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The Evening Journal Has tlve Largest Circulation of Any Newspaper Published in Delaware.
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Circulation of the
The Evening' Journal
Adve rtise in busy tim es, be
cause the iron must be struck
w M e - if is hot, and advertise
in dull times to heat the iron.
Yesterday was

County Convention This Morn
ing Named a New
Temperance workers from all parts at
New Castle county had a county conven
tlon In room No. 611 In tho
Building this morning and outlined plans
for a campaign to try to bring about a
esubmission of the question of lic-nsa or
license in New Castle county and Wil
dlstrlct. Between forty
mington as one
fifty persons were present. Including
several women. If "dry" candidates lor
the Legislature are not nominated In the
various districts by the regular political
parties It Is proposed to name an Inde
pendent "dry" candidate to run against
the regular party nominees in those cls
trlcts. Caleb E. Burchenal sa'ff In out
lining the plans of the temperance fo J 4 ®
The following county committee, divided
equally between the Republicans and
Democrats, was elected and 1» to be known
a» the New Castle County Anil-Llccnse
Brandywine—J. Atwood Weldln, D.;
Joseph Buck. R.
Christiana—(Left open).
Mill Creek— O. W. Eastburn, R.; F.
H. Walker, D.
White Clay—Professor Harry Hay
ward. D.: E. L. Richards, R.
Pencader— Z. H. Hanls, R.; J. II.
Frazier. D.
New Castle—Rev. J. M.
Harrv C. Hunter. D.
Red' Lion—(Loft open).
St. Georges—Merritt N. Willlts. H.;
Fred Brftdv. D.
Apnoouinlmink—Thomas Lottomus,
R.; W. E. Hart. D.
Blackbird—Abram Staats, B.î George
Heinhold. D.
' The election of a chaliman and other
officers was left
which will be trailed together by Chair
man Arters.
Each committeeman was empowered
to name four more men of his own
party to be members of the count..'
committee, making five Republicans and
five Democrats from each representa
tive district in the rural county.
A majority of those present today
was made up of ministers. Three col
ored pas{ora
sat in the convention,
present represented the W. C. T. U.
When the convention was called at JO
o'clock. Daniel B. Maloney, county
chairman; Joseph T. Parker of Mid
dletown and other down county mem
bers had not arrived, as their train
did not arrive until sometime after
that hour. Organization was effected
by electing the Rev. John M. Art"rs
chairman and the Rev. Cyrus P. Keen,
Chairman Arters, in a few intro
( Continued on Second Page.)
Wise, R..
to the committee.
•ere among those Who
The won on
Great Rush of Water Renders
Thousands at Dallas
DALLAS. Texas, May 26—Wearing the
appearance of a city under martial law,
with armed guards everywhere. Dallas
to-day has turned to relief and rescue
■work to succor tho 5,000 people made
homeless by tbs flood and to care for
the bodies of the drowned as rapidly
as they are found. A few corpses have
been recoverOk from the branches of
trees, where they caught ap
hurlc^-.lown by the torrent,
frompieces of wreckage. For the most
part these bodies were washed down
from points above and no one here can
Identify them.
A few other bodies hr.ve been picked
up in eddies or pools left by the retir
ing flood. For the most part, how
ever, Dallas must search for its dead
miles below here, the current having
been so swift that victims were *wept
Sheriff Ledbetter clings to his
one hundred persons
out and stands established to feed the
hungry. Railroad communication is
they wore
or 111 eked
estimate that
persihed and thinks the number may
run hjgher.
To-day relief camps are being laid
cut off, and It may be days before sup- j
plies can bo brought here. Last night
In total darkness armed guards patrol
led the streets. Two infantry and one
artillery company participated -and
everyone was ordered to keep indoors.
Estimates of the lass vary from $1,500,
000 to $3,000,000.
Mrs. Heverin Sell* Her Dover House
DOVER. Mav 28.—Mrs. James M j
Heverin. widow of a prominent Phil
sdelphia lawyer, has sold her North
State street home to Mr. Martin of
the lumber firm of Derrlckson & Mar
tir, far *6506
.. — — . _ _ I
r ULLJ 1 num numsj
The Levy Court this morning dir,-clod
Its secretary to notify telegraph and tele
phene companies to remove those of their
poles which obstruct guters along the new ;
roods being built In different sections of |
the county. Mr. Hopkins, upon whose mo
tlon tha court took action In the matter, \
Informed the court that the roles chok'd 1
gutters In many sections of tbs county,,
causing damage by water to adjoining j
piopenles. It was Mr. Hopkins' Idea that
Ybe companies should be compe' »»"I to re
plant the polls at points along the roads
then damage could not be done to the,
roods er properties.
Admires Him for Fighting
Those Who Seek to. Amass
Wealth Regardless
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
ROME. May 26.—In an address to-day to
one hundred pilgrims from
whom he received In private audience at
the Vatican at the request of Manager
Kennedy, rector of the American Coll-ge
In Rome, Pope Plus passed an enconlura
on President Roosevelt In speaking of the
necessity of preserving the right propor
tion between the struggle for wealth and
the devotion to the higher things of life.
"1 admire your President Roosevelt,"
the Pope told his hearers, "for his fight
against those who are seeking to amass
wealth regardless of the means employed.
T admire him. also for his deeply respect
ful attitude toward the Catholic Church.
"1 have always been deeply impressed,"
he told them, by the industry, power, in
telligence and faith of Americans, It
seems that Americans are consumed by a
double fever—love of gold and a devotion
t0 rP iiglon. You should try to cure your
puliS , lon for Kold so that it will not | ta)1
yQU j nto p e i n(f immoderate. There Is such
a ag the righteous, honest wish to
gain wealth, that you may provide your
icilglon. I trust that the Catholic religion
rill continue to be ascendant
and purify your soul. Religion is a good!
guide in all steps of life, whether It be in!
families with the comforts of life and
that you yourselves may accomplish much
In the divine task of charity.
"1 trust God will keep your devotion to
of America
business, society or politics." Then fol
lowed the Pope's tribute to Roosevelt.
After receiving a blessing from the Pope
the pilgrims withdrew.
tho If'
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
Fy United Press Leased Speclid
PALTIMORE. Md.. May 2G—cti
teenth ballot for bishops at
Conference of tho M. E. Church announc-1
ed at noon Revs. Dr. W. F. Lewis. 0 ?j
Sioux City, Iowa, and E. H. Hughes, of
CîreoncaBtle. Ind - .. were elected, thus Icav
Injf two more bishops to be elected. Four
hundred and ninety-eight votes wert
necessary for choice and Rev. Lewds re-:
etived 524 and Rev. Hughes. 511. The next
three highest on the ballot were Reva.
Robert McIntyre, of Los Angeles; F. Ml
Bristol, of Washington and H. Z. blunts
of the Philippine Islands.
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
DETROIT. Mich., 5Iay 26.-By the ar
rest of James Lorens, a Detroit United
Railways rrtotorman. the police claim to
have unearthed a scheme of systematic
robbery which has cost the company
thousands of dollars. They claim that
Lorens acted as a clearing house for the
exchange of transfers between conductors.
The transfers were punched and entered
up. the cash fares being pocketed and
pooled for division among the men in on
the scheme. The police say that sixteen
other employes will be arrested before
^ to Kalamazoo.
from h|m rejrularly ?. sal(1 Miss
i j0nJi ,., he last oarne on Saturday and
in it he spoke of one or two of the
men where he was employed being ho
plicated in some theft or other, but
ar United Press leased Special Wire.
WALTHAM, Mass., May 26—In the
little house where she lives with her
aged father Miss Harriet C. Lord is
mourning the death of her lover, Carl
Nelson, who killed himself yesterday
afternoon at Kalamazoo, Mich., leav
ing a note breathing his tender affec
tion for her.
"If I had only married him this
spring a« he wished me to." sooked the
girl today, "but I thought my first
duty was to my father."
NeUor. and Mi.-s Lord were engaged
last summer but at her request the
marriage was postponed. In January
"1 received
nothing to indicate that he himself was
involved in any trouble."
C. Canhy Hopkins, chairman of the
finance committee of the Levy Court
announcedth is morning that the county
tax rate for the year 1908-09 would
remain at the present figure. 65 cents
on the hundred. The committee Is now
hRurlng on the rate and will make
the announcement at the last meeting
the court In June.
,t le I-evy Court has n balance of $12,831
.22. It is not likely, however, that this
amount will be sufficient to meet cur
of the county during
At this time
rent expenses
* h<> las * month of the present year.
The court ha8 hop * of recovering the
Rettew shortage within one month in
which event the county will clase the
year wit ha balance of upwards of
$15,000 to its ccrdit.
money It Is likely that there will be
a small deficit.
Without this
Clyde Liner Floated.
jj y United press Leased Sped«! Wire,
puiNT PLEASANT. N. J., May 2b.—
The «yiyde liner Scnvnole, which went
ag noro on Pirate's bar yesterday atier
no on was floated today with her crew
ant j 25 passengers still aboard,
steamship is heading for New York at
Tilghman Seaford. Colored, a
'Walking Speakeasy' Found
Guilty in City Court
speakeasy." and when starched at the
city Hall, the defendant had two bot
Tilghman Seaford, colored, was
charged In the City Coiut to-day with
selling llauor without a license and
was fined $50 and costs.
The police
accused him of belnä a "walking
ties of what the police said was gin in
his pockets.
George Jenkins, colored, the man with
an uno.uenchablo thirst, who figured In
two liquor oases yesterday, testified
that he met Seaford on last Sunday
in French street, between Eighth and
Ninth, and bought two drinks of gin
other for Nicholas Bostic, colored for
which he paid Seaford 15 cents.
from him, one lor himself and the
Seaford stoutly denied that he sold
gin to Jenkins and alsa denied that
bottles of gin were taken from him at
the City Hall.
"What's this." asked Assistant City
Solicitor Satterthwalte, feinting to the
tw obottles which were produced in
court as the same which were taken
from the defendant. "Dat ain't gin."
said the prisoner, "dot's white whis

, . t, . . , „ .
^ ohn Bre "' ln Bt°n, colored, was fined
and cost8 for cutting Ira Taylor,
a8 ° co * ore ^* across the cheek with ^
knife, and Horence Empson. colored.
was fined $30 for keeping a disorderly
house. Arraigned with the latter was
Jennie Williams, who was charged with
the larceny of $1 from William Eger.
colored, who Just came to this city froili
South Carolina. She was held In $1000
abil for the upper*court. The alleged
robbery took place ln t*.o Empson wo
man's house..
Judge Cochran said he was sorry he
could not Impose a heavy sentence or.
the women.
that they should be whipped
thirty or forty lashes.
The hearing of Arthur Wilson, charge
ed with non-support, was postponed
until to-morrow, and George Altland
He expressed the opinion
was fined $10 and costs for acting dls
orderly in Brandywine Park. He 'was
arrested by Park Guard Black, who
wld he cauirht the man crawling along
tinder the bushes and lay down on tlu
Krass near a cou^lCj seated on a bench,
to watch them.
County Engineer Wilson Sub
mits First Annual Report
to Levy Court
James Wilson, county engineer, sub
mitted to the Levy Court this morn
ing his first annual report. In open
ing the report the county engineers
refers to the unfavorable conditions
under which the new road law was
put into effect. "The previous year had
been an unusually wet one, 52 Inches
of rain having fallen," he says, "and
the same kind of weather prevailed
all during the spring of 1907, so that
we had very little continuous open
weather until the month of July. The
rain fall was not only above normal,
but the frequency of the rains was a
serious drawback to road work In ai.v
form." Despite the unfavorable weath
er condition much progress was mad<
in road Improvement.
Then Mr Wilson appends fables
showing the amount of road taxes col
lected in the various hundreds during
the year and the amounts disbursed
for road improvements. The figures
arc: Appoquinimlnk Hundred—re
ceipts. $3816.67; disbursements. )3.V;5
.38. Blackbird—Receipts, $3446.63; dis
bursements. $2095.82. Brandywine—re
ceipts, $10,892.65; disbursements, 39051
.72. Christiana—Receipts, $12,830.41;
disbursements, $11,023.03. Mill Creek—
Receipts, $8059.41; disbursements.
$7484.75. New Castle—Receipts, $4834;
disbursements, $4444.36, Pencader—Re
jeeipts, $4421.85; disbursements, $4175
Red Lion—Receipts. $2714.72; disburse
ments, $1994.98. St. Georges—Receipts,
$8058.02; disbursements, $3819.20. WhPe
Clay Creek—Receipts, * $3978.78; dis
bursements, $3784.01.
Mr. Wilson recommends that the pre
sent county tax rate for road purposes
be continued at 40 cents. Road wotk
In the respective hundreds Is referred
to at length In the report. The bond
ed indebtedness by hundred Is report
ed as follows;
Appoquinimlnk, $337.37: Blackbird,
$187.42; Brandywine. $7566.21; Chris
tiana, $3200; Mill Creek, $3000; New
Castle, $2000; Pencader, $3670; Red
Lion, $600; 8t. Georges, $4000; White
Clay Creek, $1000.
The court accepted the report and
ordered 500 copies printed.
LrttltUJU Ilin.llVJ
After a most successful session the
n'nety-fourth annual conference of tba
A. U. M. E. P. Church <-u>aed In îh
U. A. U. Church yesterday, the closing
sermon having been preached by the l!ev
J C. Nichols who Is known as one of the
.nest learner, and eloquent speakers of
Tr. Nichols took as bis text: "Oh How
Gnat Is Thy Goodness f his subject he
l»r "Humane Excellency." Th» «"onfer
fl.ee before closing expressed it* thanks
impartial way in which It Informed th«
public of our sessions." to the church
choir for Us excellent singing, to Pfofe*
cor Chlpey. to the trustees of tho church
and to all other* who contributed to th*
»uses* ol the ggnfsreuco.
Owners Announce That There
Will be No Changes
Despite rumors, reports and "hear
says" there will be no change in the
make-up of the local Vrl-State base
ball team and from now on the men
who compose the "Peach" team will
represent Wilmington In the race for
the ' rag '*
This announcement was iv.ade this
morning by the owners of tne local
club, all of whom are satisfied that
there cun be no improvement made
that would strengthen the «earn rra
terlally. and that the best policy la to
'let well enough alone." This dectoion
means lo.it the personnel of the Tri
State representatives of D>h
he as follows:
■are v 111
Catchers. Grady and
Mlllman, pitchers, Hoch, Dressier,
Jackson and Clunn; inlleldcrs, Cassidy,
Owens. Calls ami Morhefka; outlieldvrs.
McFarland, Mai Hu, Hartley,
The team Is now going at It gait that
seems hard to check and the managers
tbe clubs that have gone up against
recently, admit that "Mike" Grady
* laa K ot a bunch that It Is going to
° au £ e aon ' e double for the teams ahead
ot :' lem ,n the run If toward the end
of the season there is any one a notch
higher than the Diamond State ag
rr> . &at!on The playerg , m , working
)n unigon an(1 t h ere seems to be
spirit of god feeling existing between
Iall, Tho club Is operated strictly
within the salary limit
. _ _ , . . _
j| I j V Til HAl/C
V/l I I I V/ 11(8 f L
| If rr

Wilmington Is to have an "Easy"
street. So many Wilmingtoniana have
expresse», a desire to live on "easy"
street that the North End Improvement
Company purposes to lay out a street
by that name through the block
rounded by the Boulevard, Van Buren
street, and Twentieth and Twenty-first
streets. Adheririt; to their policy c,f
not approving of narrow streets, the
Street and Sewer directors from whom
Samuel II. Baynurd and hla aon, rep
resenting the improvement company.
applied for permission to lay out tho
street —40 feet wide, would not allow
!h PPP L Un,1 m "J* " R '*?'
deed to 10 feel of the strVÜ .m'olthcr
side so that the street could be w,d
ened by the city without expense when
Considerable discussion attended the
application, the request for a 40 feet
street having the strong disapproval of.
the direr lor«. The dlscus-yon actuated
the notice by Director Sparks of a reso
lulfon to amend the regulations apply
ng to the width of streets by sub
stunting the present minimum require
ment, 40 feet, by 60 feet.
PARIS, Jay 26.—Promising to pro
duce within the week at least one good
sized, first water artificial diamond
Henri Lemoine got to work apparently
in earnest la his laboratory here to
By United
ress Leased Special Wire.
l-'lilcss the gem Is forthcoming there
seems nothing but prison ahead for tbo
professed diamond maker, detectives
having completely cordoned his work
shop, wiiile blr Julius Ueniher, of De
Beers Diamond Company, who is push
ing the case against him has engaged
specials to sec that an escape Is not
managed even through collusion with
the. police. In allowing Lemoine a few
more days he was to have turned out
.some gens by June 2, because his elec
trie apparatus was working badly,
Magistrate Polttevln said the accused
man will not be unduly hurried hut
must prove that he did not get money
from Wcrnhcr and others ty false pre
tenses or stand trial on a criminal
The new scout cruiser Chester pass'd up
the river on Sunday on the way to Lesg-.o
Island for the finishing touches to fin
ec,u pment p.epaiatory to Its visit Io C cs
t. r, which will be made about June 15
The people of Chester on the occasion of
the visit will hold a large parade and wl'l
present a set of solid silver valued ><t
$1.000. part of which has been given b;.
the city and part by subscription.
The Snellenburg department store at
Seventh and Market streets purposes
t(j prect u larB0 permanent, copper
wired glass awning before the store,
provided permission to do so la or
talned from the Street and Sewer di
rectors. Application to erect the shel ■
ter was made by Architect R.ce for tlv
store to thé Street and Sewer directors
this morning and the latter have It
to Market street shoppers, llure
, ( j not hlng of Us kind in Wilmlng
• ,j, hp c | t> . w j|| Ket a nPW sewer clean
, ng n)ac h'i n e.
Erectors this morning accepted
0 ff cr 0 f \\. H Stewart of St. Louis,
Mo., to trade the old sewer cleaning
machine for a new one with a con
sidération to *Ir. Stewart of 1250.
The Street and Sc .vet
Farmers From Middletown.
Hockessin and Bear Station
Entertained at Stanton
Diamond State Grange, Patrons of
Husbandry, entertained members _ of
Peach Blossom Grange, of Middle
town. and New Castle Grange, of Bear
Station, and Hockessin Grange at |
Stanton last night. The meeting was
the largest ever held l»v grangers at
Stanton and was most successful. TJje
members of Diamond State Grange
outdid themselves as entertainers, and
there was nothing that was not pre •
vlded for the entertainment of tho vis
Tho usual grange business was dis
pensed with and the meeting was turn
ed Into a social gathering. About 150
grangers were present. Delegates
from the three granges were In atenri
ance. H. P. Robinson, of this city,
master of Diamond Stale Grange, wel
comed the visitors with appropriate re
marks, and Allison C'eaver. master of
Peach Blossom Grange, and Wilkins
Cranston, muster of New Castle
Grange, made titling replies.
The entertainment wn- begun with a
piano solo by Miss Alice McCoy, of
near New Castle, which was generously
applauded. A talk on "Home Econo
mics" by Mrs. Nellie Snyder, of New
port, was much appreciated, after
which B. A. Groves, of Marshaltnn,
gave a recitation. A dialogue was
given with ability by Miss Helen
Gregg and Marvin Ball, both of New
port. and an address by Deputy At
torney-General Daniel O. Hastings fol
lowed. jffPliam Chandler, of this city.
commented interestingly on "Would tho
Grange Increase In Membership and Bo,
of More Value to the Firmer If It Were
Not a Secret Organization?" Refresh
ments ware served during the evening.
l-'LKTON. Md.. May SC.—Shortly before
12 o'clock Sunday night Sheriff Henry O
Hager, Deputy Sheriff McAHiiler, Stare's
Attorney Albert Constoble und Special
cwilcer John A. Morgan arrived In Elkton
with Arthur Diggs, of near Frederick-1
town ' wllom ,hey »rrested at his homo!
T Vl0 "" in,f U ' e l0C " ° P '
«'I'enthe officer, «jrlvcd« Dig .-."
house Deputy Sheriff McAllister Jumped
o«* of the carriage, went to the front Joorj
and "Whed for a half pint of whis
kv. Diggs recognised tho officer and s'atej
'l |at ho hadn't u drop about the house.
Tl,e other officers by that time were
uicngside of the deputy sheriff, and all oti
them walked into the house, placed Diggs
under arrest and then proceeded to make
They found about two gallons of whisky
nr,d enough c'mpty demijohns and bet
ties to fill u cart. For sometime past. It is
al rged, Diggs had been keeping an
"open" place, selling large quantities of
both whisky And beer, contrary to the
local option law. The residents of that
part of the county made complaint to the
officers, but for some unknown reason no
one could be found who would inform
on tho violator of the law.
a starch of the premises.
n r* from the Italian Sabbath school,
will be In attendance. A targe group!
On Wednesday night at 8 o'clock In
West Presbyterian Church, there will
be an Italian missionary concert. The
members of the Italian Mlssiofi, which
Is conducted by West Church at Sev
enth and Scott streets, "and the schol
of the children, dressed In the colors
Bn< i characteristic
costume of Italy,
slug the famous "Garibadl
March." the national song of Italy,
Italian mandolin and Guitar club,
under the direction of Professor Do
nato Donnadlo, will render a number
of selections, and Professor Donnadlo
will play a violin solo, accompanied bv
the club. There will be singing In
Italian by the Italian colony, and ad
dresses by the Rev. Thomas Do Pam
philis, missionary among the Italians,
and A. M. Main, superintendent of the
[Mission Sabbath school. The exerels a
will be In charge of Ihe Rev. Alexan-|
jder Alison. Jr., pastor of the West)
Presbyterian Church. The public is in -1
MILFORD, Del.. May 26.—Dr. Georg ' W.
Marshall, the slate insurance eommls
sinner, now has In the hands of the print»
era a valuable directory, which will prove
of especial Interest to those Interested in
the department of which the doctor Is the
bfad. It 1» a directory of all of the na
tional banks, state banks, trust companies
•t.d building and loan associa. Ions doing
business In this slate. The information is
complied from sworn statements in the
ofi.ee of the insurance commissioner.
The date of organization, the location,
the principal officers, the assets and lia
bilities. the surplus and other important
Information will be given concerning ea h|
Institution in the state.
United States Supervisor at Laurel.
LAUREL, May 26.—Supervisor John
R. Beckett, who has been sent hero by
the United States Government to at
tend to the dredging of Laurel river,
arrived yesterday,
dollars will be spent on the Improve
ment of the river bed and a government
dredging machine k®«ins wo k today,
completely opened up to Baltimore.
Fifteen thousand
Accused of Violating the City
Cocaine Ordinance But
All Evidence Not Heard
After hearing part of the case of Dr.
Har.y W. Palmer, charged with violating
•he city cocaine ordinance, in the Cil.»
Court to-day. Judge, Cochran continued
the proceeding* until to-morrow. The de
fendant was represented by W. W.
Knowles and entered n plea of not gBilty.
The IliVf Witness railed by Assistant City
Solicitor HaMerthwalte was John Stewart,
who was fined JUKI mid costa In the same
tribunal sevetal days ago for violating
the cot aine ordinance.. Stewart test !Ud
that he lived at No. Mis Hast eighth
street, and that Ho purchased cocaine on
sen 1 ai occasions fr
latter's office, No. 224 West Ninth sfeet.
He said he paid different money for tne
drug, sometimes $1.45, then again, $150
and also St'. The witness said that Hr.
Palme I wo j
cocaine foi* him. Me said he used noms
of the drug himself und sold some. Mo
said he went to Dr. Palmer's ofllco the
last time on last Saturday night a w»ek
an.l was accompanied by William Canaan.
Four one-eighth of an ounce bottles,
which were empty, containing cocaine la
bels and a box which it was said also had
Dr. Palmer at the
Id always go out and get th»
william Cannon testified that he accun
p» n ied Stewart, ns the latter testified, to
contained tho drug, which were lasen
from Stewart at the time of his arrest,
were produced in Court. Tho witness ld"c
tlhed them as bottles he obtained from
l>r. Palmer though he said he never got
them more than a. little o6er half full.
In cross examination Mr. Knowles asked
catarrh by Dr. Palmer but Stewart wou'd
not admit such to have been tho case,
tho witness If K« had not been treated for
Mr. Knowles then tried to get the witness
to say where else he obtained cocaine, but
Mr. Sattcrthvvalte objected to the ques
tion und the court sustained him.
['aimer's office on last Saturday night
a week ago, and watted for him on toe
outside. He said that Stewart when he
met him later, had a bottle similar to ihe
ope* shown In court and that ho under
stood It contained cocaine.
Mi. Knowles asked the witness It he
had not heard Stewart use the name of
a certain physician In the city In tele
phoning to a druggist and c^-gnng co
caine for which ho sold he weuUr send a
hoy. The witness replied that ho hod,
thar he had attended Stewart from Mav 10
to May. 21 Hits year for catarrh and un
" <y " " e ,ald "* toU * " ,e youn *
thu ' h ' "' a " uomlne otlen for trPa '
ment and that if ho couldn't us. the
medicine which was bring prescribed lor
hfm, according to directions, ho should
j not come any more,
I Dr. 1'ahin-r said he prescribed borac
I acid, bismuth and cocaine for Stewart. He
| said that cocaine opens up tbo nostril. Is
soothing and healing, relieves pain ond
| g*ves Immediate relief. Ho said he
Dr. Palmer'i Defense.
In his own behalf Dr. Palmer tcsMflcd
was a
specialist on affections of the ear, nose
and throat and that ho dispensed his own
drugs. Ho showed tho court
dura book containing entries of the times
rind charges for treating Stewart and all
showed that $1 bad been charged.
In cross-examination Arsistant City So
hcltor Satterthwalte asked Dr. Palmer If
ho had not bean arrested once and ar
ralgned In the City Court on tho charge
of violating the city opium ordinance, by
allowing people to smoke the drug In a
10 cm rented by him. Ho said he had been
anested for something about allowing two
or three people to come to his place to
.1 mi mo an
Miss Reha Clements who said she lived
at No. 224 West Ninth street, tho
address as Dr. Palmer, and that she took
In sewing, answered the door bell and did
ether little things around the house, aise
testified In the defen lint's behalf. She
said she heard Dr. Palmer tell Stewart
on last Saturday night a week, not to
come back any more for treatment. She
aaid the doctor was very mad at Ihe time.
At this point the court continued the
proceedings until to-morrow.
F.LKTON. Md.. Mav 26.—Elkton was tho
Mecca of farmer* yesterday, who came
to ihe town from every »action of tho
county to attend the Good Roads Commis
sion meAWng held In the Cburt Housi
(his afternoon, tlovernor Crothers. with
Chief Engineer Crosby, Secretary Bower,
man and the Board of Commissioners,
together with the County Commissioners,
were leading lights at the meeting, whfih
uas one of the most enthusiastic gather
lugs ever held In this town.
The farmers in the county were divid'd
Inlc two sections. Those residing In the
upper districts advocated the route be
seiecfed from the Delaware line to the
Susquehanna River, while the taxpayers
from the lower and ml Idle rectlons of the
county urged the route for Improvement
bo made from the Pennsylvania line to the
Sassafras River.
ture, dead or alive, a reward of $1.0:0 has
been standing for years, will be in cus
tody. They have arranged to surrender
to the sheriff at Tahlequah and «111 be re
leased pending ball. The Wyckdffe gang
has been operating Gnce the opening of
the Cherokee land In 1813. Charles O yc~
1 lific. the father, was killed. The mutdecj
of Deputy Marshal J. H. Vier and wound
In* of Deputy Oilstrap are charged
against the outlaws. Tom and James are
»'so accused ef killing their brother
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
MUSKOGEE, Okl., May 26.—Before
night Tom and James Wyckllffe. las: of
the band of Indian outlaws for who. o ca|>
Jerome Will Oppose His Re
moval (o Another
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
POUGHKEEPSIE, May 26 —The as
surance that Jerome will desperately
resist the attempt to have him remov
ed from Mutteawan to an easier place
of confinement has upset Harry Thaw
seriously. Worry lest he be returned
to the asylum for the criminal insane
offset his pleasure at the réconcilia-,
Mon with his wife and he Is understood
to have given the most emphatic In
structions to his counsel to appeal from
Justice Morschauser's decision to tho
highest court It Jerome will not come
to his terms.
To confinement the ybung Plttsburger
says he la becoming accustomed but the
discipline of Mutteawan is too much
for him and ha fears his effort for
I freedom will render It even more st.-in
Kent in case he 1» returned there from
the Dutchess county Jail. But for his
disappointment over Jerome's
promising attitude Thaw declares he
would have been very happy m the
portât Ion that his wife, Evelyn will
withdraw her marriage annulment »ult
"■hen it comes before Referee R. E.
He was considerably perturbed at
first by the news mat she plans to
seek appointment as committee of his
person and property but did not seem
to take the situation very serlouslv
after discussing It with his lawyers.
The latter are said, for one thing, to
have told him that It Is highly im
probable ihal the court would consider
Evelyn a suitable person to adminis
ter his e.-lnle anfbfurthermore, truste is
» ho hold the property under his father's
will will prevent her. In any case from
securing possession of anything
than $2,400,000 yearly Income unquali
fiedly left to him.
Thaw and his lawyers. It Is
ore 3 have agreed that It will be
sary to watt about a year, provide!
Justice Morschauser's decision cannot
be upset on appeal before another at
tempt can be made to secure the for.
mer s freedom with any show of suo
Bv United Press Leased Special Wire.
" CHICAGO, May Î6. -Father Bernai d
Prlngtneler, pastor of Holy Trinity Cagho
llo Church la to-day searching his parish
for a strange woman, who sloped In tho
church yesterday evening as the Angelas
was being tolled and abandoned a four
weeks-old infant in one of the rear seats.
The woman entered with several others
and walked quietly up the aisle kneeling
at tho altar several minutes to pray.
I nen she arose and hurried from tho
church, bexton Discher was p.eparlng :e
have when ho was startled by a cry and
found tho child.
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
DETROIT, Mich., May 26,-Repart* re
eelved here to-day show that three Mich
igan farmers were killed by lightning dur
h g the severe electrical storm that swept
the Slate last night. The victims are
Joseph VanDyke, Grand Rapids and Ar
thur Rreasboro and J. M. Lake, Osaopnlll.
I iglitnlng also struck and demolished a
l.M-foot steel light tower at Grand Rap
ids, no one was Injured, although a street
car filled with people was missed by but
a few feet when the tower fell.
y J
ELKTON. Md., May 26.—Fifteen oJ
the 27 prisoners ln Elkton jail are con
fined In the dungeon cells for »he part
they took In trying to break Jail Sun
day night, when their plan was frus
trated by the timely arrival of Sheriff
Hager. The prisoners had been pee
mined to spend the day In the yard,
which is surrounded by a 40foot stone
wall. With an Iron bar which they
had broken from one of the cells, a
spike and a piece of sheet Iron, they
removed several etones from the wall
on the east side of the yard, when
the Sheriff, who was attracted by the
noise, stopped further operations.
WASHINGTON, May 26.—A disturb
ance that appeared near San Domingo,
W. I., Sunday is approaching the East
Florida coast.
Wednesday local rains will occur in tha
Atlantic coast states.
Forecast till 8 p. m., Wednesday:
For Delawar
and Wednesday; light to fresh south
erly winds.
During tonight and
Local rains tonight
1.30 P. M.
12 M.
9 A. M.
8 AM.

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