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Each day establishes more tha n
ever the supreme importance of this
Great Jan uary Clearing Sale. The
thousands wh o have come and gone
away satisfied have sp read the news
till now it scents all Wilmington
knows that the most ner vy price -
Cutting ever attempted in this city
bas been done at this store .
Clearing of Domestics
Only about 10 pieces of Outing
left to clofee out Wednesday at
4 l-2c a yard.
Ths assortment of 8c and 10c
Outing is very complete for this sea
son of the year; all reduced to
6 l-2c a yard.
All 12 l-2c and 15c Outings re
duced to 10c a yard.
All 12 l-2c and 15c Flannelettes
reduced to 10c a yard.
All 10c Flannelettes reduced to
8c a yard.
Dress Ginghams were 10c a yard,
reduced to 7 1-2c.
Quality Dress Goods.
Great Values.
Discriminating buyers, those
versed in Dress Goods values, will
readily appreciate these exceptional
38-inch, all wool, fancy striped
panama, only three pieces left, sold
at 50c, reduced to 25c.
36-inch, fancy novelties, grays,
browns, blues and checks, clearing
price, 25c.
58-inch gray suiting, all wool,
sold at $1.50, reduced to 49c.
All wool garnet Etamine, 45
inches wide, sold at 85c, reduced to
All wool lavender Henrietta. 45
Inches wide, sold at $100, reduced
to 49c.
Other fancy and plain weaves
were 75c and 89c, reduced to 49c.
All Wool Mufflers, 13c
All sizes for women, girls and
boys, double clasp in back, large
chest protector, colors brown, red,
black and green, were 25c, reduced
for clearing 13c.
Our entire line of 50c wool muf
flers reduced to 25c.
Comfortables Reduced
Extra heavy, large size Comfort,
artistically stitched, white cotton
sanitary filled, elegant patterns, in
cluding some Persian effects, were
$1.75, $1.89 and $2.00, reduced
just in time for this cold snap to
$1.49, better see these Wednesday
228-230 KING
nlng time. He arrived here on Wed
nesday morning In tho face of a snow
storm, the auto having behaved well
during tho run.
Sigeamond Morris Buys a Fifty Horse
Power Acme Machine.
Sigmund Morris, of the firm of Bar
ter & Morris, has a purchased' a new
Donation Day at Homs.
Donation day for tho Mirlquadale
] Homo will be on Thursday. This is a
most worthy charity where old men
fifty horsepower Acme automobile with, an( j a g e a couples can have a comfort
an attainable speed of sixty* miles an able and happy home. Donations of
money, clothing, provisions, groceries
Mr. Morris bought the machine ln I or anything used In a home will be
New York on Tuesday last and drove it : thankfully received by the managers
to this city in eight hours actual run- at the Century Club.
Think of the enormously
difficult task of having every
tablet of Cascarets of the
many millions of tablets sent
out to the world the same as
every other tablet,— equally
as dainty, sweet, palatable
and equally effective as a
medicine. v
Means Excellence of the
Think of nearly ONE HUNDRED MILLIONS of boxes of
Cascarets sold, in the last eleven years, all on the pure merit of
this wonderful preparation, and every tablet of nearly a BILLION
TABLETS having exactly the same Purity, Quality and Medi
cinal Merit as the rest of them. It is the PURITY OF PRO
CESS that made this seeming miracle possible—purity in the
sense of exactness, nicety, care and selection.
When, in 1896, Cascarets were first created, the purpose of its makers
was to make the best Bowel Remedy ever designed and compounded. The
preparation was to be pure and harmless, made by PURE PROCESSES,
' and sold under a pure promise that it would accomplish always what was
claimed, with the alternative of a guaranty or m0 ney refunded.
The grateful recommendation of hundreds of thousands of pleased
patrons who found Cascarets to be TRUE and dependable was by far the
greatest element in the promotion of their success. »
Now that the PURE FOOD AND DRUG ACT has gone into effect,
we cannot refrain from welcoming it for the benefit of the people, and at
the same time from claiming that we adopted OUR OWN PURE DRUGS
Act in 1896, and by steadfast adherence to the principles then set to guide
us, have convinced the world of the power of purity and truth as exem
plified by Cascarets, a pure, honest, harmless, reliable article for the pre
vention and alleviation of all diseases of the stomach and bowels.
What strenger argument than the favor of millions of satisfied friends,
of whom hundreds of thousands have been relieved of great sufferings, can
be offered to him or her who has not tried Cascarets when in trouble? The
slightest attack of irregularity, costiveness, colic, headache, flatulency, all
the signs of impending CONSTIPATION should be heeded as a warning,
and immediate recourse be taken to that great preventive of disease, Cas
carets. _ . , . . . . ■ .
The specific purpose of Cascarets is not alone as a treatment for the
cure of Constipation, but even more so, to keep the entire food-canal clean
and antiseptic, destroying all disease germs before they can form a lodg
ing and start their iniquitous activity.
Those who have never tried Cascarets. as an immediate laxative, a reli
able cathartic a positive preventive and the best all-around FAMILY
MEDICINE should go to their own druggist TODAY and buy a little
10c box sureJv not too risky an investment. They will be convinced and
added to our millions of friends. Be sure you get the kind you ask for—
CkscarcOi tSe only original, genuine, every tablet marked "C C C." 1 »
Blankets at less than wholesale,
single blankets, grays and white,
fancy borders, 30c each
20 pairs sample Blankets, grays
and white, full 11-4 and at our usual
saving on the sample price of about
a quarter of the price, $3.00 and
Long Cloth
About enough of the extra qual
ity English Long Cloth for Wednes
day's selling, 12 yards to a piece,
$1.13 a piece.
Towels and Crash
Linen Huck Towels, fancy bord
ers only, 19x42 inch, extra heavy,
clearing price, 12 l-2c.
Extra good quality Linen Crash,
red and blue border, 10c a yard.
Golf Gloves, igc
Women's and children's Golf
Gloves, all the desirable shades and
every pair of this season's best,
were 25c, reduced to 19c.
Clearing in the
Notion Department
Are you economizing by buying
your notions at this sale ?
Garter web in 3-4 yard length, 5c.
Vaseline in jars, were 5c and 10c,
reduced to 3c and 6c a jar.
Peail buttons, regular 5c a dozen,
reduced to 3c a dozen.
8c Pearl Buttons, reduced to 5c a
12c and 15c Pearl Buttons, re
duced to 10c a dozen.
Pins. 1c a pack.
Ironing Wax, 1c each.
Hooks and eyes, with the hump,
2 dozen on a card, 1c a card.
18c and 20c Stockinet Dress
Shields, reduced to 5c pair
22c and 25c rubber lined Dress
Shields, reduced to 10c pair.
10c Hair Pin Cabinets, 3c each.
5c and 10c Curling Irons, reduced
to 3c and 6c.
25c Back Combs, reduced to 5c.
50c Back Combs, reduced to 15c
. O- N. T. Spool Cotton, 6 spools
for 26c.
Proprietors No Longer Make
Claims That Their Medicines
Wiif Accomplish Cures
Kver since January 1, veil en the new
pure food and drug law went Into ef
fect, the manufacturers of proprietary
nd patent medicines have been busy
with mucilage and brush pasting labels
on the bottles, boxes and cartons con
taining tholr preparations, which are
guaranteed to tell the truth, the whole
truth and nothing but the truth, about
what the packages contain.
The law Is very strict about the sale
of medicines and sets forth a long list
of restricted drugs which cannot tie sold
In mixtures unless the name and
amount of the restricted drug Is men
tioned In .bold type on the label on the
bottle or box In which the dcdlclne Is
contained. The law also says that de
scriptive matter aiipop the label shall bo
free from any statement, design or de
vice regarding tbe article or the Ingre
dients or substances contained therein,
or quality thereof, or place of origin,
which is false or misleading in any par
For the most part only supplement
ary labt's are being used at the present
time. Tha law gives the .manufactur
ers until October J, of this year to use
uip old labels Hurt may be on hand, and
only requires tt.a'j whenever any state
ment therein contained Is contrary to
the food and drug act as to character
of the contents It sliairU he corrected
by a supplemental label, stamp or pos
kSome medicine manufacturers,
however, have gotten out entirely now
labels, and these, as well as the little
strips used as supplemental labels, un
fold some Interesting things. In fact.
It Is remarkable what changes the law
has brought about. A reading of some
of these labels will convince anyone
that fey of the patent .medicines are
now claimed to possess half of the vir
tues which were nttrabuted to them
prior to the passage of the act.
Before the law was passed It was not
uncommon for the manufacturer of a
patent medicine to attrabnte to it the
ability to cure nearly every disease to
which human flesh is bclr. Now few of
the medicines are claimed to cure any
thing. In fact, the word eure has In
many Instances disappeared from la
bels altogether and the words "benofl
clty In the treatment of" have been In
serted In Its place. Some manufactur
ers of patent medicines, who formerly
called their preparations by such names
as "Headache Cure." "Liver Cure" and
like terms, no longer employ such word
ing, tout have substituted less preten
tious labels hearing the words "For
Headache" or "For the Liver," as the
case may be.
The clause requiring the name of any
rsetrlcted drug that may be used In the
manufacture of a bottle of medicine tp
be printed upon the label has also been
productive of many changes. Certain
medicines which formerly were war
hyl-nryooaof nau nau nau nau nnnnn
ranted not to contain any deleterious
or harmful Ingredients are now to be
seen on the market with labels guaran
teeing them to contain so much alcohol,
arsenic, opium or other tilings regarded
as equally dangerous. The law requires
only tfle name of the restricted drug to
appear on the label, and this has led
many medicine men to label their goods
as containing so much morphine and
other Ingredients or so much opium
and other Ingredients. Such labels
usuaillly create a curiosity In the reader
to know what the other Ingredients may
Just what effect the larw Is going ta
.have on the sale of medicine can on'y
be conjectured. There can toe tout little
douibt that certain medicines which
contain an excessive amount of the re
stricted drugs w 111 toe forced out of the
market. The average person abhors
taking remedies containing such Ingre
dients as morphine and opium, for fear
that the persistent Ise of the medicine
will create a desire within him for the
drug In Its pure state. The fact that
he has taken the medicine before and
that It has not made him a drug fiend
will probably have little effect. There
Is considerable difference In the minds
of most persons between knowingly
taking a preparation which contains
opium and taking It unknowingly.
As a great many medicines contain
or more of the restricted drugs, it
is more than probable that the sales
of such ns do will 'be maler.iaUy cut
down. Such, at least, la
the view
taken by many druggists who profus»
to see In the workings of the now law
falling off In the use of /patent medi
cines and a more general resort to -phy
sicians' proscriptions. Should this pre
«Jctlon prove correct. It will mean a de
cided Increase in the profit of the retail
druggist, who generally clears as much
a SScent prescription as he
nroney on
does on a dollar bottle of patent medl
For Instance, a certain person
heard complaining not long ago
because a druggist had charged him 35
cents for filling a prescription which
contained, only 15 drops of carbolic add.
30 drops of creollne and 4 ounces of
In this case It was said' the
druggist's profits on the medicine and
bottle must have been something like
400 per cent. The profit on a bottle of
.patent medicine sold at 81 is generally
about 33 1-3 per cent.
Seven Apply for Citizenship in Federal
Court, But Four Cases Are Con
tinued. \
Only three of the seven applicants
for citizenship In the United States
Court yesterday were admitted. They
Daley and James Hayes. The four who
did not succeed had their cases con
tinued until next Monday, and they
were: Patrick Hertlhy, Ernest West en -
hagtn. Michael Follmond and Joseph
Peter Christian du Pont,
^ Friends' Meeting House,
Fourth and West streets, on Wcdnes
( j a „ gfternoon at 1.15 o'clock. Dr. G.
^ 0 v._ n f Chicago^ will deliver an ad
,i ross . Dr. Col«'» subject fill be 'Tre
{historic Man in the Southwest."
Dr. Cole to Lecture.
Reading Men as Guests,
Messrs. Scott, Hartman. Woodworth
and David Wyler, members of the
Reading Hose Company, of Reading.
p a „ spent Sunday In this city as thaï
guests of tho Phoenix Fire Company,
Let's Hugh and be jolty! Drive away !
the blues! "My Wife's Family" is 1
coming to the Grand Opera House on !
Saturday afternoon and evening, and it
Is the big comedy «noces» of the sea
son. The press agent says It Is aw
fully fiAiny. People do not always be
lieve what the press agent has to say
but akl reports from Toledo. DetroiJ
Cincinnati, Milwaukee. Chicago. Cleve
land amt other large cities speak In the
highest terms of the play and the c;v
ipabale company. The songs are all
new. the music Is catchy and pretty,
the dancing was arranged by a master,
and the costumes are all special. In
fact, there has been nothing overlooked
to make this play, wptitten by HnJ
Stephens and Harry Linton, ono of thu
most enjoyable evening's nntartaln
merits to be seen this season.
In his ncNMtUl attempt to secure
Daniel Sully In "Tbe aiMlehmaker," for
one of his best attractions of the sea
son, Manager Humphries Is to be con
gratulated. not because be alms to sup
ply the best offering obtainable, but
for the reason of Mr, Sully'« many
local acquaintance« and strong friendly
following. 'The aMfchmaker" 1« the
most popular success played by Mr.
Sully In recent years, and the character
assumed by him In the play 1« that of
a sound-hearted, lovable priest, a chnr.
acterizatlon enjoyed by all, regardless
of creed, who have seen him In his best
work, "The Parish Priest," and "The
Matchmaker." Mr. Sully will be seen
In 'The Matchmaker' at the Lyceum
Theatre next Thursday, Friday and Sat
A deeply Interesting story well put
together In a series of charming scones
enacted by an admirably balanced com
pany presenting Langdon McCormick's
latest melodrama, "The House of Mys
tery," will be tho attraction at the Ly
ceum commencing January 28. Mr. Mc
Cormick has a perfect understanding
of tha public's wants. He Is genuine
anil earnest, and has exhibited much
skill In his latest play, "The House of
Amusement Company In offering 'The
House of Mystery 1 ' declare It to be the
moat perfectly complete organization
presented by them In many years. This
alone should be a sufficient guarantee
as to the class of the production, sce
nloally and otherwise.
Good business marked t f •> performances
a<; the Lyceum Theatre yesterday when
"As Told in Tho Hills, opened for the
usual throe days engogement. Tho com
pany is rather above the average seen In
mclo-drama and the play Itself Is above
tho usual western play. There Is an Inter
esting story running through It, plenty
of excitement and plenty of action and ex
cellent scenery. Katherine M. Ohallenc-r U
Pahnenn, an Indian maiden, and makes
the most of a decidedly difficult part. Ops
Neaville Is Little Fox an Indien youth
ond he I« cleaver at,ail times. The play
The Mittenthal Brothers
will be repeated this afternoon, to-night,
and Wednesday afternoon and evening.
To on audience that filled tho Opera
House almost to overflowing last night
CharlosSKleln'a play, "Tho Lion and The
Mouse," was presented and the reception
accorded It was moat gratifying to bath
author and players. The production Is well
known to the theatre-goers, Its plot deal
ing with tho power of money and Us al
leged controllng Influence over tho work
ing of -the national government. Through
out tho play ap retty lovo story Is woven
which adds much to the attractiveness of
the play. The cast Is an unusually string
one Including Paul Everson as "John
Uenkett Beyder," a dharaefirr In which be
did most excellent work.
The Jupiter Brothers, who appeiron tiho
program as "the cow-boy wizards of
OklahamB," furnish the conspicuous f.a
ture of the show o<l Manager Dockstvder's
playhouse this week. They appear as
typical cowboys Of tbe plains and have
a cabinet trick that Is about tho slickest
thing ever seen at a loral house. Harry
Radford and Mile. Valentine, direct from
the London Hippodrome, have a line of ec
centric comedy and Juggling that mak s
them ono of the hits of the bill. It Is their
first appearance at the Garrick. Alice
Taylor, the champion feswle rifle and pi—I
toi Shot of the world, in conjunction with
Henry Taylor, nn equilibrist, give nn ex
hlbltlon 'that will Interest everyone, nrd
especially tho many local shuts.
The Fetching Bros, have a very pretty
muslcal innovation, and (tînmes Oalta
'han and Jennie Bt. George offer a comsdy
sketch that is full of real pathos. There
number of acts of merit contributing
to tthc show for the week but tbe ones ri -
ferred to are the most conspicuous. All
in all It 1» a show that can compare vefy
favorably with the many big bills tho
Garrick has presented
the pist ft w
Members of the committee from the
P., B. and W. trainmen who are trying
to get the railroad company to give
them an eight-hour working day, have
again resumed their meetings with
Genera! Manager W. W. Atterbury. and
It Is understood that the men would be
given a definite answer one way or an
other this week.
Tho committee has not been meeting
with Mr. Atterbury for several days in
order. It Is said, to give him a chance
to consult with President McCrea and
learn his opinion about the demands
made by the men.
president looks upon an eight-hour day
system and more money for the em
ployes is not known.
Just how tho new
Successful Revival.
At the revival service in Harrison
Street M. E. Church on Sunday seven
professed conversion. Theso meetings
will continue all this week In charge, of
the pastor, the Rev. C. T. Wyatt.
Alex. Maxwell, former proprietor of
the.National Hotel, Middletown, has
filed an application for the sale of li
quor at the Middletown Hotel, ^Mlddle
town, a renewal for which was re
fused John P. McIntyre at the last ses
sion at County Court.
Mr. Maxwell Is well known as a ho
tel man throughout the State and for
many years was In the hotel business.
Teachers All at Work.
The epidemic of grap whk-h Is savl
toy some to be raging, has so far ha I
but little. If any, effect on the teachers
of the public schools. An eloquent In
dication of this Is the fact that but
two substitutes were »sked for yeatcr
I »
Wilmington Furniture Company
The Entire Stock of
Two, Three, Four and Five Piece
Parlor Suites—Odd Parlor Chairs,
Rockers and Davenports Will be Offered
Fivc-piecc Parlor Suitcs-Rcduccd
$ 110.00
Reduced to
$180.00 Verona Parlor Suites
$1(10.00 Tapestry Parlor Suites
$120.00 Silk Damask Parlor Suites
$ 90.00 Silk Velour Parlor Suites
$ 80.00 Verona Parlor Suites
$ 50.00 Silk Velour Suites
Thrcc-piecc Parlor Suites-Rcduccd
1 72.00
Reduced to
$180.00 Verona Parlor Suites
$160.00 Tapestry Parlor Suites
$120,00 Silk Damask Parlor Suites
$ 90.00 Silk Velour Parlor Suites
$ 80.00 Verona Parlor Suites
$ 50.00 Silk Velour Parlor Suites
69 00
$ 37,50
Reduced to
$ 50.00 Verona Davenports
$ 53.00 Leather Davenports
J 60.00 Verona Davenports
$ 65.00 Leather Davenports
50 00
King and Ninth Streets
Bride Feared Fate Had Pun
ished Her For Hasty
. Marriage
OCEAN GROVE, Jan. 22—Because a
bride In the excitement of an elope
ment lost her husband's address, there
has come to light here a story of a
couple who were compelled to Spend
Meanwhile each was frant.c
a | (y seaJrah|nc foJ . 4he offller and , woml -
ering if such a separation was the
penality of a hasty marriage.
The bride was tire daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. Stephen D. Wooley of Ocean
At the lime of her marriage
the first few days of tholr honeymoon
nf R T ,|,| more , while her fiance was
wiBfiam L. Flavelle of Bradley Beach.
a f re ,|, man j n Colgate University. Tho
,-cmpie known each other for many
t ; lptn to wn it u few years before ntnrry
th( . nl t o ni ,lt a few years before rrcirry
|,,g Such a 1>Um did not suit the
eouj Re, to, by arrangement, Flavcllo
wewt to Baltimore 011 Monday, where
ho met Miss Woolley. The couple
hurried to Washington and were mr
rled there toy the Rev. E. M. Bristol.
President McKinley's old pastor.
she was'a senior in tho Women's Col
They started kick to
where Flavelle left the bride, himself
going to Richmond, Va.. In the hope of
getting a place In a newspaper office.
He gave his wife his address telling
her to get her trunk at the college and
follow him the next day.
In the parting, however, dropped 'bo
Vbe hurried to the college. Informed
the dean of her marriage, and was told
that she could not spend the night In
Mrs. Flavelle sent her
The bride.
t- :lll d.
the college,
bigg igc to the station, tout when she
went to buy ber ticket she discovered
the loss of her husband » address. She
went to tbe home of
many telegrams In search of her hua
They were not answered. Th *
bride was frantic until word was sent
to tho postmaster of Richmond, who
found tho bridegroom. Meantime Fla
vctle had been meeting every train to
greet bis bride and was in great anx
iety until the postmaster found him.
In a few hours the couple were
friend and sent
The Board of Water Commissioners
awarded to the
yesterday afternoon
Speakman Supply and Pipe Company
the contract to furnish the department
with ten tons of lead pipe at 8T.70 per
100 pounds. The only other bidder was
the Delaware Electric and Supply Com
pany. who offered to supply the ma
terial fur 87.75 a hundred pounds.
FFalpping Awning Scared Horse.
A horse attached to one of Fleish
mann's yeast wagons became frighten
ed yesterday nt a flapping awnlqg and
from Seventh and Adams to Sev
enth and Monroe streets, where it ran
Into tho wall of the Pyle Morocco Com
Thc wagon was broken and the
hors« slightly Injured.
Extraordinary Public Sale !
Failing health compels me to retire from
To this end I will
the bowling business,
sell at Public Sale
Thursday, January 31st, 1007
at 2 P. M.
Wilmington Bowling Academy
Consisting of Sixteen Latest Improved
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co's Alleys
Exceptional chance to buy a well-established busi
free q£ debt right in the midst of bowling season.
Fifth and French Sts.
Wilmington. Del.
NOTICE " 1 will remove my \\
office from 823 Shipley Street 11
to 1021 Market Street on or
about February 15th.
Ladies' Coats, Hats, Suits
On Credit
Private. Confidential. No Agents
or collectors
D. L. Topkis, 807 King St.
Free Dispensa^
Lung Diseases
Delaware Anti-Tuberculosis
602 West Street.
3 P, M. Tuesday
8 P. M. Thursday
3 P. M. Saturday
Physicians and Nurses in attendance.
Reilly Lyceum Masquerade.
On Friday evening, February 1, the
members of the Reilly Lyceum Asso
ciation will giv a masquerade dance
In their hall at Lord and Pine streets.
At midnight ehe participants will un
mask and then refreshments will be
largo attendance 1» ox
served. A
Stanton & McCardell,
Outside sales called on short
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Goods sold on commission at
the Auction Room,
13 East Third St
Returns made on day of sale.
D. & A. 1117.
New Method.
Wilmington, Del.
7th and Broome Sta.
We buy all kith
of furs. Highes
prices paid fo
meats, snappers and terrapin.
Seventh and Poplar
Dispensary for
5ick Babies
and Children
Hedical attendance and medicine free
Goura, » to 4 p. m_ Mondays. WeJner
days and Friday».
Day Nunery and Hospital for
207 Washington Street.

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