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S>S U '
Re-Christening Sale
Sale Lasts a Week
Sale Lasts a Week
ON'T miss the special Features
of the first day of this sale.
But for the benefit of those un
able to attend on Saturday (the first
day) vu> plan to continue the event a
whole week.
ON'T mis* the special features
of the first day of this sale.
But for the benefit of those un
able to attend on Saturday (the first
day) we plan to continue the event a
whole week.
The Greatest Sale Known to the Wilmington Mercantile World.
This Sale is Held in Honor of the Changing of the Name of ''The Fashion" to the Name of the Present Owners
From 12 to 2 P. M.
From 2 until 4 P. M. Only
Corsets 25c.
Ladies' Black Gauze Cotton Hose—strictly first
quality—double heel and toe, 15c quality. Spe
cial per pair .
7 c
This includes all of our Corsets that sell regularly
up to 50c, in batiste and coutel, in white and drab. The
short and long hip. A good assortment of sizes.
Or 3 paar for 20 c.
New Spring merchandise at ridiculously low prices and past season's merchandise at less than manufacturers' cost,
proper preparations this store yvill not open until 10 o clock, Saturday, February 20, 1909.
We Direct Attention
In order to make
Women's aoid Misses*
$15.00 Newest 1909 Style
Wash Dresses
Foulard and'
Spring Models
V •
• A
to a Splendid
Showing of Spring
X i
Beautiful and complete selection Linone,
Fancy Pfrcales, Striped and Figured
Lawns, in five models, all made with
great skill, into several charming patterns
and sizes, plain tailored, others lace and
They arc the latest styles for the com
ing season, and are copies of Imported
Models—made of Foulard and Messaline
Silks—in Catawba,Ashes of Roses, Navy,
Suede and Black, including Directoire
and Empire styles; all sizes, from 34 to
42. Rechristening price
i : àl
embroidery trimmed.

1 . >
for Women & Misses
The latest models, in all the popular
materials are represented. Garments for
all occasions, marked throughout at very
attraenve prices,
this Re-Christening Saale, the different
models at following prices:
/ 5
Offering special for
Five Advance
Spring Models
•as illustrated Here.
Easily $4.50 values.
Values $16.50.
heatherhloom Petticoats, 98c
Final Cut of the Sea
son -- Our Cntire
Winter Stock of
Coats a.nd Suits
BELTS, roc.
Belts—The balance of our
Hand Bags — Women's
Hand Bags, in blue, black,
brown, several styles, worth
75c and $1.00, to close
out at each .
Belts that sold up to 50c,
close out at
Heatherhloom Petticoats—With the Hydcgrade label,
madz of good black heatherhloom. tucked and
ijffle flounce, worth $2.00. Special .
One to a customer.
Corset Covers—Embroid
ery trimmed, made of good
muslin, all sizes,worth I A.
aie, special, each... | IP*
Drawers — Women's
Muslin Drawers, two styles, open
and closed, made of good muslin.
Large assortment of in ,/
sizes, worth 25c. Special I Z 72 C
98 c
39 »
Selling formerly up to $30,00.
most sensational Coat and Suit Sale we
have ever held.
Less thai\ cost of making
of a good quality of Panama, and § 6 5( 1 glo, $12.50
are new Spring Models, trimmed P w
with buttons, and satin strips, of
self fold, all sizes and colors. $4.00
value, Re-Christening Sale jf|A
Frice ....
In the
Ladies' Spring Dress Skirts
Women's Waists, 30c
White Petticoats, 49c
Women's Press Skirts—made
Women's Waists—Brand new iqoq styles,
black and white, plain blue, and white with colored
stripes, all sizes, 75c values. Special .
White Petticoats—White Muslin
styles, made of good quality muslin, and are well
wort., from $1.00 to $1.25. Special .
Petticoats, two
49 c
Net and Lingerie Waists, $1.69
»3 95. SS-95. 37-95 ■
Muslin Gowns, 39c
Net and Lingerie Waists—A new lot of net and
Lingerie Waists, in all thf new designs. Nets in ecru,
and white, a large assortmfcntVof sizes and styles,
worth $2.50 to $3.00. Special .
Muslin Gowns—White Muslin Gowns, made of
good white muslin, high and low cut neck, 75c to
08c values. Special .
»1.95, »2.95,
39 °
* 9(3
m iß ***
IMp KirkllC WritPC I PtfPP tn
lllll. nillta LtUtl lU
Trinity Church Congrega
tion on Subject
The Rev, F. M. Klrkus, rector of
rinlty P. li Church, has written the
ollowlng letter to hfa congregation
Yelatlve to the observance of I.ent:
Another Lent is close at hand, with
Hs call for every Christian to cease,
For Years
"I keep Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain
Pills on hand all the time, and
would not think of taking a
journey without them, no mat
ter how short a distance I am
I have a sister that has
had terrible headaches for years,
and I coaxed her to try them
and they helped her so much,
•she now keeps them by her all
the time. From my own exper
ience I cannot praise them
63 High st., Penacook, N. H.
Many persons have headache
after any little excitement or ex
ertion. They cannot attend
church, lectures, entertainments,
or ride on trains without suffer
ing. Those who suffer in this
way should try Dr. Miles' Anti
Pain Pills. They give almost
instant relief without leaving
any disagreeable after-effects, as
they do not derange the stomach
or bowels; just a pleasurable
sense of relief follows their use.
Get a package from your drug
gist. Take it according to direc
tions, and if it does not benefit
he will return your money.
as far as possible, those exacting social
engagements and diversions which
crowd our time at ordinary seasons,
iand to devote the leisure thus obtain
cd to spiritual exercises, and a more
frequent attendance upon the public
(services of the Church.
I wish that for once at least we
cou ld Induce In Trinity Parish a really
enthusiastic observance of Lent by
every one of Its members. One is con
stantly meeting people who say "they
do not see the use." How can they when
they have never given tho matter a
good trial?
By a sort of general consent. large
entertainments are discontinued in so
ciety during the Lenten Season, but
many people substitute small ones
(what they call "quiet little affairs")
In their stead, and thus fill their time
as full as ever. That is a curious form
of self-deception indeed, which
rtrues this into a way of keeping Lent;
when as a matter of fact almost every
body gets a great deal more enjoyment
out of small entertainments than from
large ones. '
But It Is only one of the indications
of a general misunderstanding as to ;
what the purpose of Lent really Is.
Observing Lent does not consist In
"giving up" things. The rule of abstl
ncnce which is part of Its observance
Is only a means to an end. There Is
an ancient saying to the effect that
fulness of bread Indicates absence of
contrition." but we all know perfectly ;
well that that is not necessarily true.,
The exacting demands w-hich are con
stantly made upon our eherg.v and 1
strength In this strenuous twentieth
century render "fasting" an almost im
possible exercise; though they also
make H extremely advisable to live
way of luxuries and to simplify and
economize our habits of life in *
ssTdènw r .« 1 ôf*thf u «t h r T rc, r I"
seir-cieniai are or the utmost value to
«lorvRBflv _ 4 . 1 XT .. a
sires during the forty days of I.ent.
helps us to bo resigned and brave
and patient In those experiences which
come sooner or later to all of us when!
we are called to resign or to forego
gifts and blessings which seem almost
vital to our happiness and welfare.
But the positive purpose of Lent is
to build us up in holiness of life, and
to that end the Church appoints certain
"extraordinary exercises of devotion."
The abstinences recommended during
Lent, therefore, are In order that our
time and thoughts may be free for a
profitable use of those exercises which
the Church provides for us. as well as
a more, rigorous and systematic habit
of private devotions.
In Trinity Church the usual çrder of
services will be adopted, as announced
on another page; and I feel sure that If
we would all make a rule of consuien
tiously observing them with the utmost
possible regularity, and with the deter
mination to get out of them some gen
nine spiritual help, Lent would bring
to each of us individually and to our
parish as a whole a qulto Incalculable
F. M. K.
Until March 10th Inclusive.
Gold filled Rimless Spectacles, $1.50.
Cubberly. 824 Market St.*
m -m
M — I | g-, _ _ M,
M « fl | I Jll ST
WW A wA Aw v
— g j
£^06$ €1660 «ElltCt* Qlï*t
* r 1
_ .. - _ . t l
(jOIq JJUSt IS the gTCat'!
, - 0 -
0St home ClCElier- fol
- . , ... - .,
jcitf.neri ,11 VingTOOm.bath
' ®
room, pantry, closet ana
. 1 * • - J
J .
It nOt OIUV ClCänS, DUt
. s' 7 ,-. r
P^s >mder the surface,
dissolves dirt and leaves
0 nlv ä Shining plaCC tC
P r .
mark where it was, and
^ 1
point a moral.
Gold DUSt dOCS the
, , , ,
WOrk Quicker End mOfC
,, ,
CCOnOmiCally than SOED—
,, , J , . *
aS Well ES bettCf.
_- T , - j
US6 Gold
-tv A
DllSt 0V* ^
-, A \
0 rv Q3.V
IOF CVCry -- 'J
. . J
A Lima. Peru, newspaper, tha LaPrensa,
commenting on tho congested condition ot
the port of Callao, aaVa that it is not un
common for vessels to be detained four
or five or even six weeks before they can
begin to discharge. On December 5 there
were five British ships waiting their turn
one of which had been there for forty
eight days.
Want an Agent to Sell
for You-Who Really
Knows How to Sell?
Lively, alert hustlers read
the want Ad columns of
this paper. To reach the
red-blooded sort of agent,
use JOURNAL Want Ads.
Entertainment at New-Century Club
on Saturday Night.
T,ie following programme has been
arranged for the vaudeville cntertaln
nient to be given at the Sfcw-Century
Club, Saturday night, by home talent,
for the benefit of the Home of Mercl
ful Rest:
A-Ducji Dance Miss Oladvs Jack
son, A. L). Warner," Jr., Paul Wilson,
w Maxwell Moore
„ . , , .... . ......
B ■* r,a Madame Butterfly,
„ E Wales
C—' The Llttllest Girl," from Richard
Harding Davis; cast: Christopher L.
Ward. W. N. Bannard. Jr., Richard
Reese - M,BB Jane Ramsey
D-.Singing specialties led by Robert
„ridge, F. E. Panels. ' '
«To f ... « , ^ .
P „ r ; t with e Â.^et jaeï:
.. . _
8on * Nancy Moore, Katharine Tallman,
? „ a-«-.
MaxweU M^'re
a „ 1 "toore. __
W nilam # N' Bkn^rt
William N. Bannard, Jr., will present
^ Rreate8t
marv „ f „ a * e - . ,
. °7 Â . îrS ' R u ^ d u Po n t a n d R a I p h
Assheton present the|r trained animals,
aided by Eugene duPrmt. Willard Por
tpr * Joh " ^. a , r " er ' M !' H °P klnB > Mr
Davis and Tilghman Johnson.
H— Biograph.
At the c, 9 se ot tllP Performance the
PHvllego of voting for the most popular
number will be given.
Salvation Army Revival.
The special meetings at the Salvation
Army Hall, Fourth and King streets,
are still going on, and many converts
are being made.
Adjutant Bartlett states that the
most encouraging feature of the re- j
Staff Captain and Mrs. Itlchards. of I
Philadelphia, will have charge of the
week-end meetings. The »unday af
ternoon service will be held kt the
The hall at Fourth and King streets
has proved so satisfactory for tho
Army operatlttns, that the leaso has [
been renewed for another, your.
vlval Is the fact that quite a num
her of recent converts are among those |
not reached by ordinary methods.
ft... ri»fxa>rc
DOVER. Del.. Feb. 10-Union Lodge
__ — ■ ■ ■ ■=

The fire committee of Council pre
sented Its report of tho semi-annual
inspection made by Council on Mon
day and Tuesday evenings of this week
to City Council last night and in It
praise Is given the firemen for their
excellent equipment.
The semi-annual appropriation of
the various companies were allowed as
follows: Friendship, $2.250; Reliance,
$2,050; Delaware, $1,900; Phoenix, $4,300;
Water Witch, $2,250; Independence. '$2.
050; Washington. $2,800; Weccacoe, $2,
800; Liberty, $2,050; Brandywine, $2,
250; Union, $2.250; Fame, $2,250.
A number of firemen attended the
meeting expecting the paid fire depart
ment subject to come up but tho matter
was not discussed. The fire committee
has not yet received figures and in
formation from other cities maintain
ing paid fire departments, as to the
cost of tho same.
committee Is expected next week.
A report from the
For a Quick,
Delicious Lunch
Tw Post
Crisp, flavory, golden-brown Corn
Toasties, dainty as a confection.
"The Taste Lingers"
Popular pkg. 10c.; Family size 15c
Made by
Postum Cereal Company. Limited.
Battle Creek, Mich.
of Masons has planned for an elaborate
f Washington's birthday
Following the lodge
session a reception will he held at the
Hotel Richardson for the
their wives and Invited guests. Mem
l>crs of the Legislature and officiait
who are Masons have been Invited to
tin i- ■ plk n. anil a delightful program
of instrumental and Vocal music will
lie given.
on Monday night,
members, 1
Wlth the support of practically
There Is no law which re
publishing of marriage
The number of marriage licenses is
suen In the lust ten years in New Cas
tie county has increased from 475 to
2325 annually, and it is estimated that
of this number at least 6 a per cent, are
non-residents, most of them coming
here from Philadelphia and the co.*
ttguous counties of Pennsylvania,
There Is seldom a week that the Health
Department does not receive several
Intiulrle8 from nnx i ou8 parents regard
Ing secret marriages. Elopements are
common, and the
'•"> r" r,y . 1 :' •.■TS'LT.I-.S
a bona fide resident of the Mate and
i, will take the issuing of marriage
During the year 1907-8 the total number
of acres planted to peanuts tn Burma was
142.0R1. against 78.743 the season previous.
This crop does belter in upper than lower
Burma and has proved so profitable that
the Increase of acreage Is likely to con-1
tlnue from year to year.
State Ministers Will Ask For
Law With More
every minister In Delaware, a bill will
be Introduced In the General Assembly
aimed at marriage In this State. Under
tho present laws there are no restric
tions of any kind placed on marriages,
excepting tho age limit, and on this
account Wilmington has become notor
ious as a Gretna Green, where any
body who can buy a license can get
married without any questions being
quires the
licenses Issued.
license* from magistrates,
provide for a centralization of responsl
hlllty In this regard, and will give the
license clerk wide authority In
granting of rejection of applications.
As It Is now, refused at one Issue point,
runaway couples have only to go to
another and be accommodated.
Civil engineers are said to be busy neap
Heynosa making the plans for a large
gravity canal from the lo Grande into
the Mexican territory. It Is possible that
tertor. This work Is being done under Mr.
Samuel obertson, who built the famous
gravity canal at Han Benito, Tex.
- -- --~mmam- 1 4 ," m
Tnp knfin Whn
■ Hw mtlll «V IIW
the water may be taken from the river for
a distance of about 30 miles Into the In.
Eats Well
And Enjoys Food Lives Life As He
Should And Gets Tho
Most From It.
The man who eats is the man who
works, and the man who works Ih the
man who wins. Tireless workers de
pend upon a storehouse of vjm and
\ igor, India Is noted for Its fasten
and its dreamers, Europe and America
for their eaters and their worked.
In America we have been doing neth
Ing but work this past quarter ot a
century. That Is why our old men
say, "In my days no one had dyspepsia."
Of course, all men In" those days ate
and worked, now they work and eat.
If eating Interferes with business,
men give up eating. This is good logic
for the dollar-gelter. but poor wisdom
for the man who really wants to live.
Abuse of anything God given results
in punishment, and man is a pigmy
when It comes to cheating his system.
if you take from the system that
which is Intended should remain, or
put Into It that which ts Intended should
bo kept out, you are cheating yourself,
(and sooner or later pay the penalty,
centrated vegetable and fruit essences
which give the system every fluid,
stimulant and ingredient necessary to
*a'n the fullest strength from every-
thing which goes into the stomach,
f r , om *"• «'«tem everything
whlch shou ^ not lay and decay In It.
.. K Y° u *»» faat . Improperly,
" W win drink and eat irregularly
^ r'em.ugh o^the tZTt Z
amt, »«auk, • mx nv.p.p. 1 .
an „ the raea , won - t hur , you or
your 8tomaph .
At a midnight dinner take a Stuart
tablet and you will sleep well and get
up without a breath which Is filled with
tho decay of the midnight meal.
Fortify your stomach like you do
your business. Fortunes when lost can
be regained, but the stomach outraged
stays with you to the finish, and you
know It Is there.
j jf you wan ( ( 0 know what the»« tab
, etg wil , do buy a package from any
q rU (fg( s t price 50 cents, or send "us
your name and address and we will send
; y OU a trial package free by mall. Ad -
dress F. A. Stuart Co, 150 Stuart
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are con
Building, Marshall, Mich.

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