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live advertiser's medium, cir
culates among; the masses.
the largest bona fide elreula
(Ion In the S'ate.
amctewbsts. _I
The talk of the town,
The Marvelous 'talking »nd Mind-reading
Horse Every event' g and daily matinees. ,
aau * a« a
most extensive line of ala Inam f ncy
tonseh Ud ware and "Gold Aluminum'' fahle
were Add r as New York alum inum do,. 880.
Wonderfu . Over 00 photos, 11x13. Big
Pav to Aye f . No experience neede i. HIS
TORICAL PU B. CO . Philadelphia. _
C IVIL Service Examinations soon In every
tat« for Railway mall. Customs, Indian
Services and Dents, at Wash Particulars and
"p ointers" fr e Nat.Cor, Institute. W «h D. O.
5püsNDID OPPORTUNITY for appolot
ment of young men In the Railway Mall
Service. Examinations soon in every State.
Write for particulars National Corres
pondence Institute, Washington. D. C
T he hoyv benefit association
of New York. LUe, Aooident, Sick Bene
fit Insurance, Room 3, Heaki Building north
east corner Seventh and Ma> ket streets, a
few good agent)- wanted
i 'ourt House. Call DENT. «L Oil FIG dû
Te nth and Ma rket st reets _
hear t at 107 Fas' Eighth -tr et
1 feet show case - for sale. 737 Went 2nd St.
new b'cyole with pneumatic tires, never
been ont of origins crate. Can bo seen at the
Evening Jour nal office.__
F ors l«-a fine light buggy by
a nret-elaas m .ker, made {• r exhibition,
with robber tli ea, also a fine Brewst r noie,
all In perfect condition, oue set of singe
and set of double harries > - old and rubber
mounted, liana made and J shua Conner's
beet, work—harness almost new This sp en
dld d iving outfit will be sold at a sacrifice.
Address It. H. or inquire at this office for
price, etc.
910 Madison to N. W. Cor. 7 t h and Adam s.
N otice is hereby given that x,
Clara M Jones, shall apply at th- present
of the Legl-latnre ot this state for
from ; y husbann, George H Jones.
March » Is!«
of his intention to apply at the
N otice
present 8. ssion of the General Assembly tor
a divorce from bis wife,.Nora *. Hope.
March 6,189., JOSEPH B. eOPE.
gives notice of her intention to prepare
a petit'on for divorce Irons her husband,
Charles T. Morris, KATIE I. M iRi IS.
shall apply at h ■ pre ent session of the
Gene ai Assembly for a div re*- from my wife
Mary 8. Mearus, commonly known sa Anna
L Mea ns WILLI >M U. ME ' RN3.
u . !, «mat
F or rent - store 407 market
-tract, centrally located and very desira
ble as a good business stand. Apply to
No 3 W. Seventh St , second floor.
F or rent, stoke and daelli-g,
834 Madison street. w ill rent separate.
Also restau ant, 338 Madison street.
Also grocery store, 307 Madison street.
All renls reduced
JAMES MON *OHAN. 418 Market St.,
ora M. Monaghan's shoe store. Fourth and
Ma ison streets.
615 Broome street, 13 rooms and bath.
OUI Van Bllren. 0 rooms aud bath.
916 Gilpin avenue. 7 rooms and bath.
608 West Ninth s reel, 1 rooms and bath.
630 Vau Buren street. B rooms and bath.
817 Jackson street, 8 rooms and bath.
1311 Vest Ninth stre-1, 10 rooms and bath.
403 Rodney street. 8 rooms and bath.
1105 Lane inter a enue, 11 rooms and bath,
1006 Linden street, 0 rooms and bath
4 k) West Seventeenth street new, 6 rooms
and bath.
«07 Harrison street, 8 rooms and bath.
424 A eat Seventeenth street, 6 rooms and
330 Madison street, 10 rooms and bath.
1803 We.t Ninth street, 6 rooms and bath,
432 A est Seventeenth street. 8 rooms and
627 Jeffereon street, 7 rooms and bath.
1614 Van Buren street, 6 noms and bath.
1038 DuPont street, 6 room« and bath.
106 Jackson street. 8 rooms aud bath.
Apply to
No. 836 Market street.
F or sale.-the following de «ra
■ b» hiimee -1 re» y reduced prices:
No.1412 VanHuren street, 13 rooms.
No. 10U6 r atnall street. It rooms.
No. 915 West Seventh street, 9 rooms.
No. 602 VanBoreo street, 9 rooms.
No. 916 West Fourth street. 9 rooms.
No. 600 reneb street, 13 rooms.
No. 1212 * est Eighth s reec, 10 rooms.
No, 802 Jackson street, 9 rooms
No. 318 Fast Fifth street, 8 rooms.
N" 1304 King street, rooms.
No. 1431 -arrison street, 10 rooms.
No. 80S Broome street. 12
No. 1118 West Eighth street, 10 rooms.
Send tor list
JH. L EVANS * CO . Real * state and
Mortgag ee. "Tgbtb a'd Market strews.
front porch, lu Western part of th- city,
(or rent at $12 per month. HUKLOCK
S evtntb and P o plar streets.
my house in Newport, Del. Ten rooms
bath and garret. Good location, well shaded
Possession on or belore March 3> Call or art
dreee, JirHN M. NEWBOLD, Newport. Del .
f Delaware avenue for sale cheap and on
teas nable terms. H. F. DUKE, Fourth and
Oranee streets
HK' I.«
H orses boarded, apply the
Washington Street Club Stables, Third
an d Washington st reets
Market street, leads them all in law prices.
Brand new $80 machines reduced to $16, $18
and $30 All makes to select trom. Singer,
Wheeler & Wilson New Home, Domestic,
White and all other makes. Any machine
sent on trial, free, six mouths for cash, two
years on installments. Send postal.
618 Market Street.
Will remove, on March 25, to No. 13 East
Seventh street.
All kinds of Furniture bought, sold and ex
changed Stoves and heaters repaired, ol
gas and gasoline stoves called for. thoroughly
ov- rhauled and returned at a moderate cost
Stoves taken down, stored for thn season and
put np iu the fall Address or call,
1006 OR aNGE STREET. Wilmington, Del.
In the Universities of Vienna, Austria, and
New York City, In tha Philadelphia Poly
clinic and Wills Eye Hospital.
a Ho EXAMINES EYEd FREE and guaran
tees satisfaction.
„LOAN OFFICE, 100 ms 4 and 5, Exchange
??. 1 J?! n .$t,9? rner Seventh and Market street*,
PROPERTY of all descriptions at low ratee
3t, buys and sella WATCHES,
Private oonaaltatlon room attached. Open
evenings until 8 o'clock. Also furniture
«tor**' at Inwtwrt rat«*.
Stoeckle's Extra Flue Book Beer can
bs had in bottles by sending to Peter
Ebner'* or Ford's Bottling Establishment.
Bishop Nicholson to Be at the Cbnroh of
the Covenant To-morrow Nlaht—Other
Visiting Ministers—Those Who Will De
liver Farewell Sermons.
To-morrow will be Rev H 8 Dnlany's
last 8undsy at Kingswood He will
preach bis farewell sermon as pastor to
morrow evening
At the Ohnrch of the Covenant, Third
and West streets. Bishop William K
Nicholson will prtacb and conduct a ooa
firmation service to-morrow evening
Rev Forrest E Hager, of Philadelphia,
will conduct the services at 10 SO a m.
The Canadian orator, Rev H V Lucas,
D H , will preach at Union Church
tomorrow evening. Rev. J D. C
Banna, the returned preacher, will
preach the morning sermon. Dr Luoae
will preach at Graoe in the morning
Rev L W La) field, who has been re
tunud to Epworth M E 0»urob, will
occupy bis pulpit both morning and
R-v. W C Johnson will preach at
Harrison Street M E Obnron to morrow
morning. The evening sermon will b
conducted by Presiding E der L. E
Barrett Rev. Edgar S Maoe will preach
the morning sermon at Scott Church,
Rev John Pattlsun, of Princeton, will
preach both morning and evening at
Central Presbyterian Church The
pastor Rev William P. Swartz, will take
charge of the dedicatory services at the
new Presbyterian Chute > at Farmington.
Rev B F Jester will preach hie last
sermon at the First M. P Church to
morrow morning He will leave for
conference, at Alexandria, Va , on
Tuesday, He does not expect to return
Springer Spear Fell Dead in HI« Chair
While talking and Laughing With Rel
ative» In Hla Sitting Room.
Springer Spear, a retired shoe dealer
of Eleventh aud Scott streets, went to
visit bis daughter aud son in law, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Latimer, who bad a
housewarming in their new residence,
Delaware avenue and Rodney street,
early last evening. Although Mr. Spear
had uot been himself for nearly a year on
account of his long life ol three quarters
of a century, all his relatives admitted
that they had never seen him livelier and
brighter than last night at this tea
He left Ur Latimer's h. use about 7 80
accompanied by his grandson, Roy
Latimer. He was (till feeling very well
and fall of good cheer. At 8 30, while
bis family were sluing In their home,
discussing and chatting with Mr Spear
over the occurrences of the evening, the
aged man suddenly stiffened la bis chair,
gasped and fell over. When the neareal
pb)8ielan arrived, he was dead.
Ur Spear owned several bouses in the
neighborhood of his own home, No. 1811
West Eleventh street, having been a
successful business man
leaves a wife and daughter, Mrs Thomas
Latimer; another daughter, Mrs Enos
Johnson; another, Miss Annie, sad a son,
George Spear, now of Washington, D. O.
His funeral will be held on Monday, at
2 p. m
Mr. Spear
Commlttyp Appelated te Make Arrange
ments for the Dedication of the Hand
ln* in April.
At the large and enthusiastic meeting
of the women interested in the Y W. C A
at the home of Mrs W A Walling, a
constitution was adopted and officers
elected It was decided to call the
organization the Young Women's Chris
tian Association of Wilmington. It will
be inter-denominational and nou-eecta
Tbeee were tbe officers elected: Presl
dent,Mrs, J R M lligan; vice-presidents,
Mrs George 8 Cepe le, kirs W A
Walling, Mrs A N Kelgwln, Mrs. T.
S Havery; corresponding secretary, Mrs.
William Savery; recording eeere
isry, Mies Agnes Downey; as
-latent secretary, Mies Lillie D.
Bryer; treisarer, Mrs 8 B. Mersrr; as
sistant treasurer, Miss Mary Warner!
Tbe following are members of tbe hones
ecmtni'tee : Mrs William Frederick
Mu Harry A Brown, Mrs William B
White, Mrs 8 D Bresr, Mrs Wright,
lire Martin Lane, Mrs. J. B Downing
The list of patroueaees is not yet com
plete, but some of them ere: Mrs. F. L.
Gilpin, Mrs Livi C. Bird, Mis George
Gray, Mrs Andrew Q Wilson, Mrs.
J ernes A Draper and Mrs R B Cook
Tbe committee for making arrange
ments for tbs dedication on April 1 is
composed of Mrs Annie Flinn.Mrs Edgar
L. Haynes, Mrs. Martin Lane Tbe as
sociation banding, No, 80S West street,
will be thrown open to receive donations
on tbe Friday and Saturday following tbe
Sale of Fine Horses and Colts,
Will be sold at public sale at Baena
Vista, near State Road station, on Thnrs
day, April 4'b, tbe registered French
eo-ob horse Faribole, three years old in
Jons; twenty horses, mares and colts,
sired by the imported French ooaoh horse
"Federal"; a number of colts, two and
three-year olds several yearlings and
several fine driving horses, the property
of Mrs Francis N Back. 8»!e will begin
at 12 o'clock. Train leaving Wilmington
at 11 03 a m will stop at State Road.
L W. Stidham & Son, Auctioneers,
Fire Bricks and Clay.
George H McCall Company,
Eighth and Shipley streets.
Pare and wholes sme Is Stoeckle
renowned Book Beer
—A special and very important meeting
the Washington Fire Company has been
called for to-night.
—Building Inspector Dohl has granted
per t it to J, B Wilson for a uns story brick
■table at No 15 West Twelfth street.
—Work has keen began on the démolit ion
of tbe old Lewis building, at Seventh and
Market streets. A handsome new block will
be erected on the site.
—Contractor Calvin 1. Swayne. will In
few days begin the erection of sixteen new
houses on the west side, to cost $44 U00.
Seven of these will be on the south slue
Seventh between Franklin and Broome
streets, and Ninth on t-e north side of Sixth
between the same streets.
—Judg* Grubb h»« reappointed William
Pyle as a member of the Police Commission
-"Church History" will be continued lu
laniein lecture lo the basement of 8t- An
drew's Church to-night at 6 o'clock.
—DuPont Post.O. A. R ., headed by the
Fir t Regiment Band, attended the funeral
of John McHugh, p o rietor of tho Ponce
Leon Hotel. Service* were conducted
Rev. M B Dnnlep In Old Swedes Church.
—Rev. 8. B Meeser will preach on' Learn
ing to Pray"—Ue th'rd of a aeries on prayer.
In tho Fécond Baptist Church to-morrow

What the Law Makers Did in
Dover Yesterday.
To Prevent Bribery at Election«—Pay of
the State Detective«—Farmer»' Hank
Director«—Baltimore and Philadelphia
Railroad Rebate—The Dube of York
Deed— Nute« of the Legislature.
Staff Correspondence Evening Journal.
Dover, March 30— For many weeks
the friends of honest elections waited
tor Senator Pyle's bill to prevent corrupt
practices and fraud at elections On
Speaker Watson's record It Is No, 5. and
was given notice of on the second or
third day of the session. He Introduced
It yesteiday. It is a voluminous docu
The bill provides that every person
who shall directly or indirectly, by him
self, or by any other person on bis
behalf gve or promise to give any
money or other valuable consideration to
any elector for his vote, shall be deemed
guilty of felony and upon conviction,
the penalty is not more than
two years' imprisonment or a fine of not
more than $2,000, or both. In the disore
lion of the court This shall uot be
construed to apply to money paid fqr
legal expenses Incurred at any election
Similar penalties shall be extended to
anyone who shall receive any va! nable
consideration for his vote. Provided the
penalty shall not be extended to any one
who shall inform against the person
from whom be has received the con
side atlon.
Every person who shall threaten any
one with personal injury or barm, or who
shall prevent any oue from exercising
the right of franchise by frsuduleui
means, shall receive the same punish
meut as persons convicted under the
preceding provisions of the bill.
No candidate for any district, hundred,
city, county or state office, which is
filled by popular election, shall expend
in securing bis nomlna.lon or election in
excess of a sum to be determined upon
the following basis, namely : For 5,000
electors or less, $100; for each hundred
electors over 5,000 and under 25 000,
$2. and $1 for each 100 electors over
25 000 The number of electors to be
determined by the returns of the last
preceding regular election held to fill the
same office Any one violating this
provision shall be guilty of a miede
meaner and, upon conviction, shall be
Sued not more than $5,000 This ex
pense shall not Include traveling and
note! expenses
Every candidate for an office to be
filled by popular election must file la the
office of the lecretsry of state, within
thirty days after the election, an item
iz-d copy of ali expenditures made by
himself or by anyone'else In bis behalf at
the said election. Be shall also file a
duplicate of this itemized emoant with
the recorder of dteds of the county
wherein he resides This provision also
applies to offietala appointed by the
governor, who shall file an account of
hie expenditures at the general election
next preceding his appointment. No one
shall enter upon the duties of bis office
until be has compiled with this provision
This statement must be sworn to.
The punishment attached to this pro
vision ia a fine not exceeding $3.000.
Every at,ate and o. unty committee of
any political party shall appoint, and
constantly maintain a treasurer who
shall have charge of all the fanas o'
each commute . No party committee U
permitted to raise money unless it has
such treasurer. No other member of the
committee shall be permitted to disburse
any of the funds and upon conviction of
doing so, shall be fined not more than
$1.000 or Imprisoned uot longer than one
The treasurer shall keep a detailed
account of all moneys recieved and dis
bursed by him, and shall file, within
thirty days, after any election, a full
statement of such expenses in the office
of the recorder of deeds of the county In
which such treasurer resides
The failure or neglect to file such state
ment by the treasurer shall be fined not
more than $5.000 la default thereof, im
prUonment of not more than two years
If any person making any affidavit
under the provision of this set, shall
swear falsely, shall be deemed guilty of
felony and perjarv, and apon conviction
thereof, shall be fined not less than $500,
nor mare than $5.000, or shall bs im
prisoned fir not more than two years.
All fines paid under this act shall go
to the school fund of the state.
The Senate ordered that 300 copies of
it should be printed.
Who Will Pay the Officers.
Senator Alrichs, chairman of the Com
mittee on Jaaiclary reported, without
recommendation Senator Pyle's bill for
tbe more efficient protection against
orlms. The bill provided that tbe
governor should select two state detec
tives, oue a Democrat and tbe other a
Republican, one from a list of name
submitted to him by tbe attorney
general, their terms to be two years,
subject to removal by the governor;
salary $900 each, to be paid b; the city of
Wilmington, the officers being subject
to tbe control of tbe chief of police
when not acting nnder the instructions
of the attorney general.
Tbe point which sent it hick to tbe
committee, after Senator Alriohs Lad
spoken against it, and Senators Pyle and
Records had endorsed it, was brought
out by Senator Hanby who said that it
was not fair that Wilmington should
pay tar state officers. He struck a
responsive chord and the bill was
recommitted for amendment la that
Representative Moore Not In It.
Senator Records called up the House
joint resolution appointing state
directors of tbe Farmers' Bankend its
branches After it was read be offered
an amendment striking out the names of
William T. Parker, Charles L Moore
sud Dr. Robert G Ellegood, for the
Georgetown branch, and substituting
there of Samuel H Messlcb, Charles H
Me Fee and William B Tomlinson. He
"I will state as my reason for offering
this amendment that I received five
letters this morning from the directors
and stockholders of tbe bank, asking for
tbe contiuasnce of tbe gentlemen named
la the amendment,
to any of the gentlemen named In the
House resolution, but I am convinced
I have no objection
that the persons meet closely interested
desire that the gentlemen 1 have named
should be continued. They have been
serving for two years, are of both politi
cal parties, and it is the wish of the
directors, officers and stockholders that
they succeed themselves."
The Senate concurred in the resolution
as amended.
I.oobad Elke a Job.
The Senate concuned in the House
joint resolution appropriating $800 for
the contingent expenses of the office of
secretary of state. It refused to concur
in the resolution authorizing Chief
Justice Lore to compile the reports and
debates of past constitutional conven
tions held in this state It was opposed
by Senators Records, Hanby and Pyle,
the latter saying that it looked like a
job. The chief justice was not to
receive anything for his services, bat
there would have been a $600 job for the
Carried Over to Tuesday.
Senator Fenfmore made a favorable
report upon the Senate bill to prevent
the deposit of refuse animal matter in
the waters of the Delaware river and its
tributaries, and the ponds of the state.
It was read and put on its passage.
Senator Pierce wanted to know if It
would affect the fish-houses at Lewes,
and Senator Pyle wanted to know to
what extent it wonld apply to the large
mauufactartug plants In Wilmington and
viciulty As no satisfactory information
could be given the bill was laid over until
The B. A P. R. R. Rebate.
Levi C Bird, counsel for the Baltimore
and Philadelphia Railroad Company, ad
dressed the members In the Ball of
Representatives during the noon recess
yesterday, in favor of a joint resolution
which be brought down, continuing the
state tax on that road at $25 000
for the abatement It would be $88,0(10.
It has been customary for several cessions
to allow the rebate.
At the afternoon session of the House
R-piesentatlv» Walker offered the reso
lution and it was adopted without com
Speaker McMullen called Represents -
Mve Moore to the chair and was In the
act of leaving the room when Represent
ative Brown got up and moved that the
vote by which the resolution was adopted
be reconsidered, as a number of members
were absent wnen the vote was taken.
Bis motion was carried and the resolution
was just about to be adopted ag -.in when
Representative Daly objected aud caused
It to go over for a day.
Laid Over llutll To-day.
Representative Pyle offered a joint
resolution providing for the appointment
>f s joint committee of three on the part
of each house to draft a Constitutional
Jonveution bill and to employ a lawyer
to assist them iu the work
ovir nutll to-day.
It was laid
The Lesion in Kent.
The action of the Democratic registrars
of Kent county in striking the names of
133 Republicans from the registration
lists has not been forgotten by tbe Repub
.leans Neither has it beau forgotten
..bat tbe registration law gave the
Superior Court no jurisdiction wnen the
matter was carried before that tribunal.
Rep. asentative Jells has introduced a
bill to cure ths defect, aud to give the
Superior Court the right* one writ of
maadamas, to compel the registrars to
restore to the lists tbe name of any
persons unlawfully omitted or stricken
Against the Compact.
The Delaware Insurance Compact mast
look out far its laurels, for Representa
tive Watson Is gunning for them. He
yesterday introduced a bill making it a
misdemeanor for companies, firms or
«gents to eater into any compact to raise
tbe rates ou fi e insurance. Tbe penalty
laid down Is a fine of not less than $300
nor more tnan $700 for each and every
offense, in tbe discretion of the jary and
court trying tbe case.
Who 1« Hack of It?
Somebody wants the job of furnishing
the public schools of the state with
pictorial charts This is evidenced by a
bill introduced by Representative
Sypherd It provides that the 8tste
Board of Education may (dipt as part of
the text book system or tbe state the
system of pictorial instruction that will
illustrate nature, engineering, archi
tecture, panorama, art, race-type and
antiquity. The system shall constitute
a branch of regular study to be taught
la all tbe free schools ot the state. The
Board of Education shall have power to
adopt tbe system at any annual meeting,
and when so adopted shall uot be
changed for the period of five years
Cfas system shall be ordered, furnished
aud paid for as are tbe other text
nooks now used in tbe free schools of this
Ike Post and Pillory
Representative Reybold is no friend of
tbe whipping post and pillory. He be
liaves the use of them should be restricted
to burglars and wlfe-be>ters. Determined
to get the sense of tbe General Assembly
in tbe sabjsot be has given notice of an
act to that effect, and will Introduce it In
a few days. '
A Goldin Eagle'« Eyrie.
An aot to incorporate True Knights
Castle, Knights of the Golden Exgle, of
Dover, was introduced yesterday by
Representative Sypherd. Toe tare« In
corporators named are Robert S. Harrison,
William Fox and John W. Hopkiue.ji
Whet the Bine Back« Want,
Senator Pyle introduced a bill to in
corporate Blue Rock Council, No. 33,
Legion of the Red Cross, of Wllmlngtou.
Horace Rette w, Harry Seltzer, Frank
Carey, John Humphrey, John bullivan,
James Chandler, J, V. T Blocksom, K
H Wolf, Jacob Z Webb and A
Kimmey are the incorporators,
council is uot authorized under tbe bill
t,o hold real estate and other property
the clear yearly Income of which shall
exceed $5.000.
T 11 -
Dickey Picking Flaws.
Hon. James Williams, of Smyrna;
Adjutant-General Samuel A MacallUter
and Receiver of Taxes John T, Dickey
were noticed in Dover yesterday Re
ceiver Dickey spent part of tbe day in
picking Haws lu Senator Hanby'» Brandy
wine road bill which passed the Senate
on Thursday,
The State Owns Them.
Tbe State of Delaware Is the lawful
owner of the Duke of York deed and other
papers advertised to be sold at the
Rogers sale la Philadelphia. At least
that Is the opinion of Attorney General
Nicholson, as set forth in his opinion
presented to tbe General Assembly yes
Coutiuued on Third Tage.
Sussex Wants the Trolley and
So Does Claymont.
la Which to Sell the Almshouse Prop
erty in Tbl« City -Want« to .Make
Good Friday a I.egal Holiday—Com
mittee Appointed to Draw a Conatl
tutlonal Convention Kill,
Special Dispatch Evening Journal.
Dover, March SO —The General As
sembly to-day adopted a joint resolution
providing the appointment of a
committee of six to draw up a
constitutional convention bill. The
committee is comprised of three
members from each body. Those
named by the Senate are Senators Reoordn
Harrington and Hanby.
The House bill extending the terms of
the trustees appointed to sell the old
almshouse property la Wilmington, two
years, was passed by the Senate to
The Senate work-bouse bill, which was
so strongly advocated by prominent
citizens a few days ago, was reported
favorably in the House yesterday.
Senator Hanby gave notice that he
would present the following bills; To
incorporate the Cherry Island Improve
ment Co. ; to Incorporate the Delaware
Pipe Line Co ; to provide for the
eleetlon of Levy Coart commissioners,
tax collectors and constables In New
Gaatle county, by hundreds, and In
creasing the number of Levy Court Com
mirai oners to eleven.
Representative Brown gave notice of
an act to Incorporate the Delaware
Agricultural Exhibition Company. Mr
Robbins gave notice of an act to lucor
parate the Sussex Electric Railway Cam
pany. Mr. Walker also gave notice of an
act,bis being to make Good Friday a legal
The House laid over until next Thurs
day the State Workhouse bill.
The vote by which the Hibernia Brew
ing Company bill was killed was re
considered by the House and recommitted
Senator Hanby gave notice of an act
to incorporate the Wilmington and
Claymont Railway Company.
Chancellor Wolcott to day issued a re
straining order against J. Henry Rogers
The House this afternoon passed Mr
Hauby's Senate bill revolutionizing the
supervision of Brandywine hundred
Northern Member» Homeward Round
All the members of the General Assem
bly living Id the upper part of
Kent and New Castle counties left Dover
at l o'clock this afternoon on a special
train To? their varions homes.
Mr. Morgan Cleave* to Ill* New Oholee for
Ü. 8. Senator and Mr. Money Does Like
wise- Mustard Ntfcks to Bayard.
Special Dispatch Kvenlnjf Jovrnal.
Dover, March 30.—J. Edward Addlaks
can no longer boast that his six men will
stick to him until the day of adjourn
ment. There has been a break In his
lines and the prophets sre predicting
that tbe desertion of him by Represent
ative Morgan means the speedy dis
integration of big followers.
Tbe action of Mr. Morgan was not a
surprise, exactly, for he had been weak
ening In hla declarations for severs)
weeks, end said on one occasion recently
that when Senator Higgins cams within
oue vote of tbe desired number be wonld
vote for sed elect him.
The action of Representative Money in
leaving Senator Biggins and going to
James Peanewlll la more of a surprise,
as it was bslleved that he would go to
Massey when he left Higgins.
Bat tbe surprise of tbe day was tbs
aetlan of Representative Mustard in
casting his vote for John Q. Gray, a
youug Democrat of Sassex, who had
never been dreamed of la relation to the
senatorsbip by anyone but Mr. Mustard
The Addlcks ranks, which were thought
to bo invincible, have really been
broken aud it now begins to
look as though somebody else would
figure lu tbe "Addlcks or Nobody"
slogan. Mr. Morgan, ot the Bouse of
Representatives, has deserted tbe man
from Boston. He left tbe ranks yesterday
bat everybody thought he would surely
return to day. He did cot, as tbs fol
lowing result of to day's joint ballot will
For James Penne will—Morgan—1.
For Charles F. Richards— Alriohs, Bar
ton, Joli», Frederic Pyle, Reybold,
For J. Edward Addlcks—Hanby, Ball,
Brown, O L Moore, Robbins—5
For George V. Massey—J. M. 0. Moore,
Pierce, Fleming, McMullen—4.
For Anthony Higgins—Wilson—1.
For Harry A. Richardson—Money—1.
For Edward Rldgely—Fenlmoie, Har
rington, John Pyle, Records, Speaker
Watson, Daly, Killen, Sypherd—8.
For Thomas F. Bayard—Mustard—1.
Absent or paired—Davis, Townsend
and Representative Watson—3
Dring Away From Home,
Special Dispatch Evening Journal.
L&dhrl, March 80.—Washington H.
Bennett, of Elktan, one of the beet
known salesmen on tbe Peninsula, is dy
ing at a hotel in this town.
Store Shells tor the Cuuaeway.
Another large consignment of (shells
for tbs county commissioners arrived at
Orange street wharf on tbe huge
Katie, of Cbesspetke City, to day.
The Katie has a heaping deck load, while
ksr hold is packed with the shells that
will be spread over the New Castle
causeway, making It one of the best
driveways lb the East,
II« flot it Legally and Hold It Illegally I
and win Have to Explain to the upper |
Court A Dull Day In Municipal Court.
Last evening as Captain Chambers
was passing up French street he met
f Ftr , re11 ' ° f . N ?i 312 Km ' I
Fourth street, who asked him to some
to her store and eject some men who
were acting in à disorderly manner
The captain did eo, and there met
George Farrell who Interfered and was
very sanoy and Impertinent. The youug
man was taken in custody.
This morning his mother did not wish
to press the charge of disorderly conduct
and at her request the case was dis
missed Judge Ball gave him some good
advice and warned him that a repetition
of the offense would result very dis
astronsly ta him
Charles Sanders, colored, was ar
raigned under the statute making it a |
felony for any carrier to dispose of
goods entrusted to him, and convert to I
bis own use the proceeds Charles I
WB« hired by Bernard Gluokman, I
of No. 15 East Front street, to get a roll I
of carpet, valued at $5, from Samuel I
Harris, No 204 West Fourth street, Us I
did so last Wednesday afternoon, and I
then sold It to Andrew Connor for $1 25, I
end kept the money. I
Charles had witnesses to prove thst|
he got the carpet legally on an order
from Mr Gluokman, but that didn't I
eesin to the court a sufficient justlfioa- I
Mon for his selling it, and he waa held in |
$200 ball for the upper court.
An accident occurred shortly after 31
o'olook yesterday, due to rsokls s drlv I
ing, which came very nearly resulting I
seriously to Ilsv, Alfred Curtis, bishop I
of the Catholic Diocese of Delaware. He|
was returning from making some calls I
aud was riding bis bicycle on Delaware I
avenue, at Madison street. Coming up I
the latter street at a rapid speed was * I
horse and wagon. When the comer ol I
Delaware avenue was reached the driver I
turned the corner without slacking I
speed at all, and collided with Bishop I
Curtis's »heel, throwing him violently to I
the pavement and smasblug his ma I
cbiue I
The driver of the wagon never even
looked bac», but Increased his speed oat I
the avenue He was aware of the I
accident and evidently feared coast
quences I
For a few moments Bishop Cartls was
»tunned. His clothes were torn and
covered with dirt, his face and hand. 1
were scratched and cut, and blood,
while his body and limbs were bruised
and skinned. Fortunately no bm.es were I
broken, and after escert.ining this fact,
Job H Jackson left here on the 11 51
train for Philadelphia to-day from wntob
plac« he went to Hsdta on a special
train run from Bread (treat station at
123 this afternoon. Mr Jackson, who!
was accompanied by a number of WH
mlugtoutaus, goes to dsltvsr aa address
at ths annual oommsuoemeut exercises of
the Williamson Free School of Meohsu
Governor Hastings, of Pennsylvania,
Bishop Curtis Run Down at Delaware
Avenue and Mad'eon Street-The Driver
of the Team Never Stopped to See
What Damage He Had Done.
tbe bishop shouldered hie wheel and
took it to a repair shop, secured another
and rode home.
Tha driver, who was responsible fer
tlie accident was not recognized.
B« Wllf IffNHtlt-** «fr» ««
W II I lam*on Free School'«
CoaiuieneemeDt To-d»jr~ Oovereer Hut
loi« end Mr. Wenemaker to Partici
ictl Trades, near Media.
ex Postmaster-General Wauamaker aud
other diatiagulshed men will participate
Ur. Jackson's address will be to the
graduates A number of Wilmington
boys are now attending this excellent
educational lostitnllon The visitors
will return home early this evening.
Fsther Oar«v Will II« the A«al«t«nl ef
R.V D. J. Flyoa-R.v. J»m,. c.ly,
. u . .
of 0.1.»., **d„ Come, te 81. John «,
8«vsral additional changes and Irans
fars lu Blshnp Curtis'* dloosse follow
those snneuneed yesterday. Tho *r«us
fers ef Rsv. Franels Farley, to Etkton,
from 8t. John's Church,
results ln th» assignment of Rsv, J D.
Carey of 8t. Joseph's Ohureh, Henry Olay,
to he assistant to Father Fiynu at 8t.
Patrick's Church, this city,
Oonly, of Galena, Md , comes to 8t.
John's Church, Hacksesia.
Father Oouly's departure from Galena
will bs provided for by the merging of
Ohestertown and Galena pariehes which
at James H. Ilalilday s, Wo. 303 Shipley
street, to-night Stoeckle s Bock Beer on
tap My friends are respectfully Invited
to call
Rev. James
■»111 be placed In charge of Rev. Geerge
Ott, of Cheatertown
Boston linked Beans
Judge Orabb Hold« an Adjourned Term
To-day— Kusine«« Transacted.
Judge Grubb held an adjourned term
of Orphans' Court to-d»y. J. Frank
B*l{ made an application for a continu
«nee of the petition of Araballa F.
Hughes, now Arabella F. Dougherty,
administratrix of John P. Hughes, to
sell property to pay debts. It was
J Frank Ball submitted a petition ln
partition of the eetate of R ise Z-dglsr.
The following commissioners were ap
pointed: Joseph L. Carpenter, Jr
Thomas B Smith, C P. Johnson, Daniel
W Taylor and Otho Nowlard.
Austin Harrington, petition of execu
tors of John G. Baker to sell property to
pay debts
Charles M. Curtis, petition of Temper
anoe A. M. t.owber, of this city, for per-1
mission to adept Lottie 8 Prettyman,
daughter of Clifton and Elizabeth Pretty
man, late of Brldgevllle, Sussex connty
Tbe appeal is approved by an aunt of tha
child, Mary V, Piettymaa, her nearast
relative The court granted the order,
and changed the name of the little girl
to Oarlotts Prettyman Lowber.
Musicians, acrers, artists gty.
And journalist» capricious.
For thl« Book Beer that Stoeckle'» brew
Out Famous tijek Beer delicious.
The President Takes His First!
Walk Abroad This Term, L
They Walked From Hie White House to
Secretary Herbert', Residence, Where a
Southern l.uncheon Was Glvci
of Mr. Hisrtfll, Who la About to Retire.
Washington, March 3<J. — President)
Cleveland made his only public appear
ance on the streets of Washington on Fri
day as a pedestrian since his first term,
wlien ho occasionally was seen walking
around the grounds in the vicinity of the
White House. Ho not only surprised a
great many when ho passed In his stroll of
squares, accompanied by his entire
cabinet, but the patrol of six policemen
who stand guard around the entrance
gazed breathless at the sight of the prosl
dent heading the party and marching it bp
twos across to Hie state, war and navy
departments, and thence uij»ler one of the
great arches, through t*i iftildlng and on
to the street, where ho continued his
course duo west until Secretary Herbert's
house, the objective point of tho excursion,
was reached,
purposely adjourned ah hour early in or
der to start the expedition on time. Thu
occasion loading to tho outdoor appearance
was a luncheon given by Mr. Herbert In
honor of Postmaster General litsaoll, who
retires from the cabinet next week.
The Friday mooting Et tho otihlnot was
A Houthem Lunch,
Early this wook tho socrotnry told the
president mid his brother cabinet officers
of » little treat In store for them in the
form of a typical southern lunch, cooked
by the secretary's old Alabama cook and
consisting of dishes which none but a ue
gro could prepare to a turn. Tho Invlto
tlon Wl,s promptly accepted, and Friday,
immediately after the cabinet session, was
llxui1 {t1r ,h " time. Private Secretary
Thurbor was taken Into confidence ami
to >d to keep mum us to the destination of
the distinguished party when it loft the
While House.
Mrs. Cleveland at the samo time detor
honor Mrs. BiasoU by a lunch
oon ' " h,n 14,10 ,lli K hL »F Koodby to tbu
uluH of 1,10 onl,1,u,t '
Nwr°tary Herbert made elaborate prep
orations for his guests, and the party was
to lie without ladles. Shortly after 1
O ' olook ' Just the hour when hundreds of
K" v ' ,rn,,,ont 0 erk ' and officials of the
•"u"'' wnr * ml building Mid of tho
^yry department, only a square away
had returned lo their desk* from a half
J* 0 «'» breathing spell, the strange thing
hffi.penod that has started the town dlsous
1 tho sudden departureof tho greal dent
H> tak ng to walking U.o our bad b«n
''arefuli)' selected when there would b.
I lm * ,ow lu u " r,m " | J r u " äBr ' U thfl
| % lt ' " m ; oh CPremony tho Kreat swing
ing doors of tliu Whits House wore thrown
open by two stalwart policemen, who
oultl not account for the president's ac
tion In starting out when it was known
no carriage was waiting under the porto
codiere. They askod no quest ion« and si
lently watched the party.
Thfc president came first, dressed in a
4«u*t frock iwtk Kiik.,iuU.„ and b>M glovea V
I He walked along at (he bead of u single
file of twos, composed of bis cabinet. It
they bad boon funned by a military man.
the lino could not have been more accu
rate. Instead of falling in by height, the
I cabinet brought up the president's rear
I in the order of their rank. Secretary Mor
I ton and retiring Postmaster General Dis
I ««I in the rear files. With lucked arms the
party proceeded on a course heading duo
I wust for the navy department, dlstont one
I square.
I Three policemen along the asphalt pavo
| meut stood at attention and lifted their
bats as the president -and cabinet passed
| along. Not 60 feet hod boon covered, how
ever, when some clerk in tho department
spied the strange sight and instantly ooni
munlenled tho foot to hundreds near by
| ,
| llmt tlio president was upprottclilug. Hun
j tired« of fiieoe wore at tho window« nt onrn
| ami cloKoly inspected the "passing show. "
Government Clerk« Interested.
The direction nt first taken indicated
that it was possible that tho state depart
ment was the objective point, and a mim
I bor of reporters at onoc concluded that
8"" 10 important conference was tobe hold
I in tho secretary of state 8 office. '1 hl« soon
I prov>( | be erroneous, tor tho party belli
* Its course and entered the long court which
| divides the great building ami proceeded
I on to Seventeenth street, executed a fiauk
I movement to G street, aud thenco on the
| president led the way to Twenty first and
I tlcod to bo vigorous ami without effort,
I lie apparently enjoyed the novelty of the
| experience, and at 8 o'clock, when the
luncheon was over, returned by tho same
route and accompanied by his full official
During the entire journey the party was
I unaccompanied by a single policeman,
I q'president marshaled his forces and
I k()pt t i H , 1)lirtv we u i n n,,,,. The luncheon
I was tho first attended by the president out
side ot the White House since he came into
| 14 streets, where the secretary 's bouse was
Along the route were a few curious pass
ers by, who looked on In astonishment.
| They bad never before seen tho president
walk except from tho door of the White
House to his carriage. His step was no
New Btodente Begin Weekly At
Goldey Commercial and Shorthand Ool
I i e g- Eighth and Market, owing to the
I ln divid"al—not cliss—system of instruo
I tim Fall Commercial and Shorthand
I Courses or special branches Day and
I evening. Graduates of bath sexes aided
1 10 positions Call or writs for catalogue,
I The remains of Samuel H Barker, who
I died in 1888 and hie wife who died in
I 1884, and which have been interred at
, | Annapolis, were removed to day to U •
| Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery,
| F 001, T onn E women and tour young
men, whose names will be announced latert
will dieenes tha question "Is the In!
| flaenoe of the Secular Prase Harmful or
Helpful to the Community?' at tha naxt
meeting of the Young People ■ Literary
| Society of St. Paul's M. E. Ohureh.
_ .
J That Old Chair PI««*
For a eoat of point. Considering the good
results obtained from the use of there
little cans of prepared paint and stow
their little eoet stand ont in pleasing
contrast. And many are the good nm
,, to put them to about the home. James
I M. Bryan, 107 West Eighth street.
Remains Brought to This City.
where they were Interred.
To Dlaenas an Important Question.

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