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I Evening » Journ, \ i
live advertiser's medium, cir
culates among the masses.
the Largest bonaflde Circula
tion in the state.
A 9
Enlarged; Refurnished; Repainted; Refitted.
Mrs. ANNIE GRUBB,Lute of Kenilworth Inn.
_tlEl.r WANTED .
geut man. Apply Ui L. P. BUCK, «03
M \r ket «treat __
E DONT WaNT BOYS OH loafers,
hut men of ability. $300 to $5.0^a month
to hustler». 4tate and general HKoita. Salary
anti eOnimi'Mno. CHEMICAL FIRE EX
ALKSM EN Wanted for Merchant Trail©.
Gooil weekly pay. Hamplee free. Node
liverie« or colbciiona. ®ide line or exclusive
A (lilroa*. Manufacturers.:! Ml Market Ht ,t*hila.
SALESMAN WANTED—5100 to 8125 per
Omonth and expenses to 1 .trodace oar goods
to the trade. Staple line; position permanent,
pleasant and desirable. Address,with stamp.
King Mfg. Co.. D. 63. Chicago. _
BICYCLE with pneumatic tires. Can be
eeen at. the Evening Journal office.
' West Fourth street, with bath and all
conveniences, suitable for boarding bouse or
private family. Re at reaeenanle. Apply to
MRS. H. E. Kerbaugh, 8J5 Shipley street.
I Park, $« 83. $10 per month, hew houses.
# rooms and bath. West Wide, $8 atd $lti per
month. New houses. 8 rooms and bath, front
porch. West wide. $>2 per month.
HENRY HOOPE«, «U Market street.
dk pf AA and upward per onth easily made
!Jt)"" with small capital by systematic
Biieculallon. Safest method. book and par
ticular!« free. National Rank reference«.
Thomas & Co.. 2D0 Rialto Building. Chicago.
O'DONALD. 13 East Seventh street,
leads them all In low prices.
Brand u«w $tsu machines reduced to |14,
818 and 820 All makes to select from.
Singer, Wheeler & Wilson, Now Home, Do.
raeetic,White, (Rendant and ail other make«.
Any machine -«ent on trial, free,slx months for
year« on lneUllmente. Send postal.
No. 12 Eaut Seventh Street.
Any machine repaired, 60 cent* up.
« a
Ml kinds of Furniture bought, sold and ex
changed. Stoves and heaters repaired, oil,
g«a aud gasoline stoves called for. thoroughly
overhauled nnd returned at a moderate cost
Stoves taken dowu, stored for the season and
put up In the fall Address or call,
1(«« ORANGE S TREET. W ilming ton, Pel.
In the Universities of Vienna, Austria, and
New York City, In the Philadelphia Poly
Wills JCye Hospital.
tees satisfaction.
clinic ami
City and school taxes for 1805.
The undersigned, receivers of taxes for the
city of Wilmington, will 1» at No. 10 East
Sixth s.reet, between Market and King
Btreets. during the months of July and
August, 1806, between the hours of 8 ami 12 In
the morning and ftom 2 to 6 in the afternoon,
for the purpoe • of receiving taxee. On all
taxes paid during July there will be a reduc
tion of 8 cent« on every dollar and on all
taxes paid on amt after the first day of August
shall he payable without a deduction afore
said, and ail taxes unpaid on the 1st day of
Heptember shall be Increased by the addition
of 6 per centum ox the amount thereof.
Receiver of Northern district. Including all
north of Sixth street.
Receiver of Southern district, including all
south of Sixth street,
IFInest In city.
407)* Market
( i
Company's new gallery.
L reduction in prices.
street, above Fourth.
And the Qneatlnn la Now Being Aaked la
8>he a Filibuster or Not,
Philadelphia, Sept. 6 — Th«re is at
present considerable discussion in strip
ping circles as to whether or not the
steamship Lzurada, Captain Hnghee,
which paesed to sea midnight Wednetdaj,
ou a voyage to Port Morant, Jam sice,
can be oalled a filtouater or not. While
her agents deny tbat she has on board
any materials or ammunition for (he
Cuban insurgents, It U the general belief
along the wharves that ehe ha« Captain
Uughes ridiculed the report and said If
thsre were any such good« on board his
vessel It was unknown to him.
A well known shipping man. whose
knowledge of customs laws is undisputed,
said that the Laurada could not he
stopped taking ou hoard for Jamaica any
character of cargo her owners deelrid
shipping, so loug as it was manifested
and the sh'p properly cleared from the
custom bouse. Jamaica bslng a British
possession and in a state of peace, tbe
landing of such cargo there could not be
prevented, but Its exportation to Caba
would be a thing the British government
would have to look out for. As It la, tbe
clearance papers of the Liurrda, swotn
to by Captain Samuel Hughes, her
master, is described as "water ballast."
8trong Man and Violent Pec pie.
Mr. Bjytrd's description of Mr. Cleve
land as a strong man rating over a self
confident and Bomotlmes violent pt-ople,
has brought npou onr amiable Ambassa
dor quite as much censure as he de
serves. Tbe error was of the heart
rather than of the hesd. Mr. Bayard
likes to make people comfortable, and
be knew that tbe phrase be seleoted for
that purpose would make Mr. Cleveland
very comfortable indeed when it reached
BuzztrJ's Bay. —New York Sun.
Is a splendid montu in which to visit the
Yellowstone Park. Shut up your house
and take your wife and family to tbe
Park. Have *)« greatest outing you ever
will have Two weeks In tbat mountain
region with such sceûery will do more to
re invigorate you Lbau anything else you
can do Send Charles H Fee, general
passenger agent of the Northern Pacific
railroad, St. Paul, Minn , six cents for
their illustrated tourist book.
Coming to FrlenJa' School
From out of town is made easy. Boirdln?
in private families very cheap. School
< flics open daily.
And tne Small Bojr Swam.
The value of the Raymond Free Bath,
especially to the Bmall boy, was never
better demonstrated than since the huge
box has been repaired and placed In
position. Tuesday 285 boys used it for
natatory purposes, aud yesterday tbe
number reached 312. The need of a new
house placed on the Brandywine becomes
apparent dally.
Mr. and Mr«. Charles W. Kdwards Passed
Throuali Them
The Portland Morning Oregonian of
Monday contains the following ;descrip
tion of the forest fires in Washington as
seen by Mr and Mrs. Charles W.
Edwards, who went to 8t. Paul several
weeks ago to attend the International
Typothelæ Convention and took advan
tage of the opportunity to travel
through the Northwest and Southern
California ;
"From the reports brought In by trav
elers, the tires lu Washington are again
burning with renewed activity, and
much valuable timber is being destroyed.
Charles W. Kd wards, of Wilmington,
Del ,who came over tbe Northern Pacific,
says that tbe train ran through miles of
burning forests, although never close
euough to get a scorchiug, or to briug
serious annoyance lo the passengers from
the smoke or heat. The sight at night,
he said, 1< one well worth seeing, and dis
counts auv pvrotechnio display he bas ever
seen. Tbe firmes, ho said, dart out from
the mars of burning timber and run
along the ground for several huudred
yards through tbe dry leaves, as if they
were a train of powder. Whenever a
moss-covered tree—some giant of the
forest—is reached tfce flames rnn up it,
and in an instant every branch and leaf
is In flames, the glowing mass standing
out In bold relief for a few teoonds,
until other trees are lapped up by the
flames. Mr. Edwards a&vs that he never
saw a grander eight, and thinks it well
worth a trip over the road to see."
Their War to Port
C«pt«lo Jftcobi No Longer Command« the
River Steamboat, Bat Will Leave Wil
mington to Take the Frederica.
When the Wilmington Steamboat
Campany's pretty river steamer City of
Chester left her moorings for Philadel
phia this morning she was not in charge
of her distinguished lookirg master,
Captain W. K. P. Jacobs. Toe captain
resigned his position last night after
twelve years of faithful service with the
steamboat company. He has been In
charge of steamboats on the Delaware
river for about twenty years.
Captain Jacobs severed his connection
with the local company to assume com
maud of the Philadelphia and Fredarlca
freight and passenger steamboat
Fraderica Ho will remove to the latter
town next Monday from this etty whsro
be has resided neatly all his Ufa.
Captain Horace Wilson, secretary and
treasurer or the WilmiDgton Company,
succeeds Captain Jacobs atd made bis
first trip to Philadelphia as master of the
City of Chester this morning. Captain
Wilson will soon removo his family to
his Winter residence here from Qotdou
Heights. _
Pusey aud Joues Company Enter Civil
Action Agaluet W. W. Bierce to Recover
Nearly Ten Th»u>aad Dollar«—Failed to
l'ay fora Ootiuu Comprear,
Iu the Commonwealth Court of Phila
delphia. attorneys for the Pnsey and
Jonea Company of this city bave brought
an Important suit and W. W. Pueey, for
the Wilmington firm, expects to pash the
care to trisl.
It is an action at law against Will W.
Bierce to neuer damages to the amount
of $0 001 41, being total sinon it due and
interest ou same from some time ago.
Tbe plaintiff* state that W. W. Bierce,
of Philadelphia county, contracted with
them for a cotton compress to cost
$30 000, This c ell cate piece of machinery
was made by the Wilmlug'on firm and
forwarded iu due time to the defendant
who accepted it Bierce, however, bas
failed to nay the balance, for whtch suit
is brought.
Accused of Caustug Hts Wife's Death.
Chester Sept. 5 —Joseph Henry
Ctalg, a oolored resident of Marple,
Delaware county, is now iu Media jail, to
auswer for the death of his wife, Rachel
M. Craig. The allegation is tbat in April
last Cratg beat bis wife so badly that «be
was obliged to take to her bod. Hhe
swore out a warrant for his arrest on
July 22, before Alderman Oglesby, of this
city, charging him with the assault. Tbe
woman diad Tuesday, and it Is c'aimed
from tbe injaries iiflleted by her has
band. Tbe ease will be thoroughly
investigated by the coroner and District
Attorney Schaffer, whose attention has
been directed to the case
The Jury'e Verdict.
An lrqno8t was held ty Deputy
Coroner Chandler this morning on the
bodv of Nathan Cooper, the Jewish child
killed by a trolley car on Front street
Monday night Tne verdict was acci
dental death, and the jory exonerated
tbe company, tl.e conductor and motor
man aud cenanred the parents of
cbildiea living on the narrow and closely
populated streets where the cars pass
for allowing them to play In the tracks.
Conference of the Brotherhood.
Wilmington Assembly, Brotherhood of
St Andrew, will hold its quarterly
conference In Enmaunel Church at New
Castle on It* evening of Tuesday,
Heptember 10. There will be a business
meeting, followed by apprtprlate ser
vices, and discussion of subjects boaring
upon tne work of tbe organization
Representatives will bs present from all
tbe chapters of this city and state and
Chester, Pa.
Serious Irjury to a Harvester,
Dovkh, Sept. 5 —A oolored man was
badly hurt yesterday morning while
harvesting ccrn for Robert Rangbley
near this town lie was seated on tbe
brrrester and in some tusDner hla foot
slipped. The sharp blade of tne machine
cut both ankles in a horrible manner.
Tbe man came near bleeding to death
before a physician conld be secured
HlE Cannery Burned In Hallabury.
Haluhuhy, Md , Kept 4 —Tbe large
canning bouse of A. B Jones, at (Juan
tlco. In Wloomlco connty, was destroyed
by fire yeBterday, with Its contents. The
factory had just started up work for the
season, aud will be a great loss to the
large number of persons employed and
to the tomato growers who have raised
produce for this establishment,
buildiug was insured.
Bmwoson Dancing School.
Dancing School will commence this
evening at Brownaon Library for tbe
male cUes, continued Tuesday and
Thursday evenings.
There Was Too Much Build
ing Proposed at Farnhurst.
Important Quarterly Meeting of the Del
aware Male Hospital at Furnhurst.
Award of Contract« for Hoepltal Sup
plie« TiUMtee« Still Debating How to
Curtail Building Kipemea Before
Awarding the Contract.
At Farnhurst this morning tbe
Delaware State Hospital Trustees held
their quarterly meeting and it was one
of the most important of the year Ail
lit« trustees were present, hiving just
returned from their pleasaut outing at
Ocean City. Md., where they spent
several days hunting snd fithing.
The trustees present at to day's meet
ing were De. J J Black, president; Mr
Stewart, Mr Smith, Dr Orr, Dr. Car
lisle, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Cooper, Dr.
Gilpin sud Dr Waples. Home of the
trustees from Sussex brought up contrl
butions of luscious ptaches for the
A (Tatra at the Farnhurst Itoapltn).
Superintendent W. U. Hancker, In
submitting his monthly report, oom
plalued that the coal supplied by the
company which had contracted to fnroish
well-screened coal was so dirty and full of
foreign matter that there are now eight
cartloads of dirt in tbe bins accumulated
since last Apiil. The coal was not fit to
Accordingly the board passed a résolu
tlon tbat coal furnished tbe state iustl
tution must hereafter be made satlsfac
tcry to the superintendent.
The movement of population for the
month eudlng August 31 was as follows:
Admittcd, 5; discharged, 8, died, 3.
There are remaining In tbe bulld
iDg— white males, 108; colored males,
27; white females, 1)2; colored
females 14; grand total 241. The
grand total tor August 1 was 247.
Number of liiises, 3; employes, 16;
attendants. 20 Received for board of
patieu's, $124 85; for garden truck,
$260 38.
The most important snbjaot for con
sidération was the new buildings
contract, which had been laid over from
tbe August special meeting in order to
so modify the plauB tbat bidders could
bring th-ir proposals within tbe range
of the $32 500 estimated by the truste»
for the erection of the building.
Architect M. H Dickinson's plans
which were approved providing the
builders' bids do not exceed the limit of
cost, are for three new bntldlngs, a ward
each for male and female patients and an
amusement room. Tbe wards .s planned
are three-story buildings containing
forty one cells and a day room each.
They are to be situated west of the
present bnllding and opposite Its north
and south ends. They will be connected,
and alao connected with the old ballding
by covered oorrldors level with the
pretent basement floor and by a railed
corridor extending over the oovered one.
As planned, the walls are to be
plastered with hard plaster: bat a sug
gestion, made by the architect, to make
all division walls of glszsd brick to a
heighth of eight feet, will probably be
adopted. If this is done the limit of cost
is estimated at $32,500. All the build
ings will be heated by s'etin and lighted
by electricity. Tbe roofs will be of slate.
The general appearance of tbe building
will be similar to the old ones.
Quarterly Contracts Awarded.
The contrasts for the ensuing quarter
were awarded as follows;
Groceries— F. P. .Turner, Seventh and
Market streets, Wilmington. Others
bidders were Simmons & Bro. snd W. E
Mutton and veal—Fred Kienle, Wil
mington; forequarter« mutton, 6è; whole
animal, 6; veal, whole animal, 9 cents.
John A. Hopklnu also bid
Beef—Frtd Kienle, Wilmington
Shoes aud Slippers—John A. Reynolds
& Co. ,* Middletown.
Ladies shoes, 70 cents; carpet slippers,
34 cents; men shoes, 00 cents.
Men's Clothing—john A Reynolds A
Co , Middletown.
Crockery and (Jueensware—I. Lewis
Row, No 413 King street, Wilmington.
William Lawton has heretofore supplied
the institution.
Dry Goods—John A Reynolds A Co.,
Bread—Henry C Roller, Wilmington,
cents per pound. There were several
oilier bidders.
Drugs—(But one bidder) N B. Dan
forth. Wilmingtou. Mr. Danforth's
prices were all low, the quotations on
alcohol being $2 55 a gallon.
The Revised Kstimates.
Revised proposals for erecting tbe new
annex buildings were opened and read as
J R. D Seeds A Son, Wilmington—
$42 ,890 (to complete in six months.)
William F. Seeds, Wilmington—$41,
Calvin I. Bwayne, Wilmington—$16,
540 (to complete in twelve months.),
B F. Shakespeare, |Wiluilngtou — $15,
300 (to complete In ten months )
William .H. Virden, Lewes—$41,480
(not to Include enamel brick, 80 cents a
equare|foot additional.
Edgar Zellau, Wilmington—$44,995
(to complete in 170 days ) Mr Zelian
submitted the names of his sub-oou
t rsetors.
Lynam & Phillips, Wilmington—39,
A. 8 Reed & Bro , Wilmington—$37
000 (not tncludtug plumblng'aud electric
«otk, which, if added, would make
$42,110 )
William H. Foulk, Wilmington—
John B. Johnson, Wilmington—$42,
Willem E Jones,Wilmiugton—$42 000
George 8 McKee, Wilmiugton—$47,000.
Blackwell & Cassidy, Wilmington—
$45 577. ( To complete Iu six mouths }
Thomas bamworth, Wilmiugton—$47,
N. 8 Barkley-$41,990.
Hubert Cassidy, Wilmington—$42,009;
(To complete in 175 dayi)
M. H Dlckiuson, tin Philadelphia
architect, her* appeared before ,the
board and snbm'tted two bids as
P Ketcham's Sons. Philadelphia, No.
I0SU Brown street-$48.992. (To com
plate by April 1, 1896 )
George L Haivey, No. 1710 Ritten
house street, Philadelphia—$51,000.
Dr. Gripin offered a rerolutt u to etail^
*11 over agaiD, advertising for plana and
spac, Gestions iuaamuch aa Mr. Diekioson
liad failed to supply apeciEeallona
for buildings to coat $112,000 aa the
numerous entlmatea would prove, and on
beiug allowed a chance for revision had
failed again to briug it down within tte
means of the trustees.
While thia motion was pending, Mr.
Dickinson stated to the board that by
taking off two small wings containing
sixteen rooms each, and reducing the
building to fifty-eight rooms in
stead of eighty-two the cost
would at least be reduced $(1,005 and
this would etms within the limit of
Tht resolntion was debated at length
and finally was adopted and the board
adjourned for lnnch at 1 30 o'clock.
It Is Said Tbat They Will Not Affect
Local Trade Since There Is No Kant
en) Competition In the Western
According to advice from the West to
day the last advance iu tbe prices of pig
iron and tbe sotion of the Western Bar
Iron Association at Cleveland yesterday
In raising the rates on all bar iron $2 a
ton opens the way for important ad
vances In other brauche« of manufacture
Tbe advance in the price of bar iron
puts common bar at $28 a ton. It was
tbe direct result of tbe rapid advance In
pig Iron rates and tbe movements in that
line indicate that the manufacturers will
be compelled shortly to make another
advance to $30 a ton. The new rate on
bar Iron will, if maintained, until No
vember 1. give tbe Amalgamated Associa
tion pnddlers $4.75 a ton and an advance
for ail finishers as well, if the present
upward tendency is sustained, the
manufacturers may advance bar iron to
$30 a ton.
Every sheet and plate mill lu the
United States Is in operation to the
fallen capacity, and, as with manufac
turers of structural material, a time
limit has been established for the de
livery of sheets and platee.
C. G Philips, of tbe Diamond State
Iron Company, aald this morning to au
Evening Journal leportcr that these
prices only affected the western market
and that eastern firms would not have
to come into competition with them.
Tlie Park Commiulin anti City Couuell
nifu Meet on the Brandywine, Inspect
the lioadg and Ground, and UIhuii
Yesterday afternoon William P. Ban
croft, George W. Bush, William M.
Cauby, Joseph L Carpenter. Jr., Dennis
J. Menton and Engine« rj James Wilson
aud Theodore A Leiceu, coustitu'ing the
Park Commission, met at a print ou tbe
Brandywine opposite Van Bureu streit
for the purpose of discussing the pro
posed changée iu tbe park drive
President Csnby objected to the route,
as it would destroy the plotureique
group of boulders at tbat point, and tbe
rest of the board conceded this and
agreed to the moving of the line a few
feet soutl^ just sufficient to rklp tbe
The deviation of tbe road at tbe old
stone quarry was another point of dis
caselon President Cauby aud Mr
Bancroft were ircllned to ase the old
route partly because a portion of tbe cut
bas been made and again that if the
road runs too near the edge of the bluff
It would be dangerous
Mr. Carpenter and Engineer Wilson
thought, however, tbat tbe adhearlng to
the old route would maze a tunnel of the
road there aud that it would be prefers
ble either to adopt the new ronte or else
drop both and run ont into Liverlng
Ex president of tbe Street and
Hewer Department J. Newiin Uawtbrop,
who appeared on the scene jest then,
favored tbe adoption of tb* new reute
The matter was finally left to Prealdent
Canby and Engineers Wilson and Lelaen,
they to formalste plans snd submit them
to the commission.
The next point was Clayton street
bridge, where President Bay 11s, Clerk of
Oouncil William P. Morrison and Coun
cllmeu O'Neill, Leary, Watson, Fisher,
Zibley, Staats, Hebinsen, McNulty aud
Ob.rly, wete met. The huge cracki In
tue walls of the abutments sua ap
proaches to the bridge were In
spected and it was generally con
conceded tbat aometblug should be done
The coucecsns of opinion teemed to be
that an arch bridge should be thrown
from pier to pier. No action was taken.
Tbeu tbe entire party, excepting
Couucllman Staa'.a, who is still nursing
hia sprained ankle, and Squire O Neill,
whose years preclude him from much
hill climDtng, ctambeted to tbe top of the
incline overlooking Hoseudale Park.
Here a dlsousslon of laud values was
instituted which lasted until nearly 6
put forward aud discussed and
matter was «till ou tbe carpet wlnu tbe
conncllmeu met lest evening in regular
committee meeting Theu it was de
elded to leave tbe entire matter to the
Finauoe-and Law Committee.
As the contracts for grading have been
let and any delay on the part of the
Council or commission will prove dises
troua to tbe drivo action will probably be
taken to night
A dezeu or more plaus were
Work of the Crematory.
Tbe report of tbe superintendent of
the crematory for August shows 1 827
tons burned or 727 more than a year ago
The items are: City garbage, 1,*262
loads; decayed fruit and vegetable«, 1,207
barrels; condemued meat, 102 barrels;
condemued fish, 203 barrels; waste from
slaugter house, 125 barrel«; five two
borge loads of watermelons, 78 baskets of
premature peaches,
cautatoupes, HO biskela of tomatoes, 60
baskets of egg plants, 14 baskets of
pears, 4 baskets of lima beaus, 9J dead
dogs and 65 cats __
Just try 5 cents worth of Hollia's Halt
Water Taffy, at 227 Market street.
125 bankets of
A Two Hundred Bridle.
Before Magistrate Kelley last evening
James L. Desky ne was airaigned on a
cbsrge of using threatening language
towards John 0 Brown. A *200 peace
bond will put a bridle on James's tongue
Fish 4 Centa a Fonnd.
On Friday' September 6th on Madison
street near Front a car load of fish from
5 a in until sold. From Nelson Irockwood
A Co.
To Be Named In Honor of Till. City—In
itial Steps Towards Securing an Ap
propriate t.lft for Her.
The honor of having a man-of-war
namtd after one's native or adopted city
Is considered by the residents of that
city as highly desirable aud they have
Invariably shown their appreciation by
presenting to tbe craft bearlug its name
a handsome silver servloe or other
appropriate testimonial. This shows
not only the Interest taken In tbe new
ship, the assuming of a sort of God
fatliershlp as It w> re, but links more
closely those who reside between tbe
walls of wood and wtose of stone and
The Navy Department has decided to
name one of tbe new gunboats to be
bailt at. Newport Nswb after tbia city,
Wilmington, aud It Is but fitting that
the good peophs of this city should take
cognisance of it. Other cities bave done
honor to themselves snd their namesake
and Wilmington should not be behind
With thia object in view, the Evknino
Journal has started ■ subscription list
tbe fund to be u-ed for tbe purcba'e of
s silver service for the United State«
gunboat Wilmington. The money re
ceived will be acknowledged in these col
umus sud held subjeot to tbe orders of
a committee of citizens which will
be selected later. Another suggestion
the Evkmno Journal would make at this
point is, that one of Wllmlngtou'6 many
charming and fair daughters be chosen
to christen tbe new craft when launched.
The Historical Society, Rons of tbe
Amerloan Revolution, Delaware Hinein
natl, and the New-Ceutury Club should
all tabs a hand In this work, and with
organ/.id iffort on their part It should
be au easy task to raise a handsome sum
for a royal testimonial.
John W. Lawson.
(iraod ami I'stlt Jurora Win» Will [Nerve
At the tiaptember Term et Which the
Ciihlan Patriot« Will Be Tried.
The grand and petit jurors to serve at
the September term of the lUnlled
States Court, wbicu
Tuesday, were drawn this morning They
are as follows:
convenes next
Grand Jurors.
Wilmington—William O Martin,
Dennis 8 Hblelds, B. Frank Townsend,
Isaac C Pyle.
Peneader—Thomas Davidlon.
Milford—Edward Gall.
White Clay Creek—Aaron Baker, David
L. Choate.
Red Lion—William A Rice.
Chrlatlana—John L. Vanzant, William
Lewes and Rehoboth—Lemuel C.
Cedar Creek—John Bennett.
Mill Cretk—Elliott W.rrtn, Joseph
Dock Creek—William Hardcistle.Jamei
T. Trnix, Alexander G Cummings.
North Murderklll—Prince Cardwell.
Saint Georges—Merritt N. Willetts.
New Castle—Bennett J. Lancaster.
Kenton—William H Moots
Petit Jalon.
Lewes and Rehoboth—Ellhu J. Morris,
Charles H Mztill
Ht Georg««—Henry Wood keeper, Jr ,
Lionard V. Asprll. Jr.
Peucader—David C Rose. Jr
Wilmington—Jonathan E George,
William H Kenworthy, Harry W.
Frtz*r, Andrew L Johnson, George T.
Barnhill, Bernard Bonner 8etb H.
Feaster, Henry C. Mabaffy, Andrew
Traynor. Joseph Weldon, Thomas Holt,
George H Osppe le, Ayers 8 Webster,
William H. Week«.
Little Creek, Sussex Connty—Joseph
M Cannon.
Georgetown—Reuben Donovan.
West Dover—John M Downg.
South Murderklll—John Satterfield.
East Dover—William P Szttejficld.
Indian River—l'lmotby C Townsend.
Cedar Creek—William T. Abbott.
New Caatl*—James T Morrison.
Miepllllon—Ezektal Fleming.
Brandywine—Joseph Talley, Francis
Mill Creek—William Cranston.
Broad Creek—Robert Spieer.
Dagsboro—John R. S'eele.
North Murderklll— William H . Jakes.
Duck Creek—John F Goldsboro.
Gutnboro—Barton Douowsy.
And J. Haiard Fierce Finds Himself In
Troubla II.cause the Nag Wasn't as It«p
An Interesting case is occupying the
atteution of Magistrate Laley. Ou May
4 a man by the name of J Bayard Pierce,
went to the reatdeuce of AutboDy H.
Fiunerty aud n presented that be was a
farmer IItIdr near Claymont aud had
beeu told that he, Fiunerty, desired to
bny a horse Pierce gave aa h<s informant
Leander Riddle.
As Finnerty wanted a horse, and bad
told Riddle tbat he did, he believed
Pierce and puichased the horae offered,
paying $62 50 aud receiving a guarautee
Irom Pierce that It was Bouud and per
feet. It wasn't.
Theu Finnerty consulted William S
Hilles aud a warrant was sworu out for
Pierce's arrest, aud he waa brought
before Magistrate Daley. When the case
was called, tbe charge balog ob'alulug
money under false preteuceB, William
Michael Bvrne {«presented Pletce This
was May 13 Pierce expressed a willing
ness to make restitution snd the counsel
for both parlies agreed to continue tbe
heariDg for a fortnight. Pierce iu the
meantime to fix matters up Fierce was
allowed to go on his own recognizance.
Between the time be left aud the date
set for hts return, Pierce skipped to
Cheater—aud stayed. About a mouth
ago he returned and yesterday Sergeant
Black »rrested him.
He Swallowed Some Lie.
Harry Lindsay, the 4-year-old son of
Adam Lindsay, of No. 1819 Delaware
avenue, is lying ill at bis home as the
result of swallowing some lye. Dr
John Palmer, who 1« attending, says the
little fellow Is out of danger.
And the Collision Resulted in
Her Being Sidetracked.*
And «lodge Ball Give« Her Fifty Dollar«
aud Six Month« Samuel Had a Revolver
ami Will Answer to the Upper Court A
Trio of llomelea« Boy« Furnished With
Homei-Other Municipal Court Bu«l
It was not exactly a railroad accident
that was reapomlble for tb* lauding of
F.ilsibetb Cummings In New Gâatle,
although her trampling on a trait! was
the Indirect cause Uz* is a maiden of
a decidedly brunette cast of complexion,
aud ber father says ehe will stay out
nights aud Is practically bsyoud his
ooutro), and has been for some tweuty
years—for ab« Is no chicken.
About 10 45 o'clock laat night «he was
boldlug dowu tbe promenade on Market
street between K eyenlh and Twelfth
street*, whan Ida Dayle, the belle of the
Fernharet 400, cime along. Liza alzad
lier up aud then placed her No. 11 daon
tng slipper on her train, Ida naturally
objected, whereat l/g* drew a small
pearl handled knife, which she had cou
oeeled under her apron, and slashed
Ida on the right arm, li fllctlng a naaly
looking but uot very serious gaah. Ida
was sent in to the police statiou, where
Dr. Henry K Hpruaocv dressed tbe
wound whioh, he testified on the stand,
was merely superficial Then Liza was
ai rested, bite had tothlug to say, uo
question* to ark. no complaint to make.
Judge Ball sal J that while the oharge
was assault with attempt to commit
murder the naturo of the offence was
materially changed and be decided that a
oharge of aggravated assault and battery
would be sufficient. The jadge said
further that these unprovoked assaults
were sltogether uncalled for and that In
order to put a stop to them he should
make au example theu and there. He
fixed the pnnlsbmeut at $50 aud coats
and six months imprisonment. Officer
Lyons aud Moran arrested Liz«.
On Tuesday last Tony Kogerr, an
Italian, was charged with using a gin
under 18 years of age for Immoral pur
poses. He was held In $500 bail for
upper court. This morning City Ho lei
tor Batman stated that fuit ber [develop
ment* showed that, the girl was over 18
years, aud asked that the hearing be
■ «opened Judge Ball said tbat tbs
healing conld be reopenad on applies
tlon of tbe attorney general.
Samuel W. Cbippey, colored, who
keeps a shoe mending shop on Tatnall,
between Eleventh and Twelfth streets,
was arreated by Officer Welsh on a
charge of carrying concealed a deadly
weapon. The revolver was fonnd on
the man, aud he was held funder $200
bail for the upper court. Samuel ex
plained that he had the revolver, aud
added: "When the oop tackled me I
thought ho was foolin' Its only natural
that a mao who's got a weanou would
try to cooceal it ''
The case of David Powell, charged with
violating tbe market oidinance, was
continued until Monday, owing to tbe
unavoidable absence of Counsellor
Walter H , Hayes.
Agent Stout had three waifs Id court,
Alfred O Kellley. no father and mother,
sent to tbe reform achool;John Ayers,
colored, orphan aud a runaway from 8t.
Joseph's Home, same disposition; John 8
ilvzvl, no parents aud no home, sent to
the Home fur Friendless and Destitute
A Wilmington Mao Who Ha« Ileon a
Fugitive Hluce 1*111, Captured in
Edward Ford, of this city, was arrested
in Philadelphia yesterday by a policeman
and was banded over to Detectives B>nd
aud Mmray, who had been eeeking him
since 1891 as a fugitive. At tbat time be
was employed as a driver by a firm in
that city. He
December 28, 1891,
forty eases of eggs to purchasers. Ten
oases were delivered, but Ford sold tbe
remaining thirty case* for $38 aud tied
from the city, eo It la alleged. A war
rant. was sworn out for hla arrest as a
fugitive (rnu justice, and he was traced
to New Urieens, Wilmington and baok
to Philadelphia, where be had found
employment He was placed under $800
ball ou tbe charge of laroeny by bailee
The police kuow Ford but say that
there U nothing against him iu thia
sent on
to delivar
Barney Bnga the Birds.
When Detective McVey goes out for
either birds or criminals the mercury bas
to stand at 957 below zebulon to prevent
him from coming home with a full bag
Yesterday he went after reed birds on
the marihes and brought borne elghty
aix fat ones. This is do fish story, feather
one imagines so or not
the reporter of the Evening Journal
put a tooth in some of them is totally
untrue snd without foundation.
Tbe story tbat
Hurled In the Air 11/ a Locomotive.
Alexander Smith, claiming Indiana as
ble home, was badly injured lu tiie
West yard yesterday where be was struck
by the train due at the Wilmington and
Northern station at 3 03 o'clock. He
was hurled high In the air but mlracu
lonely etoaped with only a mangled foot
and crushed hand. Hia wouuds were
dressed at the Delaware Hospital.
Where Explosives Are the Block.
Tbe sixth floor of the Equitable
Building h*B hsooma headquarters for
manufacturers of explosives. The office
of tbe Repauno Chemical Company
Hercules Powder Company, Hercules
Torpedo Company aud Atlantic Dyuamite
Comnauy have all beeu located ou that
one 11 jor. _
Flans to Be Mutinied.
Architect E. L Rice will modify the
plans for John Barksley's reatdeuce at
Clavton. To-day he In supervising the
hauling and placing of the fixtures in
the new Snellenborg building.
To Consider College Mettent.
A matting of lb© trustees of tb© State
College for Colored Htndeuts will be held
at Duvtr to-morrow. Chief Juitlce Lore
sud H C Conrad, of this city, will be iu
Fall styles roady now. Buy your suit
of Walter 8. Davis, merchant tailor, 363
Market street. Store upeu every evening
On* of the Rent Known Women Newnptper
Writer« lu thiUdolphta UUn Suddenly
In Milford.
Milford, Sept 5 —Mrs. France« E.
Benedict, one of the best known women
newspaper wrlier* of Philadelphia, died
at Milford Tuesday while on a visit to
relatives Mrs. Benedict, who was about
1)0 y eats of age, was the daughter of an
Knglleh eea captaiu. Mhe came to this
country when almost 16 jears old with
her two brothers. Rome time afterwards
she was thrown upon her own resources
and as she had snowu considerable lit
erary talent the sought a living for
hersuif in the ueweeper business
For a time she was engaged on the
Post aud she was one of tbe first to
make a business of writing adv< rtise
menta for tb* big dry goods houses, the
was afterwards engaged on tbe Item aud
Huhseqarntly on tbe Chronicle Herald.
The former couorctton she let ai nod up to
her death, writing her usual letter the
day before she succumbed to the illness
from which she hud suffered for months
past Mrs Buiedlct.was the originator
aud at one time I he proprietress of the
Lsdiee' Kaehiou Journal, one of the
first magazines of fashion to be published
in Philadelphia. Subsnjueutly she
parted with her.interest in the Journal
and opened a book exchange at her
heme. No. 115 North Teulh street. Of
this she wade a success. It was the
first iu this city and she continued la Us
mauagemeut up lo her death
Mrs , Benedict was a member of tbe
famous "76 Club and gave valuable
assistauce to the directors of tbe Centen
nial Exposition. Mis was the widow of
James K Benedict, a furiitura dealer,
and lu her youth was a woman of great
personal beauty. Her sympathetic and
cordial dlsposltlou made her hosts of
friends The morning preceding her
death she made a will, appoin'lng her
friend, Mrs. Elisabeth H Bladen, her
executtlx Tbe latter came to Milford
yesterday to arrange for the burial.
II I« About Fifteeu Mile« From Criatleltf
aud I« the Must Popular of the Obeaa
paake Group.
Cribfirld, Md., 8ept. 4 —Watts
Island is without doubt the most charm
ing of tbe Chesapeake group. It bas
always beeu the most popular. Boaroely
a day parses without Hoeing a party of
excursionists disporting themselves
under Its stately trees The views from
tbe island aro magnificent It Is
situated betweeu the Tangier and
Poeomoke sounds and the Chesapeake
bay. To the north can be seen tbe white
cottages of Tangier Island and to tbe
east Oocabanuock is in plain sight.
Hundreds of boats can be seen on tbe
sarronudlng waters daring tbe day,
ranging from tbe battean to tbe ocean
Tbe Inland has bien in tbe Parker
ffsully for many years The present
occupant, Harry Doretuus, has lived there
(or twenty five years In the winter tbe
Island is nearly ice bound, and they do
not hear from the ooter world for over a
month at a time. The house Is an inter
esting old building, the foundation of
wbicn was laid in the eighteenth century.
The former house was destroyed by the
British Iu 1814 Hie present house Is
elegantly furnished. There Is a music room
aud library, two rare places iu which to
while away the ttdious hours of winter.
Thero are two other families on the
The Was Illusion Company Will Be Quar
tered at 81 Jamee Hotel aurt Will Have
the Columbia Baud on lie Oetober
Committeeman William McFaddan, of
tbe Washington Steam Fire Englue Com
pany, reporte that all arrougmuenta are
now complete for the trio to Itesalng,
Pa , on Ootober 8, 4 and 0. and tt la ex
pected tbat thia will be oue of tbe finest
pilgrimages of WilmiDgton firemen In
recent years.
At Reading, the headquarters of the
Wilmington firemen will be the Ht.
Jam«.* Hotel They will be accompanied
by toe Columbia Band, of Pniladelpbla,
twenty strong, aud under the leadership
of Harry Lamblase The Wtlmlngtontana
will have two excursions while in Head
ibg and will be entertained in royal
Ft tends of tbe fire company who expect
to be in the happy erowd most hurry in
tb*ir names «s the committee wbich
meet« at tbe engine oonse every Tuesday
evening, has almost a fall muster roll.
Flail 4 Ceuta » Pound.
On Friday September 6th on Madi
son sine', near Front a car load of
(Lb from 5am nntll sold From Nel
son Lockwood A Co.
The Weather.
In tho Middle Hla tea and New Rnaland to
rt .> generally fair weather and llgbi to fresh
variable winde, mualty southweaterlv. will
proven, with el'ght temperature change« and
local rain in tho take region. Un Friday, in
both of there sortions, fair, warmer weather
and light to freah «ouihweaterly wluds.
mpean «tea met a now Laving New
Philadelphia nod Boston will have fair
w eather aud southwesterly breezes this side
of tbe banks.
New York Herald Weather Forecaete.—
The Not there tern storm has made liltla
pr. A-r.ee lo the eastward, but has diminished
decidedly lu intensity. A rainfall of 6 30
Inches occurred at Indlanap-lls in twelve
hours. Another slight dépression was esu
iral last night over nortoeru Texts, 'lhe
pressure« along the Atlantic ooaat are lela
ttveJy high.
—The F. iend's school grracaeiam will be
notier the direction of Phi si cal Director
JackaoB. of the Y. M. U. A.
—A »Hsht freight wreck occurred in the
West Yard when one P . W. & B car amaehed
into Another ouo that had jumpid the track
last night.
-P . W. * B. engine No. 122 startled the
nallr.a Put evenlOK by thundering Into the
ntatlou here with II« whistle blowing with
terrific force and volume. A valve liac broken
aud tue wfcintle could not be «tupped until
the engine wa» backed In the yard.
—A meeting of the Diamond State Liquor
Dealer»' Ae«o< latlon wlb be held in the Fame
hone house to-morrow afternoou to elect dele
gatee to the state convention.
—Tbe report of tho chief of police for the
year lia» been printed and Is a hand-run»
little rolume. a tact due to tbe care of Chief
Dolan and hie tecretary. Officer Simon P.
-Deputy Sheriff Harry GllUa now smokes a
B ll« about four feet long with the air of a
curg' master.
— Deputy Sheriff Rutledge wont oat ou the
marwhe* After reed bird« a day or tw to ago.
The ligure "2" «ums up Use destruction which
t ueuea.
—The steamer Lota of New Turk. Is ex«
«•d At Moore'» shipyard to-day for general

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