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fail to come to the Monogram
Mowing Picture Co. at No. S
E. Third street A full line of
the latest series of pictures and
on Thursday, the Fourth, all
children -under 10 years of age
wid be admitted free from 4 to
5 p. m.
Man Held For Examination
After Holding Up
William Muivdcll was arraigned In
City Court this Jimrnlng .hanged by
James Cooper uml George Wlggerts
with having pointed a big revolver at
them with no apparent region, ydtier
day Iwtmxn at sixth «txi
streets. As the defendant gave signs
of mental aibermtlon the case was con
tinned until tomorrow, pending an ex
amination as to his sanity.
Joseph McKeoghan, vagrancy, 10 days
In the workhouse; Harry Hamilton,
disorderly conduct, 33 ftno and costs;
Peur MiGrath and Owen IMlmer.
street tlghling, continued until tomor
row; Robert Griffith, throwing atone*.
35 and '<>sts; George M. Button, wlfo
beating, continued; Claude Bryan, lar
voiiy of toy bmo.niK. referred to Agent
Stoat; Howard Fountain, larceny of a
coat, dismissed; George McMahon, dls
onderly cotwlucl. continued.
High School Emptied oT Stu
dents in Just Four
WUmVngtoji High School students
underwent their tlrst tu* drill yesler
■Cay aftmnooa w4**//- thé big. Delaware
1«UW«*ibd of Its
llrit&ideuts In just
avenue maua
SOfl male ami
four minutes.
The d.rU! was (flonnecl early In the
day by Professot; Herllp unbeknown*
to the r* Irt'lh'f log' InsHtuthuv
and a$ .4 o'al"«*^ ju Ih^^tcmoou the
(alarm was s gtvtn The several teach
ers cautlrued the s.lialarr to leave
their seats with as Utile contusion us
poB»k"-> and In just fou» minutes the
big tfuitdlngs
There whs little confusion and not the
s an'hi'.noe of an'ktektent'. -
m ss- u tUvoat au.iK-atpaut.
The 111# drill wiH bs ti weekly exer
cise at the school hereafter.
Miss Sarah Elboron Wins First Prize,
With One Thousand Votes.
The Maud* iFcgly. PqiJuUrMy contest
conducted by The, Evening Journal for
the past two week* closed at 10 o'clock
this morning. Miss Sarah Klkrwm. of
Iti N. Harrison street la rtio winner u( lb«
first prlge. which Is ;t box seating tour
teen lieople at the performance of, "The
Illusion of eBatrlcc," to bo presented by
M.i ude Kealy at the Grund Opera House
to-morrow evening. ,
Miss Nan Tyson, of Seventh und Van
Uuren streets, wins the second prize of
Oght best $l.ju »oar* and A'udu uaivy
(,f 1239 West Puurffi sfrecfft TfiV" wiiufA'
of tho third prize of four best 31.1*9
The total numbei' of votes cast wa
end the winner of tlie first prize received
I99J vote*.
E, J. Bathe.
EC.nier Clark.
Aaron Cox.
■Mary, J. Peaster.
AmeMa Cl. Long. <
Bertnutd D Pot ter,
Ftleq J. 'ralliai
ODA HK—At Sumter, S. C.. on April 1.
' 1907, Elmer L. son of Leon and Lulu
Clark, aged 10 months.
' Relativen and friends are respectfully
Ipvlled to attend th • funeral services
«I the residence ot his parents. No. 126
Pine street. Wilmington, Dckcware, on
Thursday afternoon. April 4, at 2.30
o'clock. Interment private.
C'DX—-In this illy on April 2, 1907.
Aaron W. Cox. In his Rîth year.
Relatives aval friends are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral services
at the residence of his »on-ln-lew. W.
C. Byrd, No. 903 Pine street, on Fri
day evening. April 5, at 7.30 o'clock.
Ritemif-nl at iSeaiford, Delaware, on
tVitiurdsy. April 8. 1907.
PEASTER—In this city, or. April 2.
1907, Mary J., wife of Anthony S,
Pearler, aged 68 years.
Relatives and friends are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services
•t the residence of her husband, No.
617 East Seventh street, on Thursday
afternoon, April 4, at 2 o'clock. Inter
ment private at Rlvervle.v cemetery.
POUTER—In this city April 3, 1907,
Bertrand I*, son of E. P. and Cel a
B. Potter, aged 32 years.
Funeral service« from his brio resi
dence, No. 1212 West Sixth afreet, Fri
day afternoon at S o'clock. Interment
Rlvervlow cemetery.
THOMA«—In this city, on the 1st Inst.,
Ellen J., wife of Benjamin Thomas
nee iMurlha.
Relatives and friends are respectfully
Invited t</ attend the funeral from her
take residence. No. »27 Spruce street.
_Friday morning at 9 o'clock Solemn
requiem mass at St. Mary's Church.
Interment at the Cathedra! cemetery.
Ö FmKalmo.
No. 314 W. Ninth atre-D
Careful attention day or night
In Boarding Houses. Hotel*
claimed. Carriages furnished.
Bod I
gnd Hospital* removed and cared for
In til
(Appointments, first-cVsee. Both Phone«
Ripiil JJ 11 I CAfl I
Wiril H/ll I rillC [
r\ P* B1 HT It i I I HUI All 1
I l*ra I If Jt| I ||w[l||V|
V/L.11 I IsilL. hJlllv/11 !
Board of Education Wants to
Give Children Longer Sum
mer Vacation Instead
Children of the public school« of tho J
city are afunuod over the* probability of
the Hoard of ^duration deriding against'
th« usual May recreation period this year. :
The matter la now before the board and,
•num be decided at ills meeting on next ■
Monthly nictfht.
The objection to tho May week recela »*•!
tlful It Interferes with the spring
of studies In the school*. The board thinks
the children would appreciate a week's ad j
ditlonnl vacation just before the closing j
of the schools for the summer vacatton ;
more than they would the May period, and
ha» ab jut decided to make the change. It
b* probable, however, that the children!
will petition the board to allow them the
May vacation. The spring vacation h«a!
been a custom since the schools were ee-j
tabilahed and there are some mombera of
the board who foci the children dhouUS net!
be deprived of it.
i :■
Housepainters Secure Head
quarters in the Central
Bank Building
The local union No. 634. of the House- |
painlats of the city has leased the |
aplendld hall over tho Centnl Bank ut I
Fifth and Market streets, which w*ill
give them tine hiadsjuaiae:'*. Many of]
•the local unions as well as the Central
Daher Union will hereafter meet in Uhls j
h/tll. The.HousepainliU'»' Union is Ini
'a flourishing condition, both financially i
and numerloaiUy.
The Central ho ly al.-a is In flue «huge.
The recent banquet at Turn Hall, which
was such a success, wwns to have act- i
ej as a stimulait amiong the ■members
•who are taking more in tel est in lo/bor
matters. Tho dinner to II. G. Knowles
apcl "The Evening Journal" cost the
body aiho.ut 3300 and th rr- was left after
paying all expenses, $88. which goes
into tjie ire.uiury if the Central Uady.
Active pri parutions luve already be
gun for the next I>abor day celobr.ftion.
The legislative commltteo Is also said
to be preparing so.no "hot shot" for
some of the member» cf the recent leg
islature who. they dwere ivyp
notistd 'by the torporatlons.
WASHINGTON'. April 3.—Through
his attorneys. E. M. Harrt m in » Ul wp-|
pectr .tomorrow befora .U,u Inter.Stale I
Commerce Cominlssion In justification |
of his railroad deals,
slon of the hearings In New
where Mr. Harriman told ot his maul
■■uLitlon of Igurottd ito.ui.tks, his It
tortieya ask«,! penmlsstoH to make an
argument to show that the Union Pa
elfte and the Southern Pa elfte lines.
At the conclu- J
York. 1
which Harriman had tentitled had both
come under ills nuuiagomuol, were not
cosivpeUng liiwa, and thereCoic UgU
joint control watt violating the Shcnmn
antl-Trcist laws.
- ■■
Trapped in a Passaic Tenement and the
Father Alone Escaped.
By Our Own Wire, Publisher»' Press.
PASSAIC. N. J., April 3.—Excepting
the. father, the entire fund y. a mother
EOT four children of Michael pa up«,
perished to-day in a lire that destroyed
a tenement In Monroe street, Sulupo,
a barber, occupied rooms on the thiM
When the fire broke out the father
rushed out. The flames cut off his re
turn and ho was unable to reach the
rooms in which his family were
Big Fire in San Francisco.
By Our Own W ire. Publishers' Press.
«AN FRANCISCO, April 3.—The
destruction of tho electric light and
power house of the «au Francisco Gas
and Electric Dlght Company at
Twenty-second avenue «outh and
Georgia street by fire lust night plunged
almost the entire city Into darkness.
resu ted In tho Injuring of live lire
men, at least one of whom will die, and!ho
caused a loss estimated at 33.500,900.
fleers at the regular officer»* school at
the armory last night. Colonel Evan O.
Boyd and Majors Simon P. Doherty and I.
Officers' School Largely Attended.
There was a large attendance of of
Warner Herd were the instructors and
they spoke on field tactic*, field service
and drill.
Musicale at Hope Church.
A Pleasing musicale was given at
Hope Baptist tVrurch last evening,
w*hen the following was the program :
Duet ihy Ohtrenee Cain and Mis* Malvei
Buckmaalea-; solo by Frank 1*. Frazer:
recitation by Miss Fannie Beauchamp:
solo by Mr. Swan: mandolin and guitar
duet by the Frazer Urot lier*', vocal solo
by Mr. Walz, solo by Mr. Van Arsdalen,
and selections by the Frazer and Walz
Local Firms Qet Contracts.
Woodward and Brother, of this city, the
iowr« bWdtr» in tweïvt 1 Other, from Phil
adelphl. and llminirton. for haixlwiro
to be u»ed at th« fort» 4n the di»trloi of
the l tilled States engineer In ihars:^ lient
have been awarded the contract. The low
est bid on electrical work was received
from Garrot t. Miller and Company, alsoi
of this city, and this firm was awarded)
the contracD
Road Building at Fort duPont.
Captain J. D. Knowlton Is arranging
for the construction of 2500 yards of
nootunn e<>ad ami . ring <»r
conduits at Fort dtiPont, He is to re
; celve proposals for the work up .to May
John Youles Recs vring.
John Youles. of 1108 East Tantfe street
I * 8 recovering from a serait: attack of
Washington's New Station a Great Plant.
- \ .
if JC. d
. \
w* ■:*
« s» i» in *w nr w
nr raé net m ni
r a
* Â
« T i 7

« r ••..
•-i-T • , J4- 'itSjtÉ
jwoNj vn^r tjTsatiN- Jxtixrtjw. Tva.'Hzwsstraa^', J? cL
WASH] NOTON. D. C., April
limit interest con-tlnues to ventre
armuvl I be magnificent Union Station
now being built In this city. To th*,
dally Visitor to the null.us capful the
growth, no d.aiirt, aeoms slaw, but fo
thç ooraslonsl visitor great changes are
appaionl. 'IMie close of 1907 should see
pratftlcgMy all of the remaining work
completed. Mosi of the wall* and piers
which for a tiimo stocsl wkh their sum
mils thirty to thirty-five feet above
the surrounding ground, and. wih^h
were so confusing to the public, are
now surmounted by a paitly computed
building, which., from an archit^tural
standpoint, gives promises of rivaling
In beauty when completed the
modern examples of classic arçihltev
Will Petition Council
For Increase
To-morrow evening at tho session ot
from the Washington and Weccacoe Fire'
City Council a petition may lie presented
Cmopanles asking for Increased approprla
■lions ot 3599 each.
It 1* understood that the two companies
ently when the matter
held a meeting
was discussed and It was decided to nwke
the application.
Both companies have chemical appar
atu« for which Ooundl appropriate* *1300*
# .... fnr in it
annually to iimlnl 3: '
The contention made. 1*» that other coin
receiving |20U) annually for
paul&M are
maintaining (ho same kind of engine* and
companies think they are
the dissatisfied
entitled to similar culisldcratlon.
success last season In "Monna Vanna.
Wl 1 upia-ur In the new English adapta
tlon by Dangdon Mitchell of Jacob Gor
din's notable Yiddish play. "Tho
Kreutser Sonata." Since her former
Madame Kalioh in Philadelphia.
At the Djfrtc Theatre. Philadelphia.
next week. Bertha Kulicli. who will be
remembered by reason of her great
appearance as an
star, Madame Kallch, under the dlrec-
tlon of Harrison Grey Fiske, has en-
tnblished herself (Irmly In the esteem
of playgoers
Mr, Mitchell has retained.
throughout the country,
us far as
possible, the flavor of the original
p ay. and has made It, In form and lit
erary quality, a drama that will meas
ure well wljh the best standards of the
modern English-speaking stage. The
scenes of the play are laid In Russia
and Ncm- York at the
present lime.
Miriam Frieillander, the heroine, a
Jewess, having been dishonored among
her people by her love for a Christian
—an officer In the Russian army— 1»
forced by her father to marry a Jew
Ish musician of a social grade far be
neath her own, and to emigrate with
him to America, where they estab Ish
a studio In New York. Almost Imme
dlately the husband. Gregor, assuming
towards his wife a sneering attitude •
superiority, taunts her with the fact
that her child, David, is illegitimate, in
order to make amends to her father for
tho disgrace she has brought upon the
famllyv and for the sake of her son.
Miriam endures the misery of her life
with Gregor. Gradually, however, the
situation becomes Intolerable because
,,f tm, f ac t that she realizes that hc'r,
( husband Is In love with her sister Celia,
Hh „ f at . 08 . day after day, a condition
j that upon one word from her would
those she loves.
into a tragedy for
The nobility of the
I character Ilea in the fortitude w ith
I which she keeps silent, but at the same
time the strain of keeping silent wears
upoll h er bruin, and g*\dually bigg;.s
|Inwanlty upon her.
Tb« role "I Miri.nn I« 09e that brings
forward the very beast emotional powers
„f Madame Kallch, and the play has a
human interest that appeals to every
one. The actress Is supported this year
by an exceptionally strong company,
which Includes Theodore Roberts,
George S. Spencer. Claus Bogel, George
S. Christie. Adele Block, Jennie Relf
f ar th, Mary E. Barker Josephine Flor
i-nce Shepard, Josephine Victor and
G'adys Hulette.
There will be but one matinee per
formunce, on Saturday. April 13.
Mr. Dohl Candidate for Council,
I Daniel Dob!, a well Known German
! Américain cltiz.-n of this city, ha» an
I laiuiK-nd himself as a candidate for
City Council from the Ninth ward. Mr.
liohl h;l8 <llwaya ta * en :in ^ttvo Int^r
Hcunibllvan «politk^ and at (Wie
time wih ImlldlrK Inapoctor In which
|Misltlon •he made an excellent record,
M. E. Church will give a reception on
1 Friday evenliq? lo their pastor, the Rev.
C. A. Hill, and Presiding Elder Mow
i ibray. These officers have been chosen
Methodists Will Welcome Pastor.
Member« and «ocletle* -Ht. Paul*»
President. A. L. Johnson; secretary, W.
H. «imriley; treasurer. H, J. Guthrie.
I Disc* on Way to Hospital.
While being driven to the tiosplisi of
Veterinarian James R. Mahuffy. yesterday]
afternoon, a homo belonging 4o John Ma
. tiniiey, of No. 503 East Fourth street, fell
dead at the orner ol Eleventh and Jack-1
»* atreet*. The a nima l »as taken sick)
jftt auvootjl 40<1 Market strecU.
3.—(turn. ,
This mammoth work ! s being done
by the Washington Terminal Company.
whhfc Is jointly owned iby th? Ha'.H
moic and.Ohio Railroad Company and
' tju- Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
j this
I as '
Dirge figures arc applicable not only
to the •materials moved or used In
work, but to the finished produce
ell. The head house alone, 220 fett
by 620 feet, voters 140.000 square feet,
or 3 1-4 acres, while the con ourse. 130
feet by 76a feet, covers an area of
about 2 1-4 vn res. Tho general wait
ing room, 13» feet by 220ifeet, will cover
two-tli in Is of an acre. In Itself being
larger than the average city station.
In addition to dlls room there are tho
uyua 1 other rooms found In an up
Residents of the Island Ex
pect Him to Announce
President's Policy
Hy Our Own Wire. Publishers' Press.
HAVANA. April 3.—Theie Is a growlfig
belief amor - Cubans and foreigners here
that* Sc, ./ary ot War Tuft, on his
next wc.-k will announce the date
holding elections In Cuba.
Politicians, business men and foreigners
are confident Taft will announce Roosc-j
veil's plans for Cuba. They fear
business- interests will suffer if the Re
labile Is re-established.
° r, ' at Preparations are being made to
.receive tlie Taft party which Is due to,
arrive on Sunday.
There are Indications of trouble between
Dibfrals and tho American troops In cf-1
torts to organise a new revolution, 8tx
; toeu armed negroes were captured IbiK
j week. One of them declared tihey haT beep
I armed by General l-oynas Del Castillo.
I who figured prominently In the revolution
that overthrew Palma and that they had
been instructed to kill American soldiers.
* " v ValiniM UI\J
Special to Th; Evening Journal.
DOVER. April At the State Depart
">ent yesterday oertlftcates of incorpora
Bon were Issued to the Utah OH and Gas
Company to buy uml sell and distribute
products of tho earth for fuel, light and
other public comforts, and to prospect fer
!bl-mlncral products. The Incorporators
are of Pittsburg, Pa., and the capital
stock Is 3400,000.
The International Trading Company was
Incorporated to engage in buying, selling,
manufacturing and trading in paints, oils
a nd materials
j Comlortogort,
j | s 3599,000.
; _
T'he Ineorparators are of
and the capital stock

Park Commission Hopes to Have Van
It Is the Object of Hm Park Commis, ion
In open the new VunBuren street bridge
to travel on May 1. The cool weather of
Buren Street Structure Finis-hod
By That Time.
the last few days prevented the comple
tlon of the cement work on the bridge.'
i, u t tpu work was resumed IhU morning
It finished this
and it is hoped to Uuv
week Then the north and south park up
proaches U* the structure will bo finished
Tho new bridge
needed easy aeeeas to the new north park.
dll furnish a much
Wagon Upset, Bread Spilled.
Wlnl- .1 vn, i3;<*i 1 dwik *1 I »> l D- rnlon Mac
aronl Company was passing the corner of
Second and Orange »treet» Uhl» morning at'
__.. . . .
u rapid rate'the vehicle overturned, soat-i
. . ' . . . . . * .
Irrlng several hundred loaves of bread
„a.. » », » iti „
with which n was loaded In every direction
No damme was done save to the
top. which was smashed.
In the third story ot 824 Jefferson street
thi* morning the- fire department was
■ ailed out. The blaze was extinguished
with a loss ot 3.U) fully covered by In
Airsnoe., The property Is occupied by
Oil Stove Caused Fire.
As the result ot an oil stovu being upset
Frank McDaniel.
During the time tho boarding boat Nep
quarantine station, is nt the yards of the
Pusey and Jones Company und-rgolng rc
pah*, the tug Delaware, will be used by
the quarantine officers.
Neptune it Undergoing Repairs.
tune, which 1» used at Reedy Island
10 days and prove it.
"There's a Reason
(to date railroad station—dining room.
lunch room, ticket office, toilet rougus,
Tho space which will !>? occupied by
the roundhouse, shops end engine yaicl
will approx finale Ufty-five atiea; the
apace covered by the oo.v'h yard proper,
sixty acres: the approach between the
cca.h and train yards. Hvo actes: thi
train yard, which wlM occupy the space
between the north line of the
course and D street, thirty-one acres;
, ,
the s.iace occupied by the station und
a portion nf the iplast, between lbej
north line of the concourse and the
north side of Massachusetts avenue.
rtine acres—making a total of 160 acres
occupied by the new terminal Im
provements In Washlitclcn.
Mrs. Alfred Kelly Suffering
intense Pain As a Result
of a Mistake
Mrs. Alfred Kelly, of No. 764 1-2
Market streR accidentally peu red car
holte acid into one of her eyes by mis
for "eye or
ps" last evening, and
for|to-day she Is suffering Intense pain.
and may also loose the sight of one
of her eyes,
Mrs. Kelly had purchased the "eye
and had used several doses of
them. She placed the medicine In a
'basket which sat on a dresser, not
noticing that the basket contained the
carbolic acid.
In the evening she complained
°f the intense pain in her eyes, and
went, upstairs to scure the medicine.
The room was dark and Mrs. Kelly
placed her hand in the basket which
contained tho medicine and look a
bottle which she supposed contained
the "eye drops." but \t hlch proved to
be carbolic acid.
She poured nearly a tablespoon of
tho carbolic acid into one of her eyes,
She the.n feP In a faint. Other occup
ants of the house hearing her screams
ran to her assistance. Drs. Penniuk
and Allmond were summoned at once,
and worked over the unfortunate
woman for <irly an hour. Mrs. Kelly
Is reported to be improved this morn
...r-. . ii . at rv. * air
By Our Own Wire, Publishers' Press.
NEW YORK, April 3.—Among/ the
passengers o n the liner Kaiser Wilhelm
II, In to-day from Europe after a rough
voyage, wag Walter We lman, who will
B'V to reach the North Pole, starting
0,1 a ballooon trip from SpiUenhcrgen
next July.
A delegation from the Aero Club of
America met Wellman when he landed,
Including Major Henry B. Herser, who
Is to accompany him a the repre
sentative of the United States Govern
ment. The major will go In a scientific
capacity. He will sail for Europe to
Wellman said that all the details for
th : trip have been completed and tho
start for Spitzenborgcn would be made
In May.
the *.«tiding of bis daughter. In Wash
tngton. after which he would return to
Wellman said he came here to attend
. •
VÖR^'^prU 3-dn a rJldTarly
. „/ . „ , n # i wl
to-day on an alleged oi»iqm den In the
9 ... su..,.*
upper Ka»t Side, eight men ana tniee
j » J . ^11-»
'women were locked up by the police,
ot women was expensively
w*goi.l_^^ d „ nd wore valuable Jewels. She
i dj| , no , loi)k , ikl . thu ordinary habitue
of such a place.
She declared to the police she was
only slumming. A well-dressed man.
who h(1 xvk8 Ralph C. Smith, a
(contractor, living In the Bronx, finally
„. gnow edged the woman was fils wife.,
He too> pegged that they bo released,
saying they hud visited the place on
a slumming tour.
A similar plea was sot UP by a man
wearing an evening suit, who gav
naine of Moses Moss, and said he Is an
PAHA» were taken b> a police
station, however, and locked up until
arraigned In Harlow Court on a charge
of disorderly conduct.
..Created Pit^tor Northrop.
5he Sunday School rooms of Cook
man M. E. Church lot evening tho con
grogat on formally welcomed the paste,
I the Rev.

Van P. Northrup. Addresses
made by W. J, Staats, for the Sun
day school and «towards; C. \V. Pyle, for
the trusties: Mrs. C. W. Pyle, for the
Eadies' Aid; Charles Sapp, for the Senior
Kpworlh Dengue, uml Mrs. Schallenberg
for the Junior. KpwoC.h Dcague.
( Ht'fore the Womiftfy Homo Mi»!*l3>nary
j Society cf the Contrai Pi«'abytr*Tan
'Church yebtenluy »fttrntwn an in»tructlvo
address on tho tmteRMi and life m
General Bird Discussed Philippines.
Philippine Island» by Ucuorul
(Turlta Bird.
I *

By Our Own Wire. 'Publisher** Press.
....... . ...
VHK AQU, April 3.—By tt pluralltyl
of 13,018. »ed A. Baske. RcpubllcuA.
was elected mayor of 4'hloago Tuesday
over Edward F. Dunne, Democrat.
John F. Tracgcr, Democrat, was elected
city treasurer Uy a plurality of 7,983.
All other Repuh lean Candidates were
successful. . »,
The Traction ordinance, upon whose
adoption or rejection the principal issue
rested, carried by a vote of 185,846 to
132,720, or a majority of 33,126.
The Democrats retain control of the
City Council, having a majority of two.
Mr. Busse will resign the postmas
Automatically the ordinance provid
ing for a now and up-to-date car sys
tem in Chicago are in effect. No time
vIU be inj. j n putting into effect the
|rehabilitation o, street car service
contemp ated.
OVER 13.
Republicans Sweep Chicago,
tfecJug All But the City
Four Hundred Men Involved, But it
May Assume Larne Proportions.
By Our Own Wire, Publishers' Prtss.
, BOSTON. April 3.—The threatened
teamsters strike began on schedule tlmu
ut g o'clock this morning, and at 8
0 . clo ,. k llot a , vlltt ., ha( | movcd at tho
; 8tul ,, rs ,, f lhe , t . von trucking firms cou
: cerned
Although the strike involves but 400
men. U may assume large pro porta ns
if the demands of the union are not
j allowed. Tho turn demand one dollar
(more jay a week and ten and one-half
hours work in «'even and a-hulf. In
stead of eleven In twelve.
Church Board is Re-elected.
R. H. Bayimrd, «r„ J. Chandler Py'lo
arrtl b. ,H. Bgyivard, Jr., have (been rc
etectc.l president, sc.-ratary and treas
urer, respect 1 vely, of the official board
of Washington Htlghts iM. K. Chuivh.
The hoard closed its first year with all
bills paid and a balanvi in t|ic treas
ury. The church mcMrjbershlp is much
eUtad dver the ghonvlng.
PHlDADEfil'llfA, At »fl 5.-0RBAIV
STUFFS—Demand for flour continued
light uml prices'were weak. We quote:
Winter, extras. 12.70^*2.96; Pennsylvania
roller, clear. $2 954/3.15; Pennsylvania roller
straight. *8. «1&3.4»: Weatern winter, clear,
*d.UW(3.26; Western winter. Straight, 33.394»
•» jr.. Western winter nait-n i S3 titFdS «5 •
3.1.., western winter. Patent, «.Wik,
Kansas straight Hacks, 33.o04f3.i9; Kansas,
paient Mackp, 33.T61to.9n.
, ... , , ...
yere ample and the market was quiet at
former rates; We quote: Timothy Huy—
No. 1. large bales. *21.59*.33; No. 1. small
bales. 111.504.22; No. 2. »194/29; No. 3. »1«4»
17; n/ grade, 313.504.15. Clover Mixed Hay
—No. 1. 3184.18,Do; No. 2. 3l6.50<ü(17. * **
BUTTER—Receipts continued light and
tho market ruled firm with a goad demand
for desirable table grades. Western cream
ery. extra, 3114c; Western creamery, firsts,
284.31c; nearby prints, extra. 33c; Jobbing
salua of prints, 34(Jt37c.
EGOS—Receipts continued liberal, but
demand was good, and prices were well
maiiKuinetl. We quote; Nearby, firsts, in
tree eases, 17c; nearby, current receipts,
in returnable crates, 16c; nearby, secoiqls,
in free cases. 16c; Western firsts in free
cases, 17c; Western, fair to good. 15V44»
ne-erated, 1SV4
16$4e; Southern. 154*16c;
From Scott A Co.. Wilmington.
Amal. Capper Co .
American Smelting Goal ,, ,, ,..,121;4i
American Sugar Itifining ..D5V
Atch. Top and Santa Fe Com .... .99'U
Atch. Top; and Santa Fe Prof .9P4
Brooklyn Rapid Transit .58-,
Baltimore und OWo .....
Chicago Gt. Western
Chesupeaku and Ohio
. 4»'«
Canaila Boutbcrii .
147* 4
Chicago and Alton .
Chicago and Northwest
Chicago. MU. and St. Paul Com .132*4
Delaware and Hudson .
.182 7 ii
Delaware, Daekawanna and Western 468
Ki lo .
Erie 1st Prof .
llljpois Central
Douisvllle and Nashville .117>4
nil. Met. Com .
Int. Met. Pfd .
Manhattan Cons .
Mo.. Kantus and Texas Pfd. «314
N. V. Ontario and Western .37*4
Norfolk and Western Com.. ..
Northern Pacific Com.
Pacific Mail .
Pennsylvania Railroad Company.123',4j
People's Gas .
Reading ..
Reading 1st Pfrd ..
Heading. 2nd Pfrd.
Rock Island Com.
Rock Island Pt'ef . .
Southern Pacific.
Southern Railway Com ... .
Texas and Pacific .
Missouri Pacifia
National Dead Com
N. Y. Central and Hudson

.. ..12Ö
. X
.. ■•«'Si
, ,77414
! Tennessee Coa! and Iron Co ..........135
,F- 8. Sled Com .35'.
IV b Steel Pfrd .
j "'abash Com.
| Wabash Pfrd .
Weste ru Union ... .... .
. 3D»;
.. . .28
.. ..131V
I Great Northern Pfd.
j o'clock this afternoon are;
Tomatoes, crate .
Apples, basket
Poultry and Produce Quotations.
Reported by Thomas N. Slayton at 1
. ......33.W— »4.99
......g; 99 - 33.75
Apph'8, barrel .......
Lcmonii. l*ox ..... ..
34.*» -34 .:•*
31 >9 -54 25
OrangfS, iCal.foinlai box
Oranges. FDrida. l>uz .. .
potul .
.3J 50-31.75
i*otatoes, bushel.. ..
1 »Sweets, barrel .
Sweets, basket .
Cabbage, barrel .
Cabbage, erst» .
Orrtono. basket .
Celery, crane .. .
. 70«
. 4/:»' V
.31 ii
lattuco. Isisket ....
K« U>. barrel ..... ...
Spinach, hanvl . .#2.<»F-|-.ti
j K^gs «Del. and Md.» d. »»♦■:! .. ..... ,17o—I8r
Chlrkcm*. Ilio .... ..... ......lh v ■—iSo
th.*;liâad ipet h*0 buck . $15 fl
. 13'»
.. , v .il* o(Y-$3.ooi
ëhad u or hl» u
bbli.. ..
i Hwi- nc <
KOB HKNT*- U±rst*-v story Trent
rNRfMV, shiftable For office rrr will furnish
sc: Shipley.
wilt iT-open"on Snuirtlay night. April n
under the management of Mrs. A. Mac
far lane. No. 22-' N. M um -uc at. Amalepr
night. Salui'day nljjn*!,. ' , ii3-4t
WANTED—A mi ssmûyÜ'. boy. Apply
Co-W-cnu's, Drug Store, D}l(iwurc tt F mi«
and du Pont, ste. _ ,. a2-4t
Ü'âNTBD—Ü lrl , idv , ItBÜt house work
Fptt RENT—Pint. 4 or « rooms and
bath. All convenience*. 232 King et.
-- M
kU 31
NOTICE -X special mooting of the Fra.
tt mal Order of Kugle« will be held on
Thursday evening: at K o'clock, to tako
action on the de%th of B,-Is. Potter. u3-lt
WANTKI>—Young min for clerical.woik
and King sts.
FOR SALE—A Mrst-cla.*« counter, V te^t
long. Apply at 102« Maryland dvo. *3-5t
WANTED—Stead woman lor gcnefnl
housework In country near city, good
wages. Apply 621 Delaware aye, or phone
co'rr co.
ki:gistkk*h obdkh
Office of the Register of Wills,
New Castle Co., IVL, April 3. 1907
• Upon the application of Eliza M,
Stewart. Executrix of Hoaiy Stewart, la'e
of Wi lining toil hundred, in .«aid coun
ty. deceased. It Is ordered and diivcted
by the Register of Wills (hat thh Ex
ecutrix aforesaid give notice of granting
of Lottern Testamentary upon the es
tate of tho deceased, with the date of
granting« thereof, I»y causing advertise
ments to b<* posted within forty days from
moot publia pinces ot th© county of Non
Oastlo. i. qulrU g all pur.v.ua living
mantis against the etlala to ppeseht the
same, or abide by an act of assembly in
such ease made and ptovlded: and also
pause the samt) to be Inserted within the
same period in The Evening Journal, a
newspaper published. 1.» Wtlmlngion Del
and to be continued therein three weeks
Given under the hand and aooi
Of office of the Register of Wl'ls
aforesaid, at Wilmington, in New
(BEAD Castle county aforesaid, the day
and year above written.
Register of Wills.
Notice 1» hereby given that Betters Tes
tiHii.rnlary were In due form of pi
ed unto the undersigned, on the Third day
of April. A. D.. 1907/ and that nil persons
having claims against lhe estate of tho
deceased must present the same, duly at
tested. fo the said Executrix, on or be
fore the Second day ot April, A, D., 1J0S
or abide the Act of Assembly In such
made and provided.
... _ , . . Executrix.
Address Sylvester D. Townsend, Jr.. Esq
Attomey-at-Law, Wilmington, Del
Office of the Register of Wills,
New Castlo Co.. Deb. April 2nd. 19B7
Upon the application of Mary Elisabeth
Darter, Executrix of Edward A. Darter
late of Brandywine hundred, in said roun
■ty, deceased, it is fade red and directed by
the Register of Wills that the Exccutrii
aforesaid give notice of granting of Let
ters Testamentary upon the estate of
JJ>« deceased, with the date of granting
of such Letters In six of'the most public
places of the County of New Castle,
Jjg5£* the esu"°"* the rn '" n(lB
or abide by an act of Assembly In such
c > ,so made and provided; nnd also cause
same to be inserted within the same
period In The Evening Journal, a news
p ap er published In Wilmington, Deb. and
to be continue^ therein three weeks
(e .' 0,d ' > . .. ■' .. . .
Given under the band and seal
of office of the Register of Wil'a
aforesaid, at Wilmington, in New
(SEAT.) a.^llcjounDr^af^rcsald. the day
Register of Wills.
Notice Is hereby given -hat Detters Tes
tamentary were in due form of law
granted unto the undersigned, on tho
Second day ot April. A. D. 1997, and
that all persons having claims against the
estate of the deceased must present the
same, duly Htt.(8ted, to the said Executrix
on or before the Second day of April
A. D., 1998, or a hide the Act of Assembly
la such case made and provided.
Address, Word and /.ray, Attorneys..(t
Daw, Wilmington, Del,
Still Alarms Brought Out Reliance and
Weccacoe Companies.
Two slight tires yesterday afternoon
brought out tho apparatus of two
panics^ and in both Instances the flames
were extinguished before a much damage
was done. Ail oyerheated stove in tbs
borne of A, T. McDonnell, at the corner
,,f Cedar and Wright streets, caused the
first blase and did about 3109 damage. The
Wotoacoo apparatus responded to a still
The Reliance Fire Company extinguished
tho second blaze which wss caused by a
lace curtain catching lire from a gas Jet
In the apartment house at No. 329 East
Fourth street, owned by Max Kyle.
Chiefs Raised.
Great Chiefs of the I. O. R. M. last
night raised the chiefs ot Waneta
•Council, No. 3. Daughters of Pocohontaa
as follows:
Prophetess, Ida Golt; Pocahontas,
Martha Platt; Wenonah, Ida Qoodnow;
Powhatan. Mary Fenlmon; Keeper oi
Records, Mary Mclntlre; Keeper of
Wampum. Mary Moore; Öeout», Emma
Palmer, Bella Sttmerteeu; Runners.
Annie Cook. Bmillne Corsoa: Warriors,
Beruh X McCall. Florence Porter, Bose
Dane, Elizabeth Wagner; Councilors.
Annie Nye, May Magaii; Guard ot Te
pee. Nettle Molittlre; Guard of Foret*.
Katie Davis.
Prominent Rabbi Will Preach.
The Rev. Dr. Korn of the Temple
of Truth, has called a general meeting
of his congregation for tiext Sunday,
fo r me purpose ot organizing an aux- •
iHary. The Hew. Dr. Henry BeckowMz,
of Phti-adelphla, ra/bfit • of the Rode#
Shalom, one of the foremost Jewish
congregations in tho country will be
present at the meeting and will speak
on an appropriate subject.
County Accepts Road.
Special to The Evening Journal.
DOVER. A tail 3,-TIie Dovy Court yes,
Ivrday afternoon, made an official vlsil
in n body to Tilbarry brand* road, and
accepted It. agreeing to pa-ve the road will)
permanent toad material. This is the
oad which two (armer* of means. Charlc»
w i x)r ,i and Frank M. Soper recently
grade), through two Immense hills, by
employed by Messrs. Dol'd and Sop««
at their own expense.
Reception to Dr. and Mrs. Murray.
Following the business meeting of
t , he ladles' Aid «O-lety of Washington
Height's M. E. Church list evening.
Informal reception was accorded the
the Rev. and Mrs. VV. D. 8. Murray. It
delightful affair. During the
the Aid Society of the church fur
was a
mlehed the ptirsouago at a coat of 3660.
To Reçoive Mr.'A rte re.
Th-j oowregiilK» of Bpworüh M. K.
Church will give a reception lo the newly«
epi M, *uted pu»t»»r. the Rev. John M. Ar«
ter» ami Mr». Arttr», on Thursday night.
h 1 thü ohurch. ... .

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