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Tidne - ;
What They Will Do for You
They will cure your backache,
strengthen your kidneys,
rect urinary irregularities, build
up the worn out tissues, and
eliminate the excess uric acid
that causes rheumatism,
vent Bright's Disease and Dia
bates, and restore health and
•trength. Refuse substitutes.
Market and Secend Sts.
Christian Endeavor
C. E. Lesson for April 3, 1910: Christ
Our Teacher, Consecration Meet
ing. John XII: 44'50.
This Is the place where Thou didst bid me
And work and wait;
1 thought It was a plot of fertile land
To tend and cultivate.
Flower and fruit. I said, aro surely there
In rich earth stored,
will mako of It a garden fair
For Thee, O God!
And I
I.o! It Is set where only bleak skies frown,
With rank weeds sown;
And over It tho fragrant thistle-down
Like dust Is blown.
Long bave 1 labored, but the barren soil
No crop will yleldK
This have I won for all my countless toll—
A bare ploughed fle d.
Nay, even here, whore thou didst strive
and weep
Some sunny morn
My name is Blackburn, and X have
become famous all over the country
through tho merit o^ a sweet little
pill, as "The Man Bfhlnd the Pills.''
Jt contains castor oil, cascara, wild
lemon, etc., and is far superior lo cas
tor oil as a physic. It's name
Whenever you qr any of your family
become costive, feel drowsy, have
headache, become sleepless and ner
vous, sallow or pale, and need a pleas
urable physic, do not hesitate to buy
of your druggist a package of Block
bum's CascaRoyal Dills,
15 doses 10c, 45 doses 25c; all drug
Sensational Carpet Selling This Wee
We sell Carpets and Rugs as we do everything else, at the most reasonable prices in
existence. Look over the offerings this week. Oilcloths! Linoleums! Rugs! Mattings! Never
in the history of this store have such pretty designs been shown at prices that will surprise.
That the Ice Man Wouldn't Recommend!!
Ask your doctor if it pays to buy a good refrigerator. His answer will
convince you. Our Refrigerators arc pefcctly constructed and no contami
nating odor£ or taste can possibly result from association of vegetables,
meats, butter, etc.
Now is the time to cover your
parlor floor at a saving. Some
very pretty designs, in pretty
rose decorations in tan, red or
green color grounds.
All long straws, glossy anti
pliable. Newest spring designs.
In red, blue or green colorings.
You'll surely want some of this.

Prices: $8.98, $9.98, $14.98. 50c WEEKLY.
China Matting Jnia'd Lin «[ e "J" Rag Carpet
4 " ,ai S5.00 s -s?.» 90c tsr 29c
Ingrain Rugs
Pro Brussels Rugs
9x12 Feet Beautiful
Printed Linoleum
Square Yd
25c Wi$27 98
Hundreds of beautiful de
signs to select from. In tan,
maroon, green or blue designs.
An extra value. Don't miss
these !
Every housekeeper will want
some of this at this price. This
durable floor covering will go
quickly. Get your share.
In pretty, new designs. The
most economical floor covering
made. Much cheaper than car
pels. Hurry for these.
The daintiest designs we've
ever seen. You'll say so too,
when you sec them. Our large
rug rack is filled to overflowing
with these handsome rugs. Get
one of these to-morrow.
An opportunity that few will
Better get some of this.
Need new Matting? Better
get it now. A new shipment
arrived this week and goes on
sale to-morrow. Don't delay]
Get some of this NOW.
You'll want some of this to
put under your stove. It will
outwear ten pieces of oil cloth.
Not much of it. Better hurry.
You don't have such chances
often. Wise shoppers will take
advantage of it.
Use Our Mail Order Service.
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offerings that even if yon cannot come in, yon can
reap the benefits through our unsurpassed Nail
Order Service. Expert shippers fill every order
and we guarantee satisfaction.
By trading here in the morning'. Until 12 o'clocK
noon we give two stamps with each 10c purchase
and your booK will fill up twice as fast if you
make it a point to shop early in the day. It's
equal to 3 per cent, discount on all you buy.
Others shall come with joyous hearts and
The full-eared corn.
Ytl is their harvest to thy labor due.
For Me 'twos spent:
Arc not the furrows driven straight and
Bs thou content.
—C. Burks.
Every one of us wants to get as much
out of thta life as possible, an<) Christ Is
ready to help us each one In our Individ
ual struggle. No matter how well versed
you are In affairs, no matter how well
educated you are. It is always possible to j
add to your store of knowledge, it has
been said that a wise man Is always will
ing to learn, and that only a fool cannot
he taught. In selecting a school or teacher
for yourself or someone else you usually
select the one that will train you ben for :
the future you have chosen for yourself, i
You choose the school w hich specia lues |
In the branch which w ill bo of I ho moat j
assistance to you. This world Is a great
school with different teachers. Wo are
placed here by Ood and given the free
choice of our teacher. Wo can take up
worldly subjects, those things which hurt
us physically, morally and spiritually, wo
can lake up moral ethlca and leave Christ
out of It, or we can go to school under
Christ and learn from Him. If wo wish to
spend eternity with Christ the best way
to prepare for It is to go to school under
Him on earth, it wo are willing to take
the consequences,
whatever they may be j
for onr course, we can follow other teach
ers at variance with Him.
The entrance examination lo Christ's
school Is belief. There la but one text
book—the Bible, but this treats of all sub
Jecta necessary for promotion Into heaven.
There la but one term—our life time. Our
assoclates sie all kindred spirits in that
they have the same purposes In this life,
and the same aims for life to come. Every
submission to discipline Increases our love
for our Teacher: every obedience makes
us wiser. Indeed, every grade or depart
ment of His school -Is designed for our
special benefit. And the compensation of
the Teacher, What Is It? Why. these
faulty lives of ours which might and
ought to be a thousand times bcttci-.
Christ can teach us In a great maffy dif
ferent ways. Wo have a large number of
Ills sayings recorded, snd no philosopher
over reached greater heights than He, no
lawyer ever produced better arguments.
Ho can teach us how to live our earthly
life so that wo get the most out of It, and
He teaches us our relation lo God. He
leaches us how to mako earthly friends
and how to pray to the Father who is a
friend of all. He teaches ua bow to live
and how to die.
Ono of the greatest lessons Christ
leaches us Is Devotion. Christ came to
earth with one Idea, and although it took
thirty years beforo tho time was ripe lo
have that Idea bu il lied, yet He faithfully
and patiently devoted Himself to the
waiting. At the age of twelve although He
was able to talk with the Doctors In the
Temple, Ho knew that the tlmo was not
ready for Him to begin His ministry,
and so He very patiently drew Himself
back to His own village aaid awaited the
time when God was ready to bless His
beloved Son. But after He did enter Into
His ministry wo sea a life wholly dc
voted to the work He Is doing. He allows
no outside Influences to carry Him aside
from His purposes and allows no dlscour.
agements to deter Him from dolrtg Ills
Plenty of fresh air, sleeping
out-doors-and a plain, nour
ishing diet are all good
helpful, but the most import
ant of all is

Father's business. Even unto the prayer
ln Gethsemane when He says "Thy will
not mine be done" He shows His entlro
devotion to the Father and the cause for
which Ha lived and died. From such a life
as this we can take a very profitable les
son. As Christ set his standards high, we
can strive to attain that high perfection.
land although we will fall far abort some
times the effort wdll have helped us. Wo
can bo ns devoted, as faithful in our
everyday tasks as In the big things. It 1"
Just such faithful and deyoted men that
make any cause successful, and Chrlstlan
It y needs more and moro of them. Each of
jus have a certain work which Is Intended
for us lo do, and no one else can lake his
It is the standard treatment
prescribed by physicians all
over the world for this dread
disease. It is the ideal food
medicine to heal the lungs
and build up the wasting
paper und
A*nk nod
. for onr
Send JOr . n«m* of
beautiful Baring«
Book. Each bank contains« Good
•« Bkoti'h
ich roomy.
SCOTT & BOWNE. 409 Peart St.. N. Y.
place. Our mission may not seem as high
lo us as smo one olses. but It Is not what
we do, but how we do It that counts with
The lesson of kindness shines forth all
through Christ's Ute. Wo never read of
His speaking one harsh word throughout
His life. He always had a helping word
or deed for those that came lo Him. He
alwaj'» healed those who had faith to
b8llev , that H e could. He never condemn
ed, always forgave. When they brought
the woman, found In sin, to Him, although
by the Jewish law she should bavo been
stoned to death, yet Christ taught them
a higher law, the law of forgiveness and
tcld them, that ho who is without sin
should cast tho first stone. If Christ Is as
willing to forgive us how ought we to
treat our fellows. Ought we> not to forgive
them even as Christ has forgiven us? If
Christ said Ho was not com© to con
demn but to save, by what authority cun
we. so much lower than Christ, take the
responsibility of calling a soul lost. Christ
never gives a man up. and wo ought not
to cither. Even unto Ills dying hour, when
He promised the thief salvation from tho
cross did Christ's kindness show Itself.
Always thinking of others eventhough Ho
were In Ills dying pain.
A final examination will come to all who
are In this school of Christ. Alone we
must enter the Judgment hall, there to
for our poor scholarship. At this time
give an account of the result of our study,
There will be no chance of "cribbing."
No excuses will be accepted, neither will
there bo any opportunity to blame another
nothing will seem so Important as some
of the lessons wo shirked entirely or got
out of the easiest and quickest, way. The
all-seeing Ood demands sincerity. This
Anal examination will he conducted upon
the principles given In Ohrlsl's "Com
mencement Sermon" in the CJorpcl of
Matthew. And
"Though thy nam« be spread abroad.
Like winged seed from shore to shore.
What thou art beforo thy Ood.
That thou art. and nothing more."
Help us. O Thou most merciful Father.
to learn the lessons thy Hon hast taught.
Help us to train ourselves hero for the
nobler things Thou hast In store for us
above. Give us sufficient strength lo
learn onr lessons, and lo shun those thing«
which will Injure us In Thy sight. Bless
those that Tliou hast set aside to teach us
Thy will. Thla we ask In Jesus Name.
Hanover C*. E. Society will hold the an
nual election of officers Friday evening
April 1, In the church parlors. After the
business meeting there will Ire a mock
The Wilmington C. K. felon will hold)
their monthly business meeting Tuesday
evening, April 5. In Central Presbyterian
Church. Owing to the postponement of
election of Officers at the last business
meeting this will occur at this meeting
and will societies should bo represented.
Rev. Floyd Tompkins will address the
Christian Endcavorera of Wilmington,
Thursday evening, April H. Thla will bo
the annual "Spring Rally."
Cheese rose from 9 cents a pound In
1851 to 19 cents a pound In 1908, and
potatoes from 22 to 70 cents a bushel
during the same period.
Some Wilmington People May Wait
Till It'a Too Lato.
Don't wait until too late.
Be sure to be In time.
Just In time with kidney Ilia
Means curing the back
Before backache becomes chronic;
Before serious urinary troubles set
Doan's Kidney Pills will do this.
Hero Is Wilmington testimony to
prove It.
Mrs. Mary T. Lamplugh, 1002 W.
Second St., Wilmington, Del., says:
"My experience with Doan's Kidney
Pills has been so satisfactory that I
am glad to recommend them for tho
benefit of other kidney sufferers.
was afflicted with a severe pain across
tho small of my back, at times ex
tending Into my hips. I felt tired and
lame and my limbs were very weak.
Despite my advanced age, the con
tenta of two boxes of Doan's Kldnev
Pills, procured at Danforth's Drug
Store*gave mo prompt relief. I have
had no return of backache and my
kidneys have been in a normal condi
tion. I could not bo induced to pub
licly recommend Doan's Kidney Pills
If 1 were not convinced of their great
For sale by all dealers. Price TO
cents. Foster-Mllbum Co., Buffalo.
Now York, solo agents for the United
Remember the. name—Doan's—and
take no other.
the I tii -Wd
1 by neglect than from
any other cause. Thoroughly
brush them every day with
Dr Lyon's
Tooth Powder
- .
and they will be cleansed,
j j 1 •
preserved and beautl*
lied. It neutralizes mouth
. j - ,
acids and imparts purity
and fragrance to the
The list of tpeakcra for the banquet of
the Democratic League, of Delaware,
whclh will be held at the German Hall on
Thursday evening. March .11, has been
completed. It Include« the blind Senator
from Oklahoma, Thomas I'. Gore. Con
gressman Henry D. Clayton and Thomas
J. Heflin, of Alabama: and Augusta A.
Stanley, of Kentucky.
On their arrival In Wilmington the
speakers will be escorted from the ratT
rond station to tho Democratic League
clubhouse at No. 6» French street, wb.rel
tight refreshments will be served and a
reception held between « and 8 o clock.
From there the party will proceed to the
banquet hall, the dinner beginning prompt
ly at 8 o'clock.
. , ... .
The banquet and speechmaking will bel
over by midnight In time for all down
Slate members and guests lo take the
Norfolk express home.
Tho Klnder-Muslk program which was
to hava been presented at tbs March
meeting of the Ncw-Cenlury Club, whlhp
meeting was omlltcd last month, will 1»
given at the April meeting of tho New
Century Club under tho direction of the
Music Committee. The music Is written
In symphony form, snd Is very novel ami
attractive. Among those who will take
part In the convert «re Charles Griffith.
Mrs. Morris. Miss Jackson, Mis» Gilles
pis, Miss Mildred Betts, Miss Havard,
Mis» Phillips, Miss Emmons, Miss Louise
Johnson. Mrs, Norman B. Huxley end
Miss Elizabeth Condlt at the piano.
Firm Loses Lawsuit.
ELKTON, Md., March 30.—A Jury
In the Cecil County Court awarded
Joseph Mackin, of Havre do Grace, tho
sum of 89000 against Eyre-Shoemaker
Conatructlop Company, of Philadel
phia, for injuries received on Novem
ber 7, 1907. while working for
company In building tho new Haiti-1
more and Ohio Railroad brldgo at
Gompers, Addressing Farmers
Union in May * wiu Pro '
pose a Political
WASHINGTON. March 25,—Believing
that tho life of organized liter Is In J- op
uidv - ,hKt " icr " #ie b «* n * formulated ny
tho possessors of great wealth plans for
the extinction of all labor organizations.
wMh '' 10
«ration of Labor are about to lake step*
for the organization of a parly composed!
has been In executlvo session Ucrc, dis- 1
cussing recent events in which labor has ;
figured. So serious have tho leaders of tho
movement considered tho mutter that both 1
day and night sessions have been held.
Whll» tho leaders of organized labor
have boon trying to bring themselves io
tho point of forming a party of their
own, similar to the Labor parly |n Eng
land. the Farmers' Union, whose member
ship la beyond 4.1W.U00, has been active
along the same lines. In tho last cam
paign members of the Federation und tho
union lined up (or Mr. Bryan. The result
of that election has convinced both or
ganizations that laws they deem neces
sary to their welfare cannot bo obtained
Irem existing parties.
In tho last eighteen months labor unions
over the Unlted gutes have adopted
Bol(ltl0n , pr ,yi„g tho Federation lo or
n * lton „ p , rty . AI1 „long I'reM
.... , , . 7 ,
rK,mper f. has endeavored to keep
'" hor 01,1 of •" a " rot 00 " n * c,l<m wl,h •"*
Particular parly, but now he nays that the
drastic measures asked for by tho various
, ...... .. .... , ,
unions of tbo Federation will have to bo
adopted, that tho time has come when
organized labor will have lo lake such a
step lo preserve It and Us Interests.
It can be slated with authority that
on May 8. this year, president Gompers at
the time he addresses the Farmers' Union,
In 8l. Louis, will announce the plans of
the Föderation, and suggest a plan for the
consolidation of the two organisations for
political purposes,
- nr rvnr iir rnnnT
WASHINGTON. March S0.-A bill In
troduced In the Senate by Mr. Lodge pro
hibits the manufacture or use of short
measure boxes for berries and small
The bill provides that every fruit con
tainer must be a quart or some multiple
thereof. There I« no prohibition against
using deceptive boxes when fruit 1« be
ing shipped beyoflff tho confines of the
United Btatoe.
Any person convicted of using short
measure fruit containers will be fined
8100 for the first offense and 8500 for each
succeeding violation of tho proposed
The bill will afford the Committee on
Standards, Weights and Measures an op
Your Old
For A New
Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets will
make the change
in a week. For
a fact. Relieves
all distress and
stomach gases.
The free trial
package will
convince you.
Send for it to
day. 50c a pack
age—-all drug
F. A. Stuart Co.,
150 Stuart Bldg.,
Marshall, Mich.
porliinlly to have Its first meeting In
many years. Senator Page is Us chalrv
Time Off For Him.
F. B. Lynam. machinist mate, first
class, aboard the IT. H. 8. Colorado,
now stationed and attached to the
Pacific fleet, has hen granted a twenty
days furlough. Lynam'a Wilmington
home la at No. IDS West Fifth street'
and he will arrive from Seattle about
May 15,
Charity ball. Benellt P. * 8. Hos
pital. Tickets 85.00 admitting lady und
gentleman, on sale at Uobelcn'e, 7i<>
Market HI. 4
Laces j
Cleaned 4
tace robes, AJ
waists, and fj**
Tien« should
■ trusted on
ly to experts tlJW
for cleaning. PHI
You can send \ Ini
your coslUost
Slid rarest family IA
laces to us with I . .
r rf e o t security. I
ace on «own.
olea n e d without 1
1 I«
¥ m
» A
removing Write
for booklet and en
rrtni^h SoourfM «md Dy«rm*
716 Market Street.

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