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I ;
The People's Candidate

William L Hawkins
ot Wilmington. Del.
Nominated by the Prohibition Parly
in Slate Convention
The entire nation has become alive to the Prohibition Issue within
the past twelve months.
It Is the greatest national Issue since the Declaration of Indepen
dence. In Its solution U will benefit and bless every section alike.
The politicians of the two now dominant parties may ignore the Is
sue in their national platforms If they choose, but such action this year
will be sure to bring swift rétribution upon those who would attempt at
this late hour to stifle public agitation and weakly dodge the question
The Prohibition question has the right of way and nothing can now
prevent Its agitation from one end of the nation to the other.
The brewers in national convention affect to welcome the agitation.
As a matter of fact, they cannot stop It If they would.
And the Prohibition party, after Its pioneer decades of persistent
xeal with others to bring about this very hour are today sure of the
The Issue of Prohibition cannot be agitated without making Pro
hibition sentiment and Prohibition voters.
We know we shall win. and with the aid of the
heretofore politically helpless within the ranks of the Republican and
Democratic parties now In the grip of (ho liquor bosses of the hundred
license centers of the land, we shall hopo to win this year at the polls
November third next.
The Prohibition Party furnishes a clean political home for every
Intelligent Christian man and Is the only party permitting him to regis
ter his vote on the liquor question as well at other important public
Opposed to Booze, Boodlori, Botalsm, Bribery and Political Corruption.
Candidate Interrupted by a
Little Dog That Snapped
Upon the Stage
NEWARK. N. J.. Oct. 19—About
4,900 persons greeted Judge Taft ut
Blotter's Theatre this morning. On
the platform with Mr. Taft was Frank
II. Hitchcock, national chairman, who
hod com* over from New York to see
the candidate,
Mr. Taft was introduced by Frank
lin Murphv. former governor and na
tional committeeman from New Jersey.
Mr. Taft's interrupted by
little fox terrier which run out on the
stage and began barking and snapping
at his heels. Mr. Taft sidestepped,
but the dog followed him.
"Now. that doesn't look like a Demo,
erotic dog." said Mr. Taft, edging off
a little further.
Just about that time Dr. J. J. Rich
ardson. Mr. Taft's physician, grabbed
the dog bv the back of the neck and
passed it out Into the wings, still
growling and barking.
Mr. Taft declared In his Newark
speech the great advantages derived
from the Roosevelt campaign against
abuses had not come through criminal
prosecutions but through the now
standard of business adopted by the
railroads themselves under th»
stimulus of (hrf rate law.
"The railroads themselves." sal.I
Judge Taft, "have done nwny with re
hates. the ch'ef means bv which the«»
Illegal monopolies were maintained."
Judge Tnfl said that Bryan, in sug
gesting a tariff lor revenue only ns u
means of curbing the trusts, is Just
like the Chinaman who "burned dow n
his house so that he might have roast
"Mr. Brvan's proposition." said Mr
Taft, "will do away with the trusts
all light, but it will kill also their In
dependent coinpetttora.''
Will Repave Court.
Tho Water Commissioners decided
this morning to repave Plnkelt's Court
with brick after a pipe had been laid
Persons Interested In the court had
»ought to have tho board repave It
with bltullthlc. The coat of the latter
was considered too much.
Mock Markets
1 o'clock quotations from F. D.
Lsckav & Co., Bankers and Brokers,'
143 Market street, Wilmington, Del.
Asnal. Copper... 11 L 'Jo. Kan&T-x. bx',
Am. Smelt.Co. 87 4*1 Lead Co. 8x
\ Amer. Sugar...132^ 4. Y. Central lo^V
Atchison. tnt. 8c West..41
Ichison, pfd ... N'orfolk a West.73"4
Brooklyn Tran. 4SJ.> S'or. Pacific ..143
B. * O.... 97y, Pacific Mail 26
Can. Southern 'ennsytvauia 123W
Chi. Or. West. 7IJ People's Gas ... 951*
Ches. & Ohio...42 5* Reading 131
Chi. & Alton 38 Read, ist pfd.
ChL & N. W... Read. 2d pfd...
C. M. & St P. 13R D. & H.
Kork Island tqfi D , L, & W
Rorklbland pfd 47 H southern Par 103-4
Erie .30J4 South. R.Com 21
Erie, 1st pfd ...44 Texas Pacific... 2614
•Gr. North.pfd. 132H Tenn.C.al Co
Illinois Cen. ... Un. Pac. Com. 166J*
Louisville .to6 Ü. S. St. Com. 46)-»
Int. Met. com U. S St. Prêt, tog
Int. Met. pfd Wabash Cora. 121*
Man. Con..... Wabash Pref. 27
Missouri Pic., 56 Western Union txj's
'fi^fhoa competition In prices Is brisk the
profits of the concern may all lie In the
ash pile
The larger and richer that pile Is. »0
much proportionately are the profits and
chances In competition decreased.
Wo are prepared to examine Into and
wheréver°ïhe SKgSr^obÄSS^SS
help ana not only assist In reducing the
quantity of waste products but the quai
Ity a* well, and may be able where thla
waste product« can again be utlllaed to
put them to some use.
"All matter Is Indestructible. It aim-j
Mot passe» from one form to another."
The refuse heap of oue factory may be
working stock for .1 «ther and by bring
ETrtean protu * wh h ^
gats Such Cases. Consult.
610 Market Street
NEW YORK, Oct. 19 —Woman's suf
frage In New York State was dealt a
body blow today when Justice Truax,
from the bench In the supreme court
denied the application of Dr. Julia Seton
.Sears, a suffragette, for a writ of man
damus to compel the board of election
Inspectors to reconvene and register her
as a voter.
Dr. Hears contended that, having
voted at three presidential elections in
Colorado, and having lived hero more
than a year, she was entitled to exer
lolse the right of suffrage. Her counsel
declared that an appeal would at once
be taken.
Building Permits.
A permit to build four dwellings at
a cosl of about *2,000 each was issued
this morning by Building Inspector
Johnson to David Dangel. , The houses
will be erected In West Fourth street
between Clayton and DuPont streets.
New Schedule on P., B. & W. R. R.
The statement that the P.. B. & W.
Railroad would restore tv|> trains taken
off two months ago Is not entirely cör
rert according to Iho officials at the
French .street station. There were no
trains taken off, but train No. IX, which
arrives here ut 3 45 o'clock was com
bined with train No. 67 which came in
a short time later. The trains have
again been divided and will resume
their Individus! runs. A new schedule
Is out today.
Low Water Pressure.
Complaint was made to the Water
f elow
Commissioners this morning
water pressure at Seventh and Shipley
streets ami nt Seventh and Market
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 19-That Run
sla Intends to aid Turkey In the event of a
clash with Bulgaria is believed here to be i
clearly Indicated In the dispatch of a Uus.
slan fleet from Cronstadt is Turkish
The admiralty veils Us explanation with,
the vaguo announcement that the fleet
goes to Turkey merely to "watch develop
monts." The Russian pub.lc b. lieves that
the fleet will not only watch develop
ments but will take part In them If its as-i
sistanee Is needed by Turkey.
Daniel Robinson.
William H. Husfelt.
Sarah Clancy.
CLANCY—In thla city, on October 16.
1908, Sarah, widow of the late Mich
ael Clancy.
Relatives and friends are Invited to
atfond the funeral from her late resi
dence. No. 1213^ Pleasant street, on
Tuesday morning, at 9 o'clock. Requiem
mass at St. Paul's Church,
at Cathedral Cemetery.
HUSFELT—In this city, on October
17th, 1908, William Herman, son of
Herman and Jennie Husfelt, aged 5
Helatlves and friends of the family
are Invited to attend Iho funeral
vices at his parents' residence.
413 East Twelfth street, on Tuesday
afternoon. October 20lh. at 2 30 o'clock,
interment Mt, Salem Cemetery.
ROBINSON—In this city, on October
17th. inos, Daniel Robinson, aged 45
Relatives and friends of the family
are invited to attend the funeral
vices at his late residence, No.
West Thirty-fourth street, on Wrdnes
'J av afternoon. October 21st, at 2 o'clock
Interment Sllverbrook Cemetery
MILLER—In this city, on October 17
. ...._1 . .. "•
1 ' ■ -O ul a, wife *>f 1 halle« Miller,
aged 25 years.
Relatives and friends of the family
f r " -».ml the funeral from
her late residence. No 404 South Heald
street, on Tuesdav morning (October
.«a ■> 1« -t-i-.,. „
, MlBh Sacred
Heart R C. Church at 9 30. Interment
New Cathedral Cemetery.'
«on 1 tin« rln it j - ,
^ Cf Embalnier
No. 214 W. Ninth Street
day or
Careful attention
Bodies In Boarding Houses, Hot« «
and Hospitals removed and cared for
until claimed. Carriages furnished.
Appointments first-class. Both Phonea
Undertaker and Embalmer
OSce and Residence
No. 228 Madison ötrest
Both Fhuucs.
Members of 8t. Andrew's Episcopal
Church were discussing today the ac
tion of the Rev. Hubert W. Wells, rec
tor of at. Andrew's Church. In reading a
letter at the services yesterday morn
ing setting forth that William H. Taft,
Republican candidate for President, Is
a Unitarian, and that William J. Bryan,
Democratic candidate for President, Is
a Presbyterian. Mr. Wells told his hear
ers that they should decide between the
Some of the members expressed sur
prise that such a letter should be read
In the church, and commented fully on It.
The following appointments of teach
ers for the evening schools have been
made by the Board of Education:
School No. 8. Seventh and Spruce stro-ts,
principal, Mary A. Connelly. I.cna Tat«»,
Margaret J. Murphy and Delilah Brown.
School No. 10. Elm and Adams streets,
principal, Ellen M. Ritchie, Amy I, Clark
I. Jennie Cross and Frances Doherty.
School No. 12. Twenty-second, near Mar
condemned that was found to bo unfit
for food. 400 pounds of this being
destroyed because of having been dam
aged bv Are.
School No. 1", Seventeenth and Un'on
streets, principal, Dorothy Millard, Elinor
J. Dougherty, Ann R. Hawkins and Mary
School Ne. 16, Orange street near Tirol
fth, principal, Alice O. Baldwin, Alice M.
Dunbar, Mary Dover, Caroline B. Wil
liams, Adelaide Brooks, and Josephine
Wee ton.
The schools open this evening and will
continue for about slxty-flve nights.
Mions to be held on Mnndav. Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7
until s o'clock.
Many complaints have eeme to the
Board ot Ilialth Department the past
weak regarding violators ot tho anti
spitting ordinance. At tho board meet
ing to-day the matter was brought up and
Secretary Wlgglesworth was Impowered to
Instruct the health officers to enforce the
ordinance vigorously and mako arrests
If accessory.
Last March the anti-spitting ordinance
wns passai by the Beard of eHalth and a
communication was sent to Chief ot Bo
llee Black asking the police department
to co-operate with the Board of Health
In enforcing the law against expectorating
on the side-walks.
Although signs have been set np In con.
splcuous places, the ordinance ai" ■ -* nt'y
has had no effect. The Board o;
is now determined to take up the matter
Itself and their officers will arrest any
person found violating tho ordinance.
To Give Recital.
A recital will be given by Olive Lo
leta Day, assisted by Hetty Emma
Myers of Philadelphia, soprano soloist,
and Mary Emma Harman, violinist. In
Asbury M. E. Church, on Wednesday
evening. The program will bo as fol
Violin solo,' selected Miss Harman;
readings, Mummy's plcklnln, Jenkins,
Tho Lost Kiss, Riley, Miss Day; so
prano solo. The Swallows, Corven,
Miss Myers; reading, Lilly Servesses
Ride, Tourgee, Miss Day; reading, The
Love of Berlnice, Barrett, Miss Day;
soprano solo, A June Madrigal, Har
oley. Miss Myera; reading, Buying a
Railroad Ticket, Arnold. Miss Day;
violin solo, selected. Miss Hannan;
musical reading, Music on the Rappa
hanock, Sommervllle. Miss Day.
Good Templar* to Hold Social.
Wilmington Lodge, No. 174, 1. O. O.
T. will hold a pie and milk social in
the lodge room. No. 100 West Eighth
street, tomorrow evening. An enjoy
able evening is promised.
College Flag*.
College Bags are quite simple to moke
for Christmas gifts, but require care
and much precision In putting the let
ters on as well ns in cutting them.
A good plan is to out the letters from
on the felt, afterward cutting with a
sharp knife.
In mounting on the felt background
paste them on with a very thin coating
of photograph paste and couch around
all edges with many strands of silk
caught down at regular intervals with
a single strand of the same color.
Couching means to hold tho heavy
cord or many strands of silk along the
edge of tho thing to Ins outlined and
stitching across It and through the ma
terlal with the single thread In the
.30c dox
■ ■ ■
We Give Double Trading Stamps.
Bed Spread*, Washed and Ironed ..10c
Shirt*, Hand Ironed.10o and 12o
Tome Institute Laundry
S. E. Cor. 8th and Sprues Sts.
Family Washington .... . .30c a dox
Ov/ora 11 » Washed and ironed . ..ific Suit
Double Blankets, Wathed ..... . .JOo
Men's Pan*;,^C***n*d*and**Pressed * 36c
Ladies' Coats, Cleaned & Pressed 35c
Ladies' Skirts. Cleaned & Pressed . ,35c
2 Stamps with every 10c worth.
Both Green and Delaware Stamps.
Both Phones.
While crossing Market St . this morn
ing Mise Flossie Uladrtg was struck
uud slightly Injured by Claude ßtvel
oll't automobile. Her left foot gave
her much pa
atlnn would
In. but
she allow her «hoe fe
nder no eonsidcr
moved to receive immediate «uemtÿn.
If you should happen to wear a hole
In Llnrnwear. Molsery. just call 3947A
Don r «end damaged ones fo factory.
There is nothing in
all this world that is
cleaner or sweeter than
a clean baby.
And there is no better
way to keep a baby
clean than by the regu
lar and frequent use of
Ivory Soap.
A white soap, it yields
a snow white lather—a
lather that cleans, but
does not injure, the
most delicate skin.
Ivory Soap
99 4 i^bo Per Cent. Pure.
The Night School of the College will
receive new students tonight. Com
mercial. Shorthand, English and Draft
ing courses arc offered.
Miss Wllhelmlua K. Kolck, one of the
stenographers for Ooldey College, who
was offered last week a position as
stenographer in Washington. D. C„ at
1840 for the first year, has decided not
to accept the offer.
Many visitors are expected at the
College this week. Several called this
The graduating class this year should
be tmusuully large. Grèat enthusiasm
pervades every department; the stu
dents are doing excellent work.
Allen H. Orosh, commercial grad
uate, connected with a large firm In
Washington, D. C.. Is one of the best
business penmen In the United States,
Henry C. Conrad, postmaster, will
give the commercial students a talk
at an early date on the subject of con
New students entered today: others
are enrolling.
A letter was received this morning
from a firm In Virginia, Inquiring for
a young woman competent In office
work, Including bookkeeping and
George Cox, colored, was arraigned
In City Court this morning before
Judge Cochran on four separate charges
of larceny and was held In *1000 ball
for appearance In the upper court. The
charges were as follows:
Larceny of a horse, owned by
Frank Commo; larceny of a set of
harness, property of Vito Matasslno;
larceny of an overcoat qnd two guns,
property of Moses Holmes; larceny of
two pairs of shoes, property of Vito
Cox denied the charges except the
one regarding the harness.
Mary Carter, colored, was arraigned
on a larceny charge but her case, was
continued until tomorrow.
Walter Black, charged with the lar
ceny of a w'atch and chain from Wil
liam D. Green, had his case continued
to tomorrow. Ball was fixed at *200.
Tablets. Druggists refund money If It
fall« to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signa
ture Is on each box. 25c.
If has been the custom for some one
team from Wilmington to visit Atlantic
City every Saturday night end engage tho
Jersey boys In roller polo and tho Wli
mingtonians have almost invariably suf
fered defeat. On the other hand when the
games arc played here the table« are
turned. The Springs hoys lost on Saturday
by the score of 1 to 0. The gome as per
mitted by the referee at the sea shore 1«
the roughest game imaginable ami the
teams from Wilmington have decided that
they Will net enter the contests there un-|
less the referee enforces the ru'es uf
clean polo. The Mohawks, Iho new team
will go down next Hatu-day night.
Postal Shower.
A postcard shower was given Miss
Vaud Dugan ut her home No. 515 East
Tenth street, last Wednesday In honor
of her 18th birthday. Miss Dugan re
ceived over 100 cards from Ohio, Flor
ida. Maryland, New Jersey and this
city. .
ing decided to seek estimates for the
replacing of a lightning rod over the
pumping station at Sixteenth and Mur
Lightning Rod at Pumping Station.
The Water Commissioners this morn
kct streets,
Many Want Water,
Fourteen applications were made to
the water commissioners this morning
for meters. This Is the largest num
ber of applications yet made.
Ing decided to have photographstaken
of t))0 p, lr n p i n g station, reservoirs, etc.,'
for the ch)e f eng j n eei"8 report.
Resolutions of Respect.
Resolutions offered by the Eleventh)
Ward Republican League:
Whereas. It has pleased the Almighty
God to take from within our midst, one
of our esteemed members and loving
! brother. George Tschan, the following
resolutions of respect were adopted.
Resolved. That we. the Eleventh
Ward Republican League do send our
heartfelt sympathy in this your time
of sorrow, and be it further
Resolved, That our charter be draped
Photos For Report.
The Water Commissioners this morn
for thirty days in respect for our de
ceased brother, and be it further
Resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions be published in the paper, a
(copy be sent to the deceased family
and a copy spread upon our minutes.
John F. Russell.
E. B Booth.
A R. Wright,
oscar Moreland,
Frank Henderson
Charged With Disturbing the
Peace in Second Ward
on Saturday
Urnwing out of the trouble In the
Fourth district of the Second ward on
Saturday evening. John Godwin, a for
mer resident of thta ward, and a Re
publican political worker was arrested
at noon today on a warrant charging
him with breach of peace. The war
rant was sworn out by Charles D. Bird,
chairman of the Democratic County
Godwin Was arrested by Police Cap
tain Kane as he stood In front of the
City Hall talking to some friends. He
was much surprised but immediately
sent for George II. McCall, who gavo
security In the sum of $500 bail for
Godwin's appearance In the City Court
tomorrow morning.
Godwin was taken Into the office of
Clerk of Court Lewis Safise and on
giving hull, was immediately released.
More Warrants Are Out.
It is said that there are two other
warrants out for the arrest of per
sons In connection with the same case.
It was said that they were for colored
men who live In the Fourth district of
the Second ward. They had not been
served up to 1 o'clock this afternoon.
The warrant for Godwin's n-r-«t was
sworn out under the prideions made In
section -.1, I.awn ot Delaware, concerning
the general election. The latter part of
this ordinance reads:
or incite or create any riot o- breach of(
the peace at or near to nuy place of reg-|
Istrallon In this .Slate, during the sit
ting of any registration officers, he shall
he deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and]
upon conviction thereof by lndlctment
s mil be fined not exceeding (Ivo hundred
dollars, or be imprisoned nnt exceeding
three years, or may be both fined and Im
prisoned at the discretion of the court."
"Or If any person shall make any as
sault or commit an assault and battery
Sereral fights socurro.1 In th» Fourth
dlatrlct ot the Second ward on Saturday'
Mr. Bird's Statement
Mr. Bird, in a statement on Satur
day night, said that Godwin
the registration place about 1 o'clock
In the afternoon
Democratic challenger. James R. Con
ner. who does not live in the ward, re
came to
and wanted the
Mr. Bird refuged to comply
with the request. He said that God
win then proceeded to agitate the
matter, and finally Instructed a col
ored man named Craig to throw the
challenger out of the place,
not done, however,
registration place about
and it was afterward
trouble W'as started.
Two More Arreets Made.
Early this afternoon, the police made
two more arrests In connection with
the case. The defendants were Rich
ard E. Craig and John W. Thompson,
both colored. The former was regis
trar at the Fourth district registration
place In the Second ward,
were released In *500 hail.
This was
Godwin left tho
4.45 o'clock,
that all the
Both men
George H.
McCall giving security for their ap
pcarance tomorrow morning
Grading Tenth Street.
A street department gang started the
work of grading Tenth street at Mar
ket street this morning In preparation
for the raving of the north side of
Tenth stret with hltullthlc. The direc
tors expect that the north aide will be
completed within ten
weather is favorable,
north side shall have been finished, the
south side will be torn up and graded.
days. If the
As soon ns the
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
NEW YOHK. Oct. 19— Justice Carr. <
the supreme court has denied the motion 1
for alimony and counsel fees In the Belt!
Hains, is., against Claudia
ot Peter C.
N. Mains on the ground that th, plaintiffs
salary as an officer has he*-n rtopped, that
his personal means ar** . mall and that
he Is Incarcerated In prison.
His honor denies Mrs. Hain« motion
for the custody of the children on the!
ground that they are wt*h their paternal'
grandfather out of the state and *hat their'
mother 1» also out of tho state, resident
with her parents.
By United Proas Leased Special Wir*
CHICAGO, Oct. 19.—When William
J. Bryan arrive« here to-night, he will
be met by the biggest red fire display
Chicago has witnessed since the old
tim- campaigns.
The Cook county marching club will
meet Bryan at tljo station and escort
him to Pilsen Park, whore he will de
liver an address. The ''marcher«" will
go In automobiles. lAter Bryan will
make another speech on the south
Water For Riverviow.
The acolicalion last week of the
Rivervijw Improvement Company for
water for seve-al houses was voted
upon this morning by the Water Com-I
mlssioners. It. was decided to have
the company lav the pipe under the ■
reeulat.ons of the department, ana!
when the nine elves a revenue the]
Denartment will pay the bill,
I^Lmlnt"* ZZ XST** * th °
t k' Darlment s of funds.
Mr. Knox
did not vole on tho quemton.
Water Plug Burst.
The high water pressure hurst the
plug from a water plug at Twenty-first
land Washington streets this morning
and the street was flooded. Traffic wa«
held up for some time. The Street
Department was notified and employes
were sent to repair the break.
Best of Hot Water Bottles. Fountain,
Bulb and Hurd Rubber Hyrlnse*. In
valid Cushion«, Rubber Gloves, Rub
ber Red P&ne and Urinals. Atomisera
lea. Every
article fully mmranfeed.
209 West Seventh Street.
Genuine Carpet Bargains
A week ago we advertised a lot of our well
known carpets at especially low prices. The
response was quick and decided ; we sold so
many that we offer another lot as follows :
Regular $1.00 & $1.10
Best Tapestry at
Regular $1.50 & $1.60
Best Whitlall Brussels at
Regular $1.30
Good Velvet Carpels at
Regular $1.20
Axminsler Carpets at
Third Floor.
W. H. Smith &
(Continued From First Page.)
Many industrial establishments will close
during the latter part of the afternoon
to give their employes an opportunity
to hear Mr. Tuft's address. It Is likely
that some of the school children also will
A special train I» to be run from down
| the State this afternoon to bring persons
desirous of hearing the big Presidential
be dismissed In time to allow the pupils'
to attend the meeting.
Tonight's Big Rally.
To-night's meeting In the Op-ra House
also is expected to be larg.». It will be ad
dressed by Jahies S. Sherman, nominee
for Vloe-Presldent; Judge Edward T
Lovett and Isaac Fuld, of New York. The
meeting will be under the auspices of the
Taft League ot Delaware. Mr. Sherman
and the other speakers will ua met la
Philadelphia by a committee comprising
General T. C. dupont, H. ÏL Bitlauy. Wil
liam H. Hcald. Alfred .). Warner and
President James H. Wright, of the Taft
League of Delaware, under whose aus
pices the meeting wll be held.During their
stay In this city the members of the party j
will be entertained by General duPont.
The meeting will be opened by James H.
Wright, president of the Taft I
Colonel Benjamin Nlelds will be the per
manent chairman. At this meeting music
will be furnished by the First Infantry
Band. It is hoped that all those who carry
flags for the Taft meeting will take them
to the Opera House.
This meeting will be preceded by the
i„ue. ard
biggest Republican parade of tin cam
paign. It will be headed by the Young
Men's Republican Club, the East Side Re
publican Club and the First Infantry
Band. Clubs representing every ward In
the city and from neighboring towns will
participate, including the Mill Creek Hun
dred Mounted Republican Club.
Route of the Parade.
Joseph C. law«™ will bo the chief mar. j
shat of the parade, and he has issued this|
notice for the benefit of clubs desiring to
The parade preceding the S'nermsn
Lovett meeting In the Opera House this
evening under the auspicr s of the Tuft
League will form on King street, rigbtj
resting on Eighth. The route wul bo down
King street, to Third. Io Marler*. *o Sev
enth, to Madison, to Ninth, to Market, to
the Opera House.
The marshal and hlg aides will be lo
rated at the Young Men's Republican
Club. No. 810 King street, .vheie the mar.
shals of the respective marching clubs w.U
report Immediately upon their arrival, to
be assigned to position In line.
Josepn C. 1.0 weon.
Chief Marshal.
"Taft Vigor.
Apropos of the visit of Mr. Taft the fo!-'
'°wlng article on "Taft \ igor. is contrl
bitted by Robert t*e Dunn, of New 1 on. ;
Judge Taft Is an object lesson on health
—a lesson that Is better than a who)»
r°>tr»e of lectures on how to lie well. He!
is a good specimen to study—and thej
B,u< * y wl11 1,0 helpful to
would learn how a man may be busv
all the time and yet sound in body and in
mind. It will afford an Intelligent Invall I
a benefit he can scarcely hope 'or even
In the best of our sana'arla. not *o men
tion the most expensive.
The bottom Idea of JuJg Taft s system
of keeping In health all the lime Is con
trol. He I» always In control of nl« work
he has.a good strong grip on If: he is
master of It. It never is master of him.
Ho meet« It more than half wav every
time, hits out straight from tho shoulder
at It with the whole of his 280 pound« be
hind the blow and If .t shows signs of
obstreperousness he alms at the solar
plexus. He never mlssos. All sorts of hard
jobs have come up against the ex-secre
tary of war; and often under condition«!
that to onlookers gave these jobs all th
advantage. The onlook rs could not see
that Taft had a chance.
It never seemed that way to (he ex
secretary, however. To him It looked as
though he were already winning—winning j
before the set-to hail 1-egun. He Ju»t ;
smiled, stepped forward ind presto! thatl
particular Job was down :,nd out, with the
still smiling Taft sitting on it. as It layl
prone. And when Taft sits on u thing tjier*|
ts not much need of calling In assistance.I
The slttor does not need aid and die slttee'
| 8 beyond resuscitation.
Even when several jobs »ppear together,*
making a combined assault, as it were, a
^ ° f " eaB<> JU(,Ee T " ft d "" U '*
the wedge by the and!
strength due to long practice and then re.
tires the Individuals one by one.
Clear of Brain.
he has to he clear of brain
( if course
to do this, he needs clear eyes, and fur
a nimbleness that some can
thermore. ■«■MUR«
not easily believe so weighty a man caq

posses«. But Taft has It. and It is due to
his habit of control. His father, who was
a Judge before him. and a minister plen
ipotentiary and a secretary, taught him
till*, taught him lo master himself. s««ur. I
inig him In a way which William Howard
«Mil renumbers, that he who ruleth 1.1«
own «pint Is greater than tw who taketh
a city.
Having learned self control, both tnen-j
tat ond physical, tho rest came naturally,
enough. Sickness could not touch hlmj
for it m«l Always confidence and chear-.at
fulnpM. «gainst which mal e chis iffrrrs
have no effect at all. An all wool CbrU-.
lion Scientist could not be more immune.
There is no doing anything with an op
ponent who Is always cheerful and al
ways sure of himsolf. The only thing (e
do Is to let him alone or else work with
him instead of against him.
This control ot body and ot mind makes
It possible for Judge Taft to be always
busy, yet never exhausted. He knows
what fatigue Is, naturally, but he knows
how to rest. He devotes to resting the
same Intelligent understanding that he
gives to work. He Is master In this, loo.
His pleasures, loo, hin recreations, do not
control him; he controls them. He has
studied them and knows when to partake
and when to abstain.
Golf and Fishing.
His golf and his fishing are cart of his
scheme of living, as are his long walks
and his riding. He rides rather then
drives, because of the stimulation, it
doe* him more good. The viewpoint of
the horse may ho different, but neverthe
less. Judge Taft rides when there Is an
available animal to carry him.
His ability to enjoy outdoor games and
to play them worthily Is not Judge Taft •
onIy of rpcrMU lon. however,

can find recreation In work itself—be busv
and be resting at the same time. He cen
switch jobs. He can
down, or lay It up, or lay It
away, and at once take hold of another
of quite a different sort, and pilch Into it
with abundant energy. Changing the
kind of work does the trick. This Judge
Taft tins down to a science, and It may bo
doubted If anyone, since the days of Na
poleon, could heat him at It.
This control system, acquired In early
youth by a naturally husky Individual,
and persisted In continuously during the
past thirty years, has produced an effi
one Job
cient habit of work that is of Inestimable
value to any business It may be devotrd
to. Taft's work In the Philippines illus
trates this.
There everything' had to be
done, much had to be undone and one
man bad to do It.
He had a tropical cli
mate to work in at that.
Filipino Problem.
The strong prejudice existing between
the Filipinos and the whiles hu 1 to i.e
dealt with single banded.
A race beaten.
hut still rebellious on one s'de, .another
race conquering and contemptuous on the
other side—with one Individual
tween the two. Who could have stepped
Into such a position successfully but
man sound mentally
man in control of himself absolutely: a
man of Inveterate energy and cheerful
man he
and physically.
In such conditions a man who could cot
persistent good
meet prejudice with
humor would have no chance at all. A
small man—small* mentally—cou'd
have accomplished good.
A man who could not pocket personal
feelings, could not eliminate his
sonal feelings, could not
own p r
eliminate bis
own personal annoyances from his
duct of affairs ot stale would have failed
altogether. Taft had hlnuelf In
was able to put personalities aside
being master there, the rest was easv
The special train bearing Mr, Taft
and his party is expected to arrive at
the French street station at 4.27 this
afternoon, from Jersey City. The train
is scheduled to stop at Newark, N. J.,
at Trenton, and at Bristol, Pa . where
the candidate will
dresses. There is a possibility that
these stops may delay tho scheduled
time of the special; bot all arrange
ments have been made for its arrival
at French- street on time.
make short ad
Tito Rev. J. M. Arters. superlnt?n
dent of the An:i-8a1oup League, has
received the following:
Dover. Del.. October 16. 1908.
Rev. J. M. Arters. Wilmington, Del.
Mv Dear Sir: Vest -May's "Record"
slates that T. C. duP.ml^ referred
to me as a member nf the bar
would vouch for the ability of Fran t
H. Davis to fill the office of attorney
«Pneral of this Slate.
P ° nt ^ * had ° W °' aUth0rUv ,r ° m
I desire to inform you that Mr. dti
nie f° r 80 doing, and I regard his ac
H° n a8 inexcusable nnd unwarran.,
ed presumption.
1 do . not w!sh to be drawn In!o a
disousBion of Mr. Davis* mental fitness
this office: there are too many
oW*T members of the bar, who, I con
8| o er - are far better able to pass upju
this point than I am.
Yours truly,
J. Hall Anderson.

Wchild a nur se. IWu VV. h«h Si ol»-3t
" ^housework and wailing Apply af
ÎÎL.Î'î®' 612 K mg 3t._ ol9 -U
M°oo^î^l ^SimiM^deFrt^a^r
lodgre room, Tuesday evening. 8 p. m.
Buslneas wy important to you. By order

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