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the largest bona fide circula
tion in the state.
Ip ft
live advertiser's medium, cir
culates among the masses.
W The talk of the town,
Tho Slarvelous 'J alltiug and Mind-reading
Horse Every evenl'-g »ad dally matinees.
A GENTS WAN TED. $21 to $80 per day easily
made in any looalit}'. We fur- trh a line
of samples free and allow 50 per cent com
mission for selling Particulars free, nr we
will mall a sample of our goods in sterling sil
ver upon receipt of ten cents in stamps. Sianil
ard Silver Warn Co., B oston. Mass.
grocery store. One with some expe l
ence preferred. Adtlr>s« H. this office.
I of Now York, Life, Accident, Sic« Bene
fit Insurance, Room 2, Heald Building, north
east corner Seventh and Market streets, a
few good agents wanted.
_ '«GARB Oil B Qtuva_
V» <'ourf. House. (Jail DENTaL OFFICE,
Tenth and Market g t reels._
1> hoard at 107 Kaai Eighth -tr-et
_ FOB gjfiE
I X)It male.-PIANO and"RURDETT < R
gau in good condition. Address It , this
o ffice.
J feet »how case* for sale. 72 7 W est 2nd St.
J new b'cyclc, with pneumatic lire«, never
been out of original crate. Can be seen at tbe
Evening J ourn al office.
a nrsl-class tinker, made for exhibition,
with rubber tires, also a fine Brewst-.r vole,
all In perfect condition. Une set of singe
and set of double harnes* sold aud rubber
mounted, hand made and J-sliua Conner's
beat work—harness almost new
Tilts sp'en
dld driving uutut will be sold at a sacrifice.
ArldresH K. U. or Inquire at tlus office lor
price, etç.
NOTIOK81 ___
_oio 5.... - • • \v. Cur. vih and Adam s.
1« No 4. Ancient Order of H berntaus, are
requested to meet at their room to-morrow
morning, March : 8*.h. al S o'clock sharp, for
the purpose of attenrtluR tho funeral of
.M ich -cl I, illy, from his late residence. No.
oil IVe-1 Front s reet. •_
lx Clara M Jones,shall apply at t h ■ present
session of the Legi-latnre ot this slate for a
divorce from ",y Uuabano, George II. Jones.
March 8, leur» _ O ,AR\ M. JOX-8
N otice -the undersigned gives
notice of his Intention to apply at the
present s. selon of the General Assembly for
»divorce from hie wife, Nora A. Hup«-.
March 5,189i.__JOSEPH 11. • O PE.
gives notice of her Inteuilon to prepare
a petit-on for divorce from her hurband,
Charles T .Mo rris._ K ATHC I . M *Ki IS.
shall apply at h p-e ent
Gene al Assembly foraoiv re* from my wife
Mary 8. Mearns, commonly known ss An .a
don of the
L. Mea ns.
K G *n*t a f
1 -ti-BBt, centrally h eated aud very cltslra
ble aa a good busiut*-» «land. Apply to
THU VIA.8 It. LaU.Y,
No 7 W. St-vt n:ii St , second floor.
■231 JfodiBon «tree). " 111 rent separate.
Also rei-tau ant. 23« Madison street.
Also grocery store, 307 MadlBon street.
All r. nts reduc'd
ör a, M. Al onaghan's shoe store, Fourth aud
Ma 'Ison etiee ta.
515 Broome street, 12 rooms and hath.
Cut Van Bure«, 0 rooms and bath.
915 Gpptn avenue, 7 rooms and bath.
508 Wost Ninth r' reet, u rooms and bath.
520 Van Buren street, 9 rooms and bath.
BIT Jackson street, 8 rooms amt bath
1211 West Ninth stro-t, 1(1 rooms and bath.
403 Rodney street, 8 rooms and hath.
1105 Lancaster avenue, 11 rooms and bath.
1005 Linden street, tt rooms and hath.
45) West Seventeenth street, new, 6 rooms
and bath.
BUT Harrison street. 8 rooms and bath.
424 West Seventeenth street, B rooms and
ba< h.
230 Madison street, 10 rooms and bath.
J803 West Ninth street, 6 rooms and bath.
422 West Seventeenth street, 0 rooms and
827 Jefferson street, 7 rooms and bath.
1614 Van Buren street, 6 inoms and bath.
1022 DuPont, st n*!. B room« and bath.
10(1 Jackson street, 8 rooms aud bath.
Apply to
_ __ No. 8 U~> Market street.
F or sale .-tut: following dksira
b'e borne* m .rear y reduced prices:
No. 1412 Van Buren street, 13 returns.
No. 1005 I'atnall street, 11 rooms.
No. 915 West Seventh street, 9 rooma.
No. 602 VanBnren street, 9 rooms.
No. 916 West Fourth street, 8 rooms.
No. 600 « rench street, 13 rooms.
No. 1213 West Eighth si reet, 10 rooms.
No. Boa Jackson street, 9 rooms.
No. 313 East Fifth street, 8 rooms.
No. 1304 King street, a rooreiB.
No. 1421 oarrlson street, 10 rooms.
No. 802 Broome «rivet, 12 ngirns.
No. 1118 West Eighth street, 1(1 rooms.
Rend for list
UH. L. EVANS & CO , Real Estate and
Mortgag e«. Eighth «r d Market street e._
E ight-room house, with bath and
from porch. In We«tern part of the city,
for rent at $12 per month. HURLOCK BROS..
Seventh and P o plar st reets. _
my house in Newport, Del. Ten rooms,
bath and garret. Goo«l location, well shaded.
Possession on or betöre Match
dress, JOHN M. NEVVBOLI). N ewp ort. De l.
I Delaware avenue tor sale cheap and on
reas nable terms. H. F, DUKE, Fourth aud
Orange street«.
Cal 1 or sd
H orses boarded, apply the
Washington Street Club Stables, Third
a nd Washing ton str eets _
Market street, leads them all in low prices.
Brand new $60 machines reduced to Ît6, SIS
»nd $30 All makes to select irom. Öinger,
Wheeler & Wilson. N«w Home, Domestic,
White and a 1 other makes. Any machine
sent on trial, free, six months for cash, two
years on installments. Bend postal.
618 Market Street.
Will remove, on March 25, to No. 12 East
Seventh street.
All Finds of Furniture bought, sold and ex
ehaugsd Ktoves and heaters repair«!, ol',
and gasoline stoves called for, thoroughly
rhauled aud returned at. a moderate cost
Blovts taken down, stored tor th>- season and
put up iu the fall Address or call,
1006 ORSNGK 8TREKT, Wilmington, Del.
In the Universities of Vienna, •» ustria, and
New Vork City, In the Philadelphia Poly
clinic »nd Wille Eye Hospital.
MM satisfaction.
Hoveutt »qd Marsel fjreete,
r'KOf'lStvTY of all descriptions at low rates
of Interest, buys and Bella WATCHES.
föttiSs anu ku -' i)b ^
Private consultation room attached. Open
«Tunings until b o'clock. Also furniture
er'—' 1 •' lowest rs.tr»
As heretofore Stoeckie'a Famous Bock
Beer is the finest to be had.
Bernard Gluckman Charges Sander* With
»Betrayal of Trait-Rs Will Have to
Explain—Other Municipal Court Cases.
A roll of Brussels oarnet lay on the
desk of Clerk Adams in Municipal Court
this morning, and a I rumor was at once
started that it was a sample for the new
tioor covering for the new city buildings
—when built. But It wasn't
Bernard Glnckman, of No 15 East
Front street,bought the roll of A Harris,
at serond band, and sent, a colored man
by the name of Charles Sanders, to bring
it to his home. Banders got It and then
sold it to a second-hand dealer and kept
tbe money At least that is what
Gluckman claims He notified the police
aud Officer Maloney gathered him In.
TblB morning Sanders pleaded not
guilty, aud as he was not ready to go on
with his trial, asked for a continuance
until to-morrow morning, to which time
Acting City Solicitor England agreed
Heistsr Brown was arrested by Offieer
Solomon very drunk and unable to care
for himself. He was up about three
months ago, bat pleaded nard and war
given a obftune, Yeateiday afternoon he
sold a pair of pantaloons lor 10 cents and
got fall. Fined $1 and costs.
Jniia Murray, the colored woman
found on Claymont street Wednesday
night, drank and disorderly, and who
claimed to have witnesses that she
hadn't erred, was again arraigned. Her
two witnesses were Annie Brown and
Frances C Kurtz, both colored, and they
said she was so drunk that she couldn't
walk and was partially uudressed wbeu
Officer Shell captured her Her defense
having so Bignatly failed, she bad
nothing further to say and Judge Bill
decided that she had given fully $5
woitb of trouble to the city. That sum
and costs was her dcae.
A Mtlk Inspector Wanted—Dealer* to
Be Registered—The City Sulleit.tr to
Have a Detective—Foreign Insurance
Companies to Be Taxed—Other Meas
ure* Advocated.
The city la bera held an interesting
and busy session of Connell last «veiling,
aud for nearly an hour and a half they
k pt the ball rolling
The city treasurer reported a balance
of $83 53i fii; collections,
1893 $350; 1894
II Billauy, $50,000 from
Water Commission; Edmund Mitchell
Jr, 1893 $1,0Ü0; H H. Billany,
$2 900; for interest rn Water Commis
ston loans, $1,036 41 ;
as follows: Miscellaneous $3 981.37;
Council, $275 36; police, $4,902 10.
A uataberof new bills were introduced,
read end referred The first was one
providing for a milk inspector, and
lut ended to prevent adulteration uf milk
aud cream.
It r«quires all dealers to takeout
licenses, give the name and location of
the daiii«* from which theeupplles
come, and subjects his milk, his wagons,
cows and stables to frequent inspection
If any dealer keeps his cows in unhealthy
Imitions cr feeds them on unwholesome
foed, he may be fined and lose hia
licence. If be sells milk fr*m which
nruftu! has bean taken he is liable to fine
The stands:d for milk Is fixed at not
more than 87 per cent, of water or less
than 12j per cant of solids, one quarter
of whicu muet be fat.
Another ordinanc«) requires all foreign
fire insurance companies doing business
In Wilmington to pay a license of not
less than $50. These moneys are to be
distributed among those fire companies
tftviDg chemical engines.
Another was to amend the act
creating tbe Park Commission. This
redness the members of the board to
seven, of which the mayor and chief
engineer ere members. In case of a
vacancy, the resident judge of New
Castle county shall appoint, aud in his
absence, the chief justice.
Another amends the city chsrter by
giving Council the power to summon
witnetsea and compel them to predune
documents, gives the city solicitor the
same powers as the attorcey-geueral, aud
allows him to name a city detective to
collect evidence in damage cases and the
like. It alto provides for a systtm of
tax receipts for collection of cltÿ taxes,
with stabs attached, the same as now
used by the county. Also provides that
a copy of the clt 7 assessment shall be
made and kept by the clerk of Connell.
in bank
Kug*-ne M Sayers,
$400; H
Street and Sewer
The pay roils pass*d were
Another bill provides for the election
of assessors in each district where tax
collectors sre now elected, their duty to
be to malts assessment in their respective
An ordinance for an extraordinary
appropriation for the crematory woe
read a secoud time, and tha ordinance
relative to labeliug houses where
contagious diseases exist-, was read a
third time but later referred to the law
Communications from tbe Wîcoaeoe
and Water Witch companies asking the
Council to co-operate In the purchase of
ebemical engines were read and referred
to the tire committee.
A Transfer of Local Priest*.
Rev. G«orge 8. Bradford, pastor ot tbe
Elktou Catholic Church, has been trans
ferred to St. Joseph's Cburch, Rising
Suo, near this cPy, by tho bishop, Rsv.
A A Curtis, of the Diocese of Wilming
ton Rev Mr. Bradford will be succeeded
at Elkton bv Rev James Farlev, pastor
of the Catholic Church, at Hocksssin.
Lengel's "Back B«er" is made of the
best Canadian milt and Bavarian hops, a
pure and wholesome beverage
y onr bottler fur it. On tap March 29.
The Weather
Ip the Middle States and New England to
day warmer, fair weather will nrevail, with
fresh westerly to norther:y w inds, shifting to
easterly On Saturday, in both of these *ec
tien», warmer,fair to partly cloudy weathrr,
witu I re-1) southeasterly and southerly
winds will prevail, with tho app: u.tell ot the
Western "warm wave." On Sunday, warm,
showery weather, followed by ctoler aud
New York Herald Weather Forecast«— 1 The
exto' sive «estera "warm wave," in which
maximum temperatures of 90and 9i degrees in
Kansas sre repoited by the government, will
move eastward to the lake r. g'ou to day, and
over the Middle States on Saturday and suo
day. But its heat will be considerably
moderated before the wave reaches tbe At
lantic rotst- A storu), ce„tr»l la the Dakotas
last evening, will ail vane*- tkiwly to. t and
hexoUoaed byrnioand thunder storms m
lake revr on sod tjuaice to New Jtc»iahd7
What the Law Makers Did in
Dover Yesterday.
Another Fight Over the State Boundary
I.tne In Sight—New Telephone Com
paulea— Hanby'a Kuad Bill P»*«es the
Senate—Pollution of Streams —The
Peach Blossom the JSmIdem—Want the
Wilmington and Brandywine Springs'
Hill Reported—Intonating Notes of the
Stall Uorrespoudenco Evenlnv Journal.
Dover, March "9 —The fight over the
inter-state boundary line bas been car
ried to the Geueral Assembly. B*pre
eentative Walker, of Mill Creek hundred,
has introduced the following bill in tbe
House :
"Whereas, tho General Assembly of
the State of Delaware by an act passed
at Dover April 25, 1889, entitled 'An
act in relation to the boundary line
between the State of Delaware and tbe
commonwealth of Pennsylvania,' did
appoint Hon Thomas F Biyard. Hon
B L. Lewis and Hun John H Hofftoker,
commissioner« ou the part of the 8 ate
of Delaware to act in conjunction with a
similar commission from the common
wealth of Pennsylvania to examine,
survey and re establish the boundary
line separating this state irom the
commonwealth of Pennsylvania
"Aud Whereas, When said boundary
line should, pursuant, to the provisions
of said act, be thus fixed, re-established
aud relocated. It was thereby made the
duty of said commissioner«, acting in
conjunction with the commissioners
aforesaid, by and on behalf of the com
monwealtb of Pennsylvania, to mark its
location by the erection of enduring
monuments and acting iu conjunction as
aforesaid to make a detailed report iu
duplicate of tbeir operations, which said
report executed in duplicate as afore
said, should, together with tbe field
notes aud surveys, descriptions of mouu
meut«, maps and other items of interest,
connected with said work, be signed in
duplicate by eaeli of said ccmailstionert
and by the civil engineers emp'oyed iu
said work; one of said duplicates, to
gether with the field notes, to be taken
ty tbe commissioners appointed by and
on bshaif of the commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, and the other of said
duplicates, together with the field notes,
etc , to be taken by tbe commissioners
appointed by and on behalf of the State
ot Delaware, aud by said last mentioned
commissioners to be recorded In the
recotder's office for New Castle county,
State of Delawste, and after being so
recorded, to be forwarded to end filed in
tbe office of t he secretary of state of the
State of Delaware and by h in recorded
and tiled and carefully preserved iu his
office as are other official documents
deposited by law in said office.
"And Whereas, The divisional line
between the State of Delaware and the
commonwealth of Pennsylvania Is tbe
circular line surveyed and' marked 1701
under a warrant issued by William
Pena In pursuance of tbe feoffment of the
Duke of York, dated August 24, 1082, as
the tim« has been held, occupied and
recngr.izsd by tbe said states respectively
ever since lhat date
"And Whereas, It appears that said
commissioners, claiming to act under the
duty Imposed as aforesaid, located and
fixed a line by the erection of
monuments for the separation of this
state from the commonwealth of Penn
sylvania as shown by (heir report,
n corded in the recorder's office for Ne*
Castle comity auu filed in tbe office of
the secretary of state as aforesaid, not
being or corresponding with the «aid
divisional circular line as surveyed aud
mat kid In 1701 and as the same has been
held, occupied and recognized by said
states respectively ever since that time
"Therefore, Be it enacted bv the
öenata and House of Representatives of
tbe 8tate of Delaware in General Assem
bly met :
"Section 1 That the boundary line
between this state and tbe common
wealth of Pennsylvania, is declared tobe
the circular line surveyed and marked in
1701 under a warrant issued by William
j Penn in pursuance cf the feclTment of
I the Duke of York, dated August 24, 1682,
I as the same has been held, occupied aud
I recognized by the said states respectively
ever since that date
"Section 2.—Tbat the line fixed and
located by sneb commissioners, as shown
in said report, is not and shall not be
considered or taken to be the boundary
line between this state and the common
wealth of Pennsylvania, nor shall said
report or auy of said monuments or
uurveys, descriptions or maps be evidence
of said boundary line."
Tne bill Is accompanied by a petition
which sets forth at length the matters
contained in the preamble, and concludes
by Bsjiug:
"Tbat tbe line as arbitrarily marked
by said commissioners, if confirmed, will
change tbe domicile and teiidences of
many cilizens of the State of Delaware
from this state to the commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, thereby subjecting them
to the laws, taxes, schools and other
public institutions of the cnmmouweaitu
of Pennsylvania, and causing them great
inconvenience, ti jiny and damage.
"Your petitioners, therefore, pray that
the line fixed and located by said com
missioneie, as shown in their report, be
declared not to ho, and that the same
shall not be considered or taken to bn the
boundary line between this state and the
commonwealth of Pennsylvania; aud tbat
auld report and the monuments, surveys,
desctiptlons and maps, shall not be
evidence of said boundary line; and that
tbe bonndary Hue of this stale and the
commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall be
declared to he the circulai surveyed and
marked iu 1701, under warrant issued by
William P«un la pursuance of the
feoff ment of the Duke of York, dated
August 24, 1682, as the same lias been
held, occupied and recognlzjd by said
states respectively ever since that time;
and that tbe governor bs authorized to
appoint three competent persons as com
missioners representing this state, who
shall he authorized to set tn conjunction
with a similar commission from tbe
commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to re
survey, restore,!e establish and mark tbe
bonndary line separating this state from
the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, ea
said boundary line has been h«id,occupied
gnd recognized by ee'd states respectively
ever since the year 1701, and that au MS
or acta of the General Assembly may be
parsed, according to the prayer of your
petitioners "
It is signed by E A Thompson,
Frederick M Qnnn, W. Frank Taylor,
Timothy Hyde, Kennari 8 Cbaudlor,
!.. I*. McGovern, Daniel Hyde, George H
David, Isaac C Qninby. W. II. Ford,
8 8 Gairett, Frank McNaugb, Lewis U
Lauiboru, A T. Williamson, Harry
Williamson, Isaas W Flint), J Harvey
Fllnn, Samuel Sharpless. John G. Jack
son, Speucer P. Chandler John
M. Scariett, Edwin Guiding, Thomas
B Chambers, Harlan Gebbait, E. I.
Richards, J. H Richards, 8, Frank
Ewart, F P. Guiding, Frank Quillen.
Hairy McVaugb, Spencer Chandler,
Thomas Cook, George Collins, William
B Jackson, H 8 Hlghtiald, George
Springer, Otto Riedel. H K. Durnall,
Jamts Crossou, John N Burgess,
William L Greenfield, Dr. John Ball,
all proptrty owners on or near the line.
New Caatln Hoad Tax Again.
An aot to repeal chrpter 768, vol 19,
Laws of Delaware, and to repeal and
supplement section 26, of chapter 153,
vol 15. of the Laws of Delaware, was
f tven notice of by Representative Pyle,
t relate« to the road tax of the city of
New Castlo The set sought to be wiped
oat entirely provides that the roada are to
bn kept up by the city within Its limits,
and the causeway and bridges to b*
maintained by the county Uudor it the
comity officei a are not permitted to collect
road tax within the city, R being made
the duty of the City Council of New
Caatle to levy tax far city roads and
streets, the rate not to exceed 30 c^nts
on the $100, and $6ti0 annually to be paid
to the road commissioners
The section of chapter 152, vol. 15,
which it ig intended to repeal and sup
plement, U as folio we:
"That the county roads passing
through the limits of the city of New
Castle Khali continue to be kept up and
repaired by the hundred and county of
Newcastle, a» heretofore, and that the
road commissioners of New Castle bun
dr«d shall, such year after the passage of
this act, pey fifty per emit,. of the road
taxes laid on and collected from persons
and estates within the city of New Castle,
to the treasurer of the said city of New
Ca«i le. for the maintenance and repair
of the streets of said c'ly, under the
dirrcion of the Ctty Council, and this
shall apply to and iuclude the road taxes
as efoj esald for the year 1875 "
Jnst what the supplement to Ibis
section will be Mr. Pyle does not kuow,
as he baa not yet received it.
Through the Easy Fart.
The Houso passed the Senate bill to
incorporate Vigilant Connell, No. It), Jr
O U A M. T he House bill to transfer
the farm of Robert Arnold from tchonl
district No 17 to school district No 78,
in Sussex county, also paseed the lower
House.lt will not be the fault oft he House
if there is not a rednettou in the number
of officers of the Wilmington Fountain
Society. It passed tbe bill redt ting the
number of vice-presidents from three to
oneaodlhs number of directors from
twenty-four to seven.
The Unlucky Number.
The House killed the Seuate bill to
incorporate the Hibernia Blowing Com
pany. The objection to it was that Its
powers were too sweeping Thirteen
members voted against It aud fire for it.
Limited to Bli Hundred.
The House pasted tbs House bill to
extend fer two years the terms of the
trustees apoointed to sell the old alms
house property in New Castle county,
with amendments fixing the compensa
Mon of each trustee at $609. The bill
further provides that tbe money which
is now or may hereafter be inthe bands
of the trustees shall be applied exclu
siveiy to the rrdemption of the bouds on
the new almshouse.
They Want a Supplement.
The incorporators of the Newark
Real Estate Company are not satisfied
with their charter which was granted on
Febiuary 9, 1895 They have sent to
Representative Walker a supplement
which is as follows;
"That it shall bs lawful for the dlreo
tors of said corporation to divide among
the stockholders thereof, from time to
lime, the proceeds of the sale of any
real or personal properly of tbe corpora
tlon and to divide, withdraw or pay to
tbe stockholders, from time to time, any
part or all of the capital of said corpora
tion, thereby reducing the capital
stock of Baid corporation, provided,
howover, that all of said pay
ment shall be endorse! on the cer
tlficates of stock of said corporation."
Tri-State Telephone Company.
Repreientatlve Pyle Introduced a bill
to iuoorporate tbe Dslmarvia Telephone
Company. The lucorporators are Edwin
T Ditworth, J. Wilkins Ooocb, Anson A
Maber, Joseph L Carpenter, Jr, Mar*
M Cleaver, William B Clerk àud Daniel
VV. Taylor. The powers they ask for are
to construct, maintain and operate tele
phone lines iu ail parts of the state and
Peninsula, with power to manufacture,
buy aud tell all Instruments, fixtures and
materials used in the business, and to
dispos# of such or auy property, fran
chises or privileges which it. may acquire
Capital stock, $11)0 000, with power to
increase. The prmoipal office shall bs
in Wilmington.
Not a Vota Against It.
If Senator Hanby does not feel com
plimented he ought to, for his bill iu
relation to the rosds and highway« of
Brandywine hundred passed the Sana's
without a diet anting vote. It Wes quite
amusing, too. Senator Pierce reported
the b 11 favorably, and, as soon as be did
so. Speaker Watson calltd him to tbe
chair and went on the floor, taking a
seat in the back part of the room near
Senator Records, with whom be ex
changed a few worts. This looked like
a fight against the bill and Senator
H yjby grew nervous Tbe first seotion
was read and Speaker Watson arose
aud asked for an explanation as to tbe
t»x levy. Senator Hanby explained and
then, as the reading proceeded, walked
over, sat down between Speaker Watson
and Senator Harrington and began
bnzzlng away to dispel tbeir donbts.
Speaker Watson left him. took s chair In
front of tbe desk of tbe Evening Jour
nal correepondent, saying in a stage
whisper tbai ho wanted to get away
from the talking as it confused him.
The correspondent reached iu his desk,
took a printed copy of the bill from his
scrap book and handed it to the speaker
who followed the reading word by word
and line by line This betokened
opposition of the first magnitude, aud
the Brandywine senator's brow began to
send cut little globules of perspiration.
Continued on btootid Page
A Society to Keep the Old
Church From Going to Decay.
Render« the Ancient Structure One of
Oelaware'a Most Prominent 1 .end
mark a - A ne es tors of Many Prominent
Families Burled In Rev Graveyard
List evening a meeting was held in the
office of United Hutes District Attorney
Lewis 0. Vandegrlft, the object of
which was to organlzs w society to
preseive Drawyers Presbyterian
Church, near Odessa, one of the oldest
landmarks in the stats, and in the
buvyiug-grouud aojoiulng which very
many of Delaware's oldest families have
representatives burled.
The society was formed under the
name "Friends of Old Drawyers,"with L.
C. Vandegrlft as president. It is
proposed to paint the old bu ldiug, recut
tbe insetiptions on some of the lomh
stones, and employ a jaultor to care for
the structure. A letter was read from
Daniel Oorblt, of Odessa, favoriug the
Just when t-h * society of Drawyer's was
formed 1* not known, but in 1708 the
Philadelphia Presbytery sent Rev John
Wilson, of New Cattle, to hold lervicee
at Odessa once a month on a week day.
Ou May 10, 1711, a site was bought, from
J.-bn Pate non aud the church built, lu
1709 a subscription was raised for the
erection of a new edifice, apd Peter
Mtichs. John llauson, John llyatt. Jr ,
James Moore, William Bradford, Duncan
Beeid, Henry Packard, Jr., ai d Andrew
Brown appointed a building committee.
lu 177Î a two-atrry brick church wag
ertcud by Robert May A Co , of London,
the bricks bring burned on Robert
vieldrum's farm The sum raised was
JL 1 105,16*. This edifice Is ntill standing
a. d is the one t he society has been formed
to pie*erve. Inside tho church are two
marble slab). One is Inscribed -
The Church of the F trat Presbyterian
Society In this Handled
Built A. it. iwa.
Rev. Thomas Read, A, M.,
This stone the gift if Mrs. Mary Hill.
"Serve the Lord With Gladness," Pa, 1UB, 2
A granddaughter of Rev. Thotuni
Read, Mr*. Read J McKay, resides In this
city. Another marble tablet reads:
This site Purchased Vay 10 ,1711.
The Flist ( (lurch Built. 1711
Rev. John Wilson, I'astor, .TOS,
"Your Fathers, Where are ITiej r"
The pastois and date of confirmation
were Keys. John Wilsou, 1708; Robert
Witherspoon. 1714; Henry Hook, 1T'32;
John Dick, 1740; Hector Allison, 1750;
Thomas Read, 7768; John Burton, 1864;
Joseph Wilson, 1822; Nicholas Patter
son, 1882; David De Forest, 1833; Wsr
ren G Jones, 1833; Charles Brown,
1830; George Foot, 1839; Isaao W. K,
Bandy, 1818; David McOlurs. 18 3; H.
J. Gaylord, 1855; F. Hendricks, 18(51.
The new church edifice erected at
Odessa, by the Drawyers congregation
•»as dedicated May 9, 1861, and cost
Among the elders previous to 1775 are
found the names of many early settlers
of the state, whose descendants now lire
in Delaware. Among them were: Leon
ard Vandegrlft. 1711; Isaac Piper, 1712;
Hans Hun.-on, 1714; Begfrldus Alrichs,
1714; Elias Nauaain, 1717; Johuties
Vandegrlft, 1721; Abrah«m Golden. 8r ,
1724; Thomas Hyatt, 1725; Jacob King,
1727; Francis King, 1731 ; Moris Mc
Kinley aud Charles Kobinsnu, 1732;
Uauett Dunhane, David Witherspoon,
James McGoomb, Garrett Rothwel),
Cornelius K'ng, Joseph Hi!!. James
Anderson atd James Vance, 1746
Another meeting of the "Filsnds of
Old Drawyers" will b* held Thursday
evening when descendants of all the old
members of Drawyers are invited to be
.Jacob A. Kits, of New York, to Bpeak
ut tho Third Aunutftl Conference,
Tbe third aunntl conference of the
Associated Charities aud other institu
tions will be held In tbe New Century
Club building ou Friday, April 5. At tbe
morning cession reports from tbe insti
tntions of the city and vicinity will be
At 3 o'clook in the afternoon, Jacob A
Rita will talk abont "Children of the
Poor," after which a tea and a reception
will be given In honor of Mr. Rds
o'clcck Mr. tills will deliver bis illus
tratid lecture on "How the Other Half
Lives. "
At 8
Will Receive Government Hash.
In the list of pension claims allowed
by that, department In Washington yes
teiday are the following Delawareans:
Edward Graves (deceased), Wilming
ton, oilgiual; James Williams, Town
send, Increft8=: John W. Crossley, Wil
mington, reissue.
Iu tbe issue of March 14 the pension of
Colonel Andrew J. Woodman is in
creased. Alex M Greliis, alias Joseph
Dougherty, of Wocddalo, is granted. Of
the 14th Instant, just announced by
the department, John Ibaugh, cf this
city, gets a reissue; Stephen Roach,
(deceaseo) Milford, reissno; Isabel
liuach, Milford, erlgiual widow's.
The ruling to raise all pension claims
now lower than $6 per month to tbat
amount went intoeffrot yesterday.
gale of Fine Horses anil Colt*.
Will be Bold at public sale nt Buena
Vista, mar grate Road station, on Thura
day, April 4th, tbe registered French
coach horse Faribole, thr<o years old in
Juno; twenty horses, mares and colts,
sired by the Imported French coach horse
"Federal"; a number of colts, two and
three-year olds, several yearlings and
several fine driving horses, the property
of Mrs Frauds N Buck. Sale will oegln
at 12 o'clock. Train leaving Wilmington
at It U3 a to will stop at btatn Road
L W. Rtibham & Son, Auctioneers.
Y. »I. C. A. Athletics.
The athletic exhibition cf tbe Y. M,
C. A. April 18. promises to be one of tbe
best ever given in this city. The Etat
burn Banjo Club, of Philadelphia, will
give tho music, and the members of the
ossrelvtion assisted by Philadelphia
given in tbe different- feats.
To-tuorvw afternoon tbe boya gymna
sium class will give an exhibition.
will show their skill as
Handsome ptizes will be
Best Goads, Lowest Prices.
Bny coal and wood from H. T. Sergeant
office Seventh and King, Phene 645.
üäTHiokory wood for open grates.
DR. rnciU'A elcquest appeal.
Baya Thera la a God amt That He la
Ever Heed y to Lift a Durden of Dual
ité*« ei He la That, of Bin.
At St. Andrew's Ohuroh this aflernoou
tho 200 business men who attended tbe
midday Lenten service, heard an elo
quent address from Rev.W. N. McVickar,
D 1)., of Philadelphia Dr. McVickar
in a handsome man of 200 pounds and
Cue physique, being over nix feet tall. His
text wat: "Also they sought Gjd aud
did eat and drink. '
In part, the speaker said : "My text was
not meant merely for olden times, but
for our present age. Its application to
lame! was only an illustration of man's
concerns to-day. My friends, what a
consciousness this Is to yon and to me.
Imagine what, this world would be
wiihout the consciousness of an existence
of God. The world Is full of light.; it
creeps Into our window.«, makes our life
brighter, but we cannot trace it to its
source. Aud eo it Is wtth God.
"If man seeks to give hlnuelf to pleas
ure; to forget ; hiatory tells uu what
becomes of them Gaileo, the scholar
and gentleman, ended hia life in suiolde
a« a refuge from the uuaailsfactorlness
of life
' Let the thought of duty crowd into
that life that is driven from Its couch
every day from hunger and want, the
tho igbt of a duty to bis God, and the
man sees that somehow another al
though be cannot understand it,
he finds a light, that will enable him to
lift his head, tils life takes on a different
aspect and be U able to bear trouble that
would crush out the life of au ordinary
"L«t not your heart be troubled, to
my Fatbet's tense are many man
sions, aud I go to prepate a p'ace for yon
Not a sparrow falleth, etc God is with
us in every thought and act,
"Yes, they sought. Gud, and did eat
and drink, and while tbe spectre may be
with them, I h«re is one at their aide who
I* «bio to conquer even death for them.
Oh, friends, if we will mingle Godly
thoughts witli onr business, it will re
deem it from drudgery and despair.''
Colonel Robert M. Floyd Celebrate* Hi*
Ferty-aixlh BliUxlay By Gift» to Teach
er« and Pupil« of Helmut Fifteen.
Yeuterday wbb the forty-sixth anni
versary ot the birthday of Colouel Robert
M. Floyd, who Is now In New Orleann,
La . aud that fact was made pleasantly
noticeible to tho children of public
school No. 15, iu the shape of a pleasant
letter from Goloue! Floyd detailing his
trip through the South,and a package con
taiulog a bunch of Bouthern mow, u
box of cotton balls, a miniature bale of
cotton and a volume of * In Arcadia," all
of which will bs kept iu the school. Also
twelve souvenir epoous of silver, one for
eceh teacher, one for Thomas O'D muell,
committeeman, and one each lor two
friends who visited the school with him
prior to his leaving. The opening ot the
package aud reading of the letter was
made the occasion for a very interesting
program yesterday afternoon.
The Women of Our City Claim That
tho'Hoard of Public K«ln
ration and Will Try to Gat Them.
The women of this city have dually
determined that they should have a rep
reseuletlon of at hast two on the Board
of Publia Education and with that end iu
view will have candidates on the tickets
in several of the wards at tbo coming
election •
In tbo Fifth ward it 1 b understood tb»t
tits candidate baa already bean selected
but for fear of a slip between tbe au
iiou cement and the election, her name
Is not given ont.
There la a vacancy iu jtn* Ninth ward
and aa effort will be made to fill it with
«woman, as suggeeted by theEvRNlN«
Tim Report of the Receiver«
The receivers of tbe Walton and
Whann Cnmptuy. James P. Winchester
sod Francis N. Buck, have completed a
statement of receipts and disbursements
as follow; : R*e Ipts. $133 521 91 : ex
penditures, $69,688 21; credit balance,
$63,838.70. The febief Items of receipt
are M E Wheeler A Co., $15 892; G
F. Brady, $1.150; J. C. Corbtt, $1,735; A
Wodall, $2,000; J. Cope A Co, $2 025;
M L Shoemaker, $9,166; Great Eastern
Company, $0.140 Ontef diebnrHements,
A. 8. Malc.omson $4 067; G W Bush and
8ms Company, $1,408; G. F Bailey & Co ,
$4.875, ___
New Furniture for the Brandywine.
Tbo Wilmington Steamboat Company's
steamer Brandywine his been towed
up t.o the company's Fourth street
wharf where she is being newly
ui'hoJsteied and refurnishsd so that she
may be placed on the regular Phil«
delphia run next Monday, re
iievlng tbe City of Chester The
latter steamer will then be hauled
out at the Jackson and Sharp Company 's
to have her bottom painted This will
complete her overhauling for the season.
Now far Vunr Income Tax,
Deputy Iuterual Revenue Collector
Robinson is happy over the fact that bis
office has been refitted, repainted and
made inhabitable. He has recglvrd his
first supply of Income tax blanks, the
first lot beat here, and la ready for bust
Radiy Itijurvd fila Knee.
William McHugh, of No. 708 lEast
j tired
of the knes, at It was termed by Dr. P
W. Tomlinson who dressed tlisU jared
street, was painfully in
by a fall from
sustaining a bruise fracture
EtgHt^More Ntw Houses.
Building luspeotor Dobl to-day granted
a permit to Smith U. Barclay for eight
new house« at. Front and Adams street,
valued at $!,000 each.
Tbe Delaware Avenue Baptist Sunday
school will hohl its anniversary Sunday even
ingvfhenik special musical program will lie
—Deputy Collector of Internal Revetue
Robinson received a new »et of Uses to-d*y
and they will be down from his rejuvenated
office to-morrow.
—The choir of the Church ot the ( ovsnant
sang several selections in the First 54. P.
Or> rch last evening.
—Repair« were b gua to tb* Thom«» Clyde
this m.rnlug at- the Harlsul A Hollingsworth
Comparu'« shipyard. Her interior will ha
extensively remoieilevi.
Delaware to Establish Her
Claim to Historic Papers.
What Senator Hanby'a Bill, Introduced
To-day, Fiovlde* Concerning It—Reynold
tltvos Notice of an Act Restricting the
t'*e of the Whipping Poet—For tbe
Prevention of Pollution of Stream«,
Special Dispatch Evening Journal.
Dovbh, Maroh 20.—Attorney Genera
John R. Nicholson presented to the
Geueral Assembly to day the rssult of
his examination into the title of
be sold at the Rogers sals In PhiladeL
The attorney-general gave as his
opinion that the stats has the pilma
facia right to the Dnke of York deed,and
other of tho papers advertised for sale.
A joint resolution was adopted author
izing Mr. Nicholson to Instituts proceed
ings to establish the right of the state to
the papers. Chancellor Wolcott will
issue arestiaiulng order against J, Henry
Again»! Cnrropt Election*.
Senator Pyle struck a blow at tbe
present system of conducting elections
by Introducing his bill to prevent corrupt
practices at elections. The bill makes
bath the buying and selling of votes and
also intimidation of voters, a felony, and
fixes the penalty at two years' imprison
ment and $2,000 fine
It fixes a graded rate for contributions
to the campaign fund by candidates,
sod makes it a misdemeanor for a candi
date to contribute more than the amount
The tine liable to be Imposed is $5,000.
In addition to this, It makes it obligatory
on ail candidates to file a sworn statement
of campiign expenditures.
About the WhlppioK-poat.
Representative Reyboid this morning
gave notice of an act restricting the
wbipplng-post and piiiory to burglars
and wife beateis.
The Senate this afternoon passed the
Senate bill preventing the pollution of
streams with autual matter.
Representative Watson introduced a
bill in the Senate protesting agalust tbe
Delaware Insurance compact
Mr. Morgan Goes Over With U I* Vote to
I'nnnewltl — Higgle* Get* One Vote,
other I'rouiinaut Dalawareai.s Hocelve
Oumplliutntarv Vote*.
Special Dispatch Evening 'Journal,
Dovkh, March 29—Two ballots ware
taken again to-day for United Btates
senator There was a number of com
plimentary voles, which, however, do
not materially chalige tbe situation. Tbe
most significant feature Is that one of
the Addlcks men make a break in his
hitherto firm rauks.
This is how the members voted :
First ballot—Rldgeiy, 9; Mtjgey 4; Ad
dicks, 4: Richards, 6; Higgins, 1 ; H A.
Rtchardscu, 1; James Penne* ill, 1; Tun
nel), 1.
R presenlattve Morgan, of the Addloks
six, went ever to Pennewlli. The Gas
King loBt bis other vote through tbe
absence or pairing of Messrs. Ball, Davis
and Townsend. Mr. Money voted for
Richardson and Representative Mustard
for Tunnell.
Tbe second ballot was like tbe first,
with the exception of Mr. Msstacd's
vole. The Lewes man called the name
of John G. Gray, formerly superintend
ent of schools of Sussex county.
Representative Morgan's break has
somewhat, demoralized the Addicks
forces, although It was not entirely un
expected. He is known to have weakened
on the gai king.
On motion of Senator Records, the
houses separated after the second
The New I'rovldeut Company'* Stables
and the P., W. A R. Railroad Shop*.
Will Glisten la tbe Noonday San.
There are two buildings being erected
along the Chiistiaua that, according to
contract, will be covered with
corrngated Irou and this silvery
exterior covering will glisten in
the uoonday snu and be bright when
all around them U dark. They are the
new P , W & B re'dro»d shops at ths
foot of French street, and the big
stables of the new Provident Ice Com
party just below Tnir d street bridge
Work on tbe railroad shops is nearing
completion, and ti e silvery covering bas
been pla<«i over apoition cf tbe
At tbe South Wllmingtcn building all
the frame work is up, ready for the
corrugated iron
The new stables will be the largest in
tbat seotioa of the city and with a lofty
second story with ample accommodations
for provender and grain for the stock.
High-priced Feed for Hoga.
Captain William Boyer, of Rock Hall,
Md , a frequent visitor at the Merritt
House, recently lost $40 in a peculiar
manner. In leaning over his hog pen
his pocket book dropped over into the
feed trough. Falling in tbe feed it made
no noise and the captain did not discover
bis loss until a hilf hour afterward.
Returning to tbe pen he found that the
hogs bad torn the wallet Into shreds,
devoured the money and were grunting
for mole
Will Look After tire Clilldieu.
In conjunction with the work of tak
ing « census of the population of Wil
mington. the police* will also take a
careful list of all children who are of
school age, and whether they attend
tenrol or not. This will le made a
special feature of the causas.
Pure and wholes ims la Stoeckla'a
reuowutd Bock Baer.

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