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605-007-000 i
PA P RY THIMV M. t ' > f.l'AWAK H
l *I
* We Give Green Trading Stamps—They are the Best.
Extraordinary Opportunity to Save
Money in Desirable Merchandise
The store is overflowing with new, fashionable and staple mer
chandise. The following mentioned articles are only a few of the
manv dcsirahie vaincs lu he found in our stocks all marked at
prices that -n\c v<-n \ . , t t .
We offer for balance of tins month the best values
ever placed on a Dross CioçkIs counter in \\ ilmiii£
worth ton. namely: 1500 yards of the new. wanted styles
$1 jT $1.00. 85c. of plain and fancy weaves of suitings for street
Sale price,' costumes. Mannish stripe and fancy checks, plain
and shadow weaves, mixed suitings 111 popular
m and brown, all 44 to 50
Worth $1-35, $1.00 and 85c.
Dress Goods
shades of navy, green
inches wide.
Sale price .
This is an opportunity to save money seldom ottered.
Tailor-made Suits, Coats and Waists
Thi* month is going far ahead of onr expectations in the Suit
Department, hut there is a reason for it. which yon will easily dts
covcr by visiting this department. Our stock is very representative
of all that is new in Suits. Coats. Skirts and Waists for la hes
s and children, and arc marvels of style and beauty. Many
ived this week.
Suits—Prices $10, $12.50, $r 5 » $t®> $ 2 °>
new garments just receive
Women's and Misses'
Skirts and Silk Waists— In newest styles; $250. $A°°* $A 5 °*
$5.00. $(>.«), $;.,50 tO $12 . 5 °' . , • „„ ,
Everything desirable in coats for women, misses and
children can he found hero, and at prices to suit every
Children's Coats—$2.50 to *12.50.
$_V5° to $50.
Special sale o
Ladies' and misses' coats,
f Silk Rubberized Raincoats; worth $20 $15
Women's, Misses' and Childrens Millinerv,
everything from the plain, every day hat lo the
fnr . .
Wednesday Specials
bewitching evening 1 res* hat. No two alike, trimmed in most ar
tistic style, at our usual low prices; $2.50, $ 5 - 50 - $400, $500, $6.oo,
$7.00 tip tO $25
1000 yards best Apron Ciiiighsmis, sale price. H E
1 ».lies' Stripe Flannelette Skirt Lengths, worth jqc ; sale price.25c
Misses' ami Children's Flannel Skirts. 50c values: sale price....39c
Men's Dark and Light Madras Shirts, worth 50c ; sale price.... 39 «
New 8wcateis in C.revs, worth $1.25 and $1.50, sale price. Ç1.00
Men's Winter Weight Ribbed Shirts and Drawers, worth 75c;
sale price .
Women's Ribbed Vests and I'ants,
sale orice.• • , ,
Children's Extra Heavy School Hose, worth 15c. sale price.
Remnants ol Dress Goods and Silks—Hall Price.
New Neckwear, New Belts, New leather Goods.
.... 5 0C
extra size, worth 50c:
605-607-609 Harket Street
Judge Spruance Holds Six
Men Are Disqualified
as Voters
Judge Spruance, sitting at the Court
House this morning, ordered six names
bouks^of qualified
Btrioken from the
and dismissed four appeals. The
court will hear additional appeals this
Philip L. Garrett, Walter II.
Hayes, Herbert I- Rice and Julian •
Walker represented the Republican
party and Andrew C, Gray, Hugh M.
Ilorrls end Annon D Chaylor, Jr, to
■MMnted the Democrats at the hearing,
! The court considered the case of
Herman Green's first and ordered hi* 1
■name stricken from the books of New
Castle hundred after it was tfown that
Green was under age.
Because It was shown that he had |
been convicted of larceny, William
I.ally's name was strie' m from the
against Harry M Lockwood,
name was also ordered off
John Karbowski and Stanley Kar
(nwskl. Antonio Flrrllll. were denied
the right of
failed to prove naturalization
peal against Michael Dt
same ground.
y risk i had produced his papers. The
appeals against Frank Zerkinskl, John
A. Davis and James B. Davis were with
uffrage Iwcause they had I
t ne ap- j
ynski, on the
drawn after the men named had proved
Hundred Blocks of Pav.ng.
Ftreet t'- -mmi.-sinner Frank Pierson]
says that hv the end of the season 16U
blooks of street will have been paved
by the street department This will
leave 6* blocks to be paved next year
Mock Markets
1 o'clock quotation* from F. O
Laektv Sl Co., Bankers sod B-cksrs,
843 Market atreet, Wilmington, Del.
Mo. Kau&Tex. 64
Nat Lead Co. 8t >j
N. Y. Central 105
Out. & West. .40h
Norfolk a West 74
Nor. Pacific ..14.S
Pacific Mail
Pennsylvania 12% •»
People'! Gas ...95
Read, ist pfd.
Read. 2d pfd...
Amal. Copper.. -5%
Am Smelt. Co. 87 H
Amer Sugar , iJ3 «
Atchison .
tchison, pfd ...
Brooklyn Tran. 48'»
B. & O. ..
Can. Southern
ChL Or. West 7
Cbes & Ohio 42S
Chi & Alton 39X
Chi. & K. W...
C. M. & St P. 138KID. & H.
Hock Island 19H D , 1-7 4k W.
Rock Island pfd 47 Southern 1 ac. 104
Erie .31 South R. Com 22lf
Brie, ist pfd ...43V Texas Pacific...53
Or. North.pfd. i33j'iiTeDn.C.aI Co
Illinois Cen. ...
Louisville .10734
Int. Met. com
Int. Me . pfd
Man Con......
Missouri Pac.. 56
97 H
i i , y*
Un. Pac Com 168
CJ. Sv St. Com. 46#
17. S SC Pref ioi 7 i
Wabash Cora.
Wabash Pref. 37
Western Union 59#
Only One 'BROMO QUININE," that is m
Laxative ßromo Quinine on ,ver -
Cureta Cold in One Day, Crîptn 2 Day» ^ SfX/y box. 25c
Man Who Accuses Prohibition
Nominee in Connecticut
Known in This City
By United Press Leased Special Wire,
i HARTFORD, Conn., Oct. 20.—Tho Pro.
hlbitlonists of Connecticut to-day chal
îenged W. O. Marshall to produce the
rlmlnal record of their candidate fur
governor, Matthew K. O'Brien, which ho
claimed t . possess »hen nearly mobbed at
pan in the Dele were campaign last au
| " um **
-Marshall, who said he was from Chl
■«". Interrupted the meeting just ss
'Brien was Introducing a speaker, it*
r meeting here last night. O'Brien look
The papers which he flourished at the
leetmg purported to be affidavits showing
« I Brien to have been convicted of obtain
lug 38 under false pretenses In Bristol
in November. 188».
ruin showing that you were found guilty
r a criminal act and that you served a
prang to his feet and shouted;
I "I hold here the certified record of a
I ,n In the penitentiary." Howl, of rage
j .gp j n upon bts accusation* and he was
opened last night The average attend
ance In each school was about 20
pupils, so that altogether there were
no more than 100 attending all the
schools. Tho small attendance Is al
partments will find checks awaiting
them at the office of City Treasurer
I 'tied to the stage, where he tried to
epeat the charges. O'Brien grabbed for
he patters In hts hand, but he held to
them and made hi* escape befare the an.
g r of the audience.
OVANIX», Mont, Oct. 20.—Early to-j
4*2 a party of heavily armed officers
Missoula In search of a band of
fiathead Indian* who yesterday fought
a battle with deputy game wurden C.
B. Peyton und hl» assistant. Herman
Rudolph, In which Peyton and four In
dlan* were killed. One of the Indiana
killed was known as Yellowhead, the
others have not been identified.
Wilmington's five night schools were
tributed to the excitement of the po
litical campaigning Youngsters gen
erally prefer red lire und brass band
music to arithmetic.
Checks Are Ready.
All persons who have bills against
the Water and Street and Sewer De
Twelve Appeals in Kent.
DOVER, Oct. 20.—Judge Pennewlll,
I sitting here today heard twelve appeals
i fr om the Kent county registration. The
interests of the Republicans wear look
I ed after by A. Donald Marshall and
the interests of the Democrats by
Police Have Two Witnesses
in Custody Who Tell
Different Stories
bullet hole In his head, near tho Kev
enth street bridge, which crosses the
Brandywine creek. The body is still
at the morgue but lt d« expected that
relatives of the man will make arrange
ments for his burial.
The police, have two men in custody
as witnesses in connection with the
case. TheV are James Duncan, who
told of seeing a fight between three
men early on Sunday morning in which
thev all seemed to have revolvers, and
exchanged shots, and James Cunning
ham, another young man who tells an
other storv of the affaii.
According to Cunningham's story he
and Duncan with Burkett and some
others decided on Saturday night to go
to Todd's Cut and board a freight train
for down the State. While they were
walking along the railroad ho hoard a.
Pistol shot and turning saw a medium
sized man walking toward them and
firing a revolver. Cunningham said
ho e.'arted to run and as he did ho
saw Burkett fail to the ground, bin
did not slop to see how badly lie was
The police report no new develop
ments in the case of John W. Burkett,
who was found dead on Sunday with a
Cunningham's slory was so different
from Duncan'» that tho police decided
to hold both men tin 11 1 the case can
be investigated further.
Duncan's statement was to the pf •
f<" f Uutf he heard Shooting, and hiding*
saw three men nass him, nil seeming to
After they had passed he
>"■ angry.
heard more shooting and looking ahead,
the three men. all armed with revol
vers. were nnnaronllv ».hooting at each
Fearing lie would he shot Dun
can said he fled and lalcr reported the
circumstances to the police.
Forest fire broke out here with renewed
force, and this morning the hills are
ablaze In several directions. Today
a wind blew the smoko directly down
011 tho town, and the darkness of mid
night prevailed for a short time.
The gros have such a start that noth
ing but a day's rain will extinguish
them. Forest fire» covering many miles
of territory are raging in the vicinity
12 miles from this
village, and Just ovéV the Pennsylvania
lino large forces of men are fighting
the liâmes. Today the fire Is reported
within 500 fet of several large oil tanks,
of Genesee. Pa..
Joseph Martin, colored, was arra gned
. ,, . ... ,
, ». . . ..
charge of assault and battery. Thu
complainant was Annie Irons, colored,
who said that Martin had hit her with
Martin said he didn't mean to hurt
Annie ami said It was the first tinio!
he had been arrested since the "last
time he had had a tilt with the woman,
about three months ago." Judge
Cochran didn't think much of Martin's
her lOOlh birthday on the 15th and who
yesterday was very near death was report
ed unchanged to-day.
a whiskey bottle, cutting u gash in he!
defense and fined him $30 apd costs.
Mrs. Pass' Condition Unchanged.
The condition of Mrs. Anna Marla Pass,
of No. 504 West Fifth street, who passed
Colored Voters to Rally.
The Sherman Repo Ml can Club of tho
Second ward will hold a rally to-morrow
night In Odd Fellow's Hall. Tenth and
Orange street, when John C. Dancy and
John W. l*otlemon both of Washington,
D. C., will speak.
Injured by Hoisting Engine Rope.
Tony Deeitorge. an Italian, employed by
Cardin and Clement, who are building the
retaining wall at Kirkwood Park, was
eaught by a rope from the drum of a
Ldsllng engine and sustained serious In
juries this afternoon. He was taken to the
Delaware Hospital.
Tho hearing In the ease of the govern- ■
nient against the duPont Powder Company i
DOVER, Get 26.—Governor Lea to-I
day made the following additional ap
polntmcnts of election Inspector*
Mark Derry, first district of the Sev
enlh Representative district.
Castle county: Thomas F Coffin first |
district of the Sixth Representative
district. Sussex: William D. Clark, first j
district of the Twelfth Representative j
district. New Castle: Harry O. Bier,
third district of the Third Representa
tive district. Sussex, new district;
Elmer H. Lawson, Eight Representative
district. Sussex; William C. Justing,
first district of Fifth, Kent: William
m. Hinkle, second of Fifth. Kent: and
Townsend Smlther. second of Second.
Kent. The last three appointments
place new Inspectors In charge of the
Dover election, previous Inspectors hav
ing resigned, under the law the Gov
ernor can fill vacancies among Inspec
tors which are created by resignation,
removal or death.
flee of one of the counsel for the defend- i
ant companies, where tho two previous |
New York hearings were held.
before Special Master William G. Ma- j
balTy. will be resumed In New York to- i
morrow. The hearing will be held In the I
new Custom House Instead of In the of- .
Dr. Sypherd Addresses Church Club,
Dr J. B. Sypherd, of Delaware Col
lege, spoke at the meeting of the Men's
( 'lub In Trinity Parish House last
night. Dr George A. Harter, president
of the college, was to have made an
address on the work of the college, but
was detained.
Horse Shot to End Suffering.
A horse belonging to William Wil
liams, a huckster, fell at Sixth and
Wollaston streets today and broke oae
of Its lege. Th» animal was later shot
by Patrolman P«i»rson to end It« suf
r Don't ask for "soap.
Ask for Ivory Soap.
There's a big differ
Soap is soap, it may
be good; and then
again, it may not.
But Ivory Soap is al
ways good. One cake
of Ivory Soap will do
I j US t exactly what ail
J -
Other Cake WÜ1.
Used by almost every
Ivory Soap
99 Per Cent. P
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been acting an challenger for the Demo
rials ami who whs alleged lu have had tho
00k that was stolen, was the next wit
es». Conner was Bald to bo for the de
ease. Craig questioned him fegarbing
ciise, Craig questioned him regarding
what transpired Saturday evening.
Conner testified that Craig ran out of
the building and at the time he, Conner,
thought that tho colored man had run
a ft
the man who h«d taken the hook.
Conner then testified that Craig said, "Kill
Mayor Bird."
Craig Consulted Ex-Mayor.
Craig was not represented by counsel.
He called Mr. Bird to the witness stand.
Questioned. Mr. Bird said that he did not
know of any statement alleged to have
been made by Craig against him.
"Haven't I always gone to you for ad
vice," asked Craig.
''Yes. you have."
"And in all legal matters that I have
go 06 to you about, haven't I followed your
advice i"
I ''Ye»."
I Jehn Dennis, colored, was next called
bs a witness for the defense. Dennis testl.
tied that he did not hear Craig make any
I lolent outcry against Mr. Bird.
I Craig said in his statement that he had
had no cause for saying anything against
Mr. Bird. Judge Cochran, however, was
onvlnred on the testimony of Mr, Allen
Äml othc *' witnesses, and set Craig's ball
: The next case, growing out of the
^rouble at the registration place, was that
f John W. Thompson, colored, charged
/Ith breach of the
t fl.utlO for his appearance in the upper
peace. Thompson
'pleaded not guilty when arraigned and
j asked for a continuance to Thursday In
order to get counsel.
Postpone's Godwin Case.
John IV, Godwin was next called and the
.... , . ,,
(»anani charging him with breach of the
peace was read. He pleaded not guilty and
i„. , ,
... ' , 18 ' , L !f. rR "' K < I iod '* n
having threatened Charles D. Bird with
as then read, and Mr.
' l ° u " in Pleaded not guilty and asked for
1 "' cont,nuam »' J " d * e «'oehran
' anle< t Mr. Godwin gave ns ids reasons
] at ,ie * ia< * ,,ot l' a<1 <hne to secure counsel
| nd KU * nn 'on his witness».
I ' vns setting late by this lime and
Judge Cochran said the rest of the cases
would be continued to-morrow, except that
of Noah Oorrum, charged with Illegal reg
Stratton, which was set down for a hear
ig Thursday. William Boyer, colored, who
Is also known as Henry Boy, according
o the police, was not arraigned as his
odlly harm.
case was far down the list and the court
.adjourned before it was called. It will go
|over with the rest of tho cases until
Jameil Green „ B ondam«n.
j Richard E. Craig was later released on
bail. James Green going as his bonds
I Clerk of the Court T^>wls Basso was not
In his office immediate,ly after the ad
Vr s . 1MSp returned before his ball could
bo arranged,
I ournment of court and Craig found It
ecessary to wait some little while until
__ _
MIDDLETOWN, Del.. Oct. 20—The
funeral services of the late Rioha-d
L. Naudin were held Monday afternoon
at his home near hero.
Rev. F. H.
I Moore, of Forest Church, had charge of
■ Naudin 'wércThe pall ' bealeiV'Inte'r'.
Saiurduv evening The library
committee will hold a rummage sale
nnd bake next Saturday for the bene.
. . jj.. f
Attorney MacElroo. of West Chester,
»bent part of the afternoon with Mrs..
Christine Little, wife of the contractor.
"ho. she save, ran awojf Monday. Hi
said 'There is absolutely nothing now
in Little's affairs, which are badiy
New'tangled, and will be w »und up through
| bankruptcy proceedings or by a
sheriff's lew. Further than that there
j is nothing to sav." Asked as to the
j rumor that Little had beo found, his
the trouble and humiliation he
brought upon us.
hope never to see him."
ment was made In St. Anne's Ceme
tery. near here.
The members of the library commit
tee have changed the time for open
ing the library, nnd In the future, R
i will be open on Friday evening Instea t
| of
fit of the library.
WEST GROVE. Pa . Oct. 20District
I will wait
wife responded qulcjtlv, "1 hope not,
not as things are now.
until he comes to himself and realizes
Until that time
Directors Want Deed.
The Street and Sewer Directors this
morning decided ' to request the city
solicitor by an amicable agreement to
obtain the deed to Pennsylvania avenue
from the Kenne« Turnpike Company
to the city limit«.
Church Street's Condition.
Complaint was made to the Street
and Sewer Directors this morning of
the condition of Church street from
Second to Third streets Big ruts make
the street dangerous to teams. The di
rector* promised to pul a repair gang
on the street.
Judge Bradford Occupied the
Bench and Four Cases Were
Brought Before Him
I To-day was the first day of the Oc
tober term of the United States Cir
cuit Court. Judge Edward G. Brad
I ford occupied the bench.
The case of the Baltimore Construc
tion Company against the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad Company, by con
sent of counsel, was continued until
the next term of court, which Is the
June term.
In the case of Joseph R. Fox, trus
tee for the Pure Water Engineering
and Construction Company, against
Pierre S. duPont and Irence duPont,
administrators of the estate of Wil
liam K. duPont, deceased, it was de
elded to hear it before n Jury and
some other judge, on a later date.
November 23 was set for the hearing
of the case of the C. E. Riley Com
pany against the Delaware Hosiery
Manufacturing Company. The case Is
an action at law on a contract.
In the case of Catherine E. Carson
against tho Allegheny Window Glass
Company and Robert W. Hilton,
Pennsylvania, a bill In equity pending
on motion for the appointment of a
receiver on a preliminary injunction,
Marvel & Marvel appeared for the de
fendant and by consent of counsel for
the plaintiff, the time was extended
until October 30 for the defendants to
file affidavits and until November 9
for tho plaintiffs to make reply.
Harry lynch and Jesse W. Hartley were
each fined |3 and costs In City Court this
morning on charges of disorderly conduct
They were arrested last evening at Fourth
and Talnall streets, where they were en
gatted In an altercation.
Huldah Farra van fine«! $3 and costs on
a charge of disorderly conduct.
John F. Davis, charged with non-sup
port, hn<f Ills yca.se continued until to
Raymond Coleman, colored, IS yca-s old,
was placed under a $200 probation bonds.
He was charged with larceny of shoes
from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
( Cora Robinson, colored, was fined |20 and
Humbert Bugliaml. charged with violât.
Ing the age of consent law, had his case
continued until Friday. Walter Blackbmn.
charged with larceny of a watch and
chain, from William J. Green, had his
ca*e continued. The charge agallist Lor
enzo Cognacci of violating a city ordl
nance, was held up.
costs on a charge of having been drunk
land disorderly,
iingsworth Corporation and Josiah Marvel
j were shown through the new building and
expressed themselves as delighted with Us
The local Young Men's Christian Asso
elation tills morning had the honor of
entertaining Charles M. Schwab, president
of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, who
came here to look over the Harlan and
Hollingsworth Corporation plant. Mr
Schwab In company with R. J. Maclean,
president of the Board of Trade, Charles
H. Miller. Mr. Cox, of the Harlan and Hoi
This morning at 10 o'clock Messrs. W. B.
Roper and A. M. Clemence of the Nor
folk. Va.. Y. M. C. A. visited the building
and Inspected everything. The Norfolk As.
sociatlon Is building a new home. After
their Inspection they left to look at the
Y. M. C. A. building In Philadelphia.
On Saturday a party from the Camden.
At this morning's session of Levy Court
Mr, Hopkins moved that a copy of the
proceedings, and two resolutions regarding
toe settlement with Kent county on
N. J,. Y, M. C. A., will visit Wilmington
•to Inspect tho new building. The Wilmtng.
t n Association appears to please all tho
visitors from out of town who make a
point of looking over it£ facilities and ap
tho bridge matter settled last week be
j sent to Comptroller Chandler for record
tiled by Robert R. Morrison.
The court received and had rend n com
" lunlcallon tro *" tlle court ' 8 at ' or,,cy ln
. regard to the collection of delinquent taxes
' f' om Charles A. Parks. The eommunl
' cation was ordered filed. Considerable dis
cusslon followed as to who really should
or did colectl delinquent taxes. The mal
1er was finally dropped with a future ref.
A petition for an extension of track by
I the Wilmington City Hallway Company
I - Holly Oak road read and referred,
« A communient Ion was r^ad from a num
i ._.
| ° * ''^"hm!'n^at the Newark depot
l t *? n * 1 . „ T „ e railroad ram
crossing for night *' *• ' „mint
P«ny will be ashed lo moke
Mr - Hopkins called attention
reckless automobile driving on the xew
ark road and suggested that a protest be
I »ent to the Automobile Association.
] A protest against the acceptance of the
i bid of Joseph Anderson for the construc
tion of the bridge over Silver Brook was
Institute Church Society at Newark.
The Rev. Father Munster, of
Patrick » Church, with »bout 50 mem
bers from the parish, went to Newark
last night nnd Instituted the Holy Name
The new society
j Society of Newark.
has fifty members. Entertainment was
provided for the visitors, and the In
stitution was most successful.
Bill—Why walketh so softly.
Percy—Darned bum socks, hurt my
tootsies. , _
Bill -Get Into Uneuwear HWery
you ninny, then you can step up
hind the band In the middle of
old street tn town You can get them
out at Ed. V. MoCarron ». Fourth
and Lincoln, or call 394.A. and he will
bring samples to your home or of
U' -
E, W. Cluff. of Worcester Co, Md ,
railed at the Coll,*« yesterday and
made arrangements for his son to enter
the Commercial Department today.
Norman Hess, of Dlllsburg, Pa., en
tered the Commercial Department this
Willard J. Walker, teacher of Draft
ing, has a very enthusiastic class of
students in his department of the
Night School.
An application was received yester
day from a Virginia firm lor a young
lady bookkeeper and stenographer. The
position is still open,
A Philadelphia firm telephoned yes
terday for a typewriter operator, a
young woman competent In billing.
John S. Rossell, banker, will give the
commercial students a talk at an early
date on the subject of ''Banking and
Trust Companies."
Charles W. Tingle, of Berlin. Md..
commercial graduate '04. was a visi
tor at the College yesterday. Mr. Tin
gle has been pending a few days
with friends In this city.
The young men of the College have
organized a football team and have se
lected Harold Spedden as manager and
Clyde C. Neese as captain.
The Alumni Association will hold its
first meeting of the year next Friday
night, October 23, There will be an
election of officers, followed by a Hal
lowe'en Social. Graduates and Alumni
members are cordially invited to be
By United Press Ceased Special Wire.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 20—President
Roosevelt has announced to visitors
who have called recently at the White
House to discuss the subject, that lie
will rental at the coming session of
Congress, his fight of last winter for
four battleships and a corresponding
number of armored cruisers and tor
pedo craft. The two battleships voteo
last year, were entirely insufficient for
the nroner maintenance of the :.a:y,
he holds, and his fight this winter will
be harder than cm- naval fight he has
ever heretofore made, if necessary, to
get through the program that is now
being drawn up by the naval general
Many Duck* in Rehoboth Bay.
Notwithstanding the present warm
weather, black ducks are still flocking
into Rehoboth Bay on their migration
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days
or money refunded. 50c.
Continued From First Page.)
that It would be difficult to excel the
advantage* of Wilmington as an In
dustrial center.
Mr. Schwab and his party arrived
at 11 o'clock. They included Archi
bald Johnston, president of the Beth
lehem Steel Company: J. A. MacGre
gor. president of the Union Iron Works
of San Francisco, a subsidiary corpor
ation; E. C. Grace, general superinten
dent of the Bethlehem Steel Company:
F. A. Schick, comptroller of the Beth
lehem Steel Corporation; J. H. Ward,
private secretary to Mr. Schwab.
They were met by President R. J.
Maclean and other officers of the Board
of Trade and were taken about WII
mingUm In automobiles to see the
sights. They arrived at Hanna's cafe
at 12.30 o'clock, the second floor hav
ing been reserved for the dinner for
officers of, the Board of Trade, city
officials and Mr. Schwab's party.
Those at the Dinner.
Among those present, in addition to
the visitors, were Congressman Hiram
R. Burton. Mayor Horace Wilson, Cap
tain L. H. Rand, United States Engi
neer; W. G. Coxe, president, and Hen
derson Weir, secretary of the Harlan
and Hollingsworth Corporation: W. T.
Bndd, auditor, and William S. Hilles
and Charles R. Miller, directors of the
Harlan and Hollingsworth Corporation;
R. J. Maclean. A. S. Reed, W. D.
Brinckle, Frank J. Williams, George H.
McGovern. George W. Sparks, Benjamin
F. Shaw. Charles A. Rudolph. William
D. Mullen, Jr.. William Lawton, General
|T. C duPont. Thomas H, Savery, James
H. Wright, John S. Rossell, Josiah
...... „
: Marvel. Thomas H. Melvin, Jerome B.
Bell nnd Alfred D. Warner, officers and
directors of the Board of Trade; Pres
ident of Council W. O. Taylor, Council
men John J. Cassidy. Walter Rash,
Edward A. Higgins. James Kane, Homer
Simmon,, Seth H. F.aster. Samuel
H. Benson, Jr.. William P. White. 'VH-:
Ram Lyons, Jr., Michael C. Conway,
) John J. McGovern and Matthew L.
! Kyle and Street and Sewer Director
Schools George W. Twitmyer, William
: H. Hill and A W. Cummins.
President Maclean presided at the din
"rr which was entirely Informal, although
*" the latter part seversl of hose present
«were called on 4* say a few words, .he
menu as °
Gray, Superintendent of
< ;
Oyster Cocktail
Broiled Halibut Hollandaise Sauce
Parisienne Potatoes
Roast Stuffed Squab
Lima Beans
Potato Croquette»
Roman Punch
Dressed Terrapin
Chicken Salad
Ice Cream
IS $145,115.22
Comity Treasurer Burns sent to the
Levy Court to-day the following re
port, showing the condition of opunty
finance« to date: To the credit of the
Levy Court. 3145.115.32; special bond
Issue, 343.678.61;
Mill Creek 32.527.64;
Creek, 3761.13; Pencader,
New Castle.
31,741.01; St. Georges, 35.200.75; Appo
quinimink, 31.934 89; Blackbird. 31.
296 44; Brandywine, 34.883.38
miscellaneous road
34.41; Christiana. 34.188 05:
While «'lay
$1,699.36 :
32.571.28; Red Lion.
DOVER. Oct. 20—Governor Let
dar s(mt letters t0 vote „.
who had returned their commissions to
the State Department with the Infor •
I mation that thev could not serve in tho
capacity, notifying them
resignations would not be accepted,
and that thev. therefore, would have
to servo the State,
the assistants had expressed a desire
to escape the duty.
that their
Quite a number of
The Delaware Fire Company is try
ing two new horses which will replace
the animals which were badly hurt
while responding to an alarms of fire
on Sunday night. The horses fell
while the anparatus was in Frertfih
street, between Fourth and Fifth
streets, and two of tho three animate
attached to the apparatus were so bad
ly hurt that it may take a long time
before thev will recover, and it. may be
that thev will never be of use as fire
horses again.
Dismiss Thaw Habeas Corpus Case.
By United Press I-eased Special Wire.
PITTSBURG, Oct. 20.— U. S.
James S. Young has ordered the dismissal
of the habeas corpus requiring the pres,
«lien of Harry K. Thaw In Pittsburg to
I stlfy In his bankruptcy proceedings.
Holy Name Athl«tie Aaeociation.
The Holy Name Society Athletic As.
sociation of St. Patrick's parish or
ganized a basketball team last night,
which it Is expected will, after train
ing, be able to play the fastest teams
of tho city. The Athletic Association
has Just completed organization itself
and is on a prosperous highway. Of
the one hundred and fifty members of
the Holy Name Society, aeventy-flvo
mem hers of the athletic association.
Daniel Farren is president and Wil
liam Irwin vice-president.
. ■ -,
Inspecting Newark Road.
The Levy Court this afternoon is
viewing the road built by contractor
Dawson between St. James Church and
Govsrnment Open* Bid*.
Bids for furnishing engine supplies
were opened by Captain Rand, U. R A ,
this morning in the
United States Engineer. The bidders
were R. E. Moore Company and Gar
rett Miller and Company.
office of the
Bid on Bolt Contract.
Proposals for furnishing bolts to he
used at Horseshoe Range were opened
today at the office of the Fourth Light
House District, the bidders being
' s
Delaware Hardware Com
pany. J6.22: Woodward and Brothers.
37 36; Duncan Brothers, 37.89.
Proposals were also opened for fur
nishing castings for the rear tower at
Horseshoe. Range. The only firm send
ing in a bid was James F.
Foundry Company, of Elkton,
whose bid was 330.
Capelle Hardware
Building Permits.
A permit to make alterations and
repairs to the building at No. 63*
East Eighth street, which was damaged
by fire recently, was 'issued this morn
ing by Building Inspector Johnson. The
repairs will cost about 3900.
A permit was also Issued to make
repairs to the building at No. 411 Mar
ket street, owned by George W. Good
ley, which was damaged by fire, tho
cost to be about 3800.
Taft League For Felton.
FELTON. Oct. 20.—The Felton Taft
and Sherman Club has been organized
with the following officers: President.
H. C. Lynch: secretary, J. B. Melvin;
treasurer. Amos Turner; vice-president,
for the Taft T.eagi*- of Delaware,
George Herind; member of the execu
tive committee of the Taft League of
Delaware. A. E. Conner: representative
to the county league, W. H. Eaton,
Bv United Press Leased Special Wire.
NEW YORK. Oct. Î0— Lost in fig
and smoke from fores; fires, which is
hanging heavy along the-Atlantic coast,
four men who were drifting in the
water logged motor boat Margie are
to-dav on the pilot b .at New Jersey
after as narrow an escape as has been
recorded in marine annals for month*.
Tho four. William Walsh, William
White. J. Hawkins and J. Murray. aH
of Brooklyn, were picked tip six miles
off Sandv Hook. Their little craft was
full of water and the men were almost
dead front exhaustion. Blindai by the
smoke thev had lost all sense of direc
tion and were waiting for death, when
the oilot boat loomed through the haz».
So rough was the sea that it was hours
before anything could be landed.
gg^enlhJ^Ig?FJj r Li» l *-? v ? | l |n >
m ann. 704 West Sixth street,
•La Taft fob Reward it left at 824 West
Sines & Welch
Funeral Designs.
Open evenings.
Cu! Flowers.
219 VV. Eighth si
Daniel Robinson.
ROBINSON—In this city, on October
17th. 1908, Daniel t Robinson, aged 45
Relatives and friends of the family
are Invited to attend the funeral ser
vices at his late residence. No. 611
West Thirty-fourth street, on Wednes
day afternoon, October 21st. at 2 o'clock
Interment Sllverbrook Cemetery.
Ù Lm Dalmer
No. 214 W. Ninth Street
Careful attention day or night
Bodies In Hoarding Houses, Hoteis
and Hospitals removed and cared for
until claimed. Carriages furntsned.
Appointments first-class Both Phones.
Undertaker and Embaimer
610 Jackson Street.
D. & A Pit onr 18873

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