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The Increase in the Deaths Resultant
from Grip and Pneumonia, is Most
Alarming, and Phyticlans Every
where are Recommending Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey as a Reliable
Cure and /Sure Preventive.
Scientists and physicians have been
appalled at the rapid increase in the
(death rate from acute respiratory dis
eases, especially In the large cities.
Statistics from cities. large and small,
«showing a steady yearly Increase In the
prevalence and fatality of grip and
pneumonia, have forced these diseases
to the front as demanding an Immed
iate and sure preventive which Is
found In Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey.
Grip and pneumonia attack the sys
tem quickly and relentlessly. They
are especially dangerous at this sea
son of the year when exposure to sud
kien and severe changes of weather and
atmospheric conditions is frequent;
They are sure to attack the system run
down from worry, overwork or ex
For more than fifty years Duffy's
Pure Malt Whiskey has been recog
nised as the best cure and preventive
!of grip, pneumonia and all diseases of
,the respiratory organs. Physicians
who stolidly conform to the ethics of
the profession publicly recommend It
and are prescribing It for their pa
tents. It Is In use In leading hospl
als throughout tho country.
The secret of the marvellous success
of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey In cur
ing and preventing lung troubles lies
n the fact that It's the greatest streng,
hener and health builder known to
Wdlclne. It not only checks the rav
ages of the disease Itself, but replaces
the weakened, destroyed tissues, helps
he stomach to more perfectly digest
nd assimilate food In order that more,
richer and purer blood may come from
It. and regulates and governs tho
(heart's action, so that the circulation
ill be strong and powerful, carrying
ealth and vigor to every organ and
part of the human body.
The warm weather causing the frost In
the ground to thaw resulted In a land
slide along the drive In Brandywine Park
at the foot of Harrison street yesterday
afternoon. More than 20 tons of earth and
stone rolled upon the drive and com
jvletely blocked it. A carriage was Just
t nterlng and the driver pulled up In time
o avoid being crushed.
The debris will be broken up by dyna
mite to remove It.
Best bread can only be made from
pere-sota flour. Try a bag. At your
The girls at the Delaware Industrial
bool gave an enjoyable entertainment
renlng at the school. Despite the
inclement weather, there was a large
«tendance and the numbers on tho pro
gram were liberally applauded. The pro
gram was as follows:
Song, "Hall Us Ye Free;" song, "Swing!
Swing;" recitation; piano solo; dialogue,
"Betsy Blinker;" solo. Frank H. Mason;
(Songs of the Nations; piano solo; solo,
'Frank H. Mason: dialogue. "The Old
Meld." Norris C. Morgan accompanied Mr.
Mason in his solos.
Until March 10th Inclusive.
Gold filled Rimless Spectacles, $1.50,
(Cubberly, 824 Market St.*
Household goods carefully stored In
(private locked compartments.
Warehouse, 3d
Telephone Warner No. 1840.
nice Storage
The young people of New Castle county
end of Chester county. Pa., have com
bined in a Washington Birthday dance at
the Country Rink at Brandywine Springs
Monday night. The party will Include
visitors from Avondale. Kennen Square,
for whose accommodation a special car
will be run. The arrangements are In
charge of Mr. Rickert of Ashland. Del.

Foul Breath
Made Pure and Sweet By the Use of
Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges.
Trial Packags Sent Free.
Do not go among your friends with
a breath so odious as to make your
presence distasteful. Foul breath is
capable of easy removal If you will
take a little time to overcome It. Gen
erally foul breath comes from one of
(two causes. Impure gases or foul di
gestive fluids.
Charcoal Is the strongest absorbent
(of foul gases known. It positively at
tracts poisons and neutralizes
evil effects.
A noted French physician swallowed
istrychnlne enough to kill three men
land with a teaspoonful of charcoal re
moved the bad effects of this terribly
swift poison.
A little charcoal In a bed room or
cellar will make foul air pure. Pure
willow charcoal mixed with honey are
(the component parts of Stuart's Char
coal Lozenges and pure breath 1» the
result of their use after meals. Simply
dissolve two or three after meals and
at bed time and foul breath flees at
No matter how you causa these
gases, whether by bad food, alcohol or
'abuse of the stomach, Stuart's Char
coal Lozenges will stop gas making
'and sweeten the breath.
They are perfectly harmless and the
(eating of a box would cause you no
'Inconvenience whatever.
Charcoal Is hard to prepare for the
istomach because It must be strong and
(pure pnd most people will not take It
tmless made palatable. Stuart's inl
imltable process presents charcoal tb
{the taste and system in all the nicety
Choice virgin willow Is burnt Into
desirable charcoal; this Is mixed with'
pure honey and the combination is
compressed under tremendous power
Into a lozenge of great pleasantness
and efficiency.
Don't let your bad breath make peo
ple cross the street to avoid you: go
.to the nearest drug store and buy
'box of Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges to
-day and eat what you will. Two or
three after the meal will sweeten your
(breath at once. It you want proof of
this fact send us your name and ad
jdress and we will send you a trial pack
ln ere by mail free. Address P. A.
Istuart Co., 200 Stuart Bldg.. Marshall.
Permits Representing $22,100
Taken Out This
Building operations costing 322,100 were
begun this week, according to permits
issued by the building inspector. Of this
amount 117.500 will be spent tor altera
— '■» —
Tho building Includes two dwellings,
frame shed and one automobile gar
age. The two dwellings are for John J.
Cassidy and will be erected on th- north
side of Delaware avenue between Rod-1
ney and Claytnont streets. They will cost !
34,300 each. The garage will be of one
story and will be erected In the rear of
No. 1005 Broome street for W. G. Coxe.
It will cost 3500. The shed will be erec
ted at A and Poplar streets and will
cost 359*.
Tho most Important alterations are to
be made on No. 1818 West Fourteenth
street for Harlan G. Scott. They will cost
36.000. W. j j. Haddock and Company are
the contractors.
Alterations costing 34.000 will be made
to the building of the Wawaset Drug and
Chemical Company, on Conrad street,
between Adams and Jackson. They are
necessitated by damage caused by the
wind storm of a week or more ago. Part
of the third floor was carried away,
i Alterations costing 3400 will be made to
Nb. 805 Franklin street by J. R. Bring
hurst. E. Oestrelcher will spend 3100 tor
alterations to No. 602 Orange street,
John E. Healey will make alterations to
No. 626 Market street .costing 3250.
_ _ „
tho Rev. Alexander Alison, Jr., will be
In tho pulpit both morning and evening,
The theme of the morning discourse will
be A Typlca Group of Christ s Ene
mies. He will speak of Tho Root of
Religion" at the popular gospel meeting.
at night. The choir has prepared a spe-,
clal musical service and tho evening
meeting will be preceded by a brief sea
slon of congregational singing, tho popu
lar Alexander Hymns being used.
The Sabbath School meets at 2 o'clock
and extends hearty invitation to voung
and old to enjoy the hour. Tho West
minster Adult Bible Class, taught by the
Tomorrow at West Church the pastor,
Thy Boundless Love to Me," Brackett.
pastor, meets at the same hour.
Following are the musical numbers:
Morning—Anthem—"Praise the Lord. O
Jerusalem." Clare; offertory—"O
Nuns," Weley; chorus—"Glory to God on
High," Haydn; hymn—anthem—'in Hea
venly Love Abiding," Brown; postlude—
"Concluding Voluntary." Clark.
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Con
cord avenue and Madison street, the Rev.
P. H. Pearson, pastor, will observe to
morrow as Foreign Mission Day for the
General Synod Lutheran Churches of
America. Services will be held at 11
a. m. and 7.45 p. m.
The pastor will observe this day. by
using a service for missions at the morn
ing hour. In tho evening the Sunday
school and choir will present a song ser
vice, and the pastor will give an address
In which he will show the work being
carried on In tho foreign field by the
People who attend Delaware Avenue
Baptist Church to-morrow will hear two
very Important subjects discussed. The
morning theme will be "Sowing and Reap
ing In Many Fields." The evening topic
will be the perplexing problem, "The
Modern Theatre." The exercises of the
Bible School at 2 o'clock In the afternoon
will be In honor of Washington's anni
versary. Rev. L. J. Westfall, pastor of
Bethany Baptist Church, will address the
The Ushers Union of Delaware Avenue
Church will commemoVate their ninth an
niversary In an "Ushers' Union Day" at
the Church on Sunday, February 28. The
Union will attend all services In a body,
occupying at the preaching hours the
choir's place, and will lead the singing,
They will sing a special hymn at both
services. Three of the young men will give
short addresses at each service. The pas
tor will also give a discourse. The Union
will also take a special part in the Bible
School exercises at 2 o'clock in tho after
noon when one ot their number will lead
tho C. E. meeting at 6.45 p. m. Other mem
bers will furnish special music. This or
ganization has grown until It numbers
over sixty members.
In Central Presbyterian Church to-mor
row services will be held In the morn
ing at 10.30. The morning sermon subject
will be. "Liberty. Its Use and Abuse."
Suggestive of Washington and Lincoln's
Birthday. Special patriotic services will
be held In the Sunday School with ad
dresses and exercises by the scholars. This
service will begin at 12 o'clock. The sub
ject of Pastor Crawford's eevnlng sermon
will be "Slay Utterly." It will bo an
evangelistic service.
Sermon to Sons of America.
At Union M. B. Church tomorrow
morning the pastor, the Rev. S. N.
Pilchard, will preach to the Sons ot
America. In the afternoon he will speak
at the Industrial Home,
In Evening Pastor Williams
Will Preach Patriotic
The eervlcea at Epworth M. E. Church j
to-morrow will begin with an old time
, . __ .......
£** r T* Un *
,e **'" hlp of , Tm«
srri.rs , r':rr:,;' ä™;
Ban Missions " The Sunday School which
meets at 2 oc ock 1 » growing In Interest
am number with each Sabbath and there
will he some special features of Interest j
for to-morrow. Ç I
At 6.80 o'clock the Epworth League will
hold Its regular weekly devotional sor-|
vices. These services are especially Inter
eating and a flue program has been ar- ]
ranged for to-morrow. The young people's
choir Is a great attraction and Is doing
much to engage the Interest of those who 1
At the eevnlng preaching service at 7.30
p. m. the church choir will sing, which Is j
sufficient to guarantee an interesting ser- j
vice. The subject of the evening sermon |
will be "Thoughts Suggested by the Life
of George Washington." This discourse
w "> contain a special message for young
A cordial welcome Is extended to all.
Sermons For Men.
During the past two years special
emphasis has been placed at Bethany!
Baptist Church on tho work of men
for men. which has resulted In an
Increase of attendance of men at all
of the regular services of the church.
The subject of the pastor's sermon
; tomorrow In the morning will
("When Did Simon of Cyrene Become
ja Christian?" In tho evening. "Preach
ing TImj Helps Men," will be the ser
Imon subject.
Reception at Brandywine Church.
Thft E P' vorth League Chapter of
; B rand ywlno M. E. Church will give a
reception on next Thursday evening to
tbe cablnet o(Iicer8 ot tbe Wilmington
di8trlct of the Epworth League. It
promises to be of special Interest. The
reception will probably be the last one
before conference. The cabinet offl
jeers Jiave visited many of tho local
. L enten Services at St. Stephen's.
( For the season of Lent services at St.
j Stephen's Lutheran Church will be as
| follows:
Week Days—Wednesday, 8 00 p. m.;
Friday, 3.30 p. m.
Palm Sunday—Confirmation, 10 SO a
. m. : Passion History, 7.30 p. m.
I Holy Week—Monday. Passion History,
(goo p. ra.; Tuesday, Passion History, 8.00.
ip. m.; Wednesday. Service of Confession.
g.oo p. m.
| Lord's Supper. 8.00 p. m.
Holy Thursday—Administration
j Good Friday—Matin Service, 10.00 a. m.
j Quiet Hour, 2.30 p. ra. ; Passion History,
8.00 p. m. -
Y. W. C. A. Vesper Service.
Miss Alice L. Batchelder. secretary
j of the Y. W. C. A. will lead the vesper
service of tho association tomorrow
afternoon at four o'clock. Through
these meetings a more extended In
terest through the city Is hoped for
In the association. Miss Lewis, of
Hanover Church will sing two solos,
and lead In the general singing with
Miss Mabel Haley as pianist.
Flight Turned Backward
look Twenty Years Younger
STATE op New York
County of Mosro* , _
■Nancy A. Herrick, being duly sworn, deposes end My* : wh«l ^
I was » school girl I bad a head of heavy, long, dark browp hair,
that was so plentiful, rich and glossy, that It was the envy of «nan*
of my young schoolmates, and attracted the attention and remarks
of strangers. After I was married and as 1 gftew older, my hair
commenced to come out just « little at first, but gradually as time
passed it came out more and more, and began to turn gray. I was
induced by many good reports heard of Sago and Sulphur, to t rf
My hair was quite gray and thin on top when 1 cora-j
menced using Sage and Sulphur, and yon may Imagine' my satis
faction when I found that It was fast coming back to it« natural
condition, becoming thicker, darker, smoother and glossier than it
had been for ft long time. 1 continued the use of Sage and Sul
phur and my hair I» now In ft splendid condition, fts heavy and aft
dark and smooth as when I was a girl of sixteen. From my ex
perience 1 believe it is one's own fsult if they lose their hair, or let
It is now four years since 1 commenced
using Sage and Sulphur, and still use it, and my
Rochester, N, Y.
a bottle.
it get gray or harsh.
« labtf&rt mtikit nth hair still keeps thick,
day tf July, ttot dark, smooth and glossy.
NtUryftMit. ^
(Vi* '
It Is Pure, Safe And Reliable
It Is Not Sticky. Oily Or Greasy
It Is An Elegant, Refreshing Dressing
It Makes The Hair Soft And Glossy
It Quickly Removes Dandruff . ^ .
It Restores Faded And Gray Hair To Natural Color
It Stops Hair Falling And Makes The Hair Grow
74 Cortlandt St.
50c. and $1
n Tour Ding gist Docs Not Keep It,
Send Da The Price In Stamp*. And
We Will Send Yon A Large Bottle.
Esnrcss Prenrlö.
For Sale
Brotherhood Service ThcVe
Interests Men of the
Several week» ago the St. James Broth*
erhood of Grace M. E. Church decided to
. . ,
Ä 7Z "m *
' * ' f „ ntcellngs have
Albright will be the leader to-morrow
morning and the member, of the brother
hood arc urgently nvlted to attend and
sustain this Interesting and profitable «er- |
vice. f)r. Kellogg, the minister, will be In j
hl» pulpit a« usual to-morrow, preaching
both morning and evening. The following
is the music for the day: |
Anthem after prayer, choir: "Bonum I
Eat." Dudley Buck; offertory solo, "These j
Arc They Which Came Out of Great j
Tribulation." Miss Edmond, Gaul's "Holy
Evening—After Player, choir;
Thy Face From Myitlns," Sullivan: after j
scripture, double quartette, "I Will Lift
Dp My Eyes." Jones; offertory duet,
"Dead Kindly Light." Lansing, Mrs. |
Kramer and Mr. Baxter.
Bishop Kinsman at Christ Church.
Bishop Kinsman will preach in Christ
Church, Christiana hundred, at 10.30
a. m. tomorrow.
Brownson Second Wins.
In a game of basketball at
Brownson Hall, lust night, the Brown
son Second team defeated the Forty
fifth Company of Coast Artillery from
Fort DuPont by the score of 40 to 31.
The soldiers put up a good game.
Play Tie Basketball Game.
The Cedar basketball team played
the Brovvntown team to a tie, the
score being 5 to 5.
Rev Carpenter to Have Charge.
Evangelistic services under the aus
plc( . 8 of tbP city Missionary Society
„ f th „ M E Chprcb wm ba beld
8t . ,. au | s V hU n h. Seventh and Market
streets th.s morning. Tho opening song
servlce w)n bo fn cbBrg0 „f the Rev
j A Rrewlngton The remainder of
tb „ services will be In charge ot the
Rev . f. F. Carpenter assisted by a
number of other clergymen. The pub
, )lc is cor dially Invited
at Trinity.
On Sunday evening Gounod's can
j tata "Gallia" will be sung by the choir
(of Trinity Church. Delavare avenue
: and Adams street under the direction
"f T. Leslie Carpenter. The solos will
* un B b V Mrs- Leonard E. Wales. A
cordial invitation Is extended to all.
Mission Services.
Services will be held all day to-mor
„f'row at the Holiness Christian Mission,
Eighth and Kirkwood streets. The
Rev. Mr. Redgraves, of Chester, will
s I ,ca «
Services at St. Andrew s.
At Bt. Andrew's Church, tomorrow.
,he> offerings throughout the day will
| be for the relief of aged and Infirm
clergy, and for the widows and orphans
of clergymen deceased. Cards an
nounclng the services for Lent will be
on the tables at the church doors. The
services of the day follow: Holy Com
munlon 8 a. nt.: morning prayer and
| sermon, 11 a. in.; evening prayer and
address. 7.45 p. m. The recital before
If You Would Take Some
Diapepsin Now All Indi
gestion Would Go
The question as to how long you are
(going I» continue a sufferer from Indl
gestion und Stomach trouble Is merely
a matter of how soon you begin taking
If your Stomach is lacking in diges
tive power, why not help the stomach
to do Its work, not with drastic drugs,
but a re-enforcement of digestive
agents, such as are naturally at work
In the stomach.

with weak Stomach, should
Dlttp€ , p8 | n after meali , ttn<1 thpre
c * - «s-j- «
at £ 1 po hcLrtburn! Sour risings. Gas
on stomach or Belching of undigested
roodi Headaches. Dizziness or Vomit
t|nR and be8lde8i what
you oat will
not ferment ttnd pol8on your breath
na uHeous odors. All these symp
toms ramiltln? from » «our stnmnnh
and dyspepsia are generally relieved
(j Ve minutes after eating one Triangula
0 f Diapepsin.
{case'of Pape's Diapepsin now and you
taste good, because your stomach and
Intestines will bo clean and fresh, and
you will know there are not going to ho
any more bad nights and miserable
days for you. They freshen you and
inake you feel like life 1s worth living.
Go. to your druggist and get a 50-cent
will always go to the table with a
(hearty appetite, and what you cat will
cven i n gr prayer begins promptly at 7.15
0 ' C inck.
The program followa; 1, Re
verie, Rnulkes; 2. Bourtee, Poxanskl;
3, organ and flute; 4, Andantino, Le
Notices for this department muet
be in this office by noon Friday or
they will not be printed.
Moor at 4.30.
Immanuel P. E. Church. W. Seventeenth
street and Rlvervlew avenue, Rev. Kensey
•' Hammond, rector. Sunday School 9 15
a. m.; services. 7.30 a. m„ Holy Com
St. John's Church, corner Market street
and Concord avenue, Rev. George O. Hall,
D. D., rector. Services 7.30. 11 and 7.46;
Sunday School at 9.45; services at Edge
munlon; 10.45 a. m.. morning prayer, and
sermon; 7 p. m.. evening prayer.
St. Michael's Eplscoflal Church. Adams
and Chestnut streets. T-ow Celebration
Holy Eucharist 8.15 a. m., Rev. I. R. Peck
lawe celebrant.
Trinity Episcopal Church, corner Dela
ware avenue and Adams street. Rev. F.
M. Kirkus, rector; Rev. B. N. Bird, cur
ate. Holy Communion. 7.30 a. m. ; Sunday
School, 9.30 a. m. ; morning prayer and
sermon. 11 a. tn. ; confirmation lecture, 3
p, m. ; evening prayer and sermon, 7.45.
Holy Trlnty (Old Swedes) Episcopal
Church, Seventh and Church streets. Rev.
Albert E .Clay, vice. Holy Communion
7.30 a. m.: morning prayer and sermon.
10.30 p. m.; Sunday School. .820 p. m.;
evening prayer and sermon. 7.30 p. m.
German Baptist Church. Fifth and
Walnut streets. E. G. Kllese, pastor.
Public worship at 10.30 a^ m. and 7.30
Tho pastor's morning theme Is:
p. m.
"The Churches Obligation to the Min
istry." Evening: "An Underestimated
Valued The regular annual offering
for the seminary will be received this
Lord's day. Bible school at 2. B. Y.
P. U. at 7.
Delaware Avenue Baptist Church,
Delaware avenue and Weil street.
Preaching hy Rev. T. J. Hopkins. min
l-tei- Unrnin. u ,.rvioo tern Snhlert •
Hter. Morning servie«. 10.30. »uhject.
' Sowing nnd Reaping In Many Kleide. I
Evening service, 7.30. Subject: ''The
Modern Theatre " Bible school at 2.
. 4t W-, . „ . 7 s " a. « j
i hrlatlan Endeavor Society at 6.45.
Prayer meetln, Wednesday evening at j
8. V. P. 8 C. E.. Friday evening at 8.
U .
Sniond Baptist t hurt h. Ninth and
Franklin streets, Thomaa P. Holloway.
minister. 10.30 a. in., worship and
sermon by the minister. 7,45 p. m.,
worship and sermon by the minister,
t . . y -mm'
tlon?" Discourse In series on ' Bible i
in the Eight of Present Day Psychol
ogy," Bible school 2 p. m. Intcrmed- j
late C. E meeting. 8.45 p. m. Wednes
day night prayer and praise meeting. I
r ,"' ,r r h '
meeting for men, J Woodward Presi
dent. 10.30 a, m„ worship and prayer.
Subject: "When Did Simon of Cyrsn«|
Become a Christian?" 2 p. m„ Bible
. . ., ,, .»j.
school, Mr. H. Yerger. superintendent
Ä « ; Ph J
•The Slough of Despond. Miss Phoebe
service. Subject:' "Poaching That
Heins Men"
North Baptist Church. Lincoln street
near Delaware avenue. Preaching ser
vices at 10.30 and 7.45. Morning sub
ject; "Is It True That It Is Better
to Have Any Religion Than to Havel
None?" Evening, if the Righteous
Scarcely be Saved, Where Shall tfte
Ungodly and the Sinner Appear?"
Bible school at noun. Baptism at
evening service.
Gilbert Presbyterian Church, Thirteenth
Olivet Presbyterian Church. Fourth and
Broome streets, Rev. J. C. Ijine, pastor,
Services 10.45 a. m. and 7.45 p. m. Morn
Ing subject, "Church Membership." Even
Ing subject. "The Fruits of Indecision."
10.30 a. m ,
and French streets. Preaching 10.45 a. m.
and S p. m. Subject. "Old Time Religion."
Sunday School. 1.230; C. E.. 7.30 p. m.
Central Presbyterian Church. Sun
day. February 21st, 1909.
preaching by
Subject: "Liberty—Ita Use and Abuse." I
12 m., Sunday achool. 8.55 p. m..
prayer meeting of Y. P. S C. E. 7.45
p. m., preaching by Rev. J. H. Craw-1
ford Subject; "Slav Utterly." i
Hanover Presbyterian Church. Sun- (
Indict- (
"The Heavenly ,
First Presbyterian Church. Market |
Prçshyterlan Chnreh,
Twenty-seventh and Market streets,
Rev. E. B. Welsh, pastor. Divine ser
vices and preaching by the pastor at
10.30 a tn. Subject: "A Slave-girl ini
Damascus.*' 7.45 p. m. Subject:
"World-entangled" Sunday school at
2 p. m. V. P. S. C. E. at 7 p. m.'
Bible study and prayer meeting on
Wednesday overling at 7.45 o'clock.
You are cordially Invited. Junior C.
E. Saturday at 3.30.
West Presbyterian Church, Eighth
and Washington streets. Rev. Alexan
der Alteon. Jr., pastor. Divine Wor
ship and preaching at 10.30 a- m.l
Pastor's theme: "A Typtest Group of
Christ's Enemies." Popular gospel
meeting at 7.30 p. m. Pastor's theme;
"The Root of Religion." The public
cordially Invited.
First United Presbyterian Church.
Third nnd Broome streets. Services to
morrow at 10.30 a rn. and at 7.45 p. m.
Morning subject; ''Profit and loss of
Church Attendance." Evening. "Saved to
day 10.30 a. in.. "A General
ment." 7.45 'p. nr.
near Ninth street. Rev. George Frank i
Mason, minister. Morning worship and
sermon, 10.30 a. m. Subject. "The
Christian Life." Sunday school 2 p, m.
Evening worship and sermon 7.45 p. m.
Subject: "Tampering With Sin."
Christian Endeavor 6,45. Midweek
prayer and praise service Wednesday
evening at 9.
East Lake
Serve." Sabbath School at 12 m., Chris
tlan Endeavor at 7 p. m. Wednesday
evening prayer service at 8 o'clock. Rev.
David M. < island, minister.
St. Stephen s Lutheran Church. Tntnall
street, near Srventli.
Doerr, pastor. 10.30,
Righteous Thinking;"
school; 7.30, evening service. "Unright
eous Removals." Lenten services
Ash Wednesday, at 8 o'clock In tho even
ing and Friday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock,
Rev. Frederic
morning service,
2.15, Sunday

Madeley M. E. Church, G. R. N>eso,
pastor. 9 a. m . class meeting; 10.30 a.
in., preaching, subject. "Thou Shalt
Not Take the Name of tho Lord Thy
God In Vain; 2.15 p. m., Sunday school:
7 p, m., Epworth League; 7.45 p. m.,
preaching. Special sermon Patriotic
Order of Americans. Will give five
minutes talk to tho children at close
of morning service.
Grace M. E. Church, Ninth and West
streets, H. W. Kellogg, D, D., minister
Preaching by the minister at 10.30 a.
m. and 7.45 p. m. Brotherhood prayer
service at 9.30 a. m.; Sunday school at
2 p. m.: Epworth League at 6.45 p. m.
Strangers welcome.
Asbury M. E. Church, Third and
Walnut streets. Rev. H. A. G. Wester
fteld, pastor. Prayer meeting at 9 a.
s; *r°A.v
sabbath school at 2 P . m.; Epworth
League devotional service at 6.30 p. m.;
preaching at 7.30 p. m., followed by an
evangelistic servies, subject, 'Solomon's
w r, chun-h
anVrP^t M .t^V.V F Zrtrrup.
Ä . C r S'ltaVÄ
school at 2i5 p m ; Epworth League
at 6.4. p. m.. preachlng at ?.« ^. m.
by the pasbuj. hilare welcome.
Scott M. L. Church, Seventh and
Spruce streets. Robert K. Stephenson.
pastor. ..7L,r. r0 T P «.rrfcr■ ^
pastor, subject. God Is Testing, - p.
m., Sunday school: b.30 p. m., Epworth
League devotional services .^30 p m.,
preaching, subject. "Confessing Christ.
Wesley M. E. C hurch, corner Linden
and Jackson streets. Rev. Geo. W hite
Dawson, pastor. Class meeting at 9.15;
preaching at 10.30 and 7.30; morning
subject, "The Supremacy of Love:"
evening subject, "What and Where is
Heaven?" Sunday school at 2; song
service at /7.15.
Trinity M. E. Church, Twenty-second
and Church streets. Rev. B. F. Jester,
Class meeting at 10 a. m.;
preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.45 p. m.;
Sunday school at 3 p. m.; Junior Ep
worth League at 6 p. m.: Epworth
League at 7 p. m.; prayer meeting on
Wednesday evening.
Sllverbrook M. E. Church. Lancaster
and Woodlawn avenues. Rev. W.
Ernest Greenfield, pastor. 9.15, prayer
and praise service; 10.30 a. m.. preach
ing and reception of new members: 2
p, m.. Sunday school, Joseph W. Coley,
3.30 p. m.. Junior
League. Vaughan Jones, president:
6.30 p. m.. Eoworth League, leader,
Miss Emma IKger; 7.30 p. m. ,song ser
vlce, preaching and revival, subject,
"Tho Man Who Was Willing to be
Saved on His Own Terms.''
St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal
Church. Market and Seventh streets,
Charles A. Hill, minister. Preaching
10.30 and 7.30. Morning subject, "True
Spiritual Power." Evening subject,
"Influence.'' Sunday school 3. Chris
Vagaries of a Cold.
You can never b*. quite sure where a
cold *" to hit you. In the fall and
wlnter ft may aettle In the bowel«, rro
dnclng severe pain. In the summer It
may give yon colic with diarrhoea or
u mrner complalnt. Do not be alarmed
nor torment yourself with fears of ap
[(end i c iti,, or Inflammation of the bowels.
At the first sign of the pain or cramp
take Perry Davis' Painkiller In warm,
sweetened water and relief will come at
onrl , Th „, i, but one Painkiller, Perry
Davis'. It Is now put up In a large 3BÖ.
»1*« a« well as the regular 50c. sise.
an Endeavor « 30 .
Epworth M. E. Church. Tenth and
... ' »tom a m •
u C i' a " ™ ' * 9 *,'bi~.
Rnnriav «ehr., i h
"twS. Sni/w 1 «, SSfUi
Church of the New Jerusalem, corner
of Delaware avenue and Washington St.,
Rev. George Henry Dole, pastor. Morning
wrv)(;e subject of sermon,
'A Searching Reason for Believing In
Ood „ 8abhath at M0 a . m .
Jh. ChH.ttan and Missionary Alllanc*
506 Shipley street. Prayer, 9.30 a. m.;
Poaching 10.30 m. ; Sunday School. »
p. m.; praise and testimony. 3.15 p. m.l
Young People's meeting. 7 p. m.; preach
Ing, 8 p. tn.
First Church of Christ. Scientist. 1201
Va " <>PPO«lte P«rk Place.
Services to-morrow morning at U o'clock;
eevnlng services at 8 o'clock, subject.
"Mind;" Sunday School at 9.46 o'clock:
Wednesday evening meeting at 8 o'clock:
free reading room open every week day
from 9 o'clock to X o'clock, and from S
o'clock to B o'clock. All cordially welcome.
Grace A. M. E. Zion Church, West street
near Third, O. J. Mawkes. D. D.. pastor.
Class meeting at 9.30 a. m. : preaching.
| 10.30 a. m., subject, "The Incomprehen
slble Love God Manifested In Man's Sal
vatlon; Sunday Sschool at 2,30 p. ra. : V. C.
B. B. at 6.30 p. tn.; 7.30 subject, "Demanda
of the Saviour's Kingdom."
I Pnitartan Church, Wtest street, above
j Eighth, Rev. C. A. Henderson, minister.
Morning service 10.45, subject, "The Free
First M. P. Church. Seventh and
Walnut streets. Rev. O. L. Wolfe, D.
D.. nastor. Preaching at 10.30 a. m.
;fnd 7 30 P. m. by the pastor; morning
subject, "Shall We Know Each Other
There?" evening subject. "The Tvven
tleth Century Church;" Sunday school
at 2 p. m. Mrs. William Wlvel will
sing at the evening service.
Pentecostal Church, Sixth and King
street«. Regular Sunday services as
usual. Class meeting at 10 a. m.;
preaching at 11 a. m.; Sunday school at
2 p. m.; preaching and praise service
at 3 p. m.; young people's prayer
meeting at 7 p. m.; preaching at R p.
m.; Tuesday evening, class meeting;
Wednesday evening, holiness meeting:
Friday evening, general prayer meet
! »octal and beneficial purposes and to own
J. Eaton
Wallace, pastor, 814 West Fifth street.
Everyone welcome.
Martha Washington Supper and a
sale in the Y. W. C. A. gymnasium,
Monday, February 22. A delicious
menu will he served. Come and In
vite your friends to come.*
DOVER. Del.. Feb. 20.—The State De
partment ot Delaware to-day Issued certi
ficates ot Incorporation to the Newport
Fire Company, to be known as the Mln
qua Fire Company. No. 1. of Newport, and
to form and maintain an organization for
and operate apparatus to extinguish (1res
and pro t ect property. The Incorporators
| .. , _ _
W,Ul * *' '' room *
and Howard F. Weldln.
Carpentari a™ rush ng work on an old
factory which is being turned Into an
apartment house, with accommodations
for six families. Old barns and wood
sheds nre being fixed up to make them
Town Wants Homes.
GEORGETOWN. Fob. 20.—With
business Increasing and sever»' fac
tories starting to work, the question of
homes is becoming a serious one In
Every houfm in town is
rented and new families are to come.
s* «r
cu l' ° f c "« ee l'*^' **
«P eclal work ' aome want 11 after *
. __....
""J 11 *
coffee poison—caffeln
later made manifest In either case.
'"V «• «' af - my' evenings
"V. r M ' y nlghtg WPre nearly aIwavs re8t .
leg() or whsn t dll , aleep j wouId awake
w)tb a heavy, dull feeling and every
movemant becamP an effort." (Reaction
1 ^ coffee pol8on .) .. My nervüU8
!«(•*•« eventually became so unstrung
t j wa8 ob u g * d to place myself
undpr tfce care of a ph> - 8lcla n.
.. The doctor advised me to give up
cofree an „ „ rlnk Postum , wb , cb I did
p os t um n ot only assures me a good
n j_ b f 8 8 | e ep but nourishes the system.
j bave U8ed it tor a year and have
ta]ten grea t pleasure In inducing sev
era j f an ,ju e8 j n our neighborhood to
uge Postujn instead of coffee.
"(j ne neighbor, a highstrung, nervous
woman who had drank coffee all her
,, fe frequently had attacks of stomach
troub ] e f r0 m which she suffered un
told agonies. Since she dropped
coffee and has been drinking Postum
she Is In good health.
"A young man who had been used
to coffee three times a day. found his
nervous system calling for something
He began to use spirltous
Vertigo Drops Man From Pole.
LEWES, Feb. 20.—Taken with a fit
of vertigo, while cllinbing a tall elec
tric light pole. Town Electrician White
I liH.l a narrow escape from death, and
It was sustained several cuts and
body and
bruises about
White tried to quickly descend and
succeeded In getting down part of tho
wii# when he fell heavily the rest of
the distance, fortunately breaking no
Adviass Postum Instssd of Coffee.
effects of th«
are sooner of
liquors and was on the down grade.
"He finally decided to stop coffee
and alcoholic beverages and drnk Pos
Not being made right at first.
he did not like It. but when I showed
blm bow (0 m ake It—boll It 15 minutes.
be meed it.
"This young man Is now prosperous.
healthy and of good habits. He ba
lieves Postum saved him from beconi
tng a drunkard."
, Name given by Postum Co,. Battle
Creek, Mich Read "The Road to Well
I ville,'' In pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appear« from time to time. They
jare genuine, true, end full of human
1 interest.

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