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Prosperity Follows
Have you tried the
Journal Want Ad Col
umns?" Why not fol
low in the footsteps of

This afternoon and evening moving
pictures will he given «I Ihe Opera House.
A carefully selected program of five of Hi*
latest reels will be run.
lamdon will furnish the subject for H 10
i*M of the present course of the Burton
Holmes Travelogues lo be given at lb*
Opera House on Thursday of next week.
Arrangements are being made for nn ex
tended course next season.
Ip « »perlai evening performance on
Tucsday. March 9th. the elite ensemble
of the famous German Theatre, New
York, will appear at the Uhuid Opera,
House. Eugen Burg, the well-known actor
and manager, and Hedwig Reicher, the
Wilmington will have its first view of
Edwin Fitzgerald Foy as an exponent of
the classics when lie appears at Hie Opera
House on the 151b In "Mr. Hamlet of
Broadway." It seems the public refused
to lake Mr. Foy seriously when he an
nounced his Intention to take up lb*
Shakesperian roles, so he dqelded lo go
only half wav—play Hamlet, but bring Hie
melancholy Dane up-to-date.
"Fifty Miles from Boston." will be of
fered at the Opera House for three «lay»
starting on Thursday, March 11.
beautiful young actress, who has Just novv
slgueil a contract with Mr. Harris to play
on the English stage, will give one per
formance of the Viennese comedy "The
one great Passion." (Dio grosse Leiden
. This Is the only opportvJnlty for
our theatre-goers to see a troupe that ha*
«A» world fftrnr bv 1rs «(«At ensembl©
p:.y a ml « he UJ e nt of alMts member,
Hedwig Reicher and Eugene Burg are
éupported hy an "All-Star Stork Co," that
has bee,, recognized by critics and pub
lie «like as the best German Company
that ever played In America,
"The Return of Eve," In which Berth*
Galland appears In thc title role played to
a fair sized audience at the Grand Opera
House. It Is a good play for two acts. It
presents a variety of playing and with a
pretty Idea as a basis and some good
writing In Its dialogue. It was made nn
•grccablc entertainment mainly through
Miss Galland'» efforts. The last act may
be regarded as somewhat Inferior In com
parison to the first parts but then a last
uct I» absolutely necessary and cannot be
abolished. The play left one In a peculiar
state of mind, probably due to Hie slight
inconsistency of the laal scene. Miss Oal
laud 1» a beautiful woman and her Inter
pretatlon of Mi Dodd's novel character
charmed her audience. She recelv «*1 num.
«■rous curtain calls. Mamie Turner Gordon
ns Mrs.Thpper-Bellamy and Richard Bull
1er. as Adam, gave splendid support. "The
Return of Eve" waa written by Lee Wn
son Dodd, a Yale graduate, known to
many Wilmlngtontans. He Is a son-in-law
of E. T. Canby, of this city and attended
last night's performance.
Following Is Ihe list of attractions which
Manager Dockstader of the Garrick The.
atre announce* for the week commencing
Monday next: William Blahdeil and a
company of 16 people In (he mush a, com
edy hit ■ Tat-for-Tat." a great act; Rose
Wentworth and her trained horse direct
from the New York Hlopodrome; Ralph
Post and Eddie Russel, direct from the
Jeff DeAngeles show« In Boston; Jack
latrines, a Scotch comedian for iho first
time In America; The Princess Olamoff. a
dainty dancer and a clever musician: The
Fltzglbbon-MeCoy Trio In "The Mlsehie
vous Brother; Hie Buckners—the three
bicycle demons. In the most daring feat*
ever performed on a wheel, and the pic
lure. laical theatre goers have probably
never been offered such an
adelphia. next week. On* of the own-i
_ -
era of Hfts play la John W. Bratton.
formerly of Wilmington. Mr, Bratton
lias a national reputation as a com
poser ayd of lato years has made
fueress of managing theatrical pro
auctions. His latest »how "The Newly,
weds and Their Baby" Is founded on thc
rart oons of George McManus, In tho
New York World and Is said to hav#
struck the popular fancy.
show at this season of the year as that
whlclj (he above presents.
Jehn W. Bratton's Nsw Show.
The Lcffler-Bratton Co. of New York
Cttj will present their new musical
review "The
Newlyweds and Their
Baby" at tho Adelphl Theatre, Phil
rullowlng la the standing of th* eon
testants In th* shuffle tsiard tourna
ment now In progress among member»
of Wilmington Aerie, No. 74. Fraternal
Order of Eagles:
Robert T. Cottlngham. 289; Edward
H. Maloney. 1*3; William Edler, 175,
Edward Flanagan, 168; James Harklna.
134: John Fitzgerald, 133; John J. Riley,
136: James Maloney, 104; Joseph Ma
honey. »7: William F. Hayes, a»;
Arthur Sullivan, 64; Fergus Hannahan,
60; Daniel Balsel. 47; Nicholas Jones,
Stops railing Hoir
Destroys Dandruff
An Elegant Dressing
Makes lidlr Grow
Docs not Color thc Hair
J «•' Ani Cwmi wi. vi
on ever,
Oil 'MOMu v^uifXiiN«., Kuli is _
Bromo Quinine ^
5sïëîi CwnU Cm 35«y, Cop mi 8»«y* ■-z'2'
Opinion Than the Prosecution
Has Strengthened Itself
by the Rebuttal
By United Press leased Special Wir*.
NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Mardi 0.—With the
examination of two witnesses, pul oil the
witness »land »0011 after court convened
this morning, the Klatc finished its lesll
of Colonel Duneau
mony In the cane
<V»oper. Robin Cooper, und John 1>. Hharp
charged with the murder of Former Sen*
•lor Cl rmsek.
On the adjournment of eourt, It vvai
nounced that the argument» of counsel
will begin (jjpndav morning, and the « asc
will probably be In the hands of the Jury
by Wednesday night or Thursday morn
ing of next week. Ilebiiltu.1 pioof has
o«-eupled the past two days and It Is Hie
general opinion that the case of the .'la'c
has been materially strengthened. «'
eplcuous In thla respect was the
Inony of Miss Lee, ihe stenographer for
Attorney Bradford, now one of C'nopei b
defending cunael. Hint Bradfonl bad told
her that he "conhl have killed earmark
an he would Kill h «hake."
l*rn«erutor .Ir ff or »on McCarn, made the
iriOMt Important point. In his argument
to the ndmiMelblllty to the toatlmony he
had. and ''this i.s the aort of man who
testified on the «land that he waa <»n
friendly term« with Henaor Carmack. He
1» he man who would bring «hont au ad
Ju«tment of the difference« when he «oll«
hl« Monographer that he was as friendly
With Carmack hh a snake."
The State attempted to «how that Ml«»
Isoe'H testimony waa «©cured nt a great
personal «acrltlce, that «he voluntarily
ga\e up a position paying her I ST» per
month, and .sacrificed the friendship« of
certain people. While the court hold the
Bradford conversation competent, the ch
cum«tance» surrounding Ml»« Hoc*« I cm l
nony were not allowed to reach the Jury.
rehuttal it "a« proved that Mr«.
Burch, daughter of Colonel Cooper, had
telephoned on the morning of November
9th. to Dr. J. A. Witherspoon, urging him
j to «ee Dr. Burch, her husband, and have
him do all that be could to prevent a
! meollng between Colonel Cooper and Feu
! Carmack, saying that Cooper was
| enned and that he would kill Carmack.
0,1 * ,Rb '
Kveryone connected with the ca«e ©how»
the effects of the long siege and the 1 er
minatlon of the arguments In the trial,
i " hlcl1 wll > »* 0 <lown «« or,e of t! > c b' 0 " 1
bitterly fought legal contests, will be hall
1 * flight.
I Salvation Army Special Meetings.
The meetings at Bulvathm Army
Hall, Fourth and King streets, tonight
end tomorrow will be conducted by
I Adjutant S. A. Runde, of Baltimore
I The adjutant is an Interesting char
«.cter. having had several years cx
jperlenco In the work. Adjutant Burt
lett Invites all army friends and the
I public In ^general to attend the special
Lenten s , rmong at Flrgt church,
-Faith In Christ" Is the subject of
the second sermon of the Lon ten series
which the Rev. George F. D. Nason,
I pastor of First Presbyterian church,
hos arranged for Sunday mornings In
Lent. The aubect uf the evening aer
| mon Is "Eternity." Th, vested Choir
j of children ami adult., will sing nt ouch
! of these services. This choir Is under
tho training of John Craig, organist
and chorister, and Mr, Nason,
services uro at 10.30 a. m. and 7 30 p.
m. and an Invitation to hoar this seri« s
of sermons and these children sing is
extended to nil strangers In Ihe city.
: Subscriptions arc already beginning to
come In for the stiver service gift which
I will be presented to Hie battleship Del
; aware. L. Scott Townsend, treasurer of
; the Board of Trade Committee, having
The matter In charge, reports Ihe follow
ing subscriptions:
Pierre 8. duPont .
Wilmington Turngemelnde . io.oo
' Brandywine Lodge, No. 4. Shield of
I Wilmington Aerie Fraternal Order of
RiD ACtnriATiniVI TH
DflK ftJJULlfll lull IU
... _ „ —
» harles B Evans, president of the New
!' < ' oun,y Bar Association, has called
* «Perla, meeting of the AssoetaH«in to he
h ' >ld 1,1 ,b « '•«"»V ro >"'< room this afier
noon Tl,r rurpoae I» to consider (he pro
benstlliitlonal amendment providing
fni m '" ■h" 1 **' ° r count y court a» a quorum
: " 1,d ,, ' p h* 11 •>» reference to Hie las for thtf
■''•'•"'•i 1 of «slates,
Sagte» .
Bartenders' Union . j
I Diamond L«ulge, Car Mechanics and
Car Inspector» .
j Patriotic Order Sons of America ..
:■ ne
.... 5.00
I Total .
I The proposed amendment to the constl
( lutlon to make one .judge a quorum, lias
amused wide Interest among members of
th* bar. Nearly all are In favor of It
(they believe that Hie change would make
1 Ihe procedure of the county courts more
B - v United Pres* Leased «perlai Wire.
NEW YORK. March «. —The weekly
statement ..f the Associated Banks
issued today shows the following
.hange»; R es er ve on all deposits, de
crease, I2.097.s00; reserve on deposits
other than t nited Stales, decrease $2,
145.200; loans, decrease. $7,567.900';
i specie, decrease. 84.488.800: Legal Ten
''1er*. Increase. 33 «'9.600: deposits, de
! crease. 88.036,800; circulation. Increase,
11221,800; total loans $1,312,632.600.
The surplus of the banks Is $12,383,
400 against $4J,754,600 last year, and
116,671,626 two years ago.
.. Correspondent of..
& Tyier,
Members of the New York and
Philadelphia Stock Exchanges
James F. Nields
DuPont Building
First Floor.
By I'nlled Press Leased Special Wire.
PHILADELPHIA, fa . March 8.-Five
persons narrowly escaped .leatli in 11 tiro
which, early lo-dav destroyed Hie famous
Peering Farm lions« at Jones and Esst
.. . Home Lane». In the souther,, end :
Of the . where the »even Probst mm
«leis which convulsed Ihe city took plao*
| () j£t ILL WIFE
ttllVf 'I ' IJ UliunvL
years ago.
Only Hie prompt action of a mounted
policeman, who saw Hie fiâmes from a
hill half s mile. away, prevented Hie oo- 1
upants of Hie house—Muck Harrington, j
Ids wife, and three chitrfKui—from being!
sulToralod. Breaking down a door, ho |
found Hio entire fa mill miconseious from
smoke, and carried them to the street.
1 I?*« k*"*» SP'e"d Wire,
* ' d < IRK, March 6—-Notwlthataml
* n K fuel that ho is bring: sued for
«"vorce, Dr. Augu.tin Ooc.ct. a distant
relative of the Goelets of social and
HnRnc1 " 1 funlc ' left fc" - St. Louis
receipt «. news that hla wife ha.l
'*•« *»""•' ' '»e atreets of that
C J^ ,,nd tPnl *" ,pe e '*V, «•
" t '° accompanied by Robert Stevens,
'®^er of Mrs. Qoelet, und an offleer ;
of Ibe Loh.gh \ alley Railway. |
Dr. Oo,net did not learn ol hla wife'* ,
811,1 for divorce. In which she alleged j
cruelty, and mistreatment, until he I
read of 11 1,1 press dispatches. He In
tlmntod that his wife was suffering
from a temporary aberration.
I >r - G idel married his wife twelve
Ç |inp\TC HAH
J 1 Uütlx 13 IlrtU
years afto. after having had her under
treatment for a long time. Both were |
divorcees at the time. Mrs. Goelet was
divorced from Mr. Henry, a wealthy j
liveryman, and Dr. Goelet from the
former wife of John Graves of Chicago,
from whom she hud been divorced. [
JnLUIHt U/Illl t
_ __ „ .
the Delta Kappa Lpsllon Maternity !
H««u*c. Pliny Munger, Jr., was "Salome,"
un«l while ho writhed and wriggled
through the "artistic" dance, a score of |
co-ed» perched on boxes outside the win
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
CHICAGO. March 8.—There is much
speculation at Chicago to-day as to
whether the faculty will lake any action
regarding a Salome dance which was
staged last night by thc fraternity men at
dows giggled at tho performance.
Tho university Is wrought up over the
performance, and It has been sugg«-sted |
that Pliny repeat the dance before Hie
faculty In order to show that It Is well
within thc bounds or "art" as expounded [
by Gertrude Hoffman and other "«alo
While direct wire connection between
Wilmington and Washington has not
been restored the official clock In the
Western Union offleo In this city reg
Jäters official time us usual. Sine«; Wed
inesUay night tho clock has registered
by wire the runodabnut way of Nash
v * l,e * Cincinnati, Plttoburg and New
York- Tho situation lllnstiatcs some
ot th* «litlU ultlrs under which Hi* tele
graph company are suffering ua a re
»„it of the prostration of their
from Washington,
Nothing Doing Thty Say.
There has ben no aiijusfnienl nsVvet
of the wrangle between the Water De
parement • and City Auditor Rice
Baltimore Case Postponed.
Because It vas Inconvenient for Bal
llmore counsel In the
Insurance Company, of Baltimore, tc
appear in the United «tales Court to
|«I»y. the exceptions to the bill tiled
yesterday hy Andrew «' Gray, plain
tiff for the defendant company, were
|i ot «VRUed today. The hearing was
postponed until next Friday,
jday lo float th« Danish steamer Karma
Ha. from Kagunto, w hich went aground
Thursday on Ihe upper end of Chester
Island. In the Delaware river. The ves
«el has a fuff cargo if Iron ore. Lighters
have gone to take off this burden,
wh Ich amounts to about 1,000 tons. It
is thought that after this has been re
moved the ship may be floated with
out damage.
Hsc of James
L. Bellman vs. the German Union Fire
Sarmatia Still Aground.
Further attempts are being mad* to
Commercial Markets
sold fairly and was kept well cleaned
up at fuff figures. We quote car lots:
Winter brain. In bulk, per ton, 827.50a28;
spring bran. In sacks, as to size, per
ton. 827.50*29.
OATS—Trade was quiet but Hie
ket ruled firm under small supplies. We
quote as to lorailmi:
No. 2. white 60a6n>jc.;
;5»a5»>Ac.; No. 3 white, fTHoSKr. ; rejected
CORN.—Offerings were light and prices
j weer steadily held with a fair local trade
demand, but
, lerest.
I quoted as follows;
1 March, Tlaflifce.
I valor. No. 2, T]*71'Ac.
rn ,« i -
standard white,
exporters showed little ;n
Futures ot No. 2 mixed were
'.'sr lots in export c-ie
Youthful Polander to be Tried
on Murder Charge
March 22
Alexamici Florczyk. against
the Grand Jury returned two
fronts yesterday
cliargt* of murdering his aunt and uncle
on Dccemlier 17,
County Court this morning,
cd not guilty
Charles F. Curley
Florczyk vas unruffled after almost
twenty i. limite*' rending of the Indict
ments, which had to fie Interpreted.
Mr. Curley ask«d that trial be set for
March 12.
afternoon, on the
was arraigned in
He plead -
to both Indictments,
will defend him.
"The New London." the first of two
steamboats being built by the Marian
and Hollingsworth Corporation for the
Central Vermont Transportation Com
pany, was launched shortly after noon
ÄI ™' '' G - C «>xc, w ife of the
R r< ' f< " l '* nt "f the corporation, acted ns
s P' jni ' ,,r - Among the thirty or more
'*»•'• occupied the flag-draped
P £ l f°, rni ?V 1 the u b ?''' of thf * ,v>Ht ,"'7 P
the .^ ,n » ™ n ™ r " " f "> p
''nrP'.ration. BethW'em Mori Company,
" ![ Vail " "''T, ," * l! "
city this morning over the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad in President
Schwah'.i private car. "The Ixiretto."
Mrs. Cox», as the wife of a ship
builder herself, exhibited none of the
usual nervousness of the feminine
sponsor, mid she handled the be-rlb
boned bottle of wine expertly, the hulk
sliding <1own the ways with n daub
that emphasized the new steamer's
Immediately after the launching, of
ficials of the corporation and Hielt
wtv0R Rnd thc K"psis from Bethlefiem
lunched In the corporations reception
. ... „
services of Installation of Rabbi Eman
wcl Schreiber of thc Congregation Beth
El In Philadelphia yesterday.
The Novv London is 238 feet long with
a beam of 45 feet.
The second steamboat will be named
the New York. Its dimensions will I«
the same as those of thc Nen London.
The steamers will op«.Tate between
New York and New London In the
freight trade.
Rabbi Schreiber Installed.
Rabbi George Benedict, of the Temple
of Truth, thla city, participated In the
B y United Press Leased Special Wire,
«'HICAGO. March 6-"Theodoro
Roosevelt will never return to the
United Skates If he carries out his In
tentions of exploring the lark regions
of Africa in quest of game."
This is the opinion of Professor
Frederick Stafr, of the University of
Chicago, who bases his prophecy on
his knowledge of the insidious fevers
In that country through his expedt
tionfe to the Congo Free-State.
Professor Starr. In a lecture before
one of his classes, told of his per
sonal expevlen/es in Africa, citing cases
he had known where travellers were
stricken by tho terrible fevers, and
.«ays: "The ex-PresIdent has not the
tcm|>oram( . |lt nor lhe temper - hat
man nods who would withstand too
dangers of the Climate he plans to
. .
Iiislcail of tho city having to take
up ttOO.OUd In veuter bunds by June, as
was published recently. City Treasurer
Rom has learned that only 815,000 of
this bond Issue la due each year for
twenty years, and in thS
year the remaining part must be paid.
Consequently Instead of 8200,000 beeoni
ing due next year only $16,000 will be
l ,tt > ab,e - ,,,,,,
Tilc ttmount . r ' f bHlula llllc b - v
duno I °' next year I* $9«, 400.
t went let li
ElECTS officers
The South Bide Athletic Club mem
bers were out in full force last night
wen officers were chosen for the next
six months. Deep InU'rest was shown
throughout the meeting a sthc club ex
peels to be a factor In athletics In Wil
mington. Ten new members were ad
mitted and six propositions received
Th* following officers were chosen
Robert G. C'ornor. reelected, president;
Charles Virdln, vice-president; Waltet
Davis, re-elected, recording secretary;
Robert .lolly, reelected. treasurer;
George Green, financial secretary and
George Guild, corresponding secretary.
The Isiard of director^ elected at the
meeting were at follows; William
Sr, Victor «'act,
»olio it. Jones and James Green.
Quinn, John Guild,
Deny a Harriman Report.
NEW YORK, Mardi 6.—The report
from New Orleans that the Harriman
irl.-r«ats bave .iv<iUirc«i a one-third
holding in the terminal properly In that
city owncil jointly by the Southern
Hallway and thc. St. Louis and Han
Francisco Railroad Companies, was aVt-1
thorltutlvely denied today. It waa bc-!
on the strength of this denial
that the Central of Georgia Rallwa
»III use the terminal of the Illinois 1
«entrai which is distinct from that of|
the Southern and 'Frisco roads.
Bomb in New York Tenement.
NEW YORK. March 6.—Three women
and a man were slightly Injured, and
150 tenants thrown Into panic when an
•mldtntlfle dperson hurled a bomb from
the roof of the four-story tenement at
No. 613 East Fourteenth street. Fire
that originated In tho basement caused
the wealth residents of thc seven
rtory Gramplon Apartments, at 182 S.
Nicholas avenue, early today to rush
In their night clothing to the halls and
fire escapes.
Broken Rail Wrecks Train.
EA8TON. Pa.. March 6.—Passengers
on the Chicago-New York Express of
the Lehigh Valley Railroad, were »hak
en and bruised early today when the
train was wrecked by a broken rail
which threw the last l»o sleepers from
the track. The pgMcngers were Irans
terred to other «ars and fter a delay
lef sn hour the train proceeded.
Wife Trapped Him After
Ta Ks Over the Tel
By L'nlled Tress Dossed Special Wire.
P1TTKÜUKG. Pa., March «.—When
Mrs. Mary E. Werllng, vv Ife of Daniel
Werling. a broker, reported to the
police that she was being j.inmvyd
over the telephone by somebody trying
to make an appointment with her she
was advised to meet the person. As
a result Werllng and IT. B. Duff, a prl
Ivale detective, today are under arrest.
tiinoe separating from her husband
five months ago, Mrs. Werllng has been
working as a domes! le. The broker
and his wife arc now seeking divorce
from each other. AS hen Mrs. werllng
kept the appointment at their request
'as! night, the poilee allege she was
confronted by her husband. Duff and
Ian officer, who placed her under h r
Irest. Decretive» who aupompiutled Mrs.
Werllng then proceeded to arrest the
broker and Duff. Mrs. Werllng was
released but her husband and the pri
vate detective were held for a hearing.
Mrs. Alfred Artorvo. whose iiu.-baml was
shot and kiffe«! in self defense by John
Romano. In the latter's restaurant some
months ago, left Wilmington Iasi night
for Philadelphia, and Romano prohahly
bresHied more freely, Thc woman swore
over her husband's grave that she would
avenge Ills death, If the courts let tils
slayer so.
Mrs. Artorvo was seen walking past Ro
mano's restaurant several times yester
day afternoon anil once she stopped ami
looking at the upper windows shook her
^By United Press Leased Special Wire.
BOSTON, Mass., March 8.-- One hun
dred men with Hie grip and one with
pneumonia, out oi a total of 880 members
who returned to Hie Bay State to-day la
Ihe loll paid by the Massachusetts Coast
a story of hardship, which could not be
exceeded in actual field duty In time of
Artillery Corps, fur Its participation In the
Inauguration exercise* on Thursday. The
Massachusetts troops, nearly 3.000 in nura
>«r returned lo Boston to-day. They told
With the snow and slush from six to
eight laches deep they walked In line for
hours to. partlcipiHe in the inaugural
pageant; Crowds (filed the sidewalks and
the soldiers wer« obliged to stand in the
streets. The waleKjvas above the tops of
their shoes.
Vnttdd Stales Engineer Rand haw been
Instructed to search for the wreck of the
schooner Adeline Townsend, which was
sunk by a steamer off the Capes sometime
ago. It Is thought that the wreckage
might be In the way of navigation.
Captain Rand said he Is satisfied that
the vessel has broken up and lies on the
shore hut he will visit the vicinity on the
engineer's yacht next week.
Attorney-General Andrew C. Gray to
day examined eight residents of Delaware
City who will appear us witnesses In the
trial of John H. Godwin on Monday next.
Godwin is charged with having offered
money to Philip Oliver for his vole.
Manager Slirlitli, of tho Wilmington
Atlantic League team, announced to
day that ho had signed David Yerkes,
u Philadelphian, to pitch here the com
ing season. Yerkes has been with one
of the major leagues for several sea
sons and comes to Mr. Btlrllth well
recommended. He exeptes to arrive
about April 1 and will go Into train
ing at once.
Mr «lirlith is in communication with
several fast ball players whose names
he expects to gel on Wilmington con
tracts In a few days. The local man
ager gives assurance that the Wil
mington A Ha nlic League team will ho
as fast as any In the League.
Special Agent Stout, of Hie Society
for th* PrevenHon of Cruelty to Chil
dren. swop* nut warrants yesterday for
Hie arrest of Mrs. Ballte Muller and Rose
ijnilleiv at Felton, on the charge of
pltclng tho life of Anna Butler, a 12
year-olil girl in Jeopardy, and they were
fined 82« and costs each. In default of
payment of the fines the women were
committer to Hie Dover JaJI.
The hearing took place in Magistrate
Godwin » ufflee at midnight und Ihe .11
,le g,rl was turnedo over lo lhe S. P. C.
c< Agent s,out brou « ht ' b « c b,ld to
Wilmington on the Norfolk exprès» ar
rl W"* ber 5 o'clock this morning,
and * be •" > low >» Delaware Indus
trial School for Girls.
Fined For Disorderly Conduct.
Charged with having been disorderly
In the home of Elinor Taylor, colored.
Joseph Johnson, colored, was fined $20
and coats by City Court Judge Coch
ran this morning.
Looking For Edlan Family.
Postmaster Henry C. Conrad has beer
asked for Information concerning the
whereabouts of a family named Edlan.
tho members of which are supposed to
lie residents of Wilmington. The re
«niest comes from George L. Tew. ot
Newton. N. 3.
610 Marient St.
Analyses of Water for Drinking or Man-jtj,e
OU». Coal. Raw
ufacturing purposes.
«ml finished indu.-trial products
and Food fluffs.
Jury Will Get Case on Next
The trial of Mrs. Margaret Martin
and Jesso Muffin, charged with having
conspired with Edward abort, who lias
turned State's evidence, to rob
home of Mrs. Christiana Stcttner on
day lu the Court of General Sessions
this morning, with Mrs. Georgian*
Prall, .Muffin's boarding house mistress,
on the stand. She testified as to aeo"
Ing Mullen at various times on the
morning of the robbery,
her husband, gave similar testimony
Zebley, a patrolman, testified to Miff
lin having shown him one
watches alleged lo havo been stolen.
On his advice the watch was turned
over to Police Captain Kane.
Charles H. Gifford said she saw Muffin
at her house about 10.30 o'clock on thu
morning ol the robbery and he re
mained until 11.45 o'clock. James Zeb
ley. father ol the patrolman, said ho
saw Muffin in the house of Mrs. Gif
ford. his sister-in-law,* from 10.30 to
11.40 on the morning of the robbery.
The case rested at noon, and Depute I
Attorney General Woloctt called Police
Sergeant Dnrney, who testified that
Muffin »lid not turn over the alleged
stolen money at the time he gave up
the watch.
Humane Agent Frank Stout declared
that Mrs. Marlin's reputation was ba«l.
He said he had obtained his knowledge
from one member of Mrs. Martin's
family, and Judge Ball reviuected that
his answer be stricken out. This was
not done.
entered upon It« fourth
Frank Pratt.
of the
The closing arguments to the jury
were then begun, William F. Kurtz,
attorney for Mrs. Stcttner. who has
been Mr. Wolcott's associate In the
prosecution, began argument for the
prosecution this afternoon.
The Jury will be charged on Tuesday
instead of on Monday,.ns one of the
Jurors .vill have to go to Philadelphia
on an important errand on Monday.
None of the Jurors wanted to be charg
ed this afternoon.
Mrs. Marlin continued her testimony |
yesterday afternoon under Hie cross-ex
amination of Deputy Attorney-General 1
Wolcott. after which James White, a ,
saloon-keeper of Front and Poplar, was ]
called. He has known Mrs. Martin for
about 30 years. He saw Mrs. Martin In bis
Ultclien with his housekeeper, Mrs. Annie
Scarborough on Wednesday morning, the |
morning of the robbery, a little before 10 j
o'clock. Whet» he returned from Market I
about 11 o'clock Mrs. Martin was still
there, he sa'd.
Mr. White was asked some questions
| about a witness who had testified In City
Court. He did not know whether the wit
ness wag for thc defense or for the prose
"But she ought to have been for Mrs. |
Martin," he added, for she's known her
long enough.
/ Mr. Rail, himself, laughed.
Mrs. Annie Scarborough, Mr. White's
housekeeper testified that Mr». Martin hafl !
been with her on the morning of the rob- |
bery from 9 o'clock until about 11.30. '
Muhin was then called, end under direct
examination testified that he had been at |
Bush's wharf between 7 and 8 o'clock on
I _
tive morning of the robbery, had returned
. , , . ", , a
to his boarding house, No. 311 East Sec- 1
... . , , .
ond street and had then gone to Mrs.
. , ;
Martin »house where he sew «hört and;
Ta m u . . T Jl° U f
and he and Short went back to his board
mg house. Later Short left him. going to
ward Mrs. Martin's house. A<?cording to
Muffin Ids other movements would have
made It Impossible for him to have par
ticipated In the robbery at the Btettner
Housf. He denied that Mrs. Martin had
ever suggested robbing the house. Short |
rejoined him about noon, he said, and i
gave him a watch and 85 and some ,
Then they went lo thc railway station, i
where they parted about 1 o'clock. Short
going hi on Hie south side and, presum
ably. taking a (rain. Muffin showed the
watch to Mrs. Frank Pratt, and she told
him It belonged to Mrs. Stcttner. Becom
ing alarmed then, he said, he and Mr.
PriAt found Zeblcy, a policeman, and with
the latter, went to City Hall and turned
the watch over to Captain Kane. Later ho
turned the money over to Ihe police, he
Witnesses testified as lo Mullins previ
ous good reputation at lloekessin and
Paoll, Pa,, where Muffin worked.
Indictment Against Florczyk.
The grand Jury yesterday afternoon re
turned two imlirtmcnls in the first degree
against Alexander Florczyk. Ihe. first
charging him with the murder of Rosalie
Florczyk and the secoml alleging (he mur
der of her husband. This case will be
heard next Wednesday to which lime Ihe
Oyer and Terminer Jur*rs were excused,
J AZU OINTMENT is guaranteed tc
?ur* any case of Itching, Blind, Bleed
ng or Protruding PI'e» in 6 to 14 days
or money refunded. 60c.*
Deaconess Board Meeting.
A meeting «ff Hie , oiilereni'* Deacon-I
on* Board will *►© hrld in the Deaconess
Home, No. 841 Tatnall »tree«, 1hl.» after
I noon. A rejiort to be made at the
coming annual conference at Milford
will he prepared, anil the consecration
as deaconesses of two young women
will be recommended to the annual
The Anti-S«Ioon League of Delaware
W'ill have charge of the services In
Smyrna Methodist Episcopal
District Superintendent
Arters will speak in that church at thc
morning service and at a platform
meeting In the afterfloon. C. E.
Burchenal and Rev. Cyrus P. Keen
will deliver addresses. It will lie the
I first visit of the league agents to
Mr. Burchenal will speak to-morrow
morning in the Methodist Protestant
Church at Kennedyville, Maryland,
while Rev. Mr. Keen will address the
nvirning congregation of the Reformetl
Church, Ridgely, Md.
me nrriiKir i*t ai irrT
IIITA rvri uin urnert/
Coroner Griffith, of Sussex county, and
the Jury of eighteen men empaneled bv
' him will resume the inquest into Ihe
Delmar wreck at Delmar on Monday at
Several more witnesses will be examined
,as to thc duties of thc yardmaster and'
switchman in Hie north Delmar yard.
after wide# Hie jarj will relire to fiaina
Its verdict.
Every Woman Will Be Interested
If you will send your namr unil ad
dress ive will mall you FREE a pack
age of Mother Gray's AUSTRALIAN
LEAF, a eertain, pleasant herb cur*
for Women's ills. It Is a reliable regu
lator and never-falling. If you have
pains in the back, ' Urinary, Hluddcr
or Kidney trouble, use this pleasant
union of aromatic herbs, roots and
leaves. All Druggists sell It, 50 cents,
or address. The Mother Gray Go., L,e
Roy, N. Y.
a young woman who is competent in
bookkeeping and shorthand—one who
cal > take fuff charge of a small office,
Graduates interested in getting this
position should apply at the College
at once.
Among the students who entered this
week arc two graduates of Hie \\ II
mlngton High School'and a graduate
of Delaware College.
New students will enter next week.
Persons entering at tiffs time Jiavo
special advantages.
Every day applications for the "1909
Catalogue" arc received,
usually Interesting book and should
bo read by ev ery young man and young
woman who is interested in a practi
cal education.
This is an un
H. c. Haynes, former commercial stu
dent, with H. G. Miles K Co., whole
sale commission merchants. New York
City, called at Ihe College this morn
Ooldey «
An application was
morning from Newark,
young man lo take a position in the
office of one of the host business fir
of that city,
band and bookkeeping Is necessary.
A Wilmington firm has applied for
He sav.s be finds graduates of
allege everywhere be goes.
N. ,T„ for a
A knowledge of short- •
Three Generations at Family Re-union
An enjoyable family
spent at Stanton on Sunday in honor
of the ninety-second birthday of .Tel.ii
Three generations of ehil
dren, comprising live children, twelve
grand children and three great grand
children were present,
were: Mrs. Mary McClintock.
Minera Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Davh*
Uobcrtn. Mr. and Mrs. ï.bises Lowthus,
•*, [* Roberts, Mr. ami Mrs. William
''Hklnaon, Mr. and Mrs. «'harles WI1
Norman \\ llklnson, Mr. ami
JJ 1 *®- Wilkinson. Mr. and Mrs.
^^«rWffklna.m. Prell,« McClintock.
Mr. and Mrs. John Click, Misses Myrtle
Wilkinson and Rebecca Lovvthors, I.c
Roy Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs. Charles
Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wood
ward, Miss Alice Wilkinson,
Frances Hharpless, Mrs. Jenny Schwab,
Mrs. Kate Roberts and daughter.
Two letters
Those present
were received from
Luuisberg, Pa. With them came tho
request they were not to be open,-><1
until the company was scale«! at «lin
nor. The letters were from Joseph
Edwards and Miss Margate! McCIInnl«;,
granddaughter of Mr. Roberta.
.-.. ■
housework and watting. Colored
Apply this evening after 7.30,
gj» King St.

of drug store at 302 King street,
including 7 cases; 5 bottle cases; 1 pair
of counter scales: 2 closets; 1 prescrip
. . ... _ ,
Hon counter with corresponding case Î
. ,, , , _ „ _ .....
oak cases, »mall 1 cigar case, with
.... ,_. . ,
nickel trimmings; 1 Diamond Dye case;
M|f ( .. w; , de »k: bottles and
«took. Everything to be »old at once and
at a big reduction.
302 King street.
Sines & Welch
Special attention given to luneral
Cut Flowers in season.
8th Street, Near Tatnall.
Bolh Phones.
C. Annie Calhoun.
James Corrigan.
Ann M. Corrigan.
James Holliday.
Irving W. Pierce.
PIERCE—At hla laic residence. Belle
vue, Dei., on Thursday, March 4, 1309,
Irving \V. Pierce, aged 73 years.
Relatives, friends and Morning Blur
Lodge, No. 9, K of !'.. are respect fully
Invited to attend the funeral, on Mou
Ber vices
day, March 8th, at 2 p. 111.
jat Mt. Pleasant Church.
HOLLIDAY— un March 5lh, 1909.
James Holliday, in his 94th year.
Relatives and friends are invited lo
attend the funeral on Monday after
Servlcee at th* resl
upon, March 8th.
H. Olewell. New Castle,
i Del., at 2 o'clock. Interment Presby
I terlan Cemetery. New Castle. Del.
dence of C.
CORRIGAN - In this cltj, on March ...
1909. James Corrigan.
Relatives and friends arc
fully Invited to attend the- funeral from
b '" la 1 « rcsIdeni'C, No. 202 Tatnall
street, on Monday. ;«t 9 o clock. Solemn
requiem mass at * all,« drab Interment
at Cathedral Cemetery,
CORRIGAN—In this city, on March 6.
I Ann M.
widow of tho late Patrick S. Corrl
Corrigan, aged 67 years.
I Ran. —
Relatives and friends are Invited lo
i attend tho funeral from her late r*sl
I dence. 307 -Monroe street, on Monday
riling at 9 o'clock. IHrIi
gt p au |-,, church. Interment Cathed
ral Cemetery.
Newport. Del., on
March 4th, 1909, C. Annie Calhoun,
in her 73rd year.
Relatives and friends are Invited to
attend the funeral services at the resi
dence of Theodore Yarnall, at Newport.
Sunday afternoon. March 7th. at 2
o'clock. Interment at St. James Ceme
tery. Newport.
. î.
Ù Embalmer
No. 214 W. Ninth Street
Careful attention day or nlgni
Bodies in Boarding Rouses, Roteis
and Hospital* removed and cared for
claimed. Carriages furnished.
Appointment# flrst-claes. Both Phone*
Undertaker and Erobalmer,
610 Jickson Street.
B. & A. Pbss: ISSU.

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