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Baltimore & OhioR.R,
(Train* Imy* Delaware Avenue' Btôtîoi
•Dallr. t Dally except Sunday. I Sunday
NEW YORK and Hi* Bast. *2 28 . * 5 , 2 «,
m i», 111.35 a- m.. tl.26. •3.30, *6.11,
7s*so do-:
eai), t« 40. * 7.20 (local), ( 8 , 00 , i \lö, ,}S.*4 do
nol). •*.«. tjo.87. M 1 . 19 , 111811
Ooc*?). tt U nod 3 ? •5 < i? C ^i,^SlmlteSr* I
«.*) (looal), n «0, |7.06 (local). *7.42, 18.» |
Ooc*l). SU. 00 p. m. •■* • '
•aî). ttSoTtl n S t *iuvi
' VA
Ir®® U°™/i HA (l oc ®*). t4.52 (local/, to.JO
** *—>■
] KÎ} - J?'-?' n ,5 m!
BALTIMORE and Way «tatloiis, 17.H
•14» a In.. 1815. |«.03 p. m.
NEWARK. UM 17 00. ttj JM». tfj*
of'lllM^ d 0 * 1 ,315 ' t6 50 ' {, ° 3 ' 7 '°*"
•INOliRLY, 17 80. »8,49, tu 08 (Express)
»»•*"■ in'« 4 *' t * -U * (E, F re#8) - ,4( *
^EWdBnIurO and Way stations. •1#.U
an m, t»oo, »7.» p m.
FITTSltURO. »S.W. »10.49 a. in.. »4.IT, tMh
1 mIhicaZo MM lt *» 4 »in' i m P *160 p. m
LffHCUJNLTI. ST. Dorns'* I.OU»
Arabia 'oMmSyla Tef' 2 ? 98 . Ik
Del. Ave Sta. DMmarvta .1.3. Oj
•4.6f>. •10.49 a. m„ »4.17, fiUfc
IICAÛO, m.w'mo.« 2 f, m. P '*tüo p m.
DE. «4.55 a. m . •!.««. •9.09 p. m.
-Ave Sta.. Dalmarvla Td. 2198.
'* A. Tel. 1422-A. City Ticket Office,
( Ma*rket street D. & A. Tel. 1758-A. Deb
^A^MU*«. Traveling Passenger Agent
* ■ - - . - *
Freignt received Tor ail points, ß!v«n
pen cnal attention, and forwarded
promptly »t lowest rales and by be»>
Boatd îeavo both Wllmlngrton and
Philadelphia at 6.00 p. in. dally, Sunday
Through rates and bills.of landing !*•
Pier 3, South Wharves. Philadelphia.
French Street Wharf. Wilmington.
Leave \t 41 u street wharf.
Week-da*-* Sundays, for Cheater and
Philadelphia, at Ï.3U a. in. and 1.30 p. m
Leave Cliesiei une hour later.
Leave Philadelphia. Chestnut street
wharf, week-days and Sundays, at 10.30
»• ra.. 4.15 p. ru.
I-Jv» Chester one hour later.
Pares Including Saturdays and Sunday»
Philadelphia excursion, 26c—one way lie.
Chester excursion. 15c—one way 10c.
Shippers of freight have frequent ser
vice. careful handling, prompt delivery
and full protection from the weather by
clvered wharves and wagons.
To secure these fscillMes. order your
shipments Via "WILSON LINE." Chest
nut street wh.-irf. Philadelphia, ant)
Fourth street wharf, Wilmington.
General Manager.
Steamships Direct to
New York
Two sailings weekly
from each end.
Regular sailing days from Wilm.
Wednesdays & Saturdays
Wilmington, Foot of C St.
New York, Pier No. 53, North
Phones: Wharf. 19S office, 1720.

L» L/i III i\l— JUL I I—j
/Some time ago Mrs. Alice Powell, of
No. 233 1-2 Market street, -to obtain re
lief from a painful corn, pared It. and
shortly aft onward iblood poisoning set
amputated luter, but
her condition gradually became worse
and death resulted yesterday afternoon.
In. The toe was
St. Andrew's Church Improved.
Many Improvements liage been made
to the Interior of St. Andrew's Church
j recently, Including the Installation of
! lho bishop's chair, splendid new pipe
\ organ and additional choir stalls, altar
tails and paneling.
Wilmington Men Go East.
John W. McColIoch, connected with
: McCullough Iron Works for some time,
will go to Bridgeport, Conn., to take
charge a department of the Ameri
can Tube Company's plant. About
twenty men from Tiere will accompany
Miss Nervis Hedake
20 Years on Coffee

with dyspepsia and headache for company induced a woman
to seek relief. Later on she wrote :
" If I had only 50 cents left in the world, I'll tell you
i how I would invest it :
Postum - -
Grape-Nuts -
Cream - -
25 cents
15 cents
10 cents
and I'd live like a queen while it lasted.
She had suffered so long that when relief came by
USING POSTUM she knew its val ue and spoke from the
This woman formerly had a visit about every 3 days
from a yellow-skinned, scrawny and irritable ancient person
known as Old Miss Nervis Hedake. But one day she broke
, friendship with her when she quit Coffee, and for the past 7
years she has been comfortable, happy aud well on Postum
Food Coffee. Name given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
There's a Reason" for
„ r; . -
IflUlTay LUCS jOIRC 01
Them in Inspiring Easter
*** arn " e llveth and was dead,'*
wa« the text from which the Rev. W. L.
S - Murray took th0 «*** of hi*
. ,
—* • ermon ,n Washington
Heights M. E. Church yesterday. Dr.
Murray said:
(Christ says, "1 was dead." Pilate

^' e Bentence against Him. He was
cruclfled - Thla ls tt wel1 established
historical fact. "lam He that llveth"
a triumphant »renouncement His Ufa !
, 8 a8 capablp of demonstration as His
capaoie as 111
death. We nave documentary evidence
in the ^ gospds and epistles. These are
convincing. They are the fulfillment j
ot prophecy. Prophecy is the left hand
of ; ev ;, atlon , ruInnm ent is the right
If there were no confirmation \
death. We nave documentary evidence
*" If'* . 1
of prophecy the New Testament would I
be like a man 1 .with an empty sleeve The
joy of Easter Is tho joy of promises
fulfilled. The song Is changed from
one of promise, to one of victory.
"Dlft your glad voices in triumphant
For Jesus has risen and man shall
not die."
This Is the Joy of a new life. The
funeral dirge Is turned into an Easter
Into the "cemetery"—a sleeping place—
and made the most beautiful place on j
earth. To the reason Christ added a |
He gave to
Tho graveyard Is changed
revelation, to the sense.
Mary, the disciples, the more than five I
hundred at one tlnle and last of all to |
Paul, an ocular demonstration of tho |
heard Him.
They ;
They saw him.
They touched Him. Some j
/walked with Him. Some ate with Him.
Thomas, had the Invitation to put his j
finger In the prints of the nails, that j
his doubt might be turned Into faith, j
His death was darkness and night. His
life is 'light. Dongfellow sings this
song of triumph,
"Out of the shadows of night
The ■t'ot'l/j.follB Into light.
It is daybreak everywhere.*
We have a weekly reminder of this
great truth In the Ixird's day. The
Jews have kept the seventh day from
Abraham until yesterday. Christians
began to assemble on the first day of
the week Irpraedlatply, after the resur
They have continued to do
till this Lord's day. What more
do we need? But proof is added to
proof of this central and most import
änt truth of our holy Christianity.
We have added to the weekly dem
onstratlon the annual confirmation,
Easter originated In the resurrection
It continues and grows from year to
because the church believes In
it. Art, science, the press, the world
and the church unite to make It a
great festival. There may be a mer
cenary purpose (but tho idea Is em
phasized. Churches differ In doctrine,
and In polity, but all are one In Ulus
t rating and emphasizing this wonder
ful truth. Nature also joins with grace
in showing us the triumph of spring
over winter, of life over death,
"Now our April debonair
Suavely from her full hand drops
Stars of plum and foam of pear.
Wandsand wreaths of cherrj-cups,
•Strews her largess on the gtound. ^
Life has come without a sound.
"Dead was Christ and still as those
Then a greater Christ arose."
Now above and beyond all these in
fallible proofs may be added that of
personal experience when we may say
with one of old. "I knowr that my Re
deemer llveth." If Christ be not raised
y° ur T a |lh is vain, ye are yet In your
s | ns . We are found false witnesses."
j There aro thousands so confident that
Itholr sins arc forgiven, they would go
tq the stake rather than deny It. Every
where forgiveness is ascribed
Christ. Christian experience docs not
Forgiveness Is the act
j vary * n ,.
" f ,, a '! vinK A hr „ 8 ' .
1,re A H« lives \o
He Uvea our everlasting head.
AU shame to rugged arm- and brain.
When fate has -pressed them sore.
That cannot rlsO above their pain
To aast the dice once more!
—L. S. Waterhouse.
ir>Prof. G. F. THEEL 527
I M|rklli4fl|ihla, Pu. "Hn Drilsrhrr Arrt." 0»ly w
j Jjfl «na Surrlallsl I« IwrrlMu Ünaranlcm tammalBob/
lMNi,DrtUi. FmbrarnnraitaltoiHajiititanm^

!.. .
<1 «mu' hospital ospcripHen In i
nrn TV«tl»unlBl* k "Hook,** tolls »II.
■f fOButry At rllr, M«ilral mail -Irrlrlc ■<lf4>r(UlnÇ
H—Tf*y puiiraritee.l In nil rw«ps. 1 mmpHinlr* fr-litt
<1 y «art* artiUnl
uoay. Nrml fur 8««
Fashion* in Gowns.
Short skirts are bound to . become
popular as a result of their adoption j
''l' Mrs. Roosevelt. Already Wastolng
Ion society has given Itself to Imitation
or several n «w spring abbreviated
gowns worn toy the wife of the Brest
dent, and the style has even crept Into
F1,th a '' e " V ° ne o f Mf - Roo-nrelf*
gowns is a soft grap pialted eklirt, a
fulfl thrr« Inches above the ground,
wlth a h.Mf-fttting wit trivnlhed In'in
The eff f* ' UMnc " y
tdllorish and smart, although women
0 f j aw B ta:ture .will think twice before l
approving It. With the gown Mrs.
Roosevelt wears a hat of black Milan;
t>r '' ld ' madp in Uvo »eelIona.
crown Is laid In folds along the brim,
and ln lho fold „ are smal , Nvtl kte roee
buds, surround.).! by maiden hair fern. |
Uncurled ostrich itjps In black and ,
wWte are cluatered at the left side. The I
hat Ü V ' ry tHm ln M»«*"""**. nnd «■
yet does not rob Mrs. Roosevelt of her
becoming air of mutronUness.
At the Milliner's.
. , .. u
hU ™" nabU . r , e aU ..' 1S
m ?* K 8 "f ^
d ou don t really expert to wear that,
Ccar?" cooed one customer to another
this morning.
"Why not?" asked the young person
addressed as "dear," looking annoyed,
"Oh, for no reason in t he world If
you care to otoance it," replied this
helpful and admiring friend. "I only
thought that shapes like that require
a very picturesque face under them.
and I wondered—tout of course you are
perfectly right to ha ve the courage of
your convictions and to go ahead and
wear Whatever you like. I admire
diaring In any one."—Baltimore News,
The ;
becoming air of matronUness.
French "Chic."
These are;
Four things secure IL
First, the French woman's corset.
This Is always made to order, even
{t mong the poorest, and Ids fa.nltU-ssl^
Second, her coiffure, which la never,
never dishevelled, male orderly with
i nv j g jbl e pins and nets, and a graceful
achieved nt the na,pe of the neck.
Third, her shoes are clean and good,
an< j ber giov.-s fresh and fauätlessiy
fitting, with which two details looked
after the whole aspect Is assured.
Fourth, her hat ie never bought hnip
hazard; it Is mad© for her own head
and co1fïuTe . with these details look
ed aber gown and wrap may be
j^ost anything, only always well fit
i The Harvest of Lent
Now that Lent Is over there Is a hnr
vest of antique ribbon embrolderv to
Whims of Wojnankind.
show for the seclusion of certain young
women—slipper tops, belts, parasols or
sections of belts to be Inset front and
bnck; card-case sides, opera, bag pieces,
funs, mouchoir and glof'e cases, as we'l
a s trimming parts «of tea gowns and
matinees. No sooner are they finish
^ than up they go to be mounted
f or wear, by those who consider not ihe
cost, lut the pride and pleasuri cf
showing off their skill,
Working in Silver
This Is one of the most fascinating
occupations open to women. The work,
thofigh absorbing, Is not arduous and
may ibe remunerative almost from the
start. The materials are not costly.
I and few tools are required. The work
i j 8 done at home, and more than one
cjpyer g j r j has Interested herself In
designing unique buckles,and bangles.
j "whim" was the thoughtfulness of a
) certain sister who made for her broth
er's fiance a pretty book entitled, ''The
Things His Mother Used to Make."
Opening It. the finance« found, in her
friend's handwriting, first n preface
stating some of her brother's character
istic traits, little ways of making him
happy and comfortable hin pecullnal
tles, his illkcs and dislikes, what
•'agreed" with him and what "dis
agreed,'' and then minute directions for
the preparation of various dishes which
his favorites at the home table—
His Mother's Recipes.
Almost too pretty to be called a
w ere
after which there were several blank
pages for the writing of the financée'.«/
ante-marital Observations. Need
teas to say that the bride-to-be began
housekeeping with a feeling of power
and Independence that tew brides en
Novelties in Fashionable effects.
This is a season of varied modes and
the rule applies to the Httle details of
.. , . .
dreftS H8 rigidly it do©« tO BlgW gar
ment». A group of unusually dainty ec
w «° rle -' for the nock te »'''«fated, show.
; |ng *to what extremes of ©xlravag'anc© the
! makers of these novelties go for the sake
of beautiful effects. There Is the stork of
Irish crochet lace In tho upper left-hand
corner built upon a foundation of soft
satin, with Ilttlo streamers and bows of
the same material dangling don
front. How skilfully lace collars and yokes
cut in one piece is also shown by the,
centre illustration which is a simpler ef
..... ^ „
feet In applique with little bunds of rlb '
bon velvet and tiny buttons.
Ai-- {
t j
Bow -ties, ««rots and four-ln-hands are
popular In plain and fanciful effects, ac
cording to the blouses which they adorn
Tailored waist« necessarily hi-ve simple
accompaniment«, but these are curried
out In the finest of linen, sometime« hem
stitched «nd sometime« decorated with the
simplest embroidered design.
Tho hand embroidered collars, with
cuffs to match, are aristocratic descend
onts of the long popular high turn-down
collar of mannish aspect, nnd even the
turn-down effects that are shown have
some delicate pattern traced along the
edge to add the required touch of femin
inity. The difference In shaping hi one
the distinguishing features of the modi-L
of various lingerie specialists, und the
highest i>r4o*5 novelties are delightfully
vltlssut being exaggerated.
Before a large congregation of men I
Olivet Prewhylcrlun Church
evening the pastor, the Rev. John C.
l jan ® preached an eloquent sermon.
taking as his subject "The Chief Quail* ;
tics of Redeemed Manhood" and find-I
The Greek original, of which this Is a ;
fair t.ramil«itlc»n, is a single ringing, em
Phltlc. Inspiring word, and this word!
«■ f°»" d nowhere else In the New Tea
lament. Its simple meaning is: "Play
'he man." "Show yourselves men." I
Aim to cultivate and to display In dul y I
life the highest quality, of redeemed
»'""hood. Be, or aim to be Ideal men.
™ e "P 0 *"" w " uld 1 ha y« u » k,low ,
^ m " n ' ! '* 1 C ? od, 1 mas, °r
piece, created In the divine Image, Is
under peculiar obligation te serve his
Maker, and to serve his Maker by de
veloplng hts own manhood to the full-]
est extent possible.
My fellow men, I address you to-1
night as men and appeal to you on the
ground of your noble origin, your sup
enb faculties and your 1 in mortal des- |
Urey,, ito make the most )f yourselve*
to start out with definite aim anti to
persevere In the effort to develop your |
powers of body and of soul, that you
may fill a worthy place In life and help I
to lift the race of men to higher Van
tage ground.
The manly man Is the true man— j
true In all the relations of life—true
to himself, true to his Maker, true to
his fellow men.
Masterly Discourse Before a
Large Congregation By
Pastor Lane
Ing his text in Corinthians, 1-16-13. In
part Mr. Dune said;
1 call upon you then to show your
selves men by being true to your better
selves; by keeping your bodies strong,
your minds vigorous and your hearts
responsive to the good and true. Do
not Indulge the lower nature at the
expense of the higher, nor pass by the
essentials of life In pursuit of what Is
unessential and of merely momentary
Interest. Aim at what Is high. Main
tain your self-respect. Occupy your
minds with worthy themes, barring
from your thought everything that Js
unworthy of a true man's meditation.
Dive at your best always. Crown the
good and true and pure and keep them
crowned nnd year true manhood wIM
assert Itself.
I call upon you further to show your
selves men by being true to your fellow
men In all the relations of life. What
an exalted order of beings we are when
we can communicate one with another
and help one another to mount upward
in the path of life; when we can glVe
and receive words of sympathy and
good cheer, and, to use the apostle's
words, "Consider one another to pro
voke unto love and good works." There
is no nobler exhibition of manhood
for a brother to help a
Be men In
than thl
brother along life's way.
relation to your fellow men.
But especially do I_eall upon you to
show yourselves men"by being true to
your Maker—true to the great Ood In
whom you live and move and have your
being; who redeemed your llf<* from de
struction, who plV>sldes over your eter
nal destiny and would fit you for man
sions prepared above.
Him In all your ways, for this Is the
highest duty of man.
I want to say, my fellow-men before
I close—and I want to say It with all
tho earnestness of which I am pos
sessed—that Jesus Christ has a claim
lives and that you can not
upon your
Ignore that claim and be true men. He
gave Himself for you.
come, acknowledge Him and serve Him
In tho church, ministering to your fel
low men by pointing them to Him. !*■
Lamb of Ood which taketlr away the
sins of the world. The church today
You need the
He bids you
Invites your presence,
church and the church needs you. Per
haps there may be larger freedom of
a certain kind outside the church, but
the largo and better life and truer maj
hood you will find here In the shelter
of God's house.
Colored Man Loses Former
and Gels Latter in Sun
day Row
Frederick Cooper, the colored man
who shot Thomas Hicks In the mouth
yesterday while a
[going on at tho home
Third street bridge, was fined
famliy.row was
of the former
$50 and costs and sent •» \"d to onu
year's Imprisonment In the workhousè
,bv Judge Cochran in City Court this
; m orn i n g, after the charge against him
j had ^>e en changed from assault with
intent to commit murder to assault and
The State had many wlt
! battery.
j nesses, and teeth of Hicks which had
been blown out by the bullet, were
shown In evidence, as well as tfye ball
which he spat out after the shot had
taken effect.
Young Crap Shooter* Fined.
Three boys accused of shooting crap
yesterday afternoon on Columbia ave
nue were fined In City Court this morn
ing by Judge Cochran. They were Bd
George Jordan and
The two latter
j ward
i Charles Hannlgan.
were fined *3 and costs, while Conner
fined $2 and costs. When sen
passed. the hoys were told
! was
tence was
that If they were brought back they
would be sent to the Reform School.
No Clue to Thieves.
The po'lce have no clue to the thieves
shop of
who broke Into the barber
John T. Johnson, No. 11 East Seventh
street, sometime during last Friday
night, and carried off seven razors and
a number of cigars. Some boys fouiql
the razors in a coal hole at the parron
jage of Epworth M. E. Church, at Tenth
and Lombard streets, where they had
been^hiddon by the miscreants.
i —
ot :
We Still Sell the Best
Chocolates arid Bon Bons
ia the city. 20c, 25c, 40c, 60c
aud -oc a lb.
PHILIPPS, 625 Market Street.
Splendid Showing of I
Stylish Spring Suits [
REASON OF 1907 ! Hundreds of new Spring
— - i Suits already in the store aud more arriving
every day! The fabrics are beautiful, the
shapes attractive, styles right up-to-the-minute. Guar
anteed to please the critical dresser. Suits that have
the appearance of tailor-made. Super or workman
ship. In handsome serges, single or double breasted,
military shoulders, well padded to fit the form. Are
an economical man ? One who wants the utmost
for his mouey? Then you aie the man we feel sure
will be interested in this suit at
boston CLOTHING house
Open Evenings
Officiated at Four Services,
Confirming a Class of 24
at Old Swedes
Easter was a busy day for Bishop
Leighton Cololnan and he conducted
four ftervk-os In as
many different
Bishop Coleman first officiated at the
early service of St. Michael'*, at Chest
nut, and Adtims
streets, where ho
preached on the significance of Eintyr.
He -was assisted by Rev. T. W. Larsen.
The chancel of this edifice hue been
considerably Improved by a gift of
seat* from /St. Andrew's Church.
At 10.30 o'clock the Bishop celebrated
Holy Communion at Grace Church.
Brandywine hundred, and took part In
the Sunday School festival. Later he
was at St. Hi/rnuhas Ohurcn, Marshall
/ton, where the rector. Rev. Herman
.Shaffer, assisted. Th're was also a
Sunday School festival. Two persons
wore baptized and four confirmed.
Last evening- the Bishop confirmed a
class of twenty-four at historic Old
Riwodes. The Bishop wae assisted by
Rev. Henry Olmstead, the vicar. The
occasion was a notable one, the edifice
being filled ito overflowing. _ In his ad
dress to the now class the Bishop
said: ,
"The church, the world over,
jolces to find on this occasion a key to 1
unlock the great gate through which I
we are to enter everlasting life. He .
who was dead is risen. Through the
ages man has been trying do find the
key that will open the gale, tout when
they were tried all of them have failed.
In the fullness of time the Lord suffer
ed.. died and rose «gain, and he showed
mankind the key they have been search |
Ing for. There Is Just one thing that j
keeps us without Over Hie portal« of I
the gate we can maid .within the city
the golden letters spelling. 'None can
enter hero who are not obedient to fhe
Lord. -Heaven 1» no place for the
traitor and onward and those who rebel
agaüist the Lord.'
'"niese to (be corefinned show obedi
ence to the Mlaster and the holy /mother
church. I fall to understand hciw any
one can expect to enter Heaven who
lives In open violation of the cllv'ne
commands. We must live In con
formity with the will of the Father to
do so. The chief rule I« the rule of
oibedlence. Our iwlH so far us It la
contrary to the -will of Ood must die
otherwise our souls must die.
"Ltd the road toe ever so rough and
our enemies ever so numerous, once
having heard of the kingdom of Ood
we will not turn back vfnlil we reach
that beautiful pres?»K-e. Wo will then
ereter there with Him nnd reign and
dwell In Joy and -peace world without
To Install Odd Fallows Officers.
Beginning this evening, Gr ind Master
W. W. Dou.ty of th® Independent Onde»
of Odd Fellows, and his official staff,
will Install the officers of the various
lodges of that order. The date» fol
To-night. Brandywine Lodge. No. 18;
Thursday. April 4. Eden Lodge. No. 34;'
Friday. April 5. CoIu.mbl.-i Lodge, No.
2«; Saturday, April 6, Mechanics' Ixrlge,
No. 4; Monday, April S, Delaware
Lodge, No. 1; Wednesday, April 10,
Hope Lodge. No. 21: Thursday. April
11, Jefferson Lodge. No. 2; Friday, April
12, Fairfax Lodge. No. S; Wednesday.
April 17, Naomi Lodge, K. D., No. 3;
Thursday, April 18, Asylum Lodge, No.
Elks Will Install Offices.
Installation ceremonies of officers
will be he'd to-night by Wilmington
Lodge. No. 307, B. P. O. E.. at which
time District Deputy Grand Exalted
Ruler Berkhardt. of Washington Lodge,
will officiate.
Every Woman
N '
la Interested and ahmild
kltuw About the «underfill
MARVEL Whirling Spre>
The «uw \ spinal Syrliiffcv
Beit-Mffftt convenient
It rleuuwx in
A8k your «IniBirlst for /hl ,,
tl If he CHimot 6U|.pl v \' "Wy
the MARVFJ^accApt *■" tl
no other, but send Miami' g
(or UIVfttiBtrd hoflk-*Mt*d It Vh g
fftvAS full particular»* and dlreo- ^ a
Uon* invAlualb)« to ladle*.
«▲ATEL CO., 4« East M4 bu IEn lugft.
Tta Vntfs hist SsctnsM Sunset h Cm if Mmui
» «L l*"*5. a !.. pitosu Bnmritj s| MinHitl. (tUspllM)
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Ess Dlsri_
Rye ntssssa
■by Pevst
Heart Rlstsse
Head Mdses
J sob dice
Kidney IXteaic
Lung Dises**
Liver Disease
Malm is
Morphine Habit
Nervous Diseases
Prostate Disease
Bowel Diseases
Blood Disssnea
Stander Disease*
Catarrh I
Cbroaic Diseases
Retirai Disc
Skia Diseases
Strl et are
Tap« Won*
Throat Diseases
Diseases of Maa
led Womap
see w f net
Deal* cm
l'œ 1 :
<taH*.Prtot>r d (V<Mr fiJ*««»**) Dksaiss ik «aspiriny (Air Frnpi) Dlituit
greatest treatwanl I CIT-tn cured pleasantly by ny NEW
I ill aies** (User.»« I HilKSI aed special combined system.
Positively the best equipped Electro-Med cal Offers known.
1 ka«e ibe
•i tartli for
OFFICES. 813 Shipley Street.
•5 East 4th Street
The only up to-date Restaurant
and Quick Lunch Parlors is
R oast Dinners E very Day.
French Drip Coffee. Epicures pronounce our menu something fine
Ladies when shopping will find HOLT'S the only home-likc place in
the city ; Special Dinners served. Home-made Pies at HOLT'S.
Ice Cream the year round. Oysters from our lied». Open all night
-— The only Stag Hotel in the State is HOLT'S. ■ — .
Chops o£ Every Kind.
Let us give you a price on Wedding and
Lodge Dinners. Catering of all kinds.
Friends' School Society Delightfully
Entertain! Its Friends.
The annual reception of the Whittier
Idlerary Society of Friends' •School, on
-Saturday night: proved a most delight
ful social event.
Lawrenc« B. Cann, tho president,
made the address of welcome which
was followed by a selection by the man
dolin club. "The Albany Depot," a
pleasing Ilttlo playlet by Wi liam Dean
Howells, was the feature of the even
ing. The east was as follows: "Mr.
Edward Roberts," C. Douglass Buck;
"Mrs. Edward Roberts," Bernice E.
Davidson; "Mr. Willis Campbell," T.
Worth Doan; ''Mrs. Willis Campbell,"
Rachel W. Lindsay; "Mr. Michael Mc
Ilheney," Arthur S. Robinson; "MrSt
Michael Mcllheney." Marlon Beaden*
kopf: "Maggie," Esther K. Smedley ;
''Trainman." S. Lester Levy; "News
boy," David W. Colpitts, Jr.; travelers.
Francis E. Gallagher, Jr., Joseph N.
Harman, Jr., Jean A. Lane.
Tho executive committee of tho so
ciety comprises Arthur S. Robinson,
Francis E. Gallagher. Jr., Herbert H.
Ward, Jr., Joseph N. Harman, Jr., and
Donald Sattcrthwalt.
The reception
Without Healthy Feet
We Cannot Have
Healthy Bodies
Tired: •chins, butninc feet sre esuied br corn*.
insiowin* toe nail, snd bunic n.. They are also
(ten caused by » b oken down arch or flat foot
If you are affect d with any of these trouble*
have your feet examined and treated by
The Foot Specialist,
1021 Market St.
Both Phone*.
Opposite Court House.
>«a,nrt salt If . Sady.a i M «« SuedaydH* *ark«t fltrtd Wharf. Wtlr . «gaoA
far 9.V fMt of Walia/t Stf«a«.PM>Si4*ia.TVo»/sh t — iri n *ta U •> pwda.
commlttee was as follow*: Lawrenc«
B. Cano, Marlon Beadenkopf. Arthur S,
Robinson, Rachel W. Lindsay, Mlsq
BroomoJl. Mr. Johneon, Mr. Norris.
Fashionable Spring Suits
For Ladies
On Credit at
807 King St.
Confidential—No Collectors.
Atlantic City, N. J.
On the Beach.
Always Open
®^? d , * t " m P 7°^Lm^v^i'h'it êüir«*th#
monl/ils of the remedy , lt> ?i_ rl g ir L A h *
Complexion. Remove! Sk 1 » Imperfection^
Make« New Blood and Improves th«
Health. If you take
beneficial results are guaranteed or moneji
2315 Madison Ave.. Philadelphia!, Pa.

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