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e Evening Journal
Noon Temperature .30 Degrees
Butines» c Twrs v? d
Tng in The Evening Journal. That li
why Wilmington merchants pairori;«
t theso columns.
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•iames H, Higgins
New Governor of Rhode Island.
Seif Indulgent Scion and
Pampered Pet Nervous as
Ordeal Begins
NEW YORK. Jan. 23.—The great
Thaw trial is on. The fight to save
Harry Kendall Thaw from execution
In the electric chair for the slaying of
Architect Stanford White began this
morning before Justice Fitzgerald In
the Supreme Court. The drawing of
the Jury to try tho young Pittsburg
millionaire began with the opening of,
By Our Own Wire, Publisher«' Press.
court. It will be days before the Jury
is selected from the two hundred tales
men. Thaw aided his counsel in the
picking of the jurymen. He entered a
plea of not guilty. The defense will
bo emotional Insanity.
Thaw's Family There.
Shortly after 10 o'clock there was a
murmur and- buzz In tho rear of the
court room and through a wall of po
licemen near the door the Thaws edged
their way. In the party were Mrs.
William Thaw, mother of Harry Thaw:
Mrs. Evelyn Nesbit Thaw, the artist
model wife: the Countess of Yar
mouth. the titled sister of the defend
ant; Mrs. George Carnegie, a sister of
Thaw, and Miss May McKenzie, a cho
rus girl friend of Evelyn Nesbit Thaw.
The party was accompanied by Ed
ward Thaw, a brother of Thaw, and
George Carnegie. All the ladies wore
heavy veils.
Mrs. William Thaw was dressed In
deep black and wore a small black hat
from which fell a black veil. Mrs. Ev
elyn Nesbit Thaw was dressed In a
dark blue cloth dress. She wore a
dark blue purple velvet hat, surround
ed with a small cluster of violets. A
white veil halt conceaed the pretty
face of the artist model wife, who took
a lively Interest In the proceedings and
talked continually with her friend, May
McKenzie. The Countess of Yarmouth
and Mrs. George Carnegie were dress
ed In black. May McKenzie was con
spicuous in a light blue dress. From a
dark hat of vivid color flaunted two
flaring feathers.
When the call of the roll of talesme^i
was concluded, District Attorney Jer
ome moved that Harry K. Thaw.be
arraigned for trial on the charge of
Thaw, Nervous, Enters Trial Room.
Judge Fitzgerald cautioned those
present against any outburst or noise.
WASHINGTON—The regents of the
Smithsonian Institution to-day elected
Charles D. Walcott, of Neiw York, at
present director of geogolical survey,
to be secretary of the Smithsonian, to
succeed Vice-President Langley, de
NORPILK—In a quarrel over a crap
game B. Robertson was shot and killed
by George Peachtree in a saloon.
LODON—The tidal wave which de
Ivastated several of the Dutch East In
dian Islands, January 11, entirely en
gulfed the Island of Slmalu, and 1500
natives perished.
Bowie, accused of murdering Hubert
Posey, was arrested at her home, near
Hill Top, In Charles county, and placed
la the Jail at La Plata. It is probable
«hat she and her son will ibe admitted
to ball.
DENVER. Col.—Twenty miners are
reported dead as the result of an ex
plosion at Prlmeso.
Lam'ton, Okla.—A nagro. st»tiosed
b* a discharged soldier, stii-SFd a i
were mtwmA
One negro was ItUleJ and fifty
"Harry K. Thaw to the bar," called
the clerk. Thuw came. A court offi
cer followed in the rear. Pale and ner
vous, he marched quickly to his seat.
He looked at his mother and wife and
gave them a smile and a nod. The
mother smiled and the wife nodded a
cheering greeting. Ho was dressed In
a dark blue suit and carried on his arm
a great brown ulster, which he handed
to one of counsel.
r i haw was extremely nervous and It
»ff apparent that he was exerting all
his forces for self-control. He had been
seated but a few minutes when he took
the ulster and drew It around hls|
shoulders, though the room was ex
cecdlngly warm. Then the calling of
the talesmen began, Charles W. Dry
den. an engineer, being the first man
for« man of the jury.
Thaw entered a plea of "not guilty."
Continued on Second Page.
He was challenged and retired.
Denning B. Smith was chosen as
Thin Sheet Covers Creek From Bank
to Bank To-day.
Frozen from shore to shore the en
tire length of the stream, the Chris
tiana river will soon be completely
closed to alji navigation If the present
cold weather continues. At present
the Ice Is not thick and the river tugs
steaming about In It keep the channel
open, but if the thermometer goes any
lower they will soon be Ice-bound.
Carrolt-Gallagher Wedding.
Miss Itla C. Callagher, of No. 1300
West Fourth street, and Benedict P.
Carroll, of Philadelphia, were married
at 8.30 o'clock this morning with a nup
tial mass at St. Paul's R. C. Church, by
the Rev. William Temple. Miss Bessie
C. Gallagher was bridesmaid and Vin
cent C. Carroll was best man. A re
ception followed the ceremony, after
which the couple left for Hot Springs,
Va. They will live at No. 522 North
Fifty-ninth street, Philadelphia.
As a result the prisoner
Rough House" Costly.
John Gray, a husky colored
placed on trial In City Court this
ing for leaving raised "rough house"
In tho saloon kept by Smile Engle, at
Ninth and Walnut streets, a few even
ings ago.
was fined $20 and costs. In default of
which ho will probably spend the next
three months as the guest of the
man, was
WASHINGTON—After voting down
three resolutions declaring that the
President had the power to discharge
the negro troops, the Senate adopted
the compromise resolution. In which It
disclaims any intention
to question
that power in the Brownvllle Investiga
ST. PAUL—By order of the County
Court the Great Northern Railway
to-day enjoined temporarily pending
the Court's decision from issuing tho
proposed $90,00,000 worth of additional
stock without first obtaining approval
at the State Railroad Commission.
5\ ILLI AMiSPORT, Pa.—At Nordmont
in Sullivan county, 30 miles northeast
of here, the temperature was 20 de
grees below zero at daybreak this mom
ing. At Ea rlebmere it was 16 below
and in this valley the registration
reached as low as seven below.
V. •' »
RICHMOND, Va. —A fire that origin
ated In the «urbrug Tobacco Factory,
totally destroyed the building Includ
ing the offices of the Adams Jjlxpress
many. The fire has now spread to
the Armory of the Richmond Light In
faatry Blues, with th« «at^Umerd o 1 a
Thinks Salary of His GKlce
Should Be Placed at
Robert McFarlin, president of Levy
Court, several members of that body,
Sylvester D. Townsend, Jr.. court at
torney, and County Comptroller Phll
omma Chandler are in Dover to-day In
the interest of proposed legislation
among which is a bill increasing the
salary of the county comptroller from
$2t»00 to $3600 and that of his clerk
from $600 to $1000 per annum.
This bill was introduced Into the
Legislature yesterday and Mr. Chand
ler will use ever yoftort to secure its
passage. He claims that Inasmuch an
«„„a..,.» .j „ „ _,.
in© present Fsiurj w as tix©(l d nutnboi
of years ago and as the work of his
offl 'o Is steadily Increasing his com
pensation should bo Increased accord
The bill In which Levy Court Is par
ticularly Interested Is the measure pro
viding for a $200,000 bond issue by the
county for good roads purposes, and
which will be Introduced probably to
day. So clamorous has the public be- |
come for good roads in New Castle
county that Levy Court feels Itself Jus
tified In pressing for a bond Issue, as
In no other way does It seem possible
to attain tho end desired. ;

WmÊ 1
T* w!
v e
IS s
>" v

V v'-V
Because of the wealth and social p romlnence of the principals, the trial of Harry K. Thaw for the murder
other criminal
of ;
Stanford White, which began In New York to-day, promises to attract more attention limn any
trial which has taken place In the United States In many years. In the center is the latest picture of Judge James
Fitzgerald, who is trying the case. On either side Is tho latest picture of Mrs. Evelyn Nesbit Tliaw and the latest
picture of Harry K. Thaw.
At tLe next meeting of the Board of
Trade the membership committee will
have a sufficient number of new members
to report to bring the ';o al mcmb rs. lp
of the board up lo 500. This Is ccnslder. d
a verj^good membership for a city of ih s
size .and it will entitle the board to an
other representative imthe National Board
of Trade. R. J. Manlovo it chairman of
the membership committee, and It Is due
to his untiring efforts the list haa bsen so
largely Increased.
. —-
At this morning*s session of Orphans'
Court, Judge William C. Spruance, slit'iig
several pétitions In guardianship matters
Caroline, Madeline anil Eilen May HertcU
TT .._.. . _ . __ _ _
Upon «PPHcatlon of John H. Jlodney
Katherine P. Mahoney was appointed
guardian of Helen and Maria McDaniel.
Francis M. Walker, attorney, made re-,
turn of the sale of real estate of William-f
Clark. Confirmed. The court confined
were filed and acted upon favorably.
Upon application of S. S. Adams, Sarah
E. Hertel was named as guard an of
the real estate of Emil Hertel, made by
Sarah E. Hertel, administratrix,
Philip L. Garrett presented tho "etltion
of Martha Taylor for her appointment as
guardian of tho minor children, Annie,
Sylvester, Leonard. Alesmoyeta, Violetta
and Bessie May James. The court order
ed a rule made upon Joseph Brocks,
mother of tho above named children, to
It has been definitely decided that
fessor Herrmann supported by the b»t
local liaient obtainable, will give an en- ;
tertainment In the Opera House for the
benefit of the' Associated Charities. Pro
feasor Herrmann has enga.-ed the ser-'slst
vices of Mr. Starr, the well-known pro-iW.
feeeional press agent, to look after press
detatls, and will have a s:age director
The affair, Which prom-j
Ises to be «he event of the season, will be
given during the second week ot next!
dhow cause why Uio petition should not
be granted. The rule is returnable Feb
ruary 6.
For the Sake of Charity.
from New York.
Will Hold Reunion,
In Riddle M. E. Memorial Chapel on tho ,
evening of January 24, a social will be
given to which all members of the school,
both old and now, arc invit'd to attend.
The affair will bo In «he nature ot a re
St. John's Guild to Meet.
In the parish house of St. John's
Church to-morro«v afternoon at 3
o'clock there will be held a meeting of
St. John's Guild. AU the «vomer, of
the parish are urged to attend.
With the finding of the body of Jcihn
Gibbs, rolorcd. weltering In its gore at
Brandywine Springs ytsterday morning
and Its subsequent removal to the morgue,!
persistent rumors have found circulation
which, If proved true, will result In Che
authorities of New Oaslle county having
another case of murdor on their hands.
Since the discovery of the body, and an
examination of ühe ghastly wounds In its
heafl, the theory' of foul play has gained
ground, etrengUbened by th fact that at
the time the body «va» found there was
absolutely nothing of value upon It wid e
It Is a conceded fact that the man, who
was an Industrious farm laborer, earning
good wages, was known to have at all
times a considerable amount of money In
was found after receiving the Injurie«
'his posaeosion. It U contended that it
would have been Impars. bio for Gibbs to
have crawled to the place
there th!« body
which later caused his death.
To-day Deputy Coroner Nichols will
. «..ime,.,,,,. <t n ■ , _ «
Visit the IlfflO Of lllO HI UCSOtllO linci, onu
w111 conduct a rigid Invcsilgatlön. taking
especial pains to Interview the man last
The authorities wem to be reluctant In
expressing an opinion In the ce s', urtlrg
selves until the completion of an Investi- [
en in the company of the unfortunate
that It Is not their desire lo commit th m
. . ...
F n,lon - ,n ,ho meantime tho body Will
remain at the morgue until such time as
*he relatives, If there are any, shall com*
forward and give It docent Interment. j
Fanvly of Thomas G. Rib.n*
son Driven From Home in
Tneir Bare Feet
Driven fro mhome by tho onrush of
a flr0 whlch totally destroyed their
dwelling place and with the mercury
below the freezing point, was the
thrilling and unpleasant experience of.
tho family of Thomas O. Robinson, on
Monday night last. •
Mr. Robinson lived on tho Dunbar !
farm near Iron Hill with his wife and
four children. On Monday evening
while he was at the farm of a neigh
bor bis wife, after having put the lit
tie ones to bod, was,startled by the
sound of a rushing noise proceeding,
from the fire place. Upon going out
lire upper story or her home in a blase,
the flames havln or „ lnated from a
defective flue
( g ave ,j Her Children.
-pho first thought of tho mother was
or ber uttlo ones, as with a cry of j
distress she rushed back Into the burn
ing building and hurrying them out of
bed threw about them such clothing
as she could Immediately gather to
( gether. Not daring to take time to put
the children's shoes on them she led
them from the house and barefooted
directed them to the homo of a neigh
and by heroic efforts the furniture on
tho first floor was carried to a place
of safety, but that on the second floor
was totally destroyed, as In an Incred- i
ibly short space of time the house wns|
burned to the ground. Beyond the |
Pro-,furniture about'$22 In money fell vie
tlm to the names also .
; Neighbors Lend Assistance.
Neighbors in vicinity of the unfortu
nate family did all In their power to as
ser-'slst in relieving their immediate needs, j
D. Walton, who conducts a general^
merchandise store at Iron Hill, provld
ed the children with clothing, while
John Denver, living nearby, took the
homeless family to his home. Mr.
Mackey, who occupies the tenant house
l on tbe farm, also lent material aid.
The burned house was a large brick
mansion costing originally $3500 and,
upon which there was an insurance of
$2000. Mr. Robinson carried on Insur
ance on his household goods. He was
to have moved on March 25, as the
property had been recently purchased
by former Sheriff Dunbar, of Elkton.
In the meantime assistance ha<f come
Polander Injured.
One of the Polish employes of the
New Castle Leather Company «vas
caught In a drum and severly Injured
about the head and arms while at work
yesterday. The Phoenix ambulamv*
I carried him to tne Delaware tlospilal
Famine in Medicines Adds to
Suffering of Those In
jured in Disaster
By nur 0wn wire, Publisher» - Tress,
KINGSTON. Jan, 3.—Hospital oondi
lions In Kingston are to-day ai.tiucllng I
the greatest interest becaviee of their ter
ror. The famine ,>n inedlcin<s ai.d nnes
thotlcs has htjought many of the victims
*'ito a pitiable plight. It Is still necessary |
to i-erform operations and amputations
while patients uro conscious, and I hoir j
sufferings are terrible.
Gangrene has set In In many cases 1
where persons were operated upon during
Ute first few hours after the shock, owing
to Hie crude manner In which the limbs I
.... . .
had to be cul awuy. Tétant» «ha* also;
In jrpvir il >( I «1 111 si ThA Hc!rl li.-v»
,WUI,M 1,1 * c ' ,ri1 in», n* .a no*-,
pliai» to-day, nine cloys after th ? shock, 1
are places of torture.
Tlvl* path, tor a width of five miles. Is
devastated. Other secUons of the country
A trip through tho country to-day
showed that tho earthquake traveled a
'slraliîiht path from Bluff Bay to K ngston.
* u Fered slightly.
The friends of Krank B. Laffcrty will |
by K | ad lo )earn tbat be j, rapidly re .
COV oring from the severe operation
w hlch he underwent at the University
0 f Pennsylvania Hospital recently.
Special to The Evening Journal.
DOVER, Jan. 23— In the Senate t -day
tho following Joint resolution was pro* n -
ed by Mr, Cornier: "That a committee of
two on the part of öie Senate and three
on tho part of the House, be appointed by
the respective presiding offres of the
two houses, whose dutl'.s It shill be
Investigate and make repo.t on .the advls
ability of erecting a new Slide House,
and Its location, and the probable cot.
Th* Mid Joint committee Is 'hereby dl
reeled to report us above as speedily as
possible." It was adopted,
Messrs. Conner and Monaghan reported
that tho Senate, in executive session, had
confirmed the governor's appointment of
Robert A. Weed and Joseph B. Betts, to
e b justices of the peace In and for Suss.-g
The Sprmte probabIy the blII
pre80r|blnK thfl kn:fp for aMÄUjnts of
women. The House bill on tho subject
. , .,
was reported unfavorably a nom.
Notices were given os follows-. By Mr,
Bennum. to encourage the production of
denaturrd alcohol In Delaware (prrvldvs
«■ Slate tax of $10 or $15 a year upon
manufacturers of alcthol
By Mr. Messlck. allowing Sussex couni y
ito continue to care for Its long term pris
oners Instead of sending them to New
Castle County Workhouse.
By Mr. Fllnn. providing bba* the ro:d
commissioners for Christiana humlr<d
shall reside In different election districts. |
Both houses received invitations to
become guests of Senator-elect H. A.
Richardson at dinner on Monday night,
The* House concurred In the Senate
resolution providing for a joint com
m Rtee of five to Investigate and report
upon the adv lBRbillty of a now State
i., i n calion etc
Notices of bills-'
By Mr , Hirons ; to rc|ïu i a te the sale
0 j coa | „r and gasoline,
By Mr Rash, to regulate tho sale
ot pa t e nt medicines,
By Mr ciibbagc, to prohibit the sale
c | garettPS and cigarette papers,
By Mr cubbage to encourage Immi
g ratlf>n .
By Mr. Bennum. to regulate life In
surance companies.
A memorial «vas received from the
Philanthropic Labor Committee of
Wilmington monthly meeting of
Friends requesting that the whipping
post be abolished.
Refurnishing Clayton House.
Harry Bolhman, proprietor of the
Clayton House, is refurnishing all the
rooms of the hotel with new enamel
bedsteads, mattresses and bedding.
New silverware 15 also being Install
ed as well as other articles ot table
ware. In the rathskeller solid oak bar
fixtures have iwj set nr a mi on « 4 *
trie cash register installed.
. ■
■ »■ '
COPvRten r
C f/- tV4f*
Rafael Reyes.
Resident of Colombia, South America.
Quartet of Tiny Shoplifter* Dealt With
in City Court.
After a delay of several days, dur
ing which an Investigation of their
cases had been made by Agent Frank
Stout, of the 8. P. C. C., the four little
girls accused of .purloining many
j article* of trifling vwtug from the city
■ store», were arraigned before Judg;
Cochran this morning In Municipal
Court for a final disposition of th*lr
Agent F tout reported that he had
found the parents of some of the girls
at fault, and asked that they be ad
monished, which was done. Klslc Sharp
and Haxel McFarland, thee Ider of the
girls, .were then placed In the care of
.Mr. Stout's society, and Helen Devine
and Mary Williams were placed under
probation bonds of $200 each.
Just ns soon as the temporary station
at Water and French streets Is aband
cned for the new tatlon on Monday
next, workmen will begin to demolish
the frame structure to make rooiji for
the south side of the French street slu
t!on, which will be tho main portion of
the building,
or > PlHhK. hundreds of which will have
to be driven for the foundations, and it
The structure will rest
The frame
will be four stories high.
-■ ■ _ R I
will be of steel. In this portion of tho
station, beside the regular station <sf
ftrc '' " ni bc a «'«»taurant. and on the
<fli> *' oor wl " he ■ t " ven, ' '"°_ re 0 .'"'f'
wlllch are bo trnn * f ^ I 'red from the t
present location at Todd s Cut to this
Mayor Horace Wilson and the law
committee of City Council, composed
of Howard D. Ross, chairman, and
Cotin.llnien Taylor. White, McCaffcrty
and McGovern, went to Dover to-day to
discuss the proposed new city chart»r
with the committees on cities and
towns of b-'.th houses of the Legtsla
turc. The hearings were arranged by
Senator George W. Sparks.
Colored Man Musi Answer at Court for
Robbing duPoot Building.
William Lewis, colored, was given a
hearing before Judge Cochran this
morning for the larceny ot 20 pounds
of copper from the new duPont build
prisoner was arrested this morning at
Eighteenth and Market streets that the
of was in his possession,
It was testified that when tho
and It was a mute witness against h'm
Charles Hlllegas, a foreman
In court.
for C. H. Blaine, the contractor In
charge of the work at the big office
building. Identified the copper, after
which the prisoner, who claimed to
have been given the stuff, was held in
$300 ball for upper court.
In testifying, the foreman alluded to
the prjjoner as a "gentleman," which
caused Judge Cochran to ask; "If the
man Is such a gentleman, why do you
appear against him?"
For Third Time Since June
Franklin Street Residence
is Ransacked
For the third time since June, the
■handsome home of Adam J. Lang. Jr„
at No. 220 North Franklin street, a
member of the baking finm of w, and
J. Ising Company, was entered last
night by burgUr*. the miscreants be- *
Ing frightened away before they had
an opportunity to secure more than a
baby's necklace, maked with the Ini
tials "J. P. L." '
Descending the stairs shortly after
eleven o'clock last night, William, a
brother of Adam Lang, saw a man
leap from beneath the dining room
table and Jump from an open window.
After the family had been aroused, an
Investigation was made, resulting In
burned matches being found scattered
about the kitchen, cellar and dining
room, while an open cellar window
showed haw tho thief hsil effected an
When the house was robbed in June,
the slot g.is meter in the cellar was
broken open and $13.25 taken, as well
ns $5 contained In the purse at Mrs.
Ixmg, which 'had been left In a side
board drawer.
The second visit of the thieves. In
November last, was not so profitable,
netting but two or three dollars from
tho gas meter, which was again
broken open.
As a result of the gas meter thefts,
and the refusal of Mr. Lang to In
demnify the gas company for their
losses, tho meter had been taken out.
a circumstance evidently unknown to
tho thief when he called last night.
The necklace stolen last evening vn
taken from a cup on the sideboard, but
a secret society charm also contained
In It was left behind.
Court Was Unanimous.
Members of Levy Court, acting as a
committee of tho whole, after Investi
gating the fire In the Court House pass
ed tho following resolution unanimous
ly yesterday afternoon:
"Resolved. That tho cause of the fire
In the County Court House on Monday
evening. January 21. 1907. was from
unknown origin and after a thorough
Investigation tho committee find that
the employes of the Court House were
In no way negligent In the care of th*
In connection with the affairs of th*
Wilmington and New York Transporta
tion Company. Deputy Collector of Port
John Titus, when spoken to to-day. said
that the new company would no doubt
He declared thal
prove a success.
more than $10,000.000 of imports com*
to Wilmington annually, for which the
local customs house receives no credit'.
The goods are released from bond In
New York on their arrival there an<J
then shipped by rail to Philadelphia,
and thence by packets to Wilmington
entailing a heavy expense.
Mr. Titus said the new company
would probably bond with the govern
ment for the safe delivery of goods Ir.
bond, and he expected P. M. Cabell, th«
president of the concern, %o take up th«
matter with him shortly. In the event
of the new company doing this It will
be able to carry freight In bond direct
from New York to Wilmington and
have It released by paying the duty
here. Such a move «vould greatly In
crease the revenue of the local customs
house and at the same time also de
crease the freight rates between here
and Sew York, ind the manufacturer
and business rcM« would no doubt take
advantage il such .a chance«.

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