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.■*' j
lue North Wind
Doth Blow and We
Shall Have Snow
What are you going to do
L*t It snow, of coursa,
but how about that COAL
yuu*U need to keep yourself
Hadn't you better
give us your order?
Consumers Ice & Coal Co
Mice, Second and King Sts.
Delaiarvia 1(11
*lwo more remonstrances against
liquor lloense applications were filed In
the office of the clerk of the peace to
day. They ware
Htldham, Jr, and J. Harry Massey,
hotel proprietors* at Odessa, Eight
remonstrances are now on file against
many applicants for license.
This wa* the day fixed by General
Pesalons Court for the filing of ths
remonstrance«. Time for the hearings
has not yet been agreed upon.
From October to May, Colds are the
roost frequent cause of Heartache.
B. W. Grove on box 26o.»
agoJnsl Calvin P.
Contractor Fahey's Hearing Today.
The hoaxing of Patrick Falioy, the
weil known build*r and contractor, who
was arreatsd yesterday on the charge
of »pitting in a street car did not taka
place last night, having been postponed
until i o'clock this afternoon. The
case will ootne up before Magistrate
I« Memeriam.
Cunning—In sad but loving remem
brance of our dear sister, Josephine
Canning, who passed away March 11,
1*#7. (bone but not forgotten.
Mother. Brother and Sister.*
S*öa42*w» az.i finesida are lariied to
Robert MeCau ley
•areb A. 6 n»«m«a
Amend* C. Bui oe
Da Howard Ol Cemegye.
MfCNBAH-U this city.
a Mi Sarah A. wtf* of the late
•gel 7T rear*
rtxn eerrttwe at the mal
Ml BMe s*e h*4M W
eg her eea-ls-law. P»' Brgfct
oa Tkureiar
March 11 «3 t efefteok lx
j a' Na xt «2 Wltmtagm» and
McCAtiLUTV—lx -öa» BttT,
trrar Me law
mtee ?
neofissiofc 3Ca MOt Jueksor trou t..
«il»»«*—b 'n» tar» nt Hnrnt intt
(T Marta.
r ' tit g c * Isamt -
w-m^CTies amC imnfiii stet .
if Snunht aÎ the tumliy
«6 tin suujöuii'!- of nur mother
Mr* Vasy 7 LairjiturL. Vo.
me e i nn
at Trift*?
r.J tL 3 MA, m xm
G Um bai mer
d*y er right
-—— —---- — . ■■ Hotels
aud Hoejlix* ««o**d and cared tor
tft claimed Carriages fufttiehed
Nx tu W. NiUk Street.
Cu.--. ..
Appo intm ent» first-c.
Undertaker and Embaimer
Office and Residence
No. 228 Madison Street
lot h Pbone*
«»«»..*, 0*1
Does the Dealer
Know Better Than
What You Need
in Your Home ?
V not, you owe it as a duty to
yoursft^l to insist on getting what
jgö ask for when you try to buy
an advemsod article.
Protect Yourself by
Refusing Substitutes
PHILADELPHIA. March 11.—William
McCoy and John Burnt, th# yeggmen w o
rotated congtcrnatlon In their exploite
In two South Jersey towns last Saturday
morning, were arraigned before Unit'd
States Commissioner J. Willard Morgan,
In the Criminal Court Building In Cam
den this morn «g. The men wt re secur. ly
shackled at the wrists and upper arma,
and seemed glad to be away from Wood
Imrv where they were confined for four
wher * y
outer Post Office Inspector Cortelyou
an/Burn, ^e-n.d
t°h.- f .r ,tz s**. -
West Grove, Pa., several Weeks ago. se>
curing 1300 worth of «amp» and
$200 in ouh. The Government sothorliies
believe also that the men ore the same
who have blown several safee In post,
offices along the main line of the Penn
svlvanla railroad, and are also believed ie
be th. same gang who robbed the post■
office at Lawrencevllle. N. J. Several
post offices, one at Now
anrt another at Chalfonte
county, Pa. wore en -
weeks age two
town Square
both In Delaware
tered and th. safe blown. Inspector Cor
telyou said yesterday that ha was satls
McCoy and urns agd tha matt at
whe blew the satos.
fled that
large were the 'Ones
Railroad Man Helps Needy.
During the depressed times there has
who has been doing
been one man
much charity work, simply because he
felt It Incumbent uponhlmself to
>i.i -
try to relieve his fellow man.
oharlty worker la an engineer on the
New York Division of the Pennsylvania
Railroad, whose home Is In this city.
Every day he Is not out on hla run he
has colleoted provisions and clothing
from merchants and others, and also
has bought food for distribution among
he has known to be deserving.
He has operated as a "Railroad man"
but some of his friends have learned
of hla oheritable work and are praising
him for It.
Raising Money to Bury Blswlnski.
The body of Michael Slawlnskl. who
shot Miss Helen Urgonski In the arm
Monday night and then killed him
self, Is still at the morgue, but will
probably be Interred tomorrow. Friend»
of the dead man are trying to raise
enough money by subscription to pay
the funeral expenses.
Braakfast Mission Services.
The Rev. John Wesley Lee an evan
gelist from Indiana, la holding evan
gelistic meeting» at th* Sunday Break
fast Mission. They will continue two
weeks. On Friday an all-day meet
ing will be conducted by Evangelist
Luncheon to Delegstee.
Local delegates from the National
Builders Bxohanbe returned to this city
today and will be given a luncheon bv
the Wilmington Association of Allied
Building Trades In room No. (04 Equit
able Building.
Stock Markets
1 o'clock quotations from F. D.
Lackey A Co., Bankers and Brokers,
843 Market street, Wilmington, Del.
Amal. Copper.. 5314 Ko &Tex 53 #
Am. Smelt.Co. 64 5( Nat. Lead Co. 49
Amer Sugar... 11954 S. Y. Central 98 K
Atchison.. 71 H Out & West.. » j
Atchison, pfd ...85 Norfolk * West 6 j
Brook vn Tran. 41 H Nor, Pacinc . . 1 * 5 ^
BAD. 82 Pacific Mail
Çan. Southern Pennsylvania. n 6 H
Chi. Gr. West 4 V eople's Gas ... 87 K
Che* & Ohio...>*)* Reading
11 Read, rst pfd.
Read. 2 d pfd...
CM. & St P. u6% D. & H....
Chi A Alton
Chi. i N. W...
Rock UUad .„la)» D , L. A W
Southern ac. 72
.... tjh So >th R Com 1014
Terai Pacific... ■ 5 1 »
Tenn C al Co 93
De. Pa* Com 121
C & Si. Com. 32 H
T S It Pel <i
lui M» ]M Wabash Com.
Mas Coo. 175 < eba>h Pnd. > 4 l
JttXrFeetern Union 53
Commerça! Markeis
Rock 1*1*ad pfd
Ena ..
F ne ;*t pfd ...* 7)4
G* North pfd taoH
is Cab._
Louiw .« ..
Mia-our. Pat .
F Hn..t D ELPHI*.. M*r U —FEED was
Ot « 1*7 winter bran in b-.Ik. and spring
^ ■»<*• at ITRuruil
BALED HAT *Std straw —DeatraUe
Brade» of hay eoet wttfc fair «a c ai d rued
meafiy under moderate offertnga straw
* ffPi* aie! kept wcU cleaned
Timothy H*y-No. L l*rg.
^^ N * 1 ntaemT; n*.
ns,**:? k* i m*-. Mixed
Hay. n* l o.jï n® î nuit » 3- r «w
—Ko L straight rye. r .4 Ne î m 50*11
EOGS—Rtenpu were quit* liberal, but
thev» wu» a fair inquiry for fine fresh
etoeto value* of wî.ich were steadily held,
We quote: ■
Nearby fima in free cassa Be : nearby,
currsct receipt*, it returnable erstes ;i CJ
Wsrtsm first. Ce; Western, fair te good*
DV( POULTRY — Fowl*, g* t* quality.
I **!* 1 oM most era Fistte: spring chick*
sc*, choice, so ft-me*! el italic.
fowl*, fancy, 14s: fswta fair ts good.
UHalSHe: fowls, oocimen. UaUe, eld
tecs dry picked. 19c.
Adjutant Bartlett of the Salvation
Army has selected new quarters for
the organization In the Booker building
til Fourth and King streets, and if the
uase te approved by the headquarters
orticlula. which Is expected to be done.
the Army will move to Its new quarters
on March 26 The Solvation Army has
"ad ts armory In the Sunday Star
building for many years, but the Star
Lompuny now needs additional floor
«face tor «»■ Priming business and the
f1u ' v .'' Uonl " tB ar * obliged to move.
iRM Ä,
partment an( , other conveniences
I The siege campaign" of the Army
resulted ln forty . f , np conversions Per*
BO ns fr om tha dtfferant churches as
e i, ted ln the Bervlces Rf . llef work of
the army Is still going on, and many
needy families are being assisted regu
_ Accommodation In Media over night
Having been refused Mrs. Phillip Kline,
Mrs. W. Gains, Mrs. Charles Pryor and
a party of gentlemen, all of this city,
who were witnesses In the Pryor
murder case at Mtdla on Monday, the
party was obliged to spend the night In
the Court House there. The Wilmlng
tonlans missed the last trolley to Wil
mington, and when they later applied
lo several Hoarding h luses and hotels
at Media for lodging It was refused
NEWARK, March XI.—The Fresh
men of Delaware College showed their
class spirit today when they Invaded
the dormitories of the Sophomores.
They took Edgar, Bice, Fowler and
Major out and gave them a good duck
The photograph of the different
classes and clubs were taken by J. p.
Cummings of Wilmington. As he snap
ped the Freshmen the Scphoniores
drenched them with water. Then the
freshles" dashed for the sophomorss
quarters and captured some of fhe be
The Juniors unfurled on the campus
a_ja?te banner with
'usöb 1 ' on it.
the Inscription
ROCHESTER, N. T., March 11-W 1 I.
mlngton bowler, were far below form end
did not far* very w.n | n the double, and
singles of th* National Bowling Associa
tion tournament yesterday. The two
eeoree of Wilmington men
Johnson ....
. 146 i*o
. 180 I«? no
-— I
. 295 347 j« j
. 167 160 164
. 13* 130 204
Totals .
Kirk .
McFarland ..
Totals .
u * r»/-ir vn as
. 2 M 260 86 $
The Individual scores made thue far
by VJflmtngtonlan» are:
J H. Pennington .
M McFarland ...
H Taylor .
W F Kirk.
H Sparks.
- 163 161 166—5'9
. 132 16* 213-613
168 16« 2 * 13-6. 0
. m 202 193- 567
. 16* 184 189-633
By United Pres* loosed Special Wire.
JACKSON. Ky. March 11.—The case
sgninel Beech Hargis for the murder
of hie father. Judge Hargis was called
(today and continued to the seventh day
' ot ,h * April term, on motion of the
The young patricide was very
rauch plssssd at the court's ruling as
were his attorneys. Judge Black and
Judge Hedwlne
.... «I »4Ulti
•''Why don't you cqme to ohurchT"
**l aleep better at home."
"Did you tell h*r that you love her I"
"What did she sayT*
•"How ordinary T "
First Advance Shewing—Spring Fashions for Men
A few men fall to realize the
necessity of hewing a tailored suit
Our Grandfathers did net appre
ciate the velus of electric lights.
But conditions have ehangsd. To
day, ths man who would Win
prestige In ths social or busineus
world must dross well. Your ap
pearance either makes or mare
your ohances of success. I give
you expert tailoring service. Cm*
ploy dene but skilled workmfib.
Buy nothing but reliable fabrics.
The new ran. Browns, Olivos, Ik
visible stripes, Bright blues and
ell the novel effects srs here.
Complsts change of style* this
season. Com* and look, Whether
you intend to buy or mdt.
« -
pt'ii j
Tbos. 0'CennelL N. L Cerner Cth and Shipley Streets.
Ivory Soap—it keeps
the country clean.
There is no exaggera
tion about this state
ment. It is a fact.
Nearly every grocer
sells Ivory Soap. Nearly
every well-to-do Ameri
can family uses it; for
the bath, for the toilet
or in the laundry—for
the finer things.
Ivory Soap
99 *5'ïoo Per Cent. Pure.
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ber of last year to procure a divorce
for him. Mr. England said he and
Elsenman agreed on the fee to be paid.
At that time Mr. England said he did
not know his client had employed
Schaffner to look up testimony in the
oase. He learned of this, however, af
terward. Mr. England said Daniels
and tha other witnesses had outlined
to him the testimony which is alleged
to have been first outlined by Schaff
ner. Concerning the payment of
money to the men. Mr. England Bald
he had given Daniels $4 for the men
only because Daniels said the men
would not etay In the city unless their
expenses were paid. This expense was
to be paid by Harry Elsenman, a
brother of the former divorce petition
er. The State would not permit the
defense to show that Mr. England had
refused to allow the four witnesses to
give testimony In the Elsenman case.
Mr. Hastings did not cross-examine
Mr. England.
Miss Bessie Morrison, stenographer
In the employ of Mr. England, swore
that Mr. Elsenman had frequented Mr.
England's office, but had never come
there with Schaffner.
Samuel Cauffman, a Peoples' Rail
way Company motorman, who lived at
No. 308 East Second street, swore that
he had seen Daniels enter the Bisen -
man house on at least three occoalops.
The object of calling Cauffman was to
discredit Daniels, he having sworn
that he had never been In the Elsen
man house.
The State closed its case by calling
J. Harvey Whiteman, William T.
Lynam, members of the bar; Detec
tive John P. Dolan, State Detective
Harry I. Gillie and Richard W. Crook,
manager of the Peoples' Railway Com
pany .and Frank Stout, as character
witnesses against Schaffner,
said fhe reputation of the defendant
was bad and that they would not be
lieve him on his oath, Mr. Whiteman
supplemented hla testimony with the
statement that he had understood
mifrotn clients that Schaffner
law oases for Mr. England and twelve
other lawyers, and that Schaffner was
anxious to add two other lawyers to
hla "chain."
Doth sides than presented their
Continued on Seventh Page)
The parents of Irwin A. Lewis, the
young Landenberg farmer, who was
convicted by a Jury In January of the
murder of hla five-year-old stepdaugh
ter, Mary Newlln, are anxiously await
ing the court's decision upon the
prisoner's application for a new trial.
Argument on the appllcatlbYl Was heard
yesterday, and the judge held the ca*>
under advisement.
Thomas W. Pierce and William 8 .
Windle, attorneys for Lewis, declared
that a new trial should be granted for
the reason that the trial judge fatted
to consider certain pointe advanced by
the defense pertaining to the accused
man's sanity, and because of a remark
made by the prosecuting attorney to
the Jury that one of the medical ex
perts had made up the Jefendan't case.
Lewis's wife and mother testified that
certain testimony given by Caleb Pyle
at the trial was untrue.
To meet the expense of his son's trial.
Harry Lewis has sold his farm at Lan
delberg. It was bought by Edward A.
Mulltn, of New Garden, for (6.000.
Anti-Tuberculosis Society Meeting.
The Delaware Anti-Tuberculosis 8 o
olety will meet this afternoon.!
selection of a new site for ths society's
sanatorium in Brandywine hundred will
be considered. A committee has been
placed in charge of finding a new site
and a report will be made by it.
Basebalf Club Organizes.
The Jeffersonian Baseball Club has
been organized for the season with the
election of Frank Gold, manager, and
Jdhn Meaney, captain. Communica
tions as regards games can be sent to
Whietler's Odd Way*.
Lord Redosdale once gave a descrip
tion of Whistler 1 * methods to a meet
ing In London in support of a memo
rial to the great artist. He wag paint- j
Ing, be said, a portrait of a la dr. |
Whistler took up bis position at one
end of the room with his sitter and the
canvas at the other end. For a long
time he stood looking at his model,
bolding In hla band a huge brush full ;
of color, such a brush as a man would j
use to whitewash a house. Then he
rushed forward and smashed the brush
full of color Into the canvas. Then be
ran back, and forty or fifty times he
repeated this. At the end of thnl
time there stood out on the canvas a
space which exactly indicated the fig
ure. the form and the expression of
the sitter. There wua a pathetic story
attaching to the picture. The bailiffs
were In the house when the picture
was finished. That was quite a com
mon occurrence, and Whistler only
laughed, but he went round hla studio
with a knife and deliberately destroyed
all his canvases. Including this picture.
which was to have been hla (Lord
Redesdale's).—Dundee Advertiser.
"Immeasurable are the rebuffs that
the helpers of the poor, the seekers
The Gentle Rebuff.
after charity for their suffering broth
ers undergo," said a New York charity
organization official,
mine, a Methodist minister In a small
A friend of
. .
western town, told mo ths other day
of hla last rebuff, a not unkind one.
Entering the office of the local weekly,
the minister said to the-editor:
" 'I am soliciting aid for a gentleman
of refinement and Intelligence who Is
In dire need of a little ready money,
but who Is far too proud a man to
make his Bufferings known.' |
" 'Why,' exclaimed the editor, push
Ing np his eyeshade, 'I'm the only chap
In the Tillage who answers that de
scriptlon. What's tht» gentleman's
'' 'I regref said the minister, that I
am not at liberty to disclose It'
" 'Why, It must be me.' said the ed
Itor. 'It Is me. It's me, sure. Heaven
parson, In your good
prosper you,
work.' ''
An Unburied Picture.
Rossetti secured permission ln 180E
to reopen the coffin of his wife In order
to secure Ute ^nuscrlpts of some
poems which he had burled with hat
seven years before,
Some such Incident might have oc
curred In connecUon with J. M. W.
Turner If his desire to be burled wrap
ped up In his own painting of "Car
thage" had been carried out. There
was some difficulty In selling the paint
ing. and the artist kept the canvas by
him. He always said he would be
wrapped in it when he was buried and
even went so far as to ask Chantrey it
as bis executor he would fulfill bis
wishes on that point.
"No doubt," answered the sculptor,
"1 shall bury you rolled up in your pic
ture If it Is one of the conditions ot
your will, but I would take you up
next day and unroll you I"
Tha Master's Title.
Professor Key when head master of
a large London school was one of the
most genial gentlemen that ever filled
that position. He was fond of encour
aging fun In hla boy* and was not un
willing to recount occasionally during
class time when anything prompted It
the manners and customs of countries
he bad visited. On one occasion he
was telling hla class about Spain and
"Do yon know, boya, that when a
man attains to eminence there he It
not called 'sir,' but Is given the title
of 'don?"'
One of the boys here called out;
"Then, 1 suppose, elr, they would
call you Don Key?"
The gravity of the class was com
pletely upset for the remainder of the
afternoon.—Strand Magazine.
Prise of His Treason.
Benedict Arnold died In London Jnnt
14, 1801. His life after bis treason wu
a most unhappy ope. He wae avoided
by men of honor and on many occa
alona deliberately insulted. He re
celved a considerable sum of money
from the British government and mad<
aeveral unsuccessful attempts to en
gage In business la British America
sad the West Indies and finally re
fumed to London, where be died In
obscurity. His second son, born In
1780, entered the British army in 1798
served with credit In many parts ol
the world and throe year« before hit
death In 1864 wae made a lieutenant
general.—Household Companion.
Running No Rlek.
"What," **ks the maiden aunt, "go
ing to marry that Mr. NewwunT Why,
you hardly know the man, Imogens.
In the tew days you have been ac
quainted with him you cannot possibly
have learned anything of bis family ot
antecedents or habits or persoaal cir
culas tenses.''
"That is true. Aunt Keturab. But
you have always told me that no wom
an who know* anything about a man
will marry him.''—Success Magazine.
A Definition.
"Paw," asked • thoughtful Ud. wrin
kling hi*
"A pessimist. John J.," replied bis
father, "la a man who, after a cyclone
hoe blown bis house away with him In
tt, goes back and grumbles at bis lot."
brow, "what's a pessimist?"
The Charges.
Mord— Tour lawyer made some very
•evere charge* against the defendant,
didn't he? Brown—Ye-e-e-e-s, but you
ought to see bow he charged me!—
Liverpool Mercury.
Great minds are wills; others, only
wishes.—German Proverb.
Eight After Government Jobs.
Eight applicants for government po
sitions arc taking civil servioe exam
inations at the Federal Building today.
Three are being examined for book
keeging: thre for wiremen, one for
school teach In the Philippine Islands;
for dUO engineer, student, and on*
copyist bopegsuphlu
Dr. Thomas J. Xttfirtder, of Pough
keepsie. N T., W>* the guest of Ml»»
Johaaou, of WhWork, over 8 ua

Chester Rector in St. Andrew's
Emphusizcs Obligations
ol the I resent
The need of a Christianity of the
present rallier than of the past or the
future, and a Christianity of service
rather than one of vociferation,
emphasized as the true spirit of Chrie
tlan worah i p by the Rev Francis M
the . ot the aon8hl P
bondage He *defUd »h adopUon ' nat
of the worshipper toward l"**
the joyous look of the child
' A ali
Tait at the noon-day service lu tit.
Andrew's Episcopal Church to-day.
The central truth of Christian life
to-day, he said, was the sense of the
the Deity as
in the face ;
of the father, not understanding mo -1
lives, but confiding and hopeful. The j
duties of Ufa ware not to be looked
"P° n a» tasks, but as duties given the
chr, 8 t J an b Y a aithful father. "Christ's !
glory la not His Power, but Hla love,"
Mr. Tail said. "The sense of sonshlp
with Ood brings out the Idea that he
has sent His aons Into the
, _ world to
make our Father's name known unto
him who knows Him
"How can God's beat work toe done
In this world? Not merely by voclfer
atlon. Not by the
cry that God Is
great and powerful. That cannot lead
men t0 the idea ot God's love, if they
bave seen men profess to be sons, but
yet d ° not try to make pure the life
ar °'i " <1 ***01» -
Christian religion
An ,v wa a p to* re** i*™* °* now
thing of the glor^* of"^" *° me '
Ood. not by
wheezing about It, lut by trying to
live the life of Ood. If we realize God j
now, we can well leave the future to
There Is no change after death. We
are changed and renewed now. The
feebn k °* fhe sonshlp with Ood makes
us feel that we can loon beyond the
grave and trust to God that which Is
, and that now I* The
'«L* n °f for '
future Let the church and the ™rid
be together and live l n the present
But heer the world and the church
must part. For the world says, 'Elat,
drink and be merry,' and the church
says, 'Let us be true to all that God
reposes In us.' "
John Bhsnnon, a young man,
was ar
raigned In the City Court to-day on the
charge of drunkenness and begging and
was fined S3 and oosts, with the under
standing that If he was an enlisted man
In the United States Army, as he claimed
that the fine was to bo remitted.
The man said he enlisted In this olty
yesterday and afterward drank too much,
and If he was begging, he said he did not
know It. The pollee made an Investiga
tion of Shannon's story that ho had en
listed and found It untrue, and he was
accordingly Bent to the workhouse this
afternoon to serve out hla fine.
DOVER, March 11.—It was said to
day that when the Democratic State
Committee meets here 00 Friday
attempt will be made to have a state
convention earlier than the Republi
cans to nominate delegates to the Na
tional Convention in Denver.
According to reports the Anti-Bryan
men, Including some boomers of Judge
Gray for the Presidency, will try to
have a convention called for March 31.
This will moat likely meet with oppo
Major Sanford in Wilmington.
Major Sanford of Philadelphia, United
States engineer In charge of this dis
trict In the absence of Major Flagl«r,
who le In Europe, was In Wilmington
today. He came here merely to sign
checks and transact other routine de
tails of the United States engineer's
William Doran, of Bddyttone, spent
the week-end with friends in this city.
Thoughtful Farmer Learns
Many people exist In
a more or 1 st»
hazy condition and It often takes
before they realise that coffee Is
cause ths cloudiness, and that there 1
Is a simple way to let the light break
V .'»!••
A worthy farmer had such an experi
ence and tells about it, in a letter,
"P5P rijout forty years, I have had|
indigestion and stomach trouble in var-i
tous forma During ths last 25 year» I
would not more than get over one spell|
ot bilious cello until another would be
on me.
"The beet doctors I could get and all
the medicines 1 could buy, only
me temporary relief.
"Change of climate wa* tried with
out results,
had rheumatism and my heart would
palpitate at times so that It seemed It
would jump out of my body.
I "I came to the conclusion that there
wa* no relief for me and that I wa* about
wound up, when I saw a
coffee drinker, and got an Idea from the
ad that maybe coffee was the cause of
my trouble.
I could not sleep nights.
had always been a
"X began to drink Postum Instead of
coffee and in less tuen throe wee:--« I
felt like a new man. The rheumatism
left me, and I have never had a spell
bilious colic sines.
"My appetite Is good,
never wa* baiter and I can do
work than before for 40 yeare.
"I haven't tasted coffee eines I began
M> wife makes It ac
cording to directions and I relish It a*
well a* I ever did oeffse. and I wu cer
tainty a slave to coffee.'*
mo. r
with Poilujn.
"There's a
Mam* given by Postum Cu. Battle
Creek. Mloh.
vuia" to ykg*
Read "The Road te Well
Sfyk in Spring
Clothes Depends
on fhe
Tailor Work
Light cloth ii'4 is the gen*ral
rue or warm weather wrich is
fast heading this way. Wirm
weaker calls for thin coihes,
thin clothes cal s for the
Into every suit our tailoring de
partment Pirns out. go firs' the
best fabrics—and then a fit that
You Noticeable
Among the Throng
Wright & Davidson
Eighth and Market Sts.
A-' tlce. One that can sew. 1023 Tatnull
,treet - mll- 2 t
By United Press teased Bp.ol*] Wire!
NEW YORK, March U-Raymond
HltchtW*; the
comedian, now on trial
In the criminal branch of the Suprema
Court, on charge* alleging abuse
maltreatment of young girl*, had the
consolation of hi* wife'*
the oourt room to-day. Mrs. Hitch
cook, who 1 * known a* Flora Zabell*
on the Mage, la standing loyally by her
husband. Yesterday she wa* ordered
out of the oourt room and not
mltted to be present. To-day an ap
peal to Justice Blanchard that she be
permitted to *lt by her husband during
the trial wa* answered in the affirms
presence In
live, and ehe wa* given a seat just
outsid e of thee ncloeura reserved for
Clé lawyer», where she oau hear and
give Hitchcock the
support of her
, j® a Tbe result was that the de
fendant loat a great part of the nerv
ousness that characterised him yester
day. She wa* accompanied by a
friend, Mr*. Duokminiator, and both
were dressed hi thee xtreme ot late
French fashion. During the examina
tion of talesmen, Mrs. Hftchcoci sedt
a number of hastily penciled note* te
him and continually smtted In hi* direc
The result of the morning session
was the addition of two more member*
to the jury and when luncheon rentiel
was ordered, »even seats had been fitt
ed. In ordof to complete the Jury to
night, Justice Blanchard is expected te
order an evening session unless the
panel should be exhausted before tha
time for ths regular adjournment ar
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
CHICAGO. March 1 L—Assistant Chief
Schuettler and several detectives
forced to protect Leo Pardello from a
crowd of 600 infuriated sneotators at
Brooke's Casino late last night at ths con
clusion of one of th* roughest wrestling
bouts seen In Chicago for some time.
Charles Olsen, Paxdello's opponent bad
just won the second and deciding (all
from Pardello and had been declared the
winner when Pardello sprang at hlm. 1&
an Instant th* two men were In the centre
of the ring pummelling each other In ap
prend ring style. There had been bad
blood between th* men all through the
match and gouging punching and ether
rough tactics had tak
regular wrestling methoda Ths sympath
ies of the crowd were with Olsen, the
smaller man and when Pardello el tanked
him a riot broke loose. Referee Fleming
made an attempt to separate the two men,
but wa* unable te do **. There was a
th* place of th*
rush from ths crowd toward th* ring and
(earing an attempt might b* mads to mob
Pardello Schuettler With serrerai detec
tives from his office sprang Into th* ring.
The contestants met last night le a
csteh-as-eatoh-caa bout best two la Kurts
falls. Pardello won ths first fall.
Warn About Collectors.
Adjutant Bartlett of the SaJvallOfl
Army announces that the organization
bas but one authorized collector, whf
carries an official receipt book and
credentials signed by Adjutant Bart
lett The public Is warned against
contributing to the Salvation Army
through any collector other than the
one bearing credentials.
Suspect Arrested in North Carolina,
Word has been received here that u
man answering the description of Af
otjthur Mtles. the negro wanted at Scsford
for the shooting of Constable Steen
sometime ago, when that officer raid eg
a crap gam*, was under arrest at Eliza,
beth City, N. C.
wl'l look into the matter and If the
fugitive 1 » the fhan wanted, he will
be brought here.
The state detective»
ftooteh Tenor Hera.
George 8 Kell, fhe famous Poo tab
tenor Is visiting his brother Robert
Nell In till» city Mr Nell has boon
singing in concert in Dlsseronto. Cu
a*4a and bos net with much suooeg*

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