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The Evening Journal
Evening Journal
Noon Temperature
38 degrees
will help you sell what you don't
want, and secure what you do want.
Expected That the Lunacy
Commission Will Report
On Thursday
By Our Own Wire. Publishers' Press.
NEW YORK, April 1.—The Thaw
jury.w'hen It met to-day. after being
excused last Monday, was allowed to
back by Justice Fitzgerald until
10.30 o'clock on Thursday. It is be
lieved tho lunacy commission will at
that time report, and that Justice Fitz
gerald will announce whether the trial
of Thaw la to be continued.
Thaw's lawyers let It be known to
ilay they had no intention of calling In j
their experts to offset those of the dis
trict attorney. They are confident that
the State's alienists will be held down
Hosely to telling Just what they saw
and heard. They are preparing to re
the Interrupted trial before the
tveek Is over. In case the lunf cy board
shuts out much of his expert testimony
and then finds Thaw sane Jerome may]
have the present
h'haw trial declared a mistrial on the
ground of tampering with the Jury.
Er.akt* an effort to
Marx Made Appointment and
Had Detectives Behind
the Screens
By Our Own Wire, Publishers' Press.
thousand for |li,D00 was the lure J. D.
Marx, a Hebrew, nays was offered him
by New York and <5leeviand men who are|
under arrest. They were registered a« Max,
Morris New York* Oharlrs Drucker
Clftvel«n<L 6 Edward Heleic alias
New York; Claudia Oarleton was trave'-i
ling with Morris.
It was the old pool room wire tapping!
game. Marx got suspicious and made an]
appointment wkh Morris. Detectives were;
back of the screen and the arrest followed.!
This morning employing master painters
of this city, with few exceptions, granted
their men an Increase of wages to forty!
cents an hour. Like action was taken by
many of the employing carpenters. There
is now no danger of a strike by the trades
beneflued by tho wage Increase.
While working In a trench In Grant
avenue, north of the Park drive to-day,
Michael McKeown, one of the oldest em
ployee in number of years, in the ser
vice of the Water Department, was strick
en with paralysis. His condition Is serious.
Egg Rolling at White House Grounds.
By Our Own Wire. Publishers' Press.
WASHINGTON, April L—In spite of
the cold, blustery winds that swept the
White House grounds, several thou
sand children and their grownup es
corts enjoyed the annual cgg-rolllng
frolic to-day. No grown person was
admitted to the ground between hours
of 9 and 1 unless accompanied by a
j youngster,and as in former years, a
Î humber of wise little financiers made
a tidy collection of dimes renting Ihem
selves out to adults who wished to get
Inside the gates.
"At least half a dozen of the kids are
hiring themselves out as passes Into
the ground." said Sergeant Harrison,
■who Is In charge of the police details.
STUFFS.—Demand for flour continued
light, and prices favored buyers. Winter,
extras, $2.70472.90; Pennsylvania roller,
clear $2.954(3.15; Pennsylvania roller,
straight, $3.20413.40; Western winter, clear,
$3.00®3.25; Western winter, straight. $3.30<g
3.45; Western winter, patent. $3.60(0:3.851
Kansas, straight, sacks, $3.504 j 3.70; Kan
sas, patent, sacks, $3.75473.90; spring, clear,
$3.40413.70: spring, straight, $3.904)4.15.
were moderate, and the market was quiet,
; with no Important change In prices. We
quote: Timothy Hay—No. 1, large bales,
$21.50®22; No. 1 small bales. $21.504)22; No.
I 2, $194(20: No. 3. 1154(17; no grade. $13.504715.
' Clover Mixed Hay—No. 1. $184)'18.S0; No.
1 $16.504)17. Clover Hay—No. 1. $184718.50;
No. 2. $154)1«
LIVE POULTRY—Fowls, 144714V4c; old
l fosters, 10®10H1; young rhickens, soft
• men ted, 144)'14V4c: yoong chickens,' staggy,
i 11012c: ducks, 16®17c ; pigeons, old, per
' pair, 224725c ; pigeons, young, per pair, 150
i 20c.
I ' EGGS—Supplies were liberal Nearby
1 firsts. 17c; nearby, current receipts. In re
(turnable crates. 16c; nearby seconds, 151*0
16c. Western first. In free cases, 17c: West
ern fair to good, 15140161*0: Southern, 15Ö
! 16c; re-crated. 18l*''o20'*c.
From Scott A Co.. Wlljalngton.
Ama,. Copper Co.
American Smelting Com .l»Vi
American Sugar Refining .1241*
hack. Top. and Sante Fa Com
Blaze Started in Cupoia on
the Water Tower But Was
Promptly Put Out
Pire on Saturday afternoon threatened
(live Lobdell Car
part of the plant of
Wheel Company in South Wilmington w.th
destruction, but efficient work on tho
part of the volunteer brigade of the com
pany prevented a spread, of the flames.
The blaze started in a cupola on the
water tower, and had (Joined some head
way when discovered. The fire-fighting
brigade under Joseph Stewart, a superin
tendent of the plant, immediately went
into service, and after an hour's efforts
extinguished the flames before they had
done much damage.
It Is a coincidence that early on Satur
day morning the plant of the Curtis Bay
Car Wheel Company, near Baltimore, was
destroyed by fire, and that concern im
mediately transferred several large, orders
to the Lobdell Company. Had the latter
plant suffered greatly from ithe blaze It
would have caused a serious Interruption
to the furnishing of car wheels for the|
country as the Curtis Bay and Lobdell
plants are the two largest In the United]
Spain's Queen Seriously III.
By" Our Own Wire, Publishers' Press.
MADRID, Spain. April 1.—The condl
tlon of Queen Chrlstlnla, mother of King!
Alfonso, who has boan 111 of grip la crltl
cal to-day. Tho lasl sacraments have been
Six Reported Dead in Collision.
By Our Own Wire, Publishers' Press.
FORT WORTH, Tex., April 1—fflx
men are reported to have been killed
in a collision between freight train» on
■the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rail
road a.t Beithel Switch, near here to
<j-ay. Thirty cars (were burned.
iTew Governor for Jamaica.
By Our Own Wire. Publishers' Press.
LONDON, Aprl 1,—Sydney Oliver will
succeed Sir Alexander Swcetonhum, who,
(ordered Admiral Davis and the American
warships from Kingston during ,the earth
duake horror there as Governor. of Jama.
By Our Own Wire, Publishers Press,
CHICAGO. April l.-Afler years of do
mestic unhappiness Mrs. Charlotte Graff
was found In bed to-day with her skull
battered In by an axe. Charles Graff, her
husband is befng sought by the police. No
one knows by whom the woman was
killed. The children say their parents lived
unhappy for years.
Dead With Skull Battered.
Philadelphia's New Mayor.
at noon to-day John E. Reybum took
the oath of office as Mayor of Phila
! delphla, in the presence of the mem
bera of both branches of Councils and
a number of specially Invited guests,
-— 1
PHILADELPHIA. April 1.—Promptly
• Negro Lynched for Assault.
By Oor Own Wire, Publishers' Press.
DURANT, L T.. April 1—Jim Wil
liams, a negro, who assaulted Lillie
Mlzener, •white, near Coltocrt. I. T., Sat
urday, was lynched at Durant by a mob
of $1000. He was hanged to an oil der
rick and his (body riddled with bullets.
Ex-Judge Finletter Dead.
PHILADELPHIA. April 1.—Thomas K.
Kinletter, former President Judge of the
Court of Common Pleas and Proilhonotary
of the Common Pleas Courts, died this
Used Rope to Save Lives.
QUINCY. Mas»., April
Johnson's experience as « sailor stood
him In good service early to-day when
ho awae to find his home filled with
»moke and exit by the» talrvvny cut off
toy fire.
ho happened to have fast in the room
and carrlod his wife and five children
He made thee nd of a rope
ome at a time, down to safety,
he ciirnlbed up again to distinguish the
neighbor, mado"hls way through the
■burning house and found Johnson ly
ing on the kitchen floor unconscious
and got him out Just In time to save
his life.
When Timothy J. Collin®, a
■ B9a
I hi'
Atch. Top. and Santa Pe Pref ...
Brokolyn Rapid Transit ..
Baltimore and Ohio . .. ..
Canada Southern . . ...
Chicago Gt_ Western ..
Chesapeake and Ohio .
Chicago and Alton . ,
Chicago and Northwest ..
Chicago, Mil. and St. Paul Com.1321*
Delaware and Hudson
Delaware Lackawanna and Western 4CT
Erie 1st Pref . ..
Illinois Central ..
Louisville and Nashville .
Interb Met. Com .
Interb. Met. Com Pfd.
Manhattan Cons .
Missouri Pacific .
Mo.. Kansas and Texas Pfrd .
N. Y. Central and Hudson.. .
Norfok and Western Cora ....
Northern Pacific Com .
Pacific Mall.
• 58=*
.74 V»
.[J'' 1
." s '4
. 28V»
11 K
Pennsylvania Railroad Company ..1221*
Reading 1st Pfrd . .
Reading. 2nd Pfrd. .
Rock Island Com .
Rock Island Pref ...
Southern Pacific.
Southern Railway Com .
Texas and Pacific .
Tennesse Coal and Iron Co .....
U. S. Steel Com.
Wabash Com..
Wabash Pfrd..
Western Union ..
Gt. Nth. Pfd.
.35 «4
Three Indictments in New York Central Wreck.
'* T
■tat*. -
I §
' v r/'
. -i
j V.' -v
__ -A jx tsjzrm

A- ,. ''Î
NEW YORK. April 1—Charged with
the responsibility for the recent fatal
■wreck on the Harlem division of the
, Now York Central and Hudson River
I Railroad, which occurred In February,
! Ailfred H. Smith, a vice president of
the company, and its genetal manager,
. Ira A. McCormack, general suiparinten
.dent of ithe electrical division, and .the
■company itself us a corporation have
■been Indicted for manslaughter In the
second degree.
■Smith and McCormick are held In
$10,000 ball for trial.
Special to The Evening Journal.
DOVER, April 1.—As four weeks
j have now elapsed since little Horace
was kidnapped from his
father's home, at "Bay Meadows,'' and
since which time nothing whatever has
been heard of tho little follow, or so
much as a little mitten or article of
his clothing been found, the State of
Delaware may have to order a consul
tation of its officials as to how and
where the money Is to be provided to
prosecute the search to the end.
Secretary of State Joseph L. Cahall
was asked concerning the probable at
titude of the State toward further vig
orous prosecution of the search for
Horace Marvin and his abductors. The
Legislature appropriated only $2000,
which fund has been drawn upon Tor
the past twenty days Mr. Cahall re-|
fused to talk concerning the probable
next move of tho State, saying that
the matter did not really come under,
his department, but rested alone with,
the Governor and the Attorney-Gen-j
eral. The Governor has a contingency!
fund of $1200. and the Attorney-Gen
eral one of $1400, either of which, it is
claimed, could be made available, and
there la little doubt that any extraordl-1
nary expense necessarily incurred byi
the Governor would be quickly allowed
by the next session of the Legislature
two years hence, or by the extraordl
nary session now proposed for next]
Detectives who have returned to Do
ver from the Marvin farm have no new
clues, and seem to be waiting for some
thing to turn up In the form of some
demand or communication from the
abductors. There is not an official or!
person Waiting upon the case or famil
iar with Its details now who does not
believe that when little Horace Marvin
disappeared from the home of
father, he was kidnapped as skillfully
as was Charley Ross. In Germantown
thirty-three years ago.
Myles Standlsh, the brother-in-law
of Dr. Marvin, returned to Dovçr to
day, and left Immediately for the Mar
vin farm, where he discussed the de
velopments of the case since his de
parture^ fortnight ago. with Dr. Mar
vin and the detectives who were on tho
scene to-day.
NEW YORK, April 1.—Yonkers po
lice wore nollfltd on Saturday night to
look out for Horace Marvin, Jr., and
his kidnappers.
Charles P. Thompson, of 277 Broad
way, arrived at the Klngsbrldge police
station out of breath and said that he
believed that he had seen tho Marvin
child. He reported that at about half
! past 9, at
I Broadway, he had noticed two men
! carrying a blonde child with brown
hair, cut short, whom he believed was
the missing boy. Each of the men, he
j Wild was about 5 feet 8 Inches taU.
[One was stout and the other slim. The
latter carried the child. He followed
them in the subway to Klngsbrldge.
where they drove east in a closed car
_ As soon as the carriage drove
»!off he went to the station and Inform
Forty-second street and
ed the police. A search Is being made.
The assessment books for both the
Northern and Southern districts w« qg
opened to-day at the office of Clerk of
Council Thomas S. Lewis, for public In
, spection. They will remain open to
public view until April 15, and during
j all of the present month the Board of
.Assessment. Appeal and Revision will
j hear appeals between 2 and 4 o'clock
In tho afternoon and 7 and 9 o'clock
Ing. aged 62 years. The funeral service will!
be hold In Aabury Church to-morrow aven
*"-■ *
Mrs. Powell Dead.
Mrs. Alice A. Powell died at the home
of her husband, David Powell, (this morn
ln S .
. .■
i K •
' i.
m I
WJoaarfjtcA -
our >.t or j rjrjCG xastOAO Ja*rrAr./.rrrjsr.<
Three of the Crew of the Tug
Daly Missing and Believed
to Have Perished
By Oar Own Wire. Publishers' Press,
In North river during a blinding snow
[storm early to-day between the Delà
ware, Lackawanna and Western ferry-[last
boat Muaconetcong and the tlI g John
, ,
| Daly, the Daly was sunk. Three men
of her crew are missing and believed
NEW YORK, April l.-^ln a collision
to be dro wned, although there 1s a bare
e {h wpr0 plRked up by other
, , ^ .. _ .
boats. 1-our deck hands on the Dftlyj
[were hurled overboard, but picked «P
Later a fifth deck
j Q hn Smith,
who was carrlo d down the
stream, was picked up by the Big
Greenwich. All the then are in hos
pltala In serious conditions,
This Is April 1, tho day of All Fools
—nobody excepted.
There are some who assert that old
father Noah began April Fools' Day
by sending the dove out of the ark
before the June sun had completely
dried up the water that had fallen.
• Others c'alm tho day begun when tho
fashlonablc young men of Rome Invited
the Sabine women to attend some of
thelr festivities and then carried them
Among the Hindus, says a writer on
the subject, there Is n Hull festival,
which Is kept on the last day of March.
It is one of the most ancient of Hindu
celebration's, aii% corresponds with All
Fools' Day. Among the Britons was,
the Fastum Fatuorum. Tho main oh-j
Joct of the feast, after the people had
become '-'Christians," was to mock and
Jest nt the exploded pretensions of the
Druids. According to Plutarch, the
Romans had a Fools'* Day celebration
for those unfortunal* tndlviduals who
had missed the p'easure of the groat
national feast held earlier In the sea
Prisoners Had the Coin,
City Court this morning had to deal
with many petty offenders, most of
whom ^Headed to charges of disorderly
conduct or assault and battery. As a
re su I ^ of too lavish Indulgence in egg
nogg there were eight unfortunates
dealt with, all except one being lined
nominal amounts.
Arthur Armstrong, suspected of the
alleged lanceny of two diamond ring®,
wo» dismissed, there being no evidence
against him.
For assault and battery, Edna War
rington (was fined $10 and costs; Mar
garet- Rogers was
Leota was fined $1 and costs, and Philip
Sanroni was dismissed on payment of
On charges of disorderly conduct
Adolph Dettncr was Ined $2 and costs,
Lewis Faulkner and Oeorge Burke were
fined $3 and costs each; Charles Cul
illgnn was fined $3 and costs, and Wil
liam Bmddock was dismissed. Every
prisoner paid his or her flue.
d Ism >1 seed. Kelon
Preachers' Association.
The Wilmington M. K. Preachers'
Association this morning heard an ad
dress by the Rev. C. T. Wyatt on the
significance of Easter. Mr. Hopkins.
of tbe R e f orm Bureau of t«h church.
jalao spoke.
Philadelphia Couple Fortu
nate to Get a License.
Were Married
.. , 1HBH
Philadelphia, accompanied
mala friends, Journeyed to Wilmington
night to get married. Whore they
«Pected to get the marriage license
has not yet been explained, but fortu
nBtely they did ^ hoId of the neceB .
sary document, and tho nuptial knot
Marlon Jewell Greene and Miss
Marie Elizabeth Anchucke, both of
by two
was tied by the Rev. Frederick Doerr,
of SL Stephen's Lutheran Church after
services last evening,
sbort | y after g o'clock last night
Magistrate Lawrence J. Hr,mum left
his home for his office to get a letter.
He had no sooner turned the key
in the door when i/iree strange men
enterd, and for the time he was at loss
to know what they were after. When
told that a marriage license was all
that was wanted, he supplied It, and
departed congratulating
themselves on their good fortune at
having found the magistrate.
the three
Special to The Evening Journal.
DOVER, April 1.—The Easter-tlde
worship and the advent of a new pas
tor, Rev. A. W. Llghtbourne, D. D.,
hroughtout a large and fushlonably
dressed congregation at the Wesley M.
E. Church yesterday, and the new pas
tor had f most auspicious beginning of
his new relations.
Presiding Elder S. M. Morgan, Con
ferenco Temperance Evangelist Alfred
Smith, Rev. T. N. Given and Rev.
George T. Price assisted In the sorvlej*
Dr. Llghtbourne preached a deeply
spiritual sermon on "Go tell My dlscl
pies I have risen from the dead."
Before the sermon the new pasi|>r
addressed a few words, urging support
and co-operation In a mighty work for
the risen Christ In Dover. His emotions
almost overcame him, he declared, be
cause It was In this very church that
his father had served as pastor, and
had a glorious revival of religion. .
Body Shipped to Clayton.
The remains of Mrs. Nowell Boggs,
aged 90 years, were shipped to Clayton
this morning for Interment. Many rela
tives and friends were In the funeral
party that went down on the 10.41
o'clock train to Clayton.
Pastor Arters at Epworth.
The Rev. J. M. Arters. newly-ap
pointed pastor of Epworth M. E.
Church, officiated at tho services there
yesterday morning. Tho congregation
was unusually large and an excellent
program of Easter anthems was sung
by the big chorus choir, of which
Dancing to Follow Skating.
Patron» of Eleventh Street Rink Will
have an opportunity tio skate and dance
o'clock and there will be. a dunce for
nt% hour wi th music by the First In
fantry Band.
Skating wilt tease at 10
Trimming Trees.
The Reading Railway Company Is
trimming all the bushes and trees along
the Wilmington branch of the road.
New Castle SBoard of Trade Meeting.
The New Castle Board of Trade will
hold an Important uigetiDg to-night
Western Union and Postal
Companies Simultaneously
Jump Rates
The Western Union and Postal Tele
graph Companies Jumped their rates
simultaneously to-day. The Increase
over the old rate schedule In many
cases Is tit! per cent., although the aver
age Increase Is probably about 33 per
cent. With the exception of the Pacillc
coast, the larger part of Canada and a
few of the States where the rate was
already high, the Increase affects the
companies deny that there was any
agreement between the two concerns,
the new rate schedules are virtually
Identical and were sent to the branch
offices of the respective companies at
about the same hour this afternoon.
The advances arc on both night and
daymessoges In the greater number of.
Tolls remain the same between Wll
mlngton and Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Washington. Between this city and
Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, N. J„
New York. Brooklyn, Connecticut and
Boston there Is an increase of flvo cents
In tho rate on messages of ten words
each. The rate between this city and
Chicago, many further Western points
and Now Orleans remain the same.
Between Wilmington and Alabama,
Georgia and Arkansas, there Is an In-'
crease of ten cents on ten-word mes
sages, and tho rate to Pittsburg Is 111-|
entire country.
Although officials of both telegraph
creased ten cents. Tolls between this
city and many Pennsylvania cities also
are Increased five cents a message. To
nit st of tho points affected there aso 1»
an Increase of one cent a word In the
charges for messages beyond ton
Tho Postal Telegraph Cable Com
pany also announced an Increase to-|
day In the wages Its clerks, graded ae
cording to the length of sentes, rtfl
elency and responsibility of the lust*
Hon. This Is In ndrtlllm to the ten
per cent. Increase which was given to
operators, traffic chiefs, wire chiefs, as
sistant chief operators, chief operators
and manage*3. on March 1.
AmmotH of hunting on Sunday.
George Cresclenzo, on Italian, wa» fined
$10 nod costs by .Magistrate Hollis to
H« was «Treated near tho Wel
He had no game
din farm reservoir,
with him but was «eon to shoot several
For sometime pa«t there has been
much complaint) of »hooting on Sunday
•near where Cresclenzo was arrested.
United Stoles 'Marshal William R.
FHlirn. recently re-appointed, in the
Federal Court to -du y furnished the
American Surety Company as his
surely for $20,000.
Mr. Fllnn announced the reappoint
ment of his present deputies, Ralph 1.
FUnn. bus son, and John W. Mitchell.
Reception to Pastoia.
Members of Asbury Methodist
Church wl!I give a reception to their
paster, the Rev. H. A. O. Wcsterfleld,
and to Mrs. Wcsterfleld and Presiding
Elder and Mrs. A, S. Mowbray, at the
churches on Wednesday night.
Bpworth Methodist Church's congre
gation will give a reception to the Rov.
J. M. Ariers, the newly-appointed pas
tor, on Thursday evening.
Tho congregation of Harrison Street
Church will tender a reception in the
church to-morrow evening to the Rev.
and Mrs. C. T. Wyatt and to Presiding
Elder and Mrs. A. 8. Mowbray.
Death of Mrs. E. J. Armstrong.
M^s. Elizabeth J. Armstrong, aged
84. widow of George D. Armstrong, who
for many years win cahier of the First
National Bank, died of heart failure
yesterday «t her home, 803 Washington
from Trinity Church on Wednesday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock.
Funeral service* will be held
Valuable Package Found.
The locaj! postofflee officials have a
■paoknye containing a Woman's valuable
shirtwaist which was found in the cor
ridor of the ePderal building on Satur
The owner may have the pack
uge by Identifying the contents.
To Have Easter Dance.
Association ■will give Its Kntrior rec Si
llon In Eden Hall to-night.
The Pioneer Benevolent
Starr Again Held.
(Marshall «-Harr was held in $100 bad
for court this morning by Magistrate
Hollis, for the alleged larceny of
couch from Dawson Herrmann.
__ __ __ ______
I 1% V II Ivilfl
» I VL* I t-il 1
__ _ _
Several arrests made recently In the
oleomargarine Investigation going on
here are the result of o|)eralk«is by a
number of secret service agents, in -
eluding several wanton. In Wilmington
for some time. More arterts may be
made, I Hit the person, who It is sold,
the authorities were most anxious to
trip u|>. has left the city.
The Investigation was carried on
quetly and hut few knew taint the
secret service operatives were at work.
Three arrest® already have been made
(or various infringements of the taw
Railroad Company Expected
to Apply to Street and
Sewer Department
1 .street and Sewer Commission, to which
he was agopolnted seiveral days ago tojj
Mayor Wilson. The Commlsatoo iwlllj
organise t<j*morrow. when Thomas H,
Melvin. Che senior Republican me ms
iber. probably will he chosen president»
It was reported to-day that the Deta*
r Co pony In the neMI
future will renew Its application ito th«
Streat and Sewer Board for permtsstod
to lay -water mains across several
rtreota in South Wilmington. Thg
1 company I» an adjunct to the Penn*
cylv.inla Railroad Company, and do*
sire* to conduct water by mains front
-Stale Senator George W. Sparks to,
morrow will assume his seat In the
Buford I»ke. near Smalley'» ml t,
| to the new reservoir -built at Todd'*
out to supply Ute railroad shop» .u«4
locomotives at the roundhouse there.
| The Delaware Water Comp.ury'g
mains follow the right of way of tho
iRlge -Moor cut-off tracks through
cherry Island -marsh, but the come priori
.was unable to get permission from the
old Street and Sewer Board to lay thg
I mains across Fourth street extended.
When workmen for the company start*
el today the mains they'»ere arrest est
j and were fined In City Court,
Slnue then 'the company tins not ait*
( -mpted to lay Its pipes through tilg
street. A ibill was Introduced In the
genera* Incorporation law to enable tha
company to biy mains across streets
without receiving permission from tbs
municipal authorities, but it was nod
pressed to passage.
Now H Is understood that the corns
papy will renow Its application for per*
.mission to lay the mains, and. hope*
to get favorable action from the Street
and Sewer Board since a change hag
been made In the .membership,
Will Not Change His Policy
In Dealing With the Rail
road Situation
By Our Own Wire. Publisher*' Press.
WASHINGTON, April 1.—Tho President
has received many requests lor a state,
meat by him, or a speech on the railrou^
Many of these requests have come front
most respectable people and tho Prosl.
dent has given them tho utmost weight
and most careful consideration. After thul
fully looking Into tho matter, tho Presl.
dent has decided there Is nothing now to
the railway situation; that he does
not deem It wise or proper to saw any.
thing about Immediate situation In Wall
street snd 'that as ho should only give
ixprcHSlon to the definite and settled poU
Icy to be carried out wholly without re.
gard to iho moment, and as his views on
thelhe policy In question are already 4
matter of record, It does not seem neceee
sary at this time to repeat them.
NEW YORK. April 1.—The condition nf
ItiichHrd Mansfield, the actor, who I» suf
foring from nervous exhaustion and a
of diseases at his home»
Riverside Drive, benatne suddenly worsq
yertorday and grave fears are expreese*
for his recovery.
Mr. Thorton Buried To-day.
Tho funeral of Richard C. Thornton. Wh<(
died at his home. No. Sft7 blest Seventh
street on Saturday of meningitis, took
place this afternoon. Tho services were in
cliarge of Columbia Lodge of Odd Fel«
lows' and interment was made in River*
view cemetery.
Thornton was 23 years old And a painter,
He was til but a few days and Dr. Ralph
P. Stubbs was called In. There wtis soma
question as to whether the young man had
fallen and Injured his bed. causing menln*
gills. Coroner Callaway was notified by
tho physician, but no evidence of a fad
was discovered In his Invest Igution ma da
to-day and a certificate of death from
natural causes was Issued.
Earthquake in Armenia.
By Our Own Wire. Publishers' Press.
earthquake accompanied by heavy losse*
of life Is retried to have occurred at
IBtlls, a town of Turkish Armenia. The
news comes in a brief message from Mi*,
sionarles at Bltlts stating that the town
badly damaged and they are home
and the defendants, all of whom nr«
•weM known, were held Ip heavy baU
for a further hearing.
Recently nearly a ton of ■'olio'' wa*
seized at thee stabllshment of a local
man. and was titer sold at public sale
by Deputy Collector <»f. Revenue Hur
«on, for four centt a pound,
and wagon belonging to the same man
wasalaodiapoeedof ctnlwy cmfwy pppiq»
was also disposed of.
Oleomargarine, when colored. Is sub
ject to much higher tax uxui leaf or«
the coloring is added.
A hors«

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