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Corner Georgia and Pacific A renne,
Atlantic City. N. J.
One square from the beach.. Terms moderate,
J. J. GOOD ft J. HANNNA. Proprietors.
AJ. (Formerly Normandie.)
Corner Atlantic and Pennsylvania Avannes
Atlantic City. N. J,
Heated In the winter with steam.
HENRY HECKLER. Proprietor.
- Ocean End South Carolina Avenue.
Nice Lawn and Ocean View.
South Carolina Avenue, near the beach,
Atlantic City, N. J,
Formerly of New Oaatle, Del.
Open all the year.
Georgia Avenue, Atlantic Oit» N. J.
House remodeled. Rates $7 to $9.
Capacity, 250 gueste.
2021 Atlantic Avenue, opposite the
Reading depot.
House enlarged aud everything new.
First Class Board.
EDWARD MOSS, Proprietor
T he argyle,
Atlantic City, N. J.
Connecticut Avenue, Ocean End.
A cheerful home, like home. Special ratea
to July 1.
A 18 S. South Carolina avenue. Open all
year Convenient to depots and beach. Bright,
cheerful rooms Remodeled and refurulihrd.
$1,50 to $2.00 per day.
Weekly terms reasonably.
B. E. NORRIS, Proprietor.
T he luckrn, Massachusetts ave.,
near Pacific, Ocean View. Reading K.
H. trains stop at Massachusetts Ave , one
square from beach. Table and appointments
first class. Ratos: Spring, $1 50 per day: $0.00
per week. Special ratoB tor the season. From
Sat, till Mon. $3,09. T. H AK ROD. Prop'r.
T he Norwood.
Ocean End Kentucky
Atlantic City, N. J.
Steam Heat, with all modern Improvements.
Open all the year. Terms moderate.
MRS. ALSFELT, Proprietor.
Corner Paclfllo and Arkansas avenues.
One square from Reading Depot and Beach.
New electric passenger elevator and elec
tric lights.
Terms: dally. $1 50 to $2.50; weekly. $8.00 to
$14.00. MRS. R. J. OSBORNE
T he Radnor,
112 South Carolina avenue.
Three mlrut.ee walk from depot and ocean,
$1.50 per day, $7 to $12^e
r week.
X Pacific avenue, near Kentucky avenue,
One square from beach, Atlantic Cltr, N. J,
Open arom May 15th to September 80th.
A H. COLE, Proprietor,
"Cp'e's Hotel," corner Howard and
üeratog» streets. Baltimore. Md.
Sooth Carolina avenue and Bom« Walk.
First Louse from beach. Open all the year.
$1.60 to $3.00 per day; $8.00 to $15.00
! THOMAS BRADLEY. Proprietor.
per w
Pacific and Massachusetts Avenues,
Near the Beach. Elegant and Modern.
ÎJvt-auJlq. Elevator. Sun Parlor. Hot aud
Cold Bait bath«. onUnizmt service Unex
celled. A. G'vUBB.
Wilmington, Del.
Wilmington, DeL
Residence No. 900 Shallcross Avenue,
Wilmington, Del.
For your Boys' Knee Pants, we are selling
We also
we will
them as low os 20 cent* a pair. '
have a large lot of Boys' Suits that
sell very cheap. Call and see them.
that need reglldlng?
our prices!
Belter get
417 Shipley street.
Wheeler St Wilson, $25.00, The Sinner. $15.00.
Domestic, $25.00, StaqdarO, $25.00.
Hons*hold, $26.00. Other makes at $16. $18, $30.
Oak or walnut. Ten years guarantee,
at $1.00 per week.
Second-hand machines at $5.00 up. Re
pairing, 60 cent«.
- 1 !
No. 12 East Seventh Btrest, Wilmington, D eL
patMs at KING'S. 616 Orange street.
In the Universities of
New York City. In the
Vienna, Austria, and
new xorx city, in tne Philadelphia Poly
oltnlc and Wills Eye Hospital.
tees satisfaction.
Proposals wl|l be received In box in City
I Council chamber not later than Thursday
I evening.. June llth, 1896, at 5 p.m.. tor one
[ thirty-bur»* power, upright boiler, to be made
of best flange steel 5-18th's lnch-s thick, tube
, sheet* to,bo 3-8th 's Inches • hick; Held boiler to
have an. tojector and all necessary conuen
ttou» and appurtences; the um« to be set up
and proaerly oontected with present brick
Rtack at City Crematory and be made ready
for s earn.
Specification* Retting forth proposa'« and
details must accompany each bid—eucce*«*ful
bidder to take old boiler.
Tbe right, is hereby reserved to reject any
and a>l bids
By order of the Crematory Committee.
_ Chairman.
public sale at 236 Madleon street on
Thursday, June 11, 1896, at 10 o'clock. 3 salts
of parlor furniture, bedroom furniture, chairs
carpets, sideboard*, bureaus, springe, china,
class and D'teenswars. 600 feet of rubber boss.
6 first-clue cook stoves, and a full line of
household goods, oak Ice chest and refrige
rator, etc. The above property will be posi
tively sold without reserve.
L. W. BTIDA* ft BON, Auctioneers,
The Btrest and Sewer Department Wants
to Know Whether or Not Delraarvla
Means Buelnese.
The Street and Sewer Department
directors held a bnsy session last even
lng. Healy & Bro , of Baltimore, who
ate engaged In fitting np the new Federal
bnildlcg. were granted a plumber's
license Cnrb and sidewalks were ordered
on Beech street and on portions of Fifth
avsnns. Two hnndred cublo yards of
stone were ordered from A. G. McCann
land at 95 cents a yard. Sswer inlets
wsrs ordered on Delaware avenue at
Scott and Lincoln streets crossings
The weekly pay roll of $1,019 49 was
ordered paid. To« secretary reported col
lections of $169 75 The balance in bank
was reported to be $141.506 60
The petition of the attorneys fer the
Delmarvla Telephone Company, asking
for a franchise to pat up telephone poles
was read. The communication stated
that the old board of directors was about
to be deposed
Director W. A. Pratt stated emphatlo
ally that he did not propose to graut any
franchise to people from other oltles for
speculative purposes, and before taking
any action, he wanted to hear from the
old Ijoard of directors.
Some time ego a party of reputable oitl
zsns asked for the franchise, end the
board was about to grant It when circum
stances arose which caused a bait to be
taken. He now propo3ed to defer action
until he was sore that the petitioners
meant business. President Chambers
agreed with him. and the secretary was
directed to reply to the attorneys that
nothing would bs done until direct appli
cation was made by the directors.
Will Settle and Pay Costs.
Sheriff Gillls made several arrests to
day on tbe ctpi«3M> placed In bis hands
by Clerk of the Peace Foard. His depu
ties bare. been busy all day looking
up the ' delinquents. Among those
who have been fonnd are Mahlon B
Foster, Malvern H Wood, James Bren
nan and Francis J. Meredith. They
have all agreed to settle the claims and
pay the costs. It Is probable that all the
others will do the asms.
The Pioneer's Kxeurslon.
The Benovelent Pioneer Literary Asso
cl ai Ion gave a well attended excursion to
Woodlaud Beach this morniug on the
steamer Thomas Clyde,
charge were; Chairman, Joseph U. File;
secretary, C. William Maloom, treasurer,
T. M. Monaghan ; master of ceremonies.
Dennis Regan; floor manager, James F.
Ourran ; assistants, Thom as Welch, .Frank
J. Keenan, George H. Higgins.
LUton's Point.
A tug boat with two dredging ma
chines, two barges aud tbe house boat
belonging to the Delaware Conetraollon
Company which have been engaged on
tbe work at Liston's Point, were brought
to Wilmington yesterday, the work hav
log been stopped by the government.
About SCO men are thrown out of work
by the order.
The officers In
Boat« Back Frei
Smith Succeeds Riga*.
James Andrew Smith of Harrington, has
been appointed by Governor Watson
dark of the Orphan's Oourt and Register
In Chaooery to suooesd William. E.
Rlggr, Jr . who recently died. John 8.
Jester, of Dover, wi'l be reappointed
Collided With a Steamer.
The two masted schooner. May Jen
nings, Is lying at the yard of the Jackson
4 Sharp Company for repairs. Her stern
Is gone and part of her planks forward
have been broken, the result of a col
lision with a tramp steamer In the Dela
ware on Monday.
Window Sctesns mode to order at
Harry Ysrger's, No. 419 Shipley street.
Knocked Down Br a Car,
While crossing Market street between
Twenty-second and Twenty third streets,
vesterday afternoon Wesley Jordan, aged
7 years, residing at No 2 East Twenty
second street was knocked down by oar
123 of tbe City Railway Company, bnt
not badly hart.
We Still Have a Few Move 1895
Ramblere, Fowlers,Clevelands, Spauldings
Stesrss, Columbias, at the extremely low
price of $45.00—You should call at once
and examine the bargains They are
selling fast. McDaniel ft Merrlbew
Cycle Co, No 1011 Market streot,
Pioneer Cycle House.
Office Seventh and King. Phone 545,
H. T Sergeant,dealer In coal and wood
tWLarge pea ooal for family use
Oak or pine wood, large load $1 50
Oeab* and Clams
Rt calved dally, sold In lots to salt buyers
and very low for scot cash. G. W,
SriC'RR. No. 106 East Fourth street
help wanted.
App'y 110 West Tenth street.
ix Civil War"—*« told bv ft) veterans on
both sides. S mething new. Hundreds of great
War Pictures. 608 pagee. One agent report« 110
orders for 15 days. Write quick Peop e's I'ub
llB hlnq Co. . 3941 Market St.. Philadelphia._
C ALESMAN ; salary
Q Co., Nurserymen.
8 m ALESMAN WANTED—$100 to $125 per
month and expense« to Introduce our goods
to the trade. Staple line; position permanent,
pleasant and desirable. Address.with stamp.
King Mfg. Co.. D. 63, Chicago.
from start. Brown Bros.
Rochet ter, N. Y.
T In exchunge for hoatd for Physician.
address D. Jopmtai. Office. _ _
TT'ORxISHED ROOMS. $1 TO $1 per week.
X 631 Tatnall t tree t, ____
I men only, 604 King street.
house. No 836 Vat Huren etrret. with all
tbe appointments and conveniences to make
a comfortable, healthy and «t ractive home.
A. L. JUHNCON, N. E. Cor. 8th and Shipley.
ply No. 628 Jqcksca Street .__
T $25; lb years guarantee: east term«. All
kinds sewlDg machines repaired. Second-hand
machines, $3 to $8. Send poetal. 1 , M. ROCK
FELlER. No. 100 West Seventh street.
T An ne* 1 Chichester's 8 ngllsh Pennyroyal
JLi Pills (Diamond Brand) are tbe best. Bafe,
r «liable. Take no other. Bend 4c, stamps, for
particulars. "Relief for Lad lee " In letter by
return mail. At druggist*. Chichester Chemi
cal Co., Philadelphia Pa.
Haivey J. Frlsble Tells of the
Wealth to Which He is Heir.
A Story of Untold Millions In Whloh
Pirates, Murderer's Blood, Diamonds,
Gold Miner, Forests nnd Cities Flgnra.
Enemies Won't Let Him Hnve HI*
If there Is anything In the extravagant
claims of Harvey J Frlsblo of 516 Ns w
Castle avsnne. South Wilmington hi Is
a very rleh mau, so rich la fact that the
Rothschilds aud Astors and Van derbllts
are only fairly well off by comparison,
and men with a few millions like Dela
ware's Mr. Addlcks are oomoaratl ve pau
A synopsis of Mr. Friable's claim to
wealth was published in yesterday's
Evening Journal, Bat the half was
not told.
Frlsble is a carpanter, In the employ of
the Labdell Car Wheel Company, at tbe
munificent salary of $8 per week He
Is apparently about 55 years old aud has
suffered from two strokes of paralysis
Ha talks of millions as ordinary people
talk of pennies, and he offered an Even
ing Journal reporter $1,000,000 for a
cipy of tbe Philadelphia Reoord of a
oertaln date with as much nonchalance
as a dude shows In paying a nickel for a
package of cigarettes.
The story told by FrLbls of hla
wealth that Is to be, tezds like thet
of the hero of some five oent novel. It
abounds In murders, poisoning, pirate«,
gold pelf, hidden treasure, burled money
eheste, stolen papers, villainy and gore
He makes charges of murder as freely
as though he were talking of a pleasant
summer outing and as be tells his audi
tor of the great wealth In store for him.
his eyes light np and an eagar longing
expression suffuses Ms face as though
he already saw the fu'fillment of his
According to hie story,he Is the heir of
three separate estates any one of whloh
Is large enough to make the whole
population of Wilmington rich.
The fortune to which he considers he
has tbe best right is that o! his fat hsr,
Minor I. Frlsble who died many years
Tbe story in his own words la as
follows: "My uncle, Myruu J Friable,
ran away from home wheu he wa* 11 or
12 years old He went to California to
the gold diggings and Immediately atrnek
It lieh, beooming wealthy beyond the
wildest dreams of avaries
"I was born in Branford, Conn., about
fifteen years after my nnole left home
He returned from the West while I wae
living with my father and bought prop
erty tu hie own name and In thB name of
my father. He had property In nearly
every etate in tbe union so as to give
film no trouble to get money when trav
ellng. He had cash In many banks and
besides had many financial agents all
over the world who always had a large
amount of his money on hand to be
Invested sdrantsgeoosly at any oppor
"He knew my father had so money and
he offered him $5,000 In gold for our
farm. My father refused to take tho
money, thinking It was all my uncle b»d,
but nnole Myrnn told him be could give
him as many millions wlthont feeling it
"My uncle told me once, slitting on a
log on our farm In Branford that he was
wortn $400,000,000 whsn he wsa 15
years old, and that tbe amount had
been steadily growing until It was Incal
culable. He had mines and real estate
everywhere He had gold and allver
mines tn California and Colorado, dia
mond mines In Brazil, lead mines in Col
orado and Nsvada coal mines tn Pennsyl
vania and West Virginia, pine forest* In
Michigan and real estate In New York
and Connecticut. *
"He bad brought home with him a box
of ebony about 3 feet long and weighing
about sixty-five pounds I noticed thet
he alwiys kept his eye on that box and I
got the Idea that there was something
valuable in '. it. Later developments
proved the com eines« of my supposition.
"My uncle left the box at the residence
of my aunt, Abigail Cook, who, woman
like, determined to find ont what was Iu
it. 8be fouod a key to fit It and opened
It one day In the abaenoe of my nnole.
"What sbe found almoBt ersztd her
with avarioe. The box wss filled almost
to tbe top with United States Govern
raent, railroad and olty and state bonds
Iu one corner was a little chamois bag.
She opened this and found that it
contained rubles, diamonds, emeralds and
petrls, enongb for a king's rausom.
* K.om that day my uncle was doomed
He bad already told me that be bad made
a will making me his heir. My aunt
schemed to get possession of the wealth
She told my nnole that I intended to kill
him so that I might Inherit his wealth I
heard of her charge and told my unole
that It was false He believed me and
stated that he bad a presentiment that
he was to be killed shortly, and to pro
teet me he gave me a paper stating that
he had left a box of bonds and deeds,
together with hie will, with a trust com
pxny In New York The paper oontatuel
an order on the trust company for tbe
delivery of the box to me. That paper
wes afterwards stolen from me by my
first cousin, Lawrence Frlsble.
"My ancle's will wes written by a
straw lawyer named Richard I Anderson
In my ancle's offices'. 93 Weil street.
New York and named Anderson and
Henry Hayes of New York as executors
The bulk of his fortune wes left to me,
tbongh sons wes glveu to other relative.*
"I searched for this will for years but
could not fled It until July 21. 1891,
wheu I accidentally came serose it wbll<
searoblng the records In tbe register or
wills office In New York city. I wae
just recovering from a stroke of paralysis
at the time end conld hardly see I
read abont a pige and a half of tbe doca
ment and tbe Signatare
"I employed a lawyer, Harry E. Eddie
to Investigate the will for me He found
that it placed in trust with Minor R.
Friable for the heirs, property aggre
gating $93.000.000 to $94 000.000
"My nnole was poisoned with areenl«
In the house of my aunt on tbe very
night she discovered those jewels tn his
box. Three of her ohildren told me after
her death that they saw her poison him
and that when he was dying, my father
came to the bouse
"My uncie told him he had been
poisoned end he wrote a will while
dying leaving ail his property to me,
Harvey J. Frlsble, ingmy fathers car*.''
He died the same night and my
father and my annt took his body to the
woods and bnrled It. I was away on a
vessel carrying cotton from Savannah
Georgia. to New Yoik when this
"Later Paschall T Southern, a promt
nent New York lawyer, offered his
services to me He found considerable
property that belonged to me bht when
he found that part of lha prcpirtyto
which I should havs title was sue on
which be and his brother held s big
mortgage, h^droppid me Tiryqnlokly
He found that t he
818. 116 and 818
street, New York belonged to mo.
"Ou May 11 1808. the will wss (flared
for probate but 1 locked In vain for the
will until, as I told yon, July 21. 1801
''I employed then another New York
lawyer, Cliff >rd Bozte bn' be was either
fooled or b>nght off Wien the will
was presented ln 1S68 It d .posed only of
persoual property. Iu 1871 when It wss
copied on the record It had grawu until
It Inoludcd the house at No. 24 Fifteenth
street, New Yoik, and 181 acres of land
iu Michigan.
"Myrnu Friable's aistsr who was cog
Lisant of the manner of bis death had
written me several times tbst she hid
papers be'ouglug to me whloh would
prove my right to the property, hut she
refused to give them to me She went
to Shanghai, China and married there
a mau named Jobu Binon A ohild born
to them died there aud this unsettled
the woman's mind
"She cam« home to Branford partially
lasane. She admitted that she still bad
tha papers but refused to give them up
Ske went to the house of a family uamed
Bartholomew ln K. au ford and told them
of the papers She died there suddenly
under suspicious olroumstsuoss Isst Fall,
before medioal aid oonld go a mile to
reach her aud tbs papers disappeared.
"Ou January 1, 1891 I put an adver
ilsement In the New York Herald forbid
ding anyone from wlthnoldlug these
pipers from me
"You have read, possibly, of several
unclaimed estates being left by parties In
New York and Philadelphia I hava
reason to believe that some of them are
those of some of the agents of my nnole.
and the estates really belong ta me I
know that among his agents were men
named Starr, Poorman, B rds'ey and Mc
"My ancle Silvester Pond, part owner
iu the sohoouer Ariel of Branford, m :ds
many thousands of dollars running the
biotkadta of southern ports Ha was at
tacked once by p'rstas off Brrnegat anl
all his crew were killed exoept himself.
Ahont one year after that he was (gain
attaoked and this time both oiews
were killed, In fsot everyone but
agreed to divide an Immense hoard of
gold that had been stored for generations
by pirates In the Fiji Irlands This
amounted to many millions of dollars.
My nnole took Ms share and hired a
schooner and brought his gold to Naw
Haven. The vessel .in which be arrived
still lias In the New Haven baroor, all
broken up, about one mils below the old
properties Nua 311,
Wrst Twenty eighth
and tbe pirate captain,
formed a partnership and
"Pond sent hie slater, my mother, a
big share of his booty In a big cheat, by
my father. My father. Instead of taking
it to my mother, burled it in the woods
near Branford It was an Immense box
and must have held millions In gold. It
wa* on top of thin box that my uncle's
body, that of Myrun J. Frlsble, was
"Pond himself became a hermit and
lived In a oave at East Rick,Conn., being
known as tbe hermit of East Rock. He
owned a great deal of property In New
Haven and wae reputed to have untold
wealth stored in hla cave.
"This last ooet him hla life for abont
two years ago he waa found dead In the
cave with his Bknll split open with an
axe while gold piece* were scattered all
snout and wagon tracks In fiontoftbe
cave showed that many wagon loads of
treatnre had bean oarrlad away by tha
"My own father olalmed all tbe estate
left me by my nnole and kept me oat of
It. My father [ believe was also mar
dered with vitrol by Abigail Cook.
"My great-great-grandfather was Lord
Thomas 8mkh prime minister of Eog
lend end my great-great grandmother
wee a sister.of Queens Mary and El.za
" The latter came to this country and
bonght all of Long Island and parts of
Manhattan and Htatcn Irlands and land
tn Connecticut.
"Bhe had four children, the eldest of
whom wss Amanda Bmttn. Ths Utter
wee s powerful woman who could lift
a men weighing 200 pounds and hold
him at arm's length She founded a
number of educational institutions in
New England. The property of her
mother desiended to her and from her tn
a direct line to my mother.
Minor R Frlsble told me In 1884 be
would give $1,000,000 to mv son Minor
Frleble- He did leave It to him bat It
was stolen from him by Georg* B
Frlsble, sou of Minor Frlsbie, and Osoar
Frisbie. Minor R Felsb'e built me a
bark named tbe Julia to 1884 aud told
mo that It was with my money.
"In 1881 Anderson, one of tbe execn
tors of the will took me along Twenty
elgbtn street In New York, aud showed
me soma houses which hs told ms were
mine The same day he gave me a big
roll of bills, some thousands of dollars
which he said was collected as rent from
my estate and which he gave me to pay
for some Improvements to my boose at
No 108 Wall street."
Friable eald that spies were constantly
dogging him, detectives all over tbe
world had his ploture and wera
paid to keep him from getting hla
fortune He says they oall him a crank
and say that hs is crazy.
"Bat I don't talk like a crazy mao, do
I," bs said
A Hsppy Family.
Mr. J. D Campbell, 1099 Lluden street,
working at Htrleu'e stye: "My wife eua
children were all completely ran down,
weak and elagglsb feeling, no appetite,
c mstlpated end suffered with Indigestion.
They ere'now using To Ca, the Mexican
Blood Tonic, and are regaining strength
and vigor rspldlv, end blessed with enor
mous appetites.'' Ltrg* $1 bottle« 25o.
Samples free. Office, 419 Market street.
One Rosewood upright piano in good
order $125 One rosewood rqaere grand
pleno, finely carved, $100 Twenty other
good second hand plsnoe that have beeu
taken in exoheuge will b* sold at
bargains. Robelen ft Go., No.710 Market
And Judge Ball Was Kept
Busy With the Heavy Weights
The Practice Will ba Broken Dp If the
Court Can Do It—Beaterhean Convicted
of Atssult and Fined—Other C'a. a a |u
Mnnlo'pal Oonrt.
When the big bell in tbe City Hall
tower atrnek tba hour of 9 this morning,
Judge Bell, who has been absent In
Prluoeton renewing allegiance to bis
Alin* Mater, took hi* seat on the wool
There was a dock fall of proilgals.
Walter H Hayes was again In oharge
of the legal oiler.
Came ln Blocke of Five
Abel Riggs was the first victim He
was osptnred by Officer Petsrsou asleep
in a $990 carriage, which stood In the
archway of a Frenob street factory
Considerable oumplalnt has been, made of
the practice of vtgrantB aalsetlug these
carriages as their lodging places, aud
muob damage has beeu done by them
The judge expressed his determination
to break the habit np, and plaoed $5 aud
costs agaluat Abel's name. U> was not
able to pay It and went over
Andrew Higgins. James Ludwig, John
Keiley, George Hill, William Wright and
Frank Harris, tbe last three of ebouy
hue, were arrested by Dsteetlve Dillon
and Special Olhser Smith for stealing
rldeB on the P, W 4 B They were
oonvleted aud eaoh one was sentenced to
pay $5 aud costs Toe judge remarked,
as be inflioted the fines, that the preetloe
was a dangerous one aud must bs broken
I 8t ould Join Maeeo'a Amar.au*.
There was a select fuuctlon last nig ht
among the colored 861, known as the
Tatuall Street Coterie and Gaorglauua
Dixon wag one of tbe belles. Shortly
after midnight the attention of; Officer
Marr was attracted to a heatad argument
whloh was being held over tbs steps I n
trodnoed Into tbe colored grirki.
Tba party, of whloh *Ueor«iana was
one, stopped on the oorner of Eighth and
Washington streets aud Georgia had just
announced hsr confidence la her ability
to llok any mau tn the crowd and her
willingness to die, If need bs, for her
cousin, when the offlper Interrupted tbe
discussion long eotmgh to send the
belligerent Am»z m Iu. This morning,
when sbe took her seat on one of tbe
upholstered beuohes Iu the dock, she was
as meek as Moses. She did not even
objiot when the fine of $5 and coats wss
Imposed, but q Hally obeyed the beok of
the oflloer's Unger and want below to
await the starting of the oharlot.
These Drew Double Bâtions.
"Aoky" Dngtn, who, by the way, was
christened John, wav charged by his
aged father with disorderly conduct
His father said that " Aoky faal bean a
thorn in bis flesh fot tbe past twenty
two years,land yasterday west to bis
home and deliberately broke every dish
there. Judge Ball, remarked that
"Aoky" had not even shown the spirt of
the Prodigal, and deserved severe
puolshmeat. It Is doubtful If "Aoky'a"
good augel will stand good for tbs $10
aud ousts, and ba wtll beoome a hoarder
at tba Chattau de Gillie.
Christian 8. Beeterh nil waa charged
with asseoit with intent to kill William
H Siearett at Fifth and Monroe streets,
on June 2. At the time of the assault
Stearett told the reporter of the Evening
Journal that Heeterbenn had fired a
revolver point blank at him, the ball
passing through his hat within half an
Inch from his bead.
Ult,Memory Defective.
When placed on the stand, However,
Stearett oouM not remember much
abont tbe affair, save that Sesterhsnn
and he had some words over a bill, aud
that Sesterhenn bad thrown some missile
at him He could not explain how hie
hat received the holes In It
Other witnesses sew Hes'erhenn put
his band In his hip pocket auf heard a
report like a revolver but could not
swear lo Its being a pistol se a wagon was
between them and the prisoner.
Sasterbenn himself claimed that he
had no revolver. He explained that whan
ha came np to where Bteerett was, he
bad a small burr or nnt tn his band and
that bs threw this at Stearett It hit
tbe dash board of the wagon making a
sharp souod. Than be ran se he feared
Stearett might hit him with a hammer.
The state conld prove no Intent to
commit murder and was obliged to
abandon that charge and content Itself
with one of assault. On this Sesterhenn
was fined $10 and costs.
These Were Fortunate,
Richard Pot /. », colored, was charged
by bis wife with disorderly conduct.
The latter wee ointent to have tbe
charge dismissed, aud this was done
Richard paying the coats.
Effie LaKoue and Cora Barton colored,
claimed that as they were passing Sixth
and French streets some men wtio were
testing a langth of boss, turned the
water on them and cimpletely ducked
them. It was shown that the affair waa
an accident and the only one of tbe party
who was accused was discharged.
Samuel O. Pyle, o iarged with violet
Ing tbe olty ordinäres prohibiting ob
struotiug of eidewalka, was granted a
continuance until next Monday and the
csss of James Kelley, charged with as
aault, was put down for to-ulgbt.
When you want better Window Screens
than the retdv-made ones go to Harry
Yergei'e, No. 419 Shipley street.
We Still Have a Few More 1885
Ramblers, Fowlers, Clevelands, Spanld
lugs, Stearns, Columbias at tbe extreme
ly low price of $45 00 Yon should oall
st once aud examine these bargains
They are selling fast MoDanlsl ft
Merrill« w Cycle Co , No. 1011 Market
street, Pioneer Cycle House.
Register Grossen'* First Will.
Register of Wilis Crossen bis granted
Utters of administration o t. a, upon
tbe estate of Wlnfie'd 8. B'mmons, lata
of Wilmington, to Henry C Simmons,
This Is the first will that has ooma Into
the hands of tba naw reglstar.
Off on Thslr V «estions.
Offlosrn Nsrootky and Rilay are taking
their vteo loua from duty this weak.
Mortality and Franey will box 10
rounds to morrow night at the Bijou.
Box cfflcj op u 9 a. m.
Draw A Revolver To Enforce Die
Argument* Orne thn Age [of Some
Chlohene And Landed In .fall.
Lloyd Smith a oolored citizen of Wil
mington, is now In Moyamenatng jail,
Philadelphie where ba was aant In da
fault of $1 500 ball He went Into a
Lombard street, restant ant shortly after
midnight yesterday and entered into an
argument oser tbe age of oertaln fowl
nfftred for sale by another man named
Green. Smith lntrodaoed himself as tba
Btensrd of « sailboat and said ha would
buy If pi Ices suited
He was drank and used a nnmbse of
offensive epithets both as to Green
end hie chlesens to which Green objeoted
Then Smith drew a revolver and fired
several times at Green, none of the bul
lets hitting him, owing to Smith's an
steady hand
All hands tied for safety behind the
counter and Officer Tredwlth who beard
t,be reports, arrested tbe belligerent Jsp.
He »111 be given a hearing In the upper
Seized the Gaste Hunde.
About lo dock this morning Ualted
States Deputy Marshal David W. Hughes
seiz'd the German oil steamer Geste
Munde, off Edge Moor In tha Delaware,
on an attachment Issued to the owneie of
the schooner Thomas Humphreys which
wss run down near Smyrna light ou Sat
urday night. Tua Gasta Mande was
on her way out, oil laden, when she
was met by Marshal Hughes, who bad
the tug Amanda Powell. The steamer
was auohored and had watobman placed
ou her pending adjustment of the oltim,
whiob la for $900.
St. A. Y. M. O Uowa on tbi Farm.
About fifteen couples of young people,
members of St. A'oyelas Y. M 0. of
8aor«d Heart R. O. Church, aud their
*on«n ft lends, will tajoy to morrow at
Btrson's farm In Braudywlns hnndred.
The party leaves tn a four-horse haok at
7 o'clock to morrow morning, and a royal
good tlme.ls expected.
4c, lb. Fish 4o. lb.
A carload of fish, at Fifth and Obnrola
streets. Thursday, Jane 11th, from 5 a.
m . until sold. These fish offered for sal*
D.re ooms out of the ocean at 4.83 p. m ,
aud leave Long Branch at 7 30 p. m., by
■peolal service, aud arrive In Wllmlng
ton very early In the morning.
These fish are Immediately
cleaned as they are takeu ont of the
ocean. Plea*« bring basket or paper
AtlantI« Fleh Co, owners of Long
Branch Coast Fisheries
Mechanic* Started Foe Denver,
H H BUIaay, William O Lyneh and
Frank W Pierson of Wilmington,
Charles L Moore of Georgetown and H.
0 Johnson, of Clayton, started to-day
(or Denver, Col , to attend the Supreme
OoudoU Junior Order of American Me
We Still Have a Few More 1895
Ramblers, Fowlers. Clevelands, Hpanld
Inge, Stearns, Oolumblas. at tha extreme
ly low prloe of $45 00 You should oall
at onca and examina these bargains
Tbty are selling fast
Msrrlhew Cyole Co, No. 1011 Market
street, Pioneer Cyole House.
Hteamer SbluoMook L«avra.
The Hblonecock. the beaatlful new aide
wheel steamer, built by the Harlan and
Hollingsworth Company for tha Montaak
Steamboat Company, for aervlos between
Shelter Island and New York, cleared
for her destination to-day.
MoDanlsl A
Drawing fur Vacation*.
The letter oarrlers lathe Wilmington
poet offioe drew lota to-day to see whrn
«»oh one ehell take hie annual vaeatlon.
The elarks are not In tbe deal, at least
not until the oleselfioation law Is passed.
Marshal Lannon's Mother Dead.
Ualted Htates Msrehsi Heweon E.
Laonon Is Iu Richmond, Va , attending
the fuoersl of his mother, whose death
occurred In that olty, last 8anday night.
He will return to morrow.
Beal Rdat* Transfer Filed.
Trans e*)of roal estate on west side of
Was blngton etrret, between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth streets, from Georgs W.
Plsrsou to Naucy E Remley was filed
this morniDg.
Yaelis Klactra Cleared.
The steam yacht E'actra cleared from
the ship yard of the Harlan ft Hollings
worth Company this morning.
Beaver Tall Clears.
The new ferryboat Beaver Tall cleared
this morning for her destination,
—Chester and Wilmington ewotr'c railway
projtc ora will meet In Philadelphia to-day.
—A strawberry fiwtlval at Si. Joseph's R.
C. Church netted $185.
—The Infant icholars of First Presbyterian
Sunday school gavea' Turn Thumb Weddlog"
In the lecture room of tbe church last night.
-"Politic*" wa* the subject of the lecture
of Rer. W. L. P. Murray, D. D., before t ne
«mitent* of the Goluey nllmlntton Com
mercial College to-Uay.
—For setnud hand furniture at rock bottom
prices ro to Con way'a,Six tt^ and Lombard Sts
—At the annual meeting of the friends of
Old Dcawyer* In the Delaware Historic*.
Society bufdlug to-monow afternoon, M.s,
Harlett Foote Moore, of Columbus. O.. will
present a papsr on the life of her father. Rev.
George Foote.
— Beginning June 21, there will be but one
R'ssloo In tbe public school*, from V a. m., to
12 noon
—Owing to the heavy fall of rain last even
ing, t' e people lu the vicinity of Fourth and
Monroe streets were forced to dig gutters to
keep the water from itwamplug the merry-go
ro. tid. ■
' -The
of Hupe
Pine street«, this afternoon.
— p F. Martin, oi Wilmington, has been ap
t olnted a foreman of construction on the
ntted Stave Government work at Deep
Water Light, New Jersr..
-The three masted schooner John Shay Is
being loaded with bar troa at tne wharf of
the Diamond State Iron Cimpauy.
—If you wish a good oe-nent pavement go
to Siminontt and Brother, 718 Market street.
—'Ihe "cat-tall" the reed so dear to the
heart of the «mall boy for lighting fire
crackers on July 4. 1» growing by thousands
In the marsh s of doutn Wilmington.
—The number of tramp* who steal rides on
the P.. W. & B railroad between Wilming
ton and Philadelphia Is . elug reduced by the
Chester polie* who aneit every oue cmght
on the tralD* In that city.
— Governor Watsoa has re-appointed K. V.
Cooper, of Hmrrua, a notary public.
—8*mnel Dor«ev formerly steward of the
club-house at Gordon Heights Is In Wilming
tug F>ee'wlng came In the Christiana
last night at 12 o'clock. The barge wa* lo»ded
with lumber here »Dd e'eared this morning.
-The big Ihre« masted schooner La Pratt
wa* towed into the shipyard of the Harlan ft
HolllDgRworth.C tmpaDy this morning by the
tug Juhn U. Br*d ey. *
r-gular monthly meeting of the Duor
was held at the home. Sixteenth and

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