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The Evening* Journal
Evening Journal
Noon Temperature
50 degrees
will help you sell what you don'
want, and secure what you do want*
Nineteenth year— no. ho.
one cent.
Dealers Assert That the Past
Year Has Been Disastrous
To Them
T». Wto,Co.. me
In the Board of Trade rooms last night
to consider the summer price schedule,
The price was finally fixed at »6.25 a
Ion for prepared sizes and »4.75 a ton
for pea coal.
This is the cash price, and coal will
ho hi lied at this time at »0.70 for pre
pared sizes and $5.25 for pea coal, with
fifty cents discount if paid within ten
A «uniform charge of twenty-five cents
will toe made for carrying in coal into
places not accessible to chute wagons.
On these prices there wilt too an ad
vance of tiwenty-five cents on June 1
and another advance of tw'enty-five
cents on August 1, thus covering the
sdivanrce of ten cents a month made
(by the coal companies, and beginning
May 1 and ending September 1.
It Is also the announced intention of
the dealers to make a further advance
before the severe weather sets in, pro
bably October 1, of twenty-five cents a
ton. thereby making the winter price
»7 a ton.
The dealers assert that
prices named they are doing business
the smallest possible margin and
any less price means loss to them and
final ruin.
The past year .the dealers claim,
tons been a disastrous one.
and cutting among some of the dealers
caused a low price to he
.■taring which in some instances, despite
the summer advance of ten cents a
month, was carried over until yester
with the
made last
AH the members of the Association
»his year will Insist on the flfty-cent
cash discount which was in force be
fore the disruption of the former ex
change and to some extent at least fell
Into disuse during the confusion of
the past year.
The prices fixed for Wilmington are
the same as those scheduled in Phila
delphia. and the dealers in that city
have the advantage of freight
that are 15 cents less a ton than to
beer for New Castle county for a term
of four years by the Levy Oourt this
James Wilson was elected county engi
morning. He Is a Republican, aîid received
the votes of ihe Republican and Demo-i
cratio members alike.
''I will endeavor to carry out the
of the court and give no occasion for
to think you have made
Mr. Wilson In accepting tho office.
■ Mr. Wilson also Is city engineer
Wilmington, but will resign that office
to-morrow. Ho assumes tho position of
count y engineer Immediately,
The office of county engineer does not
mistake,'' said
» affect in ony way that of State Highway
Cimmhslnner for New Castle county, now
held by Francis A. Price, whose duties
continue as heretofore.
It is expected that the Republican mcm
»>ers of Council will caucus to-morrow
bight for city engineer. Highway Com
missioner Francis A. Price, or Assistant
City Engineer Howard Griffith probably
Will bo elected city engineer. .
Marvin Hart Beats Peter Maher.
HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. April 2.—Peter
Maher .once aspirant for the world's
heavyweight championship, was knock
ed out in the second round by Marvin
Hart, of Louisville, last night'.
Age and youth were pitted against
each other, and Father Time gave up
the battle. Hart was the aggressor and
M-her was unab e to block the blows
sent in by tho Kentuckian.
STUFFS—Winter, extras, *[email protected]; Penn
sylvania roller, clear, »2.95^(3.15; Pennsyl
vania roller, straight, »[email protected]: Wentern
winter, clear, »3.00®3.25.
RYE FLOUR was quiet and steady. We
quote at »3.00 per barrel In wood, for choice
Pennsylvania, and at »3.05® 3.90 per barrel
for Western, tho latter for fancy patent
in sacks.
FEED was quiet and unchanged with
small but ample supplies. We quote: On
spot winter bran, in bulk, and spring, in
sacks, »23.501*24 per ton.
Hay—No. 1. largo bales. »21.50022: No. 1.
small bales, »21.50022; No. 2, »19020; No.
3, »16017; no grode, »13.50015. Clover Mixed
Hay— No. 1, »18018.50; No. 2, »16.50017.
Clover Hay—No. 1, »18UI8.50; No. 2. »15016.
BUTTER—Western creamery extra, 31Vto
Western creamery, firsts, 28031c; nearby
prints, extra, 33c; Jobbing sales of prints,
EGGS—Nearby, firsts. In free cases. 17c;
In returnable
nearby current receipts,
craitcs, 16c; nearby, seconds, in free cases,
LIVE POULTRY'—Fowls. 14014(40; old
rosters, 10fil»V4c; young chickens, soft
mealed, 14014(4e; young chickens, staggy,
110120; winter chickens, weighing. 1(402
ducks, 16017c;
mmm ; ap - • *■.
plffeoriB, old, per pair, 2Sfr»30c;
young, per pair, 20ö r i , lT»e.
fowls, choice, small and medium. 14(4c;
fowls, fklp to prime, 13(4014r; old nutsters,
dry-picked, 10(4c.
From Scott -V Co., Wilmington.
itdMl. Copper Co,. ... ....
Testimony Before the Lun
acy Commission This
lunacy commission lost no time in get
tlngr down to business avhen it met at
10.40 o'clock this morning.
actors In the trial were on hand early.
AH Hue
Evelyn Thaw appeared in a dark brow n
tailored suit, trimmed with leather.
The same white collar ami bow tie of
Ibrow'n were worn, a black straw sailor
hat and a black veil completed her
costume. Joslah Thaw was in a seat
•beside her. In the court roam were
Dr. Châties F. Blnganuui. one of the
Thaw family physicians, of Pittsburg,
on whose statements Jerome largely
based his opinion that Thaw is Insane,
and Frederick W. Longfellow. Drs.
Evans, J. E'-llffe and Gregory, the
Thaw alienists, wore on hand, and so
was Dr. Alan McDane Hamilton. Thaw
came tin looking well and calm and took
a seat with his attorneys.
Dr. Frank McGuire, the tombs phy
sician was the first witness. He said
he had seen Thaw two or three times
a week since his imprisonment.
"Did you ever see anything In his
actions that seemed unusual to you?"
"No. sir."
Dr. McGuire explained that toy this
he meant since the trial began. Jerome
cross-examined Dr. McGuire, briefly
bringing out the fact that he had never
examined the defendant with a view
Michael D.
of determining his sanity.
Delhanty, the Tombs attendant, testi
fied. as have the Tombs .witnesses, that
he never noticed anything irrational
Jerome on cross-examlna
In Thaw.
tlon showed that he wished this com
mission to question Thaw about Stan
ford White and Ihe den where it Is al
leged Evelyn was wronged hy the
Derthanty never talked to Thaw about
-Stanford White.
Dr. Hamilton swore before the com
mission he did not think Thaw 1» cap
able of advising his attorneys.
Dr. Hamilton said Thaw is suffering
from chronic delusional Insanity,
known as pa run la.
By Our Own Wir«. Publishers* Pres.
CONCORD. N. H.. April 2.—Mrs.
Mary Baker Eddy, founder of tho
Ghriathui Science Sect, has given her
millions into the charge of three men
prominent in the church, who .will act
as trustees as long as she lives. Tho
transfer, made on March 6. became
this afternoon when her attor
you|neys in Superior Court made return to
forjswer to charges of misappropriating
Mrs. Eddy's property. By virtue of tho
assignment the three trustees moved
jlhis afternoon for leave to intervene
an*» be substituted as plaintiffs in place
of the so-called "next friends"—George
the suit In equity to compel tho loaders
of tho Christian Science Church to an
I _ .
"'* ® a * ter am * Mary linker .lover, .1rs.
Eddy's rtv atlves. This is the surprise
mentioned b ythe defence, anff it cre
ated a great sensation when the papers
w'ere filed. The transfer of tho prop
erty. both real and personal, was for
the consideration of one dollar and cer
tain reservations.
His Hand Badly Cut.
Clyde Griffith, of 808 Harrison street,
is suffering with a severe'y cut hand,
which he sustained while cutting meat
yesterday afternoon.
Thrown From Delivery Wagon.
John R. Maxwell, who resides on B
street. In South Wilmington, was
thrown from a delivery wagon owned
by Joseph Waltz, butcher, and sustain
ed several painful injuries on his head
and shoulders.
.... 132
American Smelting Com .122*4
American Sugar Refining .
tAch. Top. and Santa Fe Com .93*.,
Atch. Top. and Santa Fe Pref.95'4
Brooklyn Rapid Transit.
Baltimore and Ohio.
Canada Southern .
Chicago Gt. Western . ,
Chesapeake and Ohio .
Chicago and Alton .
Chicago and Northwest.
Chicago, Mil. and St. Riul Com .13244
Delaware and Hudson
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western 466
Erie .
Brio 1st Pref .
Illinois Central . ..
Louisville and Nashville . » . tig
Intb Met Com.. ..
Interb Met. Pfd.
Manhattan Cons .
Missouri Pacific .
Mo., Kansas and Texas Pfrd
National eLad Com. ,
N. Y. Central nd Hudson ...
Norfolk and Western Com
Northern Pacific Com.
Pacific Mall.
Pennsylvania Railroad Company .122%
People's Gas .
Reading 1st Pfrd.
Reading, 2nd Pfrd ... .
Rock Island Com .
Rook Island Pref .
Southern Pacific .
Texas and Itoclflc .
Temictwee Coal and Iron Co .142
U. R. Steel Com ....
U. S. Steel Pfrd ...
Wabash Com ... .
Wabash Pfrd .
Western Union .
Gt Nor. Pfd.
The Black Sheep.
Î •
i -
s »
! $U


. fh 'i
r ny
t - F

fy »

v ' -
Ki .
. ' yi y t
5S %
' //y~
/ s
N. T. Herald.
$10,000 BAIL
Collector Will Have a Hear
ing Before 'Squire Hollis
On April 16
Horace G. Rcttew, collector of de
linuent taxes, this morning furnished
»10,000 ball for a hearing before Mag
istrate George H. Hollis on April 16 at
10 o'clock, on a charge of appropriating!
to his own use »5000 collected as taxes.
His bondsmen are John C. Saunders,
William H. Saunders and Ida B. Sprin
ger, brothers and sister of Mrs. Ret
against Rettew
swom out before Magistrate Hollis yes
terday by Robert McFarlln, as presi
dent of the Levy Court. It accuses Mr. |
Rcttew of appropriating to his own use
the sum of »5000, collected as pub. it |
The warrant
taxes, on January 1, 1907.
Rettew is seriously 111 at his home. |
suffering with heart trouble.
L. G. Jones took the warrant out to the
house last evening, but finding Rettew j
was unable to leave the constable re- ,
mained there all night.
Magistrate Ho'lls fixed ball at »10,000,
furnished during tho
but It was not
night. The bondsmen were ready this
morning, however, and Magistrate Hol
lis went to the Rettew residence, where
the ball bond was drawn and signed.
»36,000 of outstanding
taxes charged against the
Rettew as delinquent tax collector, but
how much of the amount has been col
lected and not turned over to County
Treasurer Burns has not been ascer
tained in the investigation being made
by Sylvester D. Townsend as attorney
and David Hillegas as auditor for the
There are
books of
Levy Court.
It was intimated this morning that
Rettew will make a full and complete
settlement with the county for all taxes
collected during the past two years,
he recovers his health.
players: ^
ntsooe, catch: Walling. P ten.
Cracken, short top; J. Dougherty. fi| R |
base; SartcH, second base : Long, third
base: Kelly, toft fleW; T. Danäh*rty>
flt Id, and Wilson, right field. Tue
Members Preparing for Convention.
Preparations are being made by the
members of the Legion of the Red
Cross for the annual convention of the
supreme order which is to meet in At
lantlc City early in June.
Entertained His Friends.
Louis Rodman, ot 606 Clayton street,
South Wilmington, entertained a num
of his friends at his home last even
Ing at a sociable Easier party. A foa
[ture of the evening was an Easter «KK
I hunt.
Will Run duPont Elevator.
James Burris, of No. 400 East Tenth
street, has secured a position running
elevator in the new duPont Building.
as soon as
West End Social Club Ball Team.
The West End Social Club has organ
ized a ball ditto for the coming season
with Joseph Dougherty manager. The
teaim will be composé of the following
team is open for challenges.
The vacancy in the Hoard if Pilot
Commissioners, wui» d by the death °f|
Lewis T. El an.«, of I .ewes, has been
filled by Franklin W. Poynter. at a
special meeting of the con -.mission held
yesterday morning.
Pilot Commissioner Named.
^■Too Cold for Ball Game.
! Special Dlspatrh The Evening Journal.
PORTSMOUTH, Va., April 2.—It was
too cold to-day for ball playing, and the
game between Portsmouth and Wll-loid
..UlWjmiugton was declared off.
Thirty Road Commissioners
Turn in Their Receipts
For Taxes
By far the largest attendance at a ses
sion of the Levy Court In many years was
that this morning when In response to
formal summons, thirty road commUslon
ers f rural New Castle county appeared
before that body and turned In their re
ceipts from road taxés, and a list of all
tools and implements In their custody to
the Levy Court.
This action was taken under tho law
enacted by the recent legislature. The of
fice of road commissioner 1» abolished and
the road commissioners hereafter are to
known as supervisors of roads, working I
under tho direction of the new county en
gineer of roads. They are to hold office
until April I, 1911.
some competent person be engaged to
nm g e up a of books for and audit the
atCÜUn i 8 Q f ,. a e.i| road supervisor. This was
I-evy Courtman Hopkins suggested that
referred to the finance committee.
President McFarlln advised harmonious
action between tho supervisor«, county en
glneer and Levy Court.
The pay of road supervisors was fixed
at »2.50 for each actual day's work. Lab
orer» on roads will be paid weekly.
Engineer Wilson will confer with tho
supervisors this afternoon.
Slate Highway Commissioner Francis A.
Price and Levy Courtmcn Logue and
Scott reported about their attendance as
delegates of the National Roadmakors*
Convention in Pittsburg on March 12
and 13.
Permits for nine dwellings were Is
sued in the building Inspector's office
to-day. Three of them will be erected
by Edward Johnson, at Nos. 1500, 1502 |
and 1504 Broome street, at a cost of !
»16,000. Two will cost »5000 each, and
the third »6000.
Janies H. Kane & Son will erect six
dwellings on the north side of Sixteenth
™(street between Linocln and Union
streets, for N. B. Ca'bert. They will
eaf b C0S ( $ 1660. Alterations will also
1)e made to the building at No. 410 Mar
8 t r< ,ct for John P. Doughten, the
owner, by F. C. Koenig, of Philadelphia.
.which will cost »3000. Tho building will
1^ uset j llg u uioving picture theatre.
Wife-Beater Held.
j n fHy fourt this morning Andrew
a Poiander unable to understand (
|English, pleaded guilty to wife-beating|
through an interpreter, and was held
|j n joqj ba ji f or CO urt. (
Valuable Package Identified. I
Reading in The Evening Journal yes- ;
afternoon, that a package con
talning valuable woman's wearing ap-j
parel had been found in the corridor of
the post office, a well -dressed woman [
Called at the do
an(1 i,j en tifl e< j the property,
turned to her.
. „ .«î»
si office this morning
j, was re .
Runaway Team Caused Commotion, j
Becoming frightened at Fourth street
an( j Railroad avenue to-day, a team of
horses belonging to the Phlllps-Thomp
«on Company, ran away from In front
of the offic es of the concern and caused,
some commotion before they were cap
No serious damage was done.
Eagles Will Entertain.
An entertainment will be given by St.
George's Castle. No. 3, Knights of the
Go den Eagle, in the parish house of
Swedes Church on Friday evening,
j April Ui
Bv*r rince Mayor Wllaon appointed Ben
of the Street and Sewer Conmrkwlon ihera)
huv« been report« that the Appointment
wan duo to corporation Influence. A coin
munirait ion was received by The Kvenln?;
Journal to-day from a prominent Ropubll
can churginff that Pennsylvania railroad
influences had brought about the appoint.
nK?nt of Mr. Spark«.
This wu8 indignantly denied by Mayor
Wilson when the mutter was brought to
hh* «-lient Ion ut noon by a reporter. The
Mayor said:
"The report« you speak of that the up-}
polniment of Mr. Sparks to the Street and
Sewer Department was Influenced by pub
lic service corporation« are absurd and
absolutely untrue. 1 have no hesitancy in
saying that no public service oorimration
or agent of any such corporation spoke to
me In behalf of the appointment of Mr.
bejftparks to the office.
•T assume full responslbblllty for the
appointment, which was made because
ot the fitness of Mr. Sparks for the posl-l
tlon. as his efficiency and compctfency
cannot be questioned.
"I wish to «ay, too. that In making this
appointment I had no Idea or motive for
advanrtng any personal Interest or polltl
cal aspiration, but it wtas purely for what
1 deemed the best interest» of the city of:
Wilmington in securing so callable an of
Governor May Attend Opening.
Governor Lc-i and members of his
staff will probably altered the formal
opening of the Jamestown Exposition
on Friday, April 26. as invitation» have
been sent out by the Board of Gov
ernors of the fair to the chief execu
tives of «he thirteen original States,
Should the Governor and staff attend!in
the exendaes they must pay their own
expenses, as there has 'been noappro-[what,
priation made for the purpose by the
Will Burn Ballots.
Sheriff Stafford and Deputy
BartleSl to-day began the destruction ot
the ballots cast at the geenral election In
November last. The balots were removed
from the boxes and piled In a heap in the
court house basement, and later 'they will
b 0 burned in the furnace.,
The b;il j ot i, OX es are being prepared by
Bh( . rin 8 u(rord for use at the city doc-;*»
(Jon Qn June L >
Rp, r ;« q.ii. , p roDB rlv
7 *
Fherlft Stafford this morning sold a
three-story dwelling on the north side
of Third street between Jefferson andl
Madison us Ihe prope rty of Walter W.
Mitchell, administrator of Edmund
Mitchell, to Howell Ö. England, attar
ney. for »1.000.
The directors of the Sunday Breakfast
[Mission will hold their monthly meeting,
this evening at No. 117 Shipley street at|
7 45 o'clock. A full attendance ot the board
jg requested. •
Directors Will Meet.
Slightly Warmer To-day.
If what the weather man says is true
«hero is no hope for warmer winds until
to-morrow. At 9 o'clock this morning,
Belt's thermometer at Sixth and Market!
«•'«•to registered 38 degrees. At
reached 5U.
Martin Craig Hurt By Fall.
ton streets, fell on the street at Krönt
nnd Walnut streets this morning and
was removed to his home In the* ambu
Martln Craig, of Third and Washing
up farming and has moved from his
place near Churchman's Bridge, In New
Castle hundred, to Newport
Has Given Up Farming.
Coroner James Calloway has given
Nice Looking Couple From
nWilnsInUU;« lila Mn ty;_i : —
P011900^1113 WCFC WCO 111
IlllS Lily I0*ü3y
Anxious to be married in Wilmington,
Howard N. Cunningham and Mt«a
Mary R. V. Harkins, both ert Philade
lphia. Journeyed to this city to-day and
succeeded In their purpose. before leav
ing. They gave their addresses as
No. 2102 Monmouth street and No. 445
Wlldey street, respectively, and were
uocampa tiled by George P. Bea
lot* and Mis« Sue Burns, «Iso of Phlta
The couple, aftir obtaining a marri -
n?e 1Vfnse (lt , he of M**1«trate
Robinson, proceeded to the Mayor's
office In the City Hall, but failed to
|lnd hkm thi . r6 _ The quarut then Went
to tho offices of «he Wilson Line, at
t [j 0 foot of Fourth street, of which con
of . ri i Mayor WLson 1» president, «ivl
they found the city's executive official.
The bride and groom each gave their
ages as 22 years, and after satlsfactor
Hy answering the required questions,
Ihe mayor married them.
Tho members of the party were well
dressed and the bride and groom were
a nice looking couple.
Nearly 1,400 soldiers are under guard
Roumania to surpass the uprisings,
The situation Is quieting down some
soldiers to end their brutality. In some
[provinces refuges who filed have re
turned home.
Thousands of peasants are still
Sheriff!marching through the country burning
estates and attacking landlords.
BUDAPEST. Roumania, April 2.—
The government has forced tho
*29.634. That Is (o last the county
until the end of the fiscal year, June 30.
As Coroner Calloway collected no
'fees. »300 will be drawn from unap
proprlated funds to pay Coroner's Phy
B i C ( an Bastion.
0 pj )0a iti„ n j,as developed to plana!
fl)r an ove rheud bridge over the Balti
moro an{ j ojjlo railroad at Grubb's road
crossing. Harvey tSatlon, members of.
Levy Court will Inspect the site
sonic day this week.
—' ■ — - - ■- —
duPont iwMl soon take T'lace.
to the conditions prevailing the twolve
Inch guns are loaded with shells that
are fired through a sub-calibre.
COUNTY HAS $29,600
At the meeting of tho Levy Court to
day the balance in bank was reported
Ready for Practice.
The annual artillery practice at Fort
Change on Delaware Division.
Harry E. King ha» been made master
earpent-r of the Delaware division of
j the Pennsylvania Railroad to Succeed
Henry Solders, pr.d George M. Kennedy
of this city, succeeds Mr. King.
Placed on Pension List.
J. T. Dobson, Michael Redden and N.
L. High, watchmen for the Pennsyl
vania Railroad in this city, have re
tired and were placed on the pension
Letters Testamentary Granted.
Letters testamentary were granted
this morning by the Register of Wills
In the estate of John Drummond to
Florence G. and ^John D. GUI, and In
the estate of Josephine Cunning to John
J. Canning.
Harriman Says He Raised
$200,000 to Carry
New York
By Our Own Wire. Publisher»' Press
NEW YORK, April 2—Not In years
Da« auch excitement been created
ttnun ilul circle» a« has the -pultoUontlon
of the letter of Edward a. Harriman
to Sldn y Webster, In which ho de
cfares that Theodore Roosevelt ap
pended to him to ttnve the Republican
purl y from defeat ln 1904.
Comln« with the railroad situation
and with the entire
focused on Harriman and Roosevelt,
the effect of the letter b» (ties even
intelligent genoss,
velt, who on November 6, 1904, made
the declaration thait the charge made
by Alton R Parker, that tihe trusts
mere furnishing the Republican cam
paign clminittee with funds , wul
■•atrocdmirty false."
Harriman letter states that the
President appealed directly to him and
that he raised the II00.4UO desired to
saving the vote of Now York (Hate Into
the Republican column.
Harriman admits writing the letter.
mirion's (ryes
President Roose
By Our Own Wir», Publishers' Press.
WASHINGTON, April 2.—President
Roosevelt this afternoon gave the lie to
the assertions .made in the aiH geJ
Harriman- Webster leMer, by mäkln«
public copies of the letters which tho
Prosldeht wrote to oCngre-sman Shar
man, of New Yor last October,
one of these letters the President said:
"I understood you to say that
(Harriman) alleged that I made these
promise» (referring to Depew as Am
bassador to France) at a time when ha
had came down to see me In Wash
ington., when I request«*! him to ralsa
»260,000 for the Republican president! it
omapalgn which m» then on.
such statement I» a deliberate and wil
ful untruth-toy rights It should toe
characterized by even a shorter ami
more ugly word.
Harriman to raise
presidential campaign of 1904."
I never requested
a dollar for the
Roosevslt Not Worried.
By Our Own Wir», Publishers' Press.
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 3.—Its
up to the President. That seem« to
bo the sentiment prevailing to-day In
Washington regarding tho Harrlman
Webster letter.
A copy of tho letter and Interview
with Harriman acknowledging that ho
was Its author, was laid before the
President left his office for a trip to
his dentist. Before leaving, ho Inti
mated to tacretary Loeb that he might
authorize a statement to be made later.
If the publication of the letter had
caused him any worry, he did not show
On his return from the dentist the
President went w Ith his cabinet for
the regular semi-weekly meeting, and
w n« assumed that the Harriman .'et
,Pr " aH not the lease subject consld
Harriman'» Letter.
NEW YORK, April 2.-The Harrlmatj
eitler to Webster tn part follows;
"About a week before the election In thl
utumn of 1901, when It looked certain that
the State ticket would go Democratic, and
was doubtful «« to Roosevelt himself, he,
tho President, sent me a request 4o go to
Washington to confer upon tho political
conditions In New York State. I com
piled and ho told me ho understood the
campaign could not be »iicceasfnlly carried
on without sufficient money, and asked il
I would help them In raising Ute neces
nary funds, a* tho National Committee,
under control of Chairman Cortelyou. had
utterly failed of obtaining them, and thers
was a large amount due from them Io th»
New York State Committee.
"I explained t him that I understood
the difficulty here was mainly caused
by the up-State leaders being unwilling
to support Depew for re-election as United
Stales Senator; that If he, Depow, could
be taken care of In some other way I
thought nutters could be adjusted and ths
different contending elements In the party
brought Into close alliance again. We
talked over what could be done for De
pew and, finally, he agreed that if found
necessary he would appoint him as Am
bassador to Paris.
exhausted ever;* other resource. In
his presence I called up an intimate
friend of Senator De pew. told him that
it was necessary In order to carry New
York State that »200,000 should be
raised at once, and If he would help I
would »50.000. After t (oar
With full belief that he. the Presi
dent. would keen this agreement. I
came bo*ik to New York, »ent for
Treasurer Bliss, who told me that I
was their last hope, and that they had
words over the telephone the gentleman
.sal i he would let me know, which ha
did probaibly in throe or four hours,
with the result that the whole amount
including my subscription, had been
The checks were given to Treasurer
Bliss, who took them to Chairman Cor
telyou. If there were ,uiy among them
of life insurance companies, or any
other like organization», of eourse Cor
telyou must have Informed the Presi
dent. I do not know who the »ub
sertbera were other than the -friend» of
Depew, who was an Individual. This
amount enabled the New York Stats
Committee to continue its work, with
the re»u4t that ;ut toist 50,000 votss
were turned in the city of Ntw York
atone, making a difference of 100,000
votes h* tile general result.
There are -between 2.200 and 2.300 dis
trict in Greater New York, and in a
campaign such as that the expenditure
of. say, »30 in each district for carrv
paign purposes, not including the
watchers on election day, woukl take
-morst hao »100, 000."

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