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A Young Wilmington Girl
Wins Success as a Singer.
Ml** Doper Entertain* a Pleasant Party
at Her Home on the East Side—Mar
riage of Mil
George'Baraey In OamdenJ: l'esterday.
Other Event* of Interest.
Ail communications intended for Insertion
n inis column should be addressed to Soviet »
Kdlto' , are of the EvastaG Jot «■*!,. Com
umntowvions should be written on on. « 1 , 1 » of
.lis w-r unir.
Blanche Smith end
S&mnal R. Jone», a well-known yonng
athlete and ex sprlriter who wsb at one
time champion of Delaware, took unto
himself a wife last evening. The bride
is Miss Bertha G
couple joined hands and hearts at
the First Presbyterian parsonage,
Rev. J. R Mllllgau officiating. Aft.r
the ceremony there was a reception at
the home of the bride's mother, No. 101
West Sixth street Tbe bridal couple
left for the South and will spend most
of tbeir honeymoon in Washington.
Were Married In Camden.
Miss Blanche N. Smith and George
Barney, both of this "city, were married
in Camden yesterday Rev. J. J Mar
shall officiated The brida wore a green
cloth traveling gown, aud carried
Maréchal Nell roses.
When Mr. and Mrs. Barney returned
they were the reclpents of a number of
haudsome gifts.
Pelham and the
East Side Entertainment.
A pleasant entertainment was given at
tbe home of Miss Elia Loper, No 711
Sprnoe street The evening was spent
in playing games and a program consist
ing of vocal aud instrumental music was
well rendered Supper was also served
Those present were: Misses Mabel Hart,
Ollie Mnrphtn, Lillie Parker, Ella L >per,
Mary G Thomas, 8csle Chapin Perla
Loper, Florence Merton, Minnie Pemar,
Mattie SheppardBon, Mabel Platt,
Bertha Pierce, Mamie Pierce Anna
Grantland, Miss Ibaugh, William Morton,
Harvey Smith, Frank Sparks, Harry
Hobbs, George Lockwood, Alvin Donty,
Missooti Stoohey, William H Thomas,
Joseph Flounders, Howard Grantland,
Albert Smith, Lewis T. Grnbb, Mr. and
Mrs. Franklin Loper, Mrs William
Van Neman, Mrs. Reese Pyle and many
A Wilmington Girl*« Success.
After an absence of nearly tbreo years,
Miss May C. Brown will return to this
city in a few weeks. She has been dovot
ing her time to the culture of her voice,
and has studied under some of the great
est masters in Italy, Franca and Eugl&nd
H-r first year abroad Miss Brown spent
at Floieoce, and lesrued to ting and
sneak tbe Itslinn language with Maestro
Vanuiui la 1893 she became a pupil of
Madame Marches:, and remained with
her two seasons perfecting voice pro
dnetion and the style of French hailads
and arias She has a certificate in Mar
ohesi's own band willing, which the
renowned teacher gave her as
acknowledgment of her progress in the
art of mnsic
Miss Brown is now preparing for
oratorio work under Rrndeggee, of
London. It is likely that sbe will make
her debut here some time in May.
Rev. F. B. Short to Lecture.
Rev. F. B Short, of Harrison Street
Chapel, will lectors in Epwortb| M E.
Churcu, Friday evining. His subject
will be "Sim Simmons Abroad,'' and will
bedescrlp'ive of his recent European
trip. Kpworth choir will furnish the
Social anil Personal Notes.
Mrs, Mary S. Cummings, of No. 802
West Second street, is recovering from
a seventeen months' illness, caused by
falling on an orange skin.
H. H Ward, of Wilmington, was in
Dover yesterday.
Edward A Robinson, ex chief engineer
of the Fire Department, and one of the
mest active firemen in the city, left for
Baltimore this morning on important
Fire Department business.
A large assemblage of the wives of
railroad men met last evening at Third
and Market streets and organized the
Women's Auxiliary to Brotheihood of
Railway Trainmen, No. 123.
Keep the Buies latact.
To the Editor of the RvenluK Journal
Kin While the Biard f Education is
endeavoring to avoid establishing "a very
bad precedent" by paying those teachers
who were nnable to reach their scnools
on' Blizxird Day," aud thereby break a
rnleoi the board, would It not be wise
to adhere strictly to all of the rules
governing the b ard, aud read aectiou 40
of tbe bv-laws. which s*ys: "All talaiies
shall be paid monthly on tbe first
Thursday after the second Monday? '
Notice has been served each of tbe
principals that the secretary of tbe
board. In direct violation of the rules,
will retain t.he checks for February until
March 18. Had he not ample time to
have the matter straightened out before
the eleventh hour? By all mssos keep
tbe rules intact.
Tkacbeu of Fchool No 15.
Wilmington, March 13
She -"Are you food of music. Mr. f hnrtzlu
fliU!" be—"Very food, rales. Didn't you see
me leave the room ivi.en me ) ouag msu organ
to sing?"—Detroit Free Press.
Rheumatism la the back, shoulders, hips,
ankles, elbows, or wrists, is. «used by act nrau
lation of acid in th" blood. Hood's Rarsapi
rtlle neutralizes the »cid and cures rheuma
Hood's Pills are lhe best family cathartic
and liver medicine. Haun'.e»* aud reliable
"What did the editor get for MaChrbt
ma-'r" "A gold collar butt ra." "Wei . im.'t
he satisfied." "No. Now he wants a shirt."
—Atlanta Constitution.
Ivory m ooap
« « st floats *
Diamond State Again to the Fore.
Those who attended the previous en
tertainments of tho Diamond Slate
Athletic Club will remember the nnutual
exe-llence of its programs and the
Invariable fulfiiimtut of its [ r mdses
The third musical and athletic ei-tertaln
ment given by tie club ou l'huieday,
Match 14tb, promises to surpass auy yet
attempted The program is interesting
and fully up to the high standard set
by the olub
Pierce, who defeated MoOonnell at tbe
Academy will mret Dan McCouoell, of
Philadelphia, while Midget Glynn will
meet M Hallaban, of Camden, in the
grand wind-up.
Besides tbe s'ar boat* there are a
number of exh bi'.inu* and oontests be
tween well kuo*n men.
The club stake* Its reputation sa au
athletic club on the good faith of all its
Orest. Sport at Duck-Rhnottng.
Iu the neighborhood of Havre de Grace,
Md., on tbe Hosquebamia, ducks have
become plentiful the lest few dayp,
principally blackheads. A numb-r of
gnnueis have bad success, shooting from
iorty tonne hut dud perday, the highest
number being brought in last Friday by
Captain J. Poplar, who kiiled 111)
lu a few hours. At the Nar
rows Club, ou Spesntia Island,
»here the gunners sweep down tho ducks
every Spring, they have good shooting
now, 73 having been brought up from
one day's sport. Tbe ducks ate baited
there with corn, aid when it,becomes
wann tbe first pa't of April, they begin
to ' woo und wed " At this timetliey
make an easy mark
Knittern Shore Lpoguu of Wheelmen.
The Cliestertown Cycle Club has two
handsome rooms as beadquarrers, and its
members are preparing for the most
prosperous season of Us existence of
several years The series of club runs
will begiu la April. Rock Hall. Tol
chester and Betterton, located from
twelve to fifteen miles from Caestertowo,
will probably be visited on the regular
runs, and oyster and fish suppers will be
ei jiycd.
The subject of an Eastern Shore league
of wheelmen has never been brought
before the club, but with Its array of
good material, it is not supposed that the
C. C C would throw any obstacles In the
way of a league being formed. It is
proposed by the club to give one or two
races in the coarse of tho season.
Sporting Newa Note*.
An exchange says: "Jack Glasscock,
stuck iu among the youug blood aud tue
'vets' on tbe Liuisvllle team, will be
like a diamond in acv-ble stone setting."
Frtd Plf ffsr has made up his mind to
piy the $700 fine imposed oa him by the
vague, but will nor. play with the
ILouisvlile Club Pfvffcr's friends have
secured for him a pnltisol position la
George C Whiteman, of this city, on
Monday, bought the trotting stallion
Lyndou at Ciearvlew Stock farm,
Lyndon's record is 2 29J .
Pennaylvanta Railroad's Second Tour to
"Tbe Golden Gate.''
The large number of people who have
leisuie, aud the growing desire of
j America lo see the wonderB of tbeir
; native land, are the principal agencies in
'advancing a healthy sentiment in favor
of travel,
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company's
personally-conducted tours to California
will be conducted in all respects as those
of preceding years, with some
advantages, which cannot fail to attrÄct
the attention and enlist the interest of
tbe tourist.
In addition to the high grade accommo
dations and entertainment in transit, the
Pennsylvania tourists aie treated with
tbe same liberality wherever the journey
is br< ken, The choicest rooms in the
leadiug hotels are always reserved for
their use, for which regular rates are
paid, so that tbe guests, although mem
bers of a large party, enjoy all the
privileges of Individuals who may have
made their own selections.
Tlie second tour in the 1895 series to
the Golden Gate w ill leave New York and
Philadelphia March 20 1895, arriving at
San Francisco Maroh 29 and at New
York and Philadelphia May 16, 1895
Detailed Itinerary wiil be sent on appli
cation to Tourist Agent, No. 1196 Broad
way, New York, or Room No. 411, Broad
Street Station Philadelphia
MIssluDitry Anulversary at Vookmau.
The missionary anniversary of Cook
man M E Sunday school was held in
the cnnrch last evening
persons were present aud were well
pleased with the exercises of the children
which showed tbat they hid been well
train«! by Miss Lizzie West, Miss Msry
Ingram and William J. Staats. The
following program was rendered:
About 300
Singing l>y » class of eight girls.
"Tell it Again
Recitation. "I /.m the Door."
Mary Sp-ckman
Recitation, "Sheaves,"....Leonard Speckman
Hesitation, "Little Thing»,". ..George Whit)
Recitation, "Little Soldiers,".Three b..ys
Singing by school.''Jesu* shall Reign"
Ri citation,"l.tttle C fferlng," .Victor Mar.den
Frank Owens
"_Four girls
Dialogue, "Deed6 of Kindness
Recitation, "8ix Pretty Word
Gertrude Hughes
Recitation. ' RlrdsCome Home,' .Ella Belt/.
Recitation. "Mv Shadow,".Elsie Spence
11 Alone With the Clock,"
Dora Daneuhower
Recitation, "When You Meet a Lady,"
Leonard Speckman
Recitation, "Dying in China Wit hout God."
Hassle McVey
Canta'a, "Forward," was rendered
» class of fifteen composed of Misses
Florence Staats, Stella Hartman. Jennie
UcLaughliu, E tel V„ndegrtft, Ruth A
Toft, L«ttle Catboart. Maggie Massey,
Jennie Neely, Msy McConnell. Maz.ie
Cooper, Mab!« Hinckie, May Owens,
Annie and Elsie Dlcheison and LeRoy
White aud Harry Simpson.
Miss Lizzie West presided at the organ.
The anniversary will net about $25
the missionary cause.
M T. Tofi.ou behalf of young women's
class No 2 presented their teacher, Mrs.
VViliwm L. White, with a handsome Metho
dist hymnal Mrs. White responded,
'hanking b*r scholars for their gift
fistic Bouts Which Resembled
the Usual Parisian Duel.
rleutlly Set-to* In Whirl. Amiability 1
The Klack Diamond Met and Went
It. tore u Delaware Cyclone.
Wan the Chief
Although the orchestra consisted of I
but one ptece.it formed a very distinctive I ^ e
feature of tbe Esmeralda Athletic Club«
•Ug. at the Acad, my ofMoaic, last r
evening. There were more walls than v
bruts on the program, aud during these °*
the orchestra furnished more muMo than 80
he participants lu tbe incidental set-1
to* did fuhtlug
Be", ween sewn and eight hundred [ not
Orcttertrifti At conipaulnient.
admit era of the American duel had
congregated, aiid were disappointed lu
all but tbe concluding go
This w*s I
between EJ. McConnell, the Wilmington
crack, aud fiddle Pierce, a Camden
scrapper, who had before met and y „
tested MC jouuell
Be agreed to give Mac another chance
last night, ai-d although uettber did a 1 no
great ll-nl of damage, Pierce easily
showed bis eupei inrity He looks like a age
small edition of Bob Fitzsimmons #nd 1
tights after the style of the champion.
middle weight
It was nearly a quarter to 9 when the |
ring had been fastened to the stage so |
securely as to stand without being held |
aud the uurtaiu arete disclosing CaDta'n
Chambers aud two lusty members of the
fjrceat the ringside ready to prevent,
knockouts, In this laudable purpose b
they were ably seconded by the principals tee
in the bouts. Frank Boi'eu acted as
refer«* aud was fair in such decisions as
he had to make although be showed a
lack of nerve in not sta.lug his opinion of «if
the result of the wind-up between
McConnell aud Pierce I 8
An exhibition three-round go between be
Tom WhPe and Joe Lmghlin opened tbe »
program. They boxed for points aud
failed to make any that the spectators
could see.
About ten minutes after tbeir de I
partnre from the bloodless arena, two 110
strapping sons of Africa drew on the
pillows, and a< they were heralded as ■
tbe "Black Diamoud^" aud the " Delaware
Cvcloce," »every body expected to see a
spirited contest, bat the Black Diamond
failed to thine eg a gem ehculd in the
crown of the fistic arena
after time had been called, he dropped to ]
the fi)or as a result of meeting one of the
wildly fifing fins of his fiercely named I
opponent. Before he could rise the j g
Cjcloue had reached him again and |
clearly foul) d him, punching htm la tbe
head several tirass. That Cyclone had
really "cat a swath," for when the
Dix moiid ftgnlu reached it* settiug it wus J
the worst soared coon in Delaware After r
another in>fle:tual a'tetipt to face the I
an ,j
wiud, the i.Vrie called time
»warded the ti.-ht, to the Cjclon« Iu
doing so he examined that the polie*
were present <o prevent a knockout, but
it was apparent that a deniok; couldu t
bave praised that, darkey to the liug
a sin.
Barney Dawson and Fred Johnson had
friendly set to.
The friendliness
was the most noticeable feature of the
A go had been promised between Frank
Corcoran and Jo Wblstler, of Pbliadel
, v . „ ,, ,,
paia but as Wblstler was unavoidably
detained (It was whispered, by the
Balttmore police,) Jimmie Rodgers, of this
city went up against Corcorau and got
tne decision. !
liiere wib some diäsatis faction
pressed by the spectators, but although I
C .rcorau clearly sho*ed the most toiebce, I
Rodgers ®* s By had the setter of the |
encounter. The event was announced to
have been on its merits, but tbe gentle
ness of tbe participants elicited from a
gallery boy a suggestion that a physician
be called to bind up tbeir wounds
McMahon and Buckley engaged in
another friendly dispute. Fljnu was to
have met McMahon, but appeareu on the
stage and showed himself in evldenc» of
the statement that he was too ill to
fight He certainly looked It He had
never Harked -before when called upou, [
aud the good natured crown readily
forgave him The bout which was sub- I
stituted was light, but clover as an
exhibltionof feinting and cross-counter- |
The McConu. II Pierce contest opened I
with a promise of lively work Pierce j
did the leading, but McComu.ll succeoded
in getting in i»o stiff right hauders on
the wind. Before the round dost d. |
however. Pierce suc:eeded In getting iu a
heavy swing on McConnell's guard
causing the wrist to swell so that his I
right baud wae Lot tf uiuch use duiing j
the remiinder of tho bout lu tbe 1
second round Pierce reached McConnell's I
neck and wind time and again, the latter I
seeming absolutely nuable to keep his I
guard up Tbe third ronud was maiked I
by rapid exchanges and was anybody's I
In point of damage done, but in the I
fohrth McConnell wae easily outpointed I
and received considerable punisnment,. I
HU doubtful if he is in the class with !
Pieree, who is a fast and clever fighter. .
McConnell showed pluck under punish
rnent, but was not shifty and was clearly
out of condition having loo much fat
about the abdomen and loins. Pierce
saw this and made most of his play for I
the wind.
The referee announced that the men I
had been fighting for money and not for I
glory, and that therefore the decision I
would ha left for the spectators to make j
as each desired
caused cnusideishle dis*atisfaction, and
the crjwd left the ball in anything but |
an amiable frame of miud
This announcement |
Musical aud Athletic Entettab
I «»«it.
The third musical and athletic enter
taiament under tbe auspices of
Diamond State Athletic Club will be held
ta the Opera Houbb, Thursday evening,
March 14, 1895. The following progtan
has keen prepared :
Banjo duet—Compton aud Wier.
Boxing exhibition—Savlll* vs ninellz.
Musical artists— Sperrl-r A-.Thompson.
Boxing contest i McMnnigal, of Wil
mington, vs. A Corcoran, ot WllraliJgtoa
Four roueds at lit) j minds.
Vocalist»— William Ootsuolly and limit.
11 i 'og. enrôlai mvavemeni Leslie 1 'leu*.
ut Philadelphia. )). Daniel MoCoucsil, of
Camden, N. J.
Kokin« contest—Pa' MoConn*.!', of Zfil
mlugton. ve. George Kelley, i f \VUmlDgtJii.
Four rrraml* e* IV? round«.
Fencing uxhtbulou with iml— Professor
Martin Fritsch, of Wilmington, va. Julius
S<«al, of Wilmington.
lioxieg contest— Frank llo.Teoker, of Wll
?^rucdYÄÄ a '' 0,Che8Ur - '''
. U i lillng-Burns, vi. Mahoti,Roberts. Turk,
P i'lentiue and Sheldrick.
Grand wind-np- John Glynn, of Wilming
ton, ve.M Ilallelmn. of Camdeu, N.J. Six
rounds at 111 pound-.
Lovera of sport should not fail to tee
tbia cutrrtxinment as the talent will
posillteiy appear s* billed. Cur reputa
tloo of the past «ill not permit us to
ft ke the public. J
Coutlnaed From Fir»t 1'age.
os heretofore and the payment of an
additional slate license
After It bad passrd. Senator Records
discovered that the bill would be of no
avail as it was a revenue bill aud must
criginate In the House Ha will have a
copy of it made and get sox.© House
member to iutrodaoe It
The Minor*« l.UbllltT.
Ttoere 1» a bill In tbe bn A i of Senator
FVnlmor» for the protection of liquor
^ e *^ r9 J r ' W,B Brought here by E R
Cochran, Jr , Md U entitled no act to
r ^lat® the Uib lit* of minors. It pro
v ^es tfcat any minor ftom li to *.1 years
°* ^boob'aius LqiioK by mlarepro
80 oy n K bis age shall b$ guilty of a
Misdemeanor and subject to a flue not
exceeding foö or im prison ment for a firm
not vxceeduig three month*, or both.
HitU*«cl to sixteen Yearn.
The Senate passed the Bons« bill con
earning tffen.es against, tho persons of
individuals. It provides that any
man who lasciviously toyB with a girl 16
y „ Rrs old or less shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor and subject to a fine of not
exceeding (900 or imprisoned for a term
no t exceeding thre* years, or both In the
discretion of the court. Heretofore the
age has b eu 12 years or under,
... ,,, , ...
The Bouse bill to incorporate the
'dcBsar and Kendall Company came np
smilingly for paestge iu the Senate
yesterday, but by the time Senator
Bsnby go', through with It, all the smile
'had left it.
The measure was rep< rterl favorably
Where Are the Creditor«?
b * Chairman Harrington of the L immlt
tee on Private Coi poratlon*. It wae reai
by paragraph.
Senator Hanby objected to its passage.
He said that the firm failed Borne time
«if 0 UI) d he had never seen anything in
lbB newspapers ahowing that it had made
8 settlement with It* creditors Before
be voted on the bill he wanted to be
» a3UIed ^at It would not result in the
cutting out of creditors who should be
protected ■ When told that he had voted
for the Samuel J. White Company bill he
acknowledged it, but said that that was
110 reason ijby De should vote for another
lik8 lt " , , ...
Asa result of the a-taek the bill was
recommitted to enable the Senate to
Ascertain just where Its passage would
leave the creditors of the old firm.
A Nhv t'MAtlft Divorce.
Mrs. Bettiue McKean Rigers, of New
Castle, wants a divoice from her bus
Laud Wllilam B Rogers, Jr Tbe
pUIntiff Is a daughter of Colonel Samuel
g liavl*. and a deecsndant of Governor
| McKean
J amsudmeuta to tho Senate bill to iccorpo
r ite the Earle Publishing Company. It.
I provided that tbe capitil stock fhould
not be less than $"> 000.
Not Leii] Thin Tl»r«e Thoiiftacd.
The Stuate concurred In tbe House
i" Huk H«ar Agiifi».
Th« ••Fxchul'
Harry Emmons and Philip R. Clark
were down yesterday endeavoring to get
t he Senate Committee on Privat* Coi paru
tions to make a favorable report upon
the supplement to tbe charter of ih.
Wilmington aud Brandy win* Springs
Railway Company.
They had a hearing yesterday morn
Representative Jolis showed several
.members of the Senate the original
oh , rtor of lhe Wilmington City Railway
Company, yestetday. Bec.lledparticn
Ur , ttentiou to tll8 cU „ ge wh | cU giTe s
tbat company the "exclusive" right to
! construct, maintain and operate a street
riilfftT witblu the corporate limits of
I tbe city of Wiimiugt,on The same plea
I B - ai „„t U p j t , a i-s ago, aud resulted
| n keeping ont of Wilmiugtoo of all
0[her e!ectl -i c ra ii wa ys.
A DlftconraglDir Canvas*.
The friends of the House bill granting
au annual appropriation of $2,000 to the
Delaware Sta'e Agi (cult ural Society have
made a canvas* of the House They find
that nine of the twenty one members
favor it and twelve »'e opposed to It.
The Park Purchase Bill.
Kt present alive Pyle introduced a bill,
[ the full text of which has already been
published, authorizing the Park Com
I mission of Wilmington, under or
dlnance passed by two-thiris of City
| Couucil, to
borrow $150 000 for the
Improvement of the public parks and the
I acquisition ;of additional land for park
j pu>]>i**s.
There will undoubtedly I*» a big fight
„n lt b«fo.-e lt pas)es the Senate, as
| opposition in already cropping out.
I Tbe .°, U R * T ! 9#d
j Statutes has held up f4 r further advise
1 "* nt Beuate bill N
I ll ' »uk 11 d chapter ,3). vomme
I Dslaware, entitled an act to
I t msnd chapter306, volume 1.1, Laws of
I Delaware
I f°* 8 t* 1 * to express their senli
I merits UP° U Dj betöre final action is
I taken l'h* bill provides that, se-'vr
I Hen* shill be $1 on the flout foot of a
! lot lf **"» towner of such lot. uses such
sewer, bat if he docs not use it he shall
1 he Sewer Kill Held Dp.
80, entitled an act
19 Laws
It wants the friend* and
. ,, , , , ,
t"* 1 P»V anything. The law now iu force
compsls the owner of a lot to pay 50
cents per foot front and 1 ^cslit for every
squire foot of the atei
I Favorable Report,
I to mutrow, make a favorabl < report upou
I Deputy Attorney-General Giles's bill to
I prevent bets and waget* on the speed,
j strength or pow*r of eudu-ance of man
| Smith Buliding, Wilmlngiou.
The House committee will, to-day or
| or beast wi'.h special reference to the
company now doing business in tbe
Representative Davis, who has the hill
In hand, has received a letter from Re
stiver of Taxes Jobu T Dickey asking
bint to either bold the bill or report it
nnf»vorably. Mr. Da»!», however, Is in
favor of tbe bill and will report, it favor
| y,. Airlchs. aud ue moved Its adoption.
He said that no cue
It Went to Com
The Senate eyed at bailee the House joint
resolu'ion authorizing James H. Hughes
acd Robert. H Vandyke to make certain
distributions of the new Revised Coda.
I It was offered In the Senate yesterday by
I Mr Pyle objected
of I hot a lawyer could understand such a
resolution snd he »anted light npjh H
. . , .
I befote he cost hi* VO.e
I Sneaker We**on explained that the
| . |,nri 7 .d the t wo
resolution authoriztci the two
young men to seed complimentary copies
0 f t| 1B nenr revised code to the governors
of tbe several states, rrqnesting an
| exchange of sucu fasors home of the
states would not exchange because the
book3 had not been sent to the state
library instead of to tue governor. Th»
resolution befpte the House
I sllowed them to send oopies to state
libraries where exchange could not be
to I otherwise effected,
J On motion of Mr Records the reeola
tion wa* rent to the Committee ou Agri
culture for more mature ooutideratiou.
Legt.Iative Not»*.
Ex State Treasurer Burntte'e bi annlal
report ha* bren printed and copies for
distribution will b» piece! on the
members' desks In a few deys
A bill to protect, the publie school
building of Milton from vamlels will be
Introduced by Representative Robbins
Representative Morgan wants llvery
mtu to pay a state license of $10.
With this object In view be will intro
dnca a bill to amend chapter 117, vol.
10 Laws of Delaware.
Representative Townsend Introduced
a bill to transfer the farm ofObarie* A.
Hudson from school district No. 36, to
district No 140 Sussex county
Representative Jolis Introduced bills to
divorce Kdtnuod E , and Mabel W.
Rnirer*. of New Castle.
Phdlp Q Churchman, of Wilmington,
was lu Dover yesterday, the first time for
sewral week*.
Representative Moore will introduce a
bill to incorporate the Calhoun and Jones
Company, of near Georgetown,
company will engage la the canning
The House passed Ibe House bill
authorizing the ex*su>lm of a loan of
$l,0U0 contracted by the road commis
bIl tiers of Red Lion hundred.
Lime and Sand.
Of best, quality.
(George H. Me! all Company,
Eighth and Hblpley nt,r««t*.
217 Market Street.
It has been the cry,
"When will your BLACK
HATS be ready ?"
It is by request of our
many patrons that wc
open our Black Silk and
Mournimg Hats ahead
of our Spring Opening.
If you wish a line
Mourning Hat or rather
a line hlack compli
mentry to mourning here
is the place to get it.
We can suit you in
style, beauty and price.
in our line.
A Mourning Bonnet
and Veil, complete, for
$2.98 and upwards.
We will show you a
line All Silk Hat, made
in lhe best style, for Uie
low price of $2 98.
Better and still heller
as they go up in piicc.
Finest and best at
$4 98.
CARRLL.—in this dtv. on the Tth instant,
Carrie I., daughter of John and Ida Can-11,
aged l."> years.
DOOLEY.-On March Hl, ISM, Patrick
Dooley, aged It! yeais.
IIRANKY.-O" March 11. lsirt. Kale, daugh
ter of .Mm and Katharine Graney.
HA H RIG AN.-On March 18, 1W5, John
Harrigan. aged 77 year*.
.1 EFFEKTS.— on thirdmouth.1 tth Inslant.at
tin-resilience of her win In-lew, N. Tebo, No.
811 Jefferson -Licet, Mar.ha C. JelTerls, In lur
S7th year.
Ennemi on 60i day, third month 15th In
stant. at Doe Run. Friends' barylna ground.
Train leaving W. & N. station at 7,V. a. in.
West Chester papers please copy.
JOHNHON.—On Thursday. March 7. ISM.
Samuel Johnson, aged 78 years.
KEL1.VY —In this city on the Kith instant.
Mmtarst, wlf*of Neal Kelley, In ibelKith year
of her age
N*1 LAIN to Philadelphia, on March
tSK), Andr.w t?now Nsudaiu. in the 7711 year
ot his age.
PtNlNGTON.- At trat, on March It. !»■>
Mary Genets, oldest daughter of Frank and
Jaunie Peuinglon.
6) MOON -On March .. IS»:*. Eliza T,
widow of George O. r-lmrson.
THOMPSON -On March 12. »Mb. W. L.
Thompson, aged b* yea-s.
WARNER- Died at hts residence. No. WA
Delaware a\ enue. on Tuesday, -March 12, 1SP»,
D. Corblt. son of E. T., aud Mary Corblt
Warner, s d 17 years.
WILSON .-On Mardi 18, 1H0.7, William W.
Wilson, aged 71 years.
WOUUILUW. At Mluijuedale Home, on
the pith in lam, Tbt.tubS VVorrliow, aged ,,
WOOLMAN. -On March 1«, lira David
W,„itnau. In his .sib year._
Concord Pike, Fear Wilmington,
No. 13 M.4BKFT eTKt.KT,
Poor Pie
m> ;
-, 1
is responsible for many of man's (anrl woman's) physi
cal woes—but tbe pie needn't be poor, and it may
bring joy instead of woe. How ? Use nothing but .
C0TT0LENE for shortening and the pie crust will be ,
delicate, flaky, delicious, and so healthful that even a ,
J dyspeptic can cat freely of it and be
* comfortable. C0TT0LÉNE can't be
Î equalled as a shortening, and is abso
) lutely healthful. Genuine has this trade
i mark on every pail. Take no other.
Having been convinced of the advantages that would accrue
to its patrons by placing the delivery of ice in this city under
one system, has sold its entire output of ice to the
It assures its patrons of its high appreciation of their
liberal patronage, and will be pleased to have them transfer
the same to the new company.
. Mr. A. D. Warner, will assume an active part in the
management of the "Provident," and has no hesitation in
guaranteeing a more satisfactory delivery under the new
system. LEA PUSEY, President.
hiving disposed of its entire stock of ice to the
of this city, desires to transfer its entire patronage to the new
company, begs to thank its patrons for the generous and
loyal patronage they have bestowed upon it, and asks that
their kindly interest shall be continued to the "Provident."
Our treasurer, Mr. Miller Stradlcy, will he in the active
management of the new company.
JACOB PUSEY, President.
having sold its entire stock of ice to the
requests its patrons to extend their patronage to the new
Charles S. Cleland, president of this company, will be
general manager of the "Provident, and in thanking his old
patrons for their generous patronage, he assures them that
their interests will be fully protected and more prompt de
livery assured under the new system.
The Provident Ice Company
announces that it has purchased the entire out-put of ice from
the Diamond lec Company. Also the entire stock of ice of
the Consumers' Ice and Coal Company and Cold Spring Ice
and Coal Company.
The object of this purchase is to place the delivery of ice
in this city under one system, thereby multiplying and short
ening the routes of teams and assuring an early delivery in all
parts of the city. These advantages are so apparent that the
"Provident" has no hesitation in soliciting the patronage and
co-operation of the patrons of the old companies, and assuring
them that every attention will he given to provide them
promptly, as they may desire, with either manufactured or
natural ice.
This arrangement will take effect April i, 1 & 95 , upon
hich date offices will be opened at the southeast corner
of Tenth and Market streets. *■
Prices of formel years will he maintained.
E T. WARNER. Vice Present,
JACOB TÜSEY, President.
MILTER 8TRADLBY, Secretary. A D. WARNER, Treasurer.
CHARLES F. CLELAND, General Manager.
r romatoes, 7c, or 4 i'or 25c.
(>c, or :î for 17c.
Preserves, 9e, or 5 lb. Bucket, 018c.
8. W. Corner
Meredith's Cash Store,
6tli and Hon Sts,
er Goode delivered free to all part» oi the elty.

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