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• THURSDAY, APRIL 23 , 1800.
A Grievous Loas.
James T. Mulllu was one of Wilming
ton's most honored and respected citizens
As a badness man be was noted for
honesty and fair dealing, and bis word
went farther than the paper of many
another man In trade circles,
ness ability was as marked as bis integ
rlty, and this happy combination of
characteristics served to make his mer
cantile career wonderfully successful.
Perstaally Mr. Mallln was oae of the
most charming men In tha community.
* He was'of retiring disposition so far si
the general public wss concerned, bat
possessed of s Urge circle of
friends who recognized and appro
elated his warmnesa of heart gen
erosity of spirit, refinement of manner,
honesty of parpo e, and the many other
excellent qualities which he possessed.
Business and social circles of Wil
mington, have, by bis death, sustained a
grievous loss.
Andrew G. Wilson Is a worthy one
cessor to tke late William Bright as a
member cf the Board of Pilot Commis
sioners. Governor Watson Is to be con
gratnlated upon making euch a com
mendable appointment.
His bnsl
Advice to tho Mourchera.
The use. of bicycles has become so
general la Wilmington that the Polies
Commission has deemed it expedient to
rigidly enforce the ordinances against
reckless riding on the streets of Wil
mington. To eueure the proper enforce
ment of these ordinances It has supplied
certain of its officers wltb wheels, and
there la little doubt tbit this bicycle
corps will serve to protect pedestrians
from tbe "sooi chers" who now traverse
the streets, at all hoars of the day and
late Into tbe night, at breakneck speed
regardless of tbe dangers to which they
expose themselves and those who are on
Local wheelmen can avoid considerable
trouble by keeping within tbs bounds of
the law. Tha authorities have been Indul.
gent with them and the abuse of that In
dulgence has ltd to the Ineiitutiou of tbe
bicycle corps of t ffioers. Now that they
see that the Police Commissioners are
determined to break up a predict which
has beooma a tunuaos to public safety
■ ><t * tb*y should acquiesce gracefully and
Save themselves ice humiliation of being
taken before the Municipal Cmrt and
While we are not in accord with tbe
political convictions of W. 0. H Col
OJi.quokotin, secretary of the Heai.b Depart- ■
went, simple justice constrains ns to ray
that he has made an excellent public
servant and done much to advance the
efficiency.of the department While a
party man In every sense of the word,
},i -, Mr. Colqnohouu hqs never permitted his
politics to Icfluenoa him in the discharge
of his official functions. We trust that
the Democratic members of the B>ard of
Health will name a successor who will
work as oonscieutiously and auldaonsly
lu behalf cf the pnhllo Interest*
Folly Ran« Had,
As a bull takes offence at auv thing red.
r cent protests to tbe Naval Department
show that the A. P. A goes Into con
vulsions over everything green. These
proteets were at first looked upon as a
joke, but when It went so far as to hint
at tbe Impeachment of tbe Secretary of
tbe Navy unless he would abolish tbe
greenish col.r of our naval vessels, it
became apparent that tbe A. P. A. was
really In earnest in Its protestations. This
goes to show that tbe A P A. Is con
trolled. to a very great extent, at least,
by tbe sentiment existing lu Ireland
among tbe Orangemen In opposition to
tbe Catholics In that emntry. Rial
Americans have no hatred to the color
of green anymore than to auy otbsr
color, and it Is evident that such a
prejudice had Its rise in the b easts of
disgruntled Itisbmeu [and Americans who
bate anything that savors of Catholicism.
This reminds us of an Inoidant which
secured lo-oue of our Scale Legislatures
not very long ago. Tbe farmers were
trying to get a bill patsad la opposition
to oleomargarine, and they Insisted that
this material should no* be colored in
Imitation of butter. The matter was
discussed at great length, aud the Houae
became utterly tired of It These who
favored tbe Imitation butter, declared
that It should be colored, aud one iu cou
- eluding hid argument said that yellow
waa the only color that could be used . A
bright youug Irish legislator, who like
many others was out of patience wltb
tbe long diseusiloo, rose to his (feet and
said: "Why not color it greet t '
Tbe comicality of this suggestion ecu
vulsad tbe House with laughter aud
ended tbe discussion. Perhaps it would
never have coded If there had been an A.
P. A. present.
To return to onr subject. It Is not
likely that anyone outside of an A P. A.
ever snppoetd that the greenish oast
given to onr ships bad anything to do
wltb Ireland or Irishmen. This shade
was selected because It lathe color of
■afety, resembling the color of tbe sea,
and it is us*d for torpedo boats iu
particular so that their movements can
be followed as little as possible by the
enemy. Red might please the A P A.
as being an impetuous color and sug
gesting the heat of patriotism, bat wltb
Its use strategic mo »emeu ts would be
though very gaudy, would be out of
place for the same reaeoa. Ae to yellow,
that would ne»er meet the,approval of the
A P. A., for It la the color of the papal
lUg. la fact there Is no color that would
not ba open to criticism, and none which
has the advantages of the tint now need
by the Naval Department.
In view of these facts and nolwlfh
standing the opposition of the A P. A
It Is probable that the green tint of our
war ships will continue to be need Is
It probable that an organization which
gives Itself away to such foolish protests
as this is ever likely to have a controll
ing interest In a country like oursf A
party founded on race and religions pre
judice cannot long live la a country
where all races are equal and every man
has a right to worship God In the way
which seems to him best.
white and blue.
Tbe police station, cells and other ap
pointments are a dlsgraos to Wilmington
end probably will remain so until
City Council decides to pises tbe
antiquated relic of a City Hall in a glass
case and build a decent city building.
Great Britain is to bs congratulated,
for onr Bernte has declined to stick Its
nose Into tbe Maybrlck business. We
arc sorry for Mrs Maybrlck, but It seems
to b* a case with which this country has
no right to Interfere The trouble Is that
tbe English authorities believe her
guilty and think she had a fair trial.
Lawyers Mint Go to Market,
From the Dally Republican.
Horace Greeley Knowles, as lawyers
fees go now a days earned bis fee of $1,000
for assisting City Solicitor Harman
In tke Wilkins damage salt against the
city Lawyers evidently have to live and
ability rc quires a fair fee, because the
lawyer can command it Damage salts
and In fact all ktndà of legal cults are to
be deplored, bnt when the city has oue on
hand it can aff >td to have good legal
talent to fight It. These young lawyers
pat up an excellent fight and sueaecdad
in banging the jury so that a disagree
ment was tbe result.
Tho Spring Elections.
From the New York Evening Post.
Tbe town elections foreshadow this un
mlatakably, and tbe Republicans will ba
wise to recognize the fact and conduct
themselves accordingly. They eauuot
afford to take unnecessary chances, like
putting up McKinley for thejrjucdldate
on an unsound money platform, and with
a record which will not atvnd 'he wear
and tear of a campaign. New Turk Is a
doubtful state for them to-day; It would
be a sure Democratic state wltb UcKIn
ley on one side and a round money Dem
ocrat on a gold standard pla form on tbs
other side. Oa tils pdut there (a no
room for doubt. The warnings from
other states sro scarcely less plain
Great and biidden changes In popular
sentiment are meet familiar develop
men's In onr politics, and a blander by
tbe Republicans now would be quite
certain to produce one Tbe business
Interests of tbe country, which control
all elections, will not consent to tbe
election ol a man wbasa record on flnau
olat questions Is notoriously uusouud,
what tha Tribune rails a • prism," and
whose political and private business
record Is no better

Folic, man Are Again Placed an the Rack
and Sjatematloaliy H i*.ted.
At the examination of tha officers of
tke police force which was concluded
yesterday afternoon, the questions weie
of a more intricate nature than on the
preceding Saturday, and were answered
la a manner whlca spoke volumes for the
Interest taken by the officers la thilr
Gommllsioner« Liweon, Pyle and Mon
aghau, City Solicitor Harman, ex C 'y
Solicitor George A Elliott, Walter U.
Hayes, W. S. Prickelt, Jcslab Marvel,
W 8 Kurtz, Eugene Sayers aud others
were iu attendance The questions «er«
of a character relative to the officers'
duties, with now and then a catch ques
tlon lotei].oted for the purpose of trip
plug the ooyr. Sometimes the answers
were very pat
One of the officers was asktd how many
senators and representatives comnrhed
the General Assembly, whereupon Officer
Ward suggested that It was hard for au
officer to auserer ,hat when the United
States Senate is divided on tbe matter.
Tbe rlamination was concluded about 0
Fourni Uldtug la Ucd.
Media, April 23 —Isaiah Williams,
alias Draper, a young colored man, who
teu days ago shot and almost killed
Waller Morgan, was captured yesterday
by tbe Media police Morgan wan shot
through the leg, and will probably be
lame daring the remainder of his Ills.
Chief of Police McKnlfl and Policeman
Hoope« went to Williams's home in
Spring field, but were told that the young
fellow had not tnrntd np since tbe shoot
log. They began a search of tho bouse,
and tbe fugitive waa finally found In
biding between a mattress and a feather
bed to a second-story room He waa
brought to Media and eunmltted by
Justice Sloan for a hearing to-morrow.
No Mluont, Representation.
It is rumored that at tbs meeting of
the Republican County Committee on
Saturday the Addlcks membets will
endeavor to etcute the adoption
of the primary minority rep
nsentatlon re^olu'.Dn rec-ntly tuned
down by the H ggin« members of the
Slate Central Committee Shcu d such
au attempt be made tbe protaUlicyla
that tbe Higgins members of the County
Criumlttee will vote solidly against It.
Tire Memberatalp I« Full
• The Wilmington Whist Club was
never In a more prosperous condition,"
remarked a member this morning * The
membership Is full a id we have been
compelled to provide a waiting Hat lu
short time we eball have * billiard aud
pbM tournament "
Theee;Buoks Are Baantlea.
We bave a few copies of a beautiful
work, handsomely bound, containing sev
oral hundred pictures of high artistic
merit, which will bs sold at $1.75 a copy,
which is about one-fourth tbe publica
tlon price. Also some copies of Rand and
McNally's Cyclopedia at $2 25, worth
four times the price asked. Cau be seen
at the Evening Journal office
Paper F*tt«rna, Teu Vanta
Ladle«, read tbe fashion article In
tbi« paper and send tan oeu'a to the
Evkmdg Journal office for an up-to
date paper pattern.
Annnal Meeting H.ld Id Wilmington
To-Jar at ttin Pm« ding Etdai'a Resi
dence— Some of the Basin*«« Transected,
The Wilmington Conference District
Board of Stewaidi mat In annual «e.glon
at the residence of Presiding Eider
Barrett, No 307 West Seventh street,
to-day, with Mr. Barrett as chairman
After slnglug and prayer by Elder Bar
rett, the elder read his annual address,
complimenting the stewards on the very
good showing made daring the past
He appointed these committees: Ap
portionment of elders' salary, W. R
Fllnn. W H Foulk, George W. Josephs,
J. W. Wilkinson and Thomas (Frazer,
On District Parsonage— L T Gmbh,
J F Kane, Joseph Derrloksoa, J. W.
Perkins, W. B T. H. Robertson.
On deficiencies In salary:' W. H
Blllany, J. W Cirraw, Sr., J W Hamil
ton, J. Q. Breaks and Charles Woods.
Tbs committee to fix the presiding
elders salary decided to make it $1.500,
the same as last year.
The other committee had not reported
when an adjournment was taken for
dinner. __
Constable Wilbert Callow*» A..united Ilf
HU Prisoner end Mat Uie.
About 7 39 o'clock last night Constable
Wilbert Calloway, of Harrington, ar
rested William Johnson on a warrant and
attempted to look him up.
When they had nearly reached the
town look up Johnson wrenched himself
lose, and picking up an Iron bar, he
struck Mr. Calloway on the head with it,
knocking him senseless
Mr Calloway was removed to bis Lome,
where he still lies In a precarious condl.
tton. It Is thought that bis tit all is
fractured and his death may rosnlt
Johnson escaped.
Gold Watches Free.
Owing to the great success of the plan
adopted by The Morning News for the
giving away of 30 Gold and 30 Sliver
Watches, tp tbs boys and girls securing
tha required number of annual eubscrjp
Hons, the management announces la an
other column another plan by which the
newtboys can seeuie wa'-obos .
A silver watch will be given to tbe
newsboy selling the largest number of
copies of tbe News for four snscesfiive
weeks. No carrier serving papers, o.- any
boy havlog a regular route, or auy agent
or newsdealer, or any oue employed regu
larly on the paper will ba allowed to com
pete for tbe watch.
Biyn can take a limited number of
pipers cut on credit, and return unsold
copies before 9 o'clock a in , of the same
Papers must not be sold to customers
of any agent or curler. They must be
strictly afreet sales la every eease of the
If the number of pip»rs said by any
hoy sbou'd reach an avenge of forty
copies per day, be will receive a gold
w*toh instead of a silver one. Toe
watches ara not toys but genuine
time pieces, warranted for five to fifteen
years. .
Y. M. C. A. Notea.
Colonel Bird, leader of the Bible oUs«
of Wtehiogton Y. M O. A , and Rav. C.
0. Adame, of PhLadelphii, were among
the callers al tbe local aesonlattoo to day.
Tbe reception committee will meet to
morrow evening
"Moral« and Muscle" will be the
«abject of Physical Director C. H. R.
Jackson's address on Huuday afternoon.
Oi Tueedav evening the members
monthly meal lug will be he'd and plans
of importance discussed.
Charles E Hurlhert, of Philadelphie,
will fttd the Bible class meeting on
Monday evening.
Where la air Wandering Boi?
Complaint was made to tbe police this
morning bv Mr«, floury C Pardee that
her son Arthur, aged 18 years, was
missing aud she ashed that he
be lucked up He left he mo last Bond»y
with the lutsu Don of gotug to Baltimore
to seek work. He is about 5 feet 6 inches
tall, dark hair and (light skin,
wore a blick derby hat and dark clothes.
Tbe police think that be Is old enough to
take care of himself, and that he has
secured tbe work he went la search of
The Ilicyole School Now Open.
Two bicycles for use by the police
were received yesterday au I put In
operation last night. Scorchers will do
well to paste 'bis in their bate. Next
week Chief Dolan, 8«rg«ant England,
Turnkey Hammer, Ofllcsr Neeley and
Detective Wltsll will begin taking lea
sous and Assistant Polle« Surgeon Kane
has filed an order with a leading drug
gtet for twenty gallon« of arnica, three
miles of court plaster aud ntneteeu
copies of tbe dcciloguo
People'« Mlaalon Dedicated.
The formal dedication of tbe People's
Mission Is being held to-dsy. Tbe pro
gram already pabliabed in tbe Evening
Journal Is being followed. A reoep
tiou was given to butlnees men
from 12 30 to 2 39 o'clock this afternoon.
Refreshments were served. Tbe dedioa
tlon services wl l continue to eight when
tdlreises will be made by leading divines
of all denomination*.
B. A. O. Railroad Burgeon« Meat.
Dr J A E'logood aud Dr Swltbiu
Chandler of this city, and Dr L H.
Bill, of Faulkland, are In Ptatladdpbla
attending the semi ancurl meeting ol
tke Association of Surgeons of tbe
Baltin ore and Ohio railroad Tbe asso
elation met this afternoon at tbe Hotel
Hanover In that city, aud will continue
In session until rex' Monday
Muât su In Dover.
"The Cjnrt of Errors and Appeals
must sit at Dsver to hear the English
cate " saldsooeof the lawyers Interested
to an Evening Journal reporter tbi«
morning "The statute provldts that it
shall alt there and that, when tha Super
lor Court reserves a case, all five judges
shall alt."
VialtiUK lu New York.
GMef of Police D dan. Snp».Tntandent
of Polios aud Fire Alarm Telegraph Ay
don and Liuvman Hyland are In New
York to-day on business connected with
tbs department. City Councilman Smith,
of the Eleventh ward, accompanied
them. __
W. O. T. I'. Cunvvntlna.
Th« ninth annual convention of the
New Castle Couuty W C. T U will be
bold In Mt Salem M E Ctmich to morrow.
An Interesting program ha« been pre
paied for the mte'.lug County officer*
will be elected
Dthatuui d Council tu I nter 1 win
DUmcud Coupoil. No. 5, Jr., O. U. A.
M , will give a musical and literary
euterUInmaut aud serve refreshment« to
member« and their friends on May 18.
- ' .yrr
Kennte Oitpoaea uf I lie Kretarlnn School
Otii'ilioa — 0<iod it in Sealed I it House,
WASinifr.TOX, April 33.—The senate
disposed of the srctnrlen school question
by adopting « ooinpromi-o framed by Sen
ator Cockrell of Missouri,
bill as It. came from tho house provided
that "No money herein approplrated shall
bo paid (orodncntlon in sectarian schools."
This provision is stricken out by the
Cockrell amendment ns adopted, and It Is
declared to lie the settled policy of the gov
ernment to make no appropriations for
sectarian schools after July 1, 1898, thus
giving two years for the abandonment of
sectarian schools instead of an Imnicdlato
adopted by the decisive vote of 38 to 24.
Tho Indian bill was not completed when
tho senate adjourned.
During tho session tho bill was passed
providing government regulation of ex
cursion fleets attending rwgattas: also the
resolution calling for Informât
the arrest of lllshop Via/, In Ci
president's vetoes of two private pension
bills brought out some criticism from the
chairman uf the committee on pansions,
Mr. Galllnger, but no action was token
on the vetoes beyond referring them.
The house entered ujon the considera
tion uf tho general pension bill reported
from tho Invalid pensions committee. It
amends the existing pension laws In somo
very Important respects. Mr. Pickier, the
chairman uf the committee, addressed tho
house for throo hoars in support of it.
Before tho pension hill was taken up Mr.
Goodwin (Pop.) was seated In phfoo of
Mr. Cobb (Dein.) from tho Fifth Ala
bama district
The Indian
Tim amendment was
Ion us to
uba. The
One Hat Factory I»*-.! ro.vcil and Another
liudly Damaged.
UANnriiY, Conn., April 38.—Tho large
lint faotory of MoKonzlo & Sons In East
Danbury was completely destroyed by fire,
and the factory of Davenport & licngnl
adjoining was damaged to tho extent of
several thousand dollars. 'Wie lire started
In tho kiln drying room of Mackenzie &
Sons' shop. Tho cause has not yet been
The factory was n wooden structure,
throe stories, In which thero were 350
operatives at work, mostly womep.
lire gained considerable headway before It
was discovered, und the hands who wore
In the building escaped In a .panic. No
ouo was injured. A general alarm was
turned in when the liâmes spread to tho
Davenport A' Bengal building. The fire
men succeeded In saving tho factories of
McLaughlin & Co. and I.eo tfi Hawley In
tho vicinity, which were also threatened.
Tho loss Is planed at $00,000, with an in
surance of from $40,000 to $46,000.
Vast African War Predicted#
BERLIN*, April 33. — The Hamburg
Courier has a Johannesburg dispatch say
ing that when President Kruger of tho
Transvaal rnct President Steyn of the
Orange Free State recently an alliance
was concluded and common action was
agreed upon against British arrogance and
violence. "As things arc fat present,"
says tho Hamburg Courier's correspond
ent, "there are only two alternatives,
cither England must accede to tho Trans
vaal's demands or thero will ho a vast
South African war."
One Hundredth Anniversary.
Albany, April 23. —Governor Morton
has received a letter from Mayor John
Boyd TMhoher of Albany railing hie at
tention to tho fact that .Inn. 8, 1897, will
bo the ouo hundredth anniversary of tho
day on which tho legislature of tho state
of New York opened Its first session in
tho city of Albany. He suggests to tho
governor that there might be some pro
priety In the executive of the stale and a
committee from each branch of tho legis
lature conferring in regard to the celebra
tion of tho event.
Think* Cleveland Too Sentimental.
Washington, April 33.—Secretory Ol
ney is displeased at tho letter of the presi
dent sent In response to an invitation to
attend tho celebration of tho birthday an
niversary of Shakespeare. Mr. Olncy
thinks the president made a mistake In
expressing the sentiments ho voiced to
ward tho English just at tho present time.
The cabled extracts from English journals
show ho>v quickly tho trained and tho
tactful diplomats of the country seized
upon the president's letter and turned It
to their advantage In tho pending Vene
zuelan controversy.
American Correspondent Arrested.
Havana, April 28. — Messrs. O'Leary
ami Darly, respectively correspondents of
tho Philadelphia Bulletin and Harper'«
Weekly of New York, have been arrested
by tbe authorities ut Matauzas charged
with maintaining relations with Alfonso
Lopez, who was also arrested on suspicion
of being a rebel spy. They hovo boon re
leased on bull furnished by tho American
vice consul.
Clmplain at Went I*oint.
Washington, April 38.—Rov. Herbert
Shipman of Christ Episcopal church in
Now York city has been appointed chap
lain at tho West Point Military academy
to succeed Rov. Dr. Postlethwaite, do
Murslial MnrMalion'a Son Married.
Pauxr, April 33.—The civil marriage of
Major Patrice tie Mao Mahon, soifeof Mar
shal MacMahon, and Princess Marguerite
of Orleans was celebrated here.
Brownion Library Lecture und Mn$le»l,
The next of the Brbwnsou Library
lectures and musical will be given iu the
hall, Fourth and Jacks: n streets, next
Monday evening, Aptil 27. Rev. M X.
Fallon will lecture, hi« subject being,
"Warts or tha Stormv Career of Mrs
Krony and Her Beautiful Daughter Miss
musical program rendered,
will bs free
will ba au Interesting
B. & 0 . R. R.
Rates Lower Than Via
Any Other Line.
Delaware Avenue Station, Wilmington.
Fast express train« from WILMINQ
change, making close eounvctiou In
Union Stations for all points in tbe
West. Northwest and Southwest.
For foil ptitioulars as to ra'es, trains,
connections, etc , write or apply to
Passenger Agent,
Ordere lamed Aunounotnc Appointment
olthe Two New OHlccrs.
This ord* r baa been Issued from th«
sdja'aut general'« ■ ITiea uidi-rli'le of
general eiders. No 38:
The followlt g appointments are hereby
anucurced :
Swl'b'n Chandler to be captain of
Company A, First Regiment of Infantry,
N O. D. vice Charles M Stevenson, pro
nanted to lieutenant colonel
William H Franklin to be captain of
Troop A, First Cavalry, N. G D. They
will assume command at one« and be
obeyed and respected accordingly.
By order of the governor
GakklttJ. Habt,
Adjutant General
The officer« assumed command several
days ago.
K«ot VV. O. T, D Converti, in,
Camden, Del., April 23 —The Baptist
Church at this place »»- filled yesterday
with W. 0 T. U. wom-n, the occasion
being the «nouai convention of the Kent
Canuty Union. Deleg«' es were present
from Dover, Stnyraa. Camden, Fredeiloa.
Kenton, Cbeswold. Clayton end several
other places Miss C 8 Barnett, tte
- ational organizer, epoke In the evening
In (he Methcdlst church The reporte
showed a general Increase In the mem
bership of the locil unions Miss Mar
garet S Hillee. of Wilmington, the
president of the state W. C. T. Ü. was
ac co.
Fourth and Market Sts.
We are making a special
offer in special priced stock
Ladies 1 Black one seamed
stockings, spMced sole and toe,
regular 25c per pair; special
sale price 3 pairs for 50c.
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and toe, special sale price
i2^c per pair—fast black.
Ladies' Lisle Thread Stock
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Gentlemen's Lisle Thread
Stockings, Onyx black and
extra fine cotton, with white
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Gas, Gasoline
and Oil Stoves
We sell Refrigerators I ha
One that does not waste icc
or provisions.
One that keeps sweet anc
One with a positive dry aii
circulation, avoiding all mois
ture and mustiness in pro
vision chamber.
We sell only the well knowi
"Hall & Co, Quaker City
Refrigerators and Ice Chests
and show every style and size
made by them.
The advantages we cnj'oy i
buying these goods enables u
to save you at least 20 pe
cent in making your purchase
from us
Double door Sideboard R<
fiigerator with large beve
mirror, ice water attachment
$ 20 . 00 .
jLarge single door Rcfrigci
ator, ice water attachment]
mirror back, $10.00.
Double lid Ice Chests, oal
and antique finish, $ 3.50 un
We arc agents for the MichH
gan Vapor Go's, GasolinH
Stoves, tlio onlv lirst-class higH
grade S'ovos offered, fundsheH
with their patent lift ovM
doutdc tanks, the only absi^B
lutely safe oil tank shown anH
( nly furnished with this inukH
of stoves ■
To enable us to secure thl
had to contract fcl
agency we
a carload of these goods whicl
s-curcd them to us at a pricl
allowing us to offer H
2 burner patent lank stovel
at $ 4 . 50 . I
3 burner patent tank stovJ
at $6.00.
Ovens for Gas, Gasolin
and Oil Stoves.
Eds. H. Bramai
221 Market Street,
218 and 220 Shipley Street.
Open Every Evening:.
Friday, April 21, |
Fp ctal engouement of the distinguish!
Amor lean trogtdlon, I
Accompanied by the ln»«ntlfnl and arrow
pushed artiste. EUGENIK BLAIR, audl
strong com pa i> y of players tn a grand been
produci ion of B
The Clodiator.'l
«) MuNDAk. APRIL it.
Matinees Tuisd.ny snd Wedneeday Aftornod
Kc gave mont of* the world renowned, ortl
nal and only
Popular prices, 10. 20 and 88 cents: a m
choice seals at 50 cents. |
W. L. DOCK8TAOER. Manager.
Open from Sunlit 10.46 «. m. dally.
Home of Hiirb Cl«*« Vaudeville. Admis 0,
Fourteenth and Pine Strec
Real Estate and
Investment Broken
915 Market Street.
M. L. EVANS & CO.,

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