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Exhibit of Society to be
Placed in New Building
Within a short time the removal of the
very valuable collection of the Natural
Jllstory Society of Delaware front Friends'
School to the old pumping station at CoM
Spring Park will be begun. Shortly there
after Wllmhigtonlans will have available
the only public natural history museum in
the State, It being one of the provisions of
the Water Commissioners in granting the
society the use of the building that the
display should he open to the public.
Only those who know the value of the
collection can appreciate the action of the
Hoard of Water Commissioners and the
Willingness of the Natural History Society
to virtually present it to the public. Per
sons interested In the natural history of
Delaware have found the' collection In
valuable. It has been made during many
years, contributions having been sent by
the foremost scientific men of the State,
The late William M. Canby was one of
those most Interested In the society and
other men of his standing have given It
the high status It now enjoys not only
In Delaware, but in other States.
It is the purpose of the society to engage
an attendant for the building and to take
the proper safeguards for the care of the
collection. The proximity of the pumping
station to the High School will probab y
make the building the resort of many
High School pupils engaged In the studies
which the specimens In the collection Il
lustrate. A number of lectures will be
given In the building in connection with
the exhibit.
Now that the Historical Society has
l>een successful In getting permission to
occupy the building vto.me persons have
suggested that the Historical Society be
permitted to occupy part of the old pump
ing station, should there be room. The
Historical Socletys valuable' collection has
outgrown the building at Tenth and Mar
ket streets, where It Is now kept. Men
tion was made sometime ago of the re
moval of this collection to the old pump
ing station at Cool Spring Park, but the
matter was never taken up with the Board
of Water Commissioners.
llugglero Leoncavallo, the famous
Composer, whose opera, "I Pagllaccl,"
ha« been a favorite with music lovers
since its first presentation in 1*92. was
born in Naples, March 8, 1858. X.eon
cavallo ranks with Puccini and Mas
eagni as a master of the modren Itai
lan school of music, although, accord
ing to some critics, tils work gives
evidence of German Influence. Besides
•T Pagilacci," his other operas, especi
ally "La Boheme" and "Zaza," have
been well received. In 1906 Leoncavallo
vtelted America and conducted per
formances of some of his own works.
Says Some Soulless Corpora
tions are Responsible For
Spread of Disease
"Sail Affair in HBgan's Allay! Snootenz
heimer wife and seven children lound
dead! American Air Company of Wil
mington explain that Snootenzhelmer had
been notified of six months' arrears In
air rent, and while the company deeply
regret It, they were obliged to shut off
the air."
Supposing wo found that In our news
papers some day, asked John M. Dorney
of the American Federation of Labor and
the Painters' Union, in his speech last
night at the Tuberculosis Exhibit, on the
causes and cure of tuberculosis. He went
on to say that the soulless corporations
were doing Just as bad as this in shutting
off decent food, fresh air In working places
and sufficient clothing, from people. Phy
stclans say that the causes of tuberculosis
are poor food, impure air, deficient vital
! ;y, mental depression. What causes
item? Decent, Christian, Intelligent, am
Itlous men stood on the corner of Ninth
nd Market streets this winter and >»n
-Idered suicide because they were out of
work; whole families In Wilmington have
gone to bed supperless, have slept shiver
Ing and walked the streets under the
steeples of all the churches; rich bank
ers have told them to eat rice, when they
could not buy eggs, beef, milk ; tbous
ands of men have to breathe Impure air
while they work. Tet doctors say lack of
these things is the cause of tuberculosis.
Who is to blame? God? No, he made laws
all right until some Infernal scoundrele of
men interfered.
•T would like to be a Csar SO days and
take some of the captains of Industry, the
hypocrites who sit In the front pows of
churches and show thsm where I work."
said Mr. Dorney. "Thousands work In tor
rlble conditions; they don't know how «0
tell you about them, and they are too
Uted. I would have I-eon too tired last
week to tell you—X went to sleep after
breathing ammonia fumes and pulverised
wood-fibre all day, wishing I might never
weke up again. Some of the rented lac? The
me M. Megary & Son Co
Special prices on re
finishing and reuphol
stering of old furniture;
recovering is tree of
charge if coverings are
bought here.
We pay the freight on
out-of-town shipments and
allow carfare when bills
are of reasonable amount
Sixth and Tatnall Sts.
Wilmington, Del.
Just Plain, Truthful Facts About our February Sale
selling - space of one large floor in the new building
enables us to show a greater variety of patterns in
many different lines—more particularly beds and
Its Advantages are apparent, and that they are fully
appreciated is shown by a steadily increasing
New Goods —New Furniture, new Carpets, new Dra
peries, new Cbinaware, arriving daily, add to its
constantly increasing interest.
Your Purchases may be stored here without extra cost,
and will be delivered to suit yout convenience.
that are teeming with interest to those in need—or soon
to be in need—of Home Furnishings.
Our Aim is to give you Home Furnishings of the
highest grade quality, pleasing in design and linish,
yet of such sturdy construction as to stand the test
of time, and make you more satisfied each day in
their using.
The Reductions, as is easy for you to determine, are
strictly genuine, and range from TEN to FIFTY
per cent.
In Its Scope we know that this February Sale sur
passes all previous records. The addition to our
Bernstein Three-Piece
Beds Reduced
The Popular Brass Bed
is still jjaiiiiiiR in popularity, anH wr believe
justly so. That they arc rich in furnishing
qualities, strictly sanitary and serviceable, is
well known. We handle the product of a well
known manufacturer, and guarantee them solid
brass over steel tubing. Kach bed is finished in
best grade gold laccpicr which prevents tarnish
ing. Many new patterns have just been received.
The "Bernstein'' is the original three-piece
bed, and it needs no apology. It has the double
hook construction, and is sold complete with a
5-year guaranteed spring. That it is comfort
able, cleanly and sanitary is testified to by every
hospital iti Wilmington. The designs are in
good taste, and will match any scheme of fur
nishing. These beds are finished in three coats
of white enamel, each separately baked on.
rough places to scar the hands or tear bed cloth
ifig. Discontinued patterns enables us to offer
these so much below regular prices.
Regular price $17.50; Sale price $12.00
Regular price 17.00; Sale price lo.eo
Regular price 16.00: Sale price 12.50
Regular price 15.00; Sale price 10.00
Regular price 15.00; Sale price g.75
Regular price 14.00; Sale price 9.00
Others from $6.00 to $50.00 less February
Sale discount.
BRASS BED, full size, Colonial design, two
inch posts, five vertical fillers, head i A EA
and foot; special price. I UiWU
A. \

BRASS BED, full size, bow foot, two-inch
posts, flat cap vases, seven filler rods i E A A
head and foot. Special price.| W,UU
BRASS BED, full size, two-inch continuous
posts, five heavy uprights head and
foot. Special price.
Sample Brass Beds Sharply Reduced
Excellent Values in Carpets, Rugs
, and Linoleums
Regular price $57.00'.February Sale price $44.00
Regular price 47.50; February Sale price 55.00
Regular price 47.00; February Sale price 55.00
Regular price 40.00: February Sale price 55.00
Regular price 58.00: February Sale price 27.00
—First Floor, New Building.
First Floor, New Building.—
W 0
Iron Bed Special
High grade Wilton, Axminster and Tapestry Rugs, serviceable and
satisfactory, very pleasing designs.
Best French Wilton Rugs, 9 ft. by 12 ft., now.$50.00; were $tw.oo each
FVench Wilton Rugs, 9 ft. by 12 ft., now $40.00 and $45.00; were $55.00 each
Royal Wilton Rugs, 9 ft. by 12 ft.,now.$52.50; were $41.00 each
Royal Wilton Rugs, 8 ft. 5 in. by 10 ft. 6 in., now. .$29.00; were $57.00 each
Axminster Rugs, 9 ft. by 12 ft., now.$19.00; were $24.00 each
Roxbury Tapestry Rugs, 8 ft 5)11. by 10 ft. 0 in., now $16.00 ; were $20 each
Tapestry Rugs, 9 ft. by 12 ft., now....
Tapestry Rugs. 8 ft. 8 in. by 12 ft., now
Whitall's Body Brussels Carpet
Savonnerie Axminster Carpet...
F,xtra Axminster' Carpet.
Saxony Axminster Carpet.
Velvet Carpets...
Tapestry Carpets
Tapestry Carpets
$15.00; were $18.00 each
..$0.oo; were $12.00 each
...$1.25: was $t.6o yard
..$1.15: was $1.70 yard
... .$1.05 ; was $1.50 yard
....95c: was $1.40 yard
95c and 80c; were $1.50 and $1.10 yard
90c and 80c ; were $1.15 ami $1.05 yard
.... .70c and 60c ; were 90c and 80c yard
Carpet prices include making, laying and lining.
SPECIAL—Inlaid Linoleum, heavy stock, good patterns. Regular
price, $1.60; now $1.15 square yard, including laying. * .
Fourth Floor, use elevator.
White enameled bed, exactly like cut, full
size, £-year guaranteed spring. Rcgu-A flA
lar price $14.00; sale price... * .UiUU
ll*nn Rpd exactly like illustration, full size,
U VII BvH so ij complete with a 5-ycar guar
anteed spring; finished in three coats of white
enamel, each separately baked on. A A C A
Regular price $17.00; sale price.,., | UivU
Half Price Parlor Suites
Among the many bargains in this Mid-Winter Sale none arc more in
teresting than <• V on our Parlor Suite floor. Every Suite is reduced
many as much as half. Yet we guarantee every one of them, as they are
built in our own factory, by skilled workmen, under competent supervision.
Frames arc of well seasoned Northern birch or genuine mahogany—both
period and modern designs—coverings of Gobelin Tapestries, Damasks.
Plushes. Velours, &c., in large variety of patterns—every item that enters
into their construction is thoroughly trustworthy. To make room wc have
selected a number of Suites, frames of which we cannot duplicate, and
marked them at HALF PRICE.
Tlircc-piecc Suite, inlaid panel
hacks, mahogany finished frames.
Regular price $57.00. IQ Cft
Sale price .I QiUU
Three-piece Suite, genuine Shera
ton design ; solid mahogany frames ;
upholstered in Gobelin Tapcstiw.
Regular price $86.00. flfl
Sale price ."twsUU
Three-piece Suite, design of Louis
XV. genuine mahogany frames.
Regular price $110.00. f|A
Sale price .UWiUU
Green Trading Stamps With All Cash Sales.
Electric, Gas and Oil
Lamps Much Reduced
Special Mattress Values
edge, fully stitched, in two parts, 60 lbs. weight,
made of even layers of fine white cotton ; cannot
possibly mat or get lumpy; comfortable, clean,
sanitary; special price, $10.50.
sectional, evenly felted, choice fancy ticking, an
exceptional value, $6.50.
A splendid selection of Electric Lamps, with
electric dome and art glass shades, in every
beautiful color, with and without fringe.
$ 6.50 values, now
10.00 values, now
12.50 and 15 00 values, 10.00 complete
18.00 values, now ....$15.00 complete
GAS LAMPS. Large variety of choice in de
signs and colors.
$10.00 values, now
15.00 values, now
26.50 and $28.50 values, 20.00 complete
Others as low as $3.75.
OIL LAMPS. Very handsome decorations;
globes and bases to match ; Pittsburg burners
$ 4.00 values, now.$3.50 complete
4.00 complete
6.00 complete
8.00 complete
—Art Floor, head of stairs.
$ 5.50 complete
8.00 complete
Chippendale design, solid mahog
any frames, thrcc-piccc Suite Reg
ular price $142.00.
Sale price .
Heppcl white design,
three-piece Suite, San Domingo ma
hogany frames, inlaid, covered in
$ 8.00 complete
10.00 complete
PiUows and Bolsters
silk damask. Reg price
$116.00. Sale price ... OObIIU
BEST GEESE SETS, boxed ends, blue and
white ticking. Regular price $10; February Sale
price, $ 7 - 50 -
DUCK SETS, all duck feathers, well filled.
Regular price, $6.00; February price, $5.00.
MIXED SETS, duck and chicken feathers,
perfectly odorless. Regular price, $4.00; Feb
ruary price, $2.35.
Five-piece Suites, excellent range
of coverings from $50.00 to $40.00;
$82.00 to $62.$$; $88.00 to $70.00;
$95.00 to $65.00.
5.00 values, now
8.00 values, now
m.oo values now
Æ ^
remedies for tuberculosis? Prevention, not
I remedy, and the people must arouse them
; selves to do this.
) The labor unions for years have fought
the corporations to got sanitary work
1 „hops, and child labor laws, ete., passed,
and have been defeated by the suppliant
servants, ward heelers and such, employed
ky tho corporations. The people were d<
f, eied and It served them right because
i they had elected such legislators. It is the
corruption in influences in America caus
ln *» tuberculosis."
■ After the lecture, which was nppleuded
frequently, people seemed unwlllng to go
home, but stayed to la.k over with each
j other the case. B rno thought the lecture
i gospel truth. Other» thought It did no
good to etlr up does prejudice. Some who
had done mission charitable work among
tho very poor, thought their improvidence
anJ had much to do with
the , r troubl „_ they much „ the rich
were the cause of their misery.
.. ______
11 I tinC A|tr
DUUuul IlnNUîUlilE
Nemours Powdtr Company have bought
the handsome meter yacht Enjoy II from
T O. Dennett, of Now Haven, Conn,
The yaohl Is n cruiser 70 feet long, mod
ernly «quipped, and has a Standard motor
Some member» of the E. L duPont de
of one hundred horse power.
Collection to Educate Priest«.
The collection foj tho education of
students tor the priesthood of the
Catholic diocese of Wilmington, taken
on Pentecost Sunday, 1909, Is as fol- 1
St. Peter's Cathedral, $519.99: St.
Paul's Church, <200; St. Mary's Church,
<100; Bt. Hedwlg'a Church, <80; St.
Patrick's Church, <50; Newark, Del..
chinch, ^MO^Bacred^Hoart^hunsh^lîs"
Oalena,' Md'„ <89.11; New Castle, Del.',
|go ; St. Elisabeth's Church, <96; Dover',
d«},, f^O; Delaware City, Del., <16.18;
Easton, Md„ SIS; Rldgely, Md„ <11;
Middletown, Del., <10; Cape Charles,
Va.. <1.08; total, <1,269.13.
was much pleased with the number of
replies and has been able to dlepoee of
big business to his own satisfaction.
Ho is now a firm believer in THE
EVENING JOURNAL as an advertis
ing; medium.
Sells Cigar Store.
Ray Orlffenberg who conducts a
cigar and stationery store nt B East
Ninth street Inserted a small classified
"ad" in tho for sale column of THE
If you have H lor Sale, we
! have (be Ready Cash to pay
You. Call or Phooe.
McMahon Bros.
Id «nd -no ' Sts.
Ingredients» *iG£"kl2SSr gRSSrÄJCS: Show this to your doctor,
Ayer's Hair Vigor promptly destroy* the germs Ayer's Heir Vigor Just as prornptly destro ys the
that cause falling hair. It nourishes the hair- germs that cause dandruff. It removes every
bulbs, restores them to health. The hair stops trace of dandruff Itsrlf. and keeps the atslp
falling out grows more rapidly. clean and In a healthy condition. I
Poes not Color the Mair|

bwlss Goal Dairy, vjfltkfor Infants
Two male kid» ft* ai<*. Make nice
pete for the children, sat ver» little.
Can keep them tr.ywherp Or they are
excellant en the tea»» Far superior to
in * " a %är v 'TrrAT T Äi°r
Marshsllton. Del.

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