the book to be
taken into court.
The case was continued until to-mor
row morning.
Peter L
The Work of tfae City Departments Dar
ing the Month of October Jaat Passed.
At the meeting of the City Council
this evening reports will be received
from the different municipal depart
meats of work done daring the month
The city engineer will report building
lines drawn for twenty-four new houses,
a stable and a blacksmith shop, not a
bad showing for October.
Registrar Colqnbonn will report 111
deaths, of which 80 were white, 31
colored, 67 were males and 54 females
There; were 41 births, of which 37 were
white, 4 colored,27 males and 14 females.
There wete 43 marriages, 38 white aud 5
The chief engineer of the Fire De
partaient will report 3 alarms and 2 still
The chief of police will report 315
arrests, as follows: Assault and battery,
21; assaulting an officer, 1; bogging on
street, 6; bail forfeited, l;j corner
lounging, 3; corner lounging and ■'dis
orderly conduct, 2; disorderly
conduct, 55; drunk, 70; drunk and
disorderly, 27 ; drunk and exposing per
son, 2; disorderly house, 1; druuk and
begging,!; exposing person, 2; giving
cigarettes to boys, 1 ; interfering with
officer, 1 ; exciting to riot, 1 ; interfering
with registration officer, 1 ; insane, 8;
illegal registration, 4; keeping vicious
dog, 1 ; keeping gaming table, 1; larceny,
28; non support, 1; patients, 42: ped
dling without a license, 2; personating
taxable, 2; selling cigarettes to boys, 2;
trespass, 3; violating city ordinance, 8;
violating health ordinance, 4; vagrancy,
2; violating election laws, 3 ; witnesses^
10 .
Death From a mile Ball.
About a month ago Charles Peaper and
James Kirk went gunning on tbe marsh
near the Wilmington and Northern
bridge when a rifle in the hands of Kirk
was accidentally discharged, the ball
striking Peeper over the right eye aud
coming out at tbe back of the head. He
waa taken home and Dr, Fahey dressed
his wound Peip»r did not take care of
himself and last week tbe condition of
tbe wound became so serious as to ueces
sitate his removal to the Delaware
Hospital on Monday. Last evening he
died Peeper lived in Ball alley between
Fourth and Fifth streets.
Depnty Coroner Palmer will not hold
an icq nest.
The Team Was Frightened.
One of the teams belonging to the
Charles Warner Company, became fright
ened at an electric car on Front street
and ran away. It collided with
electric wire pole at Front and King
itreets tearing it down. The horses
were uninjured.

The Every Evening Hu Abject Fright
Written Over AU IU Pages.
"If you haven't whipped us yon have
scared us like everything," said a leading
Bancroft man to an Evening Journal
reporter this morning. "Yon have made
a plucky fight agalust Bancroft and It
has been a clean one. We did not think
that you would have the courage to
etand by your guns when the fight grew
hot, but we were fooled You will get
more credit for|fightlng than for running
"While I do notagree with the editorial
policy of the Evening Journal as re
gards Mr Bancroft, I certainly admire
the manner in which it hts made the
fight against him," said a Court House
official "It has fought him In a manly
way and will have nothing to be ashamed
of, no matter which way the tide of
battle turns."
"Samuel Bancroft, Jr.'s own paper,
the Every Evening, has abject fright
written on every page," said a Market
street merchant. "Every other column
basa Bancroft local; there is a two
colnmn Bancroft advertisement and
there Is over one column of matter which
Mr. Bryard, at the earnest solicitation of
the ring, said about Bancroft in his
speeches." _
He Address. g the Republican Club.
the Beauties of the McKinley Bill
The Y. M. K. C. Demonstration—James
Fcnuewlll Urges a Constitutional Con
The disappointments which have been
on so many occasions the lot of the faith
ful rank and file of the Republican party
in this city, in the shape of speakers,
advertised but who did not "materialize,
bore fruit lost evening in the rather
meagre audience which gathered in the
Auditorium, to listen to Hon. Charles
Emory Smith, of the Philadelphia Press,
and ex minister to Russia. Many who
would have attended feared that be had
learned at the same time with Generals
Hawley and Beaver, that it would be
useless to waste eloquence in staunch old
Democratic Delaware, and would at the
last moment send regrets, and conse
queutly stayed at home It was a mas
terly adiress, from a Republican stand
point, and while the theme was the old
one of tariff and a eulogy of the McKin
ley bill, Mr, Smith fully upheld his
reputation as an eloquent and polished
The meeting was under the auspices of
the Young Men s Republican Club, and
the spacious hall was elaborately decor
ated gfor the occasion. Portraits of
Marvil, Willis and McKinley occupied
tho stage, while Lincoln, Graut, Arthur,
Harrison, Blaine and Garfield occupied
positions on the sides of ,tbe
room. Potted plants and ll.gs were on
the stage and along the side walls, and
rosettes of bunting occupied the rear of
the platform. The Y. M. R 0. had
seats on the platform, each member
wearing a handsome chrysanthemum in
his'button hole, the gift of Robert J
Hauby, who -mould like to represent this
county In the Senate.
President Churchman, of the Y. M. R
G , was chairman. He said that while
the Democratic party "had Imported
from the shores of Great Britain a gentle
man whom they bad styled an 'Ambassa
dor.'and 'the first citizen of Delaware,'
the Republican party, which had no
'Ambassador' or 'first citizen' had
brought a plain everyday minister, a
man who had represented the United
States in Russia " He then introduced
Charles Emory Smith, who spoke for two
hours on the tariff He took
several passages from Hon. Thomas
F, Bayard's address In the Opera
House and endeavored to dis
prove them The same difference of
opinion exists with all Republican
speakers He paid considerable atten
tion to William L Wilson's speech before
the London Chamber of Commerce and
made ans ver to some of the statements
made then by that gentleman He also
quoted from the English official Blue
Book, to show that the free trade policy
was responsible for all the ills with which
the business world has been troubled.
There was frequent applause, not at
the neatly turned arguments alone, but
mainly whenever the name of any man
prominent in the party was mentioned.
James Penne will, of Dover, was the
next speaker and be touched on local
issues to the extent of eulogizing the
candidates of the parly, and sharply
criticizing the action of,the Democratic
party In Kent county in trying to strike
the names of Republicans from the lists.
He urged everyone to vote for a consti
tutional convention, which he said was
of Republican parentage. He spoke for
about an hour.
Reception at Central This Evening,
Members of the Woman's Missionary
Society, and the Young People's Society
of Christian Endeavor, of Central Pres
byterian Church, will tender a reception
to the congregation in the church par
lore this evening.
At 8t. Andrew's To-night.
Rev. Dr. Tidball, of Philadelphia, will
preach a special sermon on behalf of the
Girl's Friendly Society at St. Andrew's
Church this evening at 7 45.
To my friends and fellow
The rumor that I have with
drawn from the Congressional
contest is false. I am a can
didate for election as the Rep
resentative in Congress from
Delaware and will be a candi
date until the polls close on
November 6, all reports to
the contrary notwithstanding.
In the interest of true De
mocracy, good government
and against rings and bossism,
I respectfully solicit your suf
Wilmington, October 29, 1894
Political Prize Ring
/NK \
j m
V*-. v
; %
' ■V

; ,ee c \^
i*eo 4 \
, S'* y
The voters will knock them both out.
Delaware Red Men In Hesslon at Lewes
Finishing Up Work This Afternoon-A
Jeereue of Thirteen In Membership,
About 100 representatives are in at
tendance at Lewes to day at the second
day's session of the Grand Council of
Delaware, Improved Order of Red Men.
Nearly all the reports are In and the
council will finish up business this after
noon as soon as chiefs for the entulug
year can be elected.
The grand chief of records haa sub
mitted the following report:
Amount In wampum belt at com
mencement of term.
Disbursements, os per check book
Balance In belt.
*1,047 SB
;l,417 «4
1,168 HO
Members last report.
Adoptions during great sun.
Admitted by card.
Members withdrawn by card.
Members expelled.
Members suspended.
Members deceased.
Present membership per reports re
Membership last report..
Decreased during great sun..
Rejections during great sun
. 2,5B4

ï ;
24 B
V ï
Amount received for adoption, dues
and degrees. $14,437 20
Amount received from other sources 6,767 »4
Amount e (pended for benefits.
Amount expended lor (auerals.
Amaunt expended for charitable
Amount of wampum in belts.
Amount of wampum Invested.
Per capita paid Great Council.
7.1«:, 77
2,788 80
473 85
6.083 «7
2.030 2B
1,253 75
And M lofa net Cavern«) Will Lose His
Vote All the Same Despite Uia Vigor
ous Protests.
The case of Henry Holsohum&ker,
charged with Illegally striking tbe name
of Michael Caventa from tbe registration
rolls in tbe Eistern district nf New
Castle hundred, was brought up before
Magistrate Basse yesterday afternoon.
The warrant was sworn out by L. W.
Btidbam, and Holscbumaksr was ar
rested on last Saturday. Caventa was
not ready for trial aud an adjournment
was granted uutil yesterday, when
Holschnmaker was not ready Clerk of the
Peace Bigge was there with his books, and
Caventa with bis witnesses but Willard
Baulsbury,|who Is Holacbumaker's counts!
was absent. Magistrate Basse called np
Mr. S.'ulsbury's office by phone and asked
him If he was ready to go on He replied
that be was uot and asked for a contin
uance until next Wednesday, which was
Caventa and Mr Stidham both protested
as the point contested for the restoiation
of Caventa's name to the rolls, would be
lost by adjourning it over election day.
At first there was talk of withdrawing
the charge, but on tbe suggestion of Mr.
Btidbam, Mr. Caventa concluded to go on
with the ease.
Grand Connell Lealon of the Bed Cross.
Tbe Grand Council, Delaware Legion of
the Red Cross, which was formed last
Wednesday evening in Red Men's Hall,
was formally Instituted last evening iu
the rooms of St. Andrew's Council, when
tbe following officers were installed:
Past grand commander, Oscar J. Jocbem;
grand commander, Swithin Chandler, M.
D ; grand vice commander, Thomas C.
Appleby; grand recorder, John A. Robb,
Jr., M D ; grand treasurer, K O. Ganse:
grand prelate, A. E Saylor; grand
marshal, J. Frank Carey ; grand warden,
Harry W. Selfzsr; grand sentinel, C, W.
Kern ; past grand commanders, L. Harry
Johnson and W. O Scott; representative
to Supreme Council, Peter B. Ayars; al
ternate, George W. Andrews.
The» Want a Commission Appointed,
A request has been made by City
Solicitor Elliott to Mayor Sbortlidge, for
the Street aud Sewer Department for
tbe appointment of a commission to
widen the east side of Gordon street
between Market aud LaMotte streets,
fifteen feet. The department will
macadamize DuPont street between
Fifth and Sixth streets and will advertise
for new steps Into the building at Sixth
and King streets, tbe basement of which
will be used »s a workshop for the meu.
Money to loan at Davidow & Co.
I'byslclane nave Up All Hope of Sparing
Hts Life After Last Night and »every
body Near to Him Calmly Awaited ;tbe
St. Petersburg, Nov. 1.—The official
bulletin issued from Llvadla last evening
' His mojesty has taken little nourish
ment. The congestion of tho loft lung
continues. Breathing Is difficult, and tbu
pulse Is weak. The general weakness of
tho patient has greatly Increased. ''
A semiofficial telegram from Llvadla
reports that tho czar is much weaker, and
his pulse is feebler.
A letter received hero from Llvadia
says: "The czar la extremely weak ond
hardly able to walk, but ho has not aban
doned hope. He tries to reassure the
czarina, who is beside herself with grief
and anxiety.
"His majesty has frequent somnolent
fits, which bo does his utmost to
come. He often refuses medicine, and
tho sentries outside the quarters which ho
occupies hoar groanlnga during tho night.
"The population of Yalta warmly greet
Princess Alix when she drives out with
tho czarowltz."
r The czar suffers fits of suffocation.
Yesterday ho was unconscious for several
hours. Tho day was warm and tho sky
cloudless. Early in tho morning his maj
esty tried to read state dispatches, but
he was too weak. During his violent fits
of coughing particles of lung were brought
It was noticed that not one of the doc
tors in attendance upon the osar was seen
hire, though usually thoy ore observed
walking ln tno streets daily. Everybody
coming from Livadla Is assailed with
questions, but nobody is able to give
much news. Dr. Zacharln Is everywhere
blamed for his wrong diagnosis and for
allowing the disease to go so far before
taking his majesty to a warmer climate.
It Is alleged that there has been a serious
quarrel between Professor I^eyden and
Dr. Zacharln, the former reproaching his
colleague with aggravating tho czar's Ill
ness by his brutal frankness. Dr. Zaeh
arln, it is said, retorted angrily and was
only prevented from leaving Llvadla by
tho Interference of General Toherovln.
who threatened to forcibly detain him.
Professors Wllsohowskl and Wyodzow
have been summoned to Llvadla from St.
■ IV. r
The Czar I. Dead.
London, Nov., 1.—The Czar of Russia
died at 1.30 this afternoon. Tfae greatest
excitement reigns throughout Europe.
Fire at SalleburT.
Salisbury, Md., Nov. !.—The first fire
for a long time happened here yesterday
in a section of Salisbury known as Cam
den. The fire destroyed the store and
dwelling-house of Jeff D, Porter. The
origin of the fire Is unknown. Tbe first
intlmltion of it was tbe heavy explosion
of a can of powder, which blew out tbe
front of the building. The fire company
responded as quickly as possibly, but
owing to the repairs going on at Camden
bridge the engines were compelled to
take a long route through the district
known as Frankfort. The store and
stock were Insured In tbe agency of Rider
& Qordy for $550' The dwelling and
furniture were insured with A. O. Toad
vine & Son for f600. These amounts
probably cover the loss. No damage waa
done to adjoining buildings.
Temperance to the Fore.
The members of W. C. T. Ü., of this
city, will hold a grand temperance meet
ing in tbe Opera House next Sunday
afternoon at 3 45 o'clock.
Boole, who addressed the W. C T. U.
Convention recently held here, will be
tbe main speaker, aud there will be choice
Mrs. Ella
Money Up Bat No Takers.
A syndicate of Democrats has placed in
A. W. Selak's hands $1,000 to be bet ou
Democratic sneeesa iu tbe state and
county In tbe coming election. A man
who does not believe that Bamuel Ban
croft, Jr., will be elected has posted $500
at the office of tbe Daily Republican.
Died Suddenly of Heart Disease
Florida Yesterday—His Body Sent to
Baltimore far Interment.
Col. Milo W. Locke died suddenly at
Palatka, Fla., yesterday morning, and
the news reached tble city last evening.
The cause of death was heart failure.
Deceased was about 62 years old and
leaves a wife and daughter.
The remains have been taken to Balti
more, bis former home,and will be buried
at 9 o'clock to morrow morning.
Colonel Locke had a host of friends Ip
this city, and they will he shocked to
learn of hie death He was a member of
the Wilmington Board of Trade and at
one time a port warden. Politically he
was a Democrat
It was due to bis efforts that, In the
last Presidential campaign, the George
Gray Democratic Club of the Seventh
ward was organized and the wigwam
For a time he was interested In the
Braudywine Granite Company. Of late,
however, his chief business interests have
been with Hathaway & Company, of
Philadelphia, and he was in charge of
their Florida house at the time of his
Colonel Locke was born in Utica, N. Y
In early life he was a [stone mason and
went to Havre de Grace, Md., where he
became noted as a contractor and snoces
fnl builder. Removing to Baltimore hie
success developed wonderfully and some
of the finest residences in East Balti
more wore |put np under his supervision.
After a brief service as colonel in the
army, be returned to Maryland and to
his business interests there. He bnilt
the Union tunnel jost below Baltimore,
on the B, & C. road. In 1880 he associ
ated himself with Andrews A Locke and
came to this city on contracts from the
Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad
Company, which was then about to run
its line through Delaware, to build piers
and bridges. This firm, to oonstrnot the
bridge across tba Brandywine, found it
necessary to open quarries a few miles
This led to the establishment of the
Braudywiue Granite Company, which
was incorporated April 15, 1885, with
John Adams, as president and Milo W,
Locke as secretary. Colonel Locke dis
posed of bis granite Interests here three
years ago
Colonel Locke married the daughter of
William Meggins, of this city, 68 years
ago. Mrs Locks is a sister of Mrs Jacob
Ctzier, of Bt. Georges. A eon and
daughter survive him. Deceased
was a member of the Department
of Delaware, G. A. R ; Wilmington
Board of Trade ; Lafayette Lodge, A F.
A. U ; HI, John's Chapter, R. A M ;
Young Men's Democrat Clnb.and Trinity
P. E. Church.
Events of Interest to Local Sportsmen.
Probably the lightest football team in
the city is the Clifton Athletic Club, Jr.,
averaging 80 pounds and with tbe fol
lowing players: Adams, Schaler, Greene,
Lewis, Cleaver, Hinton, McCafferty,
Lafferty, Davis, Whitesell and H. Hluton.
C Adams receives all challenges at
Eleventh and Church streets
Auotber inter state baseball league Is
being talked of to comprise a circuit of
York, Hanover and Cbambersbnrg, Pa ,
and Hagerstown, Frederick and West
minster, Md.
At the Y. M. C. A. "gym
a basket
ball team has been organized for practice
on Monday and Wednesday evenings and
to play teams from Chilstian Associations
of neighboring cities.
There Wmh Nothing Mlttlng.
When Operator Frank Kane, of the
Police Department, awoke this morning
he found tbe door of hU home, at Car
penter and Monroe streets, broaen open.
Thinking that burglars had effected au
entrance, he took an invento
household effects, but not
missing. It has since transpired that
some hilarious halloween reveler threw a
brick against the door instead of a bead
of cabbage.
of his
Milk ana uresm.
Pure milk and cream constantly on
hand, put up In glass jars when desired
and delivered to all parte of the olty. J.
H. Porter, Seventh aud Madison streets.
Phone 641.
Slate Trustees All Assist la the Task of
Planting Fine Forest Trees Armand the
State Building,
At Farnburst to day the Delaware
Bitte Hospital trustee» met tn monthly
session and eugaged in other work than
that of the usual mouthly routine of
passing bills, Inspecting the institution
and planning to economize ou their
limited appropriations from the state
Dr. Hanoker, superintendent of the
institution, bad prepared idl tbe prelim
inarles for a general tree planting on the
heretofore barren grounds surrounding
the state buildings After the trustees,
with Dr. Black in (the chair, bad trans
acted their routine business. Dr.
Hanoker Invited all to Join tbe
nurserymen after dinner, and plant the
entire collection of delloatn young trees,
some of which have been especially im
parted for tbe Delaware institution.
He Was at Willard Saulsbury, Jr.'s Office
This Morning and Conferred Wltb
Chairman Armstrong and Other Dem
Patrick Neary has so far recovered
from his attack of illness that be Is able
to be out for a short time each day. He
is so weak that he has to carry a cane
for support.
This morning he got as far as Willard
Hanlsbury Jr.'s office and discussed the
political situation with Chairman Theo
dore F. Armstrong, Secretary J. F Callahan,
and Mr. Baulabury, of the County Ex
ecntlve Committee, Recorder o( Deeds
Courtland O. Montgomery and other
NotaI Rntortalament Being Arranged for
the Benefit of the Girls' Industrial
The United Circles of King's Daugh
ters, of this city, are arranging for "An
Evening in an Art Gallery," to be pre
sented in the auditortnm of the New
Ceatory Club, on November 32 and 23
The fact that the arrangements are
under the personal dlreotlou of Clawson
(4 Bammltt, insures an artlatie enter
tainmeut. The proceeds are to be used
in buying a piano for tbe Delaware In
dustrial School for Girls, located at No.
615 West street.
Tbe United Circles of King's Daugh
ters is an organization including
nearly all of the Individual circles in tfae
city, aud has for Its object tbe systems
tt/.lng of tbe individual charitable work
of the circles, aud also the conducting of
united work of greater extent. Every
King's Daughter in the city is working
eutbusiastlrally for the;«nceess of this
latest undertaking.
Henry Held for Farther Hearing,
Augustas Henry, colored, who was
arrested in New Castle,Tuesday evening,
by Detectives MoVey and Witsil, for
Illegal registration in Christiana, aud
supposed complicity in tbe assault on
Frank Reynolds Saturday evening, was
arraigned before Magistrate Daly yester
day afternoon. He was held for a
further hearing this afternoou.
Nearly every physician tn Wilmington
wears and recommends Jaeger woolens.
Only at Dougbten'a.
nal is the only Dem
ocratic daily news
paper in the State.
Down with Ring
She Denies the Charge In Hei
Husband's Suit For Divorce,
Her Reply Waa Filed on the Last Day Be.
fore the Time Expired -She Sayn She Haa
Never Been Improperly Intimate With
Hallett Aliop Borrow« or Any One Else,
Trenton, Nov. 1.—The answer in tin
James Coleman Drayton divorce suit wo.
tiled hero
Mrs. Drayton denies the
charges of marital Infidelity made by hoi
husband and arouses him of having de
serted her without omise. The answei
was filed in her behalf by K. V. Linda
bury of Elizabeth.
Mrs Drayton, in her answer, which
is brief, admits her marriage In Now York
city on Oct. 20, 1870, where they resided
until 1880.
Then they removed to BornardavlIIe,
N. J., where they continued to live until
Dot. 1. 1891. After that they traveled in
Europe until some time early in 1803.
She denies that she left her husband while
they wore temporarily sojourning In Lon
don in January, 1803, but that he left
her through cruel ond unjust suspicion at
ta lier marital fidelity.
Mrs. Drayton makes spécifié denial to
each and every charge In her husband',
bill charging her with adultery with Hal
le« Alsop Harrowo and says that she wa.
never guilty of adultery with Harrow« oi
any other person whatsoever either In
Now York, London, Ucrnardsvlllo or any
other place.
"The charges, " she soys, "ore wholly
untrue and a must cruel and unfounded
Un the contrary, she says, she has al
ways faithfully regarded her marriage
vuw and has boon true and faithful to
her vows os his wife.
Mr». Drnyton'a Ana wer«
Mrs, J. Coleman Drayton filed ho»
»wer to the hill for divorce prenontud
against lior by James Coleman Drayton
on the statutory grounds. Tho time 11ml»
for tho filing of the answer expires today.
Tho document was filed In the court of
ohnneory of Now Jersey, and tho full text
is ns follows;
''The answer of Chnrlotto Augusta
Drayton to the bill of complaint of James
Colour an Drayton, complainant:
i *
-. ' *
ï. .
■jf f v jj
till -V
defendant, tor answer unto so much or
such parts of tho complainant's bill of
complaint ns she is advised is material
and necessary for her to make answer
unto, says that It Is true, ns stated in said
bill of complaint, that she was lawfully
married to tho said complainant on tbu
20th day of Uctolior, 1879, at tho city ol
New York, and that sho and the said
complainant continued to reside at the
said olty of Now York from tho time ol
their rnarrlngu until tho year 1888, when
thoy removed to Bernardsville, in the
county of Somerset and state of New Jer
sey, and this defendant, further answer
ing, says that sho and her husband con
tinued to live at Bernardsville until the
1st of October, 1891, and that from that
date until the early part of tbe year 1893
they traveled together In E«ropo.
Specific Denials.
"She denies that she left the complain
ant while they were temporarily sojourn
ing tn London in tho month of January,
1893, and says that on the contrary ho left,
being moved thereto, as this defendant
bel loves, by cruel and unjust suspicious
as to her marital fidelity.
"Whirs the complainant has resided
•Inoo that time this defendant does not
know and cannot answer, and this de
fendant, further answering, denies that
she ever did on different dotes in the
months of January, February, March,
April, May, June, July, August or Sep
tember, 1891, or tho month of January,
1892, or in either of these months, or ouy
other mouth or time, commit adultery
with tho said Hallott Alsop Borrows, in
the said bill mentioned, or with any per
son or persons whatsoever, either in the
city of Now York, the city of London, at
Bernardsville or elsewhere, and she says
Hint the charge of adultery made in the
said complainant's bill against her is
wholly untrue and a most unfounded and
cruel Imputation.
"On tho contrary thereof, this defend
ant avers tho truth to be that she has al
ways since her marriage with tho said
complainant faithfully regarded toward
him her marriage vows and has been true
and faithful to bis bod and her obliga
tions as his wife.
"All of those matters this defendant la
ready to avor, maintain and prove as this
honorable court shall direct, and hereby
prays to be lienee dismissed, with costs.
"E. V. Linbaburt,
"Solicitor for and of Counsel for Defend
Tho next step in tho proceedings will
be the formal joining of issue on the part
of tho petitioner, tor which 30 days' time
Is allowed. After this tho chancellor will
refer the ease to one of the vice chancellors
or to a master in chancery to take testi
mony on both sides and make a report,
which will bo taken as tho basis for a de
cree which the chancellor alone can grant
Guatemala Threatened With War.
Guatemala, Nov, 1. —A groat fright
exists hero over tho report that Mexico is
sending a fleet to blockade Guatemalan
ports on the Pacific. Tbe government is
taking all possible precautions.
Discretionary Fools Mill Running.
Pittsburg, Nov. 1.—Some of tbe dle
cretlonary pools of this city, which have
been raided by the police and run upon
by their investors, are still In business.

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