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The EVENING JOURNAL has the Largest Circulation of any Newspaper in Delaware . Books Open to X/l]|
Books Open to All.
Every advertisement in this
paper is worthy of your
confidence—or it would not
be here
The Evening Journal
of the
Evening Journal
City Solicitor Informs Police
Commission That They May
Suppress the Pictures
LAN All NtVtRlntLLji
Board of Police Commissioners this,
morning an opinion it. which he holds
that while there is no city ordinance
City Solicitor Brady sent to
passed by Connell recently confines
itKolf „nttrc.lv m Ihn »tifelv nf the !
audience viewing such pictures ami
in no way deals with the nature or |
character of the picture exhibited. I
have been unable to And any résolu
Hon of the Police Commlsslone s
bearing upon the subject. Hpwevr
Section 8 of an Act cutlllcd "An Act
to Provide f "'' 1 J hr N ( 'q t 0 v 1C ^ a l vt , , I l° 1 l ' 2 '
Commission tot he City of \V ilm n„
preventing the exhibition here of the j
.lohnson-.leffries light pictures, the
commission has the power to prohibit
the exhibition.
Mr. Brady's opinion follows:
Wilmington, Del., July 30, 1910.
Board of Police Commissioners, Wil
mington, Delaware:
"Gentlemen: Relative to your re
quest for an opinion concerning the
right of the Police CommlssiaÉiers to
prohibit the exhibition of moving
pictures of the Jcffrics-JohnsuM fight
1 beg 1 * reply as follows:
"The Moving Picture Ordinance
as follow s : The Ordinances rules and ;
régulations of the said city now ln
force .dating to the Police Depart-;
mrnt shall remain In force until the
same arc changed in whole 01 In part
by the said Boatd of Police Commis
81 ° l if' 8 '
The question arises whet hei (he
Board of Police l oramissioncrs. un
der the above section, esn pass any
law which, in Its opinion, is times
nary for the preservation of good
order and morals of the l tty of «il
minglon. I he Supreme t ..un of the
State of Delaware, in Boulloek Admv. 1
vs. Wilmington City Railway B Penn,
-09 said that the acts creating the ■
Street and Sewer Department Hoard
of Water Commissioners and a Muni
cipal Police Commission effected the
partition of Municipal authority in the
City of Wilmington.
"The purpose and object of the
Street and Sewer Act was manifestly
to take the whole subject matter Slid
the construction and also the régula
Hon of the use of the streets, e,c ^,
from the < ouncll just as the pprposc
<if Hi, water Commission Act was to
take R away as to water and of the |
po.M ...d nil,ho-tty to r.iitlj. oor
toin safety appliances .•* lod fen- !
dors on trolley cars la vested in the 1
Board of Directors of the Street and
Sewer Department of the city of Wil
ni, .!'„ ,0 , , L and 11 ,hP
"By the same reasoning It is there
fore possible for the Board of I o
Bee Commissioners to enact ordlnan
ces and regulations, when given the
power to do so In conformity wit ht he
purpose for which said Department
was created. The preservation of good
order and morals being unqnestlon
ably the duty of the Board of Police,
Commissioners they have the power
and authority to mart ordinances and
resolutions upon these subjects.
"In my opinion the Board of Po
llce Commissioners should it consider
the exhibition of moving pictures of
the Jeffries-.lohnson prize tight detrl
mental to good order and morals has
the power to prohibit the said exht
Yours truly.
John W. Ready,
City Solicitor.
InMall Lodge Officer*.
Deputy Grand Chancellor James J.
Cohen and staff of the Grand Lodge.
Knights of Pythias, went to Marshall
ton last night and Installed the offi
cers of Diamond Lodge, No. 16. Fol
lowing the installation a social meet
ing was held and a collation served.
The Marsballton lodge Is growing
steadily and is in excellent financial
/• •. s" t f* 1 111 i
lit 1/ C annnt S hAfP \lv3tPr
■ ■ Jr VdClflfll/f k/IIOI W ■■CIIwI
— . ...... T rr-l
Supply With Town of
According to the opinion of City
Solicitor Brady, which was sent to the
Board of Water Commissioners this
morning, the Commissioners cannot
supply city water fo Elsmerc for even
Arc protection.
Commission to extend the Wilming
ton mains to the town and the re
plies' "as handed to Mr. Brady for
an opinion as to the right of (ho city
to grant the request,
finds that there is no
Elsinore asked the
Mr. Brady
law- under
which Wilmington can share its water
supply with any other city or town
in the State.
Following is the opinion:
«'ilmlngton, Del,, July 281h. 1919
"Board of Water Commissioners. Wil
mington Delaware.
"Dear Sirs- The verbal request of
the chief engineer of the Wafer De
partment for an opinion relative to
the right of the Board of Water Com
missioners to supply the town of Els
fehe with water was duly received.
"I find that Section 1 of an A_.t en
titled An Act to Establish a Board of
Water Commissioners for the City
of Wilmington and for other Pur
poses is as follows; "The City of Wil
mington is hereby authorized, through
the agency of a Board of Water Com
missioners, hereby created, consti
tuted and appointed and their suc
cessors in office, to take, convey into
"Section 4 provides The said Board
of Water Commissioners shall have
control of all matters relating to the
water supply in the city of Wtlming
ton • * *
"ih would appear, from Uic ab»vs
and throughout tbe said city the wa
ter of the Brandywine River from
any point on said river. • • •
Engineer Detected Mispiac
ed Rail and Applied the
July 30
The Quaker City Express of the C'en
tral Railroad of New Jersey, running
over the Delaware ft Hudson tracks.
was wrecked by train wreckers at
Plltston. ten miles from here, at mid
n I fl'h t
' . . . , ... .
Tan "on* ÄÄ"
basey or „ ranton, and Ilreman leal
son. also of Scranton, turned over on
ahead and before his engine struck
the misplaced rail, had applied tbe
brake and greatl y reduced the speed
of his train
T Investigation showed that spikes
had been drawn from !l dozen ties
and a fishplate moved far enough to
allow the rail to swing inward. This
caused the flange of the wheels to|
'strike the end of the rail and the de -
Mailmen, followed.
1ATJ| J A* A |/£ Oil is
rnAJl IklfifiTk fill! n
its side and both had a miraculous
escape from death. Three of the four
coaches of which the train was made
up were derailed and the forward
car badly smashed. Of the tw'enly
flve passengers aboard the train all
were badly shaken up, but none was
seriously Injured.
The vigilance of the engineer alone
prevented what might have been r
serious disaster. He saw the danger
1 Ilvlll if UvU 1 Ultfl
_ —
n .f. • PrOCPCC nf Tnn
rBClOry Ul rFOCeSS 01 1011 -1
çfpiiftinn of MarriK Hnnk
allULIHIII at marcus nOOn
. FflOlUh fanifal
Uy CllgllSn topilal
Artificial silk from wood pulp will
soon b e manufactured at Msrcua
Hook where the first faetorv to be
devoted to this Industry in the I nltcd
Sla(os („ Ilow bring built.
The acientlfle method to he emnlnv.
f(J Jn 1)roduolnE whnf * ,j
thp n i 0 .. r _ ' , „o « oh
. . f nrovide ns material r.»v
h garments and tanestrles has been
suwess In EnriaS and
France in England and
' ,
•' ls ,Pom England that the capital
is_ to come| to build a, vd1 0P*- r a»"' U 1 '»
yttflcl a^sük f actory. ^hc investment
Ifl .l*t P . d i-ll! £ Si
, Halstead, United States Consul at Blr
mtngham, says viscose silk has sold
In this
country manu
What h- no« Indt.stry -HI moan
fro „,a commercial point of view Is In
dioated by the facts set forth In Mr.
Halstead's article in the Dally Con
guigr and T.ade Reports, published
bv ,bo Bureau of Manufactures of the
l, r p^ r , m „n, of c.mmerce and l^bor.
phe weekly output of the factory ai
Marcus Hook will h„ 10.000 pounds of
wood pulp, o r"viscose" silk In order
U» produce that quantity it will he
necessary to employ from 300 to 360
gir , R and from 180 .0 220 men.
Samuel cortauid A- Co. Ltd . of
b ' ondon ' wbo arp building and estab-|
llshing the manufactory here, say that
*hey erpect to produce eventually 30.
000'pounds of the artificial silk a week
and employ 1500 persons. This firm
has manufactured the product for two
years near London. It i swell known
f °r 'be manufartu.e of silk crepe. In
undertaking the plans now under way
'b p Cortauid concern is said to feel
confident that the development of its
enterprisc will be rapid. Of cou se,
trade consumption will govern that,
but the capitalists say that Ihev have
plenty of land at Marcus Hook and
can expend as rapidly as demand will
warran t.
The title of the consern Is the Amer
lean Viscose Company.
The principal articles used in the
manufacture of wood pulp silk are
wood and cotton.
..... ...... This country's;
bountiful supply of both articles con
vinced the capitalists that here were
peculiar advantages for the enterprise
w ords, in said Act that the authority
of the city of Wilmington by said
words in confined to the distribution
of water within the limits of the
boundaries of said city.
*'A «artful examination of (hr Act,
relating to the Hoard of Water Com
mlssioners and all other acts of »he
General AWmbly referring to that
body, fails fo reveal any expressed
authority given to the Board of Water
Commissioners to supply w ater be
yond the limits of said city. f n
Kehlll vs Jersey City, 71 N J. L 109
and Farwell vs Seattle SK far 't:
it was held that under acHy's ^x
pressed or implied authority to ac
quire water works or make contracts
for supplying the City of its Inhabl
tants with w ater there ts no pow er
to supply or fo contract to aupply an
other municipality with water. Nun.
erous cases hold that In the absence
of any expressed grant a municipality
has no power to extend its water ays
lem beyond its limits.
"The reason for the above opinions
seems to be that a municipality
first duty Is to its own Inhabitants,
and that by supplying water beyond
lts limits or to other municipalities
it Is likely to endanger its supply of
water to its own citizens.
-In the absence, therefore, of ex
pressed authority from the Legislu
Hire to supply water beyond its limits
I in my opinion the Board of Water
1 Commissioners of the city of Wiiining
ton has no power to supply water
even for fire protection to the town
jot Elsmcre. '
j "Yours truly.
1 "John W. Brady, City Solicitor.''
Following an eventful day yestek
day. members of the Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen attending the
three-day rally, were taken this morn
tng on an automobile four of the city.
Governor Pennewill to Ad
dress Railroaders at Springs
Park This Afternoon
Despite the uncertain weather, the
tour proved most interesting. Other
members look part in a short parade
tip Market street. At 1.30 o'clock this
afternoon the trainmen attended a
public meeting at Brandvwine Springs
Park. The program for the afternoon :
„ Hows I
Address of "Welcome to the Stale." |
Governor Pvtiiicwlll; address, "Our
Government." Congressman W. H. |
Heatd; address, "Our Brotherhood,"
^ p. j)nffy. of Scranton, safety appll
nnrp inspector of the Inter-State Com
n , orcP Commission; selection. Al
! toona Fife and Drum Corps: address,
ex-Lleutenant-Govcruor Parker. Of the
1 Order of Railwav Conductors
Representatives of the three rail- I
: niadR P ente-lng this city, will «Iso
Bppah . M . n. Tilghman. of this city
1 will preside. The athletic events of
| this afternoon will he as follows
First event. 100-yard dash. Firs,
prize, watch fob. donated by Slassfort
donaterThy 1 ff 'W^ Vand^eî^Cominany^
donated bj f Î. « . N a n d e v e r C omp an y ;
,hlrd 8,ra h dona,d by C
' ' '
iPl'èB»^ 11 , _ . 4
Second event, running broad Jump,
First sesrf .pin. don.tcd by W.
h Um« H WH.hffnm
donated by James H. « (
E n îlôla T.wi Son
by R ®* 8 * nd . . h F . ,
wfr MnT i
, prize, suit case, donated by J T MnM
' ln and Son ; " n u i
I do " a * d thl Î2 „_^ y ^ yd ' HonJÎ.
? y fl !. h nî * " ' "
by ,. il , u ' j P „ , lllnrl .
t ,, bour,b 1 pven, - ( , b ,f p ' 8,cp an, i Ja,np .
Ü rs ! p I,*m' Cuff b i .Lin.
!. « k '.mJh «rtit'
■ d °H a îr <, „ b> V h il r f l.Jh'1
° u ^ b,,,,on8 ' donated by C. L ough
m"' u . „.i, . j. . ..
1 trident Willard < annol < «nie.
J',","',7 T° r, f '.h u
Daniel Willard, prtildsnt of the B.
, an ^ P" wol |^ w bp , unab ^ ! 0 *,.? „
A banquet will be held in the ( lay
- ,p '> House this ev enin*| ' p d, '''" K
1 room has bf *"
Ca ü «Tri «h'W,' mr lot
and telegraph *lr p «. J h ;f b K ^ ar .!
ters from
| prominent persons regretting their
.«• -
îhî'oïiït S Thm
["î 't.whe morning and afternoon OT
_ .
Su . nd8y ;„_ .... .. Na ,work
," a '^ B 'i ecl ,on^ "HunnriSi
^ . .. Tohanl' overture "Our
1 v"M n „ x, a „wi"i.„ V er fa.u'.sla
j • . ' ;. „ , _ '.„u "gutiim« r
TtmeC'Fdmonds ' '
,.^ , 7T'l^ n ~wa'lU , " H arold" b iMn8
" • wa,, *> r . .... , '
morP - °" r ', l î rr ' a ^' i rs ëw
Zn'-Lucia^ ?TüJÄS»rÄ
Hon. Euria lit uramornnur, uuni
zettl; march.''Monstrat Mam, Joy.
The celebration will come to a close
| on Sunday when two meetings will be
held in the Garrick Theatre, a public
1 one at 10.30 o'clock in the morning
1 and another meeting for the members
at 3 o'clock.
[ The following program has been ar
\ ranged for Sunday morning: To the
.public, at Garrick Theatre, 10 oclooh
a. m.; opening ^election by the or
chestra; prayer by the Rev. G.
1 Williams; solo by P. J. Woods.
I-odgo No. 511, Philadelphia; overture.)
by the orchestra; address, by Cover
j nor Pennewlll; address, by A. K.
I Duffy, of Scranton; solo, by Fred
i Heck; address, by A W. Keagy,
j deputy president of the B. of R T.;
overture by the orchestra; beuedic-j
| Hon
of !
Mr. Tilghman will preside.
Jfiiyor Greet» Visitors.
j Mayor Spruance formally opened
the three-day rally of the trainmen at
j Brandywine Springs Park yesterday
afternoon with an address of wel
I come to several hundred members of
the Brotherhood. The speaking was
from a stand around the historic conn
I ell oak on the hill, which was occupied
Elsmere-z^,JVi^Jssr:<* ä :!
C. T. Wyatt and the committee of
I ^rZTTxho commRtcc JiresWed.
] n e introduced Mayor Spruance after
1 a selection by the Altoona Fife and
! Drum Corps. Mayor Spruance said :
; n / VhehdtDmi^f ' the^cltv of Vb
. h n *i paR , irr * 0
j . ? . . . ._ . 1 , „ r0 (h
°,?r B.lHoJd nmen and
I pph ™> d of Railroad Trainmen, and
meir Ritests.
j '' p arP plad ' a b ,h„ nLniimAi
" p highly appreciate fh '»»'
and honor you have c«>nferf d upon
"" by coming to n,,r p '* ' ''' b ' d ,b 8
great rally of yonr Brotherhood. We
> ou " ,p f ppd °ra nf ®ur
«'»•* u
"1 congratulate you upon the rapid
growth and the sr i,' ,nd,d p of
your «association The faithful mem
y° ,,r Brotbcrbood. by reason
of such membership, are better quail-.
fled Tor their work
"No two persons ar* exactly alike.
As our physical forms are différant
bo are our mental attributes, our in
1 cllnatlons and desires different,
Hence the frequent association of
men is necessary to «*tabli«)i uni
form Ideas and uniform actlonAL When
inanv mpn arp working under , hP
'"'™ y „«. age nent to promote
8a "£ ^ateess eTternrlw they «honW
B ousmess enterprise mey snoum
have the opportunity to associate
w,th pach 0, h pr when off duty. Such
an opportunity is given them by your
"By your association you have
made yourselves more efficient: you
have established a better understand
| in g among yourselves, and a better
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ALAMEDA, Cal.. July 30.--Carryin*
out her principles to their utmost
extent. Mrs. Boynton, wife of Attorney
Charles ('. Boynton, exponent of the ;
near to nature life, seeker of (h<> acr
thetle. advocate of Isadora Duncan. ,
the dancer, and who is well known by i
her espousal of the cause of open air j
schools, (save birth to a son In a sun- !
lit. leafy arbor to-day. the latest arrival
being the sixth addition to the family.
The arbor had been prepared for th»
occasion. The baby's eyes opened first
on trees and sunshine. The first sound
to strike its ears was the singing of
the birds.
Mrs. Boynton has frequently come
out In public for open air schools and
lectured on the necessary requisites
fot the perfection of the ideal oltlld.
Py all the laws of the aesthetic, all
the logic of the spiritual, for which
she has argued, the child <-8100 Into '
the world under Ideal conditions and
received a Hying start on life's high
way. Therewasnostormeloud.no
whirlwind of dust. Peace and sun-;
shine and birds and flowers dominated.'
Other less fortunate ones might have
to be horn in tenement houses or amid
the prosaic prison of four walls, hut
this one crept Into life unhampered by
convention, unburdened by the harsh.
the crude or the Jarring. '
The arbor is in the rear of the Boyn
ton residence, and there Mrs Boynton
has spent the greater part of her time
this summer.
^Uil Jilinwi J
nl1 ^ 1 11/111111
- -
VCDCttell CamiVal Netted
VCilClldll Lui lllval IICIICU)
AH Fnr Thp f.nnri fhPPr
J1UÜ for me UOOO ineer
A Joint meeting of «II the eomtnlt
tees on the Venetian Carnival, rceenlly
given by the Del* W«r* pi vision of the
Runehinp Bocl^y. was Md iost night
at ^ , 10me 0 f Miss Elizabeth Qrovos.
A " ,ho ra,urna are no ' > e * **»• But the
I|0 ÎÎ' ,V w,n c,ear ''° ar ly a huudrsd
dollars The society was disappointed
In a number of the attractions, whlrh
had to be cancelled owing to the clamp
weather. The Municipal Band, which
ha <> engsged. could not com > on
,h< ' nights to which the carnival had
(Q postponed because of conflicting
engagements. But the carnival was a
great success and the society thank
1 ,br peopl " of Wilmington for their
1 cordial patroMMe of tbe «nterttlln
ment. Much of the »ueress was due to
th( . R PBruf > Branch. C. A^wry Bell pres
Ident, which pmvlded the launch
r,d '»
1 Delaware Division Is'lo-tlsy holding
a bske at Tw'cnfy-thlrd and West
streets for the benefit of s young girl
who h „ B jua , undergone an operation
'"i5rÄÄ p ",*i
b " rl ; 1 -J?
w, î*. tt ? u d ha 'T J" l ï e
public (mid. His wife had taken In
to provide delicacies for the con
" un I p i ,v . P h ü? b T' < '' 1 " I nd hHd " 0t a pen '
" y 0,1 for b s bllr n ' _
V/1%11 I 1/1 1 1 1 «I» ■ 1/ U
an ITF tlfinr DART
' M\ lilt Ml A K\ PIIhT
A3 IlL IlLAllJ lllll 1
Çncnprfç HidNot SlfiBO Well

- , Winhf Çauc
LaM JOji
Dr. H. H. Crlppen. charged
with wife murder, was born in
Cora Crippen, the missing wife,
known on the stage as Belle
Elmore, was formerly a Miss
Cora Belle Makomnski, of
They were married In New
York in 1899, and later moved to
Philadelphia, where Dr. Crlp
pen was conoctned with„Munyon
Drug Company. They migrated
to London in 1905,
During February. March or
or April, Mrs. Crlppen disap
peared, supposedly to have gone
to America. Later news of her
death reached London.
July 9. Dr. Crippen. accom
panied by his stenographer,
Ethel Clare Le Neve, disa|>
peared.. The same day a muti
lated body was found buried in
the cellar nf the house Just
vacated by them.
July 10. Crlppen charged with
wife murder and a fugitive from

| ;
j ^
; (
FATHER POINT. Quebec. July 30.—

* •
SteamlnR slowly-up tho hroarl reaches
of the mightw St Lawrence, her wire
> P88 •«•**». to all hut police officials.
, hp Canadi|in n „ pr MonfroRP
j R due off Father Point early Sunday
afternoon. Then the world will know
whether the hardy seafaring man.
CaptB | n Kendall, of the Montrose, Is a
better detective than Inspector Waiter
U>ew. of Seothnd lard, th* Impeno
.trsble man of mystery who took Dr,
h H Crlppen's promise that he would
not attempt to escape from I/jndon
connection with bis w.fes diaappear
Inspector Dew is secreted in Mad
; ame Lavoieux's boarding house—the
"Pension Lavol," it is called here. He
landed from thé White Star liner Lau
rentlc late yesterday, rushed ashore
i and rented all the rooms in the estab
lishment. so that Intruding reporters
j might not bore holes through the wall
aud read hLs ,bouph,s -
The lnR l ), -<' t,)r to - da > - dirpp, *' d »> |p
pj lot8 to bar IleW8paper reporters from
^ Ulg Eureka when it lays along-I
i s j dp ,h„ Montrose to-morrow. There
upon the the army of reporters wired
a complaint to tbe Marine Department,
which will probably turn the lug over
to them.
Wireless station* Bottled i'p.
The wireless stations are still "hot-j
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t""*® 8 Uf AINU
By United Press Leased Special Wire.
MADKID July 30.Anarchy He
Rupture With The Vatican
May Be Followed by
Civil War
P ub,lca «* ls *«- or « Carltat government.
w * lh pretender Don Jaime at the head, 1
is freely predicted in Spain today fol
lowing the sensational rupture of din
. ., , . . .
1 "" aUc relations between the govern
ment and the Vatican.
Torn by internal dissentions of al
, pvPrv , <orl vvjth - nd
™' S * J . .
,abor ev « r threatening a
crisis, with thousands of exiles < amp
ed along the French border awaiting
Rl . opportune lime to march to Bar
an opportune t me to maren 10 ttar
c ' ,,ona nn ' 1 proe,alm « revolution, with
n foreign war draining the treasury,
the country reeking with the spirit of
anarchy and now plunged into a re
«naiv-ny 1,uw piung into n
llglous strife that may alienate the
I bulk ,,f ,br P"l>"laliop. King Alfonso's
throne Is believed to he loitering, and
the monarchy Itself facing engulf
mepth^hCm,tending upheaval
Huplnre «Uh the Pape.
The POtl ,severance of dlplo
ma,|r t'clalltyts between the govern
mP „ t und lhp Vatican is expected the
moment the Vatican receives the
m |„, Bta rlal nolo Hmt Is now being
preparsd. supporting the Cabinet and
king in their stand against the an
'hoilly of the Vatican in Spanish
church affairs. Already the govern
meut has withdrawn Marquis De
Ojeda, its ambassador at the Vatican,
and the recall of Monslgnor Vico,
papal nuncio at Madrid is momcn
tartly expected.
When this Is dose, even the most
optimistic admit that ll will lake n
more vigorous order of statesman
ship ami diplomacy than baa boon
seen in Spain for years to escape a
civil war and the resulting train of
ruin That the Vatican expects
civil war and is counting on the vast
Catholic population to remain loyal
„* the church as against the govern
ment Is dearly indicated In messa* a
today from itome.
King's Stand a Surprise.
The firm »land taken by King Al
hcretotor*. ronstdei - d nm <>i
the royal weaklings ol Europe Is
big surprise to the country A devout
Catholic himself, he has come to tin
support of Premier Canslujas In the
Jn X fight fo "he «£"*,".?! ,r
! "Xb has do,,, mhoh'io ali it's ."all-!
Port for the government.
j t | B conceded that Alfonso mei'ely
. a( . t „ d in b „, f dlf( . MH ,.. for h „ sur
! rendered to the Vatican the Cabinet
would have resigned and a minister
la ' < >-iRi» precipitated from which It
i ls doubtful whether Alfonso could
ha ' p r >' pf ' *«IH wearing his crown
T A CT TA CA\l['r|)
! 1 7X1 1 1 W
WW I I rl M/\lll,fLV
By l ,ll,pd p r p aa Leased Spe lui Wire
BEVERLY. Mass.. July JO.— l'resl
dent Talt this afternoon will mdeav
or to get President Arthur T. Hadley
! of Vale to accept the chairmanshi p
the stock and bond
... h _ . p
w 1 «»rtv in 1 , d Had '
ley oarly in the moiitn
h Al '| hi4t Hi" n,P , , ,,r08idp l u Bauicy
showed a disposition to dec 11 no, out
his final answer was hold off till this
! The President is very desirous 'hat
the Yale man should have the place,
President Taft left early today for the
Myopia Hunt Club where he playd
golf. After the game yesterday the
President's ankle bothered him con-j
The President's brother Henry «'
Taft of New York, arrived today and
will spend Sunday at Burgess Point,
This is moving day in the ex'cu
live offices anti tbe transfer is beiiift
made from the Board of 1'rade rooms
to a nearby cottage where there will
be more convenience.
' ' ' " 1 , * ^
Theodore Burton by George p, Cox.
This the Closing epithet nf a set ere
arraignment of the veracity and de
Cincinnati Boss Calls
Ohio Leader a Pin
By I'nlled Press Leased Special Wire.
! pin head and a very rusty one at
that "
Republican boas of Cincinnati
wh(ch ta ^ |c of , hp BOme
. . . t
,erp8tp d discussion here today.
Cox was discussing the State con -
vention and its results according to
...... ... , .
dent that the cause of his peevish
»'ess w-as not mere y the sung of do
: feat- it seemed a little de#er. j; ,
1 1 et l Joyed mysoU ve , ry ff 10 "? mut .
1 a p rea l many of my old Wends and
' think 1 ma.de some new ones." «aid
Cox. "but of ail the treacherous men
| 1 have met in my life Theodore Bur
[ ton is the worst.
| "From personal knowledge and ex
j perience, l am warranted In saying
that he Is devoid of principle and
j jdaces no values whatever upon the
truth. He may know the meaning
"t the word truth, hut I doubl 1L".
a local paper, and it was quite evi
1'niled Press Leased Special Wire.
Contractor Drives
Through City Shooting
Right and left
QUINCY, Mass., July 30v-—Armed to
, hl . an q instructed to shoot to
kill on sight, more than two hundred
picked shots from Company K. Fifth
Massachusetts Regiment, the Boston
Metropolitan police and from the lire
und ,,olUc forces of this city, are
searching the countryside here to-day
for Louis Ueatelll, a granite contractor
wilt) yesterday afternoon killed two
persons and wounded five others. Mrs.
Marianna Reslelll, fid. and Henry K.
Hardwick, 56, a quarry owner, wer«
Laspar h. Reslelll. aged 40. brother
()f lnu ,. dorP r. was shot thrice
through the body and Is expected to
die, and C. Theodore Hardwlek. Ben
Bishop. William Adrian sndf
A'Thibatd Pareons were wounded.
!{„„ \muck In n lltlgBJ.
Business diflirultlqn with his family
and the Hardwick brothers is said to
have been the cause of Re^IIisraur.
outbreak. through th
l^nhked o.nhls emsand aho?
?heJ d , , h .■
b "™ *3™ ?" tö„ to an
Apparently he was determined
s |„ y ,-y person who had offended
hlfn J
,r w „ n „r|y IWO hours after Rss-I
inBI's mud search for alaughter before
^ ^i^Tp«™«"w.s ukon u"
froln lhl(l , lmr during the
„,p h , htxlles of men have been
hu . for t , ln) Htld thiB morning more.The
than a thousand mm were healing up
wooded sections of the city known as
the North Commons where it is pos -1
! slble the murderer mfiy be concealed
I ono ,,f the many f|uarrtes of Ihr
1 vicinity. All night long four search
ii K bts swept the North Commons, but
no trace of the slayer was observed,
„ | R believed possible to-dgy that
Rntelll is already far sway, âs he had
a,pi„ n iy of lime to catch trolley cars
1 for Boston before the alarm was wide
... - rrm rAlirmil
fl fl I L/I\ Vf Vf l* vLIXlV
iXLvLI W Ll\a)llir

ÇnPf ifll MAÇfPP Flflfl^ flaimS
IHaSier UnQS tlflimi
! nw m* New castie
J*. AfC COfrCCt
W ™ _
.. ,
' bp n,a " pr of ' ho Nrw ./ aH '^
Water Works Company, recently sold
a' receivers' aale, former Chancellor
John R Nicholson, who was appoint
cd special master by Chancellor
'' h,r, -, M '• li Cur,l8 1 , ° ™ ,n ''
noun) of the receivers; pass upon
th „ |r pe , tttlon for compensation as
such rei'eivers and to hear exceptions
,,, tl)) , arr0 unt and also to pass upon
| der
Chancellor t.nrlls will make an •*
on Monday based upon the find
* n * 8 'be special master.
' The special master reported tba *
owner* of first mortRaRe bonds « the
amount of »50.000 at the face value of
$ 50 » each and also claims to the
amount of »2.137.73 had boon filed with
the claims of the creditors made his
report to the chancellor to-day.
him and that he found the claims cor
rP , ( . He also found that the sum of
j *4,267 paid out, and $19,548.53, which
s tj|| remains in the hands of the re
| reivers, correct.
He approves the account of the re
reivers; recommends the payment of
payment ol » I.. to each of the two
receivers. Richard B. Rodney and ohn
g. Shaw. r.. and »500 to John H. Rod
ney, his services os counsel to the
' receivers. _ " _
taxable costs in the cause and the
I ment of all the claims and
tn the disnatrh the young
people were accompanied to Wilmlng
p "" pl v wi | lUrn , Hitner and Gertrude
He further recommends the pay
* that after the payment of these
amounts the residue be distributed
among the bondholders pro rata.
PHILADELPHIA. Pa.. July 30.-Ac
cording to dispatches from Winning
ton yesterday. Florence Willard.
■ daughter of Mrs. Albert Willard, of
1 2835 Bambrey street, eloped to WII
! minglon with John Meyers,
j Glenwood avenue, and was married by
like Re». George L Wolfe The girl
* a 7 "cr BK p "■ IH y««. a " d "* y ^*
fuse" r to believe" her daughter had
1 , vp .
Hoped when shown the dispatch >es
: tTnd* Hid' MeJeraT.s'only 'l6
■ years of age.
of 1900
! shaftell The dtatemenf of Meverg
«nd hl. brtdeTere going to
Atlantic Citv for their honeymoon was
ridiculed by Mrs Willard, who said
j, er daughter had been working in the
m i„ a n da y yesterday.
, ,,
The Republican slate committee at
a meeting in this city to-day fixed
Wednesday, August 31. as the date
for holding the State Convention in
The primaries will be held on Au
gust 37.
Company of One Hundred Men
Under Captain Jacobs Goes
to Fort DuPont
*1 „ l!* 011 members of the Organ
ized Militia of Delaware who have,
not been detailed to the company of
ions hundred men that is to go to.
rort Dur ont .for a week s tnstructlonl
in the handling of the big rifles and
coast defense inorUrs will return thlsi
afternoon from Lamp Pennewill aU
Rehoboth, where they have been on »■
; lout of field duty for a week.
i he Wilmington militiamen headed
I by the Frtt Infantry Band will arJ
llmlngton o |
although the tima baa not been fixed
"i" i. y * Aür ut
street to the armory. The r glm*nt
will he paid off in about a week. The;
payroll Is being made up and will hei
nearly »6.900. Of this a parf-the pay
of officers—is home by the War De*
1 this morning and everything was made
in readiness' for the departure of lb«
pa nment.
Del., July 30. Camp Pennewill of (he
Organized Militia of Delaware is no
more. Al the bugle's blast of the "gcn-i
eral," s s the call for the break of 1
camp Is termed, the tents were struck
troops. They left on a train at noonj
One hundred of (he men under com
msnd^^"fC.pu"n U B® ^sof CoS-'
ntuv F Newark were selected to go
I? Fort DuÆnt^he^tTsy^ ^U1 «mp|
for a week In a school of InstrucUon
the regular army officers there.,
Intention is to develop the Dela
warn troops as much as possible as a
rssorve for manning the artillery de
fentes In ths district of the Delaware,
There was very little work In camp
«hl» morning, although the military
discipline was maintained up to the
, i HH t minute. I.ast night there wer*
serenades by the band at Governor,
PennewIB's headquarters and also at
| the cottage of Colonel W R. Mesatck.
wb o entertained nn an elaborate scale
, while the troops yere here. The band
at 11 o'clock last night
the strslnAof this plaintive callj
1 which means ^
heard all over kT
Governor Pennewl __
RO m WBmindton to txtTrwnd the cele
hralnm ol th„ Brot;, rh,,
; v rt y Trainmen, wbçre pé ' will mak*
an address this afternoon In behalf
of the ^latc
Yesterday the men were put
„ B " ,i on hv Cap
"h ,-|o«it, hid 'hl'a'mïh ltnod i|Ms
the company streets, and saw to id
.that everything was In first-class or- 1
der. In the evening there was a re
view at 6.80 o'clock, and an inspection!
In heavy marching order by Captain
Psrtcllo. The regiment was lined upj
played "t«ps"
ts out" could h*
left camp to
on the parade grounds as on parade.
hut Instead of their usual dress the
m | |f t ia mr>n wore their arras blanket.
J,, 1 hnvor8 ., cki ,. tt „teen. ran ridge
. . . evr , rv ih< nac they would have
war ÏÏnms Captaïî
» founHat everything was In
tlrst-rlass condition and that the
equipment of the militiamen was good.1
Captain L. B. Jacobs was officer'
of the day yesterday. Lieutenant J. A.
Ellison was senior officer of the guard!
land Lieutenant J. A. McKay was Ju-j
n j or officer of the guard. Captain A.i
Copp went on duly yesterday af
ternnoii nf guard mount as officer of
the day. Lieutenant H. V T . Hill became
lor offlcor ( # KUar( j and Lieu
tBnan , K A Senseman became the
Junior officer of the guard. They ser
ved until the break of camp.
r „„r-r-T-no
V ne avenue drug store for a, glow q£
vtchy this morning. Al (Jic moment
one of those "piano" band organs
which make a noise like a musical*
nightmare began to play outside Um.
NEWPORT. July 30—Harry S. Lehr
and another man went into a Belle-i
"Good gracious!" exclaimed Mr..
Lehr petulantly, and be pulled out his
watch and stuck it tight on his ear
nearer the door. Of course he could
hear only "tick-tick-tick" in that ear.|
"1 wish I had worn two watches,'*!
said Mr. Lehr, as the organ kept on
"Then you'd have both hands atj
® ......
« ibuivotUx'^F nrec»rt
» AhHIM.TOA. July 80—Forec**«
Ä P* m* to-morrow,
For BjUw-re- -Mr wrather -4
moderate temperature to-nlgrht and
Sunday, light I« moderate northwest
your ears and you couldn't raise your
Kl ^ K d '*X!gly do without the vlchy,"
, 1 d V 1 , do wunout ,ne v,cny '
retorted Lehr.__
ow "'* '»"'i* 8 ; . ,,
Jipna w"lî be 'hHd for many different
br *?. oh ^* ° f 'T^hiiiatifram Waj 1
narticulavs can be obtained from \Val
•_ i„.i ~,i v « nt
JJ 1 " Or« Bwijc* wh " ,8 SU '
tloned a poat
Civil Service Exams.
The fall civil service examinations
will be held In Wilmington o the fol-,
September 14, Octo
. 80
1.30 P. M. . .
12.00 M. 1 __.
10.00 A M.
8.00 A. M
. 79
. 76
• 74

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