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Evening .Journal
live advertiser's medium, cir
culates among the masses.
the Largest bonafide Circula
tion In the state. _
25 ,
W chambermaid. Mu-t have good reference.
Apply fro m Ho« oVloc». 833 W .shlngtoo Ft.
TITANTED—Active «nle-tmen to represent
Vv us; no paddling, salary IT', monthly ar.cl
all expenses: goods entirely new, particulars
1 ree. Address I'.Q. Box 531« . Boalon. Mass.
ANTED—A reliable, active gentleman or
lady to travel for reliable established
boose. Salary $780, payable $15 weekly, aud
miner advanced for expens, «. Situation
steady. Refereu es. Enclose self-addrtsted
stamped envelope, n. K. Hess, PresUent,
AI.ESMEN Wanted tor Merchant Trade.
Good weekly pay. Samples tree. Node
llverles or collections. Side line or exclusive
Addreea,Mannfactn r« rs.3Mi Market St .Phila .
S alesman wanteo-iioo to $ 1 » per
month and expenses to 1 .troäuce our goods
Staple line; position permanent,
pleasant and desirable. Addre*s,wIUi stamp.
King Mfg. Co.. D. 53. Chicago.
to the trade.
N icely furnished rooms with
board at No. 1123 West »Meet. Terms
moderate. Adilreoe S„ Evening Journal office.
dH lift INVESTED upon our advice las'
dP 1 vf t f Marcb .amounted to several thousand
dollars last week; very little risk. Thi« can be
done now. This tall will be better than ever for
large profits. Send lor our Book eud proofs
allowing how 'o «I > It feeo.Bank r» fureur. s. F.
J. WARU M & CO , US Beaver St , New York ,
dt r A A and upward per « oath easily made
iffU with small capital by systematic
speculation. Safest method. Book and par
ticulars free. National Bauk references.
Thomas & Co.. 21«) Rialto Building, Chicago.
JT Edit Third Rlrert. Would make a g<v>d
stand for restaurant nr barber «hop. Apply to
LICHT ENfsTElN & HART, 415 Market St.
l ter 650. Sac'lon 1, Voume 17, Law" of
Delaware, entitled au Act for me protection
of Livery anil Boarding Stehle«, wilt be sold
Public Sale, at rear of Nos. 1U6 and 108
French street, Wilmington, Del ,
BER. 1105, AT 2 O'CLOCK. P. M .,
The following dectibed personal property of
Kene J. Fougeray, viz: I hay horse, (mate) 1
buggy and 1 set ot harne««. The toregoing
mentioned property detained subject to a Ilea
and held to secure the payment for food, cus
tody and care of the «am« and to n« sold by
Livery and Boarding Stable Keeper.
September 35.1HJ5.
Kitchen Furniture at 88# Market street,
on Friday Morning, September 21. at u
o'clck, emulating of Parlor ami Cbamber
Suite, Bedateads, Bureau«, Table« and
Chaire, Beda and
ami Springs, Brussels,
Carpet, Cuok and P
above goode arc in good order and muât be
sold as the owner la going to leave the city.
Bedding, Mattre>ses
Ingrain and Hag
arlor Stoves, The
George Drake. Auctioneer.
L proof safe. New: combination lock- Also
if family elder pres". Apply DIAMOND
PRINTING COMPANY. 112 French street.
e 1 11M
O'DONALD. 12 E««t Seventh street,
leads them all In low prices.
Brand new $60 machines reduced to $16,
118 and $20 All makes to «elect from,
-linger, Wheeler & Wll«on, New Home, Do
mo« tic, White, Standard and all other makes.
Any machine «ent on trial, froe.au months for
~vb, two years on 1 nota liment«. Send postal.
No. 12 East Seventh «treat.
Any machine repaired. 50 cents tip.
All kinds of Furniture bought, «old and ex
changed. Stoves and beaters repaired, oil,
gaa and gasoline stoves called for, thoroughly
overhauled aud returned at a moderate cost
Stove« taken down, stored for tbe eeoeou ami
put up In the fall Address or call,
l#ns ORANGE STREET. Wilmington,
In the Universities of Vienna, Austria, aud
Now York City, In the Philadelphia Poly
Wllls Eye Hospital.
teos satisfaction.
11 .
clinic and
L ADIESI Chichester'« English Pennyroval
Pills (Diamond Brand) are the best. Sale,
reliable. Take no other, «end 4c,«taiup«, for
particular«. "Relief for Lodlee," In letter by
return mall. At druggists, Chichester C'heml
cal Co., Philadelphia. Pa.
vT Company's new gallery. .Finest In city.
Great reduction In prices. 40714 Market
Street, above Fourth.
auteed to give aoeolute protection for
one year, and tan he worn without the
knowledge of anoth-r. Plica, Stic..three for$l.
No circular». Ladles' «upidyOo. l.*Urtwso.W is.
1 Msnrea protection« 1« easily adjusted,
Hl'Hf.ately reliable, anu cau be worn with
out knowledge of another, .'end for partieu.
lars. i-aC'roHH«* topsoialty Co., LaCroase, Win
Explosion In a Silk Factory.
Paterhok, N. J., Sept. 98.—A nnphthti
tank in the Haa silk works exploded with
terrlfle force, setting lire to the building.
Une unknown man was burned to death,
und for a time the other employees wore
in grout danger, many of them getting
out of tbe building by tho tiro escapes.
Quay's Opponent, liest,
Harrisburg, Sept. 25.—A conference
of administration leaders was held at the
executive mansion, at which, it is »aid,
decision was reached to stand togethef
against the talked of attack of Sena toi
Quay on C. L. Magee and David Martin.
Canada's International Exhibition,
ST. .Toux, N. B., Sept. 25.—Canada'«
International exhibition was opened by
Lieutenant Governor Frazer and Mrs.
Frazer, the latter having started the ma
chinery by pressing tho electric button In
tended for that purpo«o.
Captain of tho Mortem Must Suffer,
Madrid, Sept. 8#. — Tho captain of th«
Mortem, the merchant steamer which
sank the Spanish cruiser Borcastegui
the mouth of Havana harbor, will
court martialed on a charge of culpable
Démocratie Editors Meet.
Syracuse, Sept. 35.—Tho State Dem
ocratic Editors' association were In ses
sion hero. They woro only in session
few minute» and did nothing hut ro-clcCI
their old hoard of officers.
Beautiful Center-Table Hook.
You want something artistic for your
centre-table Something that will Instrnet
av well as amuse. Well, get * copy
"Famous Paintings of tbe World" bound
In olotb and gold. It is a beantlfnl port
folio of artistic master-pieces and $1.75
will buy Ik Made to sell at $3. Only
few left. Apply et Evening« Journal
—The Addlcks divorce hearing was resumed
to-day but nothing startling developed.
The Big Store Handsomely Decorated
anil Shows Off to Best; Advantage the
Alluring Array ef tha Milliners'
Triumphs and Winter Wraps.
The formal Fall opening at the big
store of Mitchell & Bash began to-day,
aud hundreds of persons Inspectrd the
store itself in Its gala attire, tbe flue
array of millinery, wraps and other fern
Inlne necessities. The decorations are very
attractive, giving a pink, white and
silver »-fleet, and various species of
palms, ferns and otter decorative plants
are so lavishly used that tbe whole
resembles a fairy's bower, on an enlarged
scale Tbe window decorations are
also striking and handsome
Tbe rear of tbe store is devoted to the
display of Fall bonnets and hats, of
which an unusually large, handsome
line is shown. There Is
marked difference from tbe shapes and
styles of the late Spring, aud green
promises to be tbe prevailing color.
One of the most favored combina
tions seems to be green aud
little, and of shapes calculated to suit
any feminine face or fancy Bo many
birds, wings and feathers
being used to decorate headgear that
the friends of the feathered tribe
will have to wage a more tarions war
than ever. Broad satin ribbons are also
used. One of tbe features, which, how
ever, may prove only a short-lived
fad, is tbe Tam O'Bhsnter
crown of velvet of contrasting shades
Tbe bats are principally of velvet, felts,
having bsen accorded little room in the
Tbe little ones are not forgotten, there
being any number of hats from which
the fond parent can choose. Tbene are
miniature copies of those worn
by tbe oldsr sisterhood, end red
seem I to be the favorite
color, which Is becoming alike to the
brownie or the Baxon maiden No
Imparted models ere shown this season,
ell being the work of a new milliner
from New York
A large stock of jackets, capes and all
sorts of Winter wraps Is open to Inspro
tion and the line of other goods is oorres
pondtngly complete.
hats are big and
■1 ha
After an Inspection of the House and
Discussion of a Time Menu, the
Trustee« See a Game of Baseball In
Which Some Professionals Figure.
Well water, dinner and baseball occu
pied tbe attention of the Trustees of tbe
Poor of New Castle county at their
September meeting at Farnbnrst to-day.
Tbe trustees present beside President
Crossen were Messrs. Culbert, Armstrong,
Lawson, Weldln, Crockett, Toman.
Keller and German. Tbe minutes were
■ pproved and tha pay roll of $378 17 was
allowed <
Tbe report of Daniel McCoy, snperin
tendent of tbe almebonss, was submitted
for the past, moo*h It showed a total
population of the buildl.ig of 191, divided
as follows:
White men, 99; woman, 63; children,
5; colored men, 10; women, 13; children,
Deaths daring the month were Core
Carpenter, of Townsend; Gottlieb Zwth,
of Wilmington; Margaret Pointer, Mary
Thompson, Kate Aiken, Emma Grant,
Hannah Peoples, lohn Stidham and John
Campbell, all old people of Wilmington.
Will Accept the New Well.
Samples were shown of the water now
drawn from tbe new artesian well, just
completed by Contractor Shanahan of
Pennsylvania, at a depth of 330 feet, but
afterward changed so that water could
be obtained from a depth ot 65 feet.
Recently a new filter arrangement was
placed in tbe well by tbe contractors and
tbe water exhibited to-day was clear and
cold, fit for all purposes.
The new well will now be accepted as
tbe committee is expected to report favor
ably this afternoon.
Trustees See a Game u( Ball.
As a diversion for the trustees after
the arduous duties of the day a game of
baseball wax arranged to begin about
1.30, between the teams of tbe
county aud state buildings at Farn
hurst. Trustee James B. Toman
cous-nted to act as umpire while Score
tary Lawson sgreed to keep tho scote
The two teems appeared on the
front field In their warpaint
aud tbe trn c tres hid their band s
full to keep them from tearing each
other to pieces before the game began.
Pitcher Thomas Flanagan, of tbe
Pottaville, (Pe)]team Is to pitch for tbe
state team.
Heat Destructive to Crops.
Trustee James Garman reports that
late peaches and tomatoes have been lit
erally cooked, before the pickers canid
get around, by the intense heat
were first blistered and afterward dropped
from tbe vines. His yield of l.OGO
baskets of peacbei would have been
doubled had It not been for the fierce
of the sun's
To Be Named In Honor of This City—In
itial Steps Towards Securing an Ap
propriate Gift for Her.
The Navy Department has decided to
name one of the new gunboats to bo
built at. Newport News after this city,
Wilmington, and It Is but fitting that
tbe good people ot this city should take
cognizance of it. Other cities have done
honor to themselves and their namesake
and Wilmington should not be behind
With this object In view, the Evening
Journal has started e subscription list
the fond to be toed for the pnrehare of
e silver service for the United States
gunboat Wilmington The money re
ceived will be acknowledged In these col
amns and held subject to tbe orders
a committee of citizens which will
be selected later :
John W. Lawson.
Old Balt .
—Uonils Stranghau, one of the witness««
held for the Court of Gen-ral Kf"«lon ■ for
a period of HIS day« drew »10« pay for his at
tantiance A womao wltaess drew about S#0
tor sixty days' detention and services as
Dolan Had a Walk-over in the
Court of General Sessions.
A Jury Bellevrd Vounf Holt Miarepre
neutc<) Hin Ac« to Obtain Beer—Only
Ihre« Huloou-keepera Iliad to l*iaaa Under
the Yoke at ThU Term.
John J. Dolan came ont of the Coart
of General Sessions wltb flying colors
yesterday afternoon. He was arraigned
for selling llqnor to a minor by the name
of George Belt. The date alleged was
August 34 Andrew C Gray conducted
the case for tbe State The prisoner
was ably defended by Walter H Hayes.
Tbe State put Holt, on the stand end
elicited the Information that he bed
bought lager at Dolan's place, bat
admitted under a rigid cross examin
ation by Mr. Hayes that he did not
drink anything while In tbe place.
Mr. Hayes declared that L Uolt bad
repuiiented that be was over 31 years
old. and bad thus fraudulently obtained
the beer
John Molten testified that be was with
Holt when the beer was bought at
Dolan's pl&ae.
Mrs. Holt, George's mother, swore that
he was not of age.
Tbe defense then pat In Its side of the
case Mr. Dolan was sworn and in
answer to queries said that he became
proprietor ot tbe Western Hotel early In
dune. When Holt purchased tbe beer he
was asked If he were of age end
answer»din the affirmative. In sub
atantietlon of this statement Charles
Jefieris testified that he beard Holt give
bis age as 34 years
The jury was bat half an hour In
arriving at a verdict of not guilty.
The court has appointed the following
lawyers a board of examiners for thh year
ending with tbe Spring term. 1896:
George Grey, E G Bradford, Benjamin
Mlelde, John Biggs and H. H. Ward.
The License Cases Disposed Of.
The place kept by John Spahn, at Fifth
and DuPont streets, one of three remon
strated against by tbe Law aud Order
Society, waa granted a renewal ot license
on the understanding that Mr Spabn
release tbe tenancy and transfer tbe
license. This Welter H. Hayes, attorney
for John A. L-ngel, tbe owner, promised
to do. Mr Prlckett, representing the
Law and Order Society, withdrew all
When the case of James Brown, of the
Bull's Head Hotel, on Fourth street, was
called Mr. Prickelt preferred a charge of
selling liquor on Sunday, He Informed
the court that Mr. Brown bad kept the
place for a long time aud had
been deprived of bis license once
for alleged violation, but It was
afterwards restored because the place
was a hotel. He produced a certificate
showing the arraignment In tbe Manic
Ipal Court, aud the case sent up, but
failure of the witnesses to appear before
tha grand jury led to the dropping of the
The next witness was Police Captain
Kane. Oa "Big Quarterly" Sunday he
found large crowds of colored people
there, bat oonld not say that liquor was
Mr. Hayes said that the llqntr was
sold from a wagon in the yard where
several participante In the celebration
bad put up their teams.
In the face of this testimony tbe court
renewed Brown'e license.
Mr. Prickett's objections to tbe re
licensing of David Collins' saloon at
Water aud Market streets were that tbe
proprietor allowed noisy and disreputable
characters to frequent hie place, and that
Collins bad, on January 10, 18Ù4. pleaded
guilty to committing an assault
John Price, sworn, staled that disor
derly characters frequented tbe saloon.
He had met "Rcxy" Cetnmomlle end
Nellie Morris at the saloon on tbe night
that he claimed to have been robbed at
another place by tbe two women.
Mr. Hayes presented a petition from
persons living in the neighborhood
asking that tbe place bs rellceuted.
Several police officers and other persons
testified to tbe good conduct prevailing
in the place. This testimony was so
overwhelming that tbe license was
renewed by tbe court.
William H. Rogers end hie divorced
wife, Bettina McKean Rogeia were the
central figures in the next matter which
was brought to tbe attention of the
court Mrs Rogers sued her ex husband
for tbe support of their two children
Attorney-General Nicholson prosecuted
the case for tbe divorced woman and
John H. Rodney hold up the ex husband's
end of tbe non-support plank.
Tbe divorce was granted to Mrs
Rogers by the last General Assembly, her
charges being desertion eud con support
Mr. Rodney contended this morning that
the divorce was absolute and
that Mrs. Rogers was given ex
elusive enstody and control of the
children, consequently tbe husband could
not be held for support. Tbe attorney
general contended to the contrary.
Citations of law were made and décision
reserved by tbe court.
Mrs. William J. Till. Jr., a rather nice
looking ycung women attired In black,
appeared against her hatband, charging
him with non support Her husband,
rather young man, occupied a seat within
a few feet of her while she waa testify
Ing against him.
Dapnty Attorney-General Giles prose
cuted tbe case, while William S. Ellies
looked after the husband's interests.
During the cross-examination Mr.
Hillee asked her bow old her husband
"I don't know, exactly," she replied.
"He voted last election, but I know that
he was not of age." *
This cant el a ripple of lenghter.
Further on ehe «aid that he told her.
when she asked him to support tbe child,
to throw it down tbe cess pool.
Mrs William A. Brady testified that
sbe had failed to give her daughter
support, and «be conld see no good reason
why be should not do a husband's part
by her. She aeonted tbe idea that
rheumatism prevented him from working
Mrs. Brady said sbe also heard him tr|l
bis wlfs to throw tbe child down tbe
privy well.
In cross examination sbe said that,
when he was working, he gave his wife
the money, and she paid tbe board
Several ofher witnesiee were celled
tbe prosecution and then tbe state
Mr Hilles called Dre. J. T. V. Block
som and W. P. Müler, who teat Hied that
TUI wte incapacitated by rheumatism
la the Superior Court.
Tbe wotk of tbe Superior Court was
varied Tue mla for a writ of possess I on
was made absolute lu the case of the
Germania Building and Loan Association
vs Toner.
Medford H. Gaboon was appointed com
miasloner to ttke testimony In tbe di
votes cuss of Jackson vs Jackson The
application was made by Henry C. Con
Judgment below was affirmed in the
case of Wllilsm T. Eltasou vs. Crans
The rale to sst aside the sheriff's sale
of tbe property of Manuel Rtohenbsrger
was discharged and the sale con
A forthwith order to senil np the
jnetlee of tbe peace's record was granted
In the case of Spencer vs. Hill.
The Cuhsu Patriots Leave for Tlielr
Homes Bearing the Well Wishes of En
tire Wilmington and a Testimonial
From the Vsts.
Tbe Caban patriots who have just
passed triumphantly tbiongh tbe otdeal
of a trial for their adherence to the cause
of liberty ana independence, left bete
last evening for their homes In Phlladel
dslphia aud New York Dating their
etay here they have made a boat of
friends, many of whom accompanied
them to the depot and wished them God
speed in all their undertakings In tbe
future. '
As the train palled ont the crowd
cheered heartily, and handkerchiefs aud
bats waved a farewell. Tbe men
expressed their sorrow at having to leave
as their stay, while an enforce! cue, had
been a very pleasant one.
They bore with them a taatimonlal
from tbe Union Veteran Legion,
Encampment No. 34, txpresslug tha
sympathy of tbe veterans In the attempt
to throw off the Spanish joke, and
expressing a hope that tbe rights of
belligerency may be conceded by the
United Htates government Coming, as
It does, from men who fought nobly
during tbe late war, tbe testimonial was
all the more highly appreciated
In return the patriots drafted a vote
of thanks to the newspapers and tha
people of Wilmington generally for the
aid and sympathy shown them. Among
other things the document recites:
"We would b« ungrateful were we not
to express our regard fir tbe disinterested
services of General J. Paike Pottle» and
Dr. James A Draper, who went on the
bonds of our countrymen, unknown to
them, but convinced of their honesty of
purpose and tha high character of our
"We will never forget the manliness,
eloquence and true American spirit with
which Senator Gray has defended us. the
ability of tbe associate conneel, Messrs
Ward, Rubens and Benoit; to them we
will ha eternally grateful, and to the
Intelligent jurors, to the impartial aud
learned Judge Wales and the courteous
dlstilct attorney for the vindication aud
acquitta) which we have merited; we
also thank as wall the organizations
which took part In the migulfioeut
demonstration given ns "
He Turns the ffolsot and Lata U 1. Thought"
Flow When Asked to Do So Hy a Re
Dr Jose Oongosto, the Spanish Consul
at Philadelphia, when «sen yesterday by
a reporter, «all be was not surprised at
the action of the jury in tbe case of the
Cabana tried here charged with attempt
ing to embark on a filibustering expedi
tion against Spain. Dr Congosto was
still of the opinion that tbs patriots
were attempting ex telly what was
charged against them, bat es to their
arqnlttal he aaid that waa tha work of
the United States Court, aud was there
fore not a matter for him to discuss.
"Yes, 1 expected It," said the Consul,
with a suggestive shrug of blsaboulders
"But, then," he continued, "there la
nothing that can he said or done shout It.
The court's action may have a dlsconrag
Ing effect upon those endeavoring to ap
prebend aud suppress such expeditions,
and, to be more frank, doubtless will, as
well encourage eympathlzsra to more
flagrant violations of tha neutrality lews
In tbslr efforts to help the insurgents
Tbe vigilance of the Spanish government
will suffer no relaxation because ot the
outcome of this matter, but, on tb* con
trary, more diligence will bo used to
Intercept Illegal expeditious, sud, If
possible, secure evidence that will oou
viefc the effeedera."
While In Chicago Mr. Charles L Kahler,
a prominent shoe met chant of Des Moine«,
Iowa,had qnlte a serious time of it. He took
such a severe cold that be could hardly
talk or navigate, bat tbe prompt use of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy cored him
of bis cold so quickly that others
at tbe hotel who had had bad
colds followed bis example and half a
dezan persons ordered it from the nearest
drug store They were profuse In their
thanks to Mr. Kahler for telling them how
to care a bad eoid so qa ckiy. For sale by
Z. James Belt, draggist, coraer Sixth and
arket street«_
Quarantine Station at Marcus Hook.
Harrisruro. Sept. 35 —A canference
of tbe State Q tsrantlne Ctmmisslon
with Governor Hastings was held at tb*
Executive Department yesterday after
noon regarding tbe leasing ot a sita for
the new quarantine station on the Dela
ware. It is understood that tbe commie
«ion has leased a site at Marcne Hook.
Tue lease was presented to tbe governor
for hie signature, and by him was sub
mltud to the attorney general to see
whether It conformed to tbe requirements
of the law.
colored Burglar Senteuced at Media.
Media, Sept 34 —Johnson Carter, a
colorai bnrgiai from Philadelphia, an dd
Offender, was sentenced to five years in
the Eastern penitentiary by Judge
Clayton for five bnrclerles committed in
Delaware county Carter was convicted
by tbe testimony of an accomplice, David
Barnett, alias William WUnon, who gave
information to Special Officer Clear, of
tbe Ninth Philadelphie district, after bis
Carter's trunk for many of tbe stolen
articles, Including silverware, clothing
and household goods.
For Sale
A Jump Seat Surry, nearly new at a
bat gala. Address X, this (files.
Pawn tickets were found in
Street and Sewer Directors
Meet and Discuss Affairs.
Would Again Lay Its Treeha on Sprite«
Streat Hut Hefure Urantlng Farmlailon
Member« of the Department Will Confer
Willi Hie Ultr Solicitor—Other lloalueaa
Tran« acted.
Before the Street and Sewer Dspart
psrtment Directors last night Judge
Bell appeared In behalf of Evan Alns
cow, over whose bl I there bis been some
mUnnderstanding He wished to know
of the department If the money wee
being held because of a misunderstand
lug. and was Informed that the payment
of ell bills Is made on the second
Tnesdty of etch month However, tbs
matter was referred to tbe city solicitor,
so that an opinion as to whether It can
be held be rendered by bim. William F.
Kuril was present on behalf of Mr.
Rev. Father Flynn asked that the
grads be established end tbe curb bs sat
on Fourteenth street between King end
French street*. Tbe board promised to
look over tbe grounds It Is proposed
that a cement pavement be put along tbe
property of the parochial ictiool.
Willard Saulabary, Esq., presented a
resolution which preserves the right to
tha (Vllmlngton City railway to again
lay Its tracks on Sprues street between
Fourth end Eleventh, end along the
letter street to Church. It is proposed
to tear up tbe tracks on those streets
shortly, end this resolution was tendered
as a precautionary move. The resolu
tion also provides that tha city railway
pay for the paving between tbe tracks
aud two feet on either side In case the
Street and Sewer Department repave
that street while tbe tracks he
torn np. • Mr. Chambers was of the
opinion that the city railway bad
abandoned that street and It remained
with tbe board whether or not It can be
again occupied by the reilwey. Tbe
reaolutlon was laid over In order that
oonsulatton may be bad with the city
On petition of Peter J. Ford ashes were
ordered to be deposited on Greenblll
avenne Ashes were also ordered to be
placed on Monroe street
A petition was received asking for tha
curbing and paving on Jackson street
between Fifth aud Sixth
The secretary was Instructed to ask
the city solicitor for an opinion on the
question of the right of tbe department
to prevent property holders from tearing
np newly pared streets when tbe letter
have been notified to make all connections
before paving Is laid.
Tbe secretary was also Instructed to
notlfv William Hawkins to pave Dale
wars avenue above Scott street to eight
An arc light was asked for by Bishop
Coleman to he placed at Fourteenth and
Orange streets A petition was naked
tor on t>*e south side of Byßond street,
between Shipley and Orange. Both in
quests were laid over.
Petitions for sewers on Jefferson street,
between Fifth end Sixth, and also on
Rodney street, north of Gilpin avenne,
were presented. Both wore laid over.
Because of the possibility of Colon
street becoming a driveway, tha matter
of making an overhead crossing of tbe
BAG railroad at that point of Intersec
tion was discussed. No action, however,
was taken on tbe subject.
hewer permits were granted to D. J
Flynn, Mary F. LavU. Lewis H Zable;,
Rosanna Campbell, E U. Brennan and
A M. Winkle.
Tbe weekly pay roll amounting to
$496 118; the quarterly pay roll of $375;
the monthly pay roll of $5U5, aud tbe
monthly street department pay roll of
$631 were ordered paid. The city
treasurer reported tha balance In back
to be $139 373 39 Tbe secretary's col
lections amounted to $377.40.
An application for tbe position of col
lector wee received from W. 8 Lednum,
the late olatk ef City Connell.
Tbe sewer engineer was ordered to
prepare plans end estimates of widening
the street at Sixteenth aud French.
Tbe secretary was Instructed to notify
tbe Wilmington Coal Gas Company to
render an iteu.lr.vd bill of all the gas
laui{ « for which tbe department Is paying.
Line and
1h« Mr » Who Will Form In
March on to Kradlng Nail Waek- Tht
Time of Departure and Return.
All arrangements for tbe Weeoaeoe
Fire Company's great trip to Reading
next week weic completed last night.
The company will leave Wilmington at
Ha m . on October 3 and, on tbe arrival
ot tbe «pedal at Reading will be received
by Liberty Fire Company, No. 5, of
Reading. Returning, tbe firemen will
leeve the mountain city on October 0
at 6 50 p m , arriving home la Wilming
ton at 8 30 p m
For the company, John J. Mealsy will
go as chief marshal, with Dennis 8.
Hbielda and J. F. Earner as aeststants.
John Msgulgau will he csptatn, James P.
Devlin and M A 8kelley, assistant«, and
the following uniformed firemen will go:
M. F. Couway, John J. Conley, Alfred
Hanna. John F Seel man, Dennis
8 Shields, John A. Campbell,
William T. Green, James Mundell,
Peter H Miller, James P. Devlin, M. A
Skelley, Bernard Nugent, James F
Earner, Eugene Btckendorff, John J.
Mealey.JobuD Kelley,John Murphy,John
Riley.Thoiuaa F. Kenney,Terrence Reilly,
Johu M Douough, Thomas F Btylev.
John O'Nell, John Megulgan, Viator be
Bailey, Andrew Traynor. Nall Mnllln,
John Leahy, Frank McNulty, Thomas
McDonough, John Connor, D. McBride,
John Collins, Uewaon E. Launen, Harry
Myers. George O'Dannell, James Maguire,
Thomas McHugh. John Blair, Michael
Kelly, William Day, Timothy Menton,
Edward Holland, James McGrath,
William Latimer. Fiank Vansant, John
Mnlrooney, Robert T. Cottingbam,
Edward Maguire, John J. Mll'er, C. T,
Harrison. Joseph Monaghan, James P.
Puieall, William C Johnson, James J.
McCormick, William Conley, William
Han (gam.
Thomas F Rnssell, William J.
The Verdict Death By Accident.
The Inquest on tbe death of James
McKetzle, who was (atslly Injured el
the factory of F. Blnmeitihal & Co , wee
completed lest evening end e verdict of
death by accident was returned.
She Makes Her Kntry After a Quirk Trip.
The Marcus Hook Mall Steamer Has a
Noteworthy Iteeord lor Which Captain
Lowe is Responsible.
The British etesmshlp DutflMd, com
manded by Captain Lowe. Is the pride if
the fleet which carries light from this
coast to the European 'continent. Her
speed and regularity has earned for her
the (title of the Marcus Hook mall
itsamer, while the geniality of her
captain and his olUcers always make«
her visite here a pleasure and her
departure a sorrow
This morning the handsome aud speedy
craft reached here, after a thiiteen days'
trip from Shields. England. She left
here on Anguat 30 with oil for Rouen,
Kranee, reached Harte roads September
1, where sbe laid 3 re days for water. She
reached Rouen September (i left on the
9tb. and arrived at Shields September 11.
On her trip over sbe had continuous gales,
blowing heavily from the westward,
until Cape Race was reached, the rnn
consuming nine days Krom Cape Rios
the weather was flue and only four days
were consumed until she reached here
She will load with oil for Cette, France,
and will probably clear Saturday morn
When asked by an Evening Journal
reporter why the clearing oonld not be
deferred until Monday so that Deputy
Collector Comogys aud Captain Ayars
oonld show him a little of Wilmington and
the Diamond State, Captain Lore said ;
"I hope to be 1100 tulles at rea by Sttanay.
All 1 want Is to have tbe Duflleld do
business. I have made Qve round trips
since last April, and alnce April, 1894,
have had bat forty eight boars ashore at
my home Of course it Is a continuous
sea life bat then look at what my noble
ship has beau doing In that time."
Captain Lowu Is a noble specimen of
«nr English brothers and has a host of
trlauda In Wilmington To him the
success of the Dnflield la very largely
due and the credit attached to her
nfleets entirely on him.
K«rn«iit Ap|i«»U From Rat. W. W feliurp
i»nd Dr. Hullmrd Big Mr*ting ot C'hll
dr«n to Be Held To morrow Afternoon.
Her. Mr. Ultima to French T< -night.
8|>lrlted Hinging nod Two Conversion».
Grace', Church, wltb Its pulpit filled
with Methodist ministers of the city,
Is a scene of a «plrltnal enthusia-m
every night, aud often In tbe aftarnoen,
that haa never been equalled In Wil
mington for years. Representative
Methodists from all parts of the city
attend tbe revival services and dug and
worship wltb a religions feeilfig that
has not lately been manifested in WII
Ministers prerent last night Fere Revs
L E B «rrett , D. D . / D. C, Hanna, W
W. Sharp. 8 M Morgan, Jr , T. Snowden
Thomas, J. D Laoates, Henry S»nd-r»o i.
lohn France, A T Hsott. A'bury Burke.
F. B. Short, W G, Koons and Merritt
Httlburd, 8 T. D
Courteous nebors find comfortable
eeats for all in the handsome Methodist
sanctuary and the cheerful auditorium
fairly rings with the choruses as sung
from tbe new music books, "Songs of
tbe Soul "
A large end Interesting congregation
in the Methodist edifice heard sn Im
pressive service last night. An earnest
and convincing sermon on "Christ Our
Atonement" was preached by Wesley's
zsalon« pastor, Rev W W. Sharp
Mr. Sharp told the story of tbe Jewish
day of atouement, the sending away of
tbe scapegoat beurlug the tips of the
people, and tho entrance ot tbe high
prlrst into the Holy of Holies to pray for
and receive the assurance of the pardon
of the transgressions of the people. The
pteachirled the thought of tbe congre
gation from tb* contemplation of this
great type ot the Christian dispensation
to Christ as tha atoning sacrifice, to the
rending of tha veil of temple, aud tbe
privilege of every one to enter Into a
knowledge of aina forgiven through
acceptance aud faith In Christ as the Son
of God and tbe Savior of mankind
Taking up the theme of Mr. Sharp's
set mou. Dr. Hulburd exhorted, putting
hi* whole heart and soul Into the t ffrrt.
Two yonng men at tha altar service
professed conversion.
To-morrow afternoon a children's
meeting will be held under the direction
ot Revs. W. O. Koons and F. B Short,
beginning at 4 15 o'clock. Rev L E
Bsrratt. D. D .Is to preach this afternoon
at 3.30 and Rev. J. D C Banna will
preach tbe evening sermon
„ Admission 2Se. Grand Stand BOc.
Baseball, Tuesday October 1, Phlladel
phla vs Columbia A. C.
Coal Denisia Visit the Hines.
An exenreion given by tbe Charles
Warner Company to the Wilmington coal
merchants returned to Wilmington lest
night f-om a two days' trip to the coal
regions of Bchnyiklll county, Pe. They
went to and from the mine* on specie!
trains of the Wilmington & Northern
and Reading railroads Those In tbe
party were; E T. Werner. William
Hendricks, George H McCall, Henry
Hchneyder, George White, H M. Hayes,
William Green, John Turner. W. B.
Clerk, H A Brown, Charles Bye. A G
MeCanslend. Wi'liam Bullock, Thomas
Hamilton, H. T. Sergeant, W. Broelus,
Joseph Whitney, Edgar Fell, Cherlee M.
Kent Sunday School Convention.
The Kent County Sunday School
Association began Its fifth annual
convention to-day In the Harrington M
E Church. This evening's spxeker will
be Rev 8 B Meeier. of Second Baptist
Ohnroh, this city, and to morrow during
tb* morning session Rev. W. L 8.
D , will be one of tbs
During tbe evening George
Murray, D.
L Baird will addrsss the convention.
Another large lot of good second-hand
pianos and organs that wo have taken in
them as good as • now, will be sold at
giott bargains for cash or easy terms,
Robelen A Co , No 710 Market street,
svle agents for Knabe, Btetuway and
Ivors & Pond pianos.-;
(»tile« Seventh eud Rios, Fhune 545.
H T 8b; geaui dealer In coal and wood
A large load ot wood for $1.'0
Large pea coal tor family as*.
These Instruments, many of
And Two of Them Paid a Pen
alty for Their Folly.
"Ituckjr McOInnla" Again In the Toll«— A
Trio of Mlnehlevona llofa- HIn Bicycle
Lamp Went Out—A Liquor (me for
Upper Couit—Other Municipal Coart
The old ecrlotnral ptrable 'of tbe wise
eud foolish-virgins was exemplified with
variations In Municipal Court this
morning Martha Jenkins aud Cora
Burton, two colored damsels, went to a
restaurant ou Eighth ucarTatnall, while
Brssie Parker went to
lamp tilled
adjonrned to tha eoruer and exchanged
profane echoes with some one bidden
around the corner. Officer Bhetry
endeavored to get bar to go home, but
she declined aud he arrested her. Then
Core put lu an oar and Officer Gann end
Peterson, who were .attracted by tbe
noise gelhered her In. Bessie who bed
charge of tbe lamp escaped, and was on
deck as a witness this morning. Martha
paid $3 and costs for 1er liberty, and
Cora got iff with 1 and costa Tha
next time tbe lamp will bs trimmed and
William MoGraham, whose worldly
name la "Buoky McGinnis" just escaped
tbe Superior Court the other day and
was restored to liberty. He celebrated
by getting d.uuk aud Officer White
gathered him In on his old stamping
grounds at Front aud Washington streets
last, night. He got $3 or thirty days
William Work was charged by Mrs.
Wiokls, a saloon keeper with disorderly
conduct. At her request, be was obliged
to give a peace bond In $100.
Patrick Neary was the complainant
■ gainst three buys John Farreu, John
Trnltt aud Fred Bourden. The charge
Is that they threw]saud against one of Ur.
Nssry's houses, newly painted at Second
end Franklin, and practically mined It.
The case waa continued until Friday
morning to permit tbe Introduction of
other evidence.
The case of Neal Kennedy, charged
with selling liquor ou Sunday was
called. Welter H Hayes, representing
Kennedy, waived examination and his
principal was placed ander $500 hall.
Gx City Bollotor George A. Elliott
rspreeented tbe city.
Robert Porter was charged with riding
a bicycle on the streets after dark with
out a light Hs explained tbit he had a
lamp on bis wheel, but that tbe light
went out when he was but a square from
his home eud he ran the res', of tbe way
dark As there was no lutsntion of
violating the law shown the case was
The case of Btenabury W Driscoll, a
freight ooudoc'or on tbe Delaware mad
was charged with keeping e vicious dog.
Tbs case was continued until Saturday
get her
During her absence Martha
Uentlemen'" Contest fur State Champion
ship to Itsgln THU Afternoon While
the Ladle«' Finals Are Urine Played.
When the yonng women are playing
their duals on the tennis courts at
Blsmere this afternoon, the men will
begin their preliminaries for the state
championship, play beginning at 4
Tbe ladles' tournament for Dataware
Field Club members only, has bean going
merrily on since Monday afternoon. Tbe
winner of the ladles' singles will wear
the olnb belt The scores, np to this
afternoon'« games, were as follows:
Mias Malone defeated Mlea Hbaiman by
default; Mise May Caun defeated Misa
Emily Mcllvaine by default; Mias Caun
dr fettled Mias Malone, 6 3 0-1; Miss
Cann will play
club belt thiu afternoon.
Tbe score of the ladles' doubles played
yesterday follows:
MLs Mcllvaine and MUs Negendank
defeated Mi«« Smith and Mies Ethel
Ganae. 6 4 0 0; Miss El'z.abstb Canby
and Miss Emily Mcliva'ne defeated Mies
Mary Swift aud Mias Elsie Swift, 6 4,
6 3; Mira Negendank aud Ml«« Mcllvaiua
defeated MIhs Cann and MUs Malone,
0 0. 8 0
Miss Negendank for the
A Wheel Taken Off.
The bad condition j of tbe tracks
ot the Wilmington ' City railway
was responsible for tearing off one of
tha front wheels of a wagon at noou
to day at Fourth aud 8hlpley streets.
The company does, not pay a cent into
tbe city treiauiy, tor tbe me of tbe
atreeta, and tbe very least they can do Is
to keep their tracks In good condition.
Perhaps after It has been "soaked" for
damages a few linns for accidenta caused
by their negligence tbe company, will
see the'economy of keeping the toadbed
aud tracks in good older.
The Weather.
In the Middle «täte« and New En«1and to
day. fair, pleastnl weather will prevail with
Hum, variable wind«, becoming meetly «oulh
erly. and nearly stationary, followed by
«lowly rising temperature. On Thursday, In
ball) of tlieee sections. «Ilghtlv warmer, fair
to partly clondv weather will prevail, with
•'««»erly ami »oatberly winds, followed by
local rain In the northern diurlcts. end on
Friday, partly rloudy, with local rain and
«Habt temperature change«.
Now York Herald Weather Forecast*.—
The "cool wave." as Indicated hy yesterday's
weather map, was very «onttlhlv felt tn all of
Ibis section—even a» far south as Norfolk,
Va., where the official maximum letup» rature
was 16 degree« lee« on Monday. Tho temper
ature will uoi )>e excessive to-day or to-mor
row In 111« Middle State«, but It will rise
considerably to morrow 1 iaht frosts will
occur thtsiuorolng in the White Mountain*.
A decided d. pression eesr Lake Superior will
cnutio uneel tied weather. fo'Vrwed by local
rain tn the lower leke teglon to-morrow.
- The National Bank of DeUware has is
sued ft handsome souvenir of the centennial
celebration of the Inattlutlon of the bank.
—The hearing in the Solomon wl!' c»«e bs-t
been sot for Monday by Register of Wills
I •'-cell As predicted bv the Evxnikg Jour
nal several day« »«o letter" of administra
tion, pendente die. have been granted to tho
Security True! and -afe Deposit Cam pan y.
— An old-time chimney «weep was plying hla
vocation on Market "tieet yesterday and sing
ing Ills wing of soot.
—James N. Frederick, uncle ot Dr. Silas
Frederick, of this city, I« running on the Re
publican i-cket for county c mmlsai iner from
the-"»t enth district of BaUI-core county. offMI
The German Sängerbund ha« arranged fo
a complimentary hall In German Hall. Octo
ber 14. aud the luvaatiomi aro now belog lo
—The Manuln* Library Association Kinder
garten will goon a trolley-no# on Friday
evening, slat oing from the Middle Depot.

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