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McLaughlin Was Find
ing Easy Money Until
a Policeman Spoiled His
Begging Game
John McLaughlin, who Is known In
police circles as "Doggy," started out
yesterday In a new role. He never
was known to work, at least In recent
years, and to make money come In
easier, he played deaf and dumb yes
terday. An officer who knew "Doggy"
and caught him making wig-wag sig
nals, apparently unable to speak, was
astounded, for he always knew the man
to be In full possession of these
When the policeman placed the im
poster under arrest he soon found that
the man could talk, for he let out a
string of oaths which would have
shocked the kind old persons who as
sisted the fellow.
In City Court to-day McLaughlin
pleaded guilty to a charge of drunken
ness ^nd begging, and was fined $10
and coats.
Damon Reynolds and Clifford Rus
sell. younff men. were each fined $3 and
costs for disorderly conduct and a like
fine was imposed on Clarence Pierce,
another youth, who created a disturb
ance in a Chinese restaurant In East
Second street.
Again Didn't Answer
Frank Bruckler, charged with as
sault and battery, again failed to ap
pear for â hearing, and his case was
postponed until to-morrow. Miss Mary
Hoodock. who, it was alleged, he at
tacked. denies that the man struck her.
She said she knew Bruckler, and saw
him earlier in the evening on Satur
the defendant,
should come forward," she said, and
then added; "I bet If a man hit me I
would prosecute him."
The case of Eu
charged with non-su
ferred to Humane Agent Frank Stout
for investigation, and it is likely that
the defendant and his wife, both of
- whom are young, will patch up their
She also asserts that she did not
that he did not wish to crosscuts
"The woman he struck
was re
gyie .
An attachment was
arrest of George
with peddling candy without a license,
for falling to appear when his case
was called for trial.
The hearing of James Demby. col
pscelvlng stolen
Issued for the
Kiamlda, charged
ored, charged with
goods, was continued until to-morrow,
and that of Raffaele Facindo. a boy,
accused of larceny, until Thursday.
The county constables will entertain
members of the Levy Court and a few In
vited guests Including the magistrates In
the city, at dinner at Alnscow's this af
dthe occasion Is expected to
ternoon, an
be as enjoyable as those held In the past.
This annual dinner is always looked
forward to with much pleasure by both
the constables and their guests on these
occasions. No expense Is spared by the
giving the dinner to make it a suc
cess In every particular.
In General Sessions Court this morning
trial of the case of the State vs. the
American Bridge Company was continued
until the next term of court upon the ap
plication of Herbert H. Ward, counsel for
the company. The company is Indicted on
a charge of obstructing a public rood in
Brandywine hundred by erecting a wall
on the highway. It is said that if the
company Is compelled to remove the wall
from tho road, tho big erecting shop of
the company at Edge Moor may have to
be raised and the company work trans
ferred to another plant of the company.
L. Irving Handy presented to the court
a recommendation for a change in the
Creek road in White Clay Creek hun
dred. It Is proposed to remove the road
some distance from White Clay Creek,
the waters of which frequently wash out
the highway. Should the court act favor
ably on the recommendation of the com
mission In the case the silVijeot will he
ferred to the Levy Court which body has
the authority to make the desired change.
When tho case of the Rev. John &
Gules, pastor of 8L Hegwlg's Catholic
Church, in tho Eleventh ward, who wss
accuse J of assault and battery, was called
I if the City Court to-day, Charles F.
Curley, attorney for the defendant, in
formed tho court that the prosecuting
witness. Frank Laskowskl, had with
drawn the charge and signed papers to
that effect.
Deputy Judge Joslyn asked Laskowskl If
H was his desire to withdraw the proceed
ings and receiving an affirmative reply,
the court dismissed the case.
Died as She Prophesied
DOVER, Del.. March 10.—"I will not
have any long illness and die In bed.
You'll Just find me lying around, dead.
■ome day."
Mrs. Mary Ann Clark, for many
years a resident ot Dover, and who
was active at 78 years, was, according
to her own prophesy, found dead in a
shed adjoining her house, where she
had gone about her dally bousekeep
lag tasks.
But Little Beyond Routine
Business Transacted by
Comm ssioners
Levy Court held a draggy hour and a
half session this morning at which routine
business was the chief factor in the
proceedings, the reading of several sets
of minutes of previous meetings consum
ing some time.
Country Treasurer Robert M. Burns sub
mitted the following reportP of weekly
To credit of Levy Court, 147,851,74.
To credit official bond Issues, 8228.008.03.
To the miscellaneous road account, m
To credit Miscellaneous Road Account,
To credit Christiana Hundred, $2.535.16.
To credit Mill Creek hundred, $1,228.04.
To credit White Clay Creek hundred,
To credit Pencader Hundred. $420.90.
To credit New Castle hundred. $497.86
To credit Red Lion hundred, $912.97.
To credit St. Georges hundred. $4,390 St.
To credit Appoqulnlmlnk Hundred, $».08.
To credit Blackbird Hundred. $1,430,71.
To credit Brandywine Hundred, $2,09.32.
Mr. Hopkins presented the renewed fire
insurance policy of $2,600, covering the
Levy Court's property in the County
Court House for a period of five years.
The policy was accepted, Mr. Hopkths
stating to the court that liiere had been a
slight Increase In the premiums on the 1
$2500 policy covering the wooden bridges
over the Brandywine for the same period,
the policy as yet not being in his hands.
A communication was received from
James P. Winchester and Howard T,
Wallace, receivers of the Diamond Stale
Steel Company, asking that a rebate bo
made on the taxes of the company's es
tate for the year 1906 as they had under
stood that whatever rebate was made in
1907 taxes would apply to the year 1906.
The clerk of the court was instructed to
Inform the receivers by letter that so far
as tho Levy Coi^rt was concerned the mat
ter had been settled.
Highway Commissioner Price notified
the coyrt through Mr. Hopkins, that he
had prepared the plans and specifications
for the improvemept of Lancaster Pike
and that he was ready for the court to
instruct him to advertise for bids for the
^ j
President McFarlln thought It best toP
advertise for the building of those rosds
that came under the bond Issue before
any other highways were repaired. Mr.
Scott agreed with him stating that those
roads Included in the bond issue before
any others can be built. The Lancaster
Pike would have to be built out ot the
county's money, with the addition of any
funds that might remain from the bond
issue after the work contemplated by the
Issue had been finished. A lengthy dis
cussion followed upon the subject with
out action being taken up to the ttma of
recess. The Commissioners were the
at a dinner given In Alnscow's Cafe by
the county oonstables this afternoon.
Arraigned To-day to Plead
and Two Are Committed
to Prison
The defendants against whom Indict
monts were found last week by tho Fed
eral Grand Jury, were arraigned before
Judge Bradford In the United States Court
to-day, to plead. Three entered pleas of
guilty. They were, James Young, colored,
of this city, charged with sending an Im
proper letter through the malls; William
James, colored, Brldgevllle, Illegal sale of
liquor, and Clement T. Tolliver, violating
the postal laws.
Young was sentenced to thirty days'
imprisonment, and ordered to pay a fine
of $100 and costs and James wo* given
90 days and was fined $200. Sentence In
Tolliver's case was suspended until
Thursday afternoon at 2.80 o'clock. The
court fixed next Monday morning at II
o'clock as the time for any ot the de
fendants who entered pleas of not guilty
to change thelr plÿas If they so desired,
or make whatever other applications they
had. to the court.
Those who entered pleas of not guilty
Lawrence E. Sutor. ot Wilmington,
sending an Improper letter.
U. I. Armour, violating the oleomar
garine laws.
Robert P. Small, ot Milford, illegal
sale of liquor.
U. I. Armour, Otis L. Brlokley, J. Wil
lis Hathaway, Lewis L. Cllphouse, Chas.
B. Dawson, violating oleomargarine laws.
James B. Dustin, sending an improper
1 on show,=d ,hat death had suddenly
resulted from that malady overwhelm
ing the heart.
j Mrs. Clark kept house for her rgand
«on, Thomas B. Clark, a musléiali and
foren in of the F. L. Jones Company's
machine shop. Her funeral will take
place on Wednesday morning, with in- |
Urtncnt at Cooper's burying ground.
I Her physician had been treating her
for Bright's disease, and an examlna
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By United Press Leased Special Wire.
BARCELONA. March 10.—Barcelona
greeted tng Alfonso with much splen
der and apparent warmth today. From
the moment of ho» arrival, however.
the msol elaborate precautions were
taken to guard against an attempt at
violence by the anarchists, with whom
the city swarms.
Evcry house aong the route by which
he passed from the railroad station to
the Captain General's palace where he
will stop during his stay here, had
bien searched an hour In advance of
His Love Spurned He Wounded
Girl and Then Killed Himself
. Spumed by/ the girl he lov'd, Michael
Slawlnskl, aged about 25 years, shot
young woman and
lan<i wounded the
then killed himself in the home of the
K ,rl ' 8 parents. No. 430 South Harrison
last night. The bullet intended
to, kill the young woman inflicted a
flesh wound In her left arm. Then he
turned the revolver with which he shot
her on hlmsMf and flred . t , hre ® tl " ies :
Two ot bullets lodged In his head
and caused Instant death.
is Miss Helen
Uhbenskl, and that »he Is not dead
to-day Is due more to good luck than
good management, for as Slawlnskl
fired at her she stumbled and fell.
When the man witnessed her fall he
probably thought the bullet had found
a fatal mark, and he then retired to his
own room, where he ended his life.
Tragedy Was Prearranged
The man was employed hr A. J. Hart
and Company, and returning home last
night from work, dressed himself lit his
The young woman
> - \ -—
Water Department Will Lay
New Water Mains in
Several Streets
The Water Commission on tho recom
mendation of Chief Engineer of tho
department, yesterday afternoon decid
ed to lay nearly 4,000 feet of new
water mains, which will give employ
ment to some of the heads of needy
families of the city. The work will be
started within a short time.
The *Street and Sewer Directors re
quested the board in a communication,
to repair the streets at the intersections
of Delaware avenue. Pennsylvania ave
nue and Van Buren streets which were
dug up to lay a pipe line and after
the excavation was filled in, left in bad
The board decided to do
the repaving as soon as the frost leaves
the ground and tho weather moderates.
The board allowed $400 to the Pitts
burg Filter Manufacturing Company
on a bill of $659.88, which was presented
by that concern for material It had
left over, after mmoletlng the prelim
inary filler plant at Sixteenth and
French streets, and sold to the depart
ment. A dispute arose Over the price
of some of the material furnished and
on the recommendation of Chief Engi
neer Leisen, only 1100 was allowed on
the bill, pending settlement of the con
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
BALTIMORE. Mck, March 10—Gqs
Gardner, of Philadelpnla, was given
the decision over /Sandy Williams, of
Kansas City, at the end of the main
six-round event Before the Dixie
peflence and ring generalship stood
him in good stead anil at the end of
the six rounds he had hi* man cover
Ing up.
would have wou In a knockout In the
Athletic Club here last night,
li^ms had a slight lead in the first
irbe rounds, but Gardner's long ex
It was the opinion that he
next round.
the procession's arrival. The occupants
were then warned to keep doors and
windows closed under penalty of a voi
le vat the first surpiclous sign,
The streets were lined with soldiers,
Captain General Linares of the prov
ince of Catalonia has been rushing
Into the city, three thousand policemen
under Chief Arrow, formerly of Scot
land Yard and now head of the Bar
celona department, marched before, bc
hind, and on either side of the royal
carriage and secret service agents
swarmed In the crowd.
best dlothes and from hla room on the
second floor he called to his Intended
victim, who was on the first floor, to
come upstairs, as he had a picture
wlshed to show her. Fearing some
thing was wrong,' the young woman
took her little brother along, and
she reached the head of the stairway
she saw Slawinski standing there, but)
Instead of having a picture. In his hand
he had a large revolver. She turned
to flee, but the man lifted his arm and
fired. At the report of the revolver the
girl stumbled and fell and the bullet
which was intended for her heart
passed through the fleshy part of her!
arm. Seeing the woman fall and with
out waiting to learn whether he had
killed her, Slawlnskl retired to his own
room and three more shots were heard
In rapid succession.
Watched Girl Grow Up
Slawlnskl first went to live ^Ith the
Urbenskl's five years ago when he
came to this city, and watched little
Pretender's Followers Are
Being Slaughtered by
the Hundreds
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
PARIS, March 10. —Genera! DcAmado
is slaughtering the Moorish pretender's
followers by the hundreds according
to today's official reports from the seat
of warfare in Morocco. From the energy
of the campaign he is conducting It is
hopÿd he will soon have the pretender
himself a prisoner, practically ending
the hostilities which have been raging
The French attack on Mulal's forces
followed the penning of his army among
tor months.
the mouiualn fu> illla whence ho can
not retreat except into the fastnesses
held by wild tribes which acknowledge
neither his nor the real Sultan's au
thority, nor advance except upon the
bayonets of the Europeans.
A series of fierce engagements fol
lowed In all of which the Moors were
defeated. They have now begun to
scatter and the French are hunting
down the small bodies and either cut
ting them to pieces or making them
prisoners. The French losses have
been comparatively light.
The pretender has been bitterly antl
European from the first and finally
declared a Holy War against all for
eigners. He has been responsible, for
most of the violence which has torn
Morocco since the signing of tho Al
geclras treaty.
local option laws and tho fee system
Mayor Stevens says he cannot make' a
living, he was prevailed upon to accept
the nomlnatlon^and at the town election
Saturday was re-elected for another vesr.
Councilman John H. Davidson and
George Sharp were also re-elected with
out opposition, remises have been made
that Town Council will provide a salary
tor the Mayer.
MIl-iON, March 10.—Although under the
The Captain General published a
warning that the soldiers would In
stantly shoot any one throwing flowers,
confetti or anything else while the pro
cession was passing.
The rigidness of the precautions has
had something of a dampening effect
on the celebration.
Tho King will visit the Austrian war
fleet in the harbor under Admiral Zleg
1er tomorrow and return to Madrid the
same evening. He Is accompanied by
Premier Maum and Minister of Marine
Helen grow Into young womanhood,
All the time he was falling more deeply
l n love with her. Another, however,
hejattraoted the young woman's atten
tlon .and Blawinski then appeared to
lose all Interest In life and Anally de
to kill her and then commit sul
The bullet which passed through the
young woman's arm went through a
window and planted Itself In the sill
of a window of the home of William
Tubbs, who lives nearby. Mrs. Tubbs,
who was sitting at the window, was
so badly frightened that she fainted,
The body of the homicide Is at the
morgue, and will be kept there until
arrangements are made by the dead
man's friends for his funeral. An In
quest will be held on Friday night.
Slawlnskl was a good public speaker.
(end recently made a speech against
the oppression of hts race In Prussia
at a mass meeting of Polish people,
which was well received.
New Arrival in This City
Accused of Practicing
Without a License
Dr. Ernest Casinl, an Italian physi
cian, who recently came to this city
from Portland, Maine, to practice medi
cine, was a defendant in City. Court
today on the charge of practicing medi
cine without a certificate. After hear
Dr. Caslm being a graduate physician,
but he himself admitted that he does
not possess a certificate of State Medi
leal Board to practice In this State,
He is also without a State license.
The physician had some correspond
ence with Dr. P. W. Tomlinson before
coming to Wilmington concerning the
requirements necessary to practice
medicine in Delaware. Dr. Tomlinson
who was In court, testled that he in
formed Dr. Casinl that he would have
to wait until June when tho medical
board met and his application would
then be considered.
The State also produced evidence
showing that the defendant had already
started to practice. He recently had
a death of a young child and having no
physician's certificate he could not issue
a death certificate and Secretary Wlg
glesworth of the Beard of Health had
to call In the coroner and hold an In
quest. The child's death was due to
natural causes as was known before
the Inquest was held, but tho law had
to be complied with.
ing the evidence. Deputy Judge Joslyn
held the defendant for the upper court
in $20U ball. This security was fur
nished and the man was released im
mediately after court.
There seems to be no doubt as to
The First National Bank of Kennett
Square has awarded to William D.
Haddock and Company, of this city,
( be contract to build a new bank there.
Tho contract price is
tank is to be
granite, with trimmings of Warner
gt on e.
feet In site
on April 1.
has the contract to build an addition
to the building of the Security Trust
(and Sat« Deposit ^Company,
$30,000. The
built of Port Deposit
The structure will be 40x80
The work will be started
The local coippao# aasp
Has Been Deluded With Offer
to Return to the
By United Press leased Special Wire.
NEW YORK, March 10—It Evelyn
Nesblt Thnw <a forced to return to the
stage It probablv will be us a rtar
heading her own company In ft produc
tion written especially for her. It be
came known to-day that the heroine of
the Thaw-White tragedy has received
an offer of this kind, which "looks
good" to Evelyn In event of her being
cost off by her husband and her family,
as has been reported may occur
With the first report of trouble with
the Thnw family Evelyn was deluged
with offers to return to tho stage. Sev
eral of the most prominent producing
managers hero
among tho bidders for her services. She
also has scores of letters from play
wrights declaring their willingness to
write plays (specially for her. But the
suggestion which Is said to appeal most
strongly to Evelyn is one from a sue.
erssful manager promising to star her
in a production prepared for her. The
repored to ho
manager's standing in the theatrical
world is such as to guarantee a ftOr
chance to the young woman.
Dan O'HeffTYY TCvelyn's counsel, to
day admitted the offers which have
been mode his client, at the same time,
however, Insisting there Is nothing In
the talk that Tits flTent will go back to
the stage. O'Reilly declined to make
public the names of men who have
made these offers and Evelyn Thaw
herself Is non-commits! on the sub
Evelyn's career on the stage before
her marriage did pot give much
promise. Even Harry Thaw- told her
she could never be a great actress. She
was a simple "shhw g'.rl." Florodor«,
Tommyrot, the White Rose and a tew
others were the limit of her engage
ments. But with her beauty and the
notoriety attached to her nemo, man
agers figure she would be a money
maker In any old kind of a show.
THAWS Not Thinking of Çlvorce.
Colonel Franklin Bartlett, counsel for
Mrs. William Thaw, mother of Harry
Thaw, to-day asserted positively thut
If proceedings for a divorce between
ilarry and Evelyn are started tho I
young* wife will be the Instigator. Ho
said: t
"The elder Mrs. Thaw has never ask
ed that Harry quit his wife, but on the
contrary, pleaded with Evelyn to be
By United Pres, I^.«d Special Wire,
CHRISTIAN a Norway March 10 _ vd.
CHRISTIANA. Norway. March 10 Ad ,
mlttedly attempting tho life of Kin*
Haakem a party of workmen fired tsn
rifle shots from the palace garden ag.lnst
the royal palace to-day. I
Several bull.ts smashed th. windows
and buried themselves in the walls
♦ome reconciled to him. Evelyn made
up her mind long ago to leave Thaw. |
and she seems determined to carry out I
her intention. The Idea of divorce
Is shocking to the elder Mrs. Thaw
She would rather sec peace between
Harry and his wife."
All members of the royal fanillv wer«j
fortunately away at the time and thaïe.
were no casualties.
Palace guards captured two wouM-be|
assassins. They had 60 ball cartrhlg-s
and declared they were trying to kill Ids
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
ARCANUM, Ohio, March 10 .—David
Davis, a farmer living two miles north
of Laura, Miami county, while tempo
rarily Insane, to-day killed his wife
and one-year-old child with an axe,
and then tried to kill himself with the
same instrument. Falling ho went to
the barn and hung himself.
By United Press Leased Special tViie.
extreme precautions taken by the au
thorities to prevent any outbreak j
which would prevent thelr execution.
Mock Kung and Jung Jow were hanged
here to-day for the murder of a fellow
Rumors had been current for some
tmie that Chinamen from Boston and
other large cities were flocking to this |
city and would attempt to prevent tne
To prevent any contemplated out
break the authorities placed strong
guards of police around the prison and
refused to allow any one to enter the
prison except on official business.
While a number of Chinamen were
seen near the prison, the execution
passed off without a hitch.
Forecast till 8 p. m. f Wednesday:
For Delewar
nesday, rising temperature Wednesday)
light variable winds, \
Fair tonight end Wed
George E. King Says Some
Ministers Could Give
Wire Pulling Lessons to
Mr. Addicks
That laymen
Methodist Conference
of the Wilmington
are becoming
tired of political practices that
into the sessions of the ministerial
fercnce is evident from the tart state
ments made today by George EL King,
of Epworth Church, this
King is one of tho foremost
of Epworth Church, and his
clty. Mr,
rft marks
were provodked by tho charges attack
ing the validity of the credentials
the Rev. Dr. H
A. W. X.lghtbourne that
ure to be heard at the Conference
session beginning next week In
bury Church. ■
The Epworth
gallon I» standing behind Dr. Light
bourne In the present situation, he hav
ing ben n pastor of that church
both Epworth Church and
odist church at
adopted resolutions
den ce in the minister.
Mr. King
the Meth
expressing confl
attributes the
against Ur. Llgfitbourne
tho conference, '
"For puli tira I wire pulling some min
isters could give lessons to J, Edward
King''* ,n h ' S Pttlmlesl days," says
"Methodist laymen
thoroughly aroused
to politics in
have become
„ . 'ho condition of
o? the !* " '* am ° nK a lnrKe "Umber
'onf ren r8 ° f
< onfcrence, ns revealed In the trivial
1 'r l Tw° n k b .? ,bt "* ,Un, ' t 11,6 F ^ v -
Dr. A. \V. Llghtbourns, the gifted
tor of Wesley M. B. Church
A spirit of Jealousy that Is
of Dover,
entirely un
seems all
among Oje ministers oj ^th»' Confer!
*noe. One preacher i. too glad to find
whTh hU bK>tw «tatawr
which he can magnify and "roll as a
sweet morsel beneath hi« tongue.' Let
■£.*£• th * laymon <* the Methodist
lu rch are growing tired of the un -
christlanllke conduct of some derelict
clergymen of their denomination, and
wll demand that they cease their peftv
jealousies, backbiting and political
machinations, and prsach the Gospel,
for which we as laymen, pay them, i
Praises Dr. Uightboume S
"TheVase against Dr. Llghtbourije
savors of persecution, and not prose
cution. Intellectually, he has no su
periors in our Conference bounds Be
fore returning to the ministry, wrhloh
he temporarily abandoned In yogrig
manhood, ho was editor-ln-chlef of
New York Mall and Express for
years, and was afterward secretary of
Urn Wool Exchange, of New York,
leaving these very lucrative secular
positions, on account of a firm convic
tion that ho ought to preaoh the Gos
pel, he acet-ptsd a small deeult position
one of the lower districts of
In doing this Dy. Light
bourne sacrificed a life of luxury and
affluence to which his abilities entitled
b f co "'® a humble preacher of
, * p<> course his brilliant at
tainments, ns well as Godly life, imme
diately attracted attention, and his call
to the more important appointments,
like Dover, was a natural sequence.
"Naturally you would
brother ministers
faith would be glad to have suoh <xn
able defender of
midst. But, alas! from appearances,
the very opposite is true, and there
seems to have been a studied effort to
got rid of him. Beautiful exhibition of
brotherly love!
Is reported, more than one preacher of
tho Conference is traveling from place
to place—even going as far as the New
m r,y P rearh ed—trying to find evl
dence to , upport a charge ot t rre * ular
troUenlla]a u „ , he|r opfln boa8t that
th wH | exwl thls faithful preacher
fro ^ thelr fold They canno J fin(} a
flaw in his moral character, so thfjy
, rt tQ gome oharge Q[ tnsufflcl{ , nt
Inside,.credentials, a charge to which we lay
suppose his
of the Methodist
the faith in thelr
At the present time, it
mon no significance,
.. Who paya the bll i 8 for traveling ex
'penses, etc., of these detectives (?>
The money that is contributed to sal
nr j es 0 { preachers was never intended
by those contributing to be used In any
such unholy employment. The appeal
1s made, very sanctimoniously, for of
ferings to support the work of the
Lord, and then a part of those funds
are used to do work not ot the Lord.
These are plain words, but I am speak
ing plainly, as T think the time has
come to call a halt.
"I am sorry to have to speak In
such manner of some preachers of my
own denomination, but their conduct
along these lines has become so dis
pleasing that some of us are almost
«shamed to be known as Methodists.
For political wire-pulling and machi
nations they, are adepts, and could have
given J. Edward Addicks, In hlrf palm
iest days, lessons In that particular
accomplishment. In tho midst of this
class of ministers appears Rev. Dr.
Llghtbourne. with high Ideals and a
Christian character unimpeachable,
and he has been a thorn In thelr flesh.
His very presence Is a stinging rebuke
to thelr unholy practices, hence the ef
fort to dispose of him."
Î.30 P. M.
12 M.
9 AM.
8 AM.

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