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the Largest bonaflde Circula
tion in the state.
live advertiser's medium, cir
culates among the masses.
Enlarged: Refurnished; Repainted; Refitted.
Mrs. ANNIE GRUBB.Lateof Kenilworth Inn.
_____ HELP WANT«U.
gent man. Apply to L. P. BUCK, 903
M irk t-t street
TTT ANTED.—Several young men to present
TV ihe latest idea to reUll grocery, cigar
ard saloon tr.de 13 to *5 per dav. Call or
ad 3reus. HUNT, 5 F -isi Sixt eenth St,. N . Y.
.alary or large commis, Ion selling staple
go ds by samples to dealer » Exoerlence un
necessary. Write us HOUSEHOLD SPEC
IALTY CO.. (73) Cincinnati, Ohio._
CALESM EN Wanted for Merchant Trade
O Hood weekly pay. Samples tree. Node
Itverles or coll» étions. °ide line or exclusive
Address.M aimfacturers.3S41 Market St .Phtla .
C ALF.SM AN WANTED— JH« to »125 per
Omouth and eapmses to 1 traduce our goods
. Staple line; position permanent,
pleasant anil desirable. Address,with stamp.
King Mfg. Co.. D. 53. Chicago.
to the trade
grain. Oefloi e advanoo Information as to
the future course of the- roariets. Write us
and we w 11 give you some points that wl'l
maae yon money. TBE LINCOLN FINAN
CIAL BUREAU, « T Broadway. New York
dtinA INVESTED npon our advice last
AP I Ulf March, amounted to several thous
and dollars last week; very litt le risk. This
cm be done now. This fall will be better
lhau ever for large profits. Send for our Book
and proofs of this, enowlng how to do It, free.
Lank references. F. J WAKÉM & CO., 6H
Beaver streel. New York._
r rwi and upward per oath easily made
with small capital by systematic
speculation. Safest method. Book and par
ticular« free.
Thomas & Co.. 3GI Rialto Building. Chicago.
National Bank references.
S' BICYCLE with pneumatic tire«. Can be
neen at. the Evening .tournai office.
T Park, *<l *3 $10 per month. New houses,
tl rooms ami balb, West Side, »6 atdfluper
month. New houses. H rooms ami hath, front
porch. West Side, $'3 per month. Apply
HENRY HOOP8S, IB3 Market street.
S ewing machines.
O'DONALD. 13 East Seventh street,
leads them all In low prices.
Brand now *ilu machines reduced to »18,
»1» and »30 All makes to select from.
Singer, Wheeler & Wilson. New Home, Do
mestic, White, standard and all other makes.
Any machine tent on trial, free.slx months for
ii, two years on Installments. Send pos
No. 12 East Seventh Street.
Any machine re paired. 5 0 cents up. _
All kinds of Furniture bought, sold and ex
changed. Stoves and heaters repaired, oil,
gas and gasoline stoves called for. thoroughly
overhaul. '! and returned at a moderate cost
Sloven taken down, stored for the season and
put up lu the fall Address or call,
inilfi ORANGE STREET. Wilmington.
in the Universities of Vienna, Austria, and
New York City, In the Philadelphia Poly
Wnix Eye Hospital.
Clinic and
tees eattsfacUoa.
1« notified t'iat tho jartne»«hU> heretofore
existing between the anderxlaned has heen
this day dissolved, and that Daniel 'V Lynch
will continue the buMnese ot said firm, at N.
W. corner Fourth and MadUon street«, and
S. W. corner King and Eighth stree s, undtr
the nem-and stile of "D. W 1 ynch & Co."
Ad debts due said late lirm should
eaid Daniel W. Lynch, and all cebte owed by
said tlrm arc aesumed by blm.
he paid to
I thank tbe public for the generous pstron
Hu'« extended the old firm, and solicit a con
tinuance of t.e name to me.
J ADI ESI Chichester's English Pennyroval
J Mlle (Diamond Ilrxiuli are the heel. Safe,
reliable. Take no ether. Send 4c. stamps, (or
particular«, "Relief for Ladles," In letter by
Chichester Cheml
reluru mail. At druggist«,
c al Co.. Philadelphia. Pa.
\JT Company's new gallery. ;Flnest In city.
Great reduction lu prices.
Street, atxive Fourth.
pc t* Market
Olty Otllolal Beaten.
Chkptf.r, Sept. 7 —On Saturday last
City Clerk James 3. Campbell was ad
mitted to the Cheater Hospital suffering
from severe bruises about tbe face and
body which he said had been canted by a
driving accident To day wet rents were
Issued by Alderman Shoemaker, at tbe
complaint of Mr. Campbell, charging
John R Flower and John Leary with
as?suiting him Tbe warrants were
served by Chief of Police Bagsbaw. It
appears that Campbell and Leary were at
Flower's place in Chester Township on
Nunday last and after a game of baseball
tbe three became involved in a brawl,
which reenlted in Campbell's Injuries.
Flower aud Leary claim that Campbell
was tbe aggressor, aud that Leary acted
in self defense and Flovor simply detired
to preserve peace on his place. The
defendants are well known «porting
men, Flower being quite wealthy, and
Leary a well known Eighth ward hotel
An Enojolopmdla fur
Only a few copies left of Rand Mc
Nally St Co.'s Encyclopœdia and Gazeleer,
which will be disposed of at $2.25—which
is barely tbe cost of manufacture. This
is a work of 800 pages and is a condensa
tlon of the Encyclopedia Britannic*,
Chambers's Encyclopedia, etc., with the
addition of mach original matter treat ing
of American subjects. It contains eighty
colored maps and 2,000 engravings and is
the cheapest work ever offered in this
city. Apply (or one at the Evknino
Journal office.
T« a splendid month in which to visit the
Yellowstone Park. Shut np your bouse
end take your wife aud family to the
Park Have the greatest outing you ever
will have Two weeks In that mountain
region with such scenery will do more to
re-luvigorate you than anything else you
can do. 8end Charles 8. Pee, genera!
passenger agent of the Northern Pacific
railroad, 8t. Paul, Minn , six cents for
their Illustrated tourist kook.
Frleuds' School Will Open
Wednesday September 11th. The Kinder
garten Training Class for young women
offers a good preparation for earning a
livelihood Office open daily.
Ottloe Seventh aud Kin*, Phoiie.5-15.
H T. Sergeaut dealer in ooai aud wood
{JtgTA large load of wood (or $1.60
âf'Large poa coal for family use
Delaware tiiaud Aim y Mon and Their
Women Friends to Leave Early In the
At 12 66 to-morrow afternoon the
local representatives of the Grand Army
of the Republic at a their friends and
traveling companions, will leave the
Baltimore and Ohio station at
Delaware avenue for Louisville
to attend the first National Encampment
of the G A. R. ever held in a Southern
cltv It is estimated that nearly 200
Delaware people will go on the trip,
which will not be concluded until their
return to this city a fortnight hence.
The headquarters will be at Hotel
Normandie, Louisville Arrangements
have been made at above hotel for about
forty people Accommodations for folly
100 have been made at School House In
Louisville, and those who will
avail themselves of this accommoda
tion wilt go prepar'd with b'anhets
Private houses have off. red accommoda
tiens for from $1 to $2 per day and for
this a number of Individuals have ar
Sleepers will be In readiness at Balti
more and the general agent of this city,
Henry A. Miller, will accompany the
train as far as Washington to see that all
are comfortably cared for.
The party will cntcprlse at lesst'flxty
seven persons among them being Past
Junior Vice Commander Peter B Ayars
and wife, Daniel Boss and wife, J C
Byron and wife, Samnel Hawkins, Dr. E
G Sbortlidge.ex Mayor R E Buckingham,
and wife, William H. Moystlu and wife,
Joseph Duffy, James Hasson and three
and wife, A J.
Rev Father Woodman. John Rodgers
and daughter, Mrs George Lowry and
daughter, Mrs. E Kane and niece,
G M. Reilly and wife, Mies Emma
Hanson, Laurence Jefferis wife and sot,
Mrs Perry Brown,A. G. Robinson.Frank'
Neeley and two friends from Newark.
Wesley Worrall, W S Harknesa, E. H.
Mi 1er and wife, ex Mayor John P Ail
mond and wife. Commander E S Wood
and staff of three from Dover,
James H. Appleby and wife. Mrs Mary
White, matron at the police station,
John Guthrie and wife, N. Quest
and wife, Hairy Stredley cud
wife, John McClure, Harry Zimmerman,
and J. B. Pierce and wife.
J 8 Wheeler, Thomas
and wife, Nathan Levy
Enoch Voore aud Sou« Company Get the
Sid.wheeler Lutta and Will Remodel
Her at Once.
Enoch Moore and Sons Company baa
purchased the eidewbeel steamboat Lotta
end she arrived to day at tbe company's
shipyard. The Lotta is s well appointed
and smooth running passenger vessel
with a carrying capacity of 325 She has
been muffing from New York to
Edzxbetbport and is reported to have had
a very successful season.
Tbe Lotta is 125 feet long and will be
put on I ht railway on Monday morning to
be remodelled .and receive a general
overbading Wetk ou ter will continue
for several weeks.
The Contest for it Will Re Reiumrd Be
fore Register of Wills Cooch on Monday.
The brulng» beating npyn tbe es
ta*e of tbo late Frederick Mayer aud
effecting the validity of hie second
marriage, will be resumed bofore
Register of Wills Gooch on Moodav.
James H. Hoffecker, Jr , and Francis
H Hoffecker will represent Wilbelmina
Meyer, (he second wife aud administra
trix Lilburne Chandler la attorney 1er
Elizabeth Mayer, daughter of tbe first
wife. 8be alleges that her mother was
living at the time that her father
contracted his second marriage and
that, const q iently, bis second matriege
was bigamous.
Lemuel Rll Qulaa'«)Aspiration«.
Lemuel Eli Qulgg, of New York,
formerly of tbl« city, and sou of
Rev John B Qnfgg, may become
president of the Republican County
Committee to succeed Edmund Lan
terbach next Jaunaty. Mr. Quigg's
friends say that they are not pushing
him for the piece, bnt that if Mr. Lanter
bscb did net wish to remain a« president
tbey would like to eee Mr Quigg
succeed [blm. They added that
Mr. IQxigg with tin help of certain
friends, [.notably William Leary, had
made two eucoe sful campaigns for Con
gress in a strong Democratic district,
and that Mr. Quigg and Mr. Leary on
these occasions developed political
sentences and keen manipulation which
certainly entitle Mr Qitgg to become an
atplrant for president of tbe R'publican
Count; Committee
Mr. Schoflsld Mow Very III.
Tbe Illness of John M Schofield,
assistant foreman at tbe Harlan and
Hollingsworth Company's which was
thought serious bnt not dangerous at
tbe beginning of the week, has developed
into typhoid fever. Mr Schofield was
very weak te day and bis illness was
disronraging in tbe extreme Dr. J. A
Draper is attending blm.
Kpworth Oharob Choir Resümee Its Re
The choir of Epworth M. E Church,
which has been on a vacation since the
first of July, will meet to night for re
hearesis and will sing at the services at
Epworth Church to morrow Daring the
Summer months tbe choir dispenses with
its regular weekly rehearsals. It will
now settle down to song,and the director,
George E King, promises a busy musical
The Brewery Is Still Running.
A barrel of stale beer on a wagon of
tbe Wilmington Transfer Company
bnrst near tbe corner of Ninth and
Market streets yesterday afternoon,
filling the air with brewery odors,
flooding tbe gutters with the amber
fluid and furnishing tbe morning peper
with its most important item of news.
Jersey Temperance Workers.
The eonnal convention of the Salem
County Woaian's Christian Temperance
Union will ha bald at Peunagrove on
Thursday next.
Buy your suit
of Walter 8 Davis, merchant tailor, 3l)2
Ma'ket street Stor* open every evening
Chilly Weather Will Soon Ile H« re.
Jamee F. Wood & Co warns their cus
tomers and others to have their formes«
overhauled and have them iu good repair
when wanted.
Fall styles ready now.
Outpointed Defender in To
day's High Wind.
For» While it Looked Like No Rare the
Swell WamSo Heavy May Sower Washed
Ashore and May Ho Wrecked
Special Dispatch Evening Journal*
Sandy Hook, L, 1, Sept. 7.— The
weather in tbe vicinity of Sandy Hook
to day was fair to partly cloudy, with
slight temperature changes and fresh to
brisk northeasterly winds,shifting toward
southeast, possibly followed by rain.
The Valkyrie allowed the Defender,
over a thirty mile coarse, 2!) 10 10Ô
The ocean tag Walter S. Lnekenbach,
tbs official boat having the America's
onp end regatta committees ou bond,
left tbe foot of Eist Twenty sixth street
at 8 o'clock a. m
The New Yarn Yacht Club's steamer
St. John left Pier No. 8, foot of Rector
street, at fifteen mtnatss after nine
o'clock a. m.
The Atlantic Yacht dob's steamer
Gay Head left Pier No 6, North river, at
nine o'clock a. m.
The Seawanhaka Yacht Club's steamer
Roanoke laft Pier No. 28, North river,
foot of Beach street, a't nine o'clock
a m
The course of the race was from Sandy
Hook lightship, fifteen miles to wind
ward or leeward and return.
Tbe Defender. N. Y. Y. O , Captain H.
O Half, vs. tbe Valkyrie III., R Y. 8 ,
Captain William Cranfield, left their
moorings about the same time.
The representative ol the N. Y Y. C.
ou the Valkyrie was L. A. Fiab. Repre
sentative of R. Y. S. on the Defender
was David G. Henderson.
Tbe splendid yachts are now ready for
the battle for tbe America's Cnp, and as
they left Measurer Hyslop'a hands, as far
as trim and amount of sail Is concerned,
so will they cross the line to-dsy. Thou
sands were interested In this official
work, and stood for hoars watching it
and those on the yachts. Probably
twenty tbonsaud all told visited Erie
Basin during the day,
BerreaholT Look« Her Over.
Captain "Nat" Herreshoff walked into
the yard early, but tbe Valkyrie had
been iliated and was lying alongside her
tender, the City of Bridgeport, awaiting
the arrival of Mr Hyalop. Captain
"Nat" took a good look at the craft that
tbe Defender was so soon to meet, and
then went hunting about the place as
though anxious to meet some one that
he knew.
10 30 a m—Both yachts append on
tbe coarse, Valkyrie being first to pass
before the gszs of tbe assembled thou
sands in New York bay.
Tbe sea is heavy, so mneh so that all
Ihe decks of smallar boats are awash,
and it is evident that small sailing craft
cannot live. By ridding the bay of these
boats the coarse will be much clearer,
lb« Haj flower Driven Ashore.
11 00—The Mijfliwer bae been driven
ashore at Handy Hook point and put up
on the beach so hard that the'entire life
saving crew went to work to save her.
Tbe Mayflower is (24 feet long au 1 is
now In great danger.
Cannot Live In Thl* Heavy Sea.
11.10—Defender bas just been towed
away from the starting point In the
teeth of a high sea that threatened to
swamp her under any heavy canvas.
Valkyrie started back against a
wind blowing about 6 milts an hour.
12 00.—Very choppy seas, aud tbe
start will have to be postponed.
Started Ten Minute« Past Moon.
12 10—The yachts have started. The
point for tbe start was shifted a little
more toward the Jersey shore. Valkyrie
crossed the line five minutes ahead of the
Excursion boats ars badly hampering
tbe grounds In their persistence for
vantage ground, that their excursionists
may not lose sight of the white winged
12.45—Valkyrie is two-aui-a quarter
lengths ahead and seems to be out
pointing and outfooting the Defender.
1 20—Boats have gone around on the
starboard tack. Valkyrie is now a quar
ter of a mile ahead.
Defender Is not bolding np to the
1 30— The breeze Is freshening aud
there is proipeot of a much better race.
Valkyrie is still a qnarter of a mile
1 40—Valkyrie does not seem to be
pointing so well under tbe freshening
bre<zs. Defender is standing 'out well
but has much to overcome,
A Son* o« the finit Have.
Time—"One Girl In the World for Me "
Only oae yacht in the race for ms.
Only one yacht to beat the Valkyrie;
She is so very pretty,
A taster uoat can't he
Deteuter is the only yacht in the race for me.
Wllmlnaton Phislclan Hare the Heated
Terra Mas Left No Contagion and Hut
Little Sickness of Anv Kind.
This has been one of the most health
ful Summer seasons Wilmington evir
experienced and the Autumn has been
ushered In without any signs of coûta
glous diseases lu the city It Is eaid
that typhoid, the overpowering Autnmn
malady, has but aoont two victims in
the city at present.
Dr. J. T. V. Blochoam in talking on
the healthful condition of the people of
this growing metropolis, said to-day, lu
conversation with a reporter:
* In twenty years of active practice
about Wilmington this is positively the
most remarkable season 1 have ever
known. Toere have been practically no
contagious diseases or fatal maladies of
any klud, aud, beyond a little stomach
trouble from oveie itlng or Intemperate
drinking of cold liquid, there have heen
few serious oases, none in certain sections
of the city."
Metropolitan Improvements in drain
age, cleanliness and the quick disposition
of offal matter is attributed as the chief
cause for better health. Nome people ere
chronic victims of nervous diseases, but
the majority of those on the sick list
have been Intemperate In eating or
John Bnsiett llooir, Who Studied L*w In
Thl« City aud Who Erjoya Ihe Erleud
»hlp of Bayard, Msy Succeed Juallce
Washington. Sept. 7 —Professor John
Bassett Moore, of Columbia College, New
York, who has b*en mentioned for the
vacancy on the Supreme Bench of the
United States crest,d by the death of
Justice Jackson, has a remarkable record
for efficiency of publie service as well
as of rapid advarcemmt iu bis profes
sion. He is, moreover, a notable
example of the opportunities afforded
by tbe civil service system to bright,
ambitious young men to make ctreers
for themselves without the aid
"politicxl influence ' Mr. Moore is only
85 years of age, but he is recogniz'd as
one of thy authorities in this conn
try on International law. He
is a native of Deltware, and
enjoys tbe warm friendship and esteem
of Ambassador Bayard, who, as Secretary
of State, was quick to recognize bis
exceptional abilities as a clerk in the
State Department and mads him bis
third assistant secretary at tbe age of
27 Mr Moore took tb» academic course
at tbe University of Virginia, studied
law in Wilmington, Del , and In 1885
passed tbe civil-eervlce examination and
was appointed a clerk iu the State
Department at a salary of $1,200
Wi. hin little more than a year he was
advanced to the position of third
as latent stcretarv, and, because of hla
great u-elniuess to the départirent, was
retained In that position, though a
Democrat, by Secretary Blaine la Feb
ruary, 1892, he resigned to accept the
professorship of international law at
Columbia College, New York, which he
still h »Ids
While in tbe department Mr Moors was
an)lndefatlgable*worker, showing marked
executive ability, and iu addition to the
discharge of bis official du'.iej he wrote a
large work In two volumes, "Extradition
and Interstate Rendition," which is of
highest rank ss an antbcrlty, and led to
bis being chosen as the representative of
the United Stetes In the "Institute of
International Law," He also rendered
valutb'e assistance to Or Francis
Wharton, solicitor of the State Depart
ment, In the compilation of tbe "Inter
national Law Digest," and after Dr.
Wharton's death, having been named his
literary executor, was author /-<1 by
Congress to complete the editing of Ihe
"Diplomatic Uorrespondeuoe of the
American Revolution " Congress also
authoriz'd him to prepare a full history
of tbe arbitrations to which the United
States have been a pirty, a work now
practically completed.
Mr. Moore is one of the editors of tbe
Political Sc'ence Quarterly, to which he
has contiibuted many articles on legal,
political and historical subjects His
latest contribution to current literature
U a temperate and able review of "Tbe
Monroe Doctrine," publish'd in pam
phlet form, which brnihis away the
sophistries which have collected about
that famous principle and presents It In
its true Intention. Notwithstanding the
immense amount of work which be has
accomplished during tho past ten years.
Mr Moms, who has great reserves of
physictl strength, is iu vigorous health
and would prove a most efficient member
of the Supreme Court. He Is a man of
essentially judicial temper and of strong
common sense, as well as a laboilous
She's on the Retired List.
Away np tbe Christiana tbe old aide
wheel steamboat Delaware lotlidto a
wharf of the Harlan and Hollingsworth
Company, where she went into Winter
qnartera about two years ago and has
teen kept ever since,
oldest steamboat« In tbe world still able
to do active eervlee.
once called tbe 8wan and she ran between
Philadelphia and Salem
enlarged and callrd tbe Perry. Later «be
was again lengthened and rebuilt and
named Delaware.
8Ue is one of tbe
The Delaware was
Then she was
A Wreck qaUkly Removed.
Early this morning the wrecked
safety gates at the Market street
railway crossing were cleared away
and replaced with new ones. The
iron work and a new gate were
put up in a very short time. Tbe state
'ment that the gatemau was in any way
at fault ln tbe runaway accident there
yesterday, which gained some ground
last night, was entirely wrong, ts this
is the most careful watchman iu tbe
Bought the Company's Slock.
Sheriff QI11I« sold the personal prop
erty of the Eleetrio Construction aud
Hnpply Company at their place of basi
nets on East Sixth street this morning.
It was purchased by E R. Cochran, Jr ,
representing F . C. McIntyre St Co. for
$1 93.
Colon Park.
To morm» will be tbe last day of the
season for Union Park to be open. Ad
mission free. Come one come all.
To He Named In Honor of This Cltv- In
itial Steps Toward« Securing an Ap
propriate tlft for Her.
The honor of having a man-of-war
named after one's native or adopted city
is considered by the residents of that
city as highly desirable aud they have
invariably shown their appreciation by
presenting to the craft bearing Its name
a handsome sliver service or other
appropriate testimonial. This shows
cot only the interest taken la the new
ship, the assuming of a sort of Qod
fathership as it w. re, but links more
closely those who reside between the
wails of wood aud those of stare and
The Navy Department has decided to
name one of the new gunboats to be
built at Newport News after this city,
Wilmington, and H Is but fitting that
the good people of this city should take
cognizance of it. Other cities have done
honor to themselves and their namesake
and Wilmington should not be behind
With this object in view, the Evbnino
Journal has started a subscription list
the fund to be uied for the pnreba e of
a silver service tor the United States
gunboat Wilmington The money re
ceived will be acknowledged in these col
noms sud held subject to the orders of
a committee of citizens which will
be select'd later Another suggestion
t Us Evbnino Journal would make at this
point Is, that ons of Wilmington's many
charming and fair daughters be chosen
to ebriaten the new craft when lanncbed.
The Historical Society, Sons of the
American Revolution, Delaware Cincin
nati, aud the New-Century Club should
all take a band In this work, aud with
organized (Sort on their part it should
be an easy task to raise a handsome turn
for a royal testimonial.
John W. Lawson.
. S1U
Uelecelen From the Delaware Order Oo
Id » Party to Providence. Rhode lotend.
To Hemeln » Week.
Ou tbe 10 1G Colonial axprera train this
morning over tbe P., W Si ,B rtlliotd a
party ot Delawareans left for Providence,
R. I , for a week's visit. They will arrive
in the little New England state early
this evening aud will register at tbe
Providence Hotel.
Iu the party were Mr and Mrs Joseph
Pyle, Mr and Mrx Josopb Coley, Mr.
aud Mrs. Thomas H H Meselnger, of
this city ; David C. Rase aud Mrs. Rase,
of Newark ; Mr aud Mrs Aubrey Van
dever. of Clayton; John L Tuompsonand
wife.cf Georgetown.
The man ot the party ara delegates to
tile National Connell of the Improved
Older of Bed Men of tbe United States,
which begiss its annual session at the
Rhode Island capital next week Mr Pyle
is Great Incahomee of tbe order and Mr
Rose Is a past Great Sachem Meiere
Vandever aud Meaaiuger have both gone
through ail the chairs In the wigwams of
Delaware and are considered great
braves in the tribes of tbe United States.
The men are delegates from tbe Great
Council of Delaware.
L'ssfnl I.'fe Ended Hits Morning Ily an
Altaoh of Dropsy—Daughter of Henry
Miss Elizabeth T. Latimer died at 5
o'clock this morning at her residence,
No 838 Market street. Death came
suddenly and tbe newx was a gieat shock
to her relatives acd ft lands.
Misa Latimer was about 70 years old
aud contracted a dropsical affssllon a
abort time ago.
ber of Grace
Fanerai services
on Monday morning at It o'clock and
the funeral will be largely attended by
tbe friends of the deceased.
Mias Latimer was a daughter of Henry
Latimer, and of tbs family there are
now surviving John B , Mary and Annie
Miss Latimer died wealthy She was
worth at least $600.000, Invested ia bark
stock* aud bonds throughout tbe state.
She Invested money in moet expedient
ways until she became about the wealth
iest woman In Wilmington
She was a arm
M E Church,
will bs held
Chester Library lunpeolcd.
Chbsteu, Sept. 6 —The Pennsylvania
Library Association! met at the Cheater
Free Library on Broad street, yesterday.
There ware .forty (oar librarians In tbe
delegation of visitors, most of whom
came from Philadelphia aid nearby
places. The meeting was opened iu
Library Hall, and several interesting
discussions were held. Five new members
of the association were elected. Tbe
delegates frem Philadelphia came to
Chester by trolley and were met at
Darby by Miss Bitmap, librarian of the
Chester Free Library, and Ribart P.
Bliss, librarian of the Buckuell Memorial
Library, at Crcztr Theological Serai
nary. The delegates ware given a tide
over the Chester trolley system aud
inspected the libraries.
The goe-ln-Lew Won HU Case.
Tbs case *f George Me Glongblln vs
William C. Weer, administrator of Mary
Weer deceased, was beard before WiI
Ham Simmons Samnel H. Baynard and
Jooeph L
The claim
nnrslng rendered to Mary
In her lifetime by tbe plain
ker son in law The referees
Carpenter, 8r, referees
for support
awarded him $250 Henry C. Co-trad
aud Medford H Gaboon represented the
plaintiff, and J. Harvey Whiteman was
attorney for Weer.
The Addict«» Divorce Case Return.
It la not thought that tbe Addieks
divorce case will ba closed m time for
Commissioner Alexander B Cooper to make
bis report to tbe Superior Court during
the September term. Tbe hes'iugs will
be rtsniEed on Tuesday and witnesses In
bebalf of the nspoudent will totify. It
is understood that Mrs Addieks ail put
in evidence in rebuttal.
Coming to Friends' School
From out of town Is made easy. Boarding
in private families very cheap. School
cflioe open daily.
And [Marshal Jackson's De
nial Went for Nothing.
And When Re Gets Out Will Steer HI«
Oourae Out of Dangerous Chai n «I« A
Driver Who Cssd Violence to a Small
Hoy Paya the Cost« Other Municipal
Court Cases,
Municipal Court was not called nntl
10 o'clock this morning, owing to the nn
avoidable detention of the Judge There
was but little to do, however, aud the
cases were soon disposed of.
Patrick O Brien, who burlrd hla child
yesterday, got fall and was found by
Offloer K «lieber at Front and Hblpley
streets las; night. He was taxed $2 and
Officer Kellebir also landed Thomas
Fury and .laxes Wright, both on the
coast. They were each sent over In
default of $4 file aud costs
Marrtial Jackson, colored, was arrested
by Officer Mo Doll for being drunk and
begging. He claimed that he w-a not
b<*KI{luR< but Judge Bill bad seen him on
Market street aollcltlrg alms from
passers by and fixed his fine at (6 and
cos's or forty days
Frank Fieber, colored, was charged
with assault on Mimen Blldey, over
Thlid street bridge Several witnesses
said that Frank kicked Mlmou after a
man named Howard bad knocked blm
down. Mro. Harriet Flsber, mother of
the piisouer, said that on* of tbe wit
nesses had told her that tbe prisoner
did not do the kicking, and she was
given, until Tuesday morning to bring
her witnesses, bail bring plioed at $100
William U Anderson, colored, was
arrested by Detectives McVey and Witali
oo a charge of stealing half a dt zea
: liver-plated knives floor John Jarrell,
Flftk and King streets. Tbe case was
postponed until Monday.
Isaac Levin was arraigned on a charge
of cruelty to Joseph F.rrell, a news ioy
Levin was driving a delivery wagon past
Fonrlb and Shipley when a stick In
Farrell's band bit tbe sida of b.s wagon.
Levin bit the biy with his whip and than
chased blm into a Maiket street store. A
young man saved Joseph fioa a whip
ping, and Officer Shields took bith in
tbe police station This morning I laac
was allowed to go on payment of costa,
as there was no evldeno* that tbe inten
tion to hart tbe boy was premeditated.
He has used pbyaioal violence to boys
who have botnered blm, before this, and
Judge Ball warntd him not to try It
"O Leppat Tot a Molainbul" I« What
Gut Llxxle Magger, of New Castle. Into
Magk Takach, one of tbe leading lights
In tbe Hungarian colony at Dubbluaville,
Newcastle, baa gone to law, aud, ae a
result of bis action, L'zzts Magger,
another Hungarian, of the same village,
found hertelf a prisoner Iu the rhorlff's
bauds tbit) morning. She was arrested
on a capiat issued by Protbonotary
VFcol'ty at the Instance of Takach, be
charging her with slandering him
He says that she said. "O egy izivauy
O lappet fat a malombul
Dobbtnavtlle English this would bs: "H*
Is a thief. Be stole wood from tbe mill. "
Mrs Takach and L'zzie also had a few
words which did col Improve tbe
The Takach faction retained Christo
pber L Ward to prosecute Its case
Lizzie called in Walter H Hayes to
defend her. Ball was fixe! in the sum
of $500
Thepilsoner sat in tbe sheriff's office
at the Court House for sevrnl boms
waiting (or her Dobbinsville relatives
and friends to come to the rescue
Unless they pat id an appearance Lizzie
will spend Sunday in the quietude of
New Castle jail.
Wilmington Wheelmen Leave,
E. S. Churchman and LeRoy Combs
Uft the city early this afternoon for
Riverton to participate in the bicycle
races thtra
will ride a tandem In tbe special race and
will also paca several of the local races
The Weathevt
In the Middle Rtatea and New England to
day pertly cloudy and fair weather w.lll re
spectively p-evnll, with nearly slstluiiary
temp, rature and f-eeh no- theaslerly to south
eaalerly winds, preceded by rain on the «ont li
era coalite of N«w Jersey, p .«elbly extending
ax tar North aa Lone Island In tbe afternoon.
Gn Kunilay, In both uflbeec xec loua, fall to
partly olrmey, slightly warmer weaiber and
rreeh southerly winds will prevail, with local
rein«, follon-rd. by falling temp- rature In the
western diet riet«; and on Mon my fair, cooler
weather, wlib a "cool wave" and light frusta
In and near the lake region.
Iu plain
The two Wllni igtoa bays
New York Herald Weather Forecast».
Tbe storm reported on yeeterday iiiorulua's
government weather rasp a« central near
Lake 8uperi-»r will move oast northeast over
Nortkern Ontario lo-dav. and will not be felt
decidedly off the New Jersey and IxmeUslaud
(oasts. On these roasts the wind to-day will
Keuerally moderate from nuriheasurly to
eonlheas erly point». Toe "cool wave" re
period yesterday, with a freezing minimum
temperature, north ot Montana, will muv«
eastwardly, causing frosts isenerally Hebt)
from Ihe Upper Mbslnslppl valley to Ihe op
per lake (reelon. The official reports nete a
rainfall of » 74 Inches in twelve hours yester
day at Baltimore. A very alight depr sh on Is
moving over Chesapeake nay to the north
eastward, but the conditions are not favnra
b'u to a general and heavy fall of rain In this
—Letters of administration upon the estate
of I'usey I'emoertou have keen granted to
Samuel M. Donnell.
—Williams Hllles, attorney for the Chris-
tiana huodnil road commlseloner;. ha» ren-
dered an opinion relative to the payment of
road tax by those per-ona living In the Sev-
enth ward annex of 1695. He eaye that they
must pay.
-Sheriff Gillie will sell the proprrtleeof
John McLaughlin. Salvator Gaota, George L.
Ulley. George *V. Stone and Hai ry Schneider
Hi!« aft-moon.
—The Retail Liquor Dealers' Associai Ion
met at the Fame How Hoiiw yesterday after
noon.bnt did not trantactmuch bust ness. An
other meeting will be held to-morrow in
German HalL
—Detectives MoVev aud Police Fergeant
How-gate hive gone out »»n a »till hunt for
reed birds.
-Rain has bean falling In terrent» down
the slate since early yeste'day morning when
the heavy storm was annoonceU In tbe KvaN-
iMi JouawAU At Harrington the (term of
last i.tgut waa particularly heavy.
-The Delaware division pav car went
down lid, morning on Its monthly trip of ea-
velope dissemination.
-Early trains this morning contained
goodly representation» of Wllmlngtonlan«
going to attend the International yacht races
— Captai
Gorman I Ins morning caught eight Uo/cn due
cattish In tbe Christiana.
William T. Green ard M*le
I.lltln Victim of ihe Sixth of July Ex
plosion at Now Cam Mo Hues the City for
Personal Injuries.
The city cf New Castle 1* the de
fendant in a $ 10,000 salt for personal
thur Leslie Wilson,
of Arthur M
night wa.deu at New Caetin jail. He
sues through bis father as his nearest
an I best friend, because he is a minor.
The salt was entered this monrlngin
the Superior C url^hy Hugh O. Brownne
end Peter L Cooper. Jr , who have been
retained to prosecute the case.
Ou July 6, last, daring a public pyro
technic display at New Castle, a leu
pound dynamite bomb exploded, killing
Eddy Terrv, a colored hoy, and shattering
the leg of young Wilson, who had
been shoved beyond the ropes by the
crowd The ground of action is
negligence on the part of the municipal
The plaintiff Is Ar
7-year-old son
Wilson, assistant
The Prosecution Developing Their fuse
With Groat Deliberation.
Bav Francisco, Sept. 7, —The taking
of testimony In the trial of Theodore Du
rant Is proceeding slowly. During tbo
three days In which
on the stand all that has been established
is that Blanche Lament ts dead and that
her tmdy bears marks of violence. Tho
prosecution is not Inclined to make speed,
wasting time In unnecessary queries.
Ou tin, other hand, tho defendants seem
to be threading uncertainties and search
ing for technicalities. In tho cross exami
nation of witnesses the defendant's attor
neys oontlnutilly throw out Ashing lines,
hoping to catch a discrepancy In the testi
mony. They are diligently seeking Haws,
but ns yet have not found anything.
Tho police and detectives are still gath
ering testimony to strengthen tbe prose
cution. It Is now said that tho defense
will rely largely on tho Improbability of
tbo prosecution proving its oaso beyond
any doubt. Tho witnesses In the trial
Friday wore introduced by the prosecution
to complete tho evidence that Blanche La
mont was murdered.
Poltcmimn Rieht, who accompanied De
tective Gibson to Emanuel church on the
day Blanche Lament's Ixsly was discover
ed, testified to tiio condition of tho corpse
and to tho presence of blood on tho flixir
near the girl's lielid on the belfry stairs
and on the floor, where It bad dripped
from tho steps. Ho stated there was no
evidence of a struggle there, tho Inference
being developed by the defense that tho
murder was committed down stairs, Igit
tho body was carried to tho tower.
Tho defense will try to show that one
man could not have Ixirno this burden un
aided. Tho prosecution will try to provo
that Blanche weighed only 110 ixinndfk
and that Durant could have carried her
with little difficulty.
C. G. Noblo, undo of Blanche was an*
called by the district attorney to again es
tablish the blent ideation of hie nieou both
in the church and sulweqneutly ut tho
J. B. Hallott, a morgue deputy
bow he and another deputy hod tab
Ixxly from the church to tho morgue.
Policeman T. J. Coleman swore that on
April 14, when searching In Emanuel
church for evidence of the murder, hb
found two doorknolis which hud been
broken off tbe bcil'ty door and afterward
wltnoMU* havo boon
, told
on tho
A Brother Hears of Ills Sister, Who DUapv
peered Twelve Years Ago,
Philadelphia, Sopt. 7. —Miss Ella Sil
lier, who unaccountably disappeared from
her homo in this city 13 years ago, liras
boon found by her relatives in the parson
of Mrs. Thomas Drover of (11H Beverly
street, Richmond. When Miss Silber dis
appeared, she was 31 years old, and her
life theretofore had been such us t<> make
tho case Inexplicable. Tbo newspapers of
tbe country ami the police of every largo
olty were furnished with her description,
ami a thorough search was made, but no
clew was obtained, and she was given up
as dead.
A few days ago a gentleman came to tbo
office of a sou of Mr. Silber and asked him
if lie had ever hud a sister named Ulln.
The caller said he was In possession of
the address of the long lost woman ; that
she whs married and living In a southern
city. J. J. Sillier, the brol.be», went to
Richmond and found bis sister.
Tho explanation of her disappearance
Is that she left her home while In n tem
porary lit of nlxitraotlon and wandered
away. Being a fair dressmaker, she se
cured employment, and during the years
of her uiwonce wandered from pluuo to
place. She hits a comfortable homo and
several children of her own and will prob
ably remai n In Richmond.
lostallatlon of President Jason.
Tbe BvsrJ of Trustees of tbe Btata
College (or Colored Students met at the
college near Dover yeeteiday afternoon
Chief Justice Lore and Heurv 0. Conrad
«ere present from
Transaction of rvntlne
sonsnoifd mort of
Mr Conrad and Présidant W. 0 Jason
• ('•»appointed a committee to trepare
tbe services Incidental to tbe [formal
lostallatlon of the new president, .some
Cime lu October.
this city,
tbe session.
Giaos Orchestra Engage« Mr. Laaer.
Grace Orchestra held an Important
meeting and engaged C. H. Laaer, of
Philadelphia, as leader, and will tesome
rehearsals nsxt Tuesday night,
»rebestra will also start in at Grace
Sunday School to morrow afternoon.
Several new members will be taken Into
he orchestra to begin the season.
The Ex-Rsourder's Kangs
Ex Rteorder of Deeds James T. Shall
cross, of Odessa, came to town to day,
bringing with him a
thirty-inree reed
presented to
vtr. Sbailcroes I reports that [the birds
.re nnmerous along t.be App^qulnimlnk.
On Monday he shot 107 and 67 on Tburs
d»y- _
bnuob of
birds, which he
Wi.llam 8 Hllles.
Councilman l.earv's Plans.
Dennis F. Leary, on* of the moat pop
ular members of City Council and retlr
iog member of tbe firm of Lynch and
Leary, will, aftar taking a short vacation,
start In bnsineas for himself
Equinoctial Storms
Will scon be her». James F. Wood St Oo
»«ms owners ot rea! estate to have their
roofs, gutters aud spouting examined
md pul iu good order to meet It. A
stitch in time saves nine.
Juit try 5 esnts worth of Hollis's Salt
Water Taffy, at 227 Market street.

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