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The Evening Journal
of Ihr
Evening Journal
special to THE 13VENING JOURNAL.
Del., July 211—Following the promp
and ceremony and big crowds of Cov
ernor's Day, this was an exceedingly
quiet day in the camp of the Or
gaulzed Militia of Delaware. It was
no* a day of Inaction by any means,
however, for drills were gone through
with a vim from early in the morning
without much relent. Captain J. K.
Partello, instruction officer from the
regular army, who lost two days be
cause of being made ill by the heat,
was hack In uniform and on the held
this morning putting his officers and
men through their paces and eu -
deavorlng to crowd into the day as
much of Instruction that he had omit
Crowding Much Field Duty
Into This, the Last Full
Day of the Rehoboth
, ted the past two days as was possible
Captain Partello is a hustler every
minute and hard work seems to have
The officers of
no terror for him.
the regiment are unanimous that Cap
lain Partello is about the lives' mili
tary man ever assigned to instruction
duty with the Delaware soldiers. He
goes on the theory that the course
of instruction as laid down by the
War Department regulations
Camp will break to-morrow morn
fng and f»v#»rythlng; will niado ln
readiness for the troops to depart at,
noon. One hundred picked men.
nnd«r Major C. A. Short, will po -o
Fort DuPont for instruction work
and practice in the coast artillery
branch of the service and the hand
ling and manning of the giant guns
at the fort. The roster of the
artillery reserve company is nearly
The crowd on the drill field ves
terday afternoon, when Governor Pen
ncwlll and staff reviewed the regi
raent. was one of the largest that ever
has attended an encampment of the
Delaware militia in this State. Two
Rides of the big field for a distance
of several hundred yards was lined
five to six persons deep, and esti
mates w»re that between five and ten
thousand persons witnessed the cere
monies The soldiers stood rigidly
at attention while Governor Penne
will and st,#(l marched up and down
the line. *There were some fears
the.» the men might ha affected by the
heat, as the sun was biasing 1U hot
test bnf no. a militiaman faltered
and the hospital corps was not called
on to carry anybody from the field,
The normal attack or "sham hat
tie" was a spectacular feature fol
lowing the review. Thousands of
blank cartridges were fired, but some
of the spectators were disappointed
becausc nobody was "killed" during
the engagement.
Governor's Day a Success.
Everybody seems to agrqe that Gov
ernor's Day from every viewpoint, the
military as well as the social, was one
framed to he adhered to.
To Go To Fort DnPint.
of the most noteworthy days the
mililia ever has hqd, and Governor
Pennewlll received many congratula
tlons because of its success.
The social side was emphasized
itÄ SI æFâ h
a dance was held at the Henlopen
In honor of the (Jovernor and his mill
larv retinue. The Governors pane
first attended the rink reception and
the Governor, members of his staff.
Miss Aune P. Cahall. Mrs, Harry V.
Lyons. Mrs. W. R. Messick and Miss
Nichols, of Lewes, formed a receiving
line. More than one hundred per-I
sons filed past. After two dances
the party went to the Hotel Hen
lopen and danced awhile there. The
Governor was applauded as he enter
ed the ball room with Miss Cahall, his
Infant Mortality in a Large
* Measure Due to them,
measure IIUC IW lUClU,
cauc WIIPV
Adya micy
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
WASHINGTON. July 29.—Hof
weather «« i eai.se for the hie Infant
... . ,, h
death roll was vindicated partly b>
Dr. Wtley. chief fcxsl expert of the
Denaiiment of Agriculture in an in
• . . ok. „„otrM
tervlew to-day. The haby aacrlllces
are canned. In a large measure by ar
tlficial foods, he said.
"Statistics show " said Wllev, "that
high temperatures arc generally ac
co'mpaniThyhlgh Infant mortality.
hnf it i« thp bahlp* who arp oblicpd
| b o eat artifleial foods who are moat
generally affected
•TV.« »„I, fnnH for infanta in
the milk of healthy mothers.
.. ....... . ,, w
"The nexl healthy food is rrestt mi
given by honlthy cows, properly modi
lied, but as this can be obtained e>
only a few persons, recourse must lie
had to the general supply. In this not
weather, it Is apt to be very Dad,
especially for Infants, tending to pro
duce that moat fatal disease, known
as diarrhorea.
"However, the danger could be
avoided to some extent by keeping
the milk cool from the time of Its pro
ductiou to its delivery."
Penn Conclave. No. 69. Improved Or
der of Heptasophs. of Chester, their
wives and lady friends enjoyed a com-!
plltnentary trolley ride to Brandywine
Springs Park last evening and an en
*oya*>le Ume was had by all.
Chester Heptasophs at Springs.
A large number of the members of
It was a brilliant ...one the
. f 8 hrUUant scene at tie
nit women ot tower uciawan ana uih
Eastern Shore were among the guests.
Later m the evening Colonel V\.
R. Messick, surgeon-general on the
Governors staff, gave a supper tit
honor of the Governor, his staff and
the regimnnial officers lias was
held at the Casino A tempting sup
f^lîcUoûsT^eches audita T
Messick has kepi open house at his
cot t ago hör« during the encampment,
The Pennsylvania Railroad handled
Its lug excursion crowd in excellent
manner. Special policemen of the
railroad company In uniform were ou
duty around the station and on th*
trains, and helped considerably in
handling the crowd. Many excursion
'Isis waited for the special train that
left at 11 o'clock at night. In charge
of Conductor Bay lor.
Company B's Mi-fortunc.
Company R of Milford has been par
tlcularly unfortunate since coming to
camp in that several members of the
command have been summoned home
because of Illness or death of near
On Monday Harold Perrine, a prlv
at.-, was sent home because of illness
His health was poor when In- cam.*
to camp, and the first day's field work
had an exhausting effect upon him.
Lieutenant Cannon, also of the Mil
ford company, was called post-haste
home on Tuesday by a message that
She passed
Yesterday, amid ihe height of the
Governor's day program Sergeant
James VA ehb re.ene.1 word that Ills
mother was dying; Waller Gaffney,
a privat«, not a message that hin
father was seriously III and Musician
Lynch was notified that his little boy
was sick. All hastened to
on the afternoon train.
Captain R. K. Stephenson, chaplain
of the regiment, early yesterday after-j
noon, shortly before the Governor's
review of the regiment, received the;
distressing message that his son was
seriously 111 and It was feared he was
dying. Chaplain Stephenson received
the message In time for him to take
the afternoon train hack to Smyrna.
Many of the officers expressed their
sorrow to Dr. Stephenson, who is ex
ceedlngly popular with everybody in
camp. ...
his mother was dying,
away shortly after Lieutenant Cannon
arrived at her bedside.
The luncheon given by Governor
Pennewlll at headquarters to the of
fleers of his staff and of the regiment.
their wives and many other guests at
noon yesterday was a social feature of
camp. More than two hundred per
sons were served with an elaborate
luncheon. The TTAVernor was assUt
ed In receiving by the members ot
hU. staff and Usas a rnos. grae ous
occasion. Some of the fa rest daugh
tors of Delaware were included In the
guests, and the tent of the Governor,
Adjutant General VA'Ickershara and
other officers along the headquarters
street were filled all afternoon by
hundreds of persons, and fair sex
predominating. At the Governor's
»ent there were cigars and cigarettes
for the men. and ice water and ginger
ale were provided during the after
noon for the women folks.
Because the regimental
were guests of Governor Pennewlll at
noon, they deferred their big dinner
' na, ' V
guests at the dinner, Including the,
wives and women friends of many of
M ^mc^T— STmrue. camJ
to camp yesterday. T. Allen Hlllcs
brought Dr. T. O. Cooper and some
others down from Wilmington. Chief
Justice and Mrs. James Pennewlll and
Judge and Mrs. Daniel O. Hastings
came from Dover In .he Chief Jus
tice's automobile. Thomas N. Brown
came from Wilmington. William
h. Slayton had a large party from
Smyrna in his touring car. Former
Secretary of Stale Joseph L. Cahall
brought a party from Georgetown In
age »•
The Hoys' Choir of St. Stephen's
Church has been spending t^je week
Bt W1,ford N - J * and - wl,h 'he PUS
sJndaV , 8PTvlc«l W ln r thI°ch the h regUUr
Sunday services In the church.
re * u * ar Sunday evening serv
ice. at the church have been aban
I dotted until the first week in Hentam
, Pt m
bel *'
0,1 Sunda V evening the Boys' Choir;
sang In Trlnfty I.utherun Church,
Wild *°° d ; . , P R V .V.
s P° ke - To-night the choir will be
entertained at the Lyric Theatre on
Wi , dwood Boardwalk.
Doerr h».
r, 1 , , R ..,. J**". **". rct " ro8d
fr»» 1 L a " caa, * r * Pa * w here he attend
Pd J bP .^ H ^ .^1 « *i 8 Hrt°M Pr '1 as
M " r M " d ,/"^el^itS^elP
i t -jjT ibhpq jn«ir son,
?h a '*'' n r I,nb d '
phen s C hoir, who was at W ildwood,
— . .
Al vl!* vil u 1K1KL
CHESTER. Pa.. July 29—Six hun
dred men dropped their tools and
WPnt ou a strike at the Baldwin Loco
mot j VP Works at Eddystone yesterday
wben R wa8 announced that the wages
Q f the tnolders, who have been mak
j n g anywhere from $2.50 to $3 a day,
would be reduced 10 per cent. The
molders, about 400 In number, first
went out, and were followed shortly
afterward by 200 coremakers, who
left the plant in sympathy with the
striking molders.
It is understood that there has been
considerable dissatisfaction for a
couple of weeks among the molders
at the Eddystone plant on account
of the alleged disparity shown In the
rate of wages, which were irregular
(instead of being uniform.
_ ,, _ . _ „ . „
Home While He and Wife
" ,,,,v
! Walbinn
, - 6
irinrc runTv DIIDCC
t ,r T r B Iirmif
~ ~ , f
" hile away from his home for a
short time last night William S Moi -
| f 1 "- of No 11,09 Jefferson street,
hit * return found that burglars hud
taken $11 in cash from the house.
The theft was the boldest among
the number of robberies that bave
bo«» committed fn some time, Mr
1 Morris, who is foreman plumber ol
the Maryland Division of the Pennsyl-,
' vanla Kailroad. anil Mrs. Morris were
walking, the former going as far
» B 'he car with Deputy Sheriff Bart-|
JeD. Mrs. Morris was with Mrs.
| Bartlett.
Returning to the house Mr. Morris.
°$) opening the front door, heard a
; door within the house slam, and know
; j»* •■j 1 " 1 nobody was at home surmised
that thieves were at work. His return
frightened them off. however, and
when he reached th-- back part of the
house they were gone. A wallet con
taming $14. some papers and a Peon
j sylvaula Railroad pass had been taken
i from Mr. Morris coal, which wan
hanging in a . lose* In the reception
hall. The wallet was later found in
the rear yard with everything in It
except the money,
The thief worked undetected despite
^faetthat people sat on thulr
• imrcbes In the \ 1< lull j of t to- toms.
The thief gained an entrance by cut
ting a hol« in a grrron door in th**
{'«ck part of the house and lifting the
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
NEN YORK Jlllv 2 9.—John G Car
, ' , .
1 "sie, secretary of the treasury under
1 the second Cleveland administration.
Is In u dangerous condition at the
Hotel Walcott here io-day. following a
severe attack of heart trouble. The
aged statesman was stricken las. Mon
day and prs. Morris ( arpenter and
\ constant attendance. Mr. Carlisle Is
7» years old and has been falling rap
idly for the paal year. The phyal
clans are doubtful of bis racovery.
K/\ODl I lUJil 1 LKj
Newport. Stanton and Elsmere peo-i
p i e will request the Delaware Game
Protective Association to prevent tab
bil hunting in those suburdb. next
season It appears that the owners of
rabbit dogs have this early started
training the dogs alter rabbits,
j the killing of young rabbits has been
witnessed by a number of suburban
les, whose complaints have been tin
heeded. .
-p . ur.sjxr lie TH
| I KAN It WAN lb Ub 1U
I k crp n „ T n r 1 IRITDIA

, ^", a , , , r h 14 , V, 1 lf
; pla ^ s R ^ l f '' an Amerh^n i rote^
, ,wu „1." !
,olaU , Liberia will prott unwel
r k m?. ld U / 1 °{^*"
1' ? ,? M
^"d" h p [ f1( la .Jhirii'event the
f7 ',.1 .,',i f, '.,, !
nog.p.giong adjoining I Iberia and the
' ^ 7??? ' Z ; 1
«Tn I. î , "
th ?i i* ohWtlon B hle P ill
Lib m that * dj nam
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
MADRID. July 2«.— Premier Canale
j a8 | 8 | n conference to-day with King
, Alfonso at San Sebastian regarding
lh0 ,hr ' , " tP " f>d ru " ,ure of d 'l>'omatlc
! relations between the A allcan and the
government. It Js not believed that
the government will recede from <««
.. ._ _ _
j position of Increased religious toler
1 anCfi -
El Liberal, the newspaper which yes
torday announced Ihc receipt bv the
r ,
I * ovenimont uf 14 cur '* no,P from rhp
Vatican, to-day declares that the note
greatly offended the Cabinet, which
now „i«„. B nrmmim ««in.t
"ow pian. a araanc prograin against
the Stale church in th« event that the
King approves the move
"Fremier Uanalejaa will Initiate a
— of measures." El Libera, says,
which wi!l proveamosdlsagre able
surprise to the Vat loan.
WITH THE Vatican
1 What these moves are. the paper
does not Intimate.
— . ...
kill-* VI 11 iiizavjtJii 1
By United Press Leased Special Wire,
BEVERLY. Muss., July 29.—Presl
dent Taft, after breakfast to-day, went
to the gymnasium for half an hour's
exercise. This is the first active work
he has done for ten days. After leav
lug the gymnasium be motored to the
Myopia »tlf links, where he played
with John Hays Hammond and Henry
Clay Frick.
The President has an easy day be
fore bint, with nothing of special im
portauce to demand his attention,
Horace P. Taft, the President's brother,
who went on the Bar Harbor trip with
him. returned lo his home In Water
town, f'onn., to-day.
Two Wlltnlngtoiilans. w ho wish to j
romain anonymous, have presented a
very timely and much appreciated gift ]
remit and Jack
s 'streets One gift consists of one
dozen ba Utlng suits, and the other
of d0Mn •?"?. f.'lV
pond has averaged two hundred chll
i dreu 14 <,ay • thla »«rnmer. and some
times four or five hundred In one day.
| bathing suits are In great demand.
and the officials are much pleased
! with the gifts.
UATlirnr linn nr
JJI â\7 f* IJ A111111 \kl ftD 1/
oiijrl Ilf liKMMIVll VV Ullll.
««tee U/pRVPr Tpllc Parpnte
Itllai ffwflfCl ICllA lui Cilia
U/orl/ppc uinnlH Haup
u... Onfino Plarpc
IHUl C Ulillll^ llflUCi
q. c-irt n ntv
iLAIi ilUV mKa '
rUI\ vlll lill/UltiJ
— -
t mothers' Meeting, held
. ... Klrkwuo-I
• ' ' .
Park playground, was a success, and
u j K probable that others will b*- ar
rang< . d . M lss Jennie M. Weaver, play
Bmiorlnieiideiii and Miss
, f' nll,ds 8U l ,prl »t* nd* nt. *u<i ^ Miss
Ella M. Tyre, director of Kirkwood
grounds, met with the mothers. Miss
. a|loI|UncPd thRt on Saturday
I , . , „
: week. August b, a general Field Day
j of :,11 the playgrounds will be held,
probably on the triangle «cross Wash
|„ K , m . si, .-.i hn.lR- 'I be gm.i.-s ..„-1
' lï,s * a 'J* ar Jj[ * n ,* ,
^ r , U ''^' d ' !' lirt)P| e
M \ ,n l ,n x 1 1 * , , in p # ur, # ;
" nc.ode'T.f* wbLoTZ" «r b'•
f o the people o i mlngton, •• iv
fhTVnne nnSnî o^hBc
'he hope f mousing pu le Int r st
* hal thP l° r . k f" 1 d Î ™
th e meid n»v V
\ii« Weaver told the mothers that
^ a r „,. " .
» m
p r ;' , P . .
' _ p ™ n ln n "„ ahnil ,i Pl
thp "Xl"dMn go far frSm home
'" *
_!*htlv ào She snoke ofThe
? bp hp ", t t of olavàronnrt
. ... which was verv noticeable
• ... .m ^hlltlren 'were vlslblv
_, a ^ ln P *' ; ore , un . bu rned and s'urdv
, VPPV d „ v yii B . Weaver conaratu
laIpd t) ' \ n , t ' n ,c.(ori* »ach of whom
«he „„i* ~jvm<r mo-e time »m'
^„^t ^n* wal ln^,,^on -al
th^ir small sals rv P
th lr . ma Uysals YJ
... .._ ht and cal)S Tho
Pn " ' m-d P bv the chlidr.n
1 h .am,m around* Mi.. Weaver
I '', d " h p m"th*rs and' each ground
ÏÏÏÏÎ have a different color KBk
! wood Is cherrv and black- Delamore
,,ine and white West Bud dark red
and!.,,.,, _ 0 i d . and Pinp _. rppt ' 2rPf ., tb p
Pl p ..peelers sclpcllna that color
••because we're Irish "
Mj Tvrp invited the mol hers and
,I 1P daughters to a straw-ride next
Tueadav Thev will leave Kirkwood
Park about 9 o'clock in the morning
al "| return In thTaftUn^n The
destination has not yet been chosen,
bu , i, w m be nom* both« Btroain. so
I , bp can go wading. Kirkwood
'hey undertook.
It depends on
whether they get their nets finished,
for the boys have been knotting their
own nets. Miss Tyre told the mothers
that all the Industiral work given the
children was for som practical end;
and that skill In using their hands
would help the children In everything
. __
t;.. . .. :..± .
"I" 1 »' In making pasteboard receivers
' that the mothers might see what son
lof work was given to the girls. Tin
fringe of small bovs and girls who
aU ,. ndpd lh „ meeting were much ln
| (crested in seeing how well the moth
I ers did the work
Th« mothefB. who arr gopd author
I Ity, commended th.* playgrounds high
A number of them spoke of how
much easier they had found It to man
age the boys this summer. A nuni
I her of mothers from Delamore Park
neighborhood, on their own Initiative.
, camP over to Kirkwood 1>arl1 la8t
; W< \i U« ° WeTver rP sà vs
ment th« grounds compare favorably
with Philadelphia, and that It is sur
Ptl 8 !"* how much has been done with
' h^tTtîsflTÂ" kt K^kwo^
bPa ', •«tmnM people at ixirKwooq
j Park Is Park Guard John Evans, who
j ***• been a great help to the Instruc
,or, ' and . and .;?L,rj ery !î?' , J*
' jj' 01 » "fJ'd'P»'' 18 ? 8 .... 141 ' ' '
K '?""7, h h hlld rt n 14
»asler to handle this summer because
*hey have plenty to do. and thej all
b 8 ** 1 ' t o« p,hPr ,n bunches instead or
, 8P8 ' ,8r '" a a " over the park.
wll\0. LUHUBU t J
. ^ —
WASHINGTON. July 29— Mrs. Alice
Roosevelt Longworth. according to.
rite remainder of the meeting was
her friends, is more than glad that
her husband. Representative Nicholas
I Longworth, was not nominated for
.Governor at the Ohio Republican Con
| Her friends say there was nothing
attractive to her In a winter residence
j n Columbus and a summer spent at
some "dinky" little Ohio resort where
the Chief Executive of the Stale could
keep lit touch with its affairs far
better than from the North Shore or
j Newport,
j There is no doubt in the minds of
1 Mrs. Longsvvorth's friends that she
I is keen for the,policies of her father,
i and for the value of her husband's
| seat In Congress. Ohio all the year
round did not look good to her. and
they say she welcomed Harding as
a life-saver,
Judge Boyce Indisposed.
Judge James H Boyee has been in
, r «v«r hut is
disposed at his
. ... _ , ......
HC SHCl HlS 600103111011 Will
. r . ,
Be Arrested on Arrival of
* „ M
nuii.w,M iiwni ilBJ
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
LONDON, July While reason
sure that Ur. H. H. Crlppcn. the
supposed wife murderer and Mit»
Ethel Clare la-neve, his typist wer
aboard the steamer Montrose, bound
,or Quebec, the exclusive announce
n , en t ),i United Press cables yesler
day that the steam-r hail sent a wire
|.. H h message positively amiounrlng
» presence of the couple aboard
th,. vessel created intense excitement
The ofilccs receiving the United
Press cables were alive with Inquirers
'"»J within a short time ihc news
U . 1S bulletined all over England.
Before the receipt of these con
lirmatory messuges, the authorities
I "ere still prosecuting a search in
I England and on the continent for
j Oriput-u. bul Ibis has now been drop
pod. Every one is awaiting the arrival
of the Montrose at Father Point,
' where It is expected that Uhlef Me
. ( . arthy of (h( . yu ,. blM . prov)n( . til | ,mj1Ic«
j %v m i, oard vessel and place ihe
, pair under arrest.
Trippen .. ol Nothing.
father poikt uneiii-e lulv >m
^J?, r KwV ^cross-'the-iean
wlr ,.| eM hllllt for ii r , Mil) . V( .j Hawley
Crlppcn and Miss Ethel Clare Leneve
• o' i h.-da* on ibis ..I. .1
Ht. Lawrence village As fast us a
slow MuntroMi* can nick hi»r way
through Ihe Ihlrty-inlle mlde river,
fog-covered. Crlppcn and Miss Len
0V p husuIoIouh of nothing an* com
lug'to their doom. The great hand of
has stretched aérons the sen
and Intercepted Ihe alleged wife raur
. ( ( j comuanlou
Will he Taken to Uurï'ec!
>' midnight. Saturday ur early Sun
U«>* probably while the Unsuspecting
pair are sleeping officers will clam
her over fliV M *of . he Mon.rose off
I Farther Point and place them under
arrest They will be rushed «o Que
1 bee. arraigned and then ordered de
I ported to England as undesirable
U""»«. I" 'his way extradition will be
' circumvented and Crlppen and Miss
Laneve will be bound hack for Eng
land on August 4 aboard Ihe fast tur
bine steamer Royal George.
• In a Uttle rtx.m beneath the light
house here, on top of which the.
I a«Hals of the Marconi wireless ays
twn suat» , h messages from the stv.
MlZunTut. Qui'
p lal Mice; Police Chief Denis. ,f
FLevls^and Chief Constable Gauvrea...
( of the Dominion iiollce of Oltowa. are
i conferring as to plans for making the
arrest. Some lime this afternoon, the
' P»ot bout Eureka will drop up along-I
Sie the White Star Liner Laurenllc.
and pula idiot aboard The same
hoel will bring ashore to Father
i Point. Chief Inspector Dew of Scot
l«"d Yard, v ho will act as an aide
to the Canadian police In arresting
Crlppen and Miss Leneve. Dew will
I take no action In the actual arrest,
1 which under Canadian law. must be
I made by Canadian police. The ar
res. will be made by Chief McCarthy,
of »he Quebec provincial police while
( Don Is unci (inuvriou stand clos« rit
hand to prevent possible efforts at
. «J
MriMMtaMÜ ' WM' '
a wireless slatlon and a land-wire
telegraph station,
! here the year-around.
I luge, to-day, however,Js_crowdedI as
Few people live
The little vil
clals to Inspector Dew to lang at
Father Point on the pilot boat.
The first positive information that
CriPP«i |1 and Miss Low* were on
boaicl the .Montrose, uas received here
Conttau.d on Second Pag«.
lu LLDGIIUG Vllfilfi
r..«n |/ti 1 istf rpiLKlIl
fUK MLLllNu rniLPllI,
' "
By «i W L re
^ h , 8 frWnd" Joaeph telllM? U ra"
po8ed)y for n |1,000 Insurance policy
J n b | g f avort \ ap oleon J. Rivet was
P, ' , ? ,ro< u ' e i Parly ! 0 ' day '" fc thP 5,a8 '
g ftcb „g Ptf g state prison at Charleston,
R j V et protested his innocence and
walked to the chair without a quiver.
Cailloux was beaten to death with
an Iron pipe In Lowell, Mass., and after
» summer resort,
newspaper correspondents and photo
graph era hav arrived, while tourists
»«d curiosity seekers are coming in
on every train.
Special permission bus been grant
ed by the Canadian immigration olfi
clals to inspector Dew to lung at
Half a hundred
his death sulphuric acid was poured
dow „ , hp mouth and throat after
which the slayer turned on a gss Jet
) n Ute murder room to make hla work
8 , ire . A cigarette but. was the due
which led to Rivet's conviction.
- *
111 rrilVIY \jril\111 ▼
The booths at the Carnival to bo
given in Eighth Street Park next
week, for the benefit of the Physicians
and Surgeons Hospital, will bo unedr
the charge of the following women:
Miss Elsie Springer will have charge
of the fancy goody display, and Mrs.
George Hubert of the gingbai^ booth,
The popcorn department will 1 « cun
ducted by Miss Hoffman, at;d the
candy table by Mrs. Emma Doiiavan.
Thore will be three Ice cream booths.
The one at Eighth Street wil be lu
charge of Mrs. S. G. Cleaver, the one
at Seventh street lit charge of Mrs.
ITlmrose, and the ici* cream cones
will be sold by Mrs. E. S. Giles.
Mrs. George W. Dorsey. Jr., will
preside over the serving of lunches.
There will be a "Cabbage Patch,"
conducted by Miss McClintock, and
Miss Elizabeth Giles will take care of
■the "Pomeranian Poodle." Mrs. Mid
diet on will have the gipsy boath. and
Miss Sharp the novelty display.' Miss
Amsbaugb will sei cakes, and Miss
Maloy will hr in charge of the dolls.
I -.^,1 o Mn ,,
LOCdl COmmittCCS rrepar
-, ... n .
ed to Show Visitors Royal
Time 3t SDrillOS Park
lime dl JjAtlltÿJ rdtn
Kailroad men are coming to WU
mlngton to-day from all directions for
the Brotherhood of Railroad Train
men's rally al Brandywine Springs
Park to-day, to-morrow and Sunday.
About one hundred visitors bad arrived
up to Ibis afternoon, making their
headquarters al the Clayton House.
Thirty-five trainmen arrived with a
tlf«' and drum corps from Altoona this
afternoon, and a delegation from Har
rlsburg Is ex|iected to arrive later.
Norfolk. Va., Galesburg, 111., and
other places arc already represent*«!.
Daniel Willard, president of the B.
«"d O. Railroad, is exp«-ctcd here to
M. H. Tllghman. chairman of the
committee of arrangements, said this
mornlllg it would be hard to tell how
many railroad men would be here for
the celebration.
' Invitations have been sent to mem
hers of the Brotherhood in all cities.
and, of course, we can't say whether
»II will attend.'* he said. ''Officials of
all the roads In the East, from presl
dents dow n to yardmastcis. have been
lavlted. and we are prepared to enter
'aln them. We expect to have the
president of the B. and O. here lo-mor
Some of the visitors will be able to
i attend only one day. Thia will bo the
ease with th*. Reading members of the
order, who will arrive on a special
1 train on Sunday.
I ill A rraiigemcnta UumplHcd.
The committee In charge of the
rally made final arrangements last
night ut a meeting In the Clayton
The rally began this afternoon with
Hit address at the Springs by Mayor
I Spruance. Market street being
crated in honor uf the visitors. The
Clayton Mouse, headquarters of the
trainmen Is clouded by the national
; colors, and red. while and green rail
I road signal flags. Two semaphores
emblematic of the Brotherhood of
Railroad Trainmen, have been fitted
'« 'he posts supporting the arc lights,
1 and the effect Is pleasing.
List «1 the Committees.
1 The complete list of commlltoes
'bat planned for the rsl y Is as l°l*
low s
' General Committee .VI. H. Tllgh
man. chairman; .1. B. Savllle. vice
,f chairman ; C. E. Donovan, secretary;
J. P. Redmond, treasurer; W M. Fos
ter. J. L. Lolland.
j Reception Committee— C. K. Dono
j van. AV. T. Davis. R. C. McCardell,
Dickerson, J. VV. H. Hall, John Me
Entertainment Uomnilttee—\V. J.
Ennis, James H. Sparks. James Me-]
Mullln, W. M. Foster, E. B. Waller.
I Refreshment Committee— F. R. Rus
sell, R. Whurry. M. C. Vllnker, U. R.
It* Officers Virtually Police.
Declaring that the executive officers
of the Board ot Health were virtually
policemen, C. W. Malcom, secretary
. Qf ^ Board Qf Heallh Haid lhlB morn .
..... . . ..
Ing tha' formal request would prob
ably be made to the Philadelphia and
1 Wilmington Traction Company to
. wthdraw thf) ordpr nrohlbltlng free
f are for these officers Dr C A g ßeck

I men and Should Ride Free,
I „
Secretary Says
p Mldpwt nf thp P n«rH «f H^ ltV R P q
■ Iir. Malcom have already communi
! cat ?d with the company as to Ihe
{ h wm
1 be considered. In order to make the
request more effective. It Is probable
i ' hat lhp board, at it. next meeting.
will Instruct Mr Malcom to make for
j mal application for free fare for the
, officers,
; »re virtually city policemen," 8a hi Mr.
Malcom thla morning, "and ns long as
, the traction company Is to permit city!
, imllcemen to rld<* In uniform, there is
no reason why the privilege should not
j be given o.tr five executive officers.
, whose work Is essentially public scrv
!«•* and whose territory Is greater
than that of city policemen.
"The old management permitted our
''"'""V" r ' dP " " nlf ° rm '
p asS ea b»*ing npreagary. If wo arp lo
pay ear fare in addition lo our present}
expenses we will have about $100 left
nf " ,,r «rmrnnrtatlnn n f Xi iinu
officers, we are asking no personal
privilege. Their work is of a public
character, and it return for the many
"The executive officers of the board
of our annual appropriation of $1,000
for the ordinary work of the board.
Fares would cost us probably $500 a
valuable privileges the traction coin
I patty receives from the city. It cer
I talnly oughUtp gUe our men the same
i privileges as K fc giving the city po
| llcemen. 'fhe 1'qöple's Railway per
' mils our men t'a ride free while in
| uniform, and tbst is the rule of trac
' tlon companies In other cities."
! . - - -
, Who Knows George I'rlcel
; Mayor J. Harvey Spruance has re-1
I cetved a request for information eon
| corning Lieutenant George Price,
thought to have been collated in the
! Second Delaware Regiment and
wounded during some battle In the!
Civil War. The request comes from
Joseph C. Joyce, of Chesapeake City.
Simpler, C I. I III! W W. Spleer,
Commute, on Speakers M. U. Til
ghman, J. K. Savllle, J P. Redmond.
c. a. Neau*et»«r.
Committee on Dancing— O. A. Mur
Ph.v. J. K. Coyle, B. J. Boyd.
Committee on Sports-Under tha
Personal Supervision of Horace Mc
Daniel, who will be assisted by the
following committee; F. A. Bittgerald.
R. T. Dunham. J. M. Bradford. T. M.
Bradford. F. A. Duncan.
BrÄwlneXÄ."*^ 'park Md
Srfli.b.rit .«A
nill _ thoro will Un «iirhf >Hua
" h ' ' lnl * s
There will he i nnhllc
urandvwlno Rnrlmra Pnrk in-mnn-n*
............ . , , n „• ( ,« npb Th
K« nnenlnc «elect inn h* the Altnnnw.
. , n _, f . . ,.ii
h Brolherhiaal which ihc fol
. ow) . _ „roirinm will he »iv«n
Address of "Welcome to th.. -Jtnto -
Penncwlll sdrtrn*. "rw
Oovernmsnt " nnnsressman W u
u^ H | d - address "Our Brotherhood •
Pr — {d ' nt w Altoona
, .) rl , n . rorns- iidrirnas n*
Lieutenant-Governor Parker of the
Order of Rallwav Cnndiictnra
T(j(l w ... pomp , * c i OKB
| t) addresses from renresen tat Ives
of , h ' th r", !..iiroads entering thle
... th p,. nnKV i V BniH Raiti
more and Ohio and the Philadelphia
, H dj| PW *
during the afternoon there will he
BnortJI follows- **
. i.uuvarrt rt UH h*
pr ,* .\ ft ,V 'Vob donaSdl by Stassfort
> wmeu iuo,_ uuura ny owwvii «
* Co -
q",,,?,,!,! hv'c' ^TUit.eM
gpoond ' t nin nlng broad Jump:
p) , f . JT
j/ ^loSorta' second prise fancy vÆ
s . . V , ' ht * fh i"3
1 ^ J; donated by IX Iloag
J/'*'' Ctt8e ' Dy IJ *
_ . __
Third event. 220*yard wash:
prise, suit cats, donated toy J. I. Mai*
Un * Son- second prise, scarf pin.
donated by Bayard. Banka & Bryan,
' h, 1 rd .«*»• 8,law hat * d«' 11 "« 1 by
»altxglver A Hupp.
Fourth qycut. hop step and Jump:
First prlxc, cuff buttons, donated by
U, A. Fell; second prlxc. umbrella,
donted by F. O'Dounell; third prtxe,
cuff buttons, donated by C. V Dough
Hl ,, p Heuvrnlf I'n.gram.
tralnman have Issued a beaut*.
f l lr ,, ro|irHm (or , h elr rally,
Jt " , nlp ' d by A , R , Hliy i or show
Print, all the work being done In hla
shop The program is a beauty in
arraugMarnti P opi npos ltion and press
| work, and Is rewlele with many fl ia
Illustrations. IncTiuor.'t't llfS'S o'i
. . . und u f commit
m"n "ill Uke Jart hMha
" 4 Say lor has been «songiMM«
b> M ^y person, because of th,
, excelle „ t program
railroad men
A.: lln *' '»"»> rallmnd mu
I honor of the rally,
Owing to the limited railroad facll
Hies al Brandywine Springs, the pro
posed test of the Cain and LaBarra
| automatic train atop will not be mada
j during Ihe rally.
. ...
At this time of Hie year when so
many preachers are taking vacation*
there are many calls upon the Rev.
Dr. Thomas L. Poulson, of Ridley
Park, to preach and the venerablo
clergyman Is kept very busy In filling
but a few of the many calls whloh h<*
receives. Among his latest engage*
menu Is one to preach at Uhrisfteld,
Md., oil August 7, and the remainder
of the month he will occupy the pulpit
of Grace Methodist Church Wilming
ton. On the morning ot August 17 he
will deliver a temperance address at
the carapmecting to be held at tha
Delaware Water Gap, and upon the
evening of the same day he will
till I I». nt. to-morrow 1
urdsy increasing rloadigess probably
followed b> showers, not ninrh change
! In (cm pert, lit re. light lo moderate car
, lable winds.
preach the sermon. On September 16
he will deliver an address at Den
ton. Md.. to the survivors of the First
Maryland Regiment of Volunteers, of
which he was chaplain during tbs
Civil War. This regiment has the dis
tinction of being the first regiment
organized for the Union Army south
of the Mason and Dlxson line after
the outbreak of the war.
1VAM1I>GT0\, July *2». —Forecast
Fair to-night. Sal
For Delaware
W ASHI>GT»>. July 2». The we.«
(her will he generally fair to-night
1 and Nalnrday In the New England
"""'Tù f B V^r f Ä
I and It will be lair tn-nl^bl fallowed
by Increasing cloudiness and loral
shewers, by Saturdhj L, ^
middle Atlantic State
. lower to-night III the upper Lake re*
night In the
| middle Atlantic States. In the lower
Fake region, the Ohio Valley. Ten*
! ttessee and the South Eastern States
the weather will he unsettled with
rains within the next 86 hours.
Tin* temperature will Ito* somewhat
« f
| j
i !
1 !
. 81
130 R *
12.00 M.__ -
10.00 A M.
8.00 A. M
. 80
. 77

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